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2022 – 2023

  1. Vice TV True Believers: Universal Medicine SBS On Demand (Australia only) Vice TV services elsewhere
  2. Former ‘cult’ lawyer Paula Fletcher punished over blogger trial emails – paywall – Daily Telegraph 22/2/23
  3. Lawyer for cult leader Serge Benhayon ‘bullied blogger’ – paywall – The Australian 22/2/23 and here


  1. The socially harmful cult that believes in aliens and double orgasms – Vice TV 6/4/21
  2. Am I in a cult? BBC File on 4 23/11/21


  1. Mum told to leave harmful and sinister cult – The Mirror UK 29/04/20
  2. Mother told by Court of Appeal to break with Universal Medicine cult – The Times 02/05/20
  3. Universal Medicine: the burping cult wrecking lives from a Somerset B & B – Sunday Times 10/05/20
    • Podcast | Stories of our times| Universal Medicine: taking on a cult – The Times 13/05/20 on Acast or Apple Podcasts or Spotify
  4. Universal Medicine: Simone Benhayon instructed members of alleged cult – Gold Coast Bulletin 25/05/20
  5. Swim teacher Simone Benhayon’s disapproving email to cult members – Daily Telegraph 25/05/20
  6. Cults and conspiracy theories offer the easy answer to hard reality – The Times/The Australian 28/05/20
  7. Mother loses custody of daughter after failing to leave cult – the Irish Examiner 20/07/20
  8. Father’s five year battle to save daughter from cult – The Mail on Sunday 26/07/20


  1. Lismore Chamber rebuilds after tumultuous year Northern Star 24/01/19 paywall
  2. Preview Sunday Night on Seven report on Universal Medicine 12/02/18 (video)
  3. *’This guy is a predator’: International investigation into Australian cult leader Serge Benhayon Seven Network 17/2/19 (See below for YouTube video)
  4. Universal Medicine cult founder exposed as a charlatan 18/2/19
  5. Council bans cult Prime Seven 20/2/19
  6. Cult leader ordered to pay blogger’s legal costs Sydney Morning Herald 28/2/19
  7. Solicitors for cult leader may be probed AAP 28/2/19
  8. Gold Coast cult: Universal Medicine leader message promoted by behavioural clinic Fabic through Tanya Curtis Gold Coast Bulletin 1/3/19
  9. Gold Coast City Council promotes woman linked to cult Gold Coast Bulletin PAYWALLED 7/3/19
  10. The Somerset B&B that’s home to Universal Medicine burpers 10/3/19 PAYWALLED
  11. Mother lost to Serge Benhayon’s Universal Medicine cult 10/3/19 BBC
  12. Chamber boss Simon Williams quits over Universal Medicine cult claims 14/3/19 BBC
  13. Universal Medicine research conducted by cult devotees won’t be pulled by University of Queensland ABC News  15/3/19
  14. A very upper crust cult: Run by a wealthy old Etonian in Somerset Daily Mail UK 16/3/19
  15. **Inside the medical cult destroying Aussie lives Womens Weekly 25/3/19
  16. Universal Medicine stripped of business awards Northern Star 18/4/19 Paywall
  17. Universal Medicine: 5-day Somerset cult retreat reportedly cancelled and moved to Vietnam Somerset Live 14/5/19
  18. Cult leader’s lawyer Paula Fletcher to be investigated Northern Star 23/7/2019 Paywall
  19. SA Police officer led ‘dangerous cult’s attempts to have critic criminally charged ABC News 14/8/19
  20. Janelle Saffin MP calls for action on socially harmful cult Northern Star 3/9/19 Paywall
  21. Universal Medicine cult received hundreds of thousands in charity donations from prominent donors ABC News 14/9/19
  22. Cult leader issues unreserved apology to blogger Northern Star 17/9/19 Paywall
  23. $600,000 clawed back from ‘cult’ charity  Northern Star 1/10/19 Paywall
  24. Lets Talk About Sects Podcast – Universal Medicine 16/10/19


  1. University of Queensland launches investigation after researchers promote Universal Medicine ‘cult’ ABC News 16/4/18
  2. University of Queensland academics linked to alleged cult ABC Radio 16/4/18
  3. University of Queensland Faculty Members linked to healing cult Vice 16/4/18
  4. Senior RACGP figure defends involvement with fringe alternative medicine group Australian Doctor 17/4/18
  5. Universal Medicine: their controversial therapies exposed NT News 19/4/18 (Video)
  6. Research problems at Australian University hit news Retraction Watch 19/4/18
  7. The Researchers, the university and the bizarre medical cult 30/4/18 Doctor Portal (Medical Journal of Australia)
  8. Doctor who gave patient medical history to Universal Medicine ‘cult’ stands down from AMA ABC News Online 2/5/18
  9. Why consumers need better protection from dodgy health providers – the case of Universal Medicine  The Conversation 11/5/18
  10. ‘Cult’ healer ordered to open the books Sydney Morning Herald 25/6/18
2018 Benhayon v Rockett trial & aftermath
Supreme Court Justice delivers stinging blow to UM cult leader Serge Benhayon

Northern Star headline 7 December 2018

Not all reports are listed. Paywalled articles as marked.

  1. NSW spiritual healer sues for defamation AAP 4/9/18
  2. Spiritual healer Serge Benhayon ‘not a cult leader’ court Sydney Morning Herald 4/9/18
  3. A spiritual healer is suing over accusations he is a cult leader who is sleazy to women Buzzfeed 4/9/18
  4. *Discarnate spirits in the courtroom as healer is cross examined The Age 5/9/18
  5. NSW healer tells of spirits, past lives 9 News 5/9/18
  6. *NSW healer felt ‘raped’ over blog post AAP 5/9/18 
  7. Universal Medicine leader sues over ‘harmful cult’ claims Australian Doctor 5/9/18 (login required)
  8. *Reincarnation evidence given by NSW healer AAP 6/9/18
  9. *Spiritual healer accuses barrister of trying to paint him as madman Sydney Morning Herald 6/9/18
  10. It was a real worry: blogger tells court of sleazy session with spiritual healer Sydney Morning Herald 13/9/18
  11. Healer’s client alarmed by ‘rape recovery’ AAP 13/9/18
  12. Sued woman explains Rolf Harris comment  AAP 14/9/18
  13. Universal Medicine harvested client info court told Northern Star 14/9/18 PAYWALLED
  14. Sued woman tells jury of healing scam Nine News 17/9/18
  15. NSW Healer has sincere beliefs, jury told AAP 3/10/18
  16. *Self-styled healer Serge Benhayon leads socially harmful cult: jury Sydney Morning Herald 15/10/18
  17. A faith healer sued a blogger over accusations he leads a cult. He lost. Buzzfeed 15/10/18
  18. Defamation loss for NSW spiritual healer AAP 15/10/18
  19. Blogger jubilant at ‘cult’ defamation win AAP 15/10/18
  20. Universal Medicine loses defamation case Byron Shire Echo 16/10/18
  21. Revealed: what the jury said about socially harmful cult Northern Star 20/10/18 PAYWALL or see blog post about jury’s findings
  22. Court rules Universal Medicine founder is running a harmful cult Sunday Telegraph PAYWALL 21/10/18
  23. AHPRA lobby group distances itself from Universal Medicine Australian Doctor 24/10/18 login required
  24. Chamber of Commerce’s UM linked president steps down Northern Star 26/10/18
  25. Cult teacher gets NDIS funds The Australian 31/10/18 PAYWALL
  26. Benhayon’s loss will be felt by Lismore Chamber Byron Shire Echo 31/10/2018
  27. Revenge of the Loon Nimbin Goodtimes p.9 November 2018
  28. Disabled jibe appalling: former Mayor slams healer Northern Star PAYWALL 1/11/18
  29. Taxpayer funds for cult DVD The Australian PAYWALL 2/11/18
  30. Universal Medicine follower’s daughter hopes jury verdict stops dangerous cult recruitment ABC News 5/11/18 TV report below
  31. Doctor linked with alleged cult entitled to her private life and private views Australian Doctor 9/11/18
  32. Would-be MP doctor Maxine Szramka linked to cult leader The Australian PAYWALL 9/11/18
  33. Universal Medicine follower’s daughter releases private emails between mother and cult leader ABC News 10/11/18 TV report below
  34. Serge Benhayon perd son procès Unadfi 13/11/18
  35. Court finds this so-called healer swindled cancer patients out of millions Vice 14/11/18
  36. NSW child protection agency advocated harmful cult in girls’ care plans ABC News 22/11/18
  37. Universal Medicine cancels all event bookings at Ballina Shire Council venues The Echo 30/11/18
  38. Cult leader Serge Benhayon used defamation case to inflict pain on blogger: court Sydney Morning Herald 6/12/18
  39. Costs dispute after cult defamation win AAP 6/12/18
  40. *A cult leader tried to inflict pain on a blogger with expensive defamation cases, court hears Buzzfeed 7/12/18

TV reports 2018 – 2021

Cult Universal Medicine practices promoted by UQ medical researchers ABC News 16/4/18

Cult leader given patient’s entire medical history by lung specialist Dr Samuel Kim ABC News 2/5/18

Relief as jury finds leader of socially harmful cult Benhayon preyed on cancer victim ABC News 5/11/18

Private emails cast light on cult leader who jury found preys on cancer victims ABC News 10/11/18

Child protection agency advocated harmful cult in children’s care plans ABC News 22/11/18

Sunday Night on Seven – International investigation of Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine cult

SA Police officer led cult’s baseless attempts to have critic charged with criminal offences 14/8/19

The socially harmful cult that believes in aliens and double orgasms Vice 6/4/21

5 Comments on “News reports post 2018”

    • Allez Gilets Jaunes says:

      Mon dieu. Good to see news coverage in France and thank you for the translation Link.

      “Despite this judgment, the leader of the group continues his work of healing and hundreds of new followers join his movement each year.”
      Luckily not.

      “Sport is forbidden to women at the risk of a thickening of the vaginal walls.”

  1. Audrey McLean says:

    I don’t want to support health practioners who are involved in this cult. I live in Lismore but am interested in all northern rivers.. Is there a list of these people?

    Good on you Esther! Cults suck.

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