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Universal Medicine reprimands prohibitions, European invasions & gossip June 2017


Natalie Benhayon – authority on ‘normal’

June 15 Why people join cults – must watch video. *Dr Michael Serafin prohibitions and Dermidenticals

May 31 *More news coverage – Northern Star and The Guardian – “Doctor rebuked over spiritual healing group touting esoteric breast massage”

May 30 * News coverage The Echo – Dr Samuel Kim reprimanded by NSW Medical Council

*Peddling GLOBAL obedience in Deutschland and the UK

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Universal Medicine contraction, gossip and doom March 2017

*March 25 – Happy Serge Week®

*March 14 – mysterious vanishings

*March 12 – marketing ‘obedience’ at UM’s 2017 retreats 

*March 8 – International Women’s day special – Esoteric Breast Massage testimonial

*Defence funding & general update 

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Universal Medicine defamation, festive role models and gossip early 2017

19 February – *Last weeks hearings *Glorious Music’s assault on the Adelaide Fringe Festival

12 February – *This week’s hearings – short hearing Raphael & Karam v Rockett 13 February, Benhayon procedural hearing on 17th

5 February – Friday’s procedural hearing deferred until 17 February

24 January 2017 – *Caroline Raphael & Ray Karam defamation claim *Selling esoteric palliative care *Girl to Woman Festival makeovers and online photo ops

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Universal Medicine cult delusions, slippery Esoteric truths & gossip September 2016


Serge Benhayon – world renowned philosopher!

September 18: *Gossip tidbits *New subscription: the Science of Bullshit

September 15: Both Ray Karam and Gail Fuller failed to be elected in NSW Northern Rivers local council elections.

September 11: *Ballina Byron Shire election – Karam maybe? Fuller, no. *Life is Medicine fun in Sydney *Serge Benhayon’s AMAZING compliance conscientiousness 

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Universal Medicine real estate, reality tests and gossip August 2016


Congratulations to caption comp winner RJM

August 19: Gail Fuller, Universal Medicine’s candidate in Byron Shire council election

August 17: College of UM undue influence dress ups

August 14: *Serge gives it away *More council election horrors *Census lol from the archive

August 10: *Vote for Universal Medicine cult for mayor of Ballina *Esoteric T-shirt

August 9 2016: *Benhayons’ property holdings *Caption comp winners

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Universal Medicine domain mastery, responsibility and gossip – July 2016

4 July: *Internet domination plan lols *Caption comp

12 July: UniMed Brisbane Re-Defining health cash and recruitment drive

17 July: Sergio v David Icke + Eunice Minford undue influence, pseudoscience & omniscience fantasy

19 July: *Serge’s School of the Livingness cartoon channel *Number crunch comp

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Universal Medicine cult of the talking cervix gossip June 2016


June 28: *AHPRA trouble for Dr Michael Serafin UPDATED *Jane Keep’s credibility gap 

June 20 2016: Cult of the talking cervix bites back *Ballina Social Media bullies *Esoteric Breast Massage word substitution mayhem

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