Panic censorship redux – Universal Medicine’s latest bogus takedown


More of Serge’s Ageless Wisdom

January 10 saw the launch of my YouTube documentary series, Unpacking Universal Medicine & The Way of the Livingness. I gave a critical analysis of Universal Medicine using publicly available video footage, texts and images. It set Goonellabah’s Esoteric empire ascramble and Unimed had its minions fire off bogus DMCA copyright complaints faster than they could spill their pea soup. YouTube removed the Intro episode and Episode 1 that I’d published. I lodged a counter notice, waited the required period, UM did not initiate legal proceedings and YouTube restored them.

UPDATE MARCH 1: The Co-Creative have made the same complaints, under penalty of perjury, about episodes 2-4. Episode 2 contrasts UM’s health claims with reports of health problems in the UM community. Episode 3 is about UM’s ‘True Sexy’ mixed messages in marketing its Esoteric Womens Health products. Episode 4 is about the impact of UM’s supernatural beliefs on relationships.

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Responding to Sarah Davis & the PASH Conference’s Universal Medicine cult infiltration

Cyber-bullying facilitator, Sarah Davis

PASH Conference project officer and cult promoter, Sarah Davis

Sarah Davis is a key member of Universal Medicine’s propaganda team, and an organiser of numerous Universal Medicine cult fronts and initiatives, particularly those targeting juvenile girls. Universal Medicine’s teachings and practices are predatory, perverse and antisocial. Ms Davis is currently employed as project officer for the Positive Adolescent Sexual Health Conference  run by a consortium of community groups in Northern NSW in partnership with NSW Health. Four of Sarah’s Universal Medicine promotional colleagues will be working at the conference on June 9 and 10. It will be attended by pupils from Northern Rivers High Schools. I recently blogged incorrect information that Sarah had been stood down from the role, and the others had been canned. It was an honest, albeit careless mistake. I should have checked better, and I have apologized for any hurt caused.

However, we’re left with the problem of a cult having successfully infiltrated what would otherwise be a worthwhile sexual health initiative for Northern Rivers youth, at the expense of tax payers, and without disclosure to Northern Rivers parents and public. Universal Medicine propagates repugnant occult doctrines on gender, sex and sexual violence, and openly targets and exploits juvenile girls.

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Help fund Esther Rockett’s legal defence

esther-tele (1).jpgMulti-millionaire and predatory charlatan, Serge Benhayon, is SLAPP suing me for defamation for blogging concerns about his conduct with women and children. Knowing I don’t have the funds to defend the case, he’s using a defamation claim as censorship – to stop me from blowing the whistle on his secret culture of exploitation, rorting, bullying and abuse.


Case background blog

Case updates

Benhayon vs Rockett case updates -December 2015



29 December: brief funding update

17 December: IMPORTANT update on witnesses

14 December: Major updates – vlogs – costs shock- action plan – new funding model

13 December: Benhayon vs Rockett in the Daily Telegraph

11 December: Afternoon update

Early update – directions hearing 

10 December: Amended statement of claim link

7 December 2015: Some objections conceded. 

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More bent censorship from Universal Medicine & Phoenix Global

Universal Medicine continues its campaign of internet censorship, continuing to pay now infamous Gold Coast private investigation agency Phoenix Global to make false complaints of defamation, copyright infringement and now trademark infringement in an attempt to wipe critical content off the net. Except WordPress isn’t wearing it, and Serge’s pet lawyer, Paula Fletcher had tried it before.

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All Rise and Say No to Cyber Abuse – another Universal Medicine cult anti-free speech front

AllRiseSayNOTwitterEver since those of us adversely affected by Universal Medicine began sharing our concerns online, the multi million dollar organization and its invested apologists have claimed they are the victims of cyber-bullying. Last year they dedicated websites to defaming and discrediting critics, complainants and journalists. This year they made national news for bullying. Myself and others who have publicly questioned UM’s unethical behaviour and secretive culture of abuse have been labelled cyber-bullies, cyber criminals and stalkers. The aim is to intimidate us into halting our exposure. Universal Medicine’s latest assault is to launch an anti cyber abuse campaign in the UK, luring high profile personalities like Stephen Fry to promote their fraudulent ‘not for profit’ cause.

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Universal Medicine cult gossip and festivity – December 2014

College of Universal Medicine property at Wollongbar

College of Universal Medicine property at Wollongbar

*December 27: Quote of the year

*December 23: ☆Merry Christmas☆ Christmas Wishlist, Wikipedia edits

*December 22: Universal Medicine attempts to manipulate Wikipedia entry

*December 21: Universal Medicine’s censorship debacle: Phoenix Global in trouble and the Streisand Effect

*December 11: Launch of Serge’s tax exempt Wollongbar church.

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Holiday reading – web pages censored by Universal Medicine


Painting by Juan Ford

For the past two years alternative medicine conglomerate and religion, Universal Medicine, has spammed Google Australia with complaints of defamation. Some succeeded. The following is an incomplete list of URLs removed by Google from search results. It includes links to blogs, including this one, and links to news reports from major media outlets. So much for free speech and a free press in Australia. UPDATED with new links and a list of complaints. PLUS a false DMCA copyright complaint removing post about NSW Parliamentary Inquiry.  Read the rest of this entry »

Defamatory lies & Serge Benhayon’s human shields

Sergio the persecuted presents his One Unified Truth

Sergio the persecuted presents his ‘One Unified Truth®’

Real Media Real Change, the UniMed cult’s public relations outfit hasn’t done much since its Esoteric Cyber-bullying and Mens Health Conference flops, except to discard their ‘brand’ to launch the highly original Esoteric ‘facts’ site – a creative embellishment to all the bent Esoteric ‘truth’. It’s the same load of propaganda with the addition of false and defamatory character assassination of critics, an unsightly outpouring of all the toxic emotion, denial and bullying they’d struggled to conceal behind the cult’s leaky password protected battlements, and a big fat fib about who is responsible for the site.

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Protecting children from the Universal Medicine cult

UM cult members have studiously avoided answering our questions about their abusive practices, and for good reason. In a recent phone call, one of them made disturbing admissions about the cult’s activities involving children, as well as Benhayon’s teachings that failure to adhere to the Way of the Livingness will result in children being raped by supernatural ‘entities’. An extract from the now defunct, password protected ‘Debasing Evil’ site reveals more defensiveness about our concerns on risks to children – a litany of lousy excuses the cult doesn’t dare make public.

No matter how much they accuse me of cyber-bullying, our concerns and questions are not going away.

NSW Child Protection Helpline 132 111

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