SergiLeaks 1.0 – UniMed Living propaganda by subscription

Not all is joy-full and harmonious at SergeCentral. The Universal Medicine cult investors are weary of spending and giving, giving and spending, so that untrained, unqualified Serge Benhayon and his underachieving offspring and other hangers on may live as cashed up bogan deities.

The following leaked email tells us a lot about the pressure for recognition inside the compound. It tells us the mailing list has fallen to 590 investors willing to tolerate constant requests for cash. But the die hards willing to part with it have withered to under 100.

Most importantly, it tells us about the extent of Benhayon’s scamming of his faith-full. The cult now has around 40 official company and promotional websites – advertising UM’s thin, money for nothing product range. Not only are an army of UM subscribers working around the clock to continuously upload content, with the rest rostered to visit the sites, share on social media, and stretch themselves to find new ways to say the same thing in their comments, but they’re expected to pay for all the advertising for the Benhayons as well.

 The Way of the Livingness Student Body

Unimed Living – Appeal for Contribution

31st MAY 2016

As previously communicated at the beginning of May, the Unimed Living Website has been going through a post launch period of intense design and technical development activity which is not yet fully funded. We need to use third party contractors to carry out this specialist work and to do so we primarily use resources based in China which are significantly less expensive than in Australia.

Nevertheless the cost of development and the annual cost for hosting has been expensive.

The hosting cost, currently circa $8,000 per annum, thanks to Andrew Wallace’s expertise is under review and there is a possibility of reducing this burden, especially when we reduce development which up to now has necessitated a duplicate site run in parallel to the live site, thereby duplicate hosting costs.

At the recent May 2016 round of student funding an appeal was sent out to 590 active students and as a result during these past few weeks 86 students contributed $120 each – this is very much appreciated and the responsiveness of those who have stepped forward was great.

However, in truth, that was a much lower participation than the 2015 round and represents quite a small participation rate given the number of students who were approached (590). UML is a site for the service to all.

We were also expecting a much greater take up of the amazing Pay Per View videos that are available to the student body on the site ;such a great viewing opportunity available to the student body for a small contribution. Please consider.

We remain about $20,000 short of what is needed to fund recent development, hosting plus development currently in progress or development requirements asked for by spheres awaiting future funding.

We keep detailed records of all these design, development and hosting costs and have quotes in place for future work needed; so if anyone would like more information, the development team of Desiree and Joseph are standing by to answer any questions.

The importance of UML to all that we do and to future plans for connecting to the world at large do probably not need to be trumpeted further – the site already offers amazing specialist content that is forever growing and unique, with much more to come.

Just this week the Audio Team have advised that they have passed the impressive milestone of 300 audios produced; surely a global first for a site of this genre.

Serge is on record as saying this site is already “the best of its kind in the world”.

We have many plans for the future especially the News and Views Section seeded by the relatively new Journalists Club which already has a few articles awaiting the site development changes to be funded so that these articles can be published on a newly planned “News and Views” segment. The much anticipated ‘tagging’ of content to support the browsing public to further find our gold is not far away now.

To those who have not yet contributed and who are able to do so, we would greatly appreciate your consideration to pay $120 per person to this fund (or whichever amount greater or smaller you feel to contribute). Of course the appeal only applies to those students who are in a position to afford this contribution.

Payment: you can email [redacted] to receive a PayPal invoice; or you can send your PayPal payment with a clear declaration what it is for to: [redacted] (our PayPal email address). Or you can make a direct payment into the following Australian Westpac account:  Unimed Living Pty Ltd, BSB 032539, ACC 472403

With thanks from the bookkeeping team: Please use the reference SUB 16 for all payments for the funding of the site development. For other payments please inquire which codes to use. This enables us to accurately record all transactions.

Thank you.


The Unimed Living Support Team.

It might be time I updated the Esoteric Expenditure post to include these subscriptions, more subscriptions, and a few more on top of that, and the unquantifiable amount of volunteer labour that goes into generating UniMed’s never-ending barrage of online propaganda.

It gets worse – underperforming at a cost

One wonders if web-meister, Andrew Wallace, and development team, Desiree Delaloye and Joseph Barker, have informed the poor schmucks toiling away and throwing cash at these mega sites that the UniMed Living site gets about 15,000 pageviews per month, or roughly 500 hits per day. Equivalent to the number of UMers rostered to click on the sites daily.

As we know, the content is vapid, dull and repetitive – a bit like the Brides of Serge themselves. Superficial. No substance, and burbling meaningless deepities by rote.

I see there’s now more recipes on the site – catering to the community’s collective orthorexia nervosa, and hoping to lure more neurotics. Anyway, the TEAM have no doubt learned that without pictures of food, there’s no other reason to visit.

The site boasts contributions from 250+ volunteers worldwide. All that waffle painstakingly worked through the propaganda mill, the semi-literates waking bleary eyed before sunrise to lovingly labour over their compositions, only to have the editing TEAM cut and scrub and shape the web-pulp into homogeneity, and admonish the poor slaves over their ‘true expressions.’ Unpaid. Profuse puffery for multimillionaire Sergio the bullshitter extraordinaire’s business.

It’s another one of those ‘student initiatives‘ he does so well out of.

Unimed Living is a media and communication platform run by Students of Universal Medicinewho live in different parts of the globe and have come together for the purpose of presenting, via this website, their experiences of the Ageless Wisdom and how this can be applied to everyday living. UniMed Living site

However, his nibs is the owner, and he claims copyright over the lot.

Claiming copyright for the work of volunteers

Claiming copyright for the work of volunteers

No wonder he says the site is ‘the best of it’s kind in the world’.

Doing his advertising for free.

If the malignant mogul had to go straight and stump the cost of his marketing himself he wouldn’t have a business. Just as the only way he’s survived, let alone thrived, so far, is by bullshitting and bullying.

His right hand parasite, Desiree Delaloye, has the hide to ask for $30,000 – and that’s just this year – to develop and host an underperforming waste of webspace. Over the years she’s gotten money out of UM customers to fund building and renovation of commercial premises in Brisbane and then for the $2.3M commercial property at Converys Lane, including the ill fated charity ‘Fiery Building Fund‘ that had it’s deductible gift recipient status canned by the ATO.

Also, remember last year when ‘single by choice sex bomb’, Natalie Benhayon raised $125K via crowdfunding on a promise to produce subscription digital TV advertorials of her shallow, narcissistic and amateurish nonsense for ‘millions of viewers’?

Serge had already put his team to work getting $1.3M out of a dying cancer patient he so generously blessed ‘for free’.

But as the internal comms indicate above, the propaganda team is struggling to interest even the most brainwashed of UM’s devotees in watching the fifth dimensional money grabber on pay per view.

It’s all a little out of proportion, yes?

A lot of money and a lot more man hours to try and put a hope-full face on a financially exhausted, demoralized and shrinking community.

SergiLeaks tutorial

Do you have UM inside comms that are just begging to be posted on the internet?

Don’t be shy. I know a lot of you are. And some of you have been toying with the idea of getting in touch. Don’t be afraid to let us know just how badly you’ve been ripped off, and just what kind of liars and bullies are protecting the UM cash raking circus and Serge’s property portfolio.

I never know what might come into my Inbox from anonymous sources, so don’t hold back. Please don’t assume I have the goods.

My anon informants are a capricious and flighty breed. Bless. 😉


An Esoteric prophecy: Sergio’s next incarnation as Astral Sergi-Puss

If you want to maintain your anonymity, open a new email account using a pseudonym. Webmail (gmail etc.) are best for this. Forward any emails to the fake account, then forward to me, but remove your original details from the original message before you do. (Select and cut – they’re at the top of the email.)

Forward to estherrockett AT gmail dot com

Or just copy paste the content into the Contact form on my sites. You don’t need to enter any details. You can leave name and email address blank and it will come to me as anonymous.

You can also call me anonymously if you block your number. I don’t always pick up blocked numbers but give it a go. Or drop a message into the form letting me know when you might call and I’ll make sure I answer.

Any questions? Put them in the comments below. Again you can leave name and email addy, URL boxes blank. Your message will appear as anonymous.

Happy Leaking!

[And why will Serge come back as Astral impulsed Sergi-puss? Because he thinks he’s headed for the sixth dimension – 12 feet tall with no arms and legs.

And he hates cats.]


41 Comments on “SergiLeaks 1.0 – UniMed Living propaganda by subscription”


    People who hate cats will come back as a rat in their next life
    Welcome back Serge😾
    Heres hoping the leaks pour in and fill Esther’s kitty litter tray for more fine sifting and scrutiny
    Yes there are a lot of grumblings amongst the lower rung cult slaves and Serge is trying hard but failing to herd cats in the direction of more continuous self profit.
    The whole scam is as obvious as a cat turd on white tiles and smells just as bad
    Hopefully the followers will finally open their eyes like young kittens and see the truth

  2. Purrrophet of purrrromise says:

    You are on your 9th life Serge

  3. Lord of Fromme says:

    Serge is on records as saying it is “the best in the world”.. that sort of says it all. The fact he said it (grandiosity/by what measure or expertise) and the fact they then quote it (as its meaningless, pointedly subjective and clearly not the case)

    Now, $8,000 for hosting is a lot. That site could be hosted on goddady for $15 a month for the traffic it gets. If you outsourced your work to China (you wouldn’t as its well known you can hire Eastern Europeans, Indians, Indonesians etc with good english and dev skills- I don’t know of anyone outsourcing to China) the cost would be minimal. You can hire a developer for $5 -$10 an hour and only pay for the hours they do. Looking at their site, there is no need to outsource. Its about content- the drivel they are feeding into it- not its architecture, of which there is nothing special. Ergo, it seems pretty scammy to me. Or they are stupid. Could be either. Or both.

    But why does Serge need to get them pay for his sites, pretending as usual its the members idea (like funding the improvement of his sheds at Con-very lane) Is he that tight, or piss poor? Surely he can stump up a few bucks to run a crappy wordpress website he owns the rights to?

    What’s he doing with all that cash he’s sucked out of the members for years? He’s one cheap little beggar ain’t he.

    • UniMed dishonest Living says:

      It’s telling isn’t it? He doesn’t need 40 web sites. He doesn’t need $30K worth of development and hosting – and that’s just one subscription – for his dullard sites.

      He’s released hours of boring SB TV video of his amazing ‘philosophy’ that very obviously has no appeal for anyone outside the flock, and according to that email, limited appeal for those within.

      It’s just window dressing the fact his community is shrinking, and the only interest he gets outside of it is for suspicious behaviour and misconduct.

      He hassles them for money because he can. He has them scuttling on the UM propaganda and workshop mousewheel because he can.

      There’s still a section of that community willing to dig deep and exhaust themselves in spite of his sleaze, dishonesty and total contempt for them. He’s just shown them what he thinks of his Ageless Wisdom. He was going to denounce it to save his boney butt. They’ve just deleted masses of content that his faithfull slaved hours over from at least two sites – UM Facts and now Women in Lyingness.

      Bad luck to the faithfull if they woke at 3 am and neglected their kids ‘in service’ to Serge’s marketing and advertising, sorry, ‘truth’. Bad luck if the TEAM just deleted years of follower’s ‘true expression’. Bad luck if followers are kept in the dark on critical developments, and hold themselves to higher standards than Sergio’s exalted favourites. Don’t ask questions. Pay up and shut up, and send your daughters for ‘work experience’.

      • Lord of Fromme says:

        On further inspection, the bullshit of that email is totally apparent. Why would you need to “replicate” hosting costs for a “parallel site”. If they have what is known as a staging site (which I doubt..why?, the site is nothing. There’s no custom code or architecture. It’s just a wordpress site, hosted on their own domain) you would have a cheap shitty server costing $20 a month. Tops. So, they ARE either total idiots, or total cons. If it’s the latter, then is the con approved by Serge, because of Serge, or are the inner crew also allowed to con members to cross their palms for service to Serge, because Serge won’t pay them for their servitude?

        Further evidence is their weebly subscription platform. They’ve got a free or $5 a month system provided by weebly (build a free website guys) to create a log in, then imbedded video’s on a private youtube channel behind it. Cost= $SFA = Total con.

        They must think the members are total idiots. Granted, most probably are. But maybe in this case the other 501 thought better of the con having been stung with Love TV, dream analysis, periods apps, obligatory music purchases of Mike’s tuneless shit, endless tit rubs, repetitive courses that ‘never end’ according to Serge, who bleats on with some meaningless shit but puts the word science in front of it and calls it the best in the world.

        God- maybe a few of them are even waking up that Serge is nothing but a dumb assed ex bankrupt second rate kids tennis coach who is so full of himself he’s declared himself a member of a fake spiritual elite. Is it possible that a few more members are waking up to the ugly con that manifests itself in Serge Benhayon?

        For sure numbers are way down from the heady days of ” What if I could get 2000 people to tell you it is not a cult” was uttered by the moron himself.

        And it’s due to your relentless exposure of this two bit shonk Esther. And perhaps themselves and their endless online bleating and flagrant attacks on decent people for no reason other than they are hateful little clones of Serge. And to do that he asks them to pay. What a total shit bag.

  4. Basket of neverending requirement says:

    Sergio the puny arsed alter boy and wifey number 1, Deb (take that baby away) and their online collection plate donation system demanding offertory $ from the weary faithfull…again
    Themed around sin, guilt and redemption with the threat of never reaching Sirius, so open your purse or wallet and give generously. The tithe of the New Esoteric Era Testament is at least 10% of your income (gross not net please)
    Deb (my breasts are my own) can arrange automatic withdraws from bank accounts but cash is preferred.
    Charitably speaking you two notoriously suck.
    Asserting authority over vulnerable people to rob them of their money, dying or not.
    Well word is the followers are sick of “kicking in” and realizing its all for the Bank of Benhayon

    • Esther says:

      LoL!! to Deb (take that baby away) Benhayon. You & I aren’t only ones thinking WTF with her attitude. What’s amazing is that the maternity nurses actually gave in to that, but they would have been thinking, who’s this princess? They probably felt pity for Simone or whichever child it was, or as Debby refers to them – ‘the baby’.

      ‘No, I want *you* to give it the bottle…’

      Damn these maternity wards, the room service is abominable. And that baby keeps cramping my self nurturing.


      • The Milky Way says:

        And we all know what will happen next…..
        Instead of the UM women watching Deb’s little public speech about her lack of natural motherly instincts, downright selfishness and disassociation from her newborn child, and seeing it for what it really is, they will find a mother of the universe competition and spam vote her into a win then ooooh and ahhh over the fake result

  5. Bestest charity in the whole wide world says:

    God, whats next, donation tins with slots in the top chained to shop counters, next to Westpac helicopter tins, with a photo of Serge’s unhealthy mug staring out.
    Give it away Serge

  6. W. Harper says:

    590 people on the mailing list? Amazing that so few have given so much to line the pockets of old Sergio. Poor bastards – in every sense of the word.

  7. Chris says:

    Are they are “registered” charity ? If so, can you tell me which government department is responsible for issuing the registration ?

  8. Esther Rockett AT says:

    Oh poo. I forgot to include my email addy in the post, leakers. It’s easy – my name, lower case at

    Now, please, to the anon who keeps throwing publicly available site links into my Inbox plz just put them in the comments so everyone can see. If you found it on the internet, and you think it’s of interest to readers, put the link in the comments. K thx.

    The Inbox is for genuine leaks & private comms.

    • Anonymous says:

      Will you have to fill in a consent form
      Letting them know if you have AIDS as if that’s any of their business.
      What exactly will the outcome of this discussion be? It’s just another recruiting drive.
      We can see right through you serge.
      On a side note here is a thought
      The 4 lords of form are:
      Common sense
      Evidence based science
      Common law
      These are the enemy you speak of.

  9. RJM says:

    I wonder if the sudden surge (boom-tish!) in UM fundraising drives is a covert way to get the students to pay for Serge’s legal fees. I seriously doubt he’s doing much to cover the costs himself.

    • E says:

      I might not have made it clear in the post, but that email doesn’t show a sudden serge (tish-boom! 😉 ) in fundraising. It’s just one of the regular calls for dosh from SergeCorp. It says that the uptake is down on last year’s site hosting call for cash.

      Perhaps I will do a stocktake post of el Sergio’s subscriptions. I wouldn’t be surprised if the students cop a levy every time they fart. And given the pea soup diet, Serge would be raking it in…

      Having said that, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the bogan messiah is passing the hat around for his legal funding. I had a tip off in 2012 he was – and that resulted in Universal Law writing letters to Google on behalf of 80 or so of the Naming Names suckers. Wonder how much he made out of that.

      But, of course, legal funding will be about the same value for money as the rest of his rip offs. The more propaganda they’ve produced, the more business has declined, just as he’ll find no amount of money will save him from his ill considered litigation tilt. They’ve bought themselves a deluxe package of bad press.

      • RJM says:

        Since Serge knows the esoteric science behind climate change (It’s caused prana!), he’s probably hitting them with a ‘prana tax’ every time they think about eating one of the food items on his ever-expanding menu of ‘evil.’

      • E says:

        oh, yeah okay. I haven’t gotten around to that charity update. I’ll post about it. Not sure when. The Sound Foundation accounts are due in the next month too. Maybe I’ll wait for that. Feel free to discuss. To me the accounts confirm everything I’ve said about them from the outset. They’re fronts for promoting Serge’s business and lowering his business overheads.

  10. Some observations says:

    Yes to me they confirm the Charity to be fronts for promoting & benefiting Serge’s businesses.

    On the ACNC docs above they say they only operate in Australia (?) but I see that they claim expenses for O/S trips to promote the same?

    I did not see recorded Ms McInyre’s HUGE donation or Bequest (maybe to early for bequest seeing that Ms McIntyre’s will was contested.)

    Where does the rental money get reported for the other Businesses at Convery’s Lane.

    I am wondering what SBF (Bank Accounts) stands for?

    When you read why they claim to be a charity, one just shakes ones head.

    • E says:

      Point by point. There’s no overseas travel expenses claimed in the accounts.

      Ms McIntyre donated and bequeathed money to Serge directly, not the charity.

      The charity is a tenant of the property. Serge owns the property. The idea was that the student body would use tax exempt funds to renovate and buy the property from him.

      • Some observations says:

        Sorry meant to say Income from O/S (AWT and Living Sutra etc) not expenses

      • Lance says:

        And interesting to highlight that Judith’s bequest went to Serge, rather than charity, right at the exact same time the ACNC was looking into possible conflicts of interest over Serge owning the property and benefiting from its improvement with charity funds.

        However, in court Serge claimed that the money he took from Judith was for the improvement of the building at Convery’s lane. In fact, that was his entire argument as to why he got the money off his dying devotee that belonged with her children.

        Proving two things. He always intended to use the money raised by the charity for that, and that the undertaking he was required to sign by the ACNC so he would not benefit from the charity funds was both timely and prescient.

        And of course that the complaint that Esther and I made was in fact warranted and successful. It’s also obvious that the charity, that has had 100 volunteers, is simply sitting on a fair pile of cash with zero intention of ever using it for what you or I would consider a charitable purpose. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to work out where they will end up in due time.

        • Esther says:

          That makes sense. Ms McIntyre ‘felt that the community needed a hall where Serge could carry out his teachings’ like the one she’d been to in the UK. The UK hall is owned by the SF charity, but as far as the followers are concerned, it’s the UM conference centre.

          Serge persuaded her to donate directly to him because he was afraid the College would get deregistered and they would have to relinquish the charity assets. If it hadn’t been under investigation, if there’d been nothing to worry about, the gift would have been tax exempt which would have been better for him in terms of reducing his overheads. But he knew he was in deep shit.

          His scam had been scuttled by the so called trolls.

          I imagine he even schmoozed her to donate to him rather than the charity because the ‘hate campaign’ was going to get the charity shut down. Brendan Mooney probably played violin by her bedside while Serge wept his Esoteric tears.

          Never mind that the College is in breach of the law.

  11. Anonymous says:

    What a fucking tight arse. Pay from your own pocket bitch. It’s a business expense yes? Claim it as a tax deduction oh wait you have no income because you are a charity. And if you aren’t your ex is an accountant isn’t she ? She must be fucking dumb if she can’t find deductions like this?
    Why not pay someone in the flock who is a web developer, surely there is someone. after all they have given you so much money over their years of mindless devotion don’t they deserve a piece of the pie? To
    Keep the cash within the ring of the cult.
    Still I’m sure 8 grand isn’t much for you. Does any other religion ask for money to maintain their websites ?
    I smell a scam.
    Hey Simon are you reading this?
    Did you and your wife donate or are paid employees exempt?
    Is that legitimate question stalking ?
    Common answer if you dare, if your wife lets you that is.

    • Esther says:

      Good comment, thank you.

      He does a crap and sells it as a revelation. He gets his muscle, Desiree, to bully his followers for cash. Alison bullies them for content. He then claims copyright for their work.

      He despises all of them.

      • Anonymous says:

        It must be in the fine print of the million year contract that he owns what they produce. Sure beats the billion year contract of Scientology. In the real world if someone owns what I produce with their infrastructure, I am rewarded with a salary
        This serge is called a job yes serge a job J O B. The slave days are long over probably a few hundred lifetimes ago.
        In essence what I’m saying serge is for all those people providing content for you at a negative wage don’t you think eventually your house of cards will fall?
        It can’t sustain itself.
        So just fuck off with your untruths please and leave for shamballa. Nobody wants or needs you here, haven’t you got the message yet?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Everything possible should be done to dismantle his empire.
    I could claim I am a reincarnation of someone Leonardo Di Vinci ripped off and I died before he paid me what he owes me
    I want my money now and with interest serge it comes to well a lot.
    Pay me 3 million dollars and pay Judith macintires family half a million and we will call it square.
    You can’t disprove my claim therefore it must be true because I say so.
    This works for you so why not for me ??
    I’ll expect a reply within 10 days
    Got it.

    • Esther says:

      Hi, I cut some of your comment. We can’t have those kind of comments here. We all get angry about this, but I don’t condone anything of that sort, okay, and it’s not a solution or helpful. Also, that kind of comment can get this blog shut down and I wish I’d seen it sooner because the Brides of Serge are probably spamming WordPress as we speak with complaints. Please be wary of that. I shouldn’t have to say it.

  13. Plagiarism on steroids says:

    Worth looking at

    Sergio hasn’t just ripped off Alice Bailey’s intellectual property from her original esoteric works and artwork, the UniMedLiving site is operating on the same WordPress platform as the Lucis Trust.

    Congratulations Desiree Delaloye, Andrew Wallace, Joseph Barker and Rebecca Asquith for not having a braincell or scruple between you.

    Universal Medicine is where integrity and imagination go to die.

    A torturous death.

    • Lance says:

      I guess if Neil Gamble wants to know where Serge gets inspiration for his “amazing” books, he only has to look here. He’s even used the same titles here and there. I have read some of these books years back and Serge has, let’ say, borrowed quite heavily from them.

      We know he used to sell these when he was claiming to be the reincarnation of the old girl. It’s obvious that he felt the impulse to ‘write’ his own after he was told off by the Lucis trust. “I’ll show them… Desiree, use the same font, colours and symbols please. While you’re there maybe just change a few words, if you feel to”

      He’s even got an out if he ever got busted.. it was the hierarchy that did it.

    • MacReady says:

      It’s okay though, because he claims to be her reincarnation. He’s also used that particular claim to assure the followers that he “knows what it’s like to have an unclear (i.e. pranic) man between his legs.” Lunacy.

    • Astral Tiger says:

      Had Delirious Desiree down as the cut and paste queen years ago. If this lot had an original thought it would hurt their heads so much you would hear the screams in Timbuktu.

  14. Esther Rockett says:

    Unimed Living is a funny thing… It’s a business owned by Serge. But what does it sell? I’d like to see the price list.

    Why call a donation a ‘subscription’? What do you get for your money? The pleasure of promoting a multimillionaire’s business?

    • Universal Manipulation says:

      “We are not a marketing organization… we don´t sell an idea, we´re not trying to convert”. Yeah, right. Just be the amazingness you already are and don´t ever think about how much money you waste on us that could be spend otherwise.

      • Esther says:

        I was impressed with that too. ‘Universal Medicine doesn’t do any marketing’ 😅

        Neither does Amway.

        Even before the Unimed Living mega-site UM had about 30 websites. It’s now 50 or something.

    • Lance says:

      The real question is, why would he and 250 other people give up their precious time to propagate the dimwitted and confused world view of a guy that say’s he’s a member of a “hierarchy” and contradicts himself everytime he opens his mealy mouth?

      A hallmark of these groups is people giving up their time, for free, for the benefit of their leader (and the cause, whatever that happens to be).

      Interesting how Serge is sole shareholder of Unimed Living but he’s appointed other people as directors. He gets the rewards, they get the risks. That’s how it works. A former CEO knows that.

      He also thinks Serge’s books are genius.

      • Universal Manipulation says:

        Hey, I know this business model from the real world, they´ve got contact to it after all. Be idealistic in the working world and you´ll most likely gonna be exploited.

        The 50 or something eso websites are scaringly uncreative. Serge seems to allow them to think only within his world.


    ….and preferably not with other peoples lives and money!

  16. To the tune of a Kenny Rogers hit says:

    I was warned, didnt heed
    My brain was bound for nowhere
    I met up with the guru
    3am! Wished I could sleep
    So we took turns at staring
    At Da Vinci’s printed artwork
    The boredom overtook us
    He began to speak

    He said Son Ive made a life
    Out of reading peoples faces
    Knowing what their guards were
    Then swelled their heads with lies
    So if you dont mind me sayin
    I can see, you are blank spaces
    No more tasting the whiskey
    Ill give you some advice

    Youve got to know when to hold em
    Know when to scold em
    Dont let em walk away
    Dont let em run
    You never count your money
    Keep it under the table
    There’ll be time enough for countin
    When the stealin’s done

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