Church of Universal Medicine May 2015 sales, marketing & gossip

Serge gives his faith-full a load of bull

Serge gives his faith-full a load of bull

May 28: Cultivating sexual abuse in spiritual communities

May 27: Phoenix Global in the news again

May 26: Lovelife TV – another UniMed scam

May 25: *Selling Natalie Benhayon – sexiness without the sex *Serge TV

May 13, 2015: *Selling the Benhayons®

May 28: Cultures of sexual abuse in religious communities

Over on my blog I’ve posted the documentary ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ about a Catholic priest and serial sex offender who assaulted hundreds of children over a 20 year period, enabled by Catholic Bishops who shifted him to different parishes whenever there were complaints.

It’s very tough to watch, but the documentary has an excellent analysis of the culture within the Catholic Church that fosters abuse, and I’ve drawn some parallels with other spiritual groups, including Universal Medicine and Satyananda Yoga. Cultivating sexual abuse in religious communities.

May 27: Phoenix Global’s Mick Featherstone in the news again

A lot of you have followed the censoring of this blog and numerous news reports & webpages from Google search at the instigation of Serge Benhayon and Paula Fletcher via Phoenix Global, a private investigations company Serge has hired for ‘all risk services’. They’ve also managed to get my Facebook pages pulled down with Facebook and Zach Featherstone refusing to provide explanation for the grounds of the complaint and Facebook providing no avenue for redress.

Anyway, little birds have been telling me the worst is yet to come for Phoenix Global’s head, Mick Featherstone, who was arrested on charges related to alleged fraud and kidnapping late last year. Last night, ABC News Australia aired reports on the Queensland Crime and Corrupt Commission investigation into Gold Coast ‘boiler room’ scams and the involvement of members of the Qld police.

CCC Head, Ken Levy ‘confirmed the scale of the operations, saying that a single boiler room syndicate had taken more than $100 million.’

Featherstone also gloated in the press about hacking computers and phones of surveillance targets, which in Australia is a federal offence.

It’s fitting that his firm should be hired by Truth-full Sergio of the utmost Esoteric integrity, who tells his followers they need to cleanse themselves of evil pranic energy if they spend time with anyone who has a beer after work, or eats a cheeseburger.

May 26: Lovelife TV (aka Serge TV) – another UniMed scam

Yesterday we were rocked with the Esoteric revelation that UM is taking donations to fund advertorials on Lovelife TV, selling ‘single by choice’ Natalie Benhayon as a ‘sex bomb’. Blurghhh!

Worse is that they’ve raised over $30,000 in less than two days.

Last year the cult advertised Natalie was about to become a TV star on Natasha Ferré’s ill fated L’amour TV – an online content producer flogging content on relationships, dating & intimacy which was supposed to launch on Valentines Day, February 14, this year. It’s since been rebranded as Lovelife TV (International Network TV Pty Ltd based in Melbourne).

Lovelife TV is a global digital TV Network & Information Hub. The destination for entertainment, resources and experts on love, life, intimacy, dating and relationships. Launching in 2015, Lovelife TV will be available anywhere, anytime and on any device, streaming high quality, original content 24/7.

Since then Natasha has featured in Cosmopolitan magazine with a familiar story about how she dis-connected from her husband.

What is more interesting is the fundraising drive for the Natalie with Lovelife TV advertorial series on the Pozible crowdfunding site, and Lovelife TV’s highly suspicious business model.


  • Lovelife TV is an online, subscription only platform that has not launched yet.
  • Potential advertisers are told the content will be seen by ‘millions’.
  • Investors are being told their contributions are tax deductable (sic).

False advertising much? Which subscription only, online TV service has millions of viewers, Natasha? How do you propose to gather millions of subscribers for ‘original content’ limited to ‘dating & relationship’ fluff when you haven’t launched yet?

How are contributions to a commercial enterprise tax deductible? Can you direct me to the sections within Australian tax law that allow this? Perhaps I should direct you to the sections of the Australian criminal code on deceptive and misleading business conduct.

Natasha says she is exec. producer and co-founder of Lovelife TV, so who are her business partners?

We know who the production team are. The UniMed crew pictured here. (From Left, Annette Baker, Gabrielle Caplice, Kylie Connors, Simon Asquith, Natalie Benhayon, Jonathan Baldwin, Rebecca Baldwin, Clayton Lloyd, Natasha Ferré.)

Millions of viewers??

May 25: Sexiness without sex – selling Natalie Benhayon

Universal Medicine has launched Natalie Benhayon porn. We’ve seen the aggressive, predatory marketing of Esoteric Women’s Health, with its abusive Esoteric Breast Massage, and sleazy Girl to Woman grooming Project. We’ve copped the gynaecological exhibitionism of the Women in Livingness blog, and Natalie raunching it up to sell Glorious cult Music, and now it’s Brand Natalie Benhayon – ‘sex bomb’. From the cult that teaches that ‘sex is energetic rape’, ‘true love has no emotion’, and women develop cancer from ‘imposed male energy’.

Natalie Benhayon works it for the Church of Serge

Natalie Benhayon works it for the Church of Serge

According to Serge Benhayon, and mouthed by Natalie, ‘sexiness’ is ‘an emanation from the eyes’.

It has nothing to do with sex.

Natalie Benhayon - waiting for emotionless love

Natalie Benhayon – waiting for emotionless love

When I made this choice to be single, it was not in any reaction at all, even though I am single by choice, I am actually very open to relationships and being in a relationship. Confused yet? You shouldn’t be, it is actually very simple, where I am coming from is a very conscious commitment to what relationships are truly about … LOVE. UniMed Living

We’ve all copped a serve of Esoteric ‘love’.

Be well reminded that all disease and illness comes from emotions. (Benhayon, A Treatise on Consciousness, 2007, p. 421) Love is not emotional; it is an emanating presence that has not one ounce of emotion in it, but the emanating aspect of the joy and harmony that is God. (Benhayon, The Way It Is, 2006, p.26)

And Esoteric sex:

…to do what is truth, your partner then has to deal with the fact that they had sex with you when they had an entity in them because they had alcohol and your kidney energy got drained, but nobody likes that truth, they want to say that is rubbish…hey man I want you to make love to me because I fell in love with you and every time you drink that  is not you, yeah you know what, I put up with it for 20 years but the truth is my body doesn’t want that anymore, and women, it takes 20 years for a woman to own up to the fact they don’t enjoy sex. It’s hard for the man to own up to that because he feels rejected and he has to own up to the fact he was only relieving himself. Audio recording of EDG lecture, 2010.

Single women are not really missing out – most women are only in a relationship because it relieves a need and because they are too afraid of what it would be like, without it. (Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2011, p.522)

What Serge is really selling is replacing physical intimacy with the intimacy of baring all and sharing all with the cult – especially the cash.

Serge TV

First they funded their commercial premises with sham charities, now cult members are funding UniMed’s advertising. With any number of humanitarian crises around the globe – hundreds of thousands of people displaced by natural disasters, famines and wars, the multi millionaire Benhayon family are taking donations to crowd fund advertorials presented by Natalie Benhayon. It’s not enough that SergeCorp is bleeding money from the faith-full for money for nothing ‘healings’ and esoteric rubbish products, repeat attendances at workshops and retreats, and donations to their tax exempt building fund rorts, they now want money to finance their advertising – this time on the cult’s very own digital channel, Lovelife TV.

Serge is getting Natalie to front it because she’s a much better earner – more photogenic, looks better in heels, more sex appeal (but that’s not saying much). He’s too creepy to pull the serious bucks. They’re hoping to raise $20,000 to run each advertorial, gunning for a series of six, and seriously hoping to attract ‘major sponsorship’. $120,000 is twice the amount raised by the sham College of Universal Medicine charity in 2013-14, and that was tax exempt.

Think about it: $120,000 to make six YouTube videos.

That could build a hospital in Nepal, or house and feed several villages.

So far (Monday morning, May 25th) they’ve raised over $12K, and five of those were donations of $500. Because Serge has told them charity and altruism are evil, so his Sons of God should donate to his business instead.

Amazing that cult members still hurl cash at this lot, this time responding to a sales pitch for masturbation from ‘single by choice’ Natalie, telling us vapid, narcissistic self-love, with six mirrors, is ‘sexy’. Being sexy is different to sexual objectification apparently, as we learned in the video above, and Natalie would know, because she’s onstage in the next one selling her single by choice ‘sexiness’ to bring in the cash. Who needs dirty bastards with their ‘male energy’ when one can make big money sexually objectifying oneself?

As usual UniMed advertising never states what it’s really selling, which isn’t sex at all, but a therapy dependency based on dread that cancer is caused by ’emotions’ and ‘male energy’ and that the only way to clear evil ‘prana’ is via an indefinite subscription to the full catalogue of UM’s products. Serge’s teachings that evil supernatural entities rape the children of people who have a glass of wine with dinner, or think non ‘Esoteric’ thoughts; and no one who eats dairy products can truly love you, is the stuff that drives a wedge through families and opens up divorce and property settlement assets for the cult to pillage.

Dad can vouch for Natalie's sexiness

Dad sells his ‘sexy’ highest earner

Frankly, Natalie, the porn industry is massive, and there’s plenty of businesses out there teaching women how to masturbate. It’s hardly rocket science. Knock it off with the false advertising. If you’re going to sell sexiness, you’ll need to deliver sex. You need to like it – love it even – if you want to be authentic about it.

What a scam. If Dad wants to advertise how sexy and untouchable you are on his own TV show, he should sell one of his properties to finance it. One of the properties he gained by harvesting divorce settlements and bequests.

May 13, 2015: Selling the Benhayons

Busy Earning

Busy Earning

The UniMed cult is going all out to package the Benhayon family as wholesome, functional and colour coordinated demi-gods – probably to counteract the cult’s admission the lot of them have participated in the grooming of adolescent girls for the past 20 years. As Alison Greig stated, Serge invites girls as young as nine to stay because he likes to ‘share his financial success’.

From Deborah McBride:

I Love the Benhayons
May 3, 2015 — 476 Comments

Ok, I’m just going to out myself here and say straight up – I love all the Benhayons…

The Benhayon Family - Clayton Lloyd, Deborah Benhayon, Simone Benhayon, Curtis Benhayon, Isabella Benhayon, Natalie Benhayon, Emmalee Benhayon, Ericah Benhayon, Michael Benhayon, Caitlyn Benhayon, Miranda Benhayon, Serge Benhayon

Family touch up (L-R): Clayton Lloyd, Deborah Benhayon, Simone Benhayon, Curtis Benhayon, Isabella Benhayon, Natalie Benhayon, Emmalee Benhayon, Ericah Benhayon, Michael Benhayon, Caitlyn Benhayon, Miranda Benhayon, Serge Benhayon standing uphill to look taller

Declaring my love for an entire family may seem a bit odd, however it is an interesting question and one worth asking – why do I love all the Benhayons?

I dunno, Deborah. Could it have anything to do with them promoting your Esoteric dog training business to the pilgrims?  From the UM mailouts:

Group Sessions For Dogs and their Owners at the Lighthouse Facilitated by Deb McBride, Dog Whisperer from Australia. Training your dog to behave how you want it to behave as a member of your household is not about controlling your dog, it is about letting go of emotions, ideals and beliefs and developing true harmony in the relationship. The classes are built around a simple walk technique to help you feel where you are at and to also read the reflections your dog is giving you. The classes cover basic training, soclialising and nutrition advice from an energetic perspective. Monday 26th May Group classes (maximum of 6 dogs per class) – 10 pounds Private sessions (available on other days as well as Monday) are available – 50 pounds To make a booking please contact Deb Email: debmcbride@*** Mobile: (text preferred) +44 79****28

Benhayons off leash

Benhayons off leash

Maybe she’s helped Serge control his pets. He never lets Miranda out of his sight, much less his family, or if he does, it’s his voice they hear inside their heads. It’s long since they could distinguish the sound of their own. Ex wife Deborah is happy. Serge bought her a he-man/yes-man husband. Clayton does all the glamour and illusion photography. Nice touch to try and make the hostages look normal – with some stage managed time off from the Esoteric grindstone. When they’re not being photographed for the marketing, they’re raking the money for Dad. The whole family is currently in the UK and Europe for their annual cash grab – running workshops, concerts, sessions of True Bowel Movement, ovary and uterus massages, and otherwise sticking their hands on religious investors, or poking them with sharp metal objects, and calling it healing.

Marketing Serge and Miranda Benhayon

Since being banned from her gig vandalizing the Church of Universal Medicine Wikipedia page, Terri-Anne Connors now has a job running Serge and Miranda Benhayon’s Facebook pages. That’s on top of running the back of house bitch fest on Basecamp. It appears the Brides of Serge are still trying to shut me down, in spite of their bullying making the news, and in spite of Dr Rachel Hall of Evolve Dental Healing comprehensively humiliating herself by publicly defaming me and others and then running to the police when I tweet rebuttals.

MirandaFBPhotosSo Terri Anne now has the job of animating Serge’s captive wife, Miranda®, who first moved into his home, against her mother’s wishes, at 14. Serge is mega possessive of Miranda – he has been for 20 years, hence her isolation, but seeing we keep asking about her personal autonomy, the cult have made a special effort in the past year to parade her publicly and make damned sure she looks happy.

Terri-Anne and the rest of the propaganda committee aren’t too hot at selling her Esoteric ‘personality’. It’s a carbon copy of all the other cult clones. Her only statements on her Facebook page are promotions of the Church/business of Serge, and the only photos are professional shots.

MIrandaFBBlah MirandaFBblah2

Apart from fawn over Sergio, and pull money through Glory-arse music, does she have any interests or hobbies? Does she read books other than Serge’s? Does she have thoughts of her own or any friends who aren’t Serge’s propaganda bitches?

My favourite is her FB advertisement for Serge Benhayon’s breast envy.


The twig legged originator of Esoteric Breast Massage, and he who claims fitness causes cancer, is hoping to fit into a D cup by Christmas.

Having flounced off Facebook in a huff a couple of years ago when the platform didn’t deliver the recognition and reverence of his Glorious Fifth Degree voice from heaven-ness, Sergio bounced back in the past months, having recruited a team to manage his presence. He gathered another 300+ FB friends within a matter of weeks, and got the hang of making comments without overly insulting or condemning the general populace. He’s even learned to write sentences less than 9000 words long. Most of the posts are made by Terri-Anne, but he can’t help himself. He simply must take the piss out of his investors. Knowing his spherical Esoteric ‘philosophy’, Lord knows what he’s done with the abstract Vedic concept of a Brahman universal ‘soul’, but judging by the comments he’s rewritten it – so that it’s even more obscure than the original, if not utterly absurd.



He can’t resist rubbing it in, showing his followers how much contempt he has for them. What’s missing from that pic is the steaming heap of Esoteric teachings and revelations beneath its tail. Serge is overjoyed the faith-full are stating in their public devotions they don’t care about his grubby past – lies, failed businesses, false bankruptcies, unlawful business conduct and sleazy dealings with juvenile girls. He has them telling lies for him, devoting large chunks of their waking life to mobbing and hating on his critics, starving themselves, molesting each other, and donating their labour, their assets and their daughters.

The humiliation is near complete.

When I first started 10 years ago…I was a tennis coach who got shown by the loveliest, sweetest, most amazing voice that could speak to me things, that never asked me what to do, but asked me to put them to the test. And when I was sitting in the toilet, you know, that came, and ‘the heavens shine on those whose hearts bleed with love and compassion bestowed upon you is my kingdom’. Sounded a bit religious and then they told me what it really meant and I said ‘whoa that’s huge’ and they said ‘don’t believe in us, don’t think of us, don’t know us by name. Just listen and apply and if it works do it and if it doesn’t, tell us to rack off and we’ll never come back again.’ Serge Benhayon, Guru, Esoteric Development Group Lecture Recording, 2010 

123 Comments on “Church of Universal Medicine May 2015 sales, marketing & gossip”

  1. Lord of Form says:

    I was made aware of some cult spin over on the laughable UM home site. I mean literally. I was laughing. Here’s how the cult deal with facts. It is very funny.

    What the cult says:

    ‘Furthermore, the contract was NOT to promote “gambling” as reported by Hansen; it specifically excluded gambling. Hansen made no attempt to check out these simple facts.’

    What is on recorded with the commission that Gamble appeared (briefly) at:

    ‘But also what was very interesting was that Neil Gamble said that John Laws himself personally offered not to disparage the practice of gambling.

    Mr Burnside, the Counsel assisting the inquiry, asked Neil Gamble: “Are you aware that John Laws has said nothing in relation to anti-gambling in this calendar year?” Neil Gamble responded, “I’d hope not, he’s signed a contract’. And he reiterated a few minutes later that John Laws has signed a contract with us, he’s offered not to disparage gambling.’

    Not quite the same, is it.

    And another:

    According to the cult:

    Hansen writes: In another chapter he claims that skin colour evolution was a conscious choice and that Asians chose yellow skin ‘yellow signifies the intellect and “The pursuit of a lighter complexion arose when Black (sic) became erroneously identified with the Darkness (sic).

    For the record: Black people are equal to white people are equal to Asian people, all people are equal and out of context quotes are a cheap means to misrepresent’

    And the reality

    Read Serge’s books- He is highly discriminatory and bigoted on the basis of ethnicity, in exactly the same way as he is with handicapped people.

    And another:

    Chris James is not Serge Benhayon’s business partner.

    Right- he is Serge’s lackey, minstrel and unpaid mega promoter. Jane did get that wrong. Serge doesn’t need to be in business with him when he profit for free.


    “We note that Dr Howard Chilton accurately assessed Jane Hansen as a biased journalist and not a fair critic. In contrast he assessed Serge Benhayon as a kind and generous teacher. True on all counts.”

    LOL, Talk about sycophantic and egocentric. Jesus. Howard has a vested interest to hold that view of course.


    “It seems absurd for a female journalist to dismiss a woman’s point of view, particularly in circumstances where a man is denying being abusive. Anna’s experiences with Lance ( ) are well documented here” (link to cult site)

    They mean, a telling that suits their narrative of abusive men and happens to conveniently attack someone who Serge believes represents ground zero for his public shaming; and of which no one from the cult has ever sought an alternative telling (despite insisting journalists should do that very thing, and a ‘female’ one at that!! )

    One where Lance has twice been vindicated in court on spurious allegations of a similar nature with the magistrate rounding on the complainant to more or less come to their senses.

    According to the cult numb-brains everything (they don’t like) has been “thoroughly discredited by legally trained academic and Universal Medicine Facts writer Alison Greig”.

    They mean, she has sat at home in Mullum and assiduously avoided facts, gathered some convenient hearsay and made shit up. That’s very academic of her. And can someone show her how to edit?

    My favourite is this “(no journalist) has ever attempted to report all the great humanitarian work of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon”

    That’s because there is nothing to report. Maybe Alison can give us a 10,000 word report on Serge’s philanthropy and humanitarian work?

    It could be a great tale of how he rose from trying to sell other peoples businesses from under them, hid out for years, went bankrupt and ran a company at the same time, spent $60,000 a year helping kids out with tennis while collecting social security, ‘coached’ at 12 year old into being his wife, got members to pay for some land, got members to pay for a hall, got members to buy him a Brisbane clinic, opened a B&B for cancer patients without a DA and charged bargain basement rates, and threw in the occasional freebie- esp for older dying wealthy members, and then rose to run a multimillion dollar empire selling cash courses in nothing.

    A heroic tale of humanitarianism indeed. Serge could even shop it around to some media outlets.

    Facts take a big holiday when you are delusional. For the ‘academic’ Alison, delusion means a persistent belief contrary to the facts.

    How’z about you just change the site name to and avoid any confusion.

    • Lord of Form says:

      I should add, Serge does claim to be ‘Level 5 EPA’ accredited, which misrepresents that he has some knowledge in something do with the health.

      It’s exactly as Jane has said. He has not qualifications, so he made some up for himself.

      Furthermore, ‘students’ do have to do his courses and the do have to pay to be a member of the EPA to get the sham accreditations, ergo it is exactly as Jane has explained it.

  2. Reverse drag queen says:

    “Stillness is the energy that is honouring you as a woman. Become racy and or driven and you have asked male energy to dominate your body” Serge Benhayon

    I’d say Natalie and her crazy flirt fest public strutting display would fall into the description of “racy.”

    Would you be” driven”if you thought the world wanted to watch you on TV ( daddy lets get the money from the followers, I want my own show)And how can a 25 year old who has not had a relationship, possibly give relationship advice ?!
    Maybe nuns should take up marriage counselling.
    Again we see the total irony of following the mind pattern of a moron who thinks they are so enlightened that they know more than anyone on earth.
    So, Natalie must be dripping with maleness, and a drag queen in reverse.

    • Anonymous says:

      She appears as a deeply lost soul, pimping a sexuality she has no understanding of. After all, why should she, as such an immature girl forever under the spell of her father?

      Such a shame, for her and all the other children. How you sleep at night, Mr Benhayon, I have no idea. You really are lacking in anything that resembles a soul.

      • Lord of Form says:

        It’s not the worst thing he has done. He’s already well aware that his members marriages and families have failed, largely at his behest. He’s not been a good boy when it comes to his business activities, now and in the past. And there’s some other skeletons rattling around.

        He doesn’t care, because he doesn’t feel remorse, shame or sadness. That’s not me guessing. They are his words from various meetings, on record. He’s framed that as an enlightenment, when of course it’s a symptom of a sociological psychopathy. In his view of the world, everything he does is right and the world should conform to the same view. Everything makes absolute sense through his lens.

        He’s so convinced himself, his members take that lack of prevarication as being a sign of greatness. Marriana Masioski ( a practising psychologist in QLD) even wrote an essay on the wonders of it, describing it is a “love”.

        Can you even imagine what is going on in those kids minds? They’ve been exposed to their all-encompassing father their entire lives. Look at the effect he has on strangers who become vocal members. And how he groomed Miranda, and convinced Deborah to stay in the fold when he deeply wounded her. It’s a combination of incentive, fear, awe and overwhelming fantasy.

        Most of all, the kids are just an extension of Serge’s ego. What they do is for him, by him. It’s even on the CD sleeves.

  3. hypocrites says:

    What hypocrites! Selling Coffee!This is run by UM’s and is in Ballina CBD.

    Nourish All of You
    Yesterday at 12:05pm ·
    Our new coffee espresso bar opening today……from 7.30am


    • do you want lies with that says:

      Hi hypocrites
      You are missing the number one golden rule of Universal Medicine…..if you get money out of it, its ok to flip