Defamatory lies & Serge Benhayon’s human shields

Sergio the persecuted presents his One Unified Truth

Sergio the persecuted presents his ‘One Unified Truth®’

Real Media Real Change, the UniMed cult’s public relations outfit hasn’t done much since its Esoteric Cyber-bullying and Mens Health Conference flops, except to discard their ‘brand’ to launch the highly original Esoteric ‘facts’ site – a creative embellishment to all the bent Esoteric ‘truth’. It’s the same load of propaganda with the addition of false and defamatory character assassination of critics, an unsightly outpouring of all the toxic emotion, denial and bullying they’d struggled to conceal behind the cult’s leaky password protected battlements, and a big fat fib about who is responsible for the site.

Remember the damage control hysterics last year when the Byron Shire Echo called Adam Warburton et al to task on promoting the RMRC Emasculation Conference without disclosing its cult backing.

It prompted Serge Benhayon to write to the paper insisting he’s not running a cult, he’s running a business – and he has no followers.

Real Media Real Change, registered to sole trader, Sarah Davis, with substantial input from Rebecca Baldwin, threw out this howler:

It is important for us to clearly state clearly and categorically that RMRC was conceived as an independent community initiative and has no agenda other than to support accountability and connection in media…

Again we make it clear that RMRC is not a marketing or advertising vehicle of Universal Medicine, and Universal Medicine is absolutely not a cult. (Letter to the Byron Shire Echo)

Except the only activities RMRC has undertaken have been to market UM philosophies, products and services, promote censorship, and pledge allegiance to the only Ascended Master in Goonellabah.

Adam Warburton whined about our questions:

As a result, every time we do something publicly we have to justify who we are, as if we have some hidden agenda,’ he said. (Benhayon Link to Lennox Conference, Byron Shire Echo)

Yes, Adam, you do. Especially when you lot tell a lot of porkies to lure vulnerable people, take their money, screw up their lives and then boast about your ‘integrity’.

Anyway, RMRC has been all but abandoned, and Sarah and Rebecca went awfully quiet after their petulant Christmas demands.

Turns out they were scrabbling away for months at a cunning defamation plan in the leaky Debasing Evil 101 dungeon. Sergio harnessed their most soul-full and ardent aggression and brought in reinforcements; business partner Desiree Delaloye, barrister Charles Wilson, and tireless Esoteric ‘truth’ drill sergeant, Alison Greig. Jonathan Baldwin is in the line up to make up the numbers or something.

‘New Student Initiative’

The UniMed *Facts* Team pitched the defamatory embarrassment to the ‘student body’ (or ‘brainwashed  cult members’ according to the ‘hate-bloggers’) as a ‘student initiative’.

New Student Initiative…

Recently, a group of students felt it was time to publically [sic] unveil the cloak of anonymity of these cyber- bullies and to set the record straight. So a new website has been launched with the purpose of unveiling the cyberbullies and providing a platform to present the truth to counter the lies. (Email bulletin)

I was almost fooled into thinking the Brides had taken it upon themselves to defend poor little Serge, the malnourished millionaire. I thought how impressive; he need not move an atrophied muscle – the unisex Sons of God will bare their tenderized breasts to fight his battles. How selfless of them to take the ‘initiative’.

Except they didn’t.

Serge owns the site.



I always say, no matter what obfuscatory smokescreen they whip up, keep your eye on the puppet master.

Student initiative or not, legally, Serge is responsible – seeing we’re being defamed on a site named after him and his business.

Looking at the dates, he registered it early February, at the same time the cult health professionals were trying to outdo themselves in defaming me to AHPRA – in collaboration with ‘the World’s Teacher’.


Screenshot from password protected Debasing Evil site

..and shortly after the Naming Names page recruiters spammed the ACCC with 4,500 pages of complaints about me that were rapidly and unceremoniously tossed out.

It truly is the cult’s last kamikaze effort at intimidation. Probably in anticipation of the bad press to come.

It also solves the mystery of what has become of Real Media Real Change. They’ve morphed into Serge’s Student Initiative®. But a defamatory dirt-site is not much to show for months of damage control PR by Sarah, Rebecca and Desiree. The Esoteric Practitioners Association website is still coming soon since 2009, and the the Sound Foundation site isn’t faring much better. It seems RMRC have abandoned any attempt at public transparency for UM’s fronts. Instead of persuading us of UM’s integrity by disclosing the EPA, Sound Foundation and College of UM’s structure, funding and financial accounts, they opted to publicly crucify detractors with claims of mental pathology they’ll never substantiate in court.

The writers of these pages present the facts about Universal Medicine because we know the facts and can present a true account since we have known Serge Benhayon for many years.

In this time we have only benefited from our association with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, experiencing enormous benefits to our health, relationships and our lives from the work of Universal Medicine. 

Funny how they don’t mention the financial benefits of being on the payroll.

How is RMRC funded? How much are the RMRC Brides being paid for their ‘Student Initiative’?

And have they been paid enough to cover the damages payout they’ll be making to us, along with our legal costs?

8 Comments on “Defamatory lies & Serge Benhayon’s human shields”

  1. SubRosa says:

    And they call you “a serial blogger” huh…!? I even lost count, if it comes to how many blog’s and sites they have. I bet they are still yammering you, only this time through the post office on hallmarks, to be safe from spies.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Maybe we should keep a tally:
      UM Main sites x 3 .com .net & study
      RMRC Blogs:
      1. Wimmin in Lyingness
      2. Everyday Lyingness
      3. Trooth about Sergio
      4. Medicine and Sergio
      5. Words about Sergio
      6. Trooth about UM
      7. UM *facts* lies & defamation

      Makes 10, with another EXTENSIVE one to come which is all about the ‘student body’ and how they’re not a cult, I suppose.

      Because that’s what you do when your 8 propaganda sites aren’t making any impact – you launch another 3.

      I’ll probably update the gossip post about this later.

  2. SubRosa says:

    You’ve forgot Eunice and her SoulFluf doctor…

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Ah yes. I wasn’t counting the cult members individual blogs and there’s a heap of them.

      In other words, it’s a full time job for UMers to keep up with their own blogs – yet the message doesn’t vary.

      Sergio likes it that way. The more they have their heads in their blogs, the less they’re thinking about the rip offs, rorts, lies, intimidation and molestation.

  3. Lord of Form says:

    One of Serge’s favorite terms is “empty puppets”- I wonder what these guys get paid for giving up so much of their time to defend Serge and the ideas that have infected their brains?

    Nothing, I reckon. Now talk about “empty” puppets.

    On to “imposed truths”- another Freudian reveal from the master of obfuscation. Things perhaps for the “truth writers” to consider. ( assuming they can)

    – Serge and the family have at least 20 active ABN’s, personally or with companies. Many of them are NOT registered for GST. Some family members have more than one. How many companies does one man need? And why? C’mon John Hinchcliffe, you know the answer. Ask Debbie if you’re not sure- And she knows about “imposed lies”. She’s been sitting on them for 20 years. She’s really good with P&L’s too.

    – Serge has at least 10 websites. How many URL’s does one man need? And why did the original websites go down right at the moment of the media attention June 2012?

    – He’s been selling healing courses for at least five years with fake accreditation. What do you estimate…? $4-5 Million in gross takings? Now that is a successful con. Just like brainwashing, a good con works best if the person duped doesn’t realize. It’s even better if you can get your victims to participate. Like doctors and business partners that can take the fall for you. It’s great, and there’s no complaining customers because they’re invested too!


    And in other news, Sarah Davis has given up the pretense of being an independent media reform advocacy to work full time on hate blogging- obviously without pausing to consider the ugly irony as she helped hand picked dodgy images of the subject of her hate…activities.

    Perhaps her compromised half-witted husband Hamish Broome, Northern Star journalist (sic), lent a hand? Did you guys let the suckers you invited to your con-ference know about your new line of work?

    Amaz-ing stuff.

    In a letter to Echonetdaily recently, Mr Benhayon has denied the group is a cult.

    ‘I run a business – there is no cult, no group and no members. As a client of Universal Medicine, the business, you choose to attend, you pay, you get the service and you leave, returning if you so choose to.”

    Serge is a mass of contradictions, so numerous it would take 10 new blogs to cover them all. But his insistence he just runs a business while flogging a religion and occult ideology is the most rank.

    Own up to it Serge. It’s time to start taking responsibility. If you can.

    • Esther Rockett says:

      Okay, so the Lord of Form is thinking RMRC isn’t paid to spruik UM. I think they are.

      Comments anyone?

      The reason I think they are is that RMRC has an ABN owned by Sarah Davis, and I know she flits around the country to various UM centres.

      RMRC is responsible for all the UM websites. We saw RMRC team member Terri Anne Connors’ Linked In blurb likely referring to UM:

      GLOBAL HEALTH & WELLBEING WEBSITE – Project Coordinator reporting to Project Director
      • Global Health and Well-being website with 17x different subjects and 150x SMEs/authors.
      • Co-ordination of project streams, implementing project management system processes
      • E-Learning: development and delivery of Training via Skype and Webex
      • Hosting Team meetings
      • Implementation and management of Basecamp, a project management system
      • Updating project brief, implementation of the plan
      • Reporting
      • Change Management
      • All aspects of business administration & operations management for project

      And then the substantial PR that goes into Esoteric Womens Health.

      It’s a lot of work to be doing for nix.

      Then again, there seems to be no limit to how much the faith-full will prostrate themselves for the Benhayon family deification scam.

  4. Esther Rockett says:

    And the latest fictitious *facts* and defamation site hysteria is the mega astute observation that I can be Esther Rockett, Health Care Activist, Pranic Princess, Darkly Venus, Registered health practitioner, Cult basher and Nobody’s Bitch all at the same time – like it’s a bad thing.

    I can also tie my shoelaces and chew gum.

    A couple of months ago I was running the UK Charity Commission and the Private Eye News Desk.

    Tomorrow I’ll be the Chief Executive of News Ltd.

  5. Cult*ural In$ergent says:

    Interesting how people behave in response to a perceived authority figure.

    Throughout history examples exist of leaders/charismatic figures/regimes convincing people to behave in particular ways that may go against an individual’s innate morality. When a person or persons are perceived as inherently more knowledgeable/enlightened/powerful than another and therefore ‘rightfully’ authoritative an imbalance of power arises.

    Many times throughout the ages individuals who have insisted that they are self governing have allowed themselves to be insidiously manipulated. Despotic regimes come in many shapes and sizes. Some even purport to have no particular leader, to be egalitarian (when this is clearly not the case) and to promote ‘free will’; of course, vehemently eschewing any suggestion of a hidden agenda. The associated propaganda is frequently about betterment for those who adhere to the regime’s questionable philosophical principles. It’s a form of social grooming that can progress from micro to macro exponentially. The surrendering of autonomy is potentially very dangerous because it feeds a regime’s ability to grow and rule in an increasingly tyrannical way.

    Whatever one’s viewpoint on Milgram’s experiments may be, they are certainly thought provoking. Compliance is a film which asks the viewer questions about the nature of perceived authority and our possible responses to it.