Esoteric Creativity – sexual abuse denial set to muzak

We interrupt our regular programming to show you what could happen if Serge Benhayon rearranges your brain cells and you combine that mess with music lessons from Chris James. The result is something like the Osmond family crossed with the Beverley Hillbillies on benzodiazepines and nitrous oxide. We think it unlikely to find chart success anywhere but on Planet Serge where facts that come with photographic evidence are ‘lie lie lies’, and having your genitals pawed by an ex bankrupt junior tennis coach and toilet epiphanist is called ‘healing’.

Our cast of self loving songstresses from left to right, and not counting the token minor, are Sarah Davis, the Esoteric brains behind undisclosed anti-free speech cult front and abject failure Real Media Real Change; the indomitable SergeProp commandant, Rebecca Baldwin, who falsely accused us of false accusations of sexual abuse and wants our blogs shut down because she says so; with her sisters, Sarah and Esoteric kamikaze, Kyla. Don’t know who the bloke is, but shouldn’t he be playing a banjo? Or two?

If Burt Reynolds shows up with an archery set, run like hell.

I’m guessing they were attempting Esoteric humour by calling it a ‘cult hit’, which is the only genuinely funny crack I’ve heard come out of Universal Medicine, but the performance screams cult louder than any Chris James led Esoteric happy clapping extravaganza, and we do hope they produce more of this wonderment, because the more they release publicly, they better they make us look.

Anyway, apart from dragging a little girl onto the stage to give the thing an air of safety, my real concern is the quality of the production. I mean, surely they could have done better than Sarah Davis attempting gentle breath hip hop, and the Baldwin sisters out teething each other. If they really want chart success, I think they should take some lessons from Lily Allen. The lyrics to her chart topper are naff and everything, but it’s amazing what can be done with bit of melody, and I dunno, panache. And sometimes it helps to just say what you really mean…

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  1. ''overleonardo'sbullshit'' says:

    Oh My God, isn’t that just the saddest thing you have ever seen? And as much as I despise them, I just cant help but feel so sorry and so embarrassed for them. And did you notice how a couple of people were so eager for them to finish they started to applause prematurely, lol 😉

    • Ha! They started the applause at the one minute 47 second mark, but poor bastards had five more minutes of that shit to go, lol! And did you catch the daggers coming from the cadaver on geeetah into the audience at that point. The LOLs never end.

  2. Feline Aphrodite says:

    “You don’t fight fire with fire, because fire don’t fight.”
    above is a line from the lyrics –

    If they are so full of light etc WHY do they NOT answer questions? Ever!

    They fight the truth with ignorance and a blind so called integrity and blind loyalty to Serge.

    This really is a very poor attempt at damage control. They have not done themselves
    any favours even if it does go viral as one of their comments notes.

    Oh and there is this disclaimer (as usual must protect Serge):
    “Note: this song was written and performed by participants of workshops presented by Universal Medicine, and Serge Benhayon. The lyrics represent the views of those who are performing (and most of the audience by the sounds of it!), and are not necessarily those of Universal Medicine. For those who would like to learn more about Universal Medicine please visit

    • Darkly Venus says:

      fire don’t fight? we’re writers not fighters?

      Only the sweetly grimacing Brides of Serge could see their efforts to criminalize us and the exposure of embarrassing details about the wholesale harm done by UM as non aggressive

      You know’s bro, I don’t agree they’re ‘not bad people’ and merely misguided. Sarah Davis tried to run a conference without disclosing to high profile speakers her cult backing and that her efforts against cyberbullying were nothing but fascist censorship, so she could eliminate public criticism in order to pimp more women and young girls to Esoteric Womens Health abuses. That’s plain corrupt. Rebecca Baldwin thinks she can bully journalists and blogging platforms into eliminating critics and exclusively printing her inverse ‘truth’. Kyla sees no problem with Serge putting his hands on the genitals of sexual abuse victims ‘nowhere near their lady parts’, and that he’s done it thousands of times without any complaints, and then that trifecta of harpies bring a small girl onstage knowing she’s barely younger than Miranda was when she first moved into the Benhayon household. They might be smiling, but their trashy aggression is nothing but evil.

      You know they would have us jailed if they could, and have all trace of the facts about UM and calls for accountability erased from the internet. What they call ‘rewriting the story’ is doing away with the facts to help rebuild the abuse pyramid scheme so pervey Serge can keep rolling in filthy lucre.

      Not bad people? Bullshit.

      • You know whos Brother says:

        did you see I put the caveat (mostly)?

        But today i was speaking with a doctor who knows one of the doctors who was freaked out that said doctor was such a promoter of Sergio von scammer ( which was obvious to other said doctor, as it is to all other non-head screwed detractors) and it was stated “but doctor is such a nice person” I can’t work it out… I borrowed from you and Richard and said “it’s a virus that colonizes a corner of their minds. They don’t know they are brainwashed, otherwise they wouldn’t be in the cult, or singing stupid cult songs. And they wouldn’t be acting so un-enlightened if they had an inkling they had had their heads tampered with. It’s like a common sense lobotomy where that part of the brain is replaced with a stupid happy face” and the said doctor went “ahhhh, right” which is probably the same as you just did. But it made sense to me at the time. And it at least lets me half forgive their stupidity. Which I need to do otherwise it is unbearable.

        And you know, there will be a day when a lot of them will look back and go “oh shit, what a fool I was”. Good people do bad things for what they think are good reasons. It happens all the time.

        • Darkly Venus says:

          It’s a head spin, I’ll grant you that. Most of these folks might have entered the group as not bad people, but can any of us call what they’re doing good?

          You’re right, it’s brainwashing, heavy influencing of previously harmless people to do intensely harmful things. Stupidity explains some of it, but not all, and some are more stupid than others. Also, dressing demurely, smiling, not swearing, avoiding gluten and dairy and drugs, doesn’t make you a good person. Hitler was rather well behaved when he wasn’t organizing a gigantic genocide. The outcomes of what you do determines your ‘goodness’ and you get a fresh shot at blowing it with every new decision you make.

          I know staff that work with that doctor, and they’ll tell you there’s much more to the responsible medical practice than smiling and having nice manners. Even Serge can manage that much – when he wants something.

          And then there’s the opportunists within the hierarchy, the ones who were only half bad at the outset, and Serge has harnessed their special self-loving ruthlessness by giving them authority and gently encouraging them do their worst. Over Leonardo’s Bullshit mentioned Rajneesh’s lieutenant, Sheela, who fits that league, and became sociopathically violent toward critics before ending up in jail.

          Not bad people? Case by case, but none of these deniers are good. Throw in blind devotion and dire lack of insight and they’re plain dangerous.

  3. pranabunny says:

    I must admit I was scared to listen to this (cringe alarm!) and then I managed to last about 15 seconds. For me this isn’t even about the quality of the music, I don’t think it matters that the ladies sing slightly out of tune – hell, I can’t sing either! – and that the song is a bit dull. I wrote pretty dull songs too when I was in my teens. What makes this so unbearable to watch and listen to is the brainwashing factor. It’s so creepy and cringey, it reminds me of the Hare Krishnas. The frozen saccharine smile, fakey-sweet/’gentle’ voices (come on ladies, if you want to convince us that you’re sane you have to BELT IT OUT!), the glazed stare, the swaying, the guru’s phrases they use as lyrics, it’s so…. eerie… and reminds me very much of this little performance:

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Thanks for this bunny. The Family were another far flung sexually abusive cult, and this clip has that same facade of creepy saccharine denial, while behind the scenes was mindfuck hell and molestation.

      Dobbsie, you are not the only one disturbed by the exploitation of that young girl on stage by the Baldwins4Serge propaganda machine.

      Again, the Lie Lie Lie sisters above are both doing Serge’s bidding, and marketing his filthy abusing enterprise. As Feline says, they repeat the lie lie lie mantra but without addressing our questions and the huge amount of damning material we’ve exposed.

      Music video is a powerful tool. Cult leader David Berg is not featured in the creepy Family video above, just as Serge Benhayon is absent from that little display – and those are deliberate manoeuvres – smokescreen attempts to present a wholesome, feminine, smiling facade for each of the respective cults, that are really molesting the vulnerable, robbing them and destroying their lives.

      Imagine if the video featured Serge Benhayon or David Berg singing that song or similar. Even the followers would switch off in droves. Genius marketing, but even more genius is that millionaire Serge didn’t have to pay them for it.

  4. susieQ says:

    Hare Krishnas – copy of them definitely, this was my first thought as well.
    Those of us who can’t sing would not put ourselves on YouTube.
    I could not watch it all the way thru – it made me feel sick as do the comments after it.
    Fancy having a child involved.

  5. Scarlet Woman says:

    Cult Alert! absolutely no doubt at all UM is a cult. These women not girls are mesmerized by their cult leader Serge – it is like they are in love with him!
    Shame on them for introducing children to this.
    The little girl is there to make it all look so sweet and innocent – shameful

  6. you know who's brudda says:

    The more they do to try and convince themselves and others they are not a cult, the more cult like they act. I have watched it through, over and over, and I just can’t stop laughing at how bad it is on so many levels. Talk about lack of awareness. But honestly, I haven’t laughed as much in a long time. I even laughed in my dreams last night. “detractors!” it is a scream.

  7. Winston says:

    When’s the next hit coming “Sister Sledge”…… Stop it!! I peed my pants!!

  8. The gals ought to start rehearsing this number for their guru, whilst working up some gluten free recipes that can incorporate files and other hardware for visitors day…

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah Winston ,well I’ve been thru my entire wardrobe pissing myself – I gotta get some nappies

  9. You know whos Brother says:

    No you are not. Why is she there? Is she Sarah D’s offspring? Generational mind-messing.

    It seems we have all had the same response Eric. The “four” detractors (times ten) have been laughing all day, judging by the emails and SMS’s going around. It is pure gold.

    The would be train conductor is Andy, the girls Dad. Helping them serenade Serge. Probably to help sooth the pain of handing over hundreds of thousands so he can learn the livingness and so his daughters can all be ‘love-ly and “amazing”. According to Serge. (fact is, like all (well most) the members, they are not bad people, just very misguided. They can be love-ly without singing bad songs to deny the truth and join Serge’s lie lie lies (detractors!), or pretend they are ‘soulful’ and we are not. I can guarantee you I am 10X more ‘soulful’ and ‘mindful’ than all of them put together in their current state. And so are you)

  10. I personally can’t wait for their next hit: WE ARE NOT DESPERATE DUH DUH DUH Deniers

    Andy Baldwin could try playing it on a toilet brush.

  11. Feline Aphrodite says:

    “Music video is a powerful tool. Cult leader David Berg is not featured in the creepy Family video above, just as Serge Benhayon is absent from that little display – and those are deliberate manoeuvres – smokescreen attempts to present a wholesome, feminine, smiling facade for each of the respective cults, that are really molesting the vulnerable, robbing them and destroying their lives.

    Imagine if the video featured Serge Benhayon or David Berg singing that song or similar. Even the followers would switch off in droves. Genius marketing, but even more genius is that millionaire Serge didn’t have to pay them for it.”

    Venus, the above is from your comments – so so true it really does it well.
    Genius marketing – Smokescreen (and do not forget the disclaimer – all for Serge but he is not responsible as usual) HE THINKS!

    Where is Serge? Why does he need to hide from the cameras if he has nothing to hide?

    These followers really really really believe in him and everything Serge says and does. They do not want to and can’t see the evil.
    Successful $CAM, what follows is worth repeating.

    “The danger of the missing gene

    There is no guilt associated with a scam, not even the slightest twinge. A con artist is quite simply missing that particular gene. The con artist has no inbred stops, no conscience. That’s what it means to be a sociopath. If anything, the con feels justified in taking your money, “You deserved to be taken. You asked for it.”
    Why is this dangerous? Because it means that the con artist will pressure you to the end of your resources, regardless of the pain and grief it causes you. Neither children, nor the elderly, nor the fragile of health are immune from his attack. It does not matter to the con that he may be taking your last dime, nor does it matter to him that you may need the promised wealth to pay for a dire need. This criminal will take your money to the detriment of your health by selling fake cures and false hopes, even knowing that his scam may ultimately cause your death.
    The swindler’s attitude toward his victim is the same as any serial criminal.”

  12. rippleddonut says:

    I can’t believe they have put that bollocks out there for all to see. That line of saddos have no idea how far from reality they have come, it’s like they have all ended up with absolutely no self-awareness. They need brain Sergery.

    I can tell you why Serge isn’t in the video. It’s because he isn’t in the least bit interested. He was recently seen leaning against a wall, hands in his pockets, grim-faced, bored expression on his alien mug, not moving a muscle, all the while Miranda rattles through some God awful new dirge. If you didn’t know better, you’d have maybe taken him for the man who was responsible for stacking chairs at the end. But with a bit less interest. Mr zero charisma cannot even groove along to his wife’s money making Top Hit. God those poor women don’t half make themselves look stupid, and all for what? No, what? Come on, someone please tell me, What?!

    Heaven help the Detractors. At this rate we’ll all be banned from repenting and joining up and passing our life savings over to fund The Care Home.

    • For what?

      So Rebecca can feel IMPORTANT, that’s for what, and the others can feel SPECIAL with exclusive subscription to Serge’s Light® that’s blinded the lot of them to the harm and abuses.

      And yep, WHERE IS SERGE? And who needs bodyguards when you have the Lie Lie Lie Sisters baring their fangs and staring down detractors? This video sends a clear message to anyone experiencing doubt and to anyone looking to bring Serge to account – that’s what they’re up against, the feminine bullying buffoons of the UM cult.

  13. Feline Aphrodite says:

    PP all of the Doctors in this are just the same as the lie lie lie sisters.
    Bullying Buffoons. All of the gals would like to be number one.

    These Dr’s do not care about the damage that they have allowed to be inflicted and that they themselves have inflicted on patients. After all being a death cult it is a win win situation at all times for them.Why the hell would Dr’s refer people to $erge?
    They all must feel so privileged to work for the ONE and only $erge, to have his approval is of the utmost importance to them. Their brains have been messed with.

    The link on scams shows how no one is immune, no matter what station in life you have, a scam artist looks for those in need.

    I dare say $erge would have been Mr Cranky Pants lately, so there has to be a more visible show of allegiance and worship of their GOD $erge especially from the sisterhood. All it is is integrity to Serge definitely not to what is true and right. They must appease their God for their everlasting destiny.

    Why is there so so so much written by them all on the subject of rape? It is all so weird they are obsessed.

  14. Darkly Venus says:

    A selection of investor comments from the heavily moderated Lie Lie Lie Sisters YouTube page:

    From Adam Warburton: The internet has given haters and trolls in the world a status that they never would have had previously – people from all walks of life feel their poison. It has given them power without accountability – thanks to their abuse of the right to anonymity.

    From Desiree Delaloye: to the point Adam. We do not hide behind false names and lies. We can show our beautiful faces because we have nothing to hide and much to share.

    Again, slowly for you, we – are – not – anonymous.

    When we make complaints, notifications and reports to police and regulators we are not anonymous. Universal Law having been using my name in legal threats ever since Serge received my complaint from the HCCC and he could be prosecuted for attempting to harass or intimidate a complainant.

    Yes Adam, we have a right to anonymity. It would be good for business if I posted my name on my sites – I’m sure it would bring me a lot of benefits. The public hates cults and they hate sexual predators and I have a growing number of supporters in high places. But at the same time, if you lot are capable of denying clear evidence of sexual abuse, and dragging a child onstage like a sacrificial lamb in a sick display of Serge worship, what else are you capable of? You’ve shut down blogs without a court order and tried to have me harassed by the police. Why should we put ourselves at risk of retaliation?

    And De$iree, how much have you made out of your business partnerships with $erge and Miranda?

    From Mystic dentist Rachel Hall of Evolve Dental Healing: …Universal Medicine and many of the students associated with UM have been falsley accused via online blogs & a media campaign spearheaded by on tiny minority.

    The media doesn’t investigate a damned thing without evidence Dr Hall, and neither do regulators and police. If we made unfounded or false complaints to regulators we’d be prosecuted. Why did Universal Law withdraw legal action against media organizations? Why haven’t they sued me? Are you really that thick?

    • You know whos Brother says:

      Look, their comments are so predictable. They have their head so far up their own arses, or each others they spend all day looking at bowels and the faint pink glow of daylight. I am pretty sick of their gloating self satisfied stupidity actually. I can’t read their comments without a strong desire to rip my hair out at their sheer unrefective stupidity. It reminded me of how I felt when I sat down and read Serge’s messterpeice “the way it is”. I can’t remember ever banging a table so much and growling “what a fucking idiot…” every paragraph- interspersed with thinking “and they believe this (clearly manipulative, illogical, pseudo science/philosophy, clear attempt to deceive, ridiculous, counter logical, evil ) shit!” You can only think that it is like a slight mental retardation, which I guess it is. How else can their monstrous stupidity and denial be explained? So we should treat them that way. It’s the only way I can think to deal with it. Serge is another matter. He should be locked up with his books and recordings to keep him away from the general public so he can stop messing with peoples minds and turning out an army of gormless followers. And the key thrown away.

      Detractors indeed. What total morons. Morons.

    • Feline Aphrodite says:

      UM are really the tiny minority to the rest of the world. Culties!

      They really really have a misguided concept as to how many many disgruntled fed up people there are. There are a lot of us.

      UM is the talk of the Northern Rivers and I have yet to hear a good story all I have heard is horror stories of pain. Serge the smooth operator – money making mongrel mega control freak.

      We pursue the lawful channels, we do not take people’s money or hurt and damage people.

      Our anonymity comes from whistleblower protection. Remember that Serge, and also your helpers.

      Why should we put ourselves at risk of retaliation with no trace of which one of you horrible lot of Serge supporters that it came from.

      We are not haters we are not trolls we are citizens who have experienced and/or seen the carnage from this money making evil SCAM.

      It is really joke how $erge hides,never answers questions, just tries to shut us all up.
      Gutless creature hiding behind all of your cloned mind controlled women……and Doctors.

      You will NOT shut us up – until this is stopped. There are a lot of us who are not afraid of narcissistic bullies, you may have been successful in knocking the stuffing out of so many
      but there are a lot who will see this through until it is stopped.

      The more you try to shut us up the more you prove you have even more to hide. Ugly thought.

      Of course you withdrew legal action against the media, you do not want to be exposed
      on National Television in any way shape or form. – Gutless wimp!

      I reckon that soon Serge will do a runner – and leave everyone else to cop it.

  15. You know whos Brother says:

    Speaking of all things legal, time for a little Paula Fletcher musings. From a blog post she did last year.

    “Much of what Serge presents I feel and accept as true for me; other things I consider to be ‘possibilities’. I have always been open to the possibility that we do not ‘know it all’, and I do not dismiss things just because there is no scientific proof of its truth. Scientists are always coming up with new theories and debunking old ones, so clearly science does not have all the answers.”

    We are not talking about a genius here. Serge would be better off hiring outside the cult pool- he might be able to come up with someone that understands discursive reasoning, and therefore could win an argument. This paragraph sort of sums up the numbskull thinking that has them all trapped like flies in a bell jar buzzing around bumping into each other. Let me deconstruct it for her:

    “…I do not dismiss things because there is no scientific proof” should not mean, therefore I accept things in the absence of them. Which is what she is saying. It is a logical fallacy. Common amongst the scientific illiterates and folksy wannabe philosophers or new age mumbo-jumbo ists.

    IF the is no evidence of a certain thing, then the correct and logical position is not to form a belief about that thing. Of course, most people in the world work on beliefs alone, with no justifiable reason to believe the things they do, other than they heard it somewhere, they were told it, someone else believes it. In Paula’s case, and the rest of the cult, they “feel’ it is right because Serge has convinced them their thoughts are not their own ( one of his unconventional ideas she doesn’t mention) and the rest of the group believe it too. In a word, irrational.

    They cannot “feel’ it is right. That particular fiction is a way of justifying an irrational position. It is loaded cult word too. The sense of intuition they think they have is actually a stage one mental process of making judgments based on past experience, social agreements, and good old lack of cognitive effort. Which is EVIDENT in Paula’s year 7 level argument.

    “Scientists are always coming up with new theories and debunking old ones, so clearly science does not have all the answers” I want to swear but I will abstain. WTF! What a total idiot. But I digress. This common logical fallacy you would think would be beneath a high powered Mullumbimby lawyer who magically thinks there has only been 42 breaks up from UM over 13 years. ( my count is hundreds- but I digress again)

    Paula my small minded friend, that is what science is about: falsifying theories, testing evidence and hypothesis. EXACTLY the opposite to unjustified beliefs such as the one you espoused first in such as dimwitted fashion. Scientific method is about testing evidence, not jumping to ‘beliefs’ because it is a possibility and someone said it might be so. It has been so successful it has given you the computer you have sat at to write your well considered comments on the blogs of stupidity, the car you drive, the phone your calling on, the insufferable long life you are living. That comment is the most oft quoted one there is by the ignorant masses. It is brought out to debunk climate science, medical science, any science and it is TOTALLY WRONG and the domain of the pig ignorant. Which I thought a smart lawyer who has to win cases based on EVIDENCE would have known.

    Science does not have all the answers by it’s own admission and by its nature, but that does not mean that the ideas of a man who says he does have all the answer is therefore right. That is not just a logical fallacy, it is plain bloody stupid. Clearly someone who says they have the answers without evidence is in fact a liar, delusional or an idiot. Or all of them. Just as much as anyone who would accept that argument must be.

    Which just about sums up everything Paula said in that post and the others I am printing off for a particular reason she will soon find out about. Ye god. What utter dimwitted stupidity.

  16. Grian says:

    Actually, the video reminds me of a year six leadership camp I went on once.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      That’s Serge’s fetishized age group unfortunately. He’s fantastically successful at getting supposed adults to regress to that age mentally and emotionally.

      You Know’s Bro, Paula and the cult might be determined to shoot the messenger by shutting us down, but internet exposure is the least of their troubles.

      They’ve got the problem of Serge himself and his determination to humiliate them all by begging to be caught and letting them know they’ve all been had. He won’t be satisfied until he’s caught and he’s made sure he’s dragged them all down.

  17. Feline Aphrodite says:

    Shame shame on you Dr Samuel Kim for your support of Universal Medicine which is a lie lie lie.

    It is NOT medicine! It is a scam and a cult.

    You show no integrity, if we are wrong in what has been exposed here then why is Serge in hiding and why why why will Serge not answer questions and face TV cameras?

    ‘Intent to mislead the public’ you say! huh obviously you are talking about yourself and your fellow UMer’s and of course the one and only SERGE!

    Here are Samuel Kim’s comments on the above muzak…..

    Samuel Kim
    The video is a great living example of what the union of love and harmony can achieve in a community of gentle men and women. It just reveals the integrity of the livingness which is not truly understood by a few including those who seek recognition out of their misperception, lack of integrity and intent to mislead the public. The song and lyrics sing aloud in open expression of love and truth.

  18. Sub Rosa says:

    My personal favorite:

    “Awesome – great response to what amounts to about 4 peoples bitter vitriol (empty vessel syndrome) in reaction to students of Universal Medicine living life being true to self, this will always be more attractive than being self-righteous and just downright nasty.” By Geraldine Burrell


    Does Geraldine have any idea what the esoteric/occult meaning is, if she’s paraphrasing the term empty vessel …?!

    I actually do: it’s my bet Serge does too. Obviously his students don’t…

    Now I am the detractor.

    • I guess that makes 5 of us then.

      My! Aren’t we INFLUENTIAL.

      Okay, to whoever it is who keeps up those quotable google search terms – this time it was “really bad smelling gas and chakras”… Are you a dude? And do you wanna go out?

      AND me and one of the other four detractors were feeling almost flattered – I mean no one has ever written a song about us before. Yes, sad but true. We cry ourselves to sleep every night wishing etc. 😥 BUT we were hoping for something a bit more affectionate. More like this:

  19. Sub Rosa says:

    Lol… That one is creative!

    As another writer on the subject Serge and at the risk of sounding a little narcissistic: I felt we deserved a little more quality, myself as well.

    Most definitely have to make better self loving choices. Hate to admit it though. ($igh)

  20. ''overleonardo'sbullshit'' says:

    Oh Venus, lighten up, Bruno Mars has come a long way, and at least he has a sense of humour, lol, Keep up the great work Ladies 🙂

  21. Sub Rosa says:

    Okay, Venus have it this way: us empty vessels ….

    (Big Wink)

  22. And now in a stroke of MARKETING GENIUS the cult has posted the Lie Lie Lie Sisters doing the ‘lie lie lie, sway sway sway, we’re not in a cult, we love giving Pervey Serge money lie lie lie DETRACTORS’ ditty on the Universal Medicine site.

    Insanity or stupidity or comedy, or all of the above? anyone?

    • susieQ says:

      Profanity and stupidity.

      Really – anyone new looking at that is going to think what the!
      Yet they all at UM are so proud of it and even worse all that UM represents


  23. ''overleonardo'sbullshit'' says:

    lol, Well clearly I think Universal Medicine is all washed up! Why would anyone, with any business sense put that absolute rubbish up on any website, even the fraudulent Universal Bullshit website? I can only assume Serge has felt an obligation to give the Lie Lie Lie Banshee’s their five minutes of fame, before pulling the plug on the whole thing. Either that or Universal Medicine has just committed suicide and it’s going to die a slow, painful and pitiful death! You can run Serge you gutless wonder, but you cant hide! Scammer 🙂

  24. You know whos musically offended brother says:

    And we thought that the cult-hit squawking was bloody awful! Michael can’t write a tune, Miranda- poor lass- can’t sing a note, and the video production is straight out of the early 80’s. But not as good. The only way you can market this is the same way Serge flogs his hack writings. ‘I know it sounds bad, but that is because you are in your pranic mind..! Once you become soul-ful you will hear it’s real meaning” – or something.

    See how far you can get. I can’t do more than 15 seconds.

  25. rippleddonut says:

    Oh No, oh please no. This is so lame I almost feel sorry for the twats. Miranda sounds like she is being forced at gunpoint to sing, don’t you think? No variation in her tone AT ALL, just a stupid mantra like she’s under hypnosis. Really really weird music, like a functional food, supposed to do you good, but in itself it’s hard to swallow and tasteless. What do they get out of it? I reckon it’s a trigger back into a hypnotic state that they are put under at retreats. Why else would this stuff get published?! Come on!!Who’s that dancing, if that’s what you call it? Natalie I guess?

    • Okay, yes, yes it’s like an Australian Idol audition on Mogadon, but look, hold off on the comments everyone for a few hours while I earn a living and get the abomination up into its own post, and then thou wouldst let rip. Thank you for your patience. Etc.

  26. Super Sleuth says:

    I can’t wait to comment, I am sorry, I am just too inspired…. to vomit.

    It’s the worst, most bland, insipid crap I’ve ever heard. It’s an insult to music, and the video looks like something a 10 year old knocked up (for fun and as a piss take).

    You really don’t need to keep up this blog, because if any more of this rubbish gets released it’ll finish the cult on its own.

  27. ''OverLeonardo'sBullshit" says:

    OMG, Speech less, poor kid, that’s so sad, quick where’s the bucket, LMAO

  28. says:

    I lasted 49 seconds but only because I was too stunned to click the pause button. Aaaaaaaaah! Looks like in the video Miranda is channelling the love-child of Britney Spears ca ‘Hit Me Baby’ and ‘Thriller’ Michael Jackson. Yummy yummy yum!

    You know what’s so weird? Sergio is telling his ladies to be gentle and lovely and yummy and to not do any sports or anything remotely interesting/challenging but there she is, Miranda, singing about being ‘sexy’ and ‘sassy’ (just a little bit sassy, mind). In my mind, a sexy or sassy woman is someone who tackles life and all its challenges with gusto, a woman knows her on mind, enjoys life to the full, and doesn’t listen to any man (no matter how allegedly enlightened he may be) telling her how a ‘real’ ‘good’ woman should act, think, live, or love. The brides of Serge are not empowered, sassy, sexy or whatever. They are brainless clones and an utter disgrace for the feminist movement.

    • First, we think that’s Natalie doing the Esoteric Flashdance routine. The voice is definitely Miranda.

      Second, ‘sexy’ normally implies liking sex and appealing to others sexually. I mean come on. We saw it on the Accountability blog – Serge’s sexual mind fuck a la the couple’s weekend that probably broke up more couples than it helped. The cult teaches that objectification by men causes breast and gyne cancers, that women should be gentle, and they hate sex and only do it to please men, but then they’re told that Esoteric self-love in front of a mirror and taking a photo is ‘sexy’. So masturbation is in, but sex with a man is out, unless he’s gentle, a fellow cult clone, and can ‘make love’ without emotion. And Natalie is an expert, not only on women’s health, without training or formal qualifications of any kind, but also on sexiness. So how many self-loving lovers has she experienced? Hm?

      Fuck off.

      I’m sick of their pseudo-feminist bullshit, while they deny abuse and pimp their own daughters to the Messiah and his sleazy Esoteric ‘real men’.