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Greetings and Esotericisms from the School of the Livingness shop

18 August 2017 – Tenterfield about to cop UM’s aggressively marketed Girl to Woman Grooming Festival 

9 August 2017 – *New fiction – Bathenstool besieged *The merciless suffocation of passion – UM style *Natalie Benhayon before and after special edition 

2 August 2017  – Sound Foundation Community Care’s phantom VAT debt cock up + retraction *Esoteric ‘gifts’ from the School of the Livingness *Latest blogs from Universal Medicine does Deutschland🇩🇪 

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Keine Alternativen?

Olga from the Universal Medicine Accountability’s European bunker explores slavery to Serge’s over priced Esoteric ‘truth’. (In German.)
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Universal Medicine does Deutschland

Doch. Autonomie.

Ich wollte eigentlich nur Esthers “Our Mission 2016” übersetzen und gut ist. Mein Lebensinhalt besteht nicht aus Beschäftigung mit UniMed. Wir schütteln häufig über seine unfassbar dämlichen Aussagen und dass es noch unfassbarer ist, dass “The Student Body” diese ungefragt quasi als die Wahrheit Gottes aufsaugt. Kein kritisches Hinterfragen, nur Bewunderung.

Wenn ich erzählen würde, dass 4 mächtige Geister die Welt und uns durch pranische Energie manipulieren und kontrollieren, wäre mir prustendes Lachen sicher. Nicht so bei Serge. Esther und Co. stellen kritische Fragen? “CYBERBULLY”… und gefühlte 40 Blogs werden kreiert (ich nehme mal an, ohne Bezahlung), in denen UniMed über den grünen Klee gelobt und die Kritiker diffamiert werden. Entwicklung entsteht aus Kommunikation auf Augenhöhe, nicht daraus, Kritiker auszugrenzen und deren Kommentare erst gar nicht auf euren Seiten zuzulassen.

Serge betont regelmäßig, dass er das einzig Wahre präsentiert und es keine Alternativen gibt… und wenn es in…

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College of Universal Medicine charity mysteries 2017


October 2015, the College of Universal Medicine had its deductible gift recipient status revoked by the ATO (Australian Tax Office). The charity’s official line was that it was revoked ‘voluntarily’. Was a loss of almost $600,000 in cash assets, equivalent to the entire proceeds of the gift fund,  voluntary too?

Were the donors informed?

Read the details at this link: College of Universal Medicine charity dysfunction update 2017 — UNIVERSAL MEDICINE ACCOUNTABILITY

The Way It Is in the New Era


The author tries on the Esoteric

Keep your hair on everyone. Yes, we’ve suffered a setback. It’s a pain in the bum, but it’s not fatal. I’m fine. There’s no point updating until I have all info, which may take a few more days or a few more weeks. But update I shall. Comments are disabled for the time being. Welcome to the New Era of Esoteric freedom of speech. Please be patient. If you want to occupy yourselves, have a look through the archives.

Feel free to whinge over on the Rick Ross Forum, or Richard’s blog.

College of Universal Medicine charity trouble – 2016 update

CoUM-building-wasntOctober 2015, the Universal Medicine cult’s Australian charity had its Deductible Gift Recipient status cancelled by the Australian Tax Office. The College doesn’t fulfil the requirement of a charity for the advancing of education. It never did. The College’s building fund has been shut down. Cult leader, Serge Benhayon, has also been prohibited from using the charity’s funds to improve property he owns. Seeing that was the whole point of the sham, what will happen now?


Unpacking Serge Benhayon – videos

For all Universal Medicine anti-cult videos visit the Darkly Venus YouTube channel

Serge Benhayon was also recorded telling an audience about voices he heard while sitting on the toilet. The leader of the Universal Medicine cult claims to be an Ascended Master incarnate, the highest spiritual form of human being, the only one of his kind on earth, and the source of ‘One Unified Truth’. He claims competing sources of authoritative knowledge, such as academia and peer reviewed medical research are supernatural conspiracies to lead us away from his ‘truth’ and keep us in ‘illusion’.

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Undue influence – a Universal Medicine cult money spinner

Investing in your will with cult leader Serge Benhayon

Investing in your will with cult leader Serge Benhayon

Universal Medicine’s Serge Benhayon to inherit bulk of devotee’s million-dollar estate. Sydney Morning Herald 28 December, 2015

Today’s news reports the devastation of a family robbed of their rightful inheritance by a multi-millionaire predatory charlatan.

Update 2: also reported in Australia’s Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail (Australia & UK) and New York Times

Click here to read the rest of this blog – mapping undue influence – how Benhayon grooms cancer patients to harvest bequests