Protecting children from the Universal Medicine cult

UM cult members have studiously avoided answering our questions about their abusive practices, and for good reason. In a recent phone call, one of them made disturbing admissions about the cult’s activities involving children, as well as Benhayon’s teachings that failure to adhere to the Way of the Livingness will result in children being raped by supernatural ‘entities’. An extract from the now defunct, password protected ‘Debasing Evil’ site reveals more defensiveness about our concerns on risks to children – a litany of lousy excuses the cult doesn’t dare make public.

No matter how much they accuse me of cyber-bullying, our concerns and questions are not going away.

NSW Child Protection Helpline 132 111

Working with Children Check update

Early this year, I called the Office of the Child Guardian to check if Serge Benhayon had a current working with children certificate. I was told he didn’t, but later learned the reason it didn’t show may have been due to transitions in the system. Apparently, Benhayon was in the process of renewing his certificate and he now has one current until 2019.

But what does the Working with Children Check mean?

It’s merely a check that people who work in child related employment have not been convicted of offences against children. Never mind if notifications have been made about grooming and other inappropriate behaviour, under the current system, predators can pass the check as long as they’ve not been convicted.

Alison Greig gloated about it in a supposedly secret ‘Debasing Evil’ response to my post on Benhayon’s inappropriate behaviour with children. Neither she nor any other devotee has the guts to air their defenses publicly:

As this was going on Esther Rockett was busy making trouble elsewhere – she made very serious allegations that Serge did not have a current Working with Children Certificate and that he had lied to the Health Care Complaints Commission about having this. Serge of course does have a current certificate and had not lied about this to anyone.

The system does not protect children from unapprehended predators.

And he did lie about Miranda not being a counsellor, and about his practices involving the touching of breasts and genitals. Not that the HCCC gives a toss.

This was accompanied by more evil innuendo’s that Serge has been engaged in inappropriate conduct with young girls and could not get such a certificate. We wrote to the Office of the Child Guardian to cut this energy and we attach this letter so you can feel the power of what was presented.

We have also included the latest blog for you to read – but we suggest that you read the letter to the Office of the Child Guardian first and the debasing of the material below before you read the blog. The blogs have a particular way of configuring the energy so that they have an intrusive effect – it is important to be really present and centred when reading it – also note if you have any reactions. The energy is there to place the seeds of doubt in the body – so it is important to be very present as you read.

Doubt is evil in the Esoteric community, which Serge says is all about ‘free will and free choice’. Doubt and questioning brings the whole pack of lies unstuck, and is prohibited.

In response the latest blogs have intensified their energy with a direct blog that suggests among other things:

· Innapropriate touching

Rockett has based this material on the manuals from courses suggesting that SEH involves touching of a woman’s vulva or anus. Each is completely incorrect and ridiculous not only from our own experiences of SEH, but also from the manuals. This is covered in the letter to the OCG.

Did they send the Office of the Child Guardian the images?

I did.

The local members of parliament have them too, and the minister for families.

Did they get a response?

Defending the indefensible

· Exposing children to sexually explicit material, including sexual violence and paedophilia

Given Rockett considers that sexual touching is shown by the manuals it is hard to know what she considers sexually explicit. What we do know is that there is no violence in Serge’s presentations and nothing that would be of more alarm than the violence and sex portrayed on prime time news and TV.

In other words, as we learned from Noddy, the Deeper Femaleness touching of genitals is considered appropriate and harmless by UM culters. So if we took Serge out of the images and replaced him with David Icke or A.J. Miller, none of them would have a problem with it.

Our blogs also quote numerous examples of Benhayon writing about and speaking explicitly of sex and sexual violence – deserving rape, underaged sexual violence, the karma of rape and murder, and the sleazy relationship workshop. Benhayon works his sick projections into teachings on ‘living gently’ and ‘everyday self-loving choices’. Again, if it was Eckhardt Tolle carrying on like that, the cult would be spamming anything that moved with letters of outrage. Serge peppers his rants with frequent references to paedophilia and other forms of sexual violence, quoted throughout our blogs, and then we have amateur social worker, Natalie Benhayon, asking kids as young as 12 about porn and sex.

Natalie Benhayon commented on the Yammer site:

I would like to share with the group that the point made and reference to myself running groups in School’s never has occurred. I have never run a group from a school, and ER’s referencing to and of this is part of the campaign of us “indoctrinating” the “unaware” into our cult. In addition all else in that point by Alison is correct, the raising of such topics with teenagers and not burying our heads in the sand. All groups were run privately and all were consented to by the individuals and their parents. February 3 at 5:55am

In her phone call to me, Noddy said the same thing about the ‘importance of talking about such topics’. However, context is everything. Running groups for kids as young as 12, with no training or qualifications, where they’re pressured into making personal confessions on drug use and sex is utterly unacceptable. The EDG notes state they took place in schools, and if they did, and we find out where, we’ll notify the education department and the personnel who enabled it will be disciplined, if not sacked.

Alison continues:

· Using covert hypnosis in exorcistic practices and exorcism performed on a primary school student

There is no such thing as ‘covert hypnosis’. It does not exist – that is there is no psychological technique that has that effect it is the stuff of science fiction.

‘Covert hypnosis without informed consent’ is described by psychologist, Louise Samways, in her book Dangerous Persuaders. Margaret Thaler Singer devotes chapters of her book Cults in our Midst, to psychological persuasion techniques, including hypnosis techniques using ‘naturalistic trance induction‘, pioneered by hypnotherapist, Milton Erickson, who wrote volumes on it.

Exorcism conjures up the image of violence and assault as well as fear in the film ‘The Exorcist’ – what we know as ‘entity removal’ is a gentle and non intrusive technique where there is no fear at all. It has never been ‘performed on’ anyone – as we know it has always been voluntary. Nor has it ever been ‘performed’ with children – always consenting adults.

Past workshop participants have told us a different story. Alison later issued this correction:

Hi All
In the interests of accuracy – I said that no child had demonstrated the entity removal. However, I have discovered today that a number of years ago some teenagers volunteered to experience entity removal – it was their choice to which their parents agreed. I can say that knowing at least one of the teenagers who is now a very beautiful young woman, that no harm was suffered in the process. ER has obviously re-written the truth into a bunch of lies to suggest it was a primary school age child

In other words, that teenager is still in the cult, and is a ‘beautiful young woman’, so it’s all fine. Ex participants have told us kids younger than teenagers have been subjected to what Alison calls ‘gentle and non intrusive’ ‘entity removal’, sent to the stage by their cult struck parents, as well as during partner work. No fear at all. Except those children have been told that entities can ‘enter’ them if they partake of anything ‘pranic’. As Noddy confirmed, if they come into contact with people who’ve consumed alcohol, they will need to ‘cleared’ lest they are raped by an entity at night time.

· Innuendos that having teenage house guests is a problem and that all the household need certificates

It is not unusual for families that have teenage or young adult kids to have their friends stay over. If there was a requirement for all parents to have Working with Children Certificates the system would collapse and also be meaningless. All the Benhayon household have current certificates (we assume Caitlin does not require one), although they would not be needed for the purposes Rockett states!

I think Alison might find I said ‘homestays’ in my posts. There’s no ‘innuendo’ in the legislation, which says a Working With Children Check is required by all members of households that provide homestays of periods of 3 weeks or more. We know Serge has had adolescent girls stay for weeks or months at a time.

· Making innuendos that Serge has engaged in grooming behaviour.

This material is particularly noxious as she lists a series of suggestions of what amounts to grooming – all intended to raise alarm – such as accidental intimate touching, sexually explicit comments that express desire to act sexually, grooming involving expressions of children having a ‘special relationship with the groomer’. She goes on to say that we as students are all being ‘groomed’ to accept this innapropriate behaviour. Of course there is not such conduct – the evil here is to raise a small seed of concern and doubt. The evil is to suggest that Serge’s obvious loving connection with children and all of us is sleazy and has an ulterior motive of being able to have sexual access to young children. We know her intent is to shut down Universal Medicine, what is more evil here is the attack on the expression of care, love and tenderness that we all naturally have for the children of friends and family. We know that Serge is not involved in grooming behaviour and that this sick thought needs to stop right here.

· A young female houseguest describing a requirement to leave the bathroom door open when showering

This preposterous lie has no foundation in fact – Esther has escalated this from innuendo in the earlier blogs to now asserting a witness to suggest she has some proof – but like her escalating claims about her own sessions with Serge, there is not truth to any of it.

UMers believe I make these claims up. If anything I’ve said over the last year and a half was false SergeCorp could have sued me for defamation and had my blogs shut down with a court order. Pervey Uncle Serge has had a number of girls stay in his home in the last 20 years. That woman and others can verify the statement.

· Innapropriate touching and erosion of personal boundaries at workshops

The material relied on here is the material from the workshop manuals – there is not truth to these claims and since we have all done the SEH courses we know that this is FALSE.

Again, there are people reading and contributing to this site who’ve done the same courses, where participants are encouraged to disclose histories of sexual abuse, followed by hands on techniques performed on erogenous zones.

· That Esther Rockett had a session involving an ‘ovarian reading’

Ms Rockett’s early reports of her sessions with Serge did not make any reference to innapropriate conduct, but her versions have become more inflammatory as time goes by. Serge has never offered a practive of ‘ovarian readings’ and never practised the ‘uterus’ or ‘ovary’ massages practised by Curtis and Natalie. In 2005 there was no such practice and Serge would have offered no more than a SEH session. Like all of Rockett’s claims this is yet another fabrication.

My account of the ovarian reading has not changed. Except perhaps that I added the ‘inflammatory’ observation that it was performed without informed consent. Again Alison is confirming that the cult thinks that an unqualified, ex bankrupt, with a history of sleazy behaviour and dishonesty, palpating my lower abdomen and fishing around for my history with men without informed consent is ‘appropriate’. Just as sending kids to stay at the same bloke’s house is appropriate, and his exorcisms on adolescent girls produce ‘beautiful young women’.

· Children present at workshops exhibiting high levels of distress

What ER is angling at here is that parents of children are bad parents for involving them in ‘cult’ activities and that we are so lost that we cannot tell if our children are distressed or what is more that we do not care. None of this is true, of course, but it serves her agenda to attack Serge and UM for dangerous and harmful practices with children and gives support to some of the detractors who are currently involved in child custody issues with their ex-partners. She is setting the scene to say that children are at risk if you are an esoteric student. She intends to generate fear and doubt…

In their suspension of doubt, Alison and the Brides of Serge don’t question why there so many detractors who are currently involved in child custody issues with their ex-partners. 

We do. 

The screenshot we received was cut there, but we get the picture. Our readers can make up their own minds about UM parents, and whether they place children at risk by exposing them to Benhayon’s pathology. I’d be more than happy to have that debate publicly, and I invite Serge to engage with us here on the blog, or we can do it on camera for a national current affairs program. If not, any of Serge’s supporters, Noddy, Alison, cult paediatrician Howard Chilton, the cult psychologists or any of the cult’s exemplary parents are welcome to come here and defend the above. Let’s talk about appropriate activities for children, and appropriate characters to have children stay with unaccompanied.

But until someone from UM gives us good reason to believe children are safe with these people, I will continue to assert children are at risk, and to question how Benhayon passed a working with children check when the Office of the Child Guardian has evidence of his inappropriate conduct.

I’d also like to ask the question; if cult parents don’t protect kids, and the government doesn’t either, who will?

Universal Medicine is toxic to children

Predatory grooming Serge Benhayon style – a guest post by Tibouchina

12 Comments on “Protecting children from the Universal Medicine cult”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have to have a working with children check for work. What’s the point of having one if that grub can get one?

  2. E. R. says:

    the evil here is to raise a small seed of concern and doubt. The evil is to suggest that Serge’s obvious loving connection with children and all of us is sleazy and has an ulterior motive of being able to have sexual access to young children.

    Listen to yourself, Alison.

    Serge’s ‘loving connection with children’ is a little too obvious, and raises more than a seed of doubt among observers.

    Why are you lurking around in a secret site denying children are at risk with you and your associates? Why not do it publicly?

    Why not be on the safe side, and keep kids away from him?

    What has Serge done to dispel concern and doubt? None of you would accept any of his behaviour from anyone else.

    If he was not involved in wrongdoing, he could have taken me to court any time in the past 18 months and cleared his name.

  3. Tibouchina says:

    Thanks for this update, DV.

    This was the most worrying aspect of my own experience with Universal Medicine. I’ll remind readers that when I attended one of the workshops, a female ‘student’ related an anecdote about very young children of cult attempting to emulate Serge’s entity exorcism techniques on their friends.

    Serge claims that to banish entities from a victim of ‘possession’ (he used that word) you stand behind the victim, place your hands on their shoulders and say “With the power of the Archangel Michael in these hands, I cast you out”. You then jiggle your hands on the person’s shoulders before raising them swiftly in a ‘casting out’ gesture.

    The individual who related the story to me thought it was funny and cute that little children were attempting to “Archy Michael” their friends because they “had gremlins”, so for any devotee of Serge to claim that children attending his courses are unaware of, or unaffected by, the supernatural themes he is exposing them to is lying, plain and simple.

  4. Worried Aunty says:

    His own kids are adults. What kind of person has little girls over for sleep overs after their own kids are grown up? What is anyone supposed to think?

    I hope the police are watching him.

    • Alison says ‘cut the energy’ and ‘stop that thought there’ etc. – as if thinking about Serge’s suspicious behaviour is worse than the behaviour itself.

      It says it all about UM doesn’t it.

      You can do anything you like, be as offensive and destructive as you like, as long as you think of it as ‘truth’, ‘integrity’ and ‘love’.

      • How about cutting the denial, and stopping the dangerous stupidity, Alison and clones?

      • MacReady says:

        While individually most of the UM devotees are probably nice enough people, collectively they are fucking morons. These people claim that philosophy is better lived than explained, yet they continue returning to Serge year after year; paying good money to hear him explain the incomprehensible so-called ‘philosophy’ behind UM which they never quite get well enough to move on with their own lives. This is envinced by the initiation chart he invented to constantly downgrade aspirants, ensuring they never measure up to his increasingly impossible to meet standards of bogus ‘esoteric integrity’. Their inability to see how they fail to live up to their own ‘logic’ and empty sloganeering is mind-boggling, but then I’m probably trying to interpret the situation with the pranic intellect of my lower-mind, rather than feeling the truth of it in my inner-heart.

  5. you know who says:

    For group members that think that a working with children certificate means something, here’s the low down:

    When this was going down, I contacted the office of the guardian of children and had a long conversation with someone of authority at that office. I learned that the check involves seeing if the applicant has a criminal record, or charges laid by police. Due to “privacy” laws, they do not check if the applicant has had complaints with the child protection hotline, or even whether reports have been made to police that have not resulted in a charge.

    There could be lots of such complaints, but provided no charges have been laid- which is more often that not the case (repeat: MORE often that NOT)- a clearance will result. What’s the use of the child protection hotline? Well, nothing. It is another dysfunctional, disconnected government thought bubble that is hamstrung by ill-considered and contradictory legislation that renders it as useful as Serge’s hair brained occult educational charity.

    After a lot of umming and ahhing she finally begrudgingly agreed this is akin to handing out a license to potential abusers. After all, if someone likes young kids and want to appear legit, what do they need?

    It’s a bit like getting a clearance check for not being a murderer when there are tens of thousands of unsolved murders. Ponder that for a moment.

    And while you’re pondering that, keep in mind that victims of abuse often report it many years later, if ever. Often they only came forward when they sense weakness in the perpetrator. They will probably never do so while they fear ridicule and denial.

    Now, I am not saying Serge has done anything amiss- lately. But I am sure there is something not right about the genesis of his relationship with his current wife (sure as in first hand accounts from many sources) and I have had first hand accounts of other things that would give me, a non-cult struck normal witted human being, grave cause for concern. This first arose when I became aware of young girls staying with Serge from OS, crystallized when he made a very off remark to me about my daughter.

    Chuck on top of that the fact other girls have stayed over and the themes concerning underage sex and peadophilia which weave through years of notes and recorded lectures, and my alarm bells are ringing very loudly.

    The denials of the members just make it more suspicious. It’s the same sort of behaviour that’s led to the current royal commissions.

    The yammer propaganda is a battle for the souls of the faithful. Alison, probably quite uncynically while under the spell of Serge-think, forewarns members that ER’s posts are designed to create seeds of ‘energetic’ doubt and to resist them. Well…yes, they are. That is the whole point of this and the other blogs, and our replies.

    UM’ers that the point- You’re living in a dream world. It’s a nice fluffy bubble of pink foam where everything looks amazing. It’s perpetuated by non-thought, group-think, a shared fantasy that you believe is ultimate reality, but requires ongoing rationalization of the obvious contradiction that is Serge Benhayon. A failed business man, with a very dodgy past, and an over-sized story about how he is the saviour of the world. (but not really 😉 ) just like he was joking about being Leonardo DaVinci…you know, an allusion…but shhhh…I really am)

    Stayed tuned denial-mongers: there is a big reveal coming. We hope that you can at least wake up at that point and realize we speak the truth, for no reason other than truth itself. And to see you released from the shackles of this small-town, two-bit, no-good guru so you may live decent, honest lives directed by your cognisance. Not the ramblings of an idiot who knows if he says ‘love’ and ‘integrity’ enough he will get away with anything, and bring you along for the ride.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      The system is flawed, and gives the public a false sense of security. The Working with Children Check would be less misleadingly labelled ‘No criminal convictions against children’ check.

      However, readers, please report any inappropriate behaviour to the Child Protection Helpline 132 111. While it has no bearing on that vile little creep’s working with children check, it does go on file. That file is used by the Department and the police. All information will be useful in future if needed in getting a conviction, because it shows a history of inappropriate behaviour, including grooming.

      • You know who says:

        FYI Alison (and co.), it was I who spoke with that young house guest and can assure you that is what was said. I’m not an idiot. I’m only going to talk about things I know are facts and first hand. I have also spoken to others who have worse things to say, but that hasn’t been revealed here. We’re keeping our powder dry on that one, just like we are many other things.

        I’ll point it out to you again. Why hasn’t Serge done anything about myself and Esther? He knows who we are. You know who we are (members of the dark lodge and all). Think. Why?

        I do wonder at his response when it is surely raised, perhaps timidly by the merely mortal followers of the fifth level master. Something spherical I’m sure, rather than the truth, seeing that the certainty is that he will go down in flames should we unleash. It’d be like adding accelerant to the fire that is already smoldering.

        I think E’s point is a good one for y’all to ponder. If it wasn’t Serge having young girls over at his ranch, and the picture was of someone else with their hands all over the pubic region of a young lass, would you be outraged and writing complaints?

        Yes you would.

        If someone else you knew billeted a young girl as a pubescent teen, then married them as an adult after giving some hazy story of how they ‘got together’, would you be so forgiving, or ready to accept their version of events?

        No, I don’t think so.

        You do that because to face the truth threatens to undermine the fantasy world you want to live in, and because Serge’s nonsense has colonized your minds like a computer virus you just can’t get rid of no matter how many scans and reboots.

        Alison, I am talking to you.

        I’ve said it before. Finding the truth is easy. Just start asking around. The Benhayons have lived here since the early 90’s after they ducked and dived for a couple of years to avoid debts. Serge has left a trail of unhappy people, and those who know very well what went on. The con he’s pulling now is just a more sophisticated version of the cons he pulled in the past. But now he’s got the added advantage of tampering with the heads of his victims so that they are his champions.

        Ask yourself Alison and other members of the fiery truth.

        What if what we are saying is right?
        What of your investment in following a liar and conman?
        Your life?
        Your money?
        Your time?
        Your families?
        The truth?

        What if?

        And here’s the thing. Unlike Serge’s circular mutually exclusive arguments that are designed to confuse, but he calls “revelation”, it IS the truth. Every word of it. And more.

        The more time you spend investing in Serge, the more of your life you have wasted. And it is probably the only one you really have. It is most certainly the one you are experiencing.

        Talk about the ultimate price.

        What if in fact, we are the one’s that are enlightened? Ponder that.

        • Darkly Venus says:

          ‘Ponder on that’ is one of Serge’s biggest piss takes. UMers don’t ponder on anything. They don’t think – they wait for orders on how to ‘feel’ from the people taking their cash.

          Unlike Desiree, Mary Louise Myers, Paula Fletcher and the other financial Brides, poor old Alison’s not making a thing from it. She’s in it because it’s the most clout she’s ever had.

          Ha! What if we were the ones that are enlightened, lol? They’ll start accusing us of starting a cult.

          Maybe I could start dressing badly, telling people I know everything and selling nothing at a premium.

          P.S. For those of you wondering why Princess isn’t answering emails etc. She’s nursing a case of wind burn from that nude paragliding stunt.

          Although she’s somehow managed to go on dates.

  6. Pretzel logic lawmakers says:

    Worth noting that you can get a working with children permission slip if you’ve had the police charge you but it didn’t stick, and if you’ve had complaints to the child protection hotline. They don’t take that into account.

    What better way to get access than to get yourself a permission slip from the government..!