Lifestyles of the rich and heinous – part 2 – the Benhayons’ overstuffed property portfolio

Cult leader Serge Benhayon’s Broadbeach penthouse

In August I wrote about the busy exchange of real estate within the Universal Medicine cult in the last few years. It seems that the more rancid its leader’s reputation becomes, the wealthier he gets. Further investigation has found he owns substantially more than I’d previously revealed, proving that relentless deceit and exploitation remain stunningly profitable, especially when the real estate market is rigged in favour of property hoarders.

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Lifestyles of the rich and heinous – cult leader Serge Benhayon’s Tregeagle residence for sale

Two combined rural allotments, three houses and a caretaker’s cottage, the Universal Medicine cult leader’s former residential compound hit the market for a staggering $24 million – following an Esoteric series of real estate dealings. Despite being proven a charlatan by the Supreme Court, the wealth Benhayon acquired through his ‘healing fraud that harms people’ continues to grow. Update 1 January 2023: the Benhayons’ property portfolio is even bigger than initial investigations revealed.

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The tax man cometh – UniMed UK’s embattled Sound Foundation Community Care Charity hit with tax bill

£2m Sound Training Centre, Frome

£2m Sound Training Centre, Frome

UK’s HM Revenue & Customs has rewarded our complaints about Universal Medicine’s sham UK charity with a big fat tax bill to Sound Foundation Community Care. Almost £400,000.


Universal Medicine real estate, reality tests and gossip August 2016


Congratulations to caption comp winner RJM

August 19: Gail Fuller, Universal Medicine’s candidate in Byron Shire council election

August 17: College of UM undue influence dress ups

August 14: *Serge gives it away *More council election horrors *Census lol from the archive

August 10: *Vote for Universal Medicine cult for mayor of Ballina *Esoteric T-shirt

August 9 2016: *Benhayons’ property holdings *Caption comp winners

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Esoteric Expenditure – an inventory of Universal Medicine’s self-loving product range 2016

Who knew self-loving choices had to be so costly? Apart from the cost to relationships, families, children, health and dignity, there’s substantial funds hurled into the Benhayon’s coffers. Universal Medicine slugs students and customers, or their financial providers, at every opportunity – for negative return. In the following cost detriment analysis we look at the vast range of Universal Medicine products, and how much is spent on making followers feel superior but look, sound, think and act stupid.

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SergiLeaks 1.1 – UniMed Brisbane Pty Ltd fundraising

UniMed Brisbane, Brougham St Fairfield

UniMed Brisbane, Brougham St Fairfield

Universal Medicine’s Esoteric cult leader, Serge Benhayon, likes to cast himself as a successful businessman, but he’s not forthcoming about his devious means of accumulating wealth. Email communiqués from his personal assistant, Desiree Delaloye, and business partner, Brisbane accountant Susan Scully, show how UM misleads ‘investors’ into funding company assets, and then charges them to use them.

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SergiLeaks 1.0 – UniMed Living propaganda by subscription

Not all is joy-full and harmonious at SergeCentral. The Universal Medicine cult investors are weary of spending and giving, giving and spending, so that untrained, unqualified Serge Benhayon and his underachieving offspring and other hangers on may live as cashed up bogan deities.

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Unpacking Serge Benhayon’s scam Esoteric Breast Massage

The bogus healing claims for Esoteric Breast Massage are headed for examination by the Supreme Court, and last month its inventor, Serge Benhayon, posted a video defence of the modality on Vimeo. Within 36 hours of me posting it here and critiquing it, it was removed, along with several other EBM promotionals. (They’ve since been restored to different links with restrictions on embedding.) I’ve compiled them into one video with commentary and a few expository facts Universal Medicine’s Esoteric Women’s Health had withheld. Benhayon’s bizarre apologism was yet another confirmation his women’s health modalities are a predatory fraud, and his attitudes to women are derogatory and sick. If he wasn’t successfully plying this garbage to the vulnerable and benefiting personally from large bequests from cancer patients, this would be written off as a bad taste joke. But it gets worse. This charlatan and his grubby business is receiving endorsements from enamoured medical professionals.

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Unpacking Serge Benhayon – videos

For all Universal Medicine anti-cult videos visit the Darkly Venus YouTube channel

Serge Benhayon was also recorded telling an audience about voices he heard while sitting on the toilet. The leader of the Universal Medicine cult claims to be an Ascended Master incarnate, the highest spiritual form of human being, the only one of his kind on earth, and the source of ‘One Unified Truth’. He claims competing sources of authoritative knowledge, such as academia and peer reviewed medical research are supernatural conspiracies to lead us away from his ‘truth’ and keep us in ‘illusion’.

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Universal Medicine cult festive defamation & gossip December 2015

Merry Serge-mas. He wishes

Merry Serge-mas. He wishes.

January 4 2016: Oingo Boingo threat from Universal Law

January 2 2016: Traumatic narcissist cult leaders lecture & Congratulations! You have cancer – profiting from glorifying disease and death

January 1 2016: ✯Happy New Year Duckies!✯

December 28: Sydney Morning Herald: Benhayon muscles family out of $1.3M inheritance

December 23: *MERRY CHRISTMAS*

*UM’s latest marketing videos – riding the UM train to hell 

December 21, 2015: *Christmas celebration of a New Era of crumbling scams

*Cult flops – end of year round up *updated!! – Natalie with Love TV??*

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