UniMed Front Organizations & sites

Universal Medicine websites,  front organizations and businesses promoting & recruiting for the Universal Medicine commercial business and religion.

Universal Medicine websites

List doesn’t include blogs or websites of individual recruiters, or company Facebook pages.

Main UniMed sites

  1. universalmedicine.net
  2. universalmedicine.com.au
  3. sergebenhayon.com
  4. study.universalmedicine.com.au
  5. unimedliving.com
  6. universalmedicine.de German website
  7. universalmedicine.es
  8. unimedlivingsydney.com.au
  9. unimedbrisbane.com
  10. unimedperth.com.au
  11. universalmedicinefacts.com – alleged ‘student initiative’ with domain owned by Serge Benhayon. Vilifying and defaming critics and complainants
  12. chakra-puncture.com
  13. nataliebenhayon.com
  14. esotericwomenshealth.com
  15. womeninlivingness.com
  16. epa-international.com – Esoteric Practitioners Association International site
  17. sergebenhayon.tv
  18. universalmedicine.news – anti-free speech sour grapes site whingeing about bad press

Associated company sites

  1. coum.org – College of Universal Medicine charity
  2. soundfoundation.uk.com – the Sound Foundation Charitable Trust – website coming soon since 2011
  3. soundfoundationcommunitycare.com – second UK charity, Sound Foundation Community Care – website coming soon
  4. esoteric-healing.com – The Esoteric Practitioners Association Pty Ltd – bogus practitioner accreditation – website, course outlines and price list coming soon since 2009.
  5. esotericyogastillnessprogram.com
  6. foundationalbreastcare.com
  7. wilmagazine.com – Women in Livingness Magazine
  8. healing-symbols.com/store
  9. featherlight.com.au
  10. teachersaregold.com.au
  11. truemovement.com.au
  12. gloriousmusic.com.au
  13. gmsounds.net
  14. realmediarealchange.org
  15. sphericalliving.co.uk

UniMed front project sites

  1. psychologicalwellbeing.net
  2. selfcareinhealthcare.net
  3. thegirltowomanproject.com.au
  4. girltowoman.com.au
  5. womenshealthforum.com.au
  6. fromoureyes.com (targeting teens & allegedly written by teenagers)
  7. theselfyproject.com (Sexual Education & Life Foundations for Youth)
  8. allrisesaynotocyberabuse.com/  – anti-free speech cult front marketed as anti-cyberbullying
  9. theschoolofthelivingness.com
  10. joyofageing.com bequest harvesting initiative
  11. life-design-you.com (joint English and German language anti free-speech mess)
  12. To Medicine with Love – Dr Anne Malatt
  13. Nurturing Care Nurturing Nurses – cult front targeting nurses and midwives
  14. Unfolding Men – emasculation, indoctrination and privacy invading confessional project for blokes
  15. goldenmeanbooks.com

Blogs and other promo sites 

  1. everydaylivingness.com
  2. womeninlivingness.wordpress.com
  3. truthaboutuniversalmedicine.com
  4. truthaboutsergebenhayon.com
  5. medicineandsergebenhayon.com
  6. wordsonsergebenhayon.com
  7. universalmedicineexposed.com
  8. theworksofsergebenhayon.com
  9. The Livingness The People

Expect more.

Front organisations

*A significant number of fronts are targeting schools, parents and children, particularly juvenile girls. These are marked with an asterix.*

A full list of Esoteric practitioners and UM recruiters, including health professionals, is on the Naming Names page.

*All Rise Say No to Cyber Abuse – UK Ltd Company. Anti free speech initiative marketed as anti-cyberbullying, and pitching to UK youth and schools. Company directors, Simone Benhayon, and Sarah Williams of Spherical Living allrisesaynotocyberabuse.com

Australian College of Massage, now Evolve College CEO Serryn O’Regan (Director of several UM companies) rolling out practitioner courses in sham therapies: chakra-puncture and Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy

*The Centre for the Wellbeing of Young People – Sarah Davis (see also Real Media Real Change, The Girl to Woman Festival etc.)

Chris James, Sounds Wonderful, Tours singing workshops internationally; business partner of Serge Benhayon; founding trustee of the Sound Foundation charity UK. Based in Goonellabah. Provides continuing professional education to health professionals via Victoria based True Sound & Expression Inc. NA0062168E.

Co-Creative Audio Visual – Rebecca Baldwin, Simon Asquith, Jonathan Baldwin, Heidi Baldwin, Clayton Lloyd, Dean Pirera, Joel Levin, Curtis Benhayon, Deborah Benhayon, Desiree Delaloye, Sarah Broome, Hamish Broome The Co-Creative are at pains to point out they trying to shake off any public association with their Universal Medicine cult associates, and made a rare attempt to communicate with this site, with a bonus spray of ad hominem invective, to demand I remove the names struck through above. They are still promoting and or working for the cult, as are the others. The archived staff page

College of Universal Medicine – Australian charity arm for UM. Was a tax exempt fundraising front to construct and renovate UM commercial premises. Now a marketing front for pushing UM products, services and business associates as ‘advancing education’. Currently running marketing presentations at Gold Coast public libraries. Directors: Natalie Benhayon, Desiree Delaloye, Charles Wilson, Alison Greig, Deb McBride, Susan Scully, Anne McRitchie. Lecturers and presenters mostly small business operators and others benefiting financially from their association with UM. Fiery Building Fund – College of Universal Medicine defunct fundraising organization – canned by the Charity Commission and ATO.

Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA International) Pty Ltd – Universal Medicine’s sham accreditation body. Not a registered training organization. Falsely advertises practitioner ‘accreditation’. NSW Parliamentary Inquiry Report acknowledged Esoteric Practitioners are not accredited. Directors, Serge and Natalie Benhayon

*Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd – Body negative enterprise promoting abusive womens health practices (Esoteric Breast, Ovary and Uterus Massage) and sexist stereotypes – produces Our Cycles App – Period and Full Moon Diary marketed to blokes. Directors: Natalie Benhayon, Serryn O’Regan, Sarah Williams 


Esoteric Yoga Stillness Program for Women – misogynistic programming plus yoga relaxation – offshoot of Esoteric Women’s Health Victoria Carter, Vicky Geary, Marcia Owen 

Featherlight Productions – gluten free healing pillows, Miranda Benhayon, Desiree Delaloye

Foundational Breast Care – markets scam Esoteric Breast Massage, and EBM practitioner courses. Company director, Sara Williams, London. 

Gentle Rhythms – UM Sydney Clinic, Lucy Dahill, Katie Walls, Warrawee

*The Girl To Woman Project pseudo feminism, promoting sexist stereotypes and body negative programming, targeting girls as young as eight. Run by Sara Harris, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Caulfield North, Melbourne. Also the Esoteric Womens Health/Natalie Benhayon backed annual Girl to Woman Festival, Ballina, January, for girls from infancy. Organised by Sarah Broome, Rebecca Baldwin, Desiree Delaloye and others.

GM Records (prev. Glorious Music) Michael Benhayon ‘music’ label. Godawful noise produced by Benhayon family with Miranda on vocals (Benhayon monopolizes cult members’ music consumption by teaching non cult music is energetically harming and causes disease)

Golden Mean Books – self-publishing project for Universal Medicine propagandists

Health from Within – alternative brand name for Natalie Benhayon’s nasty Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd 

The Joy of Ageing Esoterically – elder grooming front/bequest harvesting initiative

The Lighthouse, Universal Medicine UK Headquarters & B&B accomodation, Frome, Somerset, UK – proprietors, Simon and Janet Williams

Life Design You – Unimed Deutschland – incoherent anti free-speech initiative critiquing the media

Nurturing Care Nurturing Nurses Elizabeth Dolan, Jen Smith and other UM nurses cult recruitment

Real Media Real Change, marketing and public relations front for UM events, doubling as anti-free speech lobby group. – Sarah Broome, Rebecca Baldwin, Lucy Dahill, Terri Anne Connors


*The Selfy Project – Sexual Education & Life Foundations for Youth – Run by Real Media Real Change, Dr Amelia Stephens – now defunct. 

Sound Foundation Community Care (see also The Sound Foundation Charitable Trust) – UM’s UK charity outfit, tax exempt fundraising for construction and renovation of UM’s commercial premises in the UK, and marketing UM services. Issued with a mandatory compliance plan by UK Charity Commission late 2013 for irregularities. Followed up with a £378k VAT liability in 2014. Trustees: Simone Benhayon, Sarah Williams, Chris James, Michael Nicholson, Jane Keep, Dragana Brown

Spherical Living, UM’s London clinic run by, Sarah Williams, company director of Universal Medicine UK, EPA UK Europe, & Esoteric Womens Health, and trustee of UM’s UK charity, the Sound Foundation, London, UK

*Stay in the Loop with Lucy – community radio show on Triple H FM, Sydney, targeting children and youth, promoting UM recruiters and fronts. Lucy Dahill

Sunlight Ink*Sunlight Ink Publishing – Children’s Books – Desiree Delaloye and Tanya Curtis

*Teachers are Gold – marketing self-care to teachers. Targeting children via gullible teachers. Michael Benhayon, Kristy Wood, Jo Frare, Marcia Owen, Aimee Jeffreys, Marshall Chang

*True Movementoccult exercise regime targeting children & schools. Benhayon family.

Unfolding Men emasculation, indoctrination and privacy invading confessional project for blokes who reckon they menstruate

UniMed Brisbane – Esoteric healing clinic, Jenny Ellis, Penny Scheenhouwer

UniMed Living – commercial marketing front owned by Serge. Runs giant propaganda website funded by UM followers, with content provided by same. 

UniMed Living Sydney  – Sydney cult hub

TrueMovementlogoUniMed Perth

Universal Healing Symbols – magic postcards that ward off evil spirits and cancer

*Why Be You – self esteem and self awareness for children and youth, Lucy Dahill, Jessica Gamble, Sydney

Women in Livingness Magazine – promoting abusive Esoteric Women’s Health modalities


Businesses and organizations promoting & recruiting for Universal Medicine

Business owners promoting UM (see also Naming Names)

Rebecca Baldwin Emanation Media – formerly Rebecca Asquith, Rebecca Baldwin Creative – website design, UM propaganda, author of attacks on official complainants.

Complementary Compounding Services, Compounding Pharmacy, Michael Serafin, pharmacist, Ballina

Connected Voice, Rachael Kane, Singing Teacher, Elwood, Victoria

*Creative Aquatic Swim School and Esoteric Water Healing. Creative Health & Rehabilitation – fitness programs, Frome, Somerset, UK. Simone Benhayon, Company Director of Universal Medicine UK and EPA UK Europe, Trustee of UM’s UK charity The Sound Foundation.

Design Arts by Desiree Delaloye Delaloye is Serge Benhayon’s long term personal assistant, business partner with Benhayon in Universal Healing Symbols, and with Miranda Benhayon in Featherlight Productions. Director of the College of Universal Medicine charity, Goonellabah

Em-power Youth ServicesEmilia Pettinato, Madeleine Power, Melbourne

Essencia Perfumes – Emmalee Benhayon

Evolving Media – web design – Jonathan Baldwin, Rebecca Baldwin (see above)

*Fabic Behaviour Specialists – Proprietor, Tanya Curtis, BHlthSci, Behaviour Practitioner, Counsellor. Staff: Speech Therapists, Kate Maroney and Annie Tran, Carrara and Fairfield, Qld

*Kids in Connection Education consultancy – teacher development, classroom workshops. Kristy Wood, Goonellabah

Live Love Nourish, Restrictive diet programs, Naturopath, Casey Lee Lyons, Melbourne

Harmony in MovementRe-Connect Exercise, Danielle Pirera, Exercise Physiologist, Goonellabah

Medicinal Healing, Chakra-puncture (ex acupuncturist) Rebecca Poole, Jo Bridges, Courtney Rijsdijk, Wavell Heights, Brisbane

Non Profit Assist, Not for profit consultant Victoria Lister, Brisbane

Nourish All of You shop, running ‘nutrition groups’ pushing the non nutritionally based Esoteric diet. Ray Karam, Ballina.

Tender Heart Counselling Martin Gladman, Melbourne

Yoga and Healing Donna Gianniotis, Alexandra Plane, Balmain, Narrabeen, Tregeagle, NSW

117 Comments on “UniMed Front Organizations & sites”

  1. Latte Lou says:

    A good start to the list, there are many more.
    Have a look at these also;
    Harmony 4 Dogs
    Michaels Garden Care ( bringing harmony to your garden-I need to stop the weeds fighting with each other!)
    Magnolia Designs for Living (harmonious designs for living-having cushions that love each other IS important in my life!)
    Question marks on The Creative Artisan and All Rise. Maybe your ‘connections’ can check them out before publishing.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Yeah, nah.
      One of those can go on the Naming Names. Another is a front to be hammered shortly.
      I’ve said this before – naming names is about naming the people making money out of fraudulent Esoteric healing and Serge’s other rubbish. The focus is the top rung of parasites, and then those recruiting in tax payer funded workplaces – like the health professionals paid out of Medicare to peddle occult horseshit.

      When the cult gets all outraged about me notifying workplaces that they have staff recruiting to the Church of Serge – the only workplaces I’ve notified are government funded, or when media people are using mass media to evangelize Sergism without disclosure.

      Otherwise I’m not interested in pursuing cult members’ livelihoods.

  2. Big Ears says:

    Deeply Nurturing, Shannon Everest (get em while they’re young)

    Absoluteness in Health, Ballina

    Yummy Delights Food Services and when Robyn Jones isn’t cooking she is counselling,
    Inner-Heart Counselling and Healing Services.

    Qualifications – Students of Cult Universal Medicine.

    • Bashing your head on a brick wall says:

      They are really sucked in and think they are on a world mission, don’t they. Complete Serge non sense. Their stupidity is impenetrable.

      • Anonymous says:

        yes, just another clone website with the same rubbish on it. if there were awards for shit design combined with shit content this one would be a winner.

        • Shite Design Award Committee says:

          Shit design = Rebecca Baldwin FYI. The shittest content award goes to Serge though. He doesn’t know that less is more. But then the more he has, the more confusing it is, which is how he likes it.

    • Esther says:

      Thank you. I’m not sure that’s a front so much as one avid UMer’s consultancy heavily name dropping. I’ll put it on the naming names page.

      I wonder what HM’s prisons think of threats of supernatural rape as addictions therapy?

    • dUMb and dUMmer says:

      riiiiight, so when bombarding the internet with meaningless drivel on money for nothing ‘healings’ on the UniMedLiving site and 30 or so websites isn’t working, set up another site to rival them…

      cult logic, lol.

  3. Insidious says:

    This week starting March 7 Teachers Are Gold will be at Southern Cross University as a part of ‘Get Connected’ week.

    • Lord of Form says:

      That has to be the most piss weak petition ever. What is it about? What does Michael Benhayon want Chris to do? Give them a gold hall pass to go and convert teachers to the way of the livingess?

      News flash bucky, there are more important things in the world…like getting rid of bogus faith healers, stamping out cults and world hunger.

      525 cult members. Many of whom live overseas.. e gads… I am sure it will have a massive impact on precisely nothing. Another demonstration of their disconnect from reality.

    • SCU says:

      Thank you. Appropriate action has been taken by the university.

    • Esther says:

      thank you. Good work. Thanks to those of you helping to keep the page up to date. And yes, I heard ‘appropriate action’ was taken at SCU. I’m not sure what that means but thank you for keeping an eye out.

    • Lord of Form says:

      Gawd. Poor Natalie – AKA minidad- has never had an original thought. Droning on about how ‘not’ to be as a woman because of images sold to them, but not actually saying what it is she is offering via her world leading revolution.

      Sounds like Don Trumps Mexican wall. And that site smells 100% of cult. Glassy looks, hypnotic neologisms, moronospeak, and culty testimonials abound.

      And note Nata-lies Freudian slip, not edited out. “sex…succ..essful women..”.. Yep.

  4. Hypocrisy says:


    UM should practice what they preach?

    • Esther says:

      Bloody hilarious! UM who never advertise CON-QUERS THE INTERNET!

      And I’m about to have Sergio’s sleaze and scamming tried in court as a fraud, lol.

      • Alan Johnston says:

        Please explain (a nod to Pauline H). You are being sued for egregious defamation but this in your universe morph’s to you having SB: ‘tried in court as a fraud’. As flagged previously, a reality check awaits.

        • Esther says:

          A reality check awaits indeed, Alan. The Four Lords of Form are going to court. As are Esoteric Breast Massage, Esoteric Healing Symbols, scam chakra-puncture and ‘Deeper Femaleness’ vulval clearings for rape victims. And plenty more.

          Take a look at the latest case update video, dear – it explains what defamation is & the legal defences. You’re about to find it’s impossible to defame a career sleaze and con artist.

          If you think he’s the messiah that’s your problem.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think it’s blindingly obvious Alan isn’t it? Benhayon is attempting to sue Esther for defamation, and through her defence she’ll explain exactly why anything she has written is not defamatory. That defence will bring to public record many things which need to be out in the open, and the court (and the wider public) will be able to make their own judgement based on the facts rather than the spiteful bile published on UM’s websites against her.

        • Lord of Form says:

          Alan, as noted before you can’t seriously use the term “reality check” when defending Serge. This is someone who has claimed to be the reincarnation of anyone significant, to know everything in the universe and more than any doctor or scientist. He has also claimed to be a member of ‘the hierarchy’ and to be more enlightened than the Dalai Lama.

          He was going to debate anyone, and never pull back from “the truth’ but he has instead decided to hide behind a wall of woman and a few blokes like yourself, after screaming like a girl when getting pulled up by one of Australia’s foremost cult- busters.

          He’s lied to journalists about his bankruptcy and his past. He’s grossly exaggerated his ‘career’ and credentials prior to becoming enlightened on the dunny. And they are just the headlines. There’s layers of deceptions and mis truths too boring to repeat here.

          The delusion is all yours.

          There is also no such as things as “egregious” defamation. You made that up. Is that what Serge is calling it when he cries about being bullied while aggressively running his bullying site to get at anyone he thinks doesn’t agree with him?

          (BTW, have you read the letter he wrote to the Commonwealth banks lawyers years ago when they finally tracked him down over his unpaid $180,000 debt, where he accuses the bank of bullying him, and of the bank manager and others of having no integrity..? familiar, no?)

          Esther’s point, Mr Reality, is that Serge will be the one sitting in court answering a whole swag of things about his past, his claims, what is in your own sites, while she is being asked to answer whether a couple of comments are ‘defamatory’.

          She doesn’t have history of telling big stories, ripping people off, claiming to be a master of the universe, breaking up families and making a shit load of ridiculous claims, so it is quite obvious in the ‘real’ word that Serge will end up on the back foot within the context of his claims that he has been ‘defamed’ (LOL- just ask anyone (not in UM) in Byron shire about UM/serge and you realise how stupid that even is. There’s not many people who can elicit visceral reactions from people and a long list of expletives. And that was BEFORE 2012)

          Even if he wins, he loses. His and your version of reality will be on display, and I bet Alan, most people won’t see it the way you do.

          “Egregious/Reality check..”. You really are an A grade twit Alan. But I guess that stands to reason.

        • W. Harper says:

          There are many, many people looking forward to that reality check Alan. I hope when it comes you’re not too upset by its outcome, but if you stick to the truth and only the facts it’s pretty clear what it will be.

          It’s never too late to change your path in life eh? Might be a good time for a reality check yourself.

        • The ball is in your court Alan says:

          I went through my own reality check regarding SB.
          Many years ago I defended him as a loyal tennis parent when he was suspected and verbally questioned by other coaches at the time of inappropriate crossing “the line” in regards to the coaching of young live-in tennis pupil, Miranda.
          “Dirty lies, attacking my integrity,she is not much older than my own children, her father is ok with it, my relationship with her is purely as coach and pupil, how dare they, I will take legal action”
          We all knew he was completely obsessed with her, and not always in a kind way, but we thought it was all about the tennis, the training, the win and for her future.
          When I read that they were now married it made me sick to my stomach.
          Yes Alan, he is convincing and very good at it
          You will also come to a realisation eventually

        • April Fool?? says:

          Hey Alan is this an April Fool Joke.
          Surely you realise that ALL will come out in the Trial.

        • Darkly Venus says:

          Not ALL, just enough. If we brought it ALL we’re talking about months in court, perhaps a year, and several million dollars worth of litigation. Trust me.

          And we’re not there yet – I’ve been attending to some family commitments, so not fundraising as actively – but we need some more funds to get me to trial. I still have some calls to make. Please help out if you can – keep spreading the word.

          Thanks Lance, I forgot about that ‘bullying’ correspondence from the bank. It will come in handy in demonstrating to the court Sergio’s habit of playing the victim every time he’s expected to take responsibility for his bullshit.

          ‘The ball is in your court’ – yes and as you know, the questions from the tennis parents were widespread. Miranda lived in the Benhayon home for years – the whole family under Serge’s highly controlled regimen. The control hasn’t changed in 20 years, except he’s added occult hocus pocus. Miranda the sole pupil most of the time, Deborah working full time, and Serge and Miranda alone most days in a volatile and obsessive relationship. They didn’t mix. She had no other friends. All verified by witnesses. Any reasonable person would ask questions.

          Notice Alan doesn’t hang around to answer any. That’s Esoteric courage and integrity from Alan who came a cropper in his own litigation.

        • Lord of Form says:

          I just had a quick read of Alan’s posts for the cult. He’s got the obligatory explanation of how he became indoctrinated. His other posts are then an incoherent and meaningless regurgitations of Serge’s psycho babble. (Which are applauded on mass by others who also took the happy pill)

          He is clearly living in that lovely sweet delusion that the rest of the group (that doesn’t exist) are. His first instinct, as it turned out, was right. He just allowed himself to confuse slow inculcation by immersion and a feeling of catharsis with some form of enlightenment.

          You can literally see when the critical thinking turned off. It’s right at that point he was putty in Serge’s hands. After that, facts are totally irrelevant.

          I don’t think any new information that comes to light would effect Alan’s perceptions. He’s been around long enough to have had to bend this way and that to Serge’s oscillating version of reality. It’s delusion set to the max for Alan and his mates.

          Good on him. But I wish he’d bugger off if he doesn’t have the balls to answer questions.

        • W. Harper says:

          I am sure Alan has scored points for daring to expose himself to the ‘bad energy’ of this blog, but suspect he won’t be back (he might be reading, but for him to engage in dialogue is unlikely). I have no gripe with Alan and wish him well. We’re all free to follow whatever beliefs we choose and have the right to do so unhindered. He also has a every right to come here and express his opinion and thankfully Esther, as an advocate of free speech and open dialogue allows all comers to post here.

          I am still waiting for any of my friendly, polite and inquisitive comments to appear on the UM blogs. I have zero confidence they ever will. And that’s the difference between being open and honest, and a tightly controlled website designed to present a particular sanitised point of view.

          To the reader with open eyes (and an open heart) it’s painfully obvious what the truth is.

        • Esther says:

          I’m with you W. H. I don’t wish Alan would bugger off. Of course I’d like him to address the many issues raised here, but if the best he can do is nip at me with ill considered little snarks – like a five year old – it’s better than nothing. It tells us where he and his fellow true believers are at.

          Word is the faith-full think Serge has this litigation in the bag. They really do think he’ll win. But we are talking about people who believe the Four Lords of Form control the astral plane and Serge exists in the fifth dimension simultaneous to his earthly incarnation. They also believe Natalie TV will have ‘millions of viewers’ lol! To watch her interview Goonellabah bogan Mark Twist. Reality check indeed.

    • Lance says:

      They are incapable of not being hypocritical. They have to follow the leader.

      I just sent the organisation an email with a rundown of who is behind the group and what they are really doing, including links to their magnificent cyber bullying hate blog.

      I bet there has been some ballot box stuffing as usual.

  5. anon says:

    Another Belle General –
    Belle “Central”
    Wigmore Arcade Ballina
    Nourish health shop (moved) opposite Belle Central in Wigmore Arcade Ballina

  6. Ruby says:


    Doula promoting Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon

    • YKW says:

      A gallery of shameless women who don’t care less that the originator of their treatments has highly questionable behaviour over a number of issues surrounding woman and business.

      Their collective adoptive fantasy is expressed in their little bio’s and gormless smiles.

  7. La Métempsycose says:

    What ! They think Serge will win this case in court ? How obfuscated can you get ? Do they seriously believe that an Australian Court of Law will acknowledge that Serge Benhayon is an Ascended Master with exclusive contact with extra terrestials he calls ‘The Hierarchy’ and that the rest of the planet are subject to the whims and wiles of ‘The Lords of Form’ with whom he and his followers are in a constant struggle on behalf of humanity?
    Do they also believe that it is “abusive’ to question someone who has maintained he is the reincarnation of Pythagoras, Plato and Leonardo Da Vinci and what he spouts out in his books and ‘sermons’ is somehow connected to an ancient wisdom which has been suppressed by “The Lords of Form” for millennia?
    It beggars belief, doesn’t it ?
    The Unimed sites bang on and on about Serge’s ‘integrity’. But what kind of integrity is it that allows Serge Benhayon to deprive the family of one of his former patients of the bulk of her estate?
    Indeed, what kind of integrity is it that encourages the kind of blind , sycophantic adulation that his ‘students’ profess on his sites?
    What kind of integrity does not permit criticism of the Ascended Master on those very same sites?

    And would any non- Unimed parent or grandparent want their daughter or granddaughter to have a ‘sleepover’ in this man’s house, given what he believes he is ?

    Personally I continue to thank Esther, Lance and others for the courage of their convictions. I do not know nor have I met any of the contributors to Esther’s site and The Rick Ross Forum. But their exposure of the facts about this delusional man has given me hope that many other families will not have to go through the kind of hell that his teachings have wrought on my life.
    I have made a somewhat paltry contribution to Esther’s defence fund given her Herculean efforts to expose this weird scam. I would urge others to donate what they can afford.
    I believe that none of us who enjoy the privilege of living in rational, secular democracies, imperfect as they may be, would want this type of theocratic dictatorship to flourish and take root in our societies.

  8. Teacher's Pet says:

    Henrietta and Michael Chang were drinking at “The Point Bar” Ballina this afternoon.

    Michael Chang is now teaching at Ballina High School.

    Henrietta tirelessly works with Alison Greig on the UM propaganda site.

    Michael Chang stars in the UM AllRise Video Clip. http://allrisesaynotocyberabuse.com/

    • Teacher's Pet says:

      Marshall Chang not Michael.

    • Anonymous says:

      They’ll be filled with entities now. Avoid them at all costs.

    • The spare room says:

      I don’t get how Henrietta and her friends, don’t get that the FACTS? sites actually the worst type of cyberbullying blog set up only to harrass and destroy people. I don’t see to many facts going on. On the all rise site there’s people like Otto Bathurst (peaky blinders guy) putting his name to it, when surely he is aware that the same persons, or at least their friends, run one of the worst example of a cyberbullying blogs..??!
      Maybe it just means that cyberbullying is subjective. It’s OK when they do it, because they are right. But when someone else like Esther or Jane questions them, they are a cyberbully… I wonder how do they make sense of that all and live with their filthy behaviour???

    • Brain Sergery says:

      Lorraine Well-man didn’t get the bulletin on this well worn cult distortion:

      “…We are energetic beings, as Einstein said, ‘everything is energy’. Everything in this universe is made up of energy including ourselves..” Poor old Einstein. He just didn’t know a group of ning nongs would be trashing his lofty insights to flog quack healing. I betcha not one cult member really knows what Einstein figured out. If they did, they’d give Serge’s simpleton view of the universe a big miss.

    • UMdies says:

      Nothing wrong with designing selling underwear.
      But ….
      using funds from it to $upport Unimed Brisbane and advertise for Universal Medicine big time! C’mon
      Desperate or what!

    • Esoteric poo catchers says:

      ha ha ha

      Vicky should make them in pea soup green, lol.

      Jesus christ. They’re just undies – synthetic ones at that – and she has a code of ethics for flogging the things, gawd, it’s too early in the morning to deal with this crap.

      Look, Vicky, good luck selling UMdies and everything, but the marketing, FFS, DOES EVERYTHING INCLUDING YOUR GLORIOUS GUSSETS HAVE TO BE A FUCKING HYMN TO SERGE?

      And it’s not quite a front. More of a Naming Names page addition.

      Gah, I’m going to have to run a gossip special and run a vote or a book on the silliest UM initiatives. FMD there’s some doozies.

      • Glorious G Strings says:

        Ahhhh ha ha ha
        Seriously funny
        Guess they have to be huge
        Plenty of room for healing symbol cards eh Serge
        Shove ’em in front n back
        Til your booty looks like a Kardashian

        • Esoteric poo catchers says:

          lol! stop it!!! Vicky should have sewn in a symbols pocket. I guess printing one of Serge’s splats fair on the arse would have looked a bit suss lol! 💩 😂

        • GGS says:

          Or a print of the smiling Mona Lisa on the front

  9. GGS says:

    Or Da Vinci’s last supper across the back of the broader bottoms
    Cause thats where the last supper is eventually coming out anyway

  10. ®eally? says:

    This is classic esso-tripe from HummingbirdPie’s ‘Our Community’ page:
    “UniMed Brisbane is a profit-for-purpose company – a social enterprise that does all the right things in a business sense, but doesn’t operate like a regular business in that it returns any surplus it makes to the company, much like a nonprofit organisation.
    In fact it goes a step further, as no one involved in the governance and administration of UniMed Brisbane receives any wage, profit or personal recompense for their work either. We love it – true charity in motion!”
    Nice way to say “we keep the profits for empire building while we pretend to be a charity so we can maintain our tax-free status, and we have a bunch of suckers working for us for nothing.” Really?
    This slime is so thick as to be revolting. The profits always end up in someone’s pocket someday.

    • Brain Sergery says:

      Yeah, I was about to say. It’s a new cult neologism. “Profit for Purpose”. Sounds like Serge speak for justifying making money and making it sound like it is better than anyone else. “True Charity”??? And you’re spot on. The money ends up in someones pocket, just not those working to make it happen. Indentured mugs working for the love of a fake code of ethics that any muppet can see is overcooked. Right off- how ethical is it to have people working for nothing. Fark me dead, everything these guys do is horseshit.

  11. Fully sick says:

    Awesomeness Knickers ever made in the whole wide world and universe!

    Second to none

    Knickers are Gold

    Your UM Dr or Psych says that they are so good for your stillness and clearing.

    Wearing them you will be full of loveliness

    UM World leaders in underwear

    Serge approved.

    Where’s the awesome jocks for Men?

    Why oh why is everything from UMHQ INC ETC related to the female regions?

    Get a life a real one you lot at UM.

    • Knickerbonkers says:

      You’re right, Fully Sick
      Everything over at UM revolves around women’s private parts or sexuality
      Absolutely everything
      Ps the Band babes wont be able to wear them cause they’ll stick out below their short spray-on skirts

      • Brain Sergery says:

        And they are fully un sexy. Just the way Serge likes them. Even though they are ‘sexy, powerful women”- just with grandma knickers down to their knees.. Lol. Once someone starts wearing those the relationship is sure to be dead. If it’s not already.
        And I’d really like to see that two years of research. 😉

  12. Knick (ers) Off says:

    Yeah! What happened to sexy all you UM sex bombs?!
    Your loveliness lingerie is a dead set mood killer and the only thing separating two people from a good time…..yukko
    Well theres no risk of a wedgie I guess 😂
    Heres an emotionless advertising description for ya
    Benhayon (inspired, not for profit) Bootyfull Boyleg Briefs- what you wear under what you wear.
    This item of clothing is used to stabilize one’s genitalia and buttocks.
    Worn with love

  13. Serge Benhayon talks Eso Breast Massage says:
    • Serge Benhayon talks Eso Breast Massage says:

      The Con Artist from Convery’s Lane

      • W. Harper says:

        He’s a walking and talking advert for not following the his own principles and diet. He looks so gaunt and sweaty. I would not be surprised at all if he was seriously unwell and if he is all that money is not going to do him any good at all.

        • Agreed says:

          Actually alot of UM members are looking really gaunt and sick.
          Big thing at this time is about avoiding fruits because of sugar making you racy!!??

        • Triple O says:

          The members ARE sickly, and they’re privately worried about it and seeking REAL medical advice
          A little birdy (could’ve been blue tit lol) told me that anaemia and fatigue is rife and there is panic about mercury levels due to consuming mostly fish as a base protein.
          This is not a health cult no matter how much you rub your breasts.

      • An Ode to Boobies - says:


        George A. Yesthal

        Boobies are so wonderful
        Boobies are so nice
        Boobies go so great with scotch
        Or bourbon over ice.

        Some guys live for love that’s true
        Some guys live for cooters
        I prefer to write dumb poems
        About bodacious hooters

        Boobies ain’t just singular
        They’re always set up double
        I love to plant my face in them
        And go…”BLUBBLE UBBLE UBBLE!

        Boobies are so versatile
        And have so many names
        Knockers, ta-tas, hooters, knobs…
        I call mine Ralph and James.

        Boobies come in such a wide
        Variety of sizes
        Some are just so awesome
        That they merit awesome prizes.

        Of course there are some not so nice
        That look like bowling pins
        With stretch-marks flopping down somewhere
        Around your granny’s shins.

        I love to watch the gals go by
        And watch their buttocks wiggle
        But really I’d much rather watch
        Their boobies bounce and jiggle

        Some of you might laugh at me
        To write this silly rhyme
        But boobies are my special love
        To me they are sublime.

        If I were Emperor of the world
        And master of all cities
        I’d pass a law to keep the girls
        From covering their titties

        Let them puppies loose I say
        Let ‘em sway and flop
        Riverdance be damned I say
        Let’s do the Boobie Hop

        I really respect womanhood
        And all their wondrous feats
        Especially wet t-shirts
        That show off their wondrous teats.

        I see boobs were e’er I look
        In mountains, lakes and rivers
        I sculpt them from all kinds of things
        Like marble and chopped liver.

        So if you think that I’m uncouth
        For where my head is at
        That’s O.K, I’ll give you that…
        Then swap you TIT for tat.

        So in the end if you’ll forgive
        My weird preoccupation
        I’ll seek the help I truly need
        And keep you aBREAST of the situation.

        • (@) (@) says:

          Lol! Love this


        • ( o Y o ) says:

          Okay, hold off on the knockers for a bit. That vid has earned Sergio its own special feature. Reserve your comments, odes, soliloquies etc. for the upcoming post.

    • Esther says:

      What a total fraud. Thank you for this, it’s very useful, and yes I agree he looks like rubbish. I’m getting a doctor to take a look at this, and if Serge had any brains so would he. There’s something seriously wrong there, and it’s very obvious. More on this later.

    • Brain Sergery says:

      Fark me dead… talk about gobblygook. Sounds like a long winded justification for what is clearly a pointless bizarre good for nothing “modality”
      Then go to their site. More bizzare bleating about their tits and a truly disturbing instructional vid on rubbing your own tits.

      Serge’s predictions hey. “The rise and rise of breast cancer”. His soul told him to do it.

      Yep, the incident of diagnosed breast cancer is up in 20 years. Because people live longer (as there is more diagnosis in older woman) and detection better. Mortality rates have improved a lot over the same 20 years have dropping 35%! No thanks to Serge.

      Meantime, the biggest cancer in Australia is prostate cancer. Not so glamorous is it Serge? And no interest either. Not saying you’re interested in tits, after all you just told us over and over and over and over that you are not. As always, we totally believe you.

    • Mr Pecs, comment if you dare says:

      This little Serge sermon is another sad attempt at saving his own arse anyway he can as he tries to backpeddle out of his own septic tank of lies.
      But he still cant get it right
      He is shouting from the rooftops that he is not the leader of a cult and he does not massage womens breasts, ever. He is the “founder”!
      Only HIS chosen female followers who HE has elevated to practitioners massage other womens breasts under the guise that it has medical significance cause Serge invented that it did.
      So that makes it all ok?
      And he is one step removed from it so no one can pin it on him.
      Moronic plus
      And yes, he looks stressed, sunken eyed, worried, unhealthy and shouldering the increasing load of karma dumping on him from all angles

  14. Another UM says:

    There are more video’s.
    ‘Foundational Breast Care’

    • Esther says:

      Thanks. Only Serge is of interest. Esoteric Breast Massage and Serge’s bullshit about it is going to court. What other people say is pretty irrelevant.

  15. Booby trap says:

    The bottom line is, Serge, that anyone outside your crazy cult doesnt believe for a nanosecond the sexually female orientated bullshit modalities, festivals and sermons you dream up. You are a narcissistic controlling publicizing pervert no matter how much you try and con-vince everyone that you have integrity.And because you have taken it public to scam money and draw in more vulnerable people, we have the right to object, criticise and publically denounce you. Can’t wait for the trial in the Supreme Court to expose globally a supreme predator.

    • WTF!! says:

      100% Serge speak.
      I am sure Victoria’s study in 2009 (about the time she was setting up Serge’s scam charity that only seems to benefit himself) was to confirm what Serge was whispering in her ear as she looked at the spinning dial. Cut her in half and you’d find a little Serge doll.

    • Women in Lyingness says:

      Which is different to Esoteric Women’s Health how?

      Love-ly to see the Women in the Livingness while their kids fend for themselves, and then get the prana slapped out of them once in a while…or get told to stare at a wall until they’re ‘themselves’ again.

      I digress. All this reeks of desperation. And for what? Window dressing?

  16. Victoria Lister says:

    Yes, very soon – tomorrow night! Shannon Fentiman MP, Minister for Communities, Women and Youth is being hosted by Brisbane Women’s Club. See you there!

    • ponder true expression says:


    • Wasting your life Rebecca says:

      Pretty sure the woman client she had the session with was Beccy Arsequit
      She gets everything she expresses on social media very very wrong

      • Anonymous says:

        All of them get everything wrong. The tiny circle of people that pay any attention to anything UM publishes online are so far gone they would believe the moon was made of gluten free pasta if they were told so by Benhayon and his sad sack of online scribes. It’s obvious none of them has clue about social media and online presence from the way they operate.

        But I hope they keep doing what they are doing as they are their own worst enemy.

    • Esther says:

      yeah, no, this isn’t a front group. It’s just a blog.

      Late last year the Esoteric SEO geniuses decided they’d try to wipe me off the internet by persuading as many cult members as possible to publish their own websites in praise of Serge. There are scores of them like that now.

      Anon below is right. They have no audience. No one is looking for them. Except for you, maybe.

      I’m not listing every blog they write. I’m interested in exposing people recruiting in their workplaces or making money from this scam. This page is for front orgs directly related to the Benhayons and the very top rung only – used to mislead the public.

      Jane Keep below belongs on the Naming Names page if she isn’t there already. She’s a charity director and NHS recruiter.

    • No original thoughts says:

      Inspired by the Healers Healer.
      Page is a load of gobbledygook. It’s a closed shop the UM world.

  17. Anonymous says:

    It’s insane the amount of organisations! And obviously they are aware of how shaky the foundations are that they need to spread so thin. A competent group would have the courage of its convictions to say it all through one forum. Here we see how little faith they have in anything they profess as they need to have volume to try and skew people in multiple ways.

    The web providers must love them for the $ they are paying to host all this crap!

    • Adoy says:

      More bullshit.

      They must have “students” locked in a room brainstorming new websites.

      They can only get out to the lamb & greens if the think of something “a little” different to
      previous bullshit.

      • DLP says:

        Yes, they do. A big group of members are involved in a project called Web Something something, with the plan of expunging the internet of media reports, Esther’s blogs and other negative material about them.

        They are having some success too. Provided they can get the bad stuff onto page 2 or 3 of Google, they can get on with recruitment and converting the world to Serge’s new world religion.

        But they are disadvantaged by their relatively small audience. If a news story hits, it will rise to the top based on the traffic metric. We should also look at helping Esther with some good SEO strategies to get her sites ranking on page 1 of Google. It’s not hard, just time-consuming. And she doesn’t have 100 people who will get up at 3AM and work for nothing and the love of Serge.

    • Marie Marionette says:

      …a presenter, aka in the money, too. As nearly everyone in that field. I should become one with “How to discern bull and shit”

  18. Its all been done before says:

    Anyone can slip a whoopee cushion onto a chair but pulling off a massive hoax is hard work. To fool the vulnerable you need patience, planning and luck and with that effort you can fool some of the people all of the time plying them with outright fabrications.
    In the early 19th Century, when ethics in journalism was still evolving, a writer for the New York City rag “The Sun” ran a series of artlcles about the discovery of civilization on the moon. The articles claimed that a British astronomer named John Herschel had used a powerful new telescope to spot plants, unicorns, bipedal beavers and winged humans there. The articles claimed our angelic moon brethren collected fruit, built temples made of saphires and lived in total harmony. The hoax was debunked and slammed immediately however, to the writers surprise, a section of the general public from all aspects of intelligence preferred to believe in a universe dotted with angels, unicorns and bedazzled architecture. 5 years later, after profiting from the followers via merchandise, lectures, theatre plays etc, the writer confessed to making it all up and said his intention was to satirize and study “theological and devotional encroachments upon the legitimate province of science”.
    Even with this confession, the community faithful were so entrenched in their beliefs, they continued along with their mascot, the moon beaver, to live one of the greatest hoaxes known to man.

    • Ducky says:

      I like the idea of worshipping the beaver.

      There are no limits concerning belief, sad.

      One favourite of mine is Mr. Hitchen’s story about the foundation of the Mormons. The uber Mormon’s clever wife almost got her husband’s lying a. Women… sigh.

  19. Kate Greenaway says:

    Kate has been a fully qualified and practising physiotherapist for over 30 years. She specialises in the treatment of complex chronic pain and musculoskeletal disorders using non-imposing Physiotherapy, Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy (ECTT), Esoteric Chakra Puncture, Esoteric massage and healing With Body Awareness and Connective Tissue Exercises.

    Kate combines the fundamentals of gentle and unimposing physiotherapy with ECTT, gentle exercises, and specific strength work to provide a way of returning the body to its natural harmonious balanced state and elongated posture from the inside out.

    Kate has worked: in teaching hospitals in Sydney; as a senior physiotherapist at the New England Baptist Orthopedic Hospital Boston USA; and at the Byron Bay Hospital/Northern Rivers Community Health Service. She has also toured with the Cork City Dolphin Rugby club in Ireland and in Australia with the Far North Coast Men’s Master Hockey Team where she treated acute and complex sporting injuries. Kate currently works with a professional team of complimentary medicine practitioners at the Universal Medicine Clinic in Goonellabah and at L’Alchimiste in Ballina.


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