Hamish Broome – Ex-Northern Star journalist, Universal Medicine cult informant


The Northern Star promoting Universal Medicine’s top recruiter, Chris James.

Early December 2012, anti free speech front group for the Universal Medicine cult, Real Media Real Change were scheduled to hold a cyberbullying conference at Southern Cross University, except they hadn’t informed their invited speakers of RMRC’s cult backing. Eight of the ten speakers cancelled when informed. Naturally we were seeking media coverage for the event, and a few days out I received a call from Hamish Broome, a reporter from Lismore paper, The Northern Star, saying he was interested in the story. He said he’d never heard of Universal Medicine. I told him my experience of the cult and its sleaze bag leader, Serge Benhayon, and he asked for contact details of other victims, which I didn’t have. I never heard from him again. Over half a year later, after having received a number of baseless legal threats from the cult using my name, I was informed Hamish Broome is the spouse of Sarah Davis, proprietor of Real Media Real Change. Hamish Broome never wrote a story about the conference, never intended to, never declared his conflict of interest to us and in an inexcusable breach of journalistic ethics passed our identities and information from myself and other victims to the cult.

[Update – as of 2019, Hamish Broome is no longer employed by Lismore’s Northern Star]

The Northern Star published an advertorial about the conference and a follow up, both written by another journalist, and neglected to mention it was cult backed and that 8 high profile speakers had cancelled. By the time I was told Broome is Davis’s spouse, it was too late to make a complaint about the article in question to the Australian Press Council, but I submitted one about Hamish Broome’s breaches anyway. The APC has kept those on file, with the half arsed responses from his employer. They only take action on complaints about articles if they are made within 30 days of publication.

When I made the complaint I was unaware Broome had written the article pictured above promoting Benhayon’s business partner and UM’s most successful recruiter, Chris James, who is also founder of the Sound Foundation, UM’s UK charity front. So again I missed the APC deadline. One of UM’s victims who’d communicated with Broome called me out of the blue to tell me Hamish Broome is an idiot, Chris James was holding a recruitment singalong in Lismore, alternative medicine is crap and Broome was giving out my name and number. I don’t know her, or her name and she called me on a blocked number. It would have helped if she’d told me he’d written the article.

Please readers, I don’t have supernatural powers. I can’t read your minds or every corner of the internet. In the end I stumbled across the above article myself while researching cult recruiter and dodgey charity founder, Chris James. If Broome writes any articles promoting Universal Medicine, its front groups or anyone listed on the Naming Names page, please contact me ASAP. Likewise, if anyone else was approached by Broome under a pretence he was writing an article on UM.

Hamish Broome’s lies

Prior to the Real Media Real Change Cyberbullying Conference fiasco, one of the local Lords of Form approached Northern Star editor, David Kirkpatrick to see if the paper would run stories about Universal Medicine. Kirkpatrick was reluctant seeing the cult had threatened the paper with legal action for writing that Serge claims to be able to cure cancer, and the paper had erroneously printed that Benhayon and his sons practice Esoteric Breast Massage. The paper should have checked their facts before going to press. Curtis Benhayon only practices Uterus Massage, and while Serge tells everyone he’s only performed ‘simulated’ Breast massage on his captive partner, we’ve shown the photographic evidence of his hands on chests and bottoms, and how he goes for the genitals of sexual abuse victims as well.

To our local friend’s surprise, Hamish Broome called him telling him he was interested in the story. Our friend asked if he knew anyone in the cult and he said he didn’t. We wouldn’t have spoken to him if he did. Our friend talked with him at length about his family’s experience of UM damage and then passed on my contact details. Hamish Broome called me around 8:30 pm on an evening before the conference and I spoke with him for most of an hour. He began the conversation asking about the conference. I asked if he was going to run a story. He said he was looking into it. I told him the conference was backed by the Universal Medicine cult and asked if he knew who they were. He said he’d never heard of them. I found it difficult to believe a journalist in Lismore hadn’t heard of them and asked him several times through the conversation if he was sure. At that point, I wasn’t aware the Northern Star office is in Goonellabah, the same suburb as the UM clinic. I don’t remember pointing out that UM had made legal threats to the Northern Star, but by then I thought Hamish was the most dimwitted journalist I’ve ever encountered.

An email exchange with the Lord of Form went like this:

Venus: Hi, do you think Heath will run a story? He had zero clue about UM when he called me Monday night…

LOF: Hamish? seems like it. He is emailing me a bit and asking for my story.
He talked to me at length last week so he might be dumb or playing dumb to get info.

During my conversation with Hamish, he asked why I thought Sarah Davis, head of Real Media Real Change, was associated with the cult. I told him she’d written a six thousand word apologism on the Words on Serge Benhayon blog citing her name, her location and her credentials. She later took her surname down from the post, after telling journalists her association with Universal Medicine had nothing to do with the cyberbullying conference. Except that Serge Benhayon was present at a pre conference dinner and managed to extract some free legal advice from the one defamation lawyer who showed up to speak. I told Broome I’d taken a screenshot of her name on the blog, so she couldn’t hide. At no point did Hamish Broome mention Davis is his wife.

I would never speak with a journalist connected with UM, and especially not the spouse of an anti free speech cult front that I’m exposing.

For a reminder of who Sarah Davis is, we see her on stage in the Lie Lie Lie sisters cult hymn performance, and in the Esoteric Women’s Health promotional video where she tells us how beauty-full she is, except for her hostility to transparency and criticism, and her ugly lies. She’s also one of the organizers for this weekend’s exercise in sexist cult indoctrination, the Mens Health Conference, ‘Starting the Conversation’ to be held in Brisbane and Lennox Head.

The irritating conversation with Broome wore on and I told him about the ovarian reading tried on me by Serge Benhayon, and the grim excorcistic mind fuck that went on at the Sacred Esoteric healing workshop. I told him I’d submitted complaints to the NSW HCCC. Hamish mumbled and said ‘gee, really’ a lot. Again I asked if he was sure he didn’t know anyone associated with UM and I directed him to the Naming Names page on my Accountability blog. He looked at it while on the phone with me and said he knew one person, Elizabeth Dalton. He feigned surprise to see her there and said she works for Lismore hospital. I pointed out Elizabeth Dalton is one of the grubby Esoteric Breast Massagers. Hamish Broome asked me names and contact details of other victims. I told him I didn’t have any and he’d need to ask the Lord of Form.

I never heard from him again, but we sent the Northern Star editors an early version of our press kit a couple of months later.

When I received the phone call telling me Hamish Broome was giving out my contact details, I immediately complained to the Northern Star editor, David Kirkpatrick, and received this response.

I have spoken to Hamish and he is adamant that he did NOT hand out your contact details

He did mention you first name in discussion with the person who may have contacted you, but not your surname.

This person acted like she already knew who you were

I have reiterated to Hamish that he should not discuss any details about contacts for a story and if asked for contact details should simply take a message and pass it on.

I apologise if you have been harassed in any way

Broome should not have mentioned my name at all, let alone offer my phone number, which the cult have used, ironically when the Mystic dentist, Rachel Hall, tried to have me charged with stalking.

A couple of weeks after making that initial complaint about Broome for giving out my details, I was told he’s the spouse of Sarah Davis.

Journalistic ethics are only for the Astral cult

Esoteric journalists don’t bother with pranic matters like ethics. The Australian Press Council ethical standards are found on the APC website. When I found out Hamish Broome is Sarah Davis’ spouse, I submitted a complaint with the APC citing breaches of the General Principles of:

1. Accurate, fair and balanced reporting

5. Honest and fair investigation; preservation of confidences

and the Statement of Privacy Principles:

1. Collection of personal information

2. Use and disclosure of personal information

4. Security of personal information

5. Anonymity of sources

All journalists know these principles and are required to abide by them. Without such principles, the profession of journalism is compromised. If journalists don’t abide by such ethics, the exposure of corruption is impossible.

Cult informant Hamish Broome

Following my conversation with Broome, the legal threats began rolling out to journalists and organizations who have corresponded with me, including an agency of volunteers who support victims of cults and their loved ones. My name appeared on those legal complaints, and those that were made to WordPress when the cult tried to shut down my blogs with false copyright claims. It’s my understanding victims of UM who were in contact with Broome have been served with legal and other threats.

And the other day, cult psychologist, Marianna Masiorski made a complaint of professional misconduct and ‘criminality’ about me to AHPRA for making official complaints and criticizing her public promotions of the sleazy Benhayon enterprise. None of which are breaches of my professional code, or crimes. She did however mention my press kit.

[  ] declares herself to be the author of the main ‘hate’ blog in a defamatory ‘press kit’ that these two individuals supply to the press, government bodies and politicians. 

Defamatory? The ‘press kit’ went out about 9 months ago and my ‘hate’ blog has been running over a year, but the cult has never served us with a defamation action. Never. None of the content is false. That’s why.

So where did you get the press kit Marianna? Who do you know from the press, government bodies and politics who would make that available to a cult struck numbskull like you?

Hamish Broome.

Broome’s recalcitrance and the Northern Star’s feeble response

The Lord of Form was incensed and emailed Broome when he found out he’s in a long term relationship with Davis.

Broome responded:

Hi [   ],

I was just trying to get both sides of the story.

I think both sides have a point but your point has probably been made louder, thanks to plenty of journos getting eager over a “cult” scoop.

 Good luck



At the start of the call I asked you why you were calling. You said you were interested in doing a story. I was surprised because David had already been in contact regarding legal threats from UM. I asked if you were involved or knew anyone, and you emphatically told me no. That is called lying. I have asked everyone I have spoken to the same question, and I recall asking you. In hindsight, your reactions were suspicious and I should have been a little more guarded, by I didn’t suspect you would be using your position at the Northern Star to trick me into giving you info for your cult.

I know that info has been passed onto other members.

Very unethical. Very cult like. And I am very pissed off. I see you have cc’d David on this. I will speak with him Monday. But in any case I am escalating it as a formal complaint to your newspaper and also to the relevant associations.

As an aside, I cannot believe you can absorb that information I gave you- and  have evidence of- and still participate with the group. Mind boggling and quite sickening.

[  ]

 In response to that [  ] I would have to say I never lied to you.

 Yes I was thinking of writing a story, and no – I never denied I was “involved”. 

But that’s not what editor, David Kirkpatrick’s response was. I didn’t waste time with Hamish the cadet reporter, I took the complaint to Kirkpatrick and the Press Council. Kirkpatrick took over two months to come up with this response saying Broome had declared his conflict of interest to his editors, and was not permitted to work on UM related stories. 

I have now concluded an internal review of your complaints about one of our journalists, Hamish Broome.

I sought some advice from Peter Owen, a senior training officer with APN and head of the cadet program.

Peter has also served on the Press Council.

He reviewed your emails and details of your complaints and he and I agree that there is no direct evidence to suggest Hamish has done anything wrong.

Hamish denies he passed on your contact details to his wife, Universal Medicine or anyone else

He also denies that he was ever asked whether had had any association with Universal Medicine or somehow kept this a secret.

While we are taking no further action against Hamish at this time, I would point out the following:

Hamish has never actually written a story about Universal Medicine.

He declared his interest in UM to me and the Chief of Staff.

On a separate occasion he began making inquiries about bullying seminar, but was pulled of that story and asked not to make any further calls.

Hamish has been reminded on several occasions of his obligations under the Journalists’ Code of Ethics particularly in regards to your complaints.

He has had a letter noting the nature of your complaints placed on his personnel file.

Hamish Broome has written a promotion of Universal Medicine’s top recruiter, though, as was pointed out to the editor. He’s also named on the Real Media Real Change website as part of their team.

Hamish Broome is a professional journalist with an interest in quality, accountable journalism of the highest integrity… He believes the independence of new media gives an opportunity for equal power in expression and accessibility for all – and with the ‘race to the bottom’ of traditional print media it is essential to establish and maintain professional standards of absolute accountability in online and digital media. Real Media Real Change site

Hamish Broome cannot be trusted to abide by journalistic ethics. He should be sacked.

My response to Kirkpatrick:

That’s simply not good enough. Your explanation doesn’t add up.

If Hamish declared his conflict of interest to you, why did he call us? Why was he talking to us about Universal Medicine at all?

If he wasn’t writing a story, why was he talking to us?

Why did he ask for contact details of victims? Why did he maintain contact with [  ]?

Why did he not declare his conflict of interest to us? Journalistic ethics would require him to disclose his conflict whether we asked or not. And we asked.

David, you’ve said: ‘He also denies that he was ever asked whether had had any association with Universal Medicine or somehow kept this a secret.’
So what is his position? You haven’t made that clear. Did he tell us he was Sarah Davis’ partner or not? … Did he tell us he has connections with UM or not? 

Please explain this to us.

Why wouldn’t we ask him if he knew of UM? How do we begin a conversation about UM with a journalist without asking whether they know of the group or not? UM is a multi-million dollar organization that has been established for over ten years in the same suburb as the Northern Star. Goonellabah isn’t that big, David.

Why would we talk with a journalist who is the disclosed spouse of the proprietor of a cult front?

Also, what do you make of these remarks to [ ] from Hamish?

‘I was just trying to get both sides of the story.

I think both sides have a point but your point has probably been made louder, thanks to plenty of journos getting eager over a “cult” scoop.’

Again, is that the story he’s ‘never actually written’? After declaring his conflict of interest to his editors?

His response:

You have my answer

I really don’t see any point in going over every last line or detail

He told the Lord of Form it was Hamish’s word against ours.

Consequences for sell out journalists

Northern Star editor, David Kirkpatrick is afraid to write stories about Universal Medicine because the paper might be sued, but he’ll employ a cult connected journalist, who admits to pursuing us for information having informed senior editorial staff of his conflict of interest. Why protect a two bit cadet reporter? Are Kirkpatrick and the APN afraid to sack the lowlife piece of detritus?

Hamish Broome placed us at risk. 

Does David Kirkpatrick, who is afraid of cult retaliation, know what Universal Medicine’s followers are capable of? Universal Medicine is a multi million dollar death and molestation cult whose zealous followers deny clear photographic evidence of molestation, send their daughters to stay in Serge Benhayon’s home knowing his current wife moved into his home at age 13, and haul their  young daughters on stage to sing hymns to a sexual predator as part of a YouTube promotional video.

The Deputy Executive Director of the Press Council told me they were unable to proceed with the complaint seeing it was made outside the 30 day time frame, but added:

Should you have any concern regarding future articles published by Mr Broome, to which these Standards may apply, please don’t hesitate to bring these to our attention.

If anyone else was approached similarly by him under a pretence that he was interested in writing a story, please contact us. We are particularly interested in Broome’s email correspondence, and so is a certain high level journalist with the most powerful media outlet in the country.

Regardless of the paper’s pathetic response, Hamish Broome’s name is dirt. I also made a complaint to the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance, who referred me to the Press Council. Hamish Broome is not a member of the MEAA but they’ve kept the complaint on file. I’ve now whinged to journalists from four media organizations nationwide about him, and my good friend, a senior investigative journalist told me she’d never keep a journalist of Broome’s ilk on her staff. His name is flagged.

We hope Broome likes his job at the Northern Star, because he’s unlikely to get a job as a journalist anywhere else, unless he and Sarah want to move to Cunnamulla. And if he does move on as journalist, we’ll make sure this incident follows wherever he goes.

Update: Broome scrubbed these details from another front ‘Co-Creative’ where he’s seen working with Curtis Benhayon and the UM audio-visual team.

17 Comments on “Hamish Broome – Ex-Northern Star journalist, Universal Medicine cult informant”

  1. Lord of Form says:

    “He believes the independence of new media gives an opportunity for equal power in expression and accessibility for all – and with the ‘race to the bottom’ of traditional print media it is essential to establish and maintain professional standards of absolute accountability in online and digital media”

    Sounds like the same print media that is paying his bills and is standing by him despite his abject lies. If he’s so principled, he should quit right away me thinks. Then David won’t have to agonize over sacking the little toe rag.

    Being the Lord of Form, I have used my supernatural powers to divine where that media kit has gone. It most certainly didn’t stay with Hamish the most ethical journalist in the world who follows Serge the man with the most integrity in the cosmos.

    Telling the truth is not a core strength of Universal Medicine members. They’re either lying to themselves or everyone else around them. It’s these very seeds of ideological thinking that can eventually rationalizing blowing yourself up, along with 12 children, for the “greater good” and some cosmic plan.

    Hamish has employed exactly the same diseased thinking. He’s lied to us, he’s lied to his employers and he’s lying to himself. He doesn’t need to race to the bottom. He’s already there.

    • Lord of Form says:

      I forgot to add that the Northern Star conducted an investigation which didn’t involve investigating. They simply asked Hamish if he did it, which he duly denied, then checked the emails to see if they could get caught with any evidence to the contrary, and concluded they couldn’t and said that there was no proof. Bugger off.

      But somehow the forgot to ask us, the victims. We happen to have proof as it turns out. An identifiable version of the press kit doing the rounds and being used by cult members. There’s only one way they got that and it’s from Hamish “forward button” Broome. You know, the guy that’s interested in the highest form of integrity in journalism. That one.

      It is as clear as day that the calls and emails from the little twerp were to collect information for his group in pursuit of myself and Venus. Nothing else. The Northern Stars response was pathetic and a protracted exercise in arse covering. If they had asked us when “investigating” they would have realized the compromised position Hamish had put them, and us, in. But they didn’t bother.

      Imagine if law enforcers conducted investigations the same way? hmmm.

      Unfortunately, we know most regulators do which is why things are progressing slowly. But to paraphrase Serge, truth does have a way of revealing itself. Eventually. Even if people are too apathetic to check facts and the evidence before them.

  2. Dear readers, if you’re not too ground down by that read, and don’t mind being even more pissed off – try a skim through this submission from Real Media Real Change to ACMA – the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

    FORTY NINE EFFING PAGES of anti free speech bullshitters RMRC telling ACMA how to do their job.

    49 PAGES burbling about media ethics, accountability and accuracy (as long as facts aren’t mentioned) and even, get this, PROTECTION OF CHILDREN, from hypocritical bastards who drag their own children along to hear mad fucker Serge rant about rape, ‘splitting‘ and paedophilia, and have no problem with the same mad fucker having little girls stay unaccompanied in his home.

    We SO wish we’d seen this months ago, but we’ll still contact ACMA and fill them in on RMRC’s lack of transparency, failure to disclose their cult backing, their in house louse journalist and his APC file, attempts to censor blogs, legal threats toward critics – including media outlets, harassment of journalists, intimidation of victims…

    With evidence.

    They may be inclined to view that submission and any future submissions in a different light.

  3. MacReady says:

    Considering the endless bleating from the cultists about the lack of integrity in the journalism field, this story couldn’t be more ironic.

    Then again, it illustrates once again that UM is the epitome of everything it condemns.

  4. you know who says:

    It’s just blather that would bounce of ACMA like turgid stools off a toilet bowl- but this is pure cult gold.

    “If we were to take the question out of the context of the media and introduce it to say the
    area of medicine- imagine the public outcry. Imagine asking the public if the concept of ‘ethical standards’ were relevant to medicine? Imagine a surgeon who did not feel it was important to tell you the truth. Or a nurse who felt it was ok to treat you with disrespect. Or a dentist who did not show you the correct xrays, thereby giving you a false picture (and price) about what was going on with your teeth. So the question in fact is –if it is an absolute must for medicine to have ethical standards–then why is it not the same absolute must for the media?
    What is it about the media that we even consider to ask such a question? ”

    No irony, no shame, no self awareness.

    The usual suspects. Sarah D, the beauty-full betrothed of Hamish the horrible, and Rebecca “I’m not Serge’s PR lady” penning the intro, with Deborah McInnes doing the leg work at $30 cash per hour. Pure shite shoehorned into the terms of reference with the not so secret goal of having anyone that says anything they don’t like shut down. They’re efforts are in vain so why are they even bothering? It’s a big yawn. It’s just hot air up each others bottoms.

    They really need Hamish on board as a figure head for their numbskullery and as a mascot for their dastardly deceptions and to guide them in the art of deception. Then they should all have ‘integrity 4ever’ tattooed on their foreheads & start wearing jackboots and arm bands to their monthly war meetings.

    “We’ll get those hate bloggers if it is last thing we ever do!” “Facts are an assault to our integrity, they should be taken off the internet!

    You know dummies, truth does win, which is why we know we will prevail. It’s why Serge shuts up too. Because he knows we know and he is afraid of everyone else knowing. Which they will in due time. Tickety bloody tock.

  5. Lord of Form says:

    Ironically, the only proof of journalistic collusion and corruption involving Universal Medicine that has emerged in the last two years is with Hamish Broome.

    The love-inners have been bleating on about it since the first expose on their revered master hit the newstands, accusing every journalist of lies, cut and paste journalism, bias, lack of ethics and one side reporting. Yet they have never been any specificity as to the alleged lies or biases, or who colluded with who, and for what reason. There’s been no complaints to the press council. Nada. It’s just been a lot of puffery and chest beating. They worked themselves up so much, they started RMRC which went off with a fizz.

    Ironically, and tellingly, it was Hamish, now editor-in-chief of the world conquering RMRC who was engaged in all of the things they accused others of. Shock, horror. Not surprised.

    Doesn’t that seem familiar? I really wonder sometimes if there are any inner core members who sometimes have a flash of awareness and say to themselves “holy shit, we are the baddies [ and Serge isssss a liar, banish the thought!]!”

    No? I guess not. But it is emblematic of the nature of this cult, that everything they accuse others of, they are doing. Over and over. At a personal level and right up to the man himself who beats on about integrity, truth, corruption and paedophilia thereby heralding his flaws and sins to anyone whose cerebral cortex is in the on position, and are not splayed out being massaged, needled and fondled into cognitive submission.

    There’s so many compromised members doing Serges dirty work that when the shit hits the fan- and it will- they are going to be indelibly stained. Hamish Broome.

    • RJM says:

      Indeed, the only reason RMRC was created is because the cultists cannot handle the fact the ‘one-unified truth’ (Serge’s deluded horse shit lies) they have bought into can be so easily deconstructed and debunked by anyone still in possession of their critical thinking faculties. It especially bothers them that anyone in the media would investigate Serge’s ludicrous claims and report them for what they are: absolute rubbish, and toxic rubbish at that.

      Remember the repeated statements made by Serge (recorded by the man himself for all to hear) that he would love to debate anyone on the planet as to the veracity of his claims? What an absolute crock that turned out to be. He not only won’t debate anyone, he hasn’t even got the guts to face his critics in person, preferring instead to hide behind front groups, love-blogs, and the sadly deluded brides of Serge who, as a result of investing thousands of dollars and years of their lives absorbing Serge’s lies, are all too willing to place themselves on the frontline, mindlessly repeating his empty, meaningless buzzwords in unison as if doing so did anything other than convince the rest of the world that they are indeed the brainwashed victims of a dangerously manipulative cult leader.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What a sorry excuse for a journalist.

  7. Lord of Form says:


    It strikes me that submitting an article to the digital media where the author and the subject don’t declare their common interest is somewhat deceptive. One might call it “collusion” to mislead for the express purpose of creating interest in their event, which by the way, they failed to explain was connected with Universal Medicine, only admitted under questioning. By a journalist.


    Adam now says there will be no UM speak at all, as he balances on his back foot. One wonders what the point is then, since clearly the whole event is motivated by their common belief in Serge’s newly minted religion and his ‘principles’ of health (and that secret occult doctrine they don’t speak about. Shhhhh)

    Meantime as a member of RMRC- whose purported aim is “truth and integrity in the media”, which was inspired by a group of hate-bloggers and trolls (us) colluding with (temporarily insane/possessed by astral entities?) journalists who for some reason were inspired to make up stories about their idol- he has failed to live up to their own code of ethics and multiverse sized integrity, just like his hapless stable mate, Hamish “forward button” Broome.

    So RMRC- down for two counts of provable colluding, lying and flagrant lack of integrity. And one complaint submitted to the (disinterested) press council.

    Real journalist, hate-bloggers and trolls- No collusion, no lies- just facts. Complaints- Zero.

    They’re not off to a good start are they? And that’s not including using the International Women and Mens days events to springboard off and to add credibility- also without declaring their agenda.

    Guys, it’s simple. If you believe Serge is a messiah, and a man of the utmost integrity, and that the livingness is the new world religion, why not run events around that? Hey…? You have to ask yourself why you are not doing that. And be truthful. Try it, it’s fun.

    If you want to be really truthful, come over to my house (you know where it is) and I will show you the stuff that you don’t want to see. No, too truthful. Thought so.

    If you can handle a semi truck load of Serge-isms and sad self-delusion, here are the brainstrust of RMRC. http://www.realmediarealchange.org/about-real-media-real-change/rmrc-team/

    Is it possible they are just repeating Serge after being lulled into a mind-numbed state and having their brains tampered with?

    Yes it is.

    • RJM says:

      Sarah Davis ‘has a nose for truth’. Let’s see, mermaids, Atlantis, astral entities, Lords of Form, the Hierarchy, Sanat Kumara, Djwal Khul, the Archangel Michael, Khutumi, coffee being more evil than heroin, victims of pedophilia, rape, murder being perpetrators of these respective crimes in past lives, Serge being a man of integrity despite repeatedly being proven (and in some cases admitting) to be a liar. Serge being the reincarnation of just about everyone famous ever. Serge being willing to debate his claims with anyone on the planet (apart from anyone that rejects his bullshit lies, that is).

      That’s quite a nose for ‘truth’ Sarah has there.

      • Ha! And the eruption of Mt Vesuvius that annihilated Pompeii was caused by PORN!

        We listened to some of Sergio the bullshitter’s 2012 New Year Message yesterday, but only got about 25 minutes in. Anyway at the 20 minute mark, a sample of Benhayon ‘truth’ that inspires the likes of ‘truth-full’ Sarah to sing hymns of praise to ‘The One’:

        The human being has been taught to understand things in the mind first, so I write in a way that deconstructs the way in which we’ve been educated, because it locks you up into thinking that all you need to know or all you do know is in the mind, whereas I know more than any scientist in my inner heart. In my inner heart I know everything about the universe and how it works. But I may not know the formulas, but everything I know is relative to life. And that is the greatest knowing because that’s what we do, we live. So there’s no point knowing about space if it doesn’t relate to life. So intuition is always based on life. So I can answer any question about any mystery in the world, any mystery in the universe, but my answers will always relate to life and that’s how the intuition works.

        Imagine that paragraph punctuated by Venus and my unmelodious tones of ‘fuuuuck’ interspersed with the thump of our foreheads hitting our desks.



        • you know who says:

          It means nothing. But it is attractive to the ‘students’ because he’s sold them they idea they can know everything in the universe too. They don’t notice Serge’s smug self importance that is as big as the universe, and how he gets away with unbounded egomania while Gail coo’s her twee questions. They just think “Amazing. Isn’t Serge amazing”

          If you look back over the years Serge’s self importance has increased proportionally with the number of members and money he’s pulling in. He keeps pushing the boundary a little more each week, month year. Until in 2012 he announced himself the “one” sent to lead the ‘new era’- a narrative that’s dropped off lately- sending the followers into mouth frothing excitement.

          The lesson is, the more bullshit you can talk, the more people you can suck in. Truth, on the other hand, people aren’t so fond of. They avoid it assiduously. Right, Hamish Broome.

  8. MacReady says:

    “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”

    ― Carl Sagan

    Ponder on that, ‘students’.

  9. RJM says:

    The most ironic thing about the UM/RMRC anti-free speech brigade is that apart from his delusional new age belief system, con-artistry and obsession with sexual perversions, Serge’s stock-in-trade is shitting on the reputations of countless individuals, religions and organizations. Basically everything that he hasn’t plagiarized or doesn’t derive profit from is criticized and condemned by Serge with monotonous regularity in his presentations and writing. Yet. when the spotlight is directed toward his own shady background, the malevolent messiah and his brainwashed brides cry foul and want to criminalize anyone who dares point out the obvious. The Universal Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  10. Private says:

    DV, it would be wise of you to check your facts before you next go to print. The numerous inaccuracies in the claims you make are, to say the least, baffling. The latest being related to the Hamish Broome/Chris James story. Let me correct your inaccuracies, at the very least on this occasion.

    The only reason I called was to tell you that Chris James was holding a recruitment sing-a-long. True. I was met by rude indifference. True.

    At no time did I mention that (a) Hamish Broome was an idiot; or (b) he was handing out your name and number; or (c) alternative medicine is crap. This is a fabrication and false.

    In addition, in July, Hamish Broome was nothing more to you than a cadet reporter who had ‘conned’ you into supplying him with a press kit. Even if it was possible to circumvent your rude indifference, giving you his name would have been meaningless, as you weren’t advised of his relationship with Sarah Davis until mid-August!

    Your repeated public derision of me for failing to agree and comply with your tactics regarding Universal Medicine is not only hypocritical (given that bullying, exploitation and intimidation is exactly what you are protesting against) but also self-defeating.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      For a start I don’t know you, or your name. I can only deduce who you are from your rant. I spoke with you once. You called me, remember? I never asked you to. In your call, you let rip at me, having introduced yourself with a fairly common first name. I didn’t know who you were. If you thought I was rude and indifferent it’s because I didn’t know what you were on about.

      I won’t be bullied ‘privately’ by you either with false allegations.

      You were not the only person involved and others know the facts. If you don’t like me or my approach don’t read and don’t contact me. Simple.

      Fight your own battles.

      • Darkly Venus says:

        And by the way, let’s look at the timing of this little tanty from you. The Sound Foundation has been hit with regulatory action – the culmination of a lot of hard work by people interested in ending UM’s harms. Instead of showing some appreciation for our progress, you come to my site to harangue me with inconsequential trivia to make it all about you.

        You backstabbed me on the Rick Ross site and to others in private communications and now you come here to my site telling me to ‘check my facts’ when you’ve never been cooperative or forthcoming or in the least bit personable. You’ve been disruptive, oppositional and abusive. If you don’t like my site or my official complaints, research and write your own. Or piss off.