Universal Medicine cult of the talking cervix gossip June 2016


June 28: *AHPRA trouble for Dr Michael Serafin UPDATED *Jane Keep’s credibility gap 

June 20 2016: Cult of the talking cervix bites back *Ballina Social Media bullies *Esoteric Breast Massage word substitution mayhem

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Unpacking Serge Benhayon’s scam Esoteric Breast Massage

The bogus healing claims for Esoteric Breast Massage are headed for examination by the Supreme Court, and last month its inventor, Serge Benhayon, posted a video defence of the modality on Vimeo. Within 36 hours of me posting it here and critiquing it, it was removed, along with several other EBM promotionals. (They’ve since been restored to different links with restrictions on embedding.) I’ve compiled them into one video with commentary and a few expository facts Universal Medicine’s Esoteric Women’s Health had withheld. Benhayon’s bizarre apologism was yet another confirmation his women’s health modalities are a predatory fraud, and his attitudes to women are derogatory and sick. If he wasn’t successfully plying this garbage to the vulnerable and benefiting personally from large bequests from cancer patients, this would be written off as a bad taste joke. But it gets worse. This charlatan and his grubby business is receiving endorsements from enamoured medical professionals.

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Responding to Sarah Davis & the PASH Conference’s Universal Medicine cult infiltration

Cyber-bullying facilitator, Sarah Davis

PASH Conference project officer and cult promoter, Sarah Davis

Sarah Davis is a key member of Universal Medicine’s propaganda team, and an organiser of numerous Universal Medicine cult fronts and initiatives, particularly those targeting juvenile girls. Universal Medicine’s teachings and practices are predatory, perverse and antisocial. Ms Davis is currently employed as project officer for the Positive Adolescent Sexual Health Conference  run by a consortium of community groups in Northern NSW in partnership with NSW Health. Four of Sarah’s Universal Medicine promotional colleagues will be working at the conference on June 9 and 10. It will be attended by pupils from Northern Rivers High Schools. I recently blogged incorrect information that Sarah had been stood down from the role, and the others had been canned. It was an honest, albeit careless mistake. I should have checked better, and I have apologized for any hurt caused.

However, we’re left with the problem of a cult having successfully infiltrated what would otherwise be a worthwhile sexual health initiative for Northern Rivers youth, at the expense of tax payers, and without disclosure to Northern Rivers parents and public. Universal Medicine propagates repugnant occult doctrines on gender, sex and sexual violence, and openly targets and exploits juvenile girls.

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Benhayon vs Rockett defamation defence updates May 2016

End of August – still delayed

May 29 – objections judgement delayed until June 3

May 20 – *Objections judgement delayed again *Killing time with Universal Law

May 14 – objections judgement delayed plus Serge detracts from his Ageless Wisdom

May 13 – objections hearing judgement delayedlady justice[1]

May 11 – unofficial objections update with video

May 7 – yesterday’s hearing outcome

May 4 – corrections, objections & trial by jury 

May 1 – directions hearing preparations & delays

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Universal Medicine April 2016 photogenic fictions, gossip and damage control

2 out of 3 Benhayon marriages fail, but they're all AMAZING best friend$

2 out of 3 Benhayon marriages fail, but they’re all AMAZING be$t friends

April 27 *Psychologist Caroline Raphael, registration & accreditation fictions & assisted  brainwashing *Holy Hell documentary on Buddhafield cult

April 24 – *Martin Gladman tanty *Psychologist, Caroline Raphael, & another Esoteric ‘no wrongdoing found’  

April 17 2016 – *Esoteric marital bliss – two more Benhayon marriages bite the dust *No wrongdoing found update *New frontiers of exposure

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Serge Benhayon’s juvenile human shields


Universal Medicine cult leader, Serge Benhayon’s latest great defender is a 15 year old girl, posting a testimonial on the UM *Facts* propaganda site. Sadly, in her open letter, she responds to statements I’ve never made, some of which form part of Benhayon’s SLAPP defamation claim against me. The propagandists exploiting this child to defend a multi-million dollar predatory scam fail to disclose the girl is the daughter of Benhayon’s long term UK business partners – people with a lot to lose from exposure of their guru’s sordid reputation. It’s hardly reassuring from the cult behind the creepy Girl to Woman Festival to be held on January 9 at Lennox Head. Benhayon’s propaganda contingent also continue their push to infiltrate schools – this time through a legitimate, publicly funded sex education initiative – Positive Adolescent Sexual Health or PASH.

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Help fund Esther Rockett’s legal defence

esther-tele (1).jpgMulti-millionaire and predatory charlatan, Serge Benhayon, is SLAPP suing me for defamation for blogging concerns about his conduct with women and children. Knowing I don’t have the funds to defend the case, he’s using a defamation claim as censorship – to stop me from blowing the whistle on his secret culture of exploitation, rorting, bullying and abuse.


Case background blog

Case updates

Universal Medicine cult targets kids & teens

Following on from the sleazy Girl to Woman Festival, the cult of Serge Benhayon continues to target youngsters, in spite of our public questioning of mass grooming behaviour. Triple H FM Sydney community radio, Sunlight Ink publications and the From Our Eyes blog are platforms drumming kids with the cult’s dreary world negating messages, occult claptrap and abusive quackery scams.

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Sex and Serge Benhayon


Sex is energetic rape. (Benhayon, 2011, p.695)

The Benhayon family at work - UK event The Benhayon family at work – UK event

Sexual exploitation is a hallmark of cults, and cult leader Serge Benhayon’s aberrant teachings and practices are integral to the profitability of Universal Medicine and its main recruitment arm, Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd. Disturbing teachings on the disease causing ‘energy’ of normal sexuality, the karma of sexual violence and puritanical prescriptions for emotionless love making sit uneasily with in house assessments of ‘sexiness’. A culture of personal boundary transgressions, including inappropriate touching highlights the sexual confusion among devotees. The manipulation is essential to UniMed’s lucrative death drive; psychologically destabilizing followers, fracturing intimate relationships with non followers, and inducing dependency on dubious occult therapies

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New horizons, new frontiers

I’ve put together a DIY notifications post on the Accountability blog to assist those of you who wish to continue the work of exposing the Universal Medicine cult and bringing it to account. Having worked hard at this since September 2012, I’ve seen a series of complaints, notifications and submissions through to conclusion, and garnered some significant support and media coverage. However, it’s time I devoted my energy to other projects.

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