Serge Benhayon’s juvenile human shields


Universal Medicine cult leader, Serge Benhayon’s latest great defender is a 15 year old girl, posting a testimonial on the UM *Facts* propaganda site. Sadly, in her open letter, she responds to statements I’ve never made, some of which form part of Benhayon’s SLAPP defamation claim against me. The propagandists exploiting this child to defend a multi-million dollar predatory scam fail to disclose the girl is the daughter of Benhayon’s long term UK business partners – people with a lot to lose from exposure of their guru’s sordid reputation. It’s hardly reassuring from the cult behind the creepy Girl to Woman Festival to be held on January 9 at Lennox Head. Benhayon’s propaganda contingent also continue their push to infiltrate schools – this time through a legitimate, publicly funded sex education initiative – Positive Adolescent Sexual Health or PASH.

I’ll not name the child being exploited on the UM site to vouch for Benhayon. But I’ll name her parents, Simon and Janet Williams, proprietors of The Lighthouse, Universal Medicine’s UK headquarters, and former company directors of Universal Medicine UK Ltd.

The Williams bought the Lighthouse property for a reported £3M and run it as a B&B facility. A good portion of their business comes from pilgrims to UM events. According to student notes they leased part of the property to Universal Medicine for 999 years in order for UM to construct its UK commercial premises, the £1.75M Sound Training Centre through its tax exempt charitable trust, The Sound Foundation. The premises includes a swimming pool facility leased to Simone Benhayon’s commercial swim school for peanuts, and a clinic and conference facility, used near exclusively by the Benhayons’ Esoteric healing roadshow. They rent the whole thing for 3 months of the year for £6K, which doesn’t even cover the energy bill for the same period.

The Sound Foundation was served with regulatory action from UK’s charity commission in 2013 over conflicts of interest and issues of public benefit.

Universal Medicine UK is described on the UM website as its ‘non profit unit of service‘ in the UK, however, it’s not registered as such.

Answering imaginary allegations

The Williams child’s blog is no different to the rest of the UM Facts site’s misrepresentations in that her open letter purports to address stuff I’ve never said.

I’ve not ever accused Benhayon of abusing children. I’ve never named any child as a victim.

Nowhere among the UM Facts site’s hundreds of thousands of incoherent words have they been able to quote me doing such.

I’ve consistently and reasonably questioned why parents send girls to stay in the home of a bloke who lays hands on the pubic regions of sexual abuse survivors and calls it ‘healing’, expose their children to his lectures that include explicit sexual content, and his exorcism stage act that has included teens. Plus a concerning number of other inappropriate behaviours with children. My concerns arise from my own experience of his sleazy behaviour, and extensive research into his teachings and practices.

But the Williams child has been enlisted to perpetuate the misrepresentations – answering voices put into her head – imaginary projections of me, that could be the voice of her enablers’ own misplaced consciences.

Ah, you say – must be a social reject… Spends too much time at those UniMed Courses to have any friends.

Wrong. Although I may not classically fit the profile of a ‘fun, aloof, careless teen’, that does not mean I am a ‘reject’ or outsider. I am the most caring and supportive friend you could have – the people around me refer to me as ‘the big sister’, with an utmost refusal to lie or manipulate, and an everlasting hug to return to. Loyalty like nothing you’ve ever seen.

The grades! The grades!! Filling that brain with such eso crap must leave little room for school!

Wrong again. Straight A student, deal with it.

Obese? Eating disorders? Insomnia? Anxiety? Criminal? Self harm?! Surely there must be some signs and symptoms of being a sexual abuse victim?..

And YOU believe I am a sexual abuse victim. Someone who has been brainwashed. Molested. Played with. Universal Medicine Facts site 

Do I?

So why are you spending so much of your time focusing on me…?

Says the cult’s juvenile human shield. I haven’t focused on any child at any point. I’ve made the general point that Benhayon and his minders will do anything to try to avert scrutiny of his conduct – including generating a smokescreen of testimonials from the adolescent faithful, who represent only a fraction of his juvenile houseguests over the years. The UM Facts site, published by Benhayon himself, wants us to focus on the commodified innocence of the Williams child and others, rather than the behaviour of career con artist, Serge.

They’d prefer the public to focus on misrepresentations and straw man claims. Such as this from Emmalee Benhayon, written with the assistance of propaganda drill sergeant Alison Greig:

I myself stayed at the Benhayon house on various occasions when I was in my mid-teens visiting my boyfriend Michael Benhayon and his siblings Natalie Benhayon and Curtis Benhayon all whom were my close friends.

I have also stayed at many other friend’s houses in my mid-teens. Should Esther Rockett also attack and accuse their parents of abuse and of being sexual predators? While she is at it why not accuse all parents who have had their children’s friends visit their house of the same? Universal Medicine Facts site

Benhayon with Williams child and wife, Miranda, who first moved in with him at 14

Benhayon with 15 year old defender and wife, Miranda, who first moved in with him at 14

There are good reasons why I’ve questioned Benhayon’s habit of having young female houseguests. I’m looking forward to taking that evidence to court. He’s now married to a former houseguest who moved in with him aged fourteen against her mother’s wishes. His two sons are married to women who also stayed in his home as teens. As I mentioned above, he behaves inappropriately with women and children. I’ve experienced that myself.

That is certainly not the behaviour of ‘all parents’. I am naturally vigilant about anyone having children as houseguests – particularly blokes of dubious character who have children sleep over when there are no other juveniles of similar age in the house. That kind of vigilance is not just normal, it’s responsible.

Our concerns, increasingly shared by the general public as this case becomes more widely publicized, are ‘sexualising’ and ‘a danger to children’ according to UK child safety worker and long term UM religious investor, Ariana Ray. Ariana-sexualising

When they do actually quote me, my concerns are characterised as ‘hate’ and ‘filth’.

Esther Rockett’s lies exert their filth through false innuendo and inference as seen here:

‘Serge has already proven his followers will compromise themselves to promote him – endorsing molestation, vehemently defending sending little girls to stay in his home, engaging in public vilification campaigns etc.’

Esther Rockett’s aims at inciting hate and anger are taken further with her strange and baseless statement that:

‘I’ve said it before. I would not send a teenager to stay with a family with such a warped sense of personal boundaries, or where the father has lurid fixations on underaged sexual violence.’ Universal Medicine Facts

Those are the ‘defamations’ and ‘false accusations’ they expect to have recognized as such by the court.

‘Close friend’ of the Benhayons, Simon Williams, the conscientious parent, jumped on board to defend the business, without disclosing his business relationship with Benhayon or that he’s the father of the child providing testimonials to protect the firm.


Funny how Universal Medicine likes to talk up their love of truth. Benhayon’s ‘One Unified Truth’ claims a monopoly on it. Simon’s wife Janet, also an ex UniMed UK company director, also told fibs on Trip Advisor when a customer complained about the cult paraphernalia strewn around their weird Lighthouse B&B.

JanetWilliams, Owner at The Lighthouse, responded to this review, 11 August 2012

The Lighthouse Management wish to respond to the ‘very odd’ review written on the 10th August 2012.

We cannot state more clearly that we are nothing to do with ‘religion’. Universal Medicine is a client of ours who makes use of the conference facilities on the premises and with whom we have had a wonderful working relationship for many years. We make use of their healing symbols as we have found them very helpful, and offer them in the bedrooms as an additional support for our guests to have a good night’s sleep. Trip Advisor 

Only a year before, Janet Williams had resigned as company director of UniMed UK. Simon was still one, and in 2010 Simon Williams had sent out a missive asking cult members to provide testimonials for The Way of the Livingness application for charity status as a religion in the UK.
These people offer their daughter as a human shield for their cult leader business associate and their business interests, and we can’t believe a word they say.

UM holds the monopoly on teen safety

The Williams girl is just one among several enlisted to vouch for the business.


UM Facts would like us to buy that no child outside the cult experiences sound parental or adult guidance or the personal wherewithal to avoid risky behaviour.

‘I have known Serge Benhayon and his family since I was 2 years old. In those 12 years, I have felt nothing but absolute love, support and care from each and every member of their family. At almost 15, many people expect me to be into drinking, experimenting with sex, going to countless parties, pushing myself to get good grades, doing drugs, being violent, etc. etc., and it is highly unusual for someone my age to not identify with at least two or three of these behaviours. Often these patterns form from peer pressure, or from teenagers simply following the trend of what is so called ‘normal’, but what Universal Medicine and being so close to Serge and his family have taught me is that ‘Why would you choose to do something that would in any way shape or form, dull or change who you are?’ Williams child, UM Facts Site

Teen-testimonial2-pixel‘Without Universal Medicine, I would be out partying, drinking and sleeping around, because I would know no differently. However I have been blessed with the knowing of true love, and the confidence to care for myself. The allegations made shows far more of the damaged workings of Esther and Lance’s minds, and their weak grip on reality, than they do of the people they are aimed at.’ Another teen testimonial on UM Facts Site

Teen-testimonial-pixelThe following bizarre admission from the Williams child on Benhayon’s site is also concerning. Benhayon preaches that people who consume alcoholic beverages are possessed by supernatural entities that can leave their bodies and rape children, but Williams explains that has nothing to do with her good behaviour. For her it’s all about normal health concerns.

I have never once touched alcohol, a cigarette or drugs of any kind. I can hear your response, Esther Rockett: ‘Ah – a classic Universal Medicine trait! She must have been brainwashed to not touch anything that would mean entities could enter her and rape her’. Blah, blah, Esther. I have made this choice because (sadly unlike a lot of other young people) I have been educated properly as to the effects of these substances to the human body. UM Facts Site

That’s the kind of perverse, exploitative rot Benhayon teaches.

The people who invest in that rubbish are running the Girl to Woman Festival in Lennox Head on January 9.

The PASH conference

(Update May 26, 2016: Universal Medicine stood down from PASH Conference in Teachers are Gold, children are rubbish – Universal Medicine’s continued push into schools)

Cult contracted propagandist, Sarah Davis

Cult contracted propagandist, Sarah Davis

They’re the same people infiltrating the Positive Adolescent Sexual Health conference for the North Coast Youth Sexual Health Consortium, which held its 2015 conference for juveniles from schools in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, in June, as shown in the video below. Among the government and community health and youth services backing the conference were Evolving Media, The Co-Creative Audio Visual Production, and The Centre for the Wellbeing of Young People, three undisclosed fronts repackaging the Universal Medicine cult’s media and public relations outfit, Real Media Real Change, and promoters and presenters for Esoteric Women’s Health and the Girl to Woman Festival. The film shows paid propagandists Rebecca Asquith and Jonathan Baldwin from the UM Facts Team, as well as education consultant and recruiter, Kristy Wood. Kristy was a staff member at the YWCA when it controversially received a $700K federal grant passed on to the cult to conduct ‘body awareness education’. She went on to staff the failed ‘Teachers are Gold‘ initiative for infiltrating schools and is a presenter at the Girl to Woman Festival. Same people, different brand names, no disclosure, knowing many of the community groups are aware of UM and their grubby, predatory practices, and don’t want anything to do with them.

Cult propagandist Rebecca Asquith

Cult propagandist Rebecca Asquith

Lismore Women’s Health, for example, took a risk management approach when notified of the exploitative practices and banned Esoteric Women’s Health from holding presentations at their centre.

Curtis Benhayon also made an appearance at the conference, conducting a session of UM’s occult exercise regime, True Movement. Curtis made a grovelling apology to Catholic Education and other local schools after he falsely advertised the involvement of private schools on his website.

Kristy Wood - education consultant

Kristy Wood – education consultant

One of the consortium executives is another of UM’s payrolled propagandists Sarah Davis, of Real Media Real Change and the UM Facts Team, responsible for two anti free-speech cyber-bullying conference flops. Her husband is bent journalist, Hamish Broome, who forwarded our information to the cult under a pretence of reporting for the Northern Star. They’ve put their primary school age daughter front and centre in a hymn to cult sycophancy and in the publicity for the Girl to Woman Project.

These people are recruiters and apologists for a sexually exploitative cult that teaches that women develop cancer from ‘male energy’ and that the ‘energy of rape’ remains in the pubic chakra for hundreds of lifetimes unless an Esoteric practitioner trained by the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci is on hand to ‘clear it’ with a session of ‘Deeper Femaleness‘. A cult led by a bloke who reckons the ‘energy’ of tampons is ‘like having sex with the dirtiest guy you know all the way through your period.’

Son of a cult leader, Curtis Benhayon & True Movement

Son of a cult leader, Curtis Benhayon & True Movement

There’s nothing positive at all about the Universal Medicine cult’s commercial doctrines on sexual health, for anyone, let alone an aggressive and dishonest enterprise infiltrating a tax payer funded event to access kids.

See also: The Girl To Woman Festival – predatory grooming goes commercial

Serge Benhayon’s inappropriate behaviour with children

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27 Comments on “Serge Benhayon’s juvenile human shields”

  1. Lance says:

    I’d forgotten about Ariana’s professional opinion. I did commence a complaint to her employer, who seemed a lot more interested than any Australian regulator, but I lost interest as she is a nobody. Just another cult-apologist who believes making vile and truly defamatory commentary on people she knows nothing about, with zero evidence, is esoteric integrity. I might get back to that complaint one day.

    And let’s face it, the testimony of teenagers besides being transparently unusual to say the least, is bound to be bereft of true insight. Sorry kids. I know I upset a cult supporter recently with this one, but it’s sadly true that wisdom can come with age. The fact that you’re just rehashing Serge’s polemics pretty well sums up that these are not self generated insights.

    We’re all victims of our nurturing, peers, education and environment. The ideas and beliefs you think are meaningful have only the meaning that you’ve given them. What’s more, you’re passively aggressively judging everyone else around you as lesser while elevating yourselves as vastly superior because of “choices’ you didn’t actually make.

    You can only make choices when you have independent, rational and reliable information, context and a method by which to sort through that information. Not thinking (feeling) is not one of them. Nor is believing in entities, non existent energetic choices, reincarnation, false dilemma’s that abound in the UM ecosphere. As young people, your view on the world is different to the view you will inevitably have in 10, 20 or 30 years. The people you look up to now will inevitably look as stupid as they actually are. Including your parents when you realise they are just human too.

    None of you really know Serge, anymore than you know me or Esther. What I can tell you for sure (and Arianna who as an old person should have just a modicum of wisdom, but doesn’t) is that what you know about Serge, me and Esther is totally wrong.

    Wrong is a good place to start, as is not knowing. Then after some proper fact gathering, unbiased consideration, and honesty to yourself, the truth will emerge.

    Lesson over.

    • Esther says:

      Fair enough, but in addressing kids you’ve done exactly what the propaganda team want – focused on innocent kids, which they’ll use against you, and let culpable adults off the hook. UM Facts is registered to Sergio Benhayon – the puppet master, publisher of that child’s testimonial and the grand exploiter himself. Enabled by his upper rung business associates and the power hungry parasites named above.

      So they can pillage the deceased estates of cancer patients and the divorce settlements from families they’ve smashed.

      • Lance says:

        Maybe. I’m not aiming it at any kids in particular. My intention was to highlight that kids are just doing what they have learned from their parents who are cult struck buffoons. I know they will know in years to come that their idea’s came from outside of them. Assuming they don’t spend their lives deluded like their parents. That’s my point.

        I should have mentioned that the parents are despicable in promoting that their children get on the internet- which never forgets- to bear testimony to someone they can’t possibly know. Those actions alone tell the world there is something very wrong on many levels.

  2. New lyrics for Rachael's Girl to Woman song says:

    Have you seen any boys?
    They are out of sight at UM world
    Young girls everywhere but no one else
    Boys dont provide the required wealth
    And its turning into a mass grooming con

    Its so amazing
    Gross and irritating
    Blurred lines celebrating
    No boys integrating
    Its preposterous
    All for a man thats twisted

  3. Anonymous says:

    Since 2008 this child’s family have been the majority of directors of Universal Medicine Uk Ltd. The whole family financially attached at the hip to Benhayon, so this is just online exploitation of the 15 yo and should be condemned as such. They have been 3 of the 5 directors – Sara Tracey, Simon & Janet Williams –

  4. Please answer says:

    I have put this comment here because ‘they-UM’ obviously read these sites.
    No comments or questions are not allowed on UM sites if you are not a UMer, and are not adulating Serge.

    This is not the first time that this has been discussed by a UMer, it is disturbing and very

    Danielle Pirera please answer:
    How do you know about what you spoke of yesterday? (Splitting)
    Who told you?
    Why bring this up when you are telling your life story?
    Have you all reported this (Splitting) to the Police?

    Copy/Paste from Danielle Pirera article.

    “If you were to picture your sweet teenage daughter or niece or friend of the family doing any of these things it is horrible – but the truth is these stories are normal and pretty tame to how some teens are living today, where they are cutting themselves and having competitions like ‘splitting’. Splitting is where the young boys will see who can have the roughest sex with a girl to make them bleed. These are girls as young as 10 or maybe even younger.”

    • Anonymous says:

      If this did occur and has not been reported to the police, then there’s a grave lack of responsibility on the part of the adult who was informed this had occurred. Any adult – be they parent, teacher, carer or friend has a responsibility to alert the authorities to instances of abuse – sexual or otherwise. If this was discussed at a public event (I was not there but am inferring this from your post) then those responsible for the discussion should make their next action a visit to the police to inform them of what they know.

      “Please Answer” I would strongly suggest speaking to the local police yourself and telling them what you heard and who you heard it from. They are the best people to be consulting in this and I am sure you will get a more complete answer to your question.

      • Anonymous says:

        Reading your comment again perhaps your question comes from something written on a UM website? Either way, speak to the police, they should be aware if this is happening and aware of who is discussing it as they may be able to help with their enquires.

        • Esther says:

          Sorry to jump in ‘Please answer’ but I’ll just point out to Anon, Benhayon lectured to his students on this in graphic terms. It was documented in student notes in 2011.

          We know children attended the lecture as they do all lectures.

          It also appears Benhayon has repeated this story to his flock, probably for shock value to persuade them the outside world is dangerous for them and their daughters. Whereas the UM community is safe and wholesome.

          It might be true that has happened among Goonellabah youth, but given his penchant for fictions – toilet revelations, Lords of Form etc. I doubt it it very much.

          And that’s a question I asked from the outset – did he report it to authorities? Part of his flock are child safety workers at Lismore FACS.

          Either way, it was completely inappropriate to be airing these lurid stories in front of kids. And it was certainly not an isolated incident as numerous witnesses attest.

    • Lord of Form says:

      Hello Please Answer. This is a narrative that has been going on within the group for a few years. There’s little evidence that it is actually generally true or is based on a real person. Serge has been talking about it as far back as 2011, possibly earlier. But you’re right, if it is as true as they seem to believe it is, they should be reporting it to the police. It most certainly should not be raised in public meetings with kids present, if that is what happened.

      The burning questions are. 1) Why does Serge talk about such things, constantly? 2) why do the members repeat them as if they are true and 3) why invent horror stories to sell you’re wares?

      As far as I can see, it’s the usual false dilemma’s that keep the group engaged. They’ve got people running all over the place getting involved with cancer groups because Serge has them convinced cancer is on the rise and about to become contagious. He’s got Sarah Davis and others hyperventilating over teenage sexuality because according to him, they are all out having sex while still at primary school.

      The best you can say about Serge is he is an over-active imagination. That’s the best you can say… Reality is, UM is an edifice built on a series of lies, with false and fanciful answers to non existent problems. It’s the head-trap that keeps them from seeing what is really going on.

      Serge is ripping them off.

      It’s this sort of talk that has had us and Esther asking questions, which the group want to silence. You can imagine what would happen if they got their own way.

  5. Esther says:

    Danielle Pirera knows because Serge said so.

    Anon, Sara Williams is no relation to the Somerset crew & Serge has been associated with them for at least 12 years.

  6. Anonymous says:

    My comment to “Please Answer” is to encourage someone who has just experienced first hand the telling of this “splitting” rumour to do something about it. Student notes passed on and published on a blog online may not be given the time they should be by the police, but if this has been raised again and “Please Answer” was present and reports it, perhaps the police will look in to it and contact the person who was discussing this. And I agree it’s completely inappropriate to discuss topics such as this in the presence of minors, and if this was the case, even more reason to contact the police at this time.

  7. Please answer says:

    I was looking at UM through the above do not links page and came across this written 10 Jan 2016 by Danielle Pirera.

    This is what is in that posting and to me it is a Serge driven desperate same ole nonsensical posting.
    This comment tho I found very very upsetting and disturbing and repulsive.
    I would like them/UM to say how they know this to be FACT – Serge said so is not good enough.
    They will not answer or provide proof they do not do questions

    Copy/Paste from Danielle Pirera article.
    “If you were to picture your sweet teenage daughter or niece or friend of the family doing any of these things it is horrible – but the truth is these stories are normal and pretty tame to how some teens are living today, where they are cutting themselves and having competitions like ‘splitting’. Splitting is where the young boys will see who can have the roughest sex with a girl to make them bleed. These are girls as young as 10 or maybe even younger.”

    • Anonymous says:

      It should be reported and Danielle can tell the police where this story came from and from who. If it’s true they can make enquires and act accordingly. If it’s fictitious, then those responsible need to be exposed. But the only way you are going to get answers is involving the police, there’s not a hope in hell they will respond to comments on their blogs.

      • Please answer says:

        If ALL that feel disgusted and upset report this awful and concerning, upsetting news to the Police then maybe we will get somewhere.

        • Anonymous says:

          Does anyone know Danile’s details – is she local? If there’s a phone number or employer details too it will help the police contact her.

        • Children (Care & Protection) Act 1987 says:

          For such learned persons, Dr Pirera and the other qualified UMers for a number of years perhaps have been ignoring the NSW Children (Care & Protection) Act 1987 and the Mandatory Reporting requirements specified in it.

          Mandatory Reporting is statutory law you know. Please respond here Doctor P.

    • Lance says:

      Why do all those on-line confessionals end up with a poke at me and Esther? Danielle, you think you’ve been vilified simply because of your association with Serge? Well, that’s because he doesn’t have the reputation you think he does. That pre-dates me. I was hearing it back in 2009. I’ve said it before, yet I will say it again, Serge’s rep has been pretty poor for a long time with the astral folk. Especially those that crossed his path in earlier years, and those that failed to fall under his spell. More recently, it has been the media that has brought him serious negative attention. Which by the way, he brought on himself, despite all of my incantations.

      And what do you think his recent media outing has done for his already tarnished reputation? I’d say his actions are a lot more powerful than us asking why young girls stay at his house and why you’re all setting up a new sex education front.

      Can’t you see how wrong it is to get online and publish all of your personal information? And can’t you see how wrong it is that it is not only allowed, it is encouraged? That’s a real breakdown of boundaries professionally and privately. There is supposedly psychologists in the group who should know a lot better. Clearly there is an agenda in the group to write a confessional each week and link it to me and Esther as though we have something to do with you and your personal stories. We don’t. At all.

      Needless to say, we haven’t been spreading any lies. What we have done is asked a series of questions that to this day remain unanswered. Your rebuttals are before and after shots of yourselves, long winded testimonials, hate sprays and incomprehensible rants.

      That all fails to disguise what to a non devotee are very unusual behaviours that are too long to list, from not only members, but Serge himself. You and your fellow confessors fail to see this, but each one of those posts digs your hole a little deeper and shines a spot light on how members of universal medicine, far from being wiser and self realised, are seriously compromised individuals, obviously serving someone other than themselves. Check the name of the blog.

      What do you call that?

    • Esther says:

      Dr Pirera is not a registered health professional, therefore technically not subject to mandatory reporting requirements like I am. I know what the police will say if you tell them the UM crowd have been spreading this urban myth for the past 4 years. Those involved should report it – otherwise it’s a waste of police time. Trust me, Danielle didn’t hear it first hand.

      Just reminding all of you of the quotes in the blog above, where the kids testify that if they weren’t in UM they’d be out doing drugs and having sex. This is what they’ve been brainwashed to believe, that without UM they’d be out of control and in danger and so would their parents.

      These children think they have no personal identity, initiative or integrity without UM. That’s disturbing.

      • Anonymous says:


        Just a correction on the replacement 1998 Act – SECT 27

        “27 Mandatory reporting … applies to … a person who, in the course of his or her professional work or other paid employment delivers health care, welfare, education, children’s services, residential services, or law enforcement, wholly or partly, to children…”

        It applies to a number of professions. But any educated person Mandatory Reports whether or not the Act specifically relates to them when the become aware of the “risk to the child”. It’s the right thing to do. The good non-doctor should know that.

        • Esther says:

          Okay, cheers, that’s good to know.

          I did first air this issue in 2013. Three years ago. The cult are still recycling that, and it’s kind of annoying they have you all doing it too.

          I really need this to hit home. Yes mandatory reporting is the right thing to do. If they’d reported this behaviour, they wouldn’t still be carrying on about it. More importantly, none of them have reported Sergio sticking his hands on the pubic regions of sexual abuse survivors – in spite of photographic evidence and the fact most of them have done it at the workshops on his instruction, where we have witnesses, and none of them reported him lecturing explicit sexual content at his lectures in front of kids – where we have witnesses. None of them have reported the same bloke having little girls over to stay.

          I have and I’m being sued for blowing this whistle.

          Now rather than get distracted by cult propaganda, I’d like you all to think about the evidence we actually have, and that the cult are literally promoting these abuses as love, truth and healing.

          You’re all doing exactly what Serge wants – giving credence to their propaganda rather than looking squarely at his conduct. Keep your eyes on the puppet master. Pirera, the Facts Team and the other numpties are just his smokescreen.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Splitting, WTF?, very disturbing telling girls this perverse figmeent of SB’s creation!!!

    And another of Benhayon’s odd world view:
    “Why is it not acceptable in society
    -for a father to hug his teenage son as he did when he was a boy?
    (Wrong, yes it is ok SB, but maybe not on your or UMs planet Loopy!)
    -for a father to hug his daughter when she becomes a woman for fear of it being interpreted as sexual?
    (Wrong, yes it is ok SB, but maybe not on your or UMs planet Loopy!)
    -for a man to hug another man?
    (Wrong, yes it is ok SB, but maybe not on your or UMs planet Loopy!)
    -If one is contracted/reserved you don’t know what energy comes through a hug. If you are open its all there to see.” Dixon, 2011.

    WTF planet is Serge on and how did he manage to convince others to join him on planet LooneyPersonalBoundaries? If still unsure please refer to Freud again.

    • ****** Hell says:

      C’mon B *****Hell! These claims cannot be made without proof!
      We all have young that we are protecting.

      To me this is a ploy to promote the ‘Selfie’ and all the other fronts that UM hide behind.
      I think the writing is on the wall so to speak for UM.

      Proof c’mon and what the bloody hell has Serge and Gangsters done besides fleece people of bloody hard earned $$’s and break up families and all that **** evil crap.
      Get on the F****** band wagon and report this.
      Bloody Mrs P story is so weak – as piss.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Dr Danielle Pirera would hot make such comments without justification. As such these “splitting” crimes need to be reported. According to UM they have been going on for a number of years.

    The more people who contact NSW Police to stamp this out the better, often nothing is done unless many people report. Crimestoppers Telephone: 1800 333 000 or phone your local police station or Report Information Anonymously Online to police at

    Please inform the police that:

    Dr Danielle Pirera has written and may have knowledge about ongoing years of “splitting” crimes that need to be investigated but may not have reported. Dr Pirera writes online “teens are living today, where they are … having competitions like ‘splitting’. Splitting is where the young boys will see who can have the roughest sex with a girl to make them bleed. These are girls as young as 10 or maybe even younger” Dr Pirera can be contacted by authorities at Enhance Injury Management Ph:1300 781467 or Re-Connect Exercise ph:0409 595 855. It is understood these crimes she knows about are happening in Goonellabah NSW and perhaps further afield in the Richmond and Tweed-Byron LAC. Dr Pirera would not write such without solid justification.

    [Hi, your comment didn’t make it up because you put two weblinks in, and the blog put it in a queue for moderation. I don’t get any notifications for queued comments. So everyone, the comments will go straight up with one link, but they might get stuck in limbo if you put in two or more in the one comment. I don’t have time to check the blogs all the time. Esther]

  10. wolf in sheeps clothing says:

    Does anyone else see a distinct pattern in the disclosures of Serge’s adult followers ala Danielle P, Baldwin girls, Kyla P for example as to their susceptibility to abnormally high levels of abuse of some sort or another continuously at different stages of their lives.
    Cant they see that Serge has read them and their characters beautifully and they have been hand picked as useful contributors to his UM empire, as have the practitioners involved.
    A hunter spots the vulnerability of his prey very quickly.
    Mrs McIntyre didnt stand a chance, already physically and mentally wounded.
    I still struggle with the IQ vs “believing absolute crap” ratio of these people at the pointy end of the UM pyramid though

  11. obviously says:

    Serge would definitely have a “sliding sucker scale” overlapping a “wanted dead or alive” human dollar value for each little fly who lands in the UM web

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hamish Broome from the Northern Star is now doing a story on the Splitting problem in the area.

    A piece of his draft story:

    “Out of control “splitting” in Lismore and surrounds.

    The “splitting” epidemic is now reached cult proportions in the Northern Rivers according to Universal Medicine Occult Sexual Services and Dr Danielle Pirera of SCU. When asked about the epidemic NSW Police Local Area Commanders from the Richmond and Tweed commented…”

    Sorry. Early April fools joke, just joshing! Wish such a media story were truthfully attempted 😦 But I doubt it from the Northern Star.