Universal Medicine’s sexual abuse apologism hits a crescendo

Sculpture by Kevin Francis Gray

Sculpture by Kevin Francis Gray

Complementary health conglomerate and religion, Universal Medicine, has launched what could be its greatest fiasco with an hysteria ridden public promotion of the molestation they call ‘healing’. UM’s Esoteric lynch mob, led by propaganda drill sergeant, Alison Greig, label our concerns about the organization’s predatory behaviours and our questions about the welfare of the most vulnerable members as ‘sexualizing’ and ‘dangerous to children’. The UM *Facts* battalion then justifies inappropriate touching with anatomical confusion, New Age quackery and testimonials from Serge Benhayon’s young female houseguests.

I’ve blogged before that I won’t give oxygen to the Universal Medicine cult’s far fetched, fictitious *facts* site, but the latest post is a gift to our exposure. It’s a perfect demonstration of the mix of dishonesty, delusion, stupidity, abuse apologism, bullying and exploitation that screams ‘cult’. Alison and a couple of hundred self-loving investors have done a magnificent job of validating our concerns about the dangers of Serge and his venomous Bride army.

(Update: let’s single out Hampshire County Council child protection worker, Ariana Ray: NHS surgeon, Eunice Minford and Sydney rheumatologist, Maxine Szramka as exploiters of young women and apologists for inappropriate touching and bullying of whistleblowers.)

Audacious hypocrisy

First, over on the ‘Truth About Universal Medicine‘ blog – the one where they edit out the bitching, they’ve posted another feigned outrage missive about the sexual abuse scandals in the Catholic Church. The same cult clones vilifying us form a chorus of ‘how terrible it is that victims don’t come forward when threatened by perpetrators and their apologists, and when they fear they won’t be believed’.

The cult resorted to publicly bullying us after a year and a half of publicly ignoring us. Behind the scenes they were trying to have my blogs shut down, scrabbling for ways to have me prosecuted and trying to have me deregistered from my profession. When none of that was successful, they launched their defamatory website in May to try and destroy our livelihoods. As a person who has spoken up about being preyed upon in Benhayon’s treatment room, I’m being publicly labelled a liar, as are the other aggrieved persons who have spoken out. None of those hundreds joining in the lynching were in the treatment room with me and Serge, none have access to my personal contacts and nor were they privy to HCCC complainant, Ira McClure’s treatment or Dr Samuel Kim’s treatment notes – unless he unlawfully released them.

how terrible it is when victims don’t come forward when they are threatened and fear they won’t be believed

As we’ll see in the frenzied *facts* post, SergeProp claims with confidence no one will come forward because ‘there are no victims’.

Rolf Harris had no victims either.

Until two years ago.

The UM Facts site is the cult’s first attempt to publicly respond to the issues we’ve raised. And what a response it is. Critical comments, corrections and questions are prohibited. Leader, Serge Benhayon, has been hiding from journalists for a couple of years, and when he did respond to New Ltd’s Jane Hansen, it was a flamboyant, long winded rant about ‘trolls’ and a refusal to answer questions. It’s all exuberantly, unquestionably and disturbingly cultish.

I don’t usually link to their defamatory site, but please go and read. Please.

Moral panic?

We’ve posted plenty of evidence of Universal Medicine’s disturbing practices: workshop manual images showing Benhayon teaching Esoteric ‘healers’ to touch the genitals of sexual abuse victims; and unqualified Natalie Benhayon holding youth groups and asking children as young as twelve to make disclosures about drug and alcohol use and sexual experiences. Benhayon is known to rant about sexual violence and other sexually explicit material to audiences where children are present. We know Benhayon regularly has girls as young as ten stay unaccompanied in his home. We know his current wife moved into his home at age 14 against her mother’s wishes. We know children are subjected to the idiotic Esoteric diet and sleep deprivation regime. We know the group preys on cancer patients and is attempting to infiltrate schools. The rest of our concerns are too numerous to list.

Mine began when I was subjected to a sleazy ovarian reading from Benhayon in 2005, and attended a disturbing Esoteric healing workshop where exorcistic practices took place. Alison and the UM Facts Team are now labelling my public questions as ‘moral panic’, accusing me of lying and ‘falsifying evidence’.

And this:

My claim that Benhayon is a sexual predator is not false. I’ve seen him in action, as have plenty of others. The cult is saying I’ve made accusations of incest. I haven’t, and they’ve provided no evidence of me doing so. I have certainly questioned personal boundary transgressions in the Benhayon household. The same household where cult members are eager to send their daughters to stay.

Some readers may remember this silliness from a few months ago – Serge Benhayon on [not] taking legal action against Lance Martin and Esther Rockett. Serge could clear up any accusations with a defamation action. He has the lawyers and the cash, but he’s none too keen to take the stand.

Esoteric Anatomy

The UM Facts Team bounds out of the sexual abuse apologism closet posting some of the workshop manual images I first blogged in February last year. Here we go again, but with loony justifications. (Click to enlarge.)




The hands depicted are nowhere near a woman’s vulva or anus and are not in contact with the breasts.

This is all fabrication. There has never been and is no touching of genitals. Ms Rockett’s reference to touching the client’s genitals in the photograph is anatomically false and is evidently not the case on any consideration of the image shown. Alison Greig, Universal Medicine Facts

The rest of the cult weighs in among the 450+ comments on that page, critiquing my knowledge of anatomy, and anything else they can think of. Among them are Sydney rheumatologist, Dr Maxine Szramka, and Belfast NHS surgeon, Eunice Minford. Plus ex acupuncturist Rebecca Poole, who offered this:

She would also know that the practice and training of acupuncture…consists of needling areas of the body exact to where these healing techniques are applied…in an acupuncture treatment you require a client to undress to underwear and you yourself often are required to adjust their underwear to be able to needle around the pubic bone and or buttocks.

Even if that were true, how does that make it okay for Serge to touch people’s private parts?

The response from the cult rheumatologist:


I can’t see this comment being posted anytime soon:


For the untrained, decently lateral means away from the midline of the body – away from where Serge has his hands.

Again from Rebecca Poole:

Esther Rockett knows very well that this technique from Universal Medicine is far less invasive than the equivalent acupuncture technique.

There is no ‘equivalent’ acupuncture techniqueRebecca.

As for the claim the images don’t show Serge making contact with breasts or that girl’s anus, the fallacious *facts* team neglected to post these images:



Next, I may have made an error and misidentified the very young woman in the photo above as Natalie Benhayon. She’s wearing the same sweatshirt 15 year old Natalie wore at the workshop I attended in 2005, so I thought it was her. Serge’s UK business partner Simon Williams says I should apologize to Natalie for the mistake.

Sorry for the mix up, Natalie. I truly am.

Now, Natalie, when are you going to apologize for pressuring children to make group disclosures about their sexual experiences, and for misleading them to believe you had any qualifications or authority to invade their privacy? Hm?

The cult expends a few hundred words about how it isn’t precious Natalie in the photo.

With bold type to help out the slower cult members:


So if it isn’t Natalie, who is it? How old was that young girl in 2004 when the photo was taken?

And whatever her age, why is it necessary to press a hand to someone’s anus to *transmute sadness*?

How does that work, Dr Szramka? Eunice Minford?

Why is it necessary for Serge Benhayon and his legion of unqualified ‘healers’ to touch erogenous zones at all?


She lied to the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Committee [sic] (AHMAC) and other organisations, submitting the images from the manuals which she falsely claims show Serge Benhayon’s ‘hand on a woman’s vulva’ (referring to the picture shown above) and that ‘images from the manuals include Benhayon with his hands on chests, very close and at times touching breasts and pressed to the anus of a very young woman or girl.’

But if the claims were false, the former federal health Minister, Tanya Plibersek, and Senator Nick Xenophon wouldn’t have asked NSW Health Minister, Jillian Skinner, for a response from the NSW government on what action was being taken about Benhayon’s practices of inappropriate touching. Like anyone, they could see it was inappropriate. Or maybe the health ministers and their advisors don’t know anything about Esoteric anatomy either.

Public submissions have now been removed from the AHMAC website but my submission is available here if anyone wants to read my case study of UM and my regulatory recommendations. The draft national code has a nice new addition, which I call the Benhayon clause, because it appears to arise from calls from myself and others for regulatory action to rein in treatment room perverts.

It’s part of the code which prohibits sexual behaviour or activity with clients.
Examples of sexual behaviour are:
  • sexual, personal or erotic comments
  • comments about a person’s private life, sexuality or the way they look
  • sexually suggestive comments or jokes
  • repeated requests to go out
  • requests for sex
  • sexually explicit emails, text messages or posts on social networking sites
  • inappropriate touching, including with the implication that is has a therapeutic benefit
  • not charging or billing for treatment, unrelated to financial hardship.
The subclauses do not specifically refer to sexual or physical assault. These are criminal offences, which should be captured by Clause 1 of this draft National Code.  AHMAC Consultation Paper, p.27 (Emphasis mine)

Exploitation of the vulnerable

Way up at the top of the post, sandwiched between a title including the words ‘lies about sexual abuse and incest’ and the first paragraph, headed ‘creating a moral panic’, is testimony from a seventeen year old girl who has stayed in the Benhayon home. One of many young girls to file through that home in the last twenty or more years. Only three of them have ended up marrying a Benhayon so far.

Staying with the Benhayons was an amazing opportunity for me to see and feel what a true family is…

Alison Greig takes pains to make a footnote:

* A***’s photo and her age appear with her full consent and also the full knowledge and consent of her parents. (Name redaction mine)

Of course they do. Her parents are major investors in the Benhayon scam. They’ve dragged the whole family into a cult, so it’s a natural progression they would put their juvenile daughter’s name and image to a demented internet promotion of inappropriate touching and the bullying of sexual abuse whistleblowers.

That was well considered.

UPDATE: The cult has spilled that nonsense into a third part, rounding up as many of UM’s young captives as they can find for photo testimonials. And a few of their zombified parents as well. The testimonial of the 17 year old mentioned above has been expanded to admit she has lived at Serge’s house, which begs the question, how many young girls have lived under the roof of this sleazebag guru?

One young woman, A****, age 17, who has stayed with the Benhayons many times writes:

A**** “From the very first time I met the Benhayons I have been shown the highest level of Love, care and respect…To have ‘Serge Benhayon accused of a grooming process for sexual abuse’ does not make sense. As a young woman that has stayed with Serge and his family, and experienced living with them I can say with authority that this statement is completely false.

A bit further down the page a woman about to undertake family court proceedings publicly trashes her husband. Again.

That’s ‘Ageless Wisdom’ in action.

For the love of Serge.

If anyone doubted that UM is harmful and dangerous, and particularly the health professionals who could be deregistered for the kind of conduct they are enabling and endorsing, that piece hits home. Does anyone who hasn’t subscribed to Benhayon’s occult philosophy, death and bequest drive, now feel comfortable with the cult’s targeting of the women’s health market, cancer patients and schools? It also casts a grim light on UM’s upcoming Girl to Woman Project Festival, again where the cult is using girls as young as eight to publicize their predatory grooming.

Cult psychologist, Brendan Mooney sells the Love

Cult psychologist, Brendan Mooney sells the Love

Followers describe UniMed as the One True Religion, and while the Catholic church presided over a history of appalling abuse, denial and denigration of victims, the church never mounted a campaign encouraging adherents to publicly slur and defame complainants whilst refusing to engage in public discussion.

Only cults do that.

The Universal Medicine cult takes that vile behaviour several steps further with bizarre excuses for inexcusable behaviour and by marketing that mess as ‘Medicine’, ‘Truth’ and ‘Love’.


See also:

Inappropriate touching – Universal Medicine’s secret culture of abuse

49 Comments on “Universal Medicine’s sexual abuse apologism hits a crescendo”

  1. Adam O says:

    Benhayon’s public comment you quote is disturbing. Even if he were correct this is what he is saying, ‘that telling lies is as criminal as molesting minors’.

    Or if we put it in the way that he perhaps actually means, ‘that molesting a minor is as trivial as telling lies’.

    He is a very disturbed man no doubt.

    • Esther Rockett says:

      Yes, it’s quite a statement. If it were true perjurers would get as much jail time as paedophiles.

      The cult agrees though. To them I am as bad as that. If you skim some of the 450 or so comments we’re called criminals and a few of them are calling for me to be jailed.

  2. Lance says:

    Actually Brendan, I think you’re projecting again. If you must know, when I think about you all the ’emotion’ is incredulity. The fact that you are using Serge’s words to make the comment that we are ‘jealous’ has produced that feeling all over again.

    I am driven for a number of reasons, including these:

    I noticed very young women worked at the UM clinic. At the end of 2010 my wife and I took a German girl of 16 to the beach that was staying with the Benhayons. I couldn’t work out why young girls were always in his proximity, and I felt uneasy about it. I was rebuked for even asking questions (without making any suggestions)

    In 2011 I went to a relationship workshop. During that workshop, with plenty of teenagers and kids present, Serge talked about sex explicitly. I remarked to my wife later it was inappropriate. No one else seemed to notice. I think this is the one Marianna Masioski attended and then wrote poems about Serge.

    In mid 2012 after A Current Affair was aired, other affected people made contact and made allegations that were very disturbing.

    Now, I am not making any allegations. I am stating facts of events as I experienced them and asking questions. Given that no one has addressed my concerns in any manner or form, and while the questions remain, I will continue to do what I think is needed to protect the welfare of my child and others.

    I am not also enamored by an fanciful religious ideas or ideology. In fact, I am an atheist. I told Serge that but it went over his head. What it means is I don’t believe in a god with a plan. I believe in the mystery of existence, how wonderful ours is, and how special it is that humans can love each other and show empathy. I believe enlightenment is having a wider sense of empathy and the ability to see the flaws in our own thinking- deconstructing our constructs.

    I know UM is a big construct of second hand ideas. Empathy is clearly defined as evil by Serge. I think the ideas in Serge’s books are tinpot and mickey mouse and more or less told him so in several face to faces- but it also went over his head.

    I don’t care if someone wants to believe things I don’t- that is often the case. What I care about is if those beliefs cause exclusion and judgement.

    Clearly from the UM blogs and the behavior of members, that is exactly what it does. There might be lip service to ‘brotherhood and care’ but in action, it is exactly the opposite. I am not the only one to experience the passive aggression of members and a refusal to communicate.

    What legitimate group or business, least of all one that says it is all about humanity and care, sets up websites to defame people who raise concerns? What group attacks official complainants online and lets its ‘members’ go crazy defaming and harassing them without correcting basic information?

    Your attacks on myself, Esther, Ira and others demonstrate that you are hypocrites on a monumental scale. Especially when you pontificate about the very same thing we are asking questions about. I know there are people out there who have things to say, that are too scared to come forward. You are bullies out of control. Are you not able to see your own behaviour? You’re like an ugly group of school kids picking on someone who won’t conform to your peer pressure. What if there are people that would have come forward but now haven’t because of your actions?

    Why not address concerns and questions honestly and openly? And like adults. At the very least that would put an end to the conversation in the public domain. It is the fact that you don’t that fuels the flames.

    So Serge, it is a situation of your own doing my friend. And your analogy that our questions are akin to child abuse is the very thing that keeps my concern level raised to extreme.

    Putting up blog pages about me and others is not going to resolve anything. It escalates the issue. I struggle to imagine the Dalai Lama- who you claim to trump in the initiation stakes – putting up websites to attack the livelihood and reputations of people who don’t agree with him.

    If you push it too far, eventually you will split open the whole can of worms. And you and I know what is in there.

    Frankly, I don’t care about you or your two-bit group. All I care about is those I love (you know, empathy) and getting on with it. Maybe it’s time you took a different tact?

    So Brendan, you foolish little imp, jealousy is not in the equation at all. Incredulity at your behaviour and how you remain steadfast in refusing to look at the facts is. Love, Brendan- you don’t have a clue.

    You all need to wake up to yourselves. And again I offer, if you want FACTS give me a call. They are available.

  3. S.T. says:

    To all the adults who are subjecting their innocent children to the UM cult, I say this……
    Be aware that the effects of a cult upbringing are long-lasting on an individual and they will require a road to recovery in the future where they will question why their parents did not protect them, and will feel an unbelievable sense of betrayal.
    You are being gently forced and brainwashed into a closed world created by one individual, and I know you will deny this, but please prove me wrong with a small experiment, abstain from any treatment, course, retreat or any UM experience where you have to pay money for a couple of months and see what happens. I can tell you with great confidence it is your money the Benhayons love, not you.

  4. S.T. says:

    To continue……an open letter to UMers

    Don’t give your lives away, sacrificing relationships, money and lifestyle.
    Don’t give Serge the power of having your lives in his hands.
    Brainwashing is way more powerful than people realise, which is why the highly intellegent and educated people involved in UM are just as stuck in the web as everybody else, apart from those few closer to the top of the pyramid who are financially benefitting and these will only be people who are useful to Serge because of their status.
    Over the years you will be stripped of your individuality, which is already evident in the mass repetitive blogging on the UM websites.
    You are being programmed to believe the doctrines of your manipulator, Serge, and you will lose your bearings on what is right and wrong. Any natural instinct is being replaced by devotion to UM.
    Breaking free is only the beginning, then begins the painful process of reversing the indoctrination.
    The longer you stay in UM, the harder it is to find your true self before Serge took control of your mind and body.
    I’m sure the dangerous girl to woman project is an attempt to nuture the next generation to be born into the UM cult, where a cult born child will have their entire selves made and created by UM. The psychological aftermath, history has proven, is a silent killer with many suicides of innocents when they discover their whole existence is a lie created by one mentally unstable self appointed messiah.

  5. Max Littlemore says:

    “Those who falsely accuse are as criminal as those who perpetrate the crimes.” – Sergio

    That quote makes my blood boil because I know from experience it is limited to accusations against Serge and his followers. It doesn’t seem to cover false accuastions made in intervention orders or family law cases.

    • Lance says:

      No Max, it will only apply to them. Like you, I’ve been accused of being a monster when I know there is not one incident that can be used as an example, as none exists. So on that basis, and according to Serge’s wisdom, what does that make my accusers?

      I’ve been pretty ticked off about that one too by the way. I can handle the ramblings and hypocrisy of the group, but I am none too keen on being characterized in a way that is so untrue it begs belief. We seem to be paying the price so they can live their lie.

  6. S.T. says:

    Take a look at The Family International website, the rebranded Children of God cult trying to resurface as a reputable organisation. Interesting drawing parallels between cults.

  7. Just saying ... says:

    It seems the longer they’re in, the more their sense of right & wrong / appropriate & inappropriate is confused, their moral compass lost & conscience blunted. All’s whitewashed in pretty flowery language by amazing people with tender shoulders, so it must be fine… Blind Freddy would tell you those pics are sus! I’ve heard with my own ears SB say that he can’t believe that his attractive son didn’t take advantage of his popularity, instead choosing to marry young. What might this reveal?? However, the biggest issue I have with UM, is that they continue to perpetuate distortions & lies on their blogs, loyally agreeing with & affirming one another, but won’t allow any recourse for clarification, questions, facts or truth if it contradicts / puts them in a bad light. The hypocrites harshly judge others (in a smiling assassin kind of way)

    • Just saying ... says:

      The hypocrites harshly judge others for all they’re guilty of!

    • Dark Lodge Member says:

      I’d say if SB made that statement it was rhetorical because his young son’s wife to be came for a sleep over at the family home and popped out the other end a Benhayon. That’s the third time it’s happened so there’ no coincidence. Free will isn’t really at play anywhere in this horror show. SB is the puppet master at all times.

  8. Adam O says:

    From what I read Esther etc have have only accused Serge of grooming.

    But he and his fanatical defenders are busy desperately defending him against paedophilia! Did his devotees invent this accusation of paedophilia or is there something else?

    Come on Serge. It’s time to come-out and honestly tell us how many children behind the scenes have accused you of molestation. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ???

    • Dark Lodge Member says:

      They’ve jumped to that conclusion because of the questions raised. A bit like accusing Esther of making incest allegations. They’re nuts.

      No one has actually made that accusation directly, questions have been asked that remain unanswered.

      From a strategic perspective they are pretty stupid. Banging protestations up all over the internet defeats their own goal of refuting the imputations of the questions they fail to answer. Talk about keyword loading. Thick heads.

      However, one should stop to consider what would happen if someone- somehow- was brave enough to complain. How would the group react? Would they accept it and wait for it to be dealt with by the authorities? Would they take pause to consider their beliefs? Their position…?

      Well, we know the answer don’t we. NOPE. They’d put up a blog post about the person, accuse them of colluding with the media and Lance and Esther, conflate stories about why they are screwed up, accuse them of being a liar and then get their members to all comment oh so lovingly until that person either ran away or topped themselves.

      Let’s face it Adam O- with this group of bullies and Alison Greig leading the mob there’s no chance anyone is saying anything soon. And that is exactly what SB wants.

  9. Anon says:

    Just need to correct one of UMs quotes for better accuracy.

    “how terrible it is when (groomed or molested) victims (of UM) don’t come forward (out of fear they will be pillared on the UM cyber-bully website and) when they (and their family) are threatened (personally by UM members) and fear they won’t be believed (due to the vicious retribution tactics UM will subject that victim to)”.

  10. Esther Rockett says:

    I’d like to add that Ariana Ray is a registered social worker working in child protection at Hampshire County Council.

    My questions for Ariana: How is asking questions about girls being sent regularly to stay unaccompanied at Benhayon’s home ‘sexualising’?

    How does a child protection worker condone a juvenile being exploited to vouch for a multi millionaire cult leader with a thing for inappropriate touching?

    How do our questions about the welfare of children make us a danger to them?

    Is Hampshire County aware of your cult promotion and abuse apologism?

  11. S.T. says:

    So crazy, I am
    As I crap, on the can
    And I celebrate my booty
    Celebrate my booty
    Celebrating all the plunders of the conman I am

  12. S.T. says:

    I’d like to have a go at the white jacket guessing competition
    1- Natalie
    2- Serge or Curtis
    3- Miranda
    4 – not sure
    Anyone else have a stab?

    • Dark Lodge Member says:

      One of them is Brendan Mooney. What’s disturbing is that they went to that trouble when the real issue is where Serge’s hands are. Fools

  13. Lance says:

    “Truth – I Can Feel it in my Bones

    by Sarah Davis, Goonellabah NSW

    Through Serge Benhayon’s presentations on ‘The Livingness’ and the many practitioners who are experts in their various healing modalities, I have experienced tremendous support in the form of practical tools, healing, and a deep sense of being loved and held in equalness. This has given me the opportunity to practice making choices which support my connection to me, my knowing, my ‘inner-most’: previously I had been living in a way that was not honouring of my body or my true feelings…”

    What would happen if your truth wasn’t Serge’s Sarah? What happens when someone has a different truth? Do you seek out actual “information” to see if what you believe is the “truth”? Not just a convenient belief that suits you. How supportive do you think the group would be if you doubted any of the doctrine or it’s source?


    I believe I am being challenged to furnish my ‘evidence’ in some lame school yard taunt over on the hate blog. Since I know that no one in cult-land is interested in the type of truth you don’t feel in your bones -but instead requires thinking-I reserve the right to present it only to those who can demonstrate that they have an ‘open mind’ and want to weight up facts, not those simply looking for a rationalization of their cherished and erroneous “bone-sensed” beliefs. I believe Alison Grieg would definitely fall into this category.

    However, I am considering putting up documents relating to Serge’s financial background which would, to anyone with half a brain, demonstrate that Serge’s version of the past is somewhat fanciful- to be kind.

    How would it be Sarah if Serge has not been totally “truthful” about his past? Would you feel anything in your bones then? Or would you suppress it, explain it away, blame me, write some complaints, get Alison to spit out another 10,000 words of incoherent vitriol, collude with my ex to make up a few new stories of how big a monster I am proportional to the pain “facts” make you feel..?

    How would you like that Serge? I am going to sit on it for a few days.

    I’ll let you know.

  14. ***** says:

    Hi, my name is ****, I’m 17 and I’ve stayed at Serge’s house – like lots of other girls, and not many boys.

    My parents are serial pyramid scheme dupes and have spent tens of thousands of dollars on UM. Or is it hundreds? They’ve taken our whole family to UM stuff for years.

    Everyone at UM is really really really nice and they look happy all the time, except when someone says something or asks a question they don’t like.

    Too bad if anything happened to me at Serge’s house because if I said anything my parents would be upset and would tell me I have an entity in me. Like Serge told me if I said anything or if I stop doing the work and getting up at 3 am, no one would believe me, I’d get an entity in me and get cancer.

    If I told anyone else they’d get really upset and angry because they love Serge so much and can’t believe he’d do anything wrong. They will tell me I made it up and say it’s because I’ve been reading the hate bloggers, even though I’ve been told I’m not allowed to.

    Desiree and Sarah and Alison and Natalie and Rebecca and Paula Fletcher and Rachel Hall and my parents and Serge and a whole lot of people were really really really happy when they asked me to write the stuff about Serge on the website but only if I felt to, and I said I felt I wanted to. What I wrote wasn’t very good so Alison and Sarah made it better. Now that I wrote how great he is, who will believe me if I say something else?

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Let me say for a start, the police who are trained to deal with this sort of thing are very highly trained and very approachable. The incidence of false reporting of such crimes is extremely rare, and the incidence here of false convictions is rarer. Police take highly detailed statements from victims.

      And before all hell breaks loose, yes that is a hoax comment.

      But I’d like all readers to think about how Serge’s Bride army could coerce these young women, and how hard they’ve made it for a victim to come forward. And to take a moment to consider how isolated victims in these circumstances feel.

      • Anonymous ... says:

        Those pics are very concerning! More alarming is the mass denial that these practices are invasive & inappropriate, or could be considered / experienced as sexually abusive. I’ve had multiple remedial massages and other health treatments by various non UM practitioners, never have their hands ventured anywhere near my “private parts”. It’s well known that those who’ve experienced sexual abuse / assault are reluctant to disclose due to lack of evidence / fear of not being believed, lack of police support, stigma attached, unwarranted shame & self blame, etc. Especially if your only 17! Some don’t even identify their experiences as abuse until years or decades later, let alone work up the courage to tell anyone. Now there’s the added ultimate disincentive / barrier: being esoterically critically discredited, portrayed as “mentally unhinged” with father issues, by the expert amazing, tender smiling assassins … very loving & caring, not.

  15. Anonymous says:

    that website is all anyone needs to know about universal medicine. a quick read would confirm any suspicions about if it’s a cult or not. and there’s something pretty sinister about parents parading their kids online to say they were not abused. the whole thing is deeply disturbing and the only ones who can’t see that are those too involved to know what’s right or wrong anymore. as someone else said, the children of these people will hold their parents to task in years to come. imagine 10 years down the line the kids are applying for jobs – most companies check internet presence these days before employing anyone. for an employer to be presented with posts from that site when doing a name search… there’s no way any sane person would even consider employment for them. let’s hope they can earn some cash out of UM because that’s going to be their only option!

  16. ariana ray-gun says:

    Ms Ariana Ray, social and child protection worker at Hampshire Shire Council UK goes psychotic and posts 23+ repeat tweets to intimidate Lance and Esther as well as promoting UMs cyberbullying/intimidating the victims website.
    We doubt it is Hampshire Shire’s policy to terrorise and intimidate the victims and support the groomers and abusers.

    With Ms Ray setting new standards for the County Council, are the kids in Hampshire safe under her brainwashed and erratic state? Her employer http://www.hants.gov.uk/

  17. Ammo says:

    Mariette Reineke: super trooper, recruiter from the Netherlands,undercover to avoid Google searches naming her name…

    “Mariette Reinek says:
    NOVEMBER 16, 2014 AT 7:04 PM
    What a powerful article and how beautiful to feel and read the expression from all those gorgeous young women who are such a big inspiration in the world to many other young women. They dare to walk their own path, standing for truth and choosing a life that goes against the ‘normal standard’. You women are the true inspiration in this world, Esther Rockett has no idea who she is dealing with…..

    Huh… Serge is a fifth ray master, right…?

    • Mariette Reineke is a cult recruiter says:

      Lol, Mariette. And that’s just one comment among 500+ from Sergio’s investors.

      Comments are always open here, Mariette Reineke, Esoteric abuse apologist.

      Esther Rockett knows precisely who she is dealing with. A multi million dollar cult, its lawyers and several hundred froth mouthed investors who are closed to questions. Oh, and Sergio’s AMAZING supernatural powers.

      Funny how 2 years on, this liar and troll is still here, gaining support, and how much damage a couple of ordinary people can do to that facade of bullshit – armed with nothing but the facts and the willingness to expose them.

      There’s no hiding now that the Serge and his Bride army have outed themselves publicly.

      And Ariana Ray Gun, thank you for that info. Is it any wonder Hampshire County has a child abuse scandal on its hands with the likes of Ariana Ray working in child ‘protection’? What a dangerous fraud she is.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sergio is so in tune that he had no idea that he was being investigated even after numerous conversations with Dr David Millikian. “Cowered like a baby” is how I heard he behaved at the outing.

  18. Exploitation Update says:

    Some of you noticed that the Brides of Serge have presented Part 3 of their hysterics on allegations I’ve never made – this time milking their pool of cult youngsters and and their bedazzled mothers for more testimonials, and repeating the same garbage they’ve been posting for six months. Be my guest and take a look.

    Testimonial from the 17 year old girl claiming Serge isn’t a paedophile has been repeated (twice in the one post for the slow cult members) and expanded upon with this:

    One young woman, A****, age 17, who has stayed with the Benhayons many times writes:

    A****“From the very first time I met the Benhayons I have been shown the highest level of Love, care and respect…To have ‘Serge Benhayon accused of a grooming process for sexual abuse’ does not make sense. As a young woman that has stayed with Serge and his family, and experienced living with them I can say with authority that this statement is completely false.

    ‘With authority’?

    Because 17 year old girls are now authorities on predatory grooming, in Ariana Ray’s unprofessional opinion.

    Nothing to worry about there.

    Just how many girls have stayed in that household? And lived with them as well??

    And why?

    There are no other teens living there and hasn’t been for years.

    Three of the young women who’ve stayed there in their early to mid teens are now married to Benhayon no hopers.

    They’ve also repeated the pic of the girl copping Serge’s hand on her anus and chest, with the repeated assertion IT IS NOT NATALIE.

    Yep. Okay. We got it the 40th time. So, again, who is it, and more importantly how old was she when Serge had himself photographed with his hand on her bottom?

    How many readers feel reassured by the cult getting young girls to put their names and images to defending the sleazy behaviour of a proven liar?

    And still no response to my question, if I don’t know anatomy and Serge’s hand is not on the anus and vulva of those women, then where is it? Why won’t they name the exact part of the anatomy?

  19. Anonymous. says:

    UM have proven us wrong re what is normal or not. They reveal it is quite common for their congregation members to send their daughters to live with the Leader for a time. The parents cannot say why they agree to this, except to say that it is normal behaviour.

    This is no different to many members of the local Catholic congregation sending their daughters to live with Head Priest for a time, but not sure why they agree to this. This would be seen as normal – not.

    What is new is that many more girls go to live with the Leader unattended than anyone imagined.

    • Anonymous. says:

      Pedophiles Groom Both the Child and the Family, 24 Jan 2014

      “It crucial to note that child sex offenders ‘groom’ both the child and the family…
      They will be a trusted friend and/or family member…
      sexual abuse of children has no social boundaries.
      Child sexual offenders are skilled at deception and conniving in all their perverse undertakings.”

      • More of expert than Ariana Pants on Fire Ray says:

        Not that anyone is saying that here about anyone of course.

        But there are three things to think about

        1. Victims almost always emerge many years later. That’s because at the time they thought they would not be believed often because that person is highly trusted by their family and friends and/or they don’t think of it as abuse because they are ‘special’

        2. Victim won’t emerge when they fear reprisal or ridicule.

        3. Exploitation isn’t necessarily sexual abuse per se. It can be inappropriate touching, hugging, kissing, looking and other boundary transgressions.

        Some victims end up married to the perpetrators. Many take years to realize or ‘recall’ the abuse.

        Not that we are saying anything of course.

        You do have to ask the question though, why Serge has spent so much tome to build trust with parents and then encourages members to send their daughters to live stay at his house, and why he needs to have them stay at his house.

        Why did he do the same in 1990’s with his elite coaching?

        Why why why. We’re just asking questions.

        *I am sure Ariana/Alison will set us right, but have not heard of a boy. Seems to be an exclusive’s girl club for Uncle Serge sleepovers.

        • Esther Rockett says:

          I think I need to point out the definition of sexual abuse, which I’ve lifted from the International Yoga Alliance for Ethics FB page. (Great page! Worth a like)

          Sexual abuse is when someone with less power is tricked, trapped, coerced, or bribed into any type of sexual experience. Power imbalance may result from the perpetrator’s age, size, position, experience, or authority and includes kissing, fondling, being forced to touch the abuser’s genitals, anal, oral or vaginal sex, and non-contact acts such as exhibitionism, exposure to pornography, voyeurism or sexual comments or looks.

          When I refer to sexual abuse within UM, I’m talking about inappropriate touching, but also inappropriate comments and conversations – expecting children to disclose on sexual activity within a group setting, Natalie Benhayon, OR ANY SETTING, and exposing children to sexually explicit age inappropriate content at Serge’s lectures. For adults it’s also this vicious manipulation – trauma triggering, threats of rape by entities, occult or demonic interpretations of normal human sexual activity and consensual desire. Etcetera. Abuse that damages people psychologically, spiritually and emotionally – as well as physically.

          When I refer to exploitation, I’m talking about people putting their names to exposing material to help sell Serge and his products. Specifically, it’s young girls having their names and images used to market a predator, and bully people who have serious concerns for their welfare.

          Hello S.T. I like your lyrics. You’ve given Princess a run I think 😉 I don’t think anyone minds you being flippant about the cult and its ridiculous carryings on. We all get a bit tetchy though when people are flippant about the damage done to our readers and their families.

    • Can I have a fan in here, pleaaase... says:

      Yes, they’ve done the work for you in putting it all out there. And anyone notice how these girls are not ugly? You can imagine Serge out front, surveying his faithful deciding who would be good for the next sleepover. I wonder if the open door policy is still in play in the Benhayon household too?

  20. S.T. says:

    Crazy, I am
    As I crap on the can
    And I celebrate my booty, celebrate my booty, celebrate in all the plunders of the conman I am
    Just a wanker, myself
    All this joy that I sell
    And I celebrate my booty, celebrate my booty, celebrating all the plunders of the conman I am
    Esoteric mumblings I want you to sell
    All you vulnerable women in this world
    There is undeniable bounty to score
    You and the ATO will never know

    And the dollars we will never share
    You get sacredness, don’t be scared
    No holding back when you pay us this time
    Then go defend us like zombies online

    Keep your empty heads spinning and the register ringing
    And I will share with you all the wonders of the conman I am

  21. Anon says:

    One does not have to be medically trained to see that in the ’13 to 18 years’ photo unqualified Serge is touching the girl/woman’s (erect?) nipple with his index finger.

    That’s most commonly called ‘foreplay’ no matter which unqualified person practices it. Are Serge and his cult above requiring consent prior to performing foreplay?

    • Esther Rockett says:

      This is where the draft code of conduct for unregistered practitioners comes into play – touching people’s breasts and genitals under a pretence or even a misguided belief it is ‘healing’ should be a code breach – especially under a pretence of helping sexual abuse victims or adolescent girls.

      I think it should be classed as indecent assault, and prosecuted as such.

      Next, the wowser sexual abuse apologist is a phenomenon peculiar to cults and healer savants. UM’s Brides of Serge believe themselves entitled to touch breasts and genitals because they have been conned into believing themselves to be chaste and pure and gentle and beauty-full. Never mind that their premise of ‘healing’ is a fraud conceived by the worst kind of opportunistic predator and comes with a package of sexually exploitative and abusive indoctrination.

      It’s their bent belief in their own sanctity that makes these people so dangerous. They believe they can do no wrong, and their every vile or perverted action and hateful utterance is ‘love’.

  22. S.T. says:

    Yes, it is a sad reflection of people in society today are so devoid of any substance in their lives that they follow, watch, emulate, support, throw money at and at worst, devote their whole lives to, some character or characters real or made up.
    For example, the Kardashians. Made up a reality show on tv that follows that dysfunctional family who want to be famous for the sake of it and get rich. Seinfeld, a great comedy show, through their own admittance, is about “nothing” but made up nonsense portrayed very cleverly through humour. Which brings me to the Benhayons. Serge has been trying his schemes forever, always with a money motive behind it. He has read a couple of books and copied them, recreated himself as a glorified character, structured a financial pyramid, glorified his family, married a young woman who he has obsessed about and possessed since she was 12,( Miranda, money doesn’t equal freedom.) and found a following of people looking for change in their lives, but you have to pay for it, always.
    It is so , so obvious.

  23. S.T. says:

    To continue……
    The trick is in the self marketing
    Madonna, John Laws, the list goes on and on with successful marketing of individuals and if you like what those individuals are about you can buy their records or listen to their radio shows. No problem, they are selling their talent, it is what it is, like it or leave it.
    The line is crossed when the individual dictates, threatens retribution (prana or cancer), hides behind the mob of followers, plays on guilt and is so narcissistically inclined that everyone has to say and do what they do. Obvious Nepotism, instilling fear in this lifetime and lifetimes to come. That IS A CULT.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Hello S.T., you submitted one more comment which didn’t make publication. It was regarding the sexuality of an individual UMer.

      To all readers; when I publish comments I have to consider whether I could be sued for defamation. I don’t mind posting comments provided they are based in fact and are in the public interest. I can’t post comments that are false, or we can’t verify with evidence, and/or are not relevant, are inflammatory or not in the public interest.

      I’ve made some comments on my blogs to do with Serge’s sexuality and the general sexual manipulation and psychology within UM as part of a larger picture of the group psychology characteristic of cults, but we don’t single anyone out if it’s not relevant to the group’s practices.

  24. From the Mouth and heart of the Universal Medicine says:

    This is what I think and KNOW – None of those idiots at UM even read the newspaper article on Ira McClure.

    I know the story and I read the newspaper.

    Angry Aggressive Aunty Alison’s words, untruths, become law and fact when she writes these blogs to the one eyed flock. WITHOUT QUESTION.
    Why is she AAA Alison retired why is she not practicing law? Not hard to figure out really.
    May the mercy that you ALL from the heart of UM have shown this patient and others be given to you on your day when you meet your maker or whoever.
    Below is From the site that Alison on Jane Hansen Ira McClure and Co (as UM calls it)
    Elaine Arthey says:
    NOVEMBER 22, 2014
    Ira McClure has so many contradictions in her claims, as outlined here, and sounds very much like darkly venus despite her more obvious victim-like stance playing on the sympathy of anyone who might believe just an iota of her made-up stories. Thank you Alison, this so clearly reveals the truth and in no uncertain terms shows us the deceit and deception taking place.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      If I spent time debunking every lie on that site, I’d end up with no hours in the day & writing more than Alison Grievous – which is what the bastards want. They want to distract us from the main game, which is that Serge and his main profit makers are still scamming his flock for every cent and every atom of dignity they have left.

      I’ve said it before, I don’t read it. Those last posts were a gift to our exposure – but even then I only needed to skim over the thing to pull out what’s useful to us.

      You reading and repeating that shit gives it too much credence.

    • Facts backfire on UMers says:

      The ‘backfire effect’ describes those idiots.

      Together, all of these studies support the theory of “motivated reasoning”: The idea that our prior beliefs, commitments, and emotions drive our responses to new information, such that when we are faced with facts that deeply challenge these commitments, we fight back against them to defend our identities. So next time you feel the urge to argue back against some idiot on the internet…pause, take a deep breath, and realize not only that arguing might not do any good, but that in fact, it might very well backfire.

      We don’t blog to convince UMers of anything. They’re too far gone. Our blogging is about exposure – to keep loved ones informed and to warn the unwary public.

  25. Anon says:

    Yep, UM and every brainwashed cult member treat any victim of theirs with utter contempt.

    So much UM love – not. They can’t dispute that they’re not brainwashed as they have every last bit of empathy zapped from their minds.

  26. G. S. says:

    It has been astounding how UM keeps on asserting that just two people, Rockett and Martin, can come up with so many variations of lies for over two years and still keep going. Such is UM’s attack propaganda or self delusion.

    This is because there are many people affected and much evidence showing predatory behaviour by UM. UM like to pretend that there is only two affected people/victims, but they know there are many many more.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Thanks for your comment. Are you okay with your name being public? Desiree and ‘friends’ will try to trash you. I can change it to anon or give you a pseudonym if you’d rather.

      To all readers, we like to receive your comments. You don’t need to identify yourselves and can leave all boxes blank or invent a name for yourself if you like. No need to leave an email address either.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Hi again, I removed your name as it’s the name of a follower and if you’re not that follower we can’t allow impersonations. Please contact if you want to discuss. https://factsaboutuniversalmedicine.wordpress.com/contact/