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Serge Benhayon was also recorded telling an audience about voices he heard while sitting on the toilet. The leader of the Universal Medicine cult claims to be an Ascended Master incarnate, the highest spiritual form of human being, the only one of his kind on earth, and the source of ‘One Unified Truth’. He claims competing sources of authoritative knowledge, such as academia and peer reviewed medical research are supernatural conspiracies to lead us away from his ‘truth’ and keep us in ‘illusion’.

Sexual abuse is karma for being a sex offender in a ‘past life’

He also told how his mother has ‘no love in her heart’ and is therefore better off dead. He was captured delivering teachings that disease and disability are karmic punishment for ignorance of his exclusive Esoteric ‘truth’. He told followers that science and evidence based medicine are a supernatural conspiracy to lead us away from his ‘energetic truth’, and controlled by his imaginary enemies, the ‘Four Lords of Form’. 

On his mother’s life saving coronary bypass surgery

On disability

Unpacking Serge Benhayon

Features a recording of Benhayon describing his toilet revelation. I’ve interspersed several excerpts from two Esoteric Medicine lectures with my own commentary, breaking down the way Benhayon uses his oratory technique and the teachings to persuade his followers to believe the outlandish, ridiculous and abhorrently anti-social teachings that has them deserting families and relationships, and dedicating their lives and their funds to his highly lucrative cult.

If you don’t want to sit through my commentary, move your mouse over the bottom of the video frame and click and drag the red spot to the parts you want to watch.

Ben-dis01Audio of the full lectures is available at the following links:

Esoteric Medicine 1 Part 1 & Part 2

Esoteric Medicine 7 Part 1 & Part 2

Sorry about the editing on the above. I’ve just done a crash course. All of this material would have been online sooner if I’d had the time and the skills.

Esther talks about the Universal Medicine occult business model

In this two part video series, Esther talks about the system of rewards and punishments that comprises Universal Medicine’s business model. In part one, she talks about profiting the deceptive bait and switch marketing, and how UM profits from generating fear and a therapy dependency. In part two, she talks about commitment and investment. Once financially embedded in UM, fear, peer pressure and the promise of spiritual and financial rewards and punishments make it difficult for doubters to leave.

Part One – profiting from fear
Part Two – investment – spiritual, financial & social reward & punishment

Unpacking Esoteric Breast Massage

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  1. Esther the rookie vlogger says:

    Before you get too excited or disappointed, these vids are NOT the big breaking news to be announced in the next days. Stand by for that. Keep your shirts on.

  2. game, set, match says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head Esther
    The followers will scream “lies, all lies”
    But we all know its the truth, and beyond question.
    Back in the tennis coaching days for those of us who knew Serge then, a similar love/ hate manipulative pattern was also in play.
    The buttering up of parents, promising great things for their children in the tennis world, but only under Serge. If you left, you were slandered and your child was doomed for failure.
    Poor Miranda was bait in more ways than one. She has paid the ultimate price.
    There wasn’t the supernatural hokus pokus but the luring was already well practiced.
    Has he lost it and actually believes in his own con, maybe, but his wits are certainly about him when it comes to money. He has been at the bottom financially, he won’t go back there, everything is in his and members of his family’s names.
    The whole thing is very weird, but a predictable venture he has been in practice for for many, many years taking many people for a financial ride along the way, including the government via welfare.

  3. Pranic Attack says:

    Well done Esther, not easy to make a video.

    I’m sure someone can correct me if I have this wrong, but don’t forget that there is also an incentive not to give to other charities as the poor or sick people who would benefit are infact doomed to live out their lives in recompense for some for something that happened in a previous incarnation – according to Serge. If you help these people it would impact on your next life! Even babies born with diseases are allegedly suffering for a previous life – how sad … but this does leave the way open for Serge who can clense your money and make sure no nasties tied to it will follow you into your future lives!!
    I believe it is even said that you must not give money to your children as if you were to bequeath to them they may use for pranic food, alcohol and cars etc with all the same hangups for future incarnations for both them and yourself …

    Serge really has all aspects covered, although I still find it hard to believe that UM followers are so easily deluded.

    • Scarlet Woman says:

      A really great presentation Esther.
      You were so easy to listen to and your content was very well arranged and presented.

      These 2 video’s are such a great resource, I am sure that they will help many.
      Thank you.

    • E says:

      Thank you all. You’re right, Pranic attack – I meant to say something about Serge swindling bequests by telling people their kids are pranic. Drat it!
      I left out a few things I wanted to say, but on the other hand, it was difficult to keep the videos short.
      I also found working with a script was way too wooden for me. I found it easier to speak off the cuff.
      Keep the feedback coming. Maybe I’ll make an offcuts video and mention anything anyone thinks I should have said.

    • Reality vs UM says:

      I was speaking with the ex partner of a current UM member who was told by his ex she has been told be her mum, also a member, that her estate is being left to Serge. Not the charity… Serge. I think this is common. Conned out of your life, and then their kids conned out of any inheritance. He’s charming isnt he. And shameless. Mind you, said member seemed to think it was good too!

  4. Sir Lancealot says:

    Great work. It’s hard to condense all of Serge’s mumbo jumbo and mind spell into short sentences. But you did.

    Now try explaining all of his shenanigans…yikes.

    I have to hand it to him though, it is a powerful potion he is selling. They may have lost a few with their year long campaign of hate, but the loyal are sticking like wet gum on a sandshoe through all the obvious contradictions that is the livingness and it’s glorious leader.

    You might just get a career as a youtube commentator… There’s been a few views just today- and its probably not just Serge fuming over his chili pea soup and single cashew, clicking replay.

    Look forward to part 3. Better than game of thrones. But somehow the plot does remind me of the walking dead.

  5. Wotsit from O/S says:

    AD’$..or referrals’$..

    Hooked/Conned via…..??????
    Health $ervice to Start ……. ( OR Via Medical Practitioner$ in cult in pyramid $elling/ Even $pecialistS or other$)

    THEN referred to many other$ all UM related…. Unknown to innocent person….

    $erge’s UM’$ $ervice$ = Chakra Puncture’$?? and or ANY other UM/$B approved Practitioner$ or TO even “$erge himself”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????$$$$$$$$$$$

    Hooked …….Broken family???? etc ect ect……………………………

    THEN slowly told it is a religion………………yep…………… Religion………..
    What a CON at CONvery’S lane……………………….

    Don’t argue Alison or Rebecca or Ray or Henrietta..or anyone else…..it is all in print.\

    It APPEARS some Politician$ are $upporting this Con??….Hey Kev?$$$ Or Isaac?? or Jenny???$$$ Or Health Minister What’$ her name Jillian… What happened to the Inquiry???
    Jillian Skinner????

    Go Esther….WELL DONE….Your intestinal fortitude is such an example….Well done on your video presentations……Can’t wait for the BIG announcement???

  6. La Métempsycose says:

    As always Esther, right on the spot about the pyramid scam that goes by the name of Universal Medicine. An organisation that is bogus to the core and is simply the means by which the ex- bankrupt junior tennis coach lines his pockets at the expense of his adherents. UM is a parasitic cult : no more, no less. The sooner these beguiled ‘students’ of Serge Benhayon realise this the better for them and the rest of humanity.

  7. Esther says:

    I couldn’t fit the whole mess into an hour lecture, of course, but a couple of days ago I was talking with someone about some hideous behaviour from one of the Ascended Mistresses – nasty, vindictive, gutless vandalism.

    It’s another reason why some can’t leave. Anything goes when you think you’re beauty-full and a female ‘Son of God’.

    Such actions are inexcusable in the real world. In the real world they’d have to face their own shame.

    Yes, ladies?

  8. barbie girl bekky says:

    In response to Rebecca Bald (win) As (quith) lies and repulsion of Barbie doll culture imposed on young girls but endorsed by girl to woman grooming festivals.

    I’m a Baldwin girl, in a Benhayon world
    Don’t be plastic, be fantastic
    But we will brush your hair, put makeup everywhere
    Then starvation, thigh gap creation

    Come on Bekky, you’re full of porkies
    Oooh. Oooh
    Come on Bekky, quit the porkies.
    Oooh. Oooh

    YOU are a dress me up tight, rock n roll, glorious doll prancing around in Serges fantasy make up world.

    The irony of beautiful ugliness

  9. All Rise says:

    Serge, Debra and Miranda
    In the name of truth, honor and integrity
    All that you stand for
    Proof for everybody
    Sit a voluntary official polygraph test
    Just a few questions
    Not much to ask, especially of the one who is prepared to debate anyone on the planet
    All you have to fear are lies
    Prove to your followers
    The best way to prove something is to try and disprove it
    Scientific formula
    Are you really everything you say you are?
    Do you have anything to hide?
    Do the honorable
    Take a test

  10. Esther Brockovich says:

    What a victory already!
    Getting Serge and his fantasy world into a court room to face questions from real world at last.
    Wonder what the judge will think when Serge places a healing symbol under his bum in the witness box, Natalie will be handing out male menstrual cycle pamphlets at the courtroom door, Deb and Miranda holding hands in the public gallery.
    Yep, prepare yourselves Sydney, the circus is in town

  11. cross examination says:

    So, Mr Benhayon, you have been sent here from another planet, are one rung down from God, know more than anyone on earth and you know this because you heard voices whilst on the toilet telling you so.

  12. cross examination says:

    Relevance is to establish integrity of character and mental state your honor

  13. cross examination says:

    I will allow it

  14. cross examination says:

    I could go into many self claims, including being a reincarnation of a deceased genius, but what I want to focus on is your obsession with young girls, starting with the circumstances surrounding your now second wife and continuing on with your private and public focus on obsession with sexuality, which is well documented and witnessed.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I heard serge say about sports people:
    It is expected that they need to trash a hotel room once a year at least maybe rape a few women.
    Apparently according to serge they do this to escape, as a distraction to cope. They have hurts and he said some shit about how only an ascended master can clear them of the energy that causes them to act this way.
    He said he played tennis with pat cash, so what?
    There are many more people who are better than those who make it to the big time who don’t.
    Let’s assume he is talking about tennis.

    Are these all the people he coached?
    Perhaps he is talking about his now wife. Maybe she could have made it big in tennis. Imagine that Miranda big in tennis shining in her own light.
    But wait competitive sport is male
    energy and male energy gives you cancer.
    The sooner these facts are made public, just play one of his Sermans to a judge, and his character will be exposed for what it is. Nice guy on the outside, very dangerous man behind the cloak of the hierarchy.
    Pyramids are very unstable once the base erodes, that’s a mathematical fact.
    Your time is almost up serge
    Enjoy while it lasts.
    May the lords of form be with you in court Easther

  16. Esotericly Confused says:

    “…why hasn’t Serge Benhayon taken Esther Rockett and Lance Martin to court yet?

    The answer to that question is a testament to the confidence that Serge Benhayon has in the integrity of his business and his private life.

    “I could have resorted to legal action with regard to defamation. Instead, I decided to allow the Government inquires should they come forth, having learnt from the cyber gang’s blogs that this was their intended way to surely ‘bring me down’. 

    “After a dozen or so HCCC complaints, all vexatious and lacking any substance whatsoever other than lies, all were rightly dismissed. 

    “So too was the AHPRA complaint as was the ATO and Border Security. The latter two complaints were filled with the gang’s insistence that I avoid tax and or that I am involved in money laundering.” said Serge Benhayon.

    He continues:

     “There is nothing like shutting down lies by allowing full transparency into one’s affairs. This I have done in every case and in every one of their accusations. 

    “Had I taken the legal route, an easy win on all counts, I would then be accused of using wealth to shut down my detractors. Hence, and instead, it has been wiser to welcome the investigations and actually assist them to go further.

    Statement by Serge Benhayon, Published online Tuesday 24th June, 2014

    • Contradictions of the Goonellebah Guru says:

      He was concerned about the perception of him using his wealth to shut down detractors as a negative but had no problem fronting court to ensure he got the largest chunk of a followers estate her kids struggling after already conning her out of $800K weeks before he death..? How he got the wealth in fact.

  17. voices in my head says:

    Bit diffi-cult for the followers to shout “lies” when the bullshit is spewing straight from the guru’s gob on those tapes
    Super embarrassing for the supporting professionals
    What price pay free rent eh?

  18. MacReady says:

    Urgh, I’d forgotten how utterly insane this garbage sounds. If anything, I’d say he’s gotten worse in the last few years..

  19. Lance says:

    As to the question does Serge believe it, I think at least in part he does, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to keep it up for years. There’s a certain train of ‘logic’ he’s followed that he understands that the whole thing is founded on. It’s pretty common new-age, anti-critical thinking, intuitive, slippery slope, woo ‘non-sense’ in the strict sense of the word, but I can totally imagine how once you enter that maze finding your way out is going to be quite tricky. I’m thinking The Shining if you want some imagery.

    The interesting thing is that Serge and the followers also have to employ very rational thinking in their every day affairs. So it’s not like they can’t. Hence, Serge’s desire to make money, own property, drive nice cars and fly first class goes unimpeded. He’s still got the same motives he had back in 1989, but he’s got a far better product to sell. In cash.

    I’ve listened to a lot of those recordings in the past. It was how I learned how Serge manipulates his followers into thinking they’ve made choices to be esoteric, leave their partners and cast aside friends. He is quite good at it. And I agree with Esther as to his motives. It’s to make sure he, and his ideas, are the centre of attention with his followers. He cant bear it when he becomes aware that someone doesn’t agree with, or might be criticising him. In my case I was a “convenient liar” and “sabotaging glory” when it was suggested to him by my lovely ex that I thought the group was a cult. Ironically, at that stage I had never actually said that. She had. What was odd was to that point I was basically agnostic on the subject. I thought he was whack, but all the pieces hadn’t come together. That certainly demonstrates that Serge’s ability to ‘feel the truth’ of everything is severely impinged with what he wants to believe. Just like everyone.

    When you listen to this stuff, you can see the word play that forces the mind shift in the ‘students’. By moving the goal posts, if you sit through this stuff enough, you’re going to be forced into agreeing. Rejection becomes love. Life becomes pranic. Having your own insights and trusting them becomes arrogance. It’s a magnificent hijacking of language, right out of George Orwell’s 1984. Then you have Prof Foley – a linguistics PHD- saying Serge is the smartest man he knows. That’s powerful word shifting right there.

    Basically Serge turns common-sense on it’s head. And while he’s doing that, he gets away with amazing stuff right under the noses of his befuddled followers. He’s clearly contradicting his own words with his behaviour. They’ve rolled with the punches too. Once he was a simple healer hardly making any money (as told to me) and now he’s a successful business man we’re all jealous of (also told to me) He was once just like them, now he’s the Messiah who drives an Audi and flies first class. (not told to me because no one likes to admit they think that)

    He’s deluded about how the ATO and other government departments feel about him too. And I am sure he didn’t sit there serenely as they did their thing. Debbie would have had a freak out, Natalie was dispatched to buy cheap furniture to set up a make shift charity office, as Serge “reviewed” some files, changed the code on his safe and quit as director of this and that, and charity chairman for good measure. No sign of the EPA accreditation we complained about, or a bunch of other things since then either. As transparent as the murky water in a pond late at night with only a bad torch at hand.

    The stuff Serge says sounds insane, but the impressive thing is, he doesn’t sound insane as he says it. That’s why it works.

    • Lord of Form says:

      He’s also shaped his daughter into a miniature version of himself, chuckling as he humiliates his followers about why they are deluded. Little wonder she can now pole dance with a ‘you’re just jealous’ T-shirt and feels no remorse as she further drains the coffers of mesmerised devotees for a worthless and useless period app or a canned-response dream analysis by email. And then there’s the boys…

      And doesn’t Debbie does expert talks on parenting?!!??!!

      (That’s like Ray Karam being an expert with his “5 kids” demonstrating he doesn’t realise two are not his, and the basic rule of being the partner of a someone with kids, is NOT to take on the parenting role thereby setting yourself as an alternative to the real other parent and diminishing their authority and position. In the cult world, a perfect person to lecture on parenting)

      Serge really has a hide to say he doesn’t split up families. Scurrilous. He knows he does. And so does the mystic dentist, the Melonheads, Sarah Davis, and others. It’s justified in their arse-about minds as we’re arrogant, in disregard, loveless and therefore exposed as being controlled by the Lords of Form.

      Which is really ironic, as I am the Lord of Form and I don’t remember that directive. Oh well. I am sure Serge can work out which voice is which in his head. Some play tricks on him, and others are the “real deal’. He’s the poster boy for sanity. Clear as in those recordings.

  20. "Heart (disease) is in the (Benhayon) family" - evidence based medical fact. says:

    Those recordings show SB gets a kick out of fools following his bullshit. The signs of a uber-narcissist.

    He even accidentally slips up and supports standard medical theory and contradicts his made up beliefs when he refers to genetic heart disease in his own family and says: “Heart’s (disease) is in the family”. 7.52

    • 5th degree master but not special, no says:

      Ho ho! Yes! Don’t start a tally of his contradictions, trust me, lol.

      The latest I’ve found is where he says he’s not special just because he’s a fifth degree initiate, knows everything in his innermost heart because the voices of the hierarchy said so (when his hallucinations weren’t taking the piss out of him) and no one else has reached his fucking dizzy heights of Glorious bonkers-ness.


      Lance, good point – the audio shows his absolute confidence in delivering that batshit hateful garbage.

  21. May truth and Justice prevail says:

    Serge NEVER speaks to the:

    ‘Astral’ supposedly evil no hope -rs – namely us dregs and plebs & the journos ect

    Always gets his women to write for him.

    An example of this is the self anointed/appointed ‘intelligence off the Richter scale’ (ONLY according to Serge—What ever that means???)…the Alison Greig. Pfftt.

    You know “The Wannabe” I have been to Cambridge generic brand lawyer.

    This says so much about Serge.

    Esther you mentioned that Serge has employed a top SC!!
    Well GO Esther!
    What a woman you are!

    There is you telling the truth – volumes of it, humble as financially by comparison – and this International money hungry guru has to employ a top SC to try and shut you up.

    This in itself says so much.

    Good luck

    May truth and justice prevail.

    • Esther says:

      Thanks. There is an update on way, but Sergio hasn’t used his SC yet, and it shows. Universal Law have been doing all the preliminary stuff – with the obligatory bungles.

      Very clear from the correspondence so far Benhayon isn’t getting good legal advice.

      Personally I’d stick with property settlements and bequests Cameron & Paula.

      Clearly they don’t think I’ll get this to court.

      • Contradictions of the Goonellebah Guru says:

        He could throw just a part of the money he recently wrestled off those poor kids and get some proper advice. You pay peanuts (or most likely, nothing)… Paula and Cameron. Cult struck acolytes eating out of their clients hand, and working out of his property. And their best features are – Cameron wears spiffy shoes. Paula has curly hair.