Ray Karam – Universal Medicine cultist running for Mayor in Ballina

KARAM-vote-1A vote for Ray Karam in Ballina is a vote for Serge Benhayon, leader of the UniMed cult.


Thursday 15 September PM – Ballina said NO. No seat on Ballina council for Karam, and he ran second last in mayoral race. Final Results.

Serge Benhayon and his commercial occult religious conglomerate has been manoeuvring to increase its political influence in the NSW Northern Rivers region. Members of the cult hierarchy have infiltrated the Chambers of Commerce in Lismore, Goonellabah, Byron Bay and Ballina, at least. It was only a matter of time before one of Benhayon’s sock puppets ran for political office to beef up the cult’s power in community decision making.

For over three years I’ve received calls from various sources telling me to keep an eye on ex NSW police officer, Karam. His close relationship with Benhayon and his profuse promotion of the Universal Medicine scam are cause for concern, as is his inglorious exit from the police. UPDATE: UniMed cult email call for campaign volunteers. Most don’t live in Ballina. UPDATE 2: Karam’s chances assessed in local news report. UPDATE 3: The Echo quizzes council candidates Ray Karam & Gail Fuller on their participation in UM’s online attacks on me.

Police career

On his website, Karam portrays himself as the noble ex police officer who left the force due to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He cites a violent incident in Redfern in the mid nineties, and that he served for many years after that, eventually transferring to the Northern Rivers. He was stationed in Kyogle. Around 2007, following extended leave, Karam left the service. According to several independent informants his exit wasn’t exactly via a guard of honour – having fallen out of favour with the higher ranks and his colleagues.

PTSD is a very serious mental health condition. Karam may well suffer from it, and that may have been a factor in his retirement. That’s not the issue. Universal Medicine is a dangerous fraud. It provides no viable therapy or solutions for any condition, let alone PTSD, but Karam has been exploiting PTSD and his status as an ex officer to help UM infiltrate the NSW police and other sectors of the community. According to my sources, the police aren’t having it.

Today Ray works on a number of initiatives to support Police and their overall wellbeing. Contact Ray for more information on support for Police both former and current. raykaram.com.au

Today? Not for a couple of years is more like it.

Karam shopped his underhanded Universal Medicine promotional presentation to police training days in the Northern Rivers. Sources confirm at least some of those tilts were as a tag team with UM cult psychologist and Serge worshipper, Caroline Raphael – who has been disciplined once (so far) by the NSW Psychology Board over her unprofessional promotions of UM.

Those sessions were canned, due to numerous complaints, and word is Karam and Raphael aren’t welcome back.

Cosy with the UM cult

Karam’s Twitter feed and Facebook pages are a constant stream of UniMedLiving spam, with carefully selected news items supporting the cult’s dogmas. Or they were. He’s deleted rather a lot from his ‘public figure’ Facebook page since I mentioned I was going to blog about Ballina’s local politics. He also locked me out of his Twitter page.

Esoteric political transparency - Karam deals with critical questions

Esoteric political transparency – Karam deals with critical questions

Anyone would think, given the proportion of his feeds devoted to promoting Benhayon’s UM, that UniMed was Karam’s own business. Given Serge Benhayon is director and shareholder in a large number of businesses, it’s possible he and Karam have a financial or business connection. I don’t know, but I know Karam and his extended family are subscribers to UM’s services and frequent flyers at cult events, including attending Benhayon’s occult ‘sermons’.

According to Karam’s publicity, Benhayon is his ‘friend’. Friendship with Benhayon means being a paying customer, as well as publishing plenty of unreciprocated social media devotionals and vigorously promoting Benhayon’s multimillion dollar alternative healing and undue influence scam.

Or perhaps there’s a payoff when he volunteers his services to the guru’s initiatives, like the creepy Girl to Woman Festival.

Who cares?

An informant who knows Karam asked me whether I thought voters would be stupid enough to vote for him and his UniMed cult backing.

It’s a concern. Karam is also mates with Nationals federal MP for Richmond, Kevin Hogan. He’s been getting chummy with other National Party figures.

It’s concerning when UM cultists are embedding themselves in the local Chambers of Commerce, like Gail Fuller and Deborah Benhayon in Byron Bay, and Serge, Christoph Schnelle and others in Lismore.

It’s also concerning when cultists like Karam’s mate, Paul Moses, in Newrybar, have plans for their local communities they are proposing to Ballina shire council, regardless of whether other community members are comfortable with them.

Do Ballina shire voters want the shire to be run by UM?

Specifically by the bloke who pulls all the strings, Serge Benhayon – a career scammer who has become wealthy by unlawfully operating a business while bankrupt, charity and federal grant rorts, volunteer labour, using false and misleading promotions for his fraudulent products, hawking dubious ‘investments‘ for commercial enterprises he and his financial advisor own 100%, bullying volunteers into donating to fund his commercial overheads, and robbing families of their inheritances.

Will the National Party endorse Karam?

I’d encourage the Nats to run some checks. Starting with his Twitter feed.

We are not alone. Serge says so. To depressed high school kids.

One wonders how the Nats, a political party popular in rural areas, will endorse supernatural entities that ‘enter’ people who drink beer, and jump out at night to rape children.

Karam’s knee jerk response to criticism and questioning of UM.

He was an organiser of UM’s anti cyber-bullying conferences, including the one in 2012, where eight out of the ten speakers cancelled when they were informed the conference was run by a cult. Ray recruited respected experts by telling them he was an ex police officer and his ‘friend’ was being victimised by ‘cyber-bullies’. The alleged cyber-bullies were any of us who communicated on the Rick Ross cult education forum thread. This blog is an example of what Raymond Karam and his fellow investors label ‘cyber-abuse’, and the research I’ve done, viewing content they’ve published on the internet, is what they call ‘stalking’. Karam is a champion in the fight against accountability ‘trolls’.

He didn’t tell the speakers his ‘friend’ was his spiritual guru and the multimillionaire con artist behind Esoteric Breast Massage.

Karam is also a proud member of the UM Facts Team, that runs a blog trashing, falsely defaming and mobbing official complainants.

The UM *Facts* site is resolutely closed to comments and corrections from outsiders. It claims to be a student initiative, but the domain is owned by Benhayon. Karam is unlikely to disclose to voters that he and his colleagues’ online shenanigans made national news for bullying. Apart from attempting to put a couple of complainants out of business, the Facts Team labelled Ballina woman, Ira McClure, who was in very poor health, a liar. Her complaint about one of UM’s cult doctors is still under investigation by the NSW HCCC.

That’s an indication of how Karam will behave in office. Except he won’t have the protection of Benhayon’s money and lawyers when he attempts to censor and smear those who question or disagree with him.

Wasting tax payer funds

The cult seeks to expand its business, lure influential recruits and intimidate critics, and Karam is exploiting his police career to further that agenda. But police dislike having their time wasted.

Last year NSW police’s cyber-crime unit held a Twitter Q&A session that wasn’t quite successful. Partly because Twitter wags mercilessly spoofed it, but also because it was mobbed by Karam and other Brides of Serge. It was around the time the cult made a very large number of complaints to the Federal Police ACORN cybercrime unit, which were then referred to NSW police. I don’t know precisely how many complaints. I heard about them second hand (from very reliable sources) and only that they wasted weeks of police time. WeeksThe investigation was abandoned for lack of evidence.

The complaints were about me and my blogs – lawful exposés of a harmful, aggressive and dishonest organization. They tried to pass blogs like this off to police as ‘harrassment’. I imagine the only reason the complaints were taken seriously was because they were made by the cult’s quackery promoting doctors and dentists and I assume, the current and former police among them.

Off they went. (All are cult members except Jenna Price, a journalist.)


All referring to me. 

Because they don’t like what I publish.

He and cult rheumatologist Dr Maxine Szramka feign concern for the police developing PTSD.

It’s a pity they didn’t care about wasting inordinate amounts of police time on frivolous complaints.

What is the Universal Medicine cult so desperate to hide?

UM have teams of people working to shut me down because I’ve published material Benhayon and his investors, like Ray Karam, don’t want scrutinized by the public. The following is a fuller list of issues of concern, with links.

Ballina voters need to ask themselves whether Karam is fit for public office, and whether they’re ready to have Serge Benhayon and his UM minders run the shire.


The following email went out to the UniMed cult community calling for campaign volunteers. Most don’t live in Ballina. It removes any doubt that Ray Karam will be representing Universal Medicine if elected to council, over and above the interests of rate payers. To further the interests of Benhayon and his cronies.


 UPDATE 2: The Echo sums up Ray’s chances.

It’s rare to see someone not already a sitting councillor take the top job first up. This probably rules out Phil Meehan (although he is the husband of popular retiring councillor Sue Meehan) and Ray Karam.

Karam is not a resident of Ballina Shire, which will probably work against him. His membership of and advocacy for the controversial group Universal Medicine is also unlikely to go in his favour. EchoNet Daily

UPDATE 3: Byron Bay real estate agent and UniMed cultist Gail Fuller is running for a council seat in Byron Shire

UPDATE 4: The Echo questions Karam and Gail Fuller on their participation in UM’s harassment of complainants.

UPDATE 4: Karam appears to be trying not to get elected.

112 Comments on “Ray Karam – Universal Medicine cultist running for Mayor in Ballina”

  1. W. Harper says:

    Oh dear. Hopefully the good people of Ballina will see through this UM land grab. Unlike the peoples choice business awards the UM members each vote multiple times in, in a proper election it’s 1 vote per person.

    • Ray and friend's acupuncturebyronbay.com vendetta website says:

      Re the victim attack website. Whatever the facts Ray Karam’s disregard for women and common decency looms proud with his support for this vendetta site. Whoever we believe the fact is that a woman claims to have been inappropriately treated or examined by Ray’s friend and guru, and Ray is now involved in the intimidation of that woman/victim by contributing to that website so as to try to shut her up. No respect and a seedy lack of integrity strategy on Ray’s part. Shame Ray shame!

      • Lance says:

        Very good point.

        He’s also proud of attacking Ira McClure for making a complaint to the HCCC, Jane Hanson for being a reporter and asking Serge questions, and others. He’s never bothered to check the facts or speak with those people. He’s just joined in the mob think and attack.

        He’s also written a piece more or less pointing the finger at me as a source of his woes and glorifying himself, his pop up family and his beliefs in Serge, published the day my sister passed away; I think intentionally.

        And he wants to be the mayor? That would require considering information, balanced views, considering perspectives. None of which he has demonstrated in his mindless involvement with UM. Mindless because it demands that by its very nature. And doctrine.

  2. Distressed says:

    Residents of Ballina do not want him as a Councillor or Mayor.
    ( Ray Karam apparently isn’t a resident. Businessman yes++ but not resident)

    We do not want Universal Medicine in our beautiful Ballina backyard.

    We do not want sharks on land as well as in the water.

    Huh noticed that Sam Kim is ‘like’ Ray all the way.
    Some time back Sam Kim expressed an interest in wanting to buy Ballina Hospital, but said he would need $10 million.

    What are UM & SB & RK thinking?
    Most probably that there a alot of bequests etc to rort out of Ballina under the banner of love and care and aging esoterically. After all it is Gopher City with alot of retirees.

    “What you lot are thunders so loud that we cannot hear what you are saying.”

    Money and manipulation=UM

    • Esther says:

      That’s frightening about Dr Kim wanting to buy Ballina hospital. If you have a copy of that or know where to find it, please send it to me. I’ll find a use for it, I’m sure.

  3. Ballina BEWARE! says:

    That photo of Ray and Serge above, Universal mafia brothers, so sleezy and dangerous.
    Taking over the world one small coastal town at a time. Why do I get the feeling that Ray running for mayor has nothing to do with whats best for Ballina and everything to do being deputy dog for a cult.
    Spread the word and stop these money grubbing people from preying on the innocent people of Ballina.

  4. Let's hope all of this in in the Ballina local papers & Radio says:

    Seeing as Universal Medicine spruik the need for fair journalism –
    Just let’s hope this very very disturbing news gets as much unedited write up in the local papers Northern Star, Ballina Advocate, Echo etc and the ABC Radio as Ray Karam & Universal Medicine get.Do not hold your breath.

    Ballina citizens need to know

  5. Are you listening Ray says:

    “Ray Karam is currently running for Mayor of Ballina and Councillor for A Ward. Get in touch to let him know what matters to you.” says Ray on his FB page.

    What matters to us Ray Karam is that we DO NOT want you as Mayor.

    We DO NOT like Universal Medicine and your FB page is full of likes of all Universal Medicine members.

    Do not turn Ballina into a cult head quarters.

    You do have not one iota of care for the citizens of Ballina.
    It is all about you and the benefit to Serge Benhayon.

  6. Paul Moses please explain says:

    Bangalow basks in Tweed coast rejuvenation – The Australian
    Sep 19, 2015 – Paul Moses of Country House Antiques in Newrybar, NSW. … For Moses, who bought a late-1800s Federation-style cottage on 0.68ha in 1988 …

    “For Moses, who bought a late-1800s Federation-style cottage on 0.68ha in 1988 for $95,000 on the Old Pacific Highway at Newrybar, the region’s changing fortunes are evident. His business, Country House Antiques, with its curios and blunt blackboard proclamation “We sell dead people’s things”, will continue, despite the property being sold earlier this year to a local developer for more than $2 million. A tourism-style project will aim to capitalise on the already popular drawcard of award-winning cafe and deli Harvest.”

  7. Ray not fit for Mayor - No people skills says:

    /@ray_karam @UniMedUM cultist running for Mayor is part of team trashing & defaming #Ballina HCCC complainant https://factsaboutuniversalmedicine.wordpress.com/2016/07/29/ray-karam-universal-medicine-cultist-running-for-mayor-in-ballina/ … #cults

    • that's an understatement says:

      Hi. if you want to embed a tweet, go to the Twitter page, click the three dots at the bottom of the Tweet on right, click embed code, copy the code, paste it here. Voila, duckie!

      If it ends up in moderation and sits there too long, drop a comment asking me to approve the thing!
      Heh heh, one of the informants is worried not only that Ray has become Sergio’s right hand sock puppet, but he’s starting to look like him! He reckons they both look like Barry Manilow. lol! Dress like him too. 😬

  8. Lance says:

    It would be disturbing if Ray got up at Mayor. Here’s a man who thinks worshipping another man is normal behaviour. I had a look at his website just now. It’s plagued with problems, and the biggest is, he doesn’t know it. Taking the Unimed stuff of his “public figure” Facebook account at least shows some political awareness that the public consider UM is a steaming pile of dog poo, but his site is a devotional to Serge- his good mate and family member, apparently.

    There’s a confabulation about how he met Sarah that ignores the other parties and romanticises a stock standard hook up. There’s an apparent lack of awareness that he is NOT the father of five kids at all which means he doesn’t get step-parenting 101. Topping the list though is his pride is being part of the Universal Medicine Facts team, which by any measure is woefully devoid of facts.

    He’s in fact been part of a small band of cult zealots that attack other people that he doesn’t know for no other reason that they disagree with his mate, the cult leader. Ray called me a criminal on the blog. This is a guy who was in the police force. For the record, I’ve had a handful of parking fines in my life, and last time I looked it wasn’t a criminal offence. His powers of perception are: Guy who complains to Charity Commission = Criminal. Guy who then takes $1.4M from a dying women, conveniently quits as chairman of charity that is set up to improve his property while investigation is on = Man you can trust.

    Ray for Mayor?

    I went on to read a blog he’d tweeted by Vic Carter which waffled on about Serge’s fifth levelness, and rounded off with the porky that Serge had ne’er reacted to the criticisms. This is the man who registered the sites that attacks people- me included- and has registered many more with the same idea in mind. And nearly cried on stage explaining what a hero he was, and how scurrilous everyone else is.

    Ray’s understanding of reality. Limited.

    I reckon Ray does feel more amazing these days. As does Alan and others. But people living in a world of absolutes, with blinkers fully on, are not who you want making decisions for many. I’m not sure its a cult conspiracy. I don’t think they are that smart. I reckon they just all think they are so amazing they can spread their amazingness by going forth and infiltrating. Because Serge told them so.

    After all, if anyone dares disagrees with them, they can blog about them on their Facts site. Over and over and over.

  9. PersudioPetefriend says:

    Well I cant find Alan Johnston’s comments any more to directly response to it but I would like to any way. Alan your were more or less bragging of having a diploma in science education. Where did you get it from? The University of Woolongong maybe ? Anyhow what a waste it appears to be on you. And what an embarrassment you are to those who are worthy of this achievement. Your comment on this blog only exposes UM’s stupidity. Do you really think you are being persecuted ? That is exactly what cult gurus want you to believe. People who are in cults suffer from this persecution syndrome.Your comment makes you a perfect example of this and you have given us a great example. No one is after you expect for Serge.

    • PersudioPetefriend says:

      Alan your science accreditation has more then probable cost you less to obtain than your Serge accreditation. How much have you really spent/handed over to Serge ? Come on, be honest. See the fool that you are, you have already openly admitted to this .

      • Esther says:

        Hello, yeah, Alan’s comments are in the July gossip thread. I’ll paste these over there if you like. He won’t come here. Too many ugly facts to deal with on this page.

  10. Jones says:

    Stay tuned to see a more fails byEsther Rocket. Years later and nothing to show but a lack of an ability to get a life. Watch here for a woman that has nothing better to do. Best of 2016 Esther defamation fails on the way.

    • Hi Bob says:

      Hi, last time you were here you were ‘Bob Dylan’. Jak isn’t it. I thought pseudonyms were an Esoteric crime.

      Did that legal opinion come from his toilet bowl’s voice himself? Or your mother?

      Take a look at the list above, under What are UM so desperate to hide? Pick a topic. We’ll work through it tomorrow or next week or something.

      Or maybe we could talk about Serge misleading the court last December, and how that works in nicely with proving the contextual imputation he’s dishonest.

      Sorry about the big words.

      Anyway, it’s past entity hour, I’m off to constellate with the Lord of Form. Night night.

    • Esther says:

      Hello, everyone, I know this trick. It’s late at night, Bob, sorry Jones, who is Jak, son of one of Serge’s lawyers is here to derail/troll and fill up the comments area with his immature carrying on through the night. He’s welcome to comment, but I will delete anything repetitious and anything off topic that doesn’t address the issues.

      I may switch on comments moderation if I’m busy or resting, but that will only be a temporary, so please don’t be discouraged from commenting.

      Just goes to show how scared they are. You know things are bad when they send in Jak, the non Eso, ‘I don’t care about UM’ warrior.

      • Jak Hazell says:

        Umm excuse me but get your “Facts” right “Darling”… I’ve said it twice now, I’ve never used a pseudonym on your blogs, (still not Bob Dylan either… This feels like De Ja Vu) you clearly need to have a think… If you are capable of it but don’t worry I’m not holding my breath, You’re really not worth it. Why would I now start using a false name? I really don’t understand your logic. Now I will ask you politely to please stop slandering my name, there was no reason for you to mention my name on your blog especially considering I hadn’t made a comment. So for anyone who cares, these previous comments were not from me… Kind of ironic that she can’t get the “facts” right on her “Facts about universal medicine” Blog…
        Have a brilliant day!!!

    • Lord of Form says:

      Yeah, not sure what fails the young lad he is talking about. Cult legend is nothing has stuck. Their denial of reality all round sucks. Here’s the list.

      – Serge in shit for selling non compliant ‘herbs’ (the original non event- Serge claimed to have called the TGA to find out if it he was doing the right thing. Bought by the cult)
      -UM proclaimed a cult by three cult experts. Rick Ross (he’s got a felony charge. Ergo, can’t be right) Aron Raphael and David Milikan. (All deluded according to Brendan Mooney, an “expert” with a thousand yard stare and permanent grin.)
      – UM derided in NSW parliamentary inquiry into alternative healing industry as paragon of stupidity. ( members wouldn’t have it, lobbied to have UM taken off report. LOL)
      – Serge forced into undertaking as a result of Charity investigation so he wouldn’t benefit from improvements to his property ( hence- resigning as chairman, Money still in charity account doing nothing, $800K diverted directly to him to avoid undertaking to fix property for commercial gain)
      – Loss of Charitable Tax deduction concession. Serge had cried and proclaimed the hierarchy was with him when he sneaked that past them a few years back. The hierarchy must have taken their eye of the ball 😦
      – Serge forced by Lismore council to stop advertising his house across the road as a B&B. No DA for that purpose. (of course)
      – Masioski and Raphael disciplined for promoting Serge’s non-sense.
      -UM thrown out of events everywhere
      – Cult membership down from a claimed 2000 to 500. It’s probably more like 300 cool-aid members these days and some tinkerers. There’s plenty of ex-members (weird for a non-cult hey) that have had something to say last few years.


      And while OFT and other complaints didn’t get the desired result, you can be sure UM is on a watch list with them. In fact, I know it is. They are just waiting to get some complaints from people who realise they were ripped off.

      Re the court action. I wasn’t there, but I have heard from reliable sources that it didn’t go the way Serge and his cohorts hoped. The judge didn’t seem to get hoodwinked as easily as your average member and the word is Serge and the crew looked a little dismayed that they may not get their objections up. I certainly wouldn’t be crowing about that one at this stage cult members.

      BTW, the comment was infantile. I was just looking for a reason to list the things that never happened over the last four years. You can bet there are more to come thanks to Esther and her epic fails. You can deny them later.

      • Esther says:

        And the UK charity commission action.

        Yes. There will be more to come. That’s a good idea, actually, I’ve been thinking of revamping the our mission page. Might write an outcomes list. It’s growing.

        I’m not bothered about Jak/Jones. He hadn’t read the blog obviously.

      • 5th (level) grade science says:

        Heres another little science lesson for Serge’s butt kissers
        “The best way to prove a theory is to try and disprove it.”
        That is scientific integrity to have truth in result.
        Young tennis kids disproved the magic clay grip powder pretty quickly
        None of them have a science degree like you have , Alan.
        Put your science professionalism to the test on any one of the outrageous claims made by your non educated guru
        It all comes up as false or complete imagery.
        Sprouting that you are a highly educated man worshipping a non educated copycat is a reflection of the intelligence block affecting you via brainwashing. You are not thinking straight and it is embarrassingly clear to us and a useful state of your mind for Serge to use you

        • Esther says:

          Yes, thank you, but Alan didn’t comment on this thread – he’s on the July gossip thread. I know who Jones is. He’s not Alan.

          Jones is going to have any repeats of that kind of comment deleted.

          I’m not usually strict about this, but please keep comments on this thread to the topic of Raymond Karam & UM entering local politics.

          If your comments start disappearing, look for them on the latest gossip posts.

        • 5th (level) grade science says:

          Oops, sorry

    • Anonymous says:

      I think I have just spotted a UM troll. Thought they were against trolling ?

      • Esther says:

        lol, yes, they’re against cyber-bullying too, and they’re in favour of free speech & free will, and there’s not a whiff of anything sexual in breast massage and crotch handling. Etc.

  11. Ballina beware of Ray and his religion says:

    A vote for Ray is a vote for child raping entities attacking your kids if you enjoy a beer at the Ballina RSL
    No more ice cream as you stroll along the riverfront, as you will be labelled loveless and pranic by Ray and his religion.
    Get nana and pop’s last will and Testament protected by a trustworthy legal executors before the family inheritance disappears faster than a goitre in a gopher down River St.
    Forget the games of golf and surf lifesaving comps and even bingo. Ray will not tolerate competition, its evil
    No more concerts unless the UM church choir are booked
    Boy wont Ballina be boring if Ray and his cult infiltrate the BSC

  12. Slogan for Ballina Mayor says:


  13. Esther says:

    If anyone knows someone in Ballina CWA feel free to give them heads up about Chris James, big fat UM recruiter, particularly of middle aged to elderly women. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1714562658813952&id=1524673317802888

  14. Ray & PTSD says:

    If Ray has or is very sadly still suffering from PTSD well then going for Ballina Mayor as well as being a multi business man and family man of 5 including being a step parent well it is not a good idea.

    Public figures get lots of criticism. PTSD sufferers who are Universal Medicine members do not cope with this
    No people skills really – can’t deal with differing views and confrontation, no investigative skills.

    Besides Ballina does not want this beautiful spot spolt by UM.

    Have you ever been at an ANZAC day service Ray…. since being a Universal Medicine puppet?

    This is important in Ballina.

  15. Lord of Form says:

    Jesus. I just read Johnny Baldwin’s account of being inculcated into the cult thanks to his mother, normal teenage angst and a belief in entities that “made total sense” according to Johnny, his mother and 52 other commentators that all belief in ghost stories.

    This is the stuff of the middle ages, and it’s being openly promoted on their website and then openly and enthusiastically endorsed my mayoral hopeful Ray Karam.

    At least they aren’t hiding Serge’s most kooky and dangerous ideas any longer; none the less, this is terrifying stuff that goes to the dark-heart of how lost the members of this group are, and how nonsensical and outlandish Serge’s medieval ideas are.

    There are psychologists in this group basing their practices, including with small children, around Serge ideas! Johnny’s brain was mid development when he had this stuff fed to him as if it is reality. Irreversible damage.

    The national party are fond of outdated views around religion and social ethics, but it might be a leap for them to take on dark ages entity possession beliefs. The fact that Ray is tweeting it demonstrates a slim grip on reality in all senses.

    • Esther says:

      Yes, I’m writing a post on it. It’s kind of handy actually. UM seem to be determined to give me more to use in court, and that’s a bunch of nails in the coffin for Ray’s candidacy.

      • Anonymous says:

        Which industries will Ray help wipe out? According to serge ” whole industries will disappear”
        I think he is mentally unfit if he has ptsd. It’s not discrimination to rule him out based on that.
        It’s for his own protection.

        • Esther says:

          Ray will claim Sergio the shyster cured his PTSD with gentle breath brainwashing and Esoteric Breast Massage or something. But you make a good point, Ray can’t possibly withstand open criticism and questions. Currently he’s fully protected – he thinks – by Serge’s money & lawyers. No way he’ll cope with the miniature coliseum that is any local Council Chambers – councillors plus cranky ratepayers lol. He’s having a lend.

  16. Ceep Cults off the coast says:

    Dangerous destructive radical religions are not welcome anywhere in the world today and I dont care whether they use pipe bombs or love bombs the end result is the same, people get hurt.
    And Ray, disguised as Clark Kent mild mannered mayor applicant, is actually a brother in arms to Serge Benhayon, Intergalactic leader of the UM cult, talk about wolves in sheeps clothing.

  17. Myliobatoidei says:

    Sorry Mr Karam the only rays we want in Ballina are stingrays.
    Did you know stingrays have been around for over 100 million years? which is slightly more than your reverend and brother in command, Sergio
    Just slightly……..😒

  18. Lord of Form says:

    According to Ray’s tweet , Serge is ” a man that can be absolutely trusted”. It’s rather an odd comment when you think about it. Why even say it if there is not some doubt.

    I wonder if Miranda’s mother would say that? Or the bank that chased Serge when he fled his debts, or the parents of the kids he coached on the promise of greatness, or his former business partners in Sydney and Alstonville, or the tennis coaching company he worked for, or some doctors he rented space off, or some people he tried to borrow money off, or the trustees of his bankruptcy…

    How many people do you know that have teenage girls stay at their house regularly, married one of them, who has been bequeathed huge sums of money from their “customers”, whose business has a focus on women’s sexuality and teenage girls (girl to woman project), who describes men as ‘energetic rapists’, especially when uncircumcised, who has bragged about being the only man who can make love and have full body orgasms, and who claims to know everything before any one else in the whole universe… THAT YOU WOULD SAY YOU CAN TRUST IMPLICITLY.

    Scarily, Ray felt rather special when driving Serge’s car and people waved at him. It might have been another hand gesture, but that aside, it shows that Ray like the other members doesn’t know where he ends and Serge starts.

    And moreover, he’s morphing into him. He really is.

    “…And all should cry, Beware Beware!
    His flashing eyes,
    his floating hair!
    Weave a circle round him thrice,
    and close your eyes with holy dread
    For he on honey dew hath fed,
    And drunk the milk of Paradise.”

  19. Cult cloning says:

    You are so right!
    They are shape shift morphing into Serge lookalikes, slicked back short hair,sunken eyes, protruding voicebox, skinny bodies.
    Holy Dolly the cloned sheep cult batman!
    And the women want to be Natalie,the muddled middle aged sexy bombs from the 50’s n 60’s. And the little girls all made up like grown women way beyond their years.
    Bad bad bad stuff

  20. Karam's Koran says:

    Ray Karam is indoctrinated way too deep into the radical religion of Universal Medicine and its living self appointed God messiah, Serge Benhayon, to ever hold an impartial and unprejudiced postion in any public arena.
    Ballina says NO!

  21. MacReady says:

    Ray’s PTSD is more likely to be CITSD (Cult Induced Traumatic Stress Disorder), due to the constant anxiety stemming from what supposedly is or isn’t ‘pranic’ according to Serge. On topic, is Ray going to keep his personal beliefs private if he’s successful in his bid for mayor, or does the New Era require a melding of Sergechurch and state? Assuming the latter, when others question Ray on his bizarre ideas, is he going to refer them to Serge’s completely irrational books and audio recordings, or just assure the nay-sayers that they don’t understand due to being in the “pranic intellect of their lower minds,” and not in their inner-most hearts?

    “What is there to say ?
    Still I can`t be silent
    Hear the cult of Ray
    And you`ll be enlightened
    People, they`re no fun
    I saw Raymond speak one time, he said hello
    And as he opened up my mind, so fried and battered
    I heard his words so very fine so high above this constant dripping chatter
    Young sharks feeding on the scrapple
    And upstarts feeding on your Adam`s apple
    And you can`t hear yourself in all this babble”

    • Esther says:

      oh this is poetry, thank u, I shall Tweet it to his nibs

    • Everyone says:

      LOL pure gold 😂

      • OMG DUH!!!!! says:

        OMG….Ray Karam has his signs out…

        Presumptuous! Yes

        He is not even a Councillor

        He doesn’t live in the area and deceptively belongs to and promotes a cult…

        Ballina Residents listen up

        Serge Benhayon is the one controlling Ray Karam
        (check out Ray Karam’s Facebook page and twitter)

        Serge Benahyon has No credentials

        His is the Cult leader of Universal Medicine

  22. Local paper mention says:

    The Echo sums up Ray’s chances of being elected mayor:

    It’s rare to see someone not already a sitting councillor take the top job first up. This probably rules out Phil Meehan (although he is the husband of popular retiring councillor Sue Meehan) and Ray Karam.

    Karam is not a resident of Ballina Shire, which will probably work against him. His membership of and advocacy for the controversial group Universal Medicine is also unlikely to go in his favour.

    He could, however be elected onto council, seeing there are three seats in A ward and six nominees.


    • Truth hurts says:

      “His membership and advocasy for the controversial group Universal Medicine is also unlikely to go in his favour”
      Are you reading this UMers
      You are not the popular pretty people you think you all are, it only exists in your tiny bubble heads.
      Serge is loathed far and wide going back many years before you lot joined up to his latest scam here on earth.

      • W. Harper says:

        That’s some great reporting there and so very true. Benhayon is indeed despised where ever he has appeared and unfortunately for them, those who choose to associate with him and carry his banner will undoubtedly be viewed in the same light.

        I look forward to the very public (and hopefully unfixable) vote being a huge indicator of exactly what local people think of UM.

    • Lance says:

      He’s clearly linked himself to UM, Serge and their hate blogs which he says he is proud of.

      Ray therefore appears to be totally unaware that he is in fact a proud member of a group of on-line bullies that have attacked people such as myself, Jane Hanson, Ira MClure and others for no other reason than voicing justifiable concerns about Serge, his cult, their behaviour and a charity that history is showing to be the scam we said it was.

      It’s the very behaviour that he says he is educating others about. That can only result from a hypocrisy that’s hidden behind a blinding ideology. It’s obvious to anyone else who looks at those blogs.

      Who would want a man heading a council or representing them who thinks nothing of attacking someone online they have never met, never bothered to talk to, never bothered to properly examine the issues identified, and pens virtual love letters to another man that others in the community, through direct and very real experience, find to be of a highly questionable character?

      As an example of the behaviour he is proud of, he and his group attacked my former business aggressively, using key word loading to ensure their blog appeared beside that business. They then posted an unflattering photo of me and put the words “business scam” below it. Of course I have never run a business ‘scam’. They also put up a site to destroy Esther s business the same way, using key words to warn people not to use her complimentary health services. This takes quite a lot of effort. It’s not like writing a fair comment on someone. It was an organised, resourced, hate attack designed to interfere with the livelihoods of others.

      Ray Karam, mayoral candidate, was an enthusiastic contributor to that project to lash out at people he didn’t know. His sister in law and wife were part of the “team” that set up the sites, chose the pictures, photo shopped the defamatory statements, and so forth. He now proudly cites this activity on his CV for mayor.

      In Rays pages he says we (and a corrupt media) targeted a business, namely UM, with the intent of destroying it. In fact, that is incorrect. We asked questions about extensive family breakdowns, the young girls staying with Serge, the invented health claims, the reason for the charity, amongst other things. In other words, specific, identifiable and real concerns that have never been addressed, but instead answered with the aforementioned broadside on us for having the temerity to question their leader. Who they say is ” a man of absolute integrity”. Ray has tweeted “A man you can completely trust”. (yes very odd)

      Now imagine if I set up a website targeting the Belle general or Rays business in Ballina, and photo shopped some defamatory statement below a photo of him? That’s Rays level of insight. Nada.

      He says in his very odd website he won’t be representing a small interest group, but that is not possible given the way his brain is now wired. His whole world-view is through the lens of UM. He doesn’t even have the insight to leave it off his site, clearly unaware that the majority of locals who know about UM hold it in very low regard, as they do its leader who has a sorry history in the area pre-dating his enlightening defecation.

      Ray has demonstrated that he can’t be unbiased on an issue he ‘feels’ strongly about. Imagine if that is applied in his every day decision making as a councillor?

      I’ve repeated this here for the sake of a casual reader of this blog who might be contemplating Ray for mayor on the basis of his easy smile and flowery language. You need to consider what sort of man he really is. I am not saying he is bad, but he is clearly not a very considered individual, and I think, has a very lopsided set of ethics that should give one pause for thought should he be in that role.

      Maybe he’d make a great councillor at some point, but while his head is full of UM and he proudly encourages on-line hate attacks, I’d be encouraging you to vote for anyone else.

      • Esther says:

        You’re more generous than I am. Ray Karam is not fit for public office, and with a record like his, never will be.

        I spelt it out in the blog, but again:

        Karam misled academics to join the cult backed cyber-bullying conference.
        He misled NSW police to introduce UM scam services as a PTSD therapy option.
        Karam was part of an organised onslaught of malicious police complaints that had no evidence and no justification, and wasted weeks of police time.
        Karam is part of a team unlawfully defaming and harassing complainants.
        He’s an ex police officer taking part in UM’s mass grooming program – the Girl to Woman Festival.
        He left the police service under a cloud, but persists in exploiting his former career for the cult agenda.

        He’s a conniving cult sycophant aggressively participating in intimidation and censorship, protected by cartel money and lawyers.

        I’m not fooled by his pretence at politeness. He can’t be trusted. His conduct is inexcusable and his participation on the council is a serious threat.

        • Lance says:

          There’s method to my madness.

        • Esther says:

          As there is to mine. I disagree with your last couple of paragraphs. I think you’re minimizing how serious this issue is. These people are highly aggressive predatory fraudsters with a corrupt agenda, and the only reason they haven’t taken the intimidation further is because I’ve kept them in the public spotlight. They didn’t hire Phoenix Global for ‘all risk services’ for nothing.

  23. Esther says:

    A Ballina reader sent this: https://www.facebook.com/EmpoweringLocalYouth/posts/937623336365169:0

    Some sort of youth group selling Ray. Next they’ll be selling the Girl to Woman Festival and Serge’s special entity rape.

    Organizers are Bozena Warzecha and Tim Apps.

    I messaged them and got this weasel response – likely composed by Rebecca Asquith, identical to the standard pass agg cult line.

    Hi Esther. Thanks for that, it was interesting reading, from both sides. I actually did some research before I endorsed Ray and came upon your writings. I figured that if there was anything bad about UM you would have done a lot of research so I just read and listened to your articles and videos. However, I cannot say that I found anything in the UM that would alarm me. I certainly believe in energy and it’s ability to heal. I imagine that as an acupuncturist you also have to be aware of it?
    I have never met Serge and if I ever do, I will definitely be on my guard as I tend to be a bit too trusting sometimes 🙂 When it comes to Ray, I met him few times and had chat to him, but what really impressed me is how he treats his staff and his good business sense where I can see that he comes from the space of serving people.
    I have been quite active in the community and would like to work with somebody who also wants to bring some positive changes instead of keeping things “as they are”. Ray definitely seems to fit the bill and I feel can be of great asset when it comes to bringing in projects such as “grow your own food” into the area.

    I must say that I am quite amazed at the passion you are putting into this online fight, I can feel a lot of hurt in you. It must be really difficult to live with it daily as you seem to do. I hope that you will find a way to get some peace – you must be exhausted as this seems to be going on for some time.
    Thanks again for taking time to write to me, I will definitely take that into consideration and question things rather than just blindly trusting others 🙂

    Pure bullshit, lol!

    Anyway Ballina residents plz keep an eye on this lot.

    • ponder true expression says:

      The language is clearly that of a member.

      • Esther says:

        Yes, after a couple more exchanges they made no comment at all on kids being smacked, starved, groomed, and threatened with entity rape by a predatory cult that’s made national news for bullying and rorting, and been thrown out of schools and community orgs. Apparently notifying adult organisers they’re endorsing a cult recruiter to a youth group is ‘hate’.

        Seriously. And they’re selling ’empowerment’.

        • Lance says:

          The tone of their FB page is a little culty. They only have 122 likes so not a big sphere of influence. It’s not possible to review Serge/UM and for serious concerns to be raised.

          Last night I was at a get together and 5 people looked at their sites and it was a unanimous “Wtf!” especially on attacks on various people, me included, that headline their sites. There was silence as they all read over some pages and at the same time heads came up with looks of utter incomprehension.

          They had deduced the very things we’ve been flagging. From the cults own sites.

          Worth noting that there was an 18 year old in that group. That reaction has been the norm since they put their sites up. Why they think it helps them, I do not know.

  24. W. Harper says:

    In response to Lance message above (I could not reply to the thread for some reason).

    I also do not understand why they think the multitudinous websites and accompanying comments help them. Every one of them reinforces the group as a cult. The group ‘think’, the utter lack of understanding how they are perceived in the outside world and the complete bullshit they spout reveals more and more about how crazy they really are.

    As they spin out and shrink in number I do worry for the remainder of them as their gestures are bound to get more and more grandiose in order to impress Benhayon. With no exaggeration I do fear for another Jonestown. When you read some of their websites and speak in person to members with their glazed smiles and checked out demeanour, nothing should be ruled out.

    I hope I am proved wrong, I really do.

  25. Jaws says:

    I think Ballina may want to rethink those shark repellent barriers cause theres a massive bull(shit) shark circling looking for easy targets to take bites out off going by the name of Serge and attached to his underbelly is his Ray-mora sucker fish

  26. Audacity Ray asking for $$$$$'s says:

    A lot of people have been asking me how they can support the campaign. This is another way for those that can’t do it in person. Every bit helps whether it be for printing flyers or boosting a Facebook post. Thank you for all your support. ‪#‎vote1RayKARAM‬

  27. LOOKOUT BALLINA Ray Karam's obvious ulterior motive says:

    “From the feedback people are wanting action on the DA process for businesses”

    WHO RAY? SERGE BENHAYON?? & Cult Members?

    Why are only Universal Medicine Members speaking for you. ie: Carola Woods who is in as thick as anything with Universal Medicine.

    Put on your FB page how you Ray Karam vilify complainants

  28. Charity rort says:

    Ray do declare Universal Medicine’s UK Charity Rort

    • MacReady says:

      6) What is your/your group’s policy on the best methods to deter shark attacks at Ballina’s beaches?

      RK: Well, shark attacks are just like rape, murder and child abuse. They’re all karmic corrections. If you get eaten by a shark, it means you were probably a shark back in Atlantis who enjoyed eating people. Possibly even mermaids. So, rather than try to prevent being attacked by a shark just claim it. Take responsibility and realise that every bite taken out of your body is a clearing of prana, and that your bloody death is actually a healing.

      7) Uh, are you out of your fucking mind? Where do you get this bullshit from?

      RK: Well, I’m glad you asked. I get all my ancient wisdom from the most amazing man who ever lived. A man who, despite constantly contradicting himself, being caught out telling too many lies to recall, and having a history of scams and deceptions too long to repeat here, can absolutely be trusted. The one and only fifth-level initiate from another dimension, Sergio Benhayon. I don’t say, do or think anything that he doesn’t approve of, so you can be guaranteed an agenda-driven cult clone as mayor if I get nominated.

      • Mantra Ray says:

        Pure gold and so true
        Ray is a sad little possum isnt he
        And every progressive Clayton’s husband photo taken of him looks more like a Serge impersonator.

      • W. Harper says:

        Genius! Very well written, and spot on true mate!.

  29. oh dear lol says:

    Team Karam have released his comprehensive raft of policies.

    • Legal Eagle says:

      Blatant copyright breach. Will be forwarded on to Tribe Called Quest, and Mr Lou Reeds record labels. As Mr Reed sued Tribe for use of his sample from Walk on the Wild Side to the point the never received any royalties from the song despite it being a global hit, the idiots behind this can expect the same.

      It’s also terrible.

    • C-RAP! says:

      Yeah, well he is a sure bet to win now after that display of w-rapping it up with mayor candidate Ray n his backup Belles and some strange dude who was probably hanging round the cafe with the munchies. Back to Byron dude, wrong shire.
      The golden oldies will be tapping their little callous slippered covered tootsies in their gophers, fishermen will wave their rods to the beat and the lifesavers will be swinging in their sluggos. And of course the inevitable printed T shirt, a fav UM advertising tool, just jealous I dont have one… damn it!
      The words tacky and weird spring to mind watching this little ditty. Why do UM cult members always feel the innermost need to burst into song.
      Anyway, well done to them, outa space idea that could only be topped off with a moon walk by the special but super spaceman himself,Sham ba bamm ba bam diddily balla….Sergio.

    • Ballina bopper says:

      Ray can stick it
      Yes he can
      Ray can stick it
      Serge yes man
      Ray can stick it
      UM be damned
      Ray can stick it
      Rock on

  30. Psych Ward A Song of Ray says:

    Ray would like to thank in no particular order
    Capturing Crap with Clayton Photographics and videos, Brill Cream from the Sergio lookalike range for his hair and Toilet Duck with estapol spray paint for the girls hair, last but not least, Sergio for the lend of the gold chains from the “Dont get cremated or buried in your valuable jewellery, give it to me, vault number 6”
    Ray, I think another “A ward” in a different institution could be the go.

  31. He's not even a resident ! says:

    Ray Karam is the only candidate for Ballina Shire who doesn’t live in the shire. http://candidates.elections.nsw.gov.au/contest/councillor/LG1601-005-02-01

  32. Raygio doesnt Rock on says:

    Go home Ray

  33. Wrap it up Ray says:

    Can I flick him? Yes you can
    Can I flick him? Yes you can
    Can I flick him? Ray Karam? Mock on ahh

    Can I flick him
    Cult people that dig what the Belle does
    Before this they dont wanna know who Serge was
    Introducing clone Ray on the fly cause
    Gettin down to Shelley beach with his missus
    Wipe yr feet feelin good on the UM rug
    Serge came down to earth to free us of entity bugs
    Spread his arms and take your money if you are a mug
    Ray’s just a fool whose been loved up
    And if you dis them get a barrage from the stink club
    Cause this position Serge wants for his love brother
    Like a box of potential vics, oldies run for cover
    As Ray Karam worships Serge “with love”

    Comin up is the local election
    You gotta know how to vote in your section
    ABC whats your ward aforementioned
    You want a councillor who thinks Serge is a legend?
    Dont vote 1 on your A Ward ballot paper
    It doesnt matter if you’re minor or major
    Dont vote 1 for cult gentle breath air
    Mr Karam we dont want you for Mayor
    Just be doing Serge a really big favour
    Down the track all we see is danger
    When it comes to life on earth he’s no saviour
    Ray’s ex police, former chair of the chamber
    Wouldn’t even want him as ranger
    Follow UM for awful behaviour
    Dont feel good about anything it gives ya
    Clean livin, well dressed, Serges hair
    Youre just jealous of the garments we wear
    Dont vote 1 on your A Ward ballot paper
    Cult general representing in his favour
    Ray doesnt even live in the shire
    Dont vote 1 for Ray Karam for mayor
    Dont vote 1 for cult gentle breath air

  34. Wrap it up Ray says:

    Yo Esther thats ok
    Hoping you have a great day
    We know Ray is a puppet of love
    And Serge has his hand up the glove
    Ray may think he flies like a dove
    But with crows he’s flapping up above
    He’ll get shot, hit the ground with a thud
    When the law catches up with his bud

    Do do do do do do do

  35. phoney compo claim? says:

    Is Ray Karam’s police PTSD compo claim also phoney like his NSW police officer mate Glen Robinson? Has Ray recovered from his alleged PTSD so well that he can now cope as a Mayor? We smell a rat at the taxpayer’s expense. Time for Ray to payback the money he claimed from the State gov. Or is his PTSD still in play and made him a little odd as he’s now becoming the crazy, out of town, slightly unhinged, rapping, joke Ballina candidate. Clown shoes may be now appropriate as part of a political stunt.

    • We are not dumb like you says:

      He is either paid out and unable to function to work or not.
      How Sergelike to rip someone off then go public to rub taxpayers noses in it whether it be glorious shit or not.💩
      Brothers in harm(s) and I too smell a rhino sized rat for sure

  36. Ballina Citizen: A Vote for Ray is a vote for doom - Ballina says:

    phoney compo claim? I totally agree.

    Ray do explain. Upteen Kids and businesses and can now run for Mayor – had PTSD?

    Of course it is only UM’s who have commented about the always biased Northern Star embarrassing Karam hip hop. LOL Ray looks SO awkward.

    When you check out Karam’s public figure FB majority are UM’s who do not even live here, some not in NSW some overseas.

    Desperate as…Ray as one wise lady said on your FB page.

    11,000 hits on FB has Ray….all UM’s me thinks that is how they conned the People’s choice
    Chamber awards.

    Here’s hoping the Ballina residents look at his page and see how much he is in love with Serge and is serge’s puppet. Karam’s page is ALL about UM and UM links and UM’s have ticked liek mega times…..Easy to figure the real agenda – yes

  37. Ray's PTSD ticket says:

    God knows whether his PTSD is real or not, but he’ll claim it is and he’s now AMAZING thanks to the magical healing powers of Serge and Universal Medicine.

    • Lord of Form says:

      Aged care has been on Serge’s to do list going back to the 1980’s. Contrary to the authors comments, I think Serge has always seen it as lucrative. He’s mentioned it a few times over the years too. Given that some of his members see fit to hand over some or all of their estates to him when gloriously departing it is the gift that keeps giving.

  38. Karam's UM Love Bomber says:

    Marshall Chang Wow, 18k views and climbing! I’m personally responsible for about a thousand of them, can’t get enough!


    • They suck. Probably. says:

      Facebook count a view each time it runs in the feed whether you click it or not. The shares are the real count. 211. These guys should buy each other roses and get together one Friday night.

  39. Serge Karam says:

    Ray and Gail failed to turn up to a meet the candidates gig at the Rails Hotel in Byron on the weekend. Popular opinion was that was weak as piss. Either they were scared of beer entities or some some local journo’s and diffi-cult questions.

  40. La Métempsycose says:

    I live several thousand miles or so from Ballina and on a different plane from Universal Medicine so I feel qualified to give a dispassionate view on an Universal Medicine member standing for election in a local Australian election. Don’t vote for Karam. He is a clone of Serge Benhayon, as all his followers are, and he will always adhere to the whims and interests of Benhayon whatever the circumstances.
    So if the good people of Ballina don’t want to be represented by an initiate of a paternalistic cult run by a charlatan with dubious business connections then vote for a candidate that lives in Ballina and has made some real contribution to the local community. UM is a fantasy, dreamed up on a toilet in 1999, which has shat on good people on good families ever since from Byron to Francisco Bay.

    • Esther says:

      Sorry, I hate doing it, but I changed one word in your comment. Some things are difficult to prove in court, so I have to cut certain words – even if they are true.

  41. Ballina Resident says:

    Ballina resident here:

    Ray has invested very little to zilch. ………… if any money and/or of himself in this campaign.

    Insipid and pathetic even more so in person.

    Stats not looking good…………………………….. Fingers crossed

    • Ray Benhayon says:

      Ray is on Facebook defending a barrage of critics who have seen their rap video messterpiece. He’s even allowed a link to Esther’s blog, retorting with a link to his own on ‘owning’ his participation in the “facts blog”. He says one day the truth will come out….

      truth about? Serge not being a shonk who encourages bequests, sells snake oil, likes to billet teenage girls and can’t tell the same story twice? What truth does he think will come out? When, how, what?

      What a moron. Let’s hope what small amount of money he’s spent, he loses as a penance for his stupidity.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Don’t give a damn what the reasons. Karam is behind a Web vendetta strategy that intends to harm a business in Byron shire. Why else would he have produced a website called AcupuncureByronBay that attacks another business. He’s a dodgy, sleazy businessman. With denial and lies and vendetta behind that veneer smile. Ballina chamber of Commerce has to take some of the blame for tolerating his business misbehaviours without disciplining such anti commercial vendettas.

  43. Sick as Ray says:


    This is what Ray Karam promotes and believes…Universal Medicine

  44. Anonymous says:

    Not even mention of Karam. He’s that insignificant.

  45. Latest election results says:

    Hi guys, sorry to last anon commenter, the numbers you posted were very old, it was better to delete them to avoid confusion. Sorry about that. Please use the electoral commission page.

    Counting is still underway. Ray came last in mayoral race, but he may win a seat in A ward – he is in third place on first preferences, and there a six candidates for three seats. It will be preferences that decide the seat. Unfortunately the Greens seem to have preferenced him because he’s anti-fluoride, and they didn’t do their research.

    I did write this up on the latest gossip post yesterday, sorry – I will make sure it goes on this post as well and will update when there’s a decision.