Serge Benhayon on circumcision & ‘splitting’


Okay sane people, I guarantee it’s impossible to read the following without your head hitting your keyboard or desk or the nearest telegraph pole at least once. We’ve read and heard some outrageous bullshit that has sent our high functioning reality testers into overdrive, however, some of the following on circumcision was so demented it even caused some cult members to snap out of the dissociation trance and get ‘defensive’. Although it appears they weren’t as defensive when he started on underaged sex.


This is needed for an esoteric life. It is not a Jewish thing. It was around long before the Jews. When we enter the physical realm there is only so much we can deal with. While it is not our natural realm we do have to work within it. If you think of it like this we have to cut our nails, shave, cut our hair because nail growing and hair rowing is part of our animalistic nature. Sex is also part of our animalistic nature. The truth is that a man has less sex drive if he is circumcised. Making love is very different than having sex. Making love is Divine. The body we are in is part of what we need to attend to. The first purpose is love, then see the human body as a vehicle of expression. Having a circumisation is an act that says I am not here to have animalistic sex/ animalistic urges. With sex, which is rape energetically, you are being used just as you are using another. We use our body from our emptiness. We have to get to the point where we have an awareness of the fact that we have a body and then ask what does this body need to be soul-full. Side note: Having a vasectomy is fine.

When Serge presented about circumcision people in the audience became very defensive. Serge then asked us if we were DEFENDERS OF THE HUMAN RACE. A LOT OF US ARE. WE ARE NOT PREPARED TO SEE IT IN THE LOW FORM IT IS WE WANT TO BUILD IT UP. This is an ideal and belief we have to address within ourselves. With love, Elizabeth (Esoteric Development Group notes taken and distributed by Esoteric Breast Masseuse and registered nurse, Elizabeth Dolan, October 2011, p.7)

Do you suppose Elizabeth is one of the cult members who insists ‘SERGE NEVER TELLS US WHAT TO DO’? Bear in mind, women pay her to recite this brand of Esoteric man hating,  human race hating ‘self-nurturing’ as she massages their breasts.

From an anonymous note taker at the same lecture:

  • Circumcision- needed for the esoteric light. Foreskin part of the animalistic body (not part of our true form). Men who are circumcised are less sex driven (able to make love). Uncircumcised are men more likely to be attracted to other women. We are not here to procreate and have animalistic urges.
  • The way women use their bodies is not good. They become the man’s remedy / relief. Rape is the energy of being used

From the next EDG meeting:


Serge brought this up again. He spoke about it in the last EDG presentation. He wanted to make it clear that he was not telling people to get circumcised. The act of circumcision is there to remind us that we are not here to be animals. We are here on earth to get out of here. We are not meant to be here. Circumcising a baby is a reminder to the man that he is not an animal. If anyone thought from what Serge said that they should go and get themselves circumcised or have their older kids circumcised then they are channeling the Astral plane. (Esoteric Development Group notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, December 2011, pp.4-5)

Later in the same set of notes, Elizabeth relates Benhayon’s rant about adolescent girls engaging in rough sex until their genitals are injured – a practice Benhayon calls ‘splitting’. It has nothing to do with circumcision, but gives an idea of the ‘soulful’ and ‘Divine’ content of Universal Medicine presentations, again starkly at odds with the airheaded ‘beauty-full’ and ‘yummy’ group hugs on the propaganda blogs. It was preceded by a long lecture on how Serge’s daughter Simone is an ‘ascended master’, how she’s revolutionized swim training by teaching swim students to breathe through their noses, followed by Serge prattling on about the body having 45,000 chakras and this bit of misandry: If you are a women let yourself be a woman first then you don’t need a man but may choose to be with a man.

In the New Era the energy is going to highlight extreme behaviors. We need to keep up with what is going on around us. Don’t close off to it. Serge spoke about something that 10, 11 ,12 year old girls are going in Goonellabah and no doubt the rest of the world. It is called “splitting”-meaning that these young girls are having sex with older boys and the sex has to be rough and hard enough that it causes the girl to bleed (not from breaking the hymen but from the roughness of the act). The name of the game is that the boys have to make the girls bleed while the girls have to be able to prevent themselves from bleeding. For the boys, they are a hero if they can make the girl bleed, for the girls they are a hero if they can withstand the act and NOT bleed. Parents are now sharing porn with their 8-year-old child. (Esoteric Development Group notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, December 2011, pp.5-6)

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  1. You know who says:

    Does anyone have any doubt that Serge hates all men except himself. He spends a lot of time denigrating every other man and their men-bits, while waxing lyrical about women’s breasts, ovaries and vagina’s. How can anybody listening to this not get the impression they are being raped or raping someone just by enjoying their partners? Talk about projection Serge you sick little bastard. How can anyone listen to this shit- full stop?? It is appalling. And his invention about splitting is just his fertile imagination in overdrive; somewhat akin to his rant in late 2011 about how “entities” take over men so they can’t stop thinking about that young girl…no matter how hard they try.

    And tonight, the faithful are gathered at Lennox to pray at his feet in a big group hug while he sprays them with his god-awful mind-f**k and subversive depravities; with his ex-wife looking on stoney-faced, and his young wife whom he met at 13 takes pride of place beside the master. Enlightenment, love, integrity? I don’t think so.

    • If you have notes of that rant please send it in and we’ll post it. We want to make sure UM has NO SECRETS and the unsuspecting public knows exactly what goes on behind the hugs and gentle breaths.

  2. Darkly Venus says:

    We’ve seen some revolting stuff from this bloke, but I think this may be one of the most disturbing examples of his toxicity – mostly because some cult followers did get defensive and did do the right thing and speak up, only to be met with an ALL CAPS Esoteric fire and brimstone HATE & DEATH rant from he of the ‘utmost integrity’ and ‘love’.

    No doubt there were medical professionals present, teachers, social workers and maybe the cult lawyers and they’re all still defending this character, forking out the $$$ and recruiting new victims.

    It’s a disgrace.

    And a tough day at the anti-cult grindstone after reading cult physiotherapist, Kate Greenaway’s self and cult promotional pitch at the parents of children with a disability – written up in the previous post.

    Utterly sickening.

  3. RJM says:

    Can Serge provide any evidence of a single culture predating Judaism that engaged in “esoteric” male circumcision?

    I doubt it.

    Serge is simply capitalizing on the fact that his family is Jewish and thus he has had the chop.

    As for his obsession with “splitting”, perhaps Universal Pedo-cine would be a more fitting name for Serge’s empire of insanity..

  4. Feline Aphrodite says:

    Utterly sickening, disgusting and despicable. It is all so revolting and depraved.

    Please authorities deal with this evil pranic empire in a fiery way real soon.

    The authorities have reminded us again in view of the recent Boston bombings that if we see something to say something. The authorities are apparently regularly scouring the Internet for suspects.
    They will soon discover the SB UM empire and all its depravity – what more evidence do they need?

    Please may the press expose this disgraceful empire for what it is – evil and demented.

    – “We are here on earth to get out of here. We are not meant to be here.” (Esoteric Development Group notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, December 2011, pp.4-5)

    How demented and evil is this teaching. How can the Medical Specialists marry this up with the Hippocratic Oath? Death dealing stuff yet again. All for the love of Serge, not their patients.

    What about all of the children in the care of these Teachers and Social Workers so disturbing, scary scary stuff.

    So so sad and it’s so sick. The only love here is the love of Serge and the blind loyalty and integrity to him.

  5. Freeman says:

    And whenever the chance serge drops one in about how it’s coolio to be a single lady. In fact, it proves you’re esoteric.
    “I never tell anyone to leave a relationship. Some women hide behind what I say. I never say leave or go. That’s unfair”
    Liar, manipulator extraordinaire…

  6. You know who says:

    Each reading reveals another layer of evil.

    We are not here to be human. We’ve got to reject our humanity. Our bodies. Ourselves. Our lives. Our loves. Our families. Our values. Our common sense.

    Students, ‘what if’ this is it? What if this magic 8 short decades of existence is your moment in the cosmos? What if the whole of the universe has evolved to this moment so you can exist and observe it and yourself in its magnificence? What an absolute criminal waste of fleeting beautiful life.

    Serge- what a waste of space and thief of peoples lives.

  7. Feline, ASIO etc. does monitor evil groups to an extent, but they tend to be alerted by references to weapons, bombs etc. In the case of UM, the ticking time bombs are the leader himself and his commandments, and the mind control vile indoctrination set to detonate inside followers minds. We know it’s already blown apart families, and damaged bodies and minds. Destruction similar to that wrought by terrorism but more subtly and without the WMD. ASIO may not twig. Also, UM doesn’t post its secrets on the internet, which is why we’re here doing this. We know when you sign up for gentle breath meditation you’re opening yourself up for physical, psychological and financial abuse, and a death package. We want the public to know this.

    I did write up a Venus style analysis of the above garbage to put in the post, but ended up deleting it. I thought I’d let it speak for itself, and as You Know Who says above there are layers, dimensions even, of evil in those few paragraphs.

    Anyway, if anyone’s interested, the important points for me, apart from those all have you have mentioned, is that cult followers would consider having their penises and those of their sons surgically altered to subdue them – at Serge’s behest.

    Plus, Sergio’s data comes from inside his head. ‘Men who are circumcised are less sex driven (able to make love). Uncircumcised are men more likely to be attracted to other women.’ SAYS WHO? and how the heck would he know. What an entitled arsehole!

    He reckons sex is inferior to Esoteric ‘love making’, which is done without emotion. “Love is not emotional; it is an emanating presence that has not one ounce of emotion in it, but the emanating aspect of the joy and harmony that is God.” (Benhayon, The Way It Is, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2006, p.26)

    But even Serge realized he’d gone too far with all of that bullshit. Of course he wants his followers to occupy themselves with getting themselves and their sons circumcised, and being less male, why else would he preach all of the above. However, when it looked like it might cause an Esoteric stampede to local GPs to put their kids under the knife he had to pull it up with a bit of SergeSpeak – ‘channeling the astral plane’ meaning, ‘Covert hypnosis is one thing, but you lot are more stupid than I thought’. Doubtless he was covering his arse in case someone complained to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission.

    If anyone did get circumcized or thought about having their child circumcized because SERGE SAID SO, and later regretted it, please consider making a complaint to the NSW HCCC. Serge isn’t qualified to give healthcare advice, and all surgery, including circumcision surgery has risks.

    Finally, this is an interesting article on the controversies surrounding health claims about circumcision, written by a well informed inhabitant of planet Earth:

  8. My read on this whole sorry mess goes back to one of my first posts on my comparatively dormant blog, the basis of this cult and Serge is a pathology of subversive sexualization by neutering men and de-sexualising women. My understanding is that this is the norm for paternalistic cult leaders, who usually present as grandiose narcissists with an underlying, perhaps, seminal sexual dysfunction. (imagery intended)

    Some time ago I became aware that Serge’s father has strong views on circumcision, and that there has been some inappropriate sexualisation of Serge as a young boy; he was exposed to adult behaviors which no doubt has had an effect on his psyche. (for the record, Serge has spoken about this publicly in an attempt to dismiss it) Serge is simply parroting his father’s strong views on the subject; as he is doing with other ‘impressions’ he claims have come from ‘the hierarchy’.

    As usual, Serge is largely wrong as to the origins of circumcision. It was and is widely praticed in Africa as an initiation into manhood (much like female genital mutilation remains popular throughout Africa) and Ancient Egypt but fell out of favor over time. It is largely a Semitic practice, and while there are varying views on its meaning, it appears to represent sacrifice and/or a symbolic castration. Something I am sure Serge finds satisfying and at the same time in line with his upbringing and obvious sympathies and antipathies.

    It is extremely revealing to have Serge pontificate on this subject one week and then denounce his followers for taking heed the next. He’s never at fault: Special love (divine love) special sex (divine sex) omnipotent, beyond reproach – full flight narcissism.

    But as you rightly say Pranic Princess, he keeps his wits about him enough so as not to be held lawfully responsible. Be it symbolic castration or followers sacrificing themselves to cancer on the altar of Serge’s dangerous and unfounded ideas. He simply sells the vision, lays out a cookie trail and then urges his students to follow it to their collective oblivion; physically, mentally, spiritually.

  9. RJM says:

    Serge’s equating natural, healthy, mutually consensual sex (as opposed to love-making) with rape is extremely twisted and disturbing. Rape is about domination and control. It is a particularly brutal act of violence. Consensual sexual activity on the other hand even when it doesn’t involve a deeper emotional connection, is generally about pleasure and mutual enjoyment. Yet to Serge, this is the equivalent of rape, and his deranged demonization of it seems to be primarily focused on men as the perpetrators. What about women who enjoy sex for its own sake? He doesn’t seem to have much to say about these female energetic rapists. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced the end result of his teachings about sex and love-making first hand; seeing someone burst into tears of guilt and shame whenever they let go enough to enjoy very gentle, straight-forward sex was agonizing, even more so was not being able to reassure that person that they had nothing to feel ashamed about, because Serge’s teachings were beyond question or criticism.

    Since Serge is so preoccupied with rape, perhaps he should consider the very real mind-rape he has inflicted on his followers. A great deal of healing will be needed as a result of the damage he has caused, and that healing won’t come from the deranged ideas of a perverted, lying conman.

    • And that repulsive bastard puts his hands on people’s genitals and calls it a ‘healing’ for sexual abuse.

      I’m so sorry for you and your partner. All of this meddling – invasions of privacy, boundary transgressions, hijacking people’s intimate lives and this vicious anti-intimacy programming is just WRONG. So so damaging.

      And damned right I wouldn’t be letting that lying little ex bankrupted pervert tell me who I can sleep with and under what conditions.

      Yuck, yuck and yuck!! 😡

    • Darkly Venus says:

      I suspect Sergio would get a lot of satisfaction out of that result. It’s what he sets out to achieve – breaking down his followers and destroying their relationships with non adherents.

      I’ve witnessed someone of his ilk (another petty, perverted little despot) break someone down emotionally and where a normal human being would realize they’ve pushed someone too far and try and make amends, this guy was smiling – satisfied with himself.

      Sergio would reckon he’s done your partner a favour. Just as putting his grubby hands on people’s genitals is his idea of a ‘blessing’.

      As painful as this was for you both, thanks for sharing. It’s these very real, first hand accounts of UM’s toxic ‘healing’ that hit home to those outside the cult just how bad it is.

  10. MacReady says:

    “Men who are circumcised are less sex driven (able to make love). Uncircumcised are men more likely to be attracted to other women. We are not here to procreate and have animalistic urges”

    Considering that there are reports of Serge engaging in numerous affairs with clients in the early days of his “healing” career (while he was still married to Deborah), not to mention that his early encounters with underaged Miranda are suspicious, I think we can sweep Serge’s circumcision claims into the garbage along with every other completely unfounded, irrational bullshit statement he has made.

  11. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Weird cult. What again was the punishment under Noahide Law for making up your own religions?

  12. chris rule says:

    Your commentary is weirdly overwrought and exaggerated. Some points. There is plenty of evidence for the advantages of circumcision. Most sex is meaningless without love. Immediately after orgasm a man feels a sense of repulsion and sadness if he is not in love. He might hide it but it is true! Many women ARE unhappy with their sexual partners who seek more animalistic pleasures to spice up an empty relationship. Serge rightly asks women not to accept this and to honour themselves. When a man doesn’t accept this the relationship may collapse and rightly so.
    Most of the philosophical approaches of UM are direct extrapolations of reincarnationist thinkings widespread over the planet for thousands of years. Not very unusual at all.
    It is also worth pondering that not everyone is a secret pederast, quite a lot of us men aren’t you know.
    I attended one of the UM retreats. I think they are harmless. Guess what the guts of it is? Gluten and dairy and drugs and alcohol aren’t good (surprise surprise). You should respect yourself and not give your power away. You shouldn’t be a victim of your own or anyone else’s lusts. If you are ill continue your treatments but consider illness may be a result of your life. If you don’t get better, the next life may be cleared of that particular aspect.
    None of this is particularly unusual. I think a lot of the UM stuff is a bit “waffly” and could be more succinctly explained. I am told that everything costs but that if you can’t pay it is free.
    My feeling is that the deal is straight and the principles solid. Your commentary borders on the hysterical. N.b. your description “touching a girls anus” was a ludicrous interpretation of the fact.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Overwrought & exaggerated, LOL, coming from the people who at last count have 23 pages all about little me up on the internet and several thousand comments labelling me a criminal and sadist etc.

      So you went to one of the retreats and now you’re going into bat for the Gospel of Sergio?

      Take off the cult goggles, darling. Where is Serge’s hand in the photos? Name the precise part of the anatomy. How old is the girl in the photo?

      Do you put your hands on girls’ bottoms to help them with ‘sadness’?

      You’re not related to an Esoteric practitioner by any chance are you? Business not so good, hey?

      Serge asks ‘women to honour themselves’ by being told how to think and behave by a misogynist pervert, touching each other’s erogenous zones and lying and bitching about anyone who asks questions?

      Has Serge removed your entities yet?

    • Phil-osopher says:

      Fuck off Chris rule you total pillock. How do you know- Many women ARE unhappy with their sexual partners who seek more animalistic pleasures to spice up an empty relationship.
      How do you know it’s empty?
      Is there any chance the ladies enjoy sex and have animalistic urges too??? Are men ever abused by woman or is it always the other way around? You fucking bellend.
      Youd have to be a right knob to accept those statements as fact rather than the work of someone who is hellbent on effing up marriages. Which he’s done here and down under. And listen shit for brains Serge wants to the relationship to collapse. Why should that be rightly so? What business is of his? What the fuck is wrong with you you dip shit.
      And one last thing shithead, just because millions of flies eat shit, don’t make it right.
      What you basically said is: Because most people are fucking stupid, its okay that I am stupid too.
      Grow a brain and fuck off.
      I mean that with the greatest respect.

      • Ha ha, you should have run Sergio’s ‘expression is everything’ workshop at his new church today – shown him how to GET TO THE POINT.

        Anyway, funny how the cult trolls who visit all run the same advertisement – UM isn’t their thing, but they’ll defend it anyway – it’s all about reincarnation and not eating gluten and dairy, therefore it’s ‘healthy’. We’re emotional and twist everything. And ‘molestation? what molestation?’

        And they all use SergeSpeak. ‘your description “touching a girls anus” was a ludicrous interpretation of the fact.’

        Interpretation of a fact? THE FACT HE HAS HIS HAND ON A YOUNG GIRL’S ARSE?

        LOF has a point. Put Rolf Harris or Jimmy Saville in that picture, Chris.

        You bell end, lol.

    • Lord of Form says:

      Where is the evidence of the many advantages of circumcision? If it is okay for boys to have their penises cut to “reduce their animalistic urges”, the logical conclusion is to do the same to girls. Why isn’t Serge promoting that? Of course you and the members don’t notice that glaring hypocrisy; and if someone else did suggest it, the brides would be in an esoteric uproar.

      Your comments are “weirdly under-wrought” Chris, and I find it very odd that you can euphamize what are clearly very strange, judgmental and wrong comments.

      The feeling you are referring to Chris happens to men and woman and it to do with dopamine. It is nothing to do with whether you love someone or not and often happens anyway. Look it up.

      Attending one retreat, if that is true, does not make you an expert. And if it is about “not giving your power away” why are all the members slavishly doing so in defence of Serge. Have you noticed that contradiction too Chris? No need to answer.

      Do you really need to suck up an occult doctrine to know alcohol is not good for you, and some rot about about gluten and dairy.

      Your “feeling” is wrong Chris. Try some thinking instead.

      N.b. If there was a picture of Jimmy Saville with his hands in the same places would the commentary be hysterical? Perhaps instead the commentary is prescient, but you’re just one of those people who can only see the obvious only when everyone else agrees it is.

      • Anon says:

        Good point that UM advocates that ‘circumcision is necessary and will “reduce their (mens) animalistic urges”‘.

        So as UM advocates circumcision for this result, a conclusion may be drawn that UM may also sooner or later advocate for female circumcision if a woman is seen to have “animalistic urges”(WTF?) that can’t be controlled by UM’s treatment or manipulation.

        Current day religious sects that advocate circumcision with the specific purpose to control sexual urges are well and truly considered barbaric and unacceptable in our society. UM may seem to fit this barbaric mould, but then again they consider normal society’s standards to be contemptually pranic. UM are on another dangerous astral plane.

    • a serge of divorces says:

      Thank you Chris for confirming that Serge interferes in a relationship’s sexual privacy and encourages breakups if both partners do not agree to his standards.

      Chris you confirmed UMs stance and stated regards “more animalistic pleasures to spice up an empty relationship. Serge rightly asks women not to accept this and to honour themselves. When a man doesn’t accept this the relationship may collapse and rightly so.”

      UM in the past has denied it has encouraged breakup and divorce, but thanks Chris for confirming their statements have been lies. UM does encourage breakups and divorce.

      Thanks for the honesty Chris and your inside insight into this very secretive organisation.

      • Lord of Form says:

        Rachel Hall did the same a long time back in a News Ltd story when she said “She knew of “a few” couples who split after joining the group as lifestyle changes were “very confronting” for some partners”

        Around the same time, an ex-member explained on the Rick Ross forum how relationship breakdowns were celebrated by members as commitment to the “work”.

        We know of MANY breakups. There are two scenarios. Both partners are in the cult, or one is resulting in a breakup. However, some couples in the group break up to “re-imprint”.

        Current members often claim their relationships (f they have any) improve, however there is nothing we can find that shows UM ever encourages conciliation or working on relationships. We’ve found abundant negative messages, aimed mainly at woman, about how men are abusive, controlling, raping them energetically, etc.

        As you’re aware, Serge agitates members by asking them if their ‘commitment’ is comfortable, by not upsetting partners or family. He regularly suggests that marriages are ’empty’ and built on ‘need’ and ’emotion’ rather than “true-love” which he describes as not ‘having an ounce of emotion”. He tells woman being single is preferable to marriage.

        He is known to email the member encouraging or reinforcing the breakup. We have seen several such emails.

        In the same story Serge said “I’m not causing the divide, the divide is being caused by the situation (which) as far as I know, factually, has always been there”

        Bullshit. But then of course, everything he says is. Especially when Serge says “factually” or “in-truth” which means “Watch out, I am about to tell (another) big fat porkie”

        The best way to start screwing up marriages is to get in the middle of the screwing. Or lack thereof.

        Once that tension starts, the member probably goes to see one of the numbskull counselors, like Caroline Raphael or Mariana Masioski, who will reinforce that the men are trying to impose themselves on the woman, and voila, one right-royally fucked relationship. figuratively of course.

        As an aside, when you think about it, why would anyone accept what Serge has to say about sex and marriage? He’s unqualified professionally and in life. He’s married to a girl he used to coach as a teenager for gods sake. There’s absolutely no reason he should be talking about it, and absolutely no reason why anyone should listen to it.

        But they do.

        The member can bleat on all they like that UM/Serge has nothing to do with the breakdown of relationships and ultimately families, but I, and others, know unequivocally that this is not the case. At the very least, UM can never be accused of interfering to support marriages.

        But I bet the members will try.

        • a serge of divorces says:

          And if all that urging and undermining by UM puppets doesn’t result in a divorce then they always have their legal vendetta team ready to do the “work”.

          Is UM the only small religion and medical centre(?) to have its own legal firm as part of the company group? Universal Law in Mullumbimby I believe.

          People should rightly so be very scared of UM.

  13. postfrommostofthenorthcoast says:

    Lets reverse the scenario, shall we.
    How about if Deborah was to listen to someone who advised her that her then husband was a terrible controlling influence on her and their children and would script out their lives dishonestly whilst planning to marry a young girl who was reared in the family alongside his own kids.
    Maybe better off single?
    What if Miranda was to listen to someone who would tell her that there is something very wrong with the way she has been possessed all along whilst pointing out the scientifically proven Stockholm Syndrome and if she had the strength to escape she may heal and find her true self.
    Or does money make it all ok?
    Would Serge be happy with a Sergelike character driving a wedge between him and his precious family unit.
    Its all about control, power, narcissism and lies.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      You are spot on, I reckon. It’d be interesting to quantify how much money has to do with it. For Deborah, my feeling is it’s a lot. Miranda, not so much. I found this great quote which I will stick on the latest gossip post shortly:

      Brainwashing is a very deceptive thing. People don’t know when they are brainwashed. Brainwashing happens when somebody gives you one side of the story and they give it long enough to you that you believe it.

      It was quoted from a former member of Hitler youth.

    • Lord of Form says:

      Sounds like the voice of someone in the know. It is SO clear that is what has happened and is happening it astounds me the members cannot see it. I remember the first time I saw the boys being adulated by the members, I knew what was going down right away. When I heard about Miranda it was crystal.

      Yet this titanic sized elephant in the room escapes the so-called professionals in the group, as well as your regular garden variety zealot. In a nutshell the fantasy Serge is selling is so potent that his deceptions not only go unnoticed, his disciples will take a bullet for him and shoot anyone who fails to agree. Or make up lies and stories about them, while simultaneously sucking up his outrageous fabrications like a stockbroker at a free cocaine sampling.

      It is all about control. It is amazing & confounding to watch. Perhaps one day – hopefully before they’re old, decrepit or completely morally bankrupted- Miranda, Deborah or the kids will get the courage to take charge of their own lives and tell Serge to bugger off to the fifth dimension or Sirius or wherever he imagines he is from.

      But living under the yoke so long, I doubt it. Especially with the esoteric cheer squad egging him on and blowing hot air up the arses of those he controls.

  14. postfrommostofthenorthcoast says:

    Here’s another scenario….
    A stranger moves in next door to your family.
    He seems harmless and passive enough
    But he then invites your teenage daughter to stay over at his house after telling her she should not use tampons, her ovaries have something to say to him, her breasts need massaging, she should drop out of her netball team and she should stay away from her parents as they have a glass of wine occasionally so her baby sister will be raped by entities. She should stop eating most food groups resulting in anaemia and lethargy and she should get up at 3am each day. She needs to burn a lot of the books and music she likes to listen to as well and hand over her pocket money.
    Would you be happy with this person being close to your daughter and family?
    I would be on the phone to the police!