News reports 2012 – 2017

Media reports on the Universal Medicine Cult and Serge Benhayon from 2012 – 2017.

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The most important articles are indicated in **bold**.

As of December 21, 2014, Universal Medicine has a Wikipedia page.


  1. Universal Medicine affiliated doctor reprimanded Byron Shire Echo 30 May 2017
  2. Doctor rebuked over ‘spiritual healing’ group touting ‘esoteric breast massage’  The Guardian 31 May 2017
  3. Doctor found guilty over referrals Northern Star 31 May 2017
  4. Specialist reprimanded for ‘esoteric referrals’ Australian Doctor 1 June 2017


  1. Universal Medicine leader wins case over devotee’s will APN News 5 January 2016
  2. Universal Medicine bequeathed $1 million despite will challenge Byron Shire Echo 5 January 2016
  3. Universal Medicine defamation hearing today Byron Shire Echo 6 May 2016
  4. Council candidates support website attacking cyber-bully Byron Shire Echo 31 August 2016


  1. Jane Hansen: How Universal Medicine bullied me Daily Telegraph 15/3/15
  2. Bitter pill for health blogger Daily Telegraph 13/12/15
  3. Universal Medicine’s Serge Benhayon to inherit bulk of devotee’s million-dollar estate Sydney Morning Herald 28/12/15
  4. Cancer victim’s children lose appeal to overturn will which bequeathed majority of $1.1m estate to healer Daily Telegraph 29/12/15
  5. Court rejects bid by two children of a woman who died of breast cancer to get a share of the million dollar estate she left to a ‘health guru’ whose followers call him the ‘new Messiah’ Daily Mail (Australia & UK) 29/12/15
  6. Esoteric “Messiah” figure inherits bulk of woman’s million-dollar estate New York Times, Women in the World 29/12/15


  1. Quacks in the system Private Eye (UK) 7/2/14, p.33
  2. Serge in Interest Private Eye 21/2/14, p.31
  3. New-age ‘esoteric’ breast and ovary massage healer under investigation over alleged charity law violations, Daily Telegraph 22/6/14
  4. Universal Medicine client says her sessions felt ‘sleazy’ and she was being ‘groomed’, Daily Telegraph 22/6/14
  5. Universal Medicine’s Serge Benhayon ‘controlled every aspect of our lives’, Daily Telegraph 22/6/14
  6. Charity status of College of Universal Medicine investigated ABC Online 24/6/14
  7. Universal Medicine college under investigation Echo Net Daily 25/6/14
  8. Director from College of Universal Medicine defends charity status ABC Online 27/6/14
  9. Doctor sent woman for two years of new age healing in a galaxy far, far away for a cough — costing her $35,000 Daily Telegraph 31/8/14
  10. Universal Medicine Wikipedia Page from 21/12/14


  1. When ‘healing hands’ start grasping (on Esoteric Breast Massage) Australasian Science May 2013
  2. Benhayon link to Lennox Conference Echo Net Daily 15/11/13
  3. Charity Commission hands action plan to health charity 25/11/13


  1. Investigation urged into cult medical group Medical Observer 16/7/12
  2. Da Vinci Reincarnated? Sydney Morning Herald 22/7/12
  3. Cult Cures on Medicare Sydney Morning Herald 22/7/12
  4. Herbal products sold by ‘cult’ investigated Australian Doctor 23/7/12
  5. TGA’s urgent Universal Enquiry Medical Observer 23/7/12
  6. New Age Group’s Herbal Supplements Under Investigation SMH 23/7/12
  7. **Inside Universal Medicine Medical Observer 23/7/12**
  8. Controversial Health Provider Under Investigation ABC News 23/7/12
  9. Universal Medicine ABC Radio interview with Benhayon 25/7/12
  10. Healer denies cult claims Lismore Echo 26/7/12
  11. Concerns raised over ‘prana’ treatment Medical Observer 30/7/12
  12. Healing guru’s cult resort Today Tonight 31/7/12 TV VIDEO
  13. Universal strips website following TGA investigation Medical Observer 8/8/12
  14. Healing community dubbed cult A Current Affair 17/8/12 TV VIDEO
  15. **The Da Vinci Mode SMH Good Weekend 25/8/12**
  16. New Age ‘Medicine’ Leaves Trail of Broken Families Courier Mail 8/9/12
  17. **Esoteric Healer Serge Benhayon plans College of Universal Medicine in Goonellabah** Courier Mail 15/9/12
  18. ‘Cult’ health group faces AHPRA enquiry Australian Doctor 20/9/12
  19. Controversy Erupts over Mackay cult claims Mackay Telegraph 2/11/12 Page one & page two
  20. Government blocks YWCA documents Medical Observer 27/11/12

Today Tonight July 2012


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