SergiLeaks 1.1 – UniMed Brisbane Pty Ltd fundraising

UniMed Brisbane, Brougham St Fairfield

UniMed Brisbane, Brougham St Fairfield

Universal Medicine’s Esoteric cult leader, Serge Benhayon, likes to cast himself as a successful businessman, but he’s not forthcoming about his devious means of accumulating wealth. Email communiqués from his personal assistant, Desiree Delaloye, and business partner, Brisbane accountant Susan Scully, show how UM misleads ‘investors’ into funding company assets, and then charges them to use them.

The following emails from May 2010 were sent to the UniMed faithful, spruiking unspecified and very dubious ‘tax benefits’ for a commercial ‘investment’.

From: UniMed Desiree <[redacted]>
Date: Thu, May 20, 2010 at 7:53 PM
Subject: Brisbane Clinic – Meeting
To: Desiree <[redacted]>

Hello Everyone,

You may or may not be aware that a new Centre has started in Fairfield Brisbane.

This Centre has received an enormous amount of help and support, with people moving furniture and setting up treatment rooms; gardening; cleaning; providing trades services; practitioners working from there;  clients having sessions; those that have financially contributed, while others have visited and added their touch. Thank you to all, as this support has been appreciated.

The Brisbane Centre requires your further support this time financially to fund the purchase of it. The financial support required is one of a solid commitment to a sound investment with tax benefits.  Offers of donations are appreciated however not required at this stage.

We are hosting an Information Session at the Centre, 135 Brougham Street Fairfield, this Sunday, 23rd May 2010 at 10am  — and another at the Universal Medicine Clinic, Goonellabah at a date yet to be announced — for everyone considering being a part of this financially.  

John Hinchcliffe, Jenny Ellis & myself will be presenting, and we look forward to sharing the morning with you.

Please contact Susan Scully on 0413 [redacted] or susan@[redacted] if you will be attending and/or are considering financing.

With Love, Susan

Email 1 image

From: UniMed Desiree <[redacted]>
Date: Mon, May 24, 2010 at 3:23 AM
Subject: Financially supporting the Brisbane Centre
To: Desiree <[redacted]>

Hello Everyone,
Expressions of Financial Interest in Truth & Commitment
Thank you for the wonderful response to financially supporting the Brisbane Centre with  Sunday’s Information Session offering much for people to consider.
We are hosting the next Information Session at Universal Medicine Clinic’s Seminar Room, Goonellabah this Tuesday, 25th May 2010 at 6pm.  John Hinchcliffe, Jenny Ellis & myself will be presenting, and we look forward to sharing the evening with you.
The Brisbane Centre requires expressions of financial interest being one of a solid commitment to a sound investment with tax benefits.  
Please contact Susan Scully on 0413 [redacted] or email: susan@[redacted] if you will be attending and/or are considering financing.
With Love,

Email 2 image

Susan Scully, like Deborah Benhayon and Serryn O’Regan is one of Serge’s financial Brides. We don’t hear a lot from them because Benhayon’s halfwit exhibitionist Brides like Jane Keep, scramble onlookers’ brains with their talking cervixes etc., while attack Brides, Rebecca Asquith, Alison Greig et al maintain the online defamatory barrage, generating a smokescreen via the vilification of critics.

Behind the scenes, Delaloye and her posse bully the congregation for ‘subscriptions’ and donations. Scully, Deborah Benhayon and O’Regan take care of the financials and legals, quietly distributing profits through an elaborate structure of companies and trusts.

Once in a while they surface to boast of their AMAZING Esoteric prowess with their ill-gotten money, money and more money. Deborah and Scully generously ran a course along those lines for the increasingly skint donors to the sham College of UM.

Susan Scully & Deborah Benhayon for College of UM charity

Susan Scully & Deborah Benhayon for College of UM charity

Debby Benhayon goes so far as to tell the flock, ‘MONEY HEALS‘.

Of course it does. When you’ve sold out all integrity, credibility and dignity.

UniMed Brisbane Pty Ltd – community assistance for a multi-millionaire

A few weeks after this call for ‘investments’, the UniMed Brisbane Pty Ltd company was formed, with Scully, O’Regan, practitioner Penny Scheenhouwer, and Esoteric Breast Massager and long term Bride, Jenny Ellis as directors.  The latter two were sloughed off the board last year and the current directors are Susan Scully and Serryn O’Regan.

The UniMed Brisbane property was improved via donations, volunteer labour and mythical ‘investments’ from the faith-full.

UniMed Brisbane is located in ‘Ashby House’ an exquisite old Victorian building whose upkeep and administration has and continues to be contributed to, by a team of dedicated volunteers. The commitment of all volunteers enables UniMed Brisbane’s services to be accessible to many more people.  UniMed Brisbane website

UniMed Brisbane advertising further misleads the public that it’s some sort of benevolent society.

UniMed Brisbane is a clinic run by the community for the community. UniMed Brisbane website

The building, with the claimed $2M mortgage, is owned by UniMed Brisbane Pty Ltd. (Title document here.) UniMed Brisbane Pty Ltd is owned by two individuals, Susan Scully and Serge Benhayon.

In other words, it’s a private, commercial enterprise with a valuable building, owned by wealthy people, sponging off donors and volunteers.

A bit like the College of Universal Medicine sham charity.


UniMed Brisbane Pty Ltd company extract

The beneficiaries are Susan Scully and Serge. They’ve eliminated business overheads by exploiting volunteers. The centre is staffed by mercenary upper rung pyramid scheme sycophants who aggressively promote and recruit to Benhayon’s habit forming cycle of money for nothing workshops, subscriptions, donations, bullyings, touch-ups and bequests.


The May email stated donations were not required ‘at this stage’ but thanked those who had contributed financially.

By August that year Benhayon was soliciting anonymous donations, most likely to do away with the need to issue receipts. Now that’s a tax benefit.

  • The Brisbane Clinic has been purchased but with a loan of $2million to pay off requires ongoing donations for another 2-3 years.
  • Donations of any size can be made depending on whether you can afford it.
  • Don’t donate because you feel you have to, everybody else is, etc etc.
  • Feel if you wish to support the growth of the work in this way and do it anonymously EDG notes taken by Michael Dixon, EDG 21 August 2010, p. 3

The following year he was pushing students to ‘make the call’ to renovate his Converys Lane College property and then buy it from him. When the College of UM was granted charity status, that sham commercial fundraising was blessed with tax exemptions. It has since had its Deductible Gift Recipient status cancelled by the ATO.

There is 1700 square metres of building – and only 5 minutes away from the Clinic. [Goonellabah NSW]  The plan is to have 14-18 offices, and will ultimately be offering Home Hospice, an extended Clinic, and ultimately a College.  In time it will be used for all our Retreats etc.  The street no. is 37.

Serge presented that assistance is needed financially to get the ball rolling – and asked that we contribute in some way if we can and feel impulsed to do so, as we have done for the U.M. Brisbane Clinic.  If we find that we are in a position to assist, the energy of donation will reward the kidneys.  He mentioned that there will be free Retreats for cancer patients and for those experiencing illness or disease.

The greatest form of healing is not a cure, but a life not to reproduce it. EDG notes, Kathleen Baldwin, April 23, 2011

The property big picture

Benhayon currently owns over $5M worth of property in his name. Four residential properties, the Blue Hills Ave business premises and the Converys Lane College of Universal Medicine building, which he bought in 2011 for $2.3M and has spent around $1M on, thanks to the gifts and bequest from Judith McIntyre, who was one of the cancer patients who received ‘free’ healings.

We know he owns a lot more, and his 50% stake in the UniMed Brisbane property confirms he owns buildings through his companies and trusts. He himself has about 10 of those, and his offspring have a few more.

Misleading the court

Late last year, the family of Judith McIntyre unsuccessfully contested her will. Benhayon received approx. $1.4M from Ms McIntyre via gifts and bequests. Unfortunately, the family didn’t make a pleading of undue influence, and didn’t bring evidence of it to court. (That is not a criticism. To do so would have been extremely costly.)

During cross examination, the McIntyre’s counsel identified only three properties Benhayon owns. Benhayon was asked whether he owned the Brisbane property at 135 Brougham St Fairfield, UniMed Brisbane.

Benhayon said no.

I was there.

Unfortunately, the barrister didn’t press, and didn’t tender evidence that Benhayon owns it, or of any further properties in his name.

In the Benhayon vs Rockett trial, my team shall tender evidence and press that question and that response. It will be part of proving my defence’s contextual imputation that the plaintiff is dishonest.

Undue influence

Ms McIntyre gifted Benhayon $800K a month before she died. Her will was witnessed by Desiree Delaloye and executed by Serryn O’Regan. In court, Benhayon was asked what the next largest individual gift was, and he said $600,000. A number of sources have told me their loved ones have written wills bequeathing Benhayon property, parts of or whole estates.

Yet, the poor little bequest pillaging multi-millionaire seeks cash donations to fund the site hosting and development of his excess of online advertising, his daughter’s dodgey advertorials, and ropes volunteers into cleaning and maintaining his properties.

Ponder on that.

Postscript: I’m happy to forward any of these documents to any of you who would like them – including Serge’s followers. If you or your family wishes to contest a will benefiting Benhayon, please contact me and I will do what I can to assist.

34 Comments on “SergiLeaks 1.1 – UniMed Brisbane Pty Ltd fundraising”

  1. MacReady says:

    “Money heals”? Odd then, that the ‘healer’s healer,’ the ‘world teacher,’ the ‘fifth level initiate’ and ‘ascended master’ who is here to usher in ‘the new era’ seems quite reluctant to part with any of his hard un-earned cash in his divine mission to heal humanity and correct the arrogant errors of mainstream medicine and science. The cynical observer could be forgiven for concluding that he’s a just conman extraordinaire, hellbent on screwing as many people out of their finances as possible. Even if money does heal, his diseased character is way past the point of saving.

  2. Lord of Form says:

    There is a pattern. In the late 1980’s Serge was involved with investors in his failed tennis centre that ended up in his bankruptcy. During the 1990’s he was accused of trying to sell a tennis business he found himself looking after, and then he was involved with others in raising funds for a golf driving range (during his bankruptcy) and the development of a sports centre in Goonellebah, that directly or indirectly led to the impoverishment of others. He even had his rental property in Alstonville improved at someone else’s expense.

    The pattern is that he has encouraged others to invest for him on the promise of something.

    Post defecation enlightenment it’s business as usual, but now with a twist. He’s discovered the “something”. The co-investors believe they are doing it for a greater good, because they feel to, and because they felt an impulse to serve “something” or another.

    Problem is, in all case Serge benefits. He’s solved a problem that had vexed him from his first failed attempts.

    There’s very few legitimate businesses in the world that ask their customers to pay for their infrastructure and assets, so those same customers can then pay to use them (?). Buildings, websites, etc. There’s very few legitimate healers who ask their customers to donate to them anonymously, pay down their mortgages, or to hand over their estates.

    There’s plenty of cult leaders doing exactly what Serge is doing.

    I bet Rebecca and the other unpaid propagandist don’t have the courage to consider how unusual his behaviour is, how it’s lifelong, and to compare it that of other such leaders.

    Very bottom line is Serge ends up very well off at others expense. Even Deborah Benhayon’s cynical money courses fails to cover up that fact, despite her choosing to cover up everything else she knows about her former spouse.

    • pranabunny says:

      This is probably the most on point summary of Serge’s modus operandi I have ever read. Sums it up quite nicely really, especially this:

      “There’s very few legitimate businesses in the world that ask their customers to pay for their infrastructure and assets, so those same customers can then pay to use them.”

      Case in point: the non-accredited bunch of ‘esoteric healers’ who wish to use the Lighthouse Center in Frome have to pay to use the facilities to run their yoga and healing sessions (exclusively populated by other UM ‘students’). Funny that. And that’s on top of the donations that are asked of them to keep the lights on (literally) in this sad excuse of a ‘wellness center’.

    • Its no secret says:

      Well written and factual. If any of this is untrue, Serge, we can expect another SLAPP defamation case.
      But thats not going to happen, is it Serge.
      Cause its all true and provable.
      And I totally agree about Debra the accomplice being just as wicked with the cover up, money mongering and sacrifice of Miranda even though she was humiliated by her ex when she was replaced via a long term plan.

    • MacReady says:

      He’s orchestrated his online defence campaign the same way. Convinced others to invest their time and put reputations on the line testifying to his glory, while he hides in the background. avoiding the ever-increasing questions and counting the cash. If he thought his claims stood up to criticism he’d stand up for himself and defend them, which he repeatedly said he’d do ( “I’d love a debate” and “I will debate anyone on the planet” etc). The fact that he doesn’t speaks volumes.

  3. Beyond Saving says:

    It wouldnt matter to the brainwashed followers what facts and history is pointed out to them, they are too far gone. They must be because all the facts and history have been pointed out to them. Anything Serge says or does is gospel no matter how illegal, imaginary or ridiculous (hello sacred 💩 and 👽 and 💋 and 🖑🖐 on healing)
    The courtroom however is another matter entirely and Serge with his overblown ego,and very little brainpower, has instigated his own downfall by SLAPPing this defamation case against an intelligent tough woman who is prepared to fight to the end to expose and hopefully save future vulnerables, including children, at her own expense.

  4. REALLY!! says:

    Serge has taken it to court m’lady….save your energy Ms Pattel.

    • Lord of Form says:

      Bina, your blog is as you say simply a repetition of the same claims which says more about what you want to believe than observable facts. You’ve not looked at what is obviously before you- his real actions, not words- least of all attempted to lift the veil to see what he’s been up to in the past and what he’s up to now.

      It’s clear. Serge uses others to buy assets. He’s been doing it for 25 years. Its clear, Serge is married to a woman that started off as a young girl in his care. Maybe not illegal, but certainly enough to raise questions, especially give the publicly endorsed teenage sleep overs that continue to this day. It’s clear, Serge uses his ‘confidence’ tricks to strip people of their estates.

      It’s also very clear, Serge make stuff up. He writes his own letter from his mum saying how good he is. (However, Mum has a different opinion in reality)

      You’ve swallowed the cool-aid and you’re in a new-age logic loop, and it’s blinding you to what is right before your very eyes. We know you’re not about to see it soon, but because you can’t, Serge can do whatever he wants and even has you, free of charge, defending him. Your reputation for his.

      To that point, and for the record, it is not a small group of haters. Do a poll on the North Coast of NSW. There’s be thousands of “haters”, and more beyond. That’s because of the very real trail of destruction he has left. Not the made up, fairy tale good he is doing for you in your next life and to the ‘energetic imprint’ of the earth in the “new-era”

      Knock, knock. Time to wake up.

    • Esther says:

      REALLY!! my arse. Are you really surprised the pyramid scheme clones are repeating the same bollocks they have for 2 years?

      Why read it? What do you expect?

      I just wrote another careful exposition above of evidence and a careful explanation about how all that propaganda is a distraction. We had a visit from its author in chief and she didn’t have the guts to defend it when challenged here. Case closed. But you bring more of the same.

      Any more links to repetitious bullshit that we’ve seen and refuted a hundred times and I’ll delete them.

      The only people who read that shit are cult members. And you.

      • REALLY!! says:

        I am really sorry Esther to have upset you. Not my intention.
        After reading your incredible written forensic report, I looked to see if UM had a reply.
        I’m sorry but I am still gobsmacked by them all. There ignorance.
        If I have read your report right, SB lied in Court at Ms McIntyre’s case.
        Please remove the link….

        • Esther says:

          Okay, I appreciate that you care and you’re trying to help, but you’re also giving oxygen to defamatory lies and playing straight into their hands.

          I don’t care what they think or write. If I did I wouldn’t be here continuing the exposure. I don’t read it. I care about exposing what they are so desperate to keep secret.

          Yes, Serge lied under oath. I haven’t spoken with my lawyers about it yet, but I’m sure they’ll jump at it. We have more than enough evidence to show Serge has zero credibility, but when the judge/jury hears he blatantly misled the supreme court, that’s the icing on the cake.

  5. Esther says:

    In relation to the bullshit published on UM’s propaganda sites.

    This is one of the final paragraphs from the defence I’ve filed with the Supreme Court. In the highly unlikely events that my five defences fail (they won’t), under ‘Mitigation of damages – generally’:

    D. The fact that any damage caused to the plaintiff’s reputation (which is denied) as a result of the matters complained of, was caused, or, alternatively contributed to, by the publication by the plaintiff and not by the defendant of the sense and substance of the matters complained of, in that he published the sense and substance of those matters prior to the matters complained of on the UM website…

    In other words Benhayon can’t hold me liable when UM has been publishing the defamations he’s claiming – most of which I didn’t think, write, say or publish – themselves – both before the matters he’s suing me for, and continuing, in profusion, until today.

    His flock persist in repeating the claimed defamations of him on his own sites.

    Let them. That alone could cause his claim to fail.

    I suspect that’s why Alison Greig is so quiet these days. She might have realised how badly they screwed up, and is too arrogant to admit it to the mob.

    But, in case I need to repeat it, I’m not wasting any more blog space giving oxygen to their rote repetition of defamatory bullshit about us when they’ve produced nothing either factual or new in two years and hundreds of thousands of words.

  6. RJM says:

    From memory, the last time Serge was confronted with official documentation of his own blatant lies (the paperwork regarding his bankruptcy), he launched into a rant about underage girls being ‘split’ by older men, as if that was relevant or even a rational response. Hopefully he tries that in court, it should go down well.

  7. Pissoff to Prison Pistorius from Pretoria says:

    I imagine if Oscar Pistorius from Pretoria was your guru over at UM you would all be lavishing him with accolades. What an amazing athlete and inspiring man. Our hero. The poor man didn’t mean to shoot Reva, he thought she was an intruder.
    Truth is, he is a lying murderer. Reva is dead, he shot her dead. Who shoots to kill even an intruder locked in the toilet. What is it with unexplainable occurrences and toilets anyway?
    I dont care if he was a national sporting hero, good looking or played the sympathy card with his disability in court after demanding not to be considered disabled on the track and competing against abled sprinters.
    What I care about are the facts and character of this person and so did the court in the end eventually.
    Get the parallel here? Look at the facts and only the facts

  8. Scullyduggery says:

    OMG you are so spot on Esther with the character breakdown of Serge’s bride brigade. In fact it would be an interesting study of all the female individuals in the cult pyramid family tree which I am sure Serge has up on a wall in a hidden room behind a false cupboard ala serial killer style.
    This strange dangerous man has surrounded himself with warrior women who are totally devoted to him. Notice there are no real men, only softened pansies who have imaged themselves on Serge. No individuals, same hair, same clothes, stupid scarves, same skinniness, lumpy throats, plastic skin, not game to peep for fear of the wrath of animalistic accusations, yet the attack brides are allowed to be as unwomanly and animalistic as Serge needs them to be, then claim to be loving livingness women. Go figure!Its all one giant obvious lie.
    Thank God these people are under direct exposure and watched closely by investigators who can reveal this very complex cult.
    So many contradictions and irony, yes it is confusing but surely some of these members will snap out of their trance and rebel and expose and be brave enough to set themselves, and others free.

  9. Cash, card or deeds accepted says:

    I think I can have a pretty good guess as to why Serge and the upper rung brides have begun another major cash rake in from the plebs under the guise of monetarily supporting a humungus amount of websites and property.
    He is a few moves ahead of them mainly due to planned syphoning and manipulation of the info which they cannot question anyway.
    Serge did not expect his SLAPP defamation case to get to the Supreme Court, not in a million lightyears, and I’m sure his non glazey eyed legal team (not the Mullum cult one) have advised him of a loss with costs and damages to be incurred.
    It would kill his ego to hand over a cent to Esther and he is making sure the cult pay it forward in readyness, so anonymously they dont even know where the $ end up.

  10. Simple says:

    Distract then extract

    • Esther says:

      hang on, hang on – the emails above are from 2010. After that he started asking for anon donations to fund the fit out and purchase of the Wollongbar dodgey charity property. Then he got charity status – meaning he didn’t have to ask for anonymous donations, he could pretend to be going straight…

      In 2012 I started the blogging exposé, and he collected money for a legal action – which amounted to Paula Fletcher writing angry, and fairly incoherent letters to Google. With limited success.

      For years there’s been any number of subscriptions and subscription drives and calls for donations and investments for all sorts of shit. On top of sales for his money for nothing products and sergices.

      I get what you’re saying, and maybe he will try to get the flock to fund his litigation – I would not be surprised. However, they are shrinking, and they are weary of doling out money and being kept in the dark. Certainly a few of them are fucking stupid enough to give him more, but if he sees this through, there will be more negative publicity than any amount of money could save them from.

      I’ve been holding off from sharing this, but yes, his claim is unbelievably ill conceived. As if I wouldn’t fight it tooth and nail. Some bullshit Serge tried in February (I can’t go into detail here) has made me more determined. What team Sergio (i.e. Universal Law) hasn’t factored is that lawyers can smell a win. They can smell a plaintiff with a weak claim and too much money from 100km away. They can smell pay day. Serge is exposed like he never has been. I have a massive, impenetrable defence crafted by one of the best defamation defence barristers in the business and now I have the bonus of Serge misleading the court – documented in court transcripts, land titles and company records. Judges & juries don’t like people who are shown to have misled the Supreme court. Lawyers like to be on the winning team…It’ll be at least four weeks in court, with lawyers paid by the day. They know he has cash and assets…Lots of assets…

      Anyway, my original point was that the drive for cash is not new.

      • Hanging on says:

        I realize drive for cash is not new for sure
        He would be syphoning from any incoming bounty via funding whether it be TV shows, websites, retreats, estates, sales of products etc etc
        Any money he gets has to come from somewhere and is a loss for somebody else
        I suppose what I meant is that Serge will look at any loss from the courtcase will be funded by scrounged money stockpiles from others.
        I just hope it is a walloping figure and major blow to him
        The tight bastard wont even pay for a cleaner at that Brisbane property
        So Serge

        • Esther says:

          Every cent he’s made has been made that way – dishonestly – at someone else’s expense, from the get go. Even when he was coaching tennis he was unlawfully director of a company while bankrupt, avoiding tax by operating on cash basis and collecting social security payments. And getting Miranda to earn her keep.

          He came out of bankruptcy and bought two properties – which shows how much money he was raking in while bankrupt.

          The litigation is business as usual – throwing around money he gained illegitimately.

          And he has god knows how many very substantial bequests to look forward to provided the faithfull hurry up and die.

          But as you say, he’s also unbelievably tight arsed. Pays for no cleaners for any of his properties.

          In the end though, all that money won’t be able to fix the damage to his massively overinflated ego. The court will make mincemeat out of him, and the international press will turn that into sausages and fry him.

          ‘The World Renowned Philosopher’

  11. Brooky says:

    Well, well. I went to his tennis courts years back on the northern beaches and remember him as conceited and rather full of himself. Looks like very little has changed. Surprises me he is running a cult but I know he was very interested in making money and remember there was a brouhaha with his business mates at the time. It would be very funny if his followers could have seen him then. I don’t believe a lot has changed from what I’ve read here quickly other than he has got a lot better at it. But who would ever imagine that someone with an eye for the girls and preoccupied with making money would end up founding a religious cult?? It’s a weird world.

    • Esther says:

      I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Greedy and with a gigantic ego. You might be interested to listen to some of the rot he talks these days – post his poo epiphany:

      • Holy Shit says:

        Holy Shit. And I mean, holy shit. That sums Serge up perfectly. Has always been that way, and has made a biz of it. That was one holy shit,

  12. Lord of Form says:

    Its worth listening to your video for the heads up on Serge’s manipulation methods- that even though they are none too subtle- work well.

    It’s disturbing listening to Natalie sniggering along with Dad as he browbeats his followers into giving up everything sensible to follow his fantasy. No wonder she is the ‘sexy’ heir apparent.

    It’s also evident that despite his denials, he is directly and explicitly behind family breakdowns.

    So the end results is a pack of followers, immersed in his made up world, worshipping him and his family, without a family of their own, handing him money when they are alive and when they die, so he can live in bigger and better homes and owns more properties.

    The die hard members and the ardent defenders of the faith are propping up a very sick man who is evidently deluded. They’re as bad as him.

  13. Secret sociey says:

    They have so much to hide – from what I have noticed
    Need to sign up for events before you know where they are held?
    G2W Melbourne and Ballina ESO breast care.

    • Lord of Form says:

      I was in Melbourne recently and was told by a hotel where they had an event that ” a cult just had a conference here”. I asked who, and they said ” I think it is called Universal Medicine…”
      I asked why do you think it is a cult. And they replied ” You should have seen the glassy eyed looks and smirks. And what they were talking about…” (ie- crazy)

      They advertise themselves for what they are wherever they go. Not much point them being secretive.

  14. Wisdom says:,107998

    For all the families that are worried about loved ones, for people trying to recover, for those wondering about becoming involved and for those that are harboring doubts I offer the following reflections as a part of a series on Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.

    First, run. Second, run faster. Third, keep running!

    When you’re in a safe contemplative place ask yourself this question. What is a cult? A shorthand definition of a cult is that the 500 enchanted students endlessly and highly emotively cry out to anybody that will listen that UM is not a cult. While another 50 million people on the planet go, “mate, you’re in a cult!”.

    Another way of defining a cult is that the spiritual, social and personal identity of ‘students’ or ‘members’ becomes solely and exclusively defined in terms of their group membership, which becomes conditional on following the prescriptions and proscriptions of a single person who asserts some kind of higher enlightened status, in this case Serge Benhayon, who makes significant financial gains from their existential dependency.

    It is in this way that individuals are ‘lost’ inside and to the cult irregardless of whether the walls that separate that person from the rest of the world are literal or psychological as is the case with UM. This distinguishes a cult.

    By contrast, when someone goes to a church, the religious leader doesn’t spend their time denigrating the friends and families of that person as being loveless and evil – that your friends and family hold you back from being who you ‘truly’ are. Nor does the religious leader proclaim, or make inferable, that they have all the answers to the universe, are smarter than anyone else, higher than anyone else, be the greatest lover in the world, know more than any scientist or to be on the same level as Jesus Christ. When individuals go to university to study, the university doesn’t alienate, or have an investment in alienating, the student’s families and friends. When one person in a family goes to Jenny Craig, that organisation doesn’t fill their heads with the idea that the rest of the family eating other food is pranic and evil. Or that if you follow Jenny Craig you’re on a higher and better path than everyone else or that even going near McDonalds will fill you with evil Big Mac energy that will later engorge your family in their sleep.

    Or when somebody wants to leave the cricket club, it doesn’t take years of psychological treatment and deprogramming. And, importantly, the cricket members don’t abuse, attack or shun you because you’ve left the club.

    By definition Universal Medicine is unarguably a cult.

    And why is it important to identify Universal Medicine as a cult. I’ll leave that to next time.

  15. what's next says:

    Good words ‘wisdom’

    What ever next…..UM claim religious persecution for this exposure of their ever changing con. Is this their defense in court?

    First UM was a health then charity now religion.

    If it is a religion that UM affiliated Dr’s are promoting then the medical authorities will take an even dimmer view of this.
    Medico’s are not permitted to promote their religion.

    Oh but it is all different for sergites they are above the law.
    There is nothing loving about any of their behaviour.

  16. @woefuldoc says:


    Eunice = malicious cult 222222222222222222222

    Last person on earth Id want hovering over me with a scalpel

    Shame, shame, shame

  17. Lets get physics-all says:

    Lets have an E= mc2 competition

    Esoteric= mucho conning 22222222222222

  18. Cant wait says:

    Esther=meet (u in) court 222

    • Contextual truth says:

      CONtextual truth reveals all of Serge Benhayon’s Con

      • Anonymous says:

        All anyone has to do is read cults in our midst to understand why um is a cult.
        I’m only 20 pages in and hardly anything said so far does not fit the bill.
        Plain and simple serge is at the top of the inverted tee.
        A lot should be written about this man and his purple books. He claims you can’t read what’s in them you must feel what is written.
        I tried to read one and it is so incoherent that you can’t actually read it because it has such poor structure.
        He says he won’t allow his religion to be bastardised, this is what he calls re interpreted and he says all religions have had this to some extent.
        He in fact by definition is bastardising the imaginary voices which are ancient wisdom which he himself is hearing in English one must assume it it is by definition a bastardisation because he puts it in his own words. If it is thousands of years old, then doesn’t it predate English language ?
        You are a fucking con man plain and simple.
        I have heard you speak and unless you leave all commonsense at the door you will understand nothing of what is said.
        Bewildered and confused is what I felt and ashamed that I was dragged along.
        The damage he is doing with his brain washing is to put it mildly just plain dangerous, and would take 1 million man hours of psychotherapy to deprogram all his followers.
        How do I come up with millions?
        A few thousand followers maybe 300 hrs per follower that’s 300 X 3000 that is 900000 hours.
        Cost? Even at 125 per hour that is roughly 112 million dollars,
        Factor in Medicare claim proportion that’s a shit load of tax payer money,
        That money could fund a hospital.
        Using a warped sense of logic I could in fact claim by this that serge is evil, but do the math.
        Let’s hope when he falls his followers go after the carcass with a class action lawsuit and finish him off. He will be a distant memory until he reappears in 90 or so years.
        Except we will be ready for him then.

  19. Not Just A Jealous Guy says:

    Ancient Wisdom update: jealousy is evil, and anyone who questions the way of the livingness is just jealous (evil). If strangers at social events don’t fawn over the amazing loveliness radiating from the cultists as they enter a room, it’s because the other people are jealous (evil). Thankfully, the students are able to claim their joy and glory thanks to Serge, and nominate non-cultists jealousy (evil) without reacting to it. Apart from posting rambling blog pieces online about how they don’t react to it, and then bask in the loveliness while other cultists don’t react by posting a seemingly endless torrent of redundant comments about how truly amazing it is to feel how non-reactive the blog piece was in response to the jealousy (evil) of non-cultists. This also means that when Serge told the cult he could feel how jealous they were of his fifth-level lovemaking skills and full-body orgasms, he was telling them they were evil. If you find any of the above less than amazing and glorious, then ‘You’re Just Jealous’ (evil), as Natalie’s sexy t-shirt says.