Universal Medicine cult of the talking cervix gossip June 2016


June 28: *AHPRA trouble for Dr Michael Serafin UPDATED *Jane Keep’s credibility gap 

June 20 2016: Cult of the talking cervix bites back *Ballina Social Media bullies *Esoteric Breast Massage word substitution mayhem

June 26-28: AHPRA catches up with cult pharmacist, Michael Serafin

In March we saw Dr Michael Serafin and his business, Complementary Compounding Services Ballina, investigated over adverse events related to intravenous infusions administered by the iv.me clinics, which resulted in at least one patient ending up in a hospital emergency  ward.

At the time, Serafin told the Sydney Morning Herald he wouldn’t have supplied the infusions if he’d known they were for commercial use. The Lords of Form only know what he thought they’d be used for.

Regardless of his excuses, AHPRA caught up with him and has prohibited him from compounding and supplying certain intravenous vitamin preparations, including the antioxidant ‘Myer’s Cocktail’, which is used by ‘wellness clinics’ and other naturopathic shysters to get money out of cashed up inner city party goers and hypochondriacs.

1. The Practitioner must not allow the compounding of, any of the following pharmaceutical products for parental [sic] use at any pharmacy in which he has a pecuniary interest:

a. Products containing glutathione

b. Nutrient `Myer’s Cocktail` mixtures AHPRA website

[Parental there should be ‘parenteral’ meaning administered by injection.]

UPDATE: Dr Serafin is still under investigation over the incident according to online publication, Australian Doctor on June 27:

In February, NSW Health ordered Sara Shadi Kazeme cease operations at her iv.me clinic in Darlinghurst in Sydney while it investigated how the woman ended up being hospitalised after one its treatments.

The clinic — which offers intravenous infusions including a $249 “master antioxidant” containing Glutathione…

…the NSW Health probe led to the Pharmacy Council of NSW using its emergency powers in March to suspend Ms Kazeme.

The matter has been referred to the HCCC, which is now investigating the professional conduct of Ms Kazeme and two other health practitioners.

The second person under investigation is an unidentified GP.

The third person is a compounding pharmacist who supplied the clinic, Michael Serafin.

Following the NSW Health probe, Mr Serafin has conditions on his registration that bans him from compounding a vitamin infusion known as ‘Myer cocktails’ or products containing glutathione, for use at pharmacies he has a pecuniary interest in.

The Ballina-based pharmacist told Australian Doctor the restrictions were unfair given the investigation was not over, and claimed the evidence found so far “never pointed towards a contamination issue” with the products he supplied…

However, the health benefits of its treatments have been questioned by anti-quackery campaigner Dr Ken Harvey, who last year lodged a complaint against the Melbourne clinic with the Pharmacy Board of Australia.  Australian Doctor

My observation of Dr Serafin’s comment is that ‘contamination’ is not necessarily the problem with IV hydration cocktails. I would think that dosage would be a critical factor.

One wonders how that might affect his busy trade in ‘anti-ageing’ supplements to body builders (and vain, pectoralis obsessed almost rans). He now joins cult psychologist, Marianna Masiorski on conditional registration, in what might be a growing trend among the cult’s health professionals.

Michael is taking it as we’d expect. His guru, Serge Benhayon, says emotions are the cause of all disease, so where to misplace all that rage and angst? (At getting caught…) Project it on to me, of course.


NHS Jane Keep’s credibility gap

Poor old Michael Serafin joins Jane Keep in the Esoteric credibility club. Apparently the cult publishing scores of pages falsely defaming and vilifying me, me speaking with the media and defending a SLAPP defamation claim in the Supreme Court is me ‘hiding behind a computer screen’, and both ‘no different to stalking’ and stalking. It’s also ‘criminal’, he reckons, but funnily, in spite of a Sirius load of police complaints from the unisex Brides of Serge, no evidence of unlawful activity was found.

His Facebook page is also a veritable shrine to poor grammar, Benhayon kiss-arse and full tin foil hat pseudoscience.

Which brings us to Jane Keep and the old fiction the cult likes to wheel out that notifications to tax payer funded workplaces of cult recruiters is an attempt to have people sacked.

She wrote a fair few thousand words to that effect on the fallacious UM *Facts* blog, but in the whole diatribe omitted mention that she was an Esoteric Breast Massager, and a Universal Medicine UK company director, is now trustee of UM’s bent UK charity, Sound Foundation Community Care, and got a special mention in Private Eye magazine for her cult/NHS links.

She also didn’t explain how her date of birth came to be falsified on the UM UK company records. I don’t know what happens in the UK, but falsifying personal details on company records is an offence under Australian law.

I wrote to the NHS Great Western trust employing her and the people she’d recruited at the time and asked if she’d declared her conflicts of interest, because UK tax payers tend not to be partial to paying NHS employees to promote and recruit to cults.

As anyone whose read my notifications can see, I merely ask that the workplaces get assurances from said cult recruiters that they won’t be promoting UM on company/public time and expense. The workplaces tend to agree with me. Some do so without me needing to notify them. To my knowledge no one has lost their job as a result.

Jane Keep’s whining that I tried to have her sacked is about as credible as her AMAZING command of the universe’s ENERGY. Remember when her car got dinged because she was polite to one of her work colleagues? MAGIC! And recently we’ve had the Esoteric joy of reading all about her walking, talking, shopping cervix.

June 20: The cult of the talking cervix snaps back

The Women in Livingness blog is a sordid, nauseating nightmare of narcissism, magical thinking, stupidity and gynaecological exhibitionism from the full subscription Brides of Serge. I only read it if legally required, but I must thank one of our hardy spies for posting a link to this mess, What does your cervix say?  The thing has since done the rounds of various social media, and smacked the gobs of many unwary bystanders.

It echoes the nonsense Benhayon mumbled in his Esoteric Breast Massage video, that as women, energetically our cervix is the place where we hold our sacredness. Apparently, customers who pay Jenny Ellis et al to stroke their breasts are not only assisted in reconnecting with their lost bosoms, but with their sacred cervixes as well. Sergio says his scam EBMs increase ‘a woman’s sensitivity’.

The talking cervix blog was written by UK NHS admin, Jane Keep, who was a UM UK company director, and is now a trustee of the Sound Foundation Community Care cult front ‘charity’. She recruited NHS staff to present at a bent Sound Foundation event.

The connection with our cervix is also deeply practical – two real daily living examples here highlight the precision and beautiful daily guide the cervix is for women:

“I started polishing my nails again, and when I don’t connect to my cervix it is like the nail polish breaks off easily because I am not moving my hands delicately, yet when I connect to my cervix that really reflects that how I’m using my hands differently and the nail polish stays on longer”.

“There is a lot to change in my practical day to day living, where by asking ‘what does my cervix say?” it can lead the way. For example my cervix takes me shopping – it’s very precise in anything from groceries, to household items or clothes. Now I realise I need a new mattress, new duvet cover and new towels to honour me and my cervix is very precise in what will nurture me.”

In building a relationship with our cervix, and playfully living life and asking ‘what does my cervix say?” in any given situation, it is the best friend we can ever have. It is a beautiful conversation to start amongst ourselves as women. So, maybe the first question is:

What does your cervix say?

An unsuspecting soul on a friend’s Facebook page summed it up with the comment: I read the cervix thing and thought it was a pisstake written by one of you buggers- please don’t tell me this is what UM actually think???

Anyway, I tweeted Jane Keep’s howler a few times, and commenters took a few pokes at it, and that must have struck a nerve at Serge HQ or something, because ‘true expression’ drill sergeant Alison Greig snapped back. She’d made herself scarce since I saw her in court where, having written screeds of indignant defamatory lies about me, she dared not lift her woebegone visage to look me in the eye.

We knew the Brides of Serge were far gone, but they never cease to amaze.

The Huffington Post article Alison links to was written by a Professor of Medicine who works in a cancer clinic. He was writing about the importance of having pap smears.

It’s a far cry from the nonsense in Jane Keep’s blog:

The cervix is something all women have yet it is not an area of a woman’s body that is commonly talked about in our daily lives.

Women are capable  of remembering to have a pap smear without developing an irrational fixation on their reproductive apparatus at the instigation of a grandiose delusional bloke running a predatory ‘womens health’ con. Or paying for a subscription to his cult of occult bullshit, bullying, aggression and privacy invasion.

However, in UM, focussing on one’s nether regions is a technique of dissociation effectively preventing investors from using their brains. Thinking critically might wake them up to the Benhayon scam.

All our thinking comes first from our body, Deeply lost is he who thinks it comes from one’s head. (Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, 2011, p.460)

The charge that I’m ‘attacking women’ for critiquing this nonsense, is rich from a bully Bride who kisses the butt of a sexist, self-styled guru who recommends smacking the prana out of children, sticks his hands on women’s pubic areas to clear ‘rape energy’, tells women that playing sport and pursuing career goals will give them gyne diseases, including cancer, and pillages the estates of breast cancer patients.

And what hope is there when UniMed’s official arbiter of ‘true expression’, can’t distinguish ‘knowing’ from feeling, imagining or having yourself on?

Alison has prior form. In her submission to NSW parliament for UM she also tried to legitimize Esoteric Breast Massage by misappropriating and misrepresenting a scientific research study. She tried it on with a Science Daily article reporting that compression inhibits malignant breast cancer cells, referencing a quote implying that breast massage would prevent breast disorders. The quote isn’t found in the article. The finding of the scientific study was also the opposite to what she portrayed, and explicitly stated ‘compression, in and of itself, is not likely to be a therapy.’ So there she is attempting to mislead a parliamentary committee no less, that EBM is a remedy for breast cancer, yet, elsewhere, UM are vehement they’ve never made such claims.

Alison Greig goes to bat for Benhayon's cervix fantasies

Alison Greig goes to bat for Benhayon’s cervix fantasies

Lucky for Alison and UM, it was only a parliamentary inquiry, and not a court of law.

And while we’re here, her Twitter profile isn’t a piss-take either. Sergio’s most public propagandist is an ‘advocate for true freedom of expression’. In practice that’s SergeSpeak for aggressive censorship of any comment or question that isn’t in lock step with the Esoteric ‘truth’. Like when our corrections or questions are moderated out of her fruity *facts* manifestos. She’s also pitchfork bearer in chief for the Esoteric lynch mob who egged Sergio into his SLAPP defamation claim after they spammed the police with complaints to get me prosecuted for exposing inconvenient facts. That didn’t work either.

And Alison has a law degree.


I know.

Girl to Woman social media bullies/bullshitters

Speaking of Benhayon butt kissers, Universal Medicine’s paid propagandist, Rebecca Asquith nee Baldwin, manipulated her way into presenting at the Positive Adolescent Sexual Health conference early June,  even though she has no qualifications in health or education, and Northern Rivers has any number of properly qualified people who could have done the job without the underhanded cult recruitment agenda. Now Rebecca and her husband, Simon Asquith, who is also employed by UM, are running a social media discussion group  in Ballina under the dodgy Girl to Woman Festival banner.

Rebecca & Simon Asquith pucker up to Serge & Miranda Benhayon

Rebecca & Simon Asquith pucker up to Serge & Miranda Benhayon

Rebecca and Simon will talk about how to hide behind a cult leader’s money and lawyers to harass, vilify and falsely defame official complainants online, and refuse us a right of reply. They can talk about lying outright and lying by omission in their many cult promotion gigs, and their support for inappropriate touching, corporal punishment, circumcision as a means of curbing male sexual urges, and the importance of Alison Greig style ‘true expression’. All perfectly wholesome material for kids they’d like to convert to cult fodder. Helen Simkins will be there to share her online experience of bragging about sending her juvenile daughter to stay at Serge’s house, and her devout belief that people who raise concerns about exploitation, molestation and child safety should be jailed.

They can talk about the glory of making national news for bullying official complainants.

Esoteric Breast Massage word substitution reality test

Last month I put together the ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ of Esoteric Breast Massage documentaries, unpacking Serge Benhayon and Foundational Breast Care’s bizarre video defences of Universal Medicine’s signature women’s health hustle.

In his video defence, Benhayon, almost choking on his goitre, mumbled out a lot of nonsense about breasts. Given that we all need a bit of levity from his relentless money grubbing madness, and that a heap of you have wondered about gender equality among the unisex Brides of Serge, I decided to expand UniMed Living’s feeble product range with a modality that’s guaranteed to rake in cash – Esoteric Testicle Massage.

Why not?!

Benhayon reckons Esoteric Breast Massage was a modality that was ‘needed’. But he couldn’t practice it because people would think him a pervert and call the cops, so he had to wait until he’d teamed up with enough mercenary, not very bright women to practice it vicariously through them. Plenty of blokes are bound to agree there’s a gap in the market for testicle massage, and applying the bogan messiah’s reasoning, testicular cancer is a thing, yes? That’s the excuse he’s given for peddling breast massage – it prevents cancer, he reckons. So I thought it might be ‘playful’ to address the masculine need using Sergio’s Esoteric logic substituted into his own words.

FOUNDATIONAL TESTICLE CARE is an international social enterprise dedicated to bringing about a paradigm shift in the current worldview on men’s testicles and their purpose, in order to inspire responsible and enduring testicle care.

There is a great deal more to testes than their limited association with fashion, function, hunting, contact sports, hirsutism, sex and disease. 

It’s a modality by men for men. Leonardo da Vinci wasn’t gay by the way, that was just a scurrilous lie spread by the Astrally impulsed of the day, in case you think I’m a reincarnated gay man or something.  

The basis was to say to the man, look your testicles aren’t just sexual objects or things that dangle around between your legs, that you, you you, tuck into your jocks, or they’re not just there to make babies and then they’ve done their role and now they go back to the missus or whoever your partner may be in terms of what they’re for.

They’re actually part of your body. They’re part of the whole that you are and they need to be integrated. They need to be as delicately looked after as your penis, as your anus, as your perineum. In the same way that you look after your face and put on aftershave and moisturiser. Not that we need to put aftershave on the testicles…For a man, they’re just two appendages that are there, they don’t truly connect with. I discovered this in the treatment rooms…

As light as possible...

As light as possible…

And one of the stipulations I expressed on the day I trained the testi massage guys was that to try and avoid as much as possible the penis area so that there’s no insinuation or stimulation whatsoever. As light as possible on the penis was the only stimulation of course apart from being very delicate…


41 Comments on “Universal Medicine cult of the talking cervix gossip June 2016”

    • MacReady says:

      * UM caveat – only a man with a circumcised penis can start hearing voices while taking a holy shit and realise he’s not a two-bit conman, but actually a fifth-level initiate and multi-reincarnated ascended master sent from Shambhala on behalf of the Heirarchy to teach his followers that he can feel their jealousy at his full-body orgasms, and the fact that he’s the only man on earth who makes love to women as opposed to just having sex with them while being impulsed by entities with astral-porno-rape energy which is what all other men do, even though we’re all sons of god, equally so.

    • Anonymous says:

      I reckon Mark has a small gnarly ugly dick under that fat gut of his. And that’s not all he has to be ashamed of. And he knows it.

      These articles are all the same. “what if there is another way”. Which means, what if you abandon thinking and start babbling inanities about your cervix, ovaries, breasts, and now penises.

      A pathetic attempt by the cult to bring men into their conversation and to keep Mark focused on his favourite topic at the same time…

      • History repeating says:

        I think its called a champignion in the world of penis sizing.
        Just like researching Sergio it doesnt take much to look into the history of the members in the cesspool that is UM
        Tsk tsk tsk

  1. The Perfect Penis says:

    Thanks for the blow by blow job Mark but your article is as subtle as a 12 inch erection in a pair of budgie smugglers.
    No one is fooled by the damage control at UM
    “Quick, Mark, pull out a penis article to distract from our total focus on womens bits.”
    You are not unlike a penis yourself Mark, your best friends are nuts and arseholes and you have a hole in your head where your brain used to be

  2. Whatta ballsup says:

    Lol at Serge choking on his goitre
    And the foundation testicular care
    Exactly “Why not!!!”
    My take is those lumps in his neck are undecended testes
    But Mark Twisted has one upp’d ya
    Penis is in, testes are out, so to speak
    My guess is AAA battery size for our little mate from Shamballa

  3. Esther says:

    Anyone else think Clayton Lloyd’s gone a bit overboard with the photoshop on Sergio & Miranda etc. above?

    • Beggars Belief. says:

      Yes I agree with the OTT photo shop, it is really noticeable.
      It reminds me of the photo shop that was done on the image of Serge at the home gym a while back, with muscles?!

      Regarding ‘What does your cervix say?”

      Alison Greig why kind of a leader do you have in Serge allowing this magic cervix fascination obsessing about females and the female body.

      No one in the so called Astral cult is saying do not take care of your Gynecological health.

      Talking to your cervix and it talking to you is a mental health issue – just like Serge hearing voices and toilet epiphany’s

  4. Mark Twist's bananarama says:

    Why would he write about thing size if it wasn’t a thing for him?

  5. Just saying ... says:

    Esoteric Testicle Massage … yes, why not?! Brilliant Esther! 🙂 (I’m sure UM wants to be seen promoting equality of the sexes. SB will be kicking himself that he hadn’t thought of it first. Your explanation and promotion of ETM is much more comprehensive, insightful and enlightening than that other UM male appendage one). :/

  6. Oops says:

    oops Jane you forgot to include your talking cervix post

  7. Buying a Stairway to a Heaven says:

    Led Zeppelin wins “Stairway to Heaven” jury trial having beaten a lawsuit claiming that the iconic guitar piece in the song was copied from Spirits instrumental piece “Taurus”
    Now, Michael Benhayon penned and performed a song called “Heavens Stairway” which goes on (and on) for 6 minutes, like the original.
    Has Michael rewritten rock n roll history, no, the content differences are laughably worlds apart and he can be cleared of song theft however reversing the title name and claiming it as his own is an obvious sergical attempt to subtlety elevate himself to the level of peerless songwriters/performers and exposes him as a talentless pretender
    What is it Serge, 20% change of an original gets you past copyright
    Like father, like son

    • Esther says:

      Ha! Yeah. Ask the Lucis Trust, caretakers of Alice A. Bailey’s works.

      Like father like son, not enough imagination between them to create anything original, and they have to bully and con people into buying the crap. Even their tiny market is baulking.

      Ha ha to Jane Keep’s blog, lol, really. My god she must be the most monumentally stupid person in that group – with pleny of stiff competition I grant.

      Notice the rash of new UMer blogs flooding the net. That’s SergeCorp asking them to spend more time creating ‘content’ on top of producing his barrage of promo cyber-pulp.

      Anyway, end of last year SEO expert Kate Gamble did a presentation at the Church of Serge offering to help the investors create their own websites for free. SergeCorp wants the lovelies to increase his web mentions by expressing their Esoteric truth, with the obligatory plug for Serge. The idea is to drown out the cyber-bully, Esther Rockett on Google search.

      The results have been disappointing, lol. More sites, no change to the stats. Kate Gamble is one of Jane Keep’s rivals. Dumb and dumber.

      Serge doesn’t give a toss if they make tits of themselves. He still has too much money.

      • LOF says:

        Yes, Jane’s blog is particularly vapid. Totally false statistics- 95% of the world sick?- as usual. she says she studied the stats? LOL.

        And even a quote about Vesuvius and porn from Serge as if it has some authority, and it’s not pure fantasy. Hopelessly lost in delusion. The rest is unadulterated Serge regurg. ie , pure crap. Serge has dug himself up some real geniuses.

  8. Beam me up Scotty says:

    Jane Keep-er of the UM gates into the kingdom of utter crap I see you have mentioned space travel in your blog.
    Would this be in reference to the amazing intergalactic travels of spaceman Sergio from Shamballa or just boring old NASA exploratory space travel and moon walks.
    Shouldn’t NASA be saying “Serge, tell us all you know about space travel in case we missed something in our bumbling pranic earthling kinda ways” just like the Drs and Professors of the medical profession could learn a thing three.
    Unsurpassed arrogance and bullshit

    • Esther says:

      she what? you mean I have to go back and look at that thing again?

      Porn caused Vesuvius to erupt, oh jeez lol

      How does Serge explain all the seismic activity on earth before homosapiens existed? Maybe the Arcturans were making blue movies, or the dinosaurs were having orgies or something lol.

  9. Me Sergio, you Jane says:

    Jane your stats are wrong
    Its not 95% sick, its 100% sick of Serge

    • Brain Sergery says:

      Jane would do well to listen to some real, world renowned experts with real PHD’s, real statistics with real acknowledgment from their peers.

      Interestingly, Pinker and his peers postulate violence has drastically diminished per capita due to an ever increasing circle of empathy, as we are more worldly, traveled, better informed; whereas Serge promotes reduced empathy and a small circle of care- those not adhering to this ideas as “astral’- the very tribalism that was a cause of conflict and violence in the past.

      It’s easy to find statistics showing that disease and human longevity has massively improved also. Although, common sense tells you this is the case. Our generation is experiencing the best time to live as a human ever.

      These false dilemma’s are the basis of Serge’s ‘philosophy’ and they are wildly wrong. A lot like the utterances of Trump- he just says things to scare people so they will agree with his extreme ideas to “fix” a largely non existent problem. Jane and her cohorts repeat the same distortions without any critical consideration or a simple google search to discover how wrong they are.

      At least compared to “Ancient Wisdom” there some (arguable) antecedents. Rather than just appearing out of Serge’s arse and a few plagiarized tomes of another shonk who also materialised ‘truth’ out of no where.

      Jane is obviously an unsophisticated thinker (I recall reading her PHD at some point, which was pathetically simple), but it’s a little harder to work out how someone like Howard Chilton or Neil Gamble and some others, can’t see the utter bullshit that underpins Serge’s dimwitted world view.

      That is the most amazing thing about the cult to me. “Brain Sergery” is all I can think of.

      • Esther says:

        Yah, line up Howard Chilton, Neil Gamble, William Foley, Neil Ringe etc. – strange birds of a feather. Makes sense they’d be part of a cult. They’re so self involved and self important they can’t tell the difference. Except they’ve found a dysfunctional social circle that affirms to them they’re special and amazing. Prior to subscribing to the Church of Serge, normal functioning people found them cold, aloof and uncannily clueless and gave them a wide berth. Their wives are equally out to lunch.

        The benefit of belonging to the Church of Serge is that Sergio rewards their personality types – emotionally stunted, humourless, arrogant, narcissistic and dull. Not to mention intellectually simplistic and air headed. Also explains their success in limited fields, where those personality traits are not a liability. Serge gives them bonus points for being articulate enough to sell his toxic message.

  10. RJM says:

    We can assume Serge came up with the cervical conversations, and implanted it into the heads of the Stepford Wives via Natalie. That said, given Serge’s contempt for Oprah Winfrey (she’s ‘evil’ and ‘pranic,’ etc) I can’t help but wonder if he saw the South Park episode, ‘A Million Little Fibers’ (where Oprah’s nether-regions begin talking), and thought he could capitalise on it.

  11. lance says:

    Obviously Michael doesn’t think the hundreds of pages stalking me and my businesses, you and your business, and the thousands of comments by UM “students”, rate as stalking or cyber-bulling. That’s esoteric “truth” I guess, because they ‘done it’. If you or I done it, then it is cowardly cyber-bullying.

    Go figure.

    I’d hate to be in Michael’s head. It’s a real mess. As I was telling a young person today, what others say about you is really all about them.

  12. wolf in sheeps clothing says:

    Exactly Lance….
    They have been conned into thinking that they are defending the truth and Serge when in fact they are attacking for him and his untruths.
    Serge has PUBLICALLY put himself, UM and all it stands for on display. Everyone who witnesses this display has a right to publically comment, research and criticize the outrageous claims, bold faved lies and character flaws of Serge and UM.
    The followers are also blindly donating themselves as human shields in all aspects of their lives for absolutely everything he says and does no matter how ridiculous, fantastic, lurid, obscene and ludicrous.
    This is called a cult.
    Serge is a very clever, dangerous and manipulative human being disguised as a mild mannered man of integrity.(just ask him)
    People unfortunately are easily fooled and sucked in to the desperate fog of something to believe in

  13. Anonymous says:

    I cant help thinking that not anywhere near all of these students of serge are nice people and just brainwashed.
    I reckon most of them are bullshitting, lying scammers who have recognised and jumped on the titanic ship of money raking cons no matter what their profession or intelligence level is.
    They have seriously flawed characters and have slotted themselves in and are playing the “sergio says” game
    Michael got caught and is firing bullets into the crowd of watchdogs to try and distract from the truth. Well learnt from Serge me thinks.
    You have hurt innocent people, Michael, and you got caught.
    Why isnt your guru standing beside you and supporting your integrity.
    Nope, you are dropped like a hot cake and you are as mixed up as your poisonous magic potions

    • Esther says:

      I agree. There’s a very significant number of bloody minded opportunists in UM – petty grifters and arseholes. Serge glorifies them.

    • Concerned Medico says:

      Even Serge wasnt silly enough to tell people to eat his magic clay dust
      Pharmacists should be very professional and not influenced externally when preparing medications for patients especially IV cocktails that go directly into the bloodstream.
      Michael, you are extremely lucky that no-one died or was seriously incapacitated.

  14. High Priest Serge Benhayon @The WAY of the Livingness Sermon 35 says:

    Said one of the attendees – Sound Foundation
    High Priest Serge Benhayon @The WAY of the Livingness Sermon 35

    Said another one of the attendees:
    “After having been presented with the Way of the Livingness from the Ageless Wisdom and 3 presentations by students on topics of everyday life which matter to all of us – ‘Female Genital Mutilation happening not only in Africa but our doorsteps’, ‘How to prepare for times of severe illness and our passing over’ and ‘Politics as being a communication amongst everyone about what is going on in our society’
    Followed by an exquisite concert of Chris and Jenny James with Platform One, a delicious meal from the Café Nouveau Team and then the Dance – Arabian Nights – Egyptian Light· “

  15. Bloody minded says:

    Oh well seeing SB is now High Priest – Mr Serafin will be able to atone for misdeeds.
    Whole lot is so sick..dress ups for sermons and then the subjects discussed.
    Children were there I believe.

  16. WTF what? says:

    “After having been presented with the Way of the Livingness from the Ageless Wisdom and 3 presentations by students on topics of everyday life which matter to all of us – ‘Female Genital Mutilation happening not only in Africa but our doorsteps’, ‘How to prepare for times of severe illness and our passing over’ and ‘Politics as being a communication amongst everyone about what is going on in our society’

    Discuss female bits AGAIN???‘Female Genital Mutilation happening not only in Africa but our doorsteps’

    WHY WHY WHY???
    ‘How to prepare for times of severe illness and our passing over’
    Is/has/will Serge getting Michael Serafin to make the green cordial.
    After the rest have signed it all $$$$$$ over to the High priest $B

    Good that AHPRA have acted. Need more of it ASAP

  17. Esther says:

    I’ve just updated the blog with a little more info on the Serafin IV investigation. See above^

    The Ballina-based pharmacist told Australian Doctor the restrictions were unfair given the investigation was not over, and claimed the evidence found so far “never pointed towards a contamination issue” with the products he supplied…

    Next he’ll be saying he’s being bulllied and trolled by health authorities, and the media is biased.

    My take on his comment is that contamination is not the issue. It might have been a problem with dosage…

  18. MacReady says:

    From Serafino’s FB page:

    “Great to see science is catching up with what has been known and taught by the ageless wisdom for thousands of years”

    The same ageless wisdom that’s no longer relevant if ‘taught’ a few years ago when it’s scrutinised in a court of law?


    “Pitty (sic) we need scientific evidence to believe when it has been inside us all all (sic) along if we only chose to feel it. If we had done do, we as humanity, would have evolved much further along than we currently have”

    Ignoring that fact that Serge claims evolution as we know it is bunk (but mermaids were real, and human existence is a mistake that never should have happened anyway), this man is a medical practitioner who thinks it’s a ‘pity’ we need scientific evidence before we believe something. That in a nutshell is why Serge and his flock of brainwashed morons are so fucking dangerous.