Universal Medicine kids exposed


Sculpture by Kevin Francis Gray

A reader made contact in response to UniMed’s propaganda department continuing to market fictions about cult parenting. Their disturbing revelation validates all over again our concerns about this nasty, perverse organization.

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Responding to Sarah Davis & the PASH Conference’s Universal Medicine cult infiltration

Cyber-bullying facilitator, Sarah Davis

PASH Conference project officer and cult promoter, Sarah Davis

Sarah Davis is a key member of Universal Medicine’s propaganda team, and an organiser of numerous Universal Medicine cult fronts and initiatives, particularly those targeting juvenile girls. Universal Medicine’s teachings and practices are predatory, perverse and antisocial. Ms Davis is currently employed as project officer for the Positive Adolescent Sexual Health Conference  run by a consortium of community groups in Northern NSW in partnership with NSW Health. Four of Sarah’s Universal Medicine promotional colleagues will be working at the conference on June 9 and 10. It will be attended by pupils from Northern Rivers High Schools. I recently blogged incorrect information that Sarah had been stood down from the role, and the others had been canned. It was an honest, albeit careless mistake. I should have checked better, and I have apologized for any hurt caused.

However, we’re left with the problem of a cult having successfully infiltrated what would otherwise be a worthwhile sexual health initiative for Northern Rivers youth, at the expense of tax payers, and without disclosure to Northern Rivers parents and public. Universal Medicine propagates repugnant occult doctrines on gender, sex and sexual violence, and openly targets and exploits juvenile girls.

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Universal Medicine cult targets kids & teens

Following on from the sleazy Girl to Woman Festival, the cult of Serge Benhayon continues to target youngsters, in spite of our public questioning of mass grooming behaviour. Triple H FM Sydney community radio, Sunlight Ink publications and the From Our Eyes blog are platforms drumming kids with the cult’s dreary world negating messages, occult claptrap and abusive quackery scams.

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Universal Medicine New Year gossip and rumblings 2015

G2Wlogo*January 23: Fabic Behaviour Specialists in cult recruitment

*January 21: Girl to Woman Festival Fail! & welcome to Naming Names Fabic’s Kate Maroney 

*January 15: Girl to Woman Festival; Commander of Light propaganda video; Universal Media Wikipedia page

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Universal Medicine’s Girl to Woman Project – predatory grooming goes commercial

Following up on the post below about UM’s sexual abuse apologism and exploitation of teen girls.

Esther Rockett

G2WlogoOn January 18 2015, Universal Medicine front organizations, Esoteric Womens Health and Real Media Real Change will hold the Girl to Woman Project Festival at Lennox Head – ‘a celebration of girls & women’ presented by the people responsible for public sexual abuse apologism, the exploitation of teen girls and the bullying of whistleblowers in defence of their predatory religious leader, Serge Benhayon.

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Universal Medicine’s sexual abuse apologism hits a crescendo

Sculpture by Kevin Francis Gray

Sculpture by Kevin Francis Gray

Complementary health conglomerate and religion, Universal Medicine, has launched what could be its greatest fiasco with an hysteria ridden public promotion of the molestation they call ‘healing’. UM’s Esoteric lynch mob, led by propaganda drill sergeant, Alison Greig, label our concerns about the organization’s predatory behaviours and our questions about the welfare of the most vulnerable members as ‘sexualizing’ and ‘dangerous to children’. The UM *Facts* battalion then justifies inappropriate touching with anatomical confusion, New Age quackery and testimonials from Serge Benhayon’s young female houseguests.

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Serge Benhayon’s young female house guests – updated

Esther Rockett

Adolescent-karma-Serge Serge Benhayon on the Death Cycle

Universal Law solicitor and inept internet troll, Paula Fletcher, once told us that she’s not on ‘anyone’s payroll actually’. Perhaps it’s a partial truth. Perhaps Paula doesn’t charge ‘a jot’ for issuing false legal notices for Sergio the bogan messiah. Perhaps she donates her services out of religious devotion to his glorious multimillion dollar scam. But it’s more than that, isn’t it Paula?

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Inappropriate touching – Universal Medicine’s secret culture of abuse

Last week, while Universal Medicine’s best and brightest were busy launching yet another desperate attempt to intimidate and defame me – this time labelling me and others mentally ill and cyberbullies – an anonymous reader left a disturbing comment on the Accountability blog:

I just wanted to share one of my experiences with these so called “healing techniques”. I have attended a few of these UM workshops and participated in the “excercises” and would like to say, as a man, I was very uncomfortable with it all. During the mentioned “femaleness” technique I had another man, one of Serge’s sons in fact, putting his hands directly on my genitals.

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Sunlight Ink Publishing – the Universal Medicine cult targets children

Imagine a world filled with people living in the knowing of their TRUE  INNER BEAUTY ­– knowing they are beauty-full just for being them. sunlightink.com

The latest recruitment tilt from Tanya Curtis, of FABIC Behavioural Management, and Serge Benhayon’s business partner and personal assistant, Desiree Delaloye, is a publishing venture targeting children with Serge Benhayon’s bent occult philosophy and shoddy spelling. Typical of the ‘energetic integrity’ of anything associated with Universal Medicine, it’s window dressed with innocuous SergeSpeak, disguising the oppressive anti-social brainwashing crucial to Universal Medicine’s sordid ‘innermost’ core.

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Protecting children from the Universal Medicine cult

UM cult members have studiously avoided answering our questions about their abusive practices, and for good reason. In a recent phone call, one of them made disturbing admissions about the cult’s activities involving children, as well as Benhayon’s teachings that failure to adhere to the Way of the Livingness will result in children being raped by supernatural ‘entities’. An extract from the now defunct, password protected ‘Debasing Evil’ site reveals more defensiveness about our concerns on risks to children – a litany of lousy excuses the cult doesn’t dare make public.

No matter how much they accuse me of cyber-bullying, our concerns and questions are not going away.

NSW Child Protection Helpline 132 111

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