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Universal Medicine domain mastery, responsibility and gossip – July 2016

4 July: *Internet domination plan lols *Caption comp

12 July: UniMed Brisbane Re-Defining health cash and recruitment drive

17 July: Sergio v David Icke + Eunice Minford undue influence, pseudoscience & omniscience fantasy

19 July: *Serge’s School of the Livingness cartoon channel *Number crunch comp

Approaching 4 years of blogging about these ratbags and the entertainment never stops!

19 July

I’ve given up on adding anything hard hitting to this month’s gossip. I’ve tried but it’s ended up spilling over into dedicated posts, a la the Serge v David Icke blockbuster, and another to come on the not so New Era of Responsibility®, and another on local politics. Look out for those soon.

Serge cartoons

Sergio’s Skool of the Livingness cartoon channel is nowhere near as much fun as it sounds, and what a pity. I reckon I could have done a good job of it.

Hemma Kearney has obviously done an enormous amount of work interspersing little animations into clips of Serge’s talking goitre. The thing is practically jumping out of his throat and looks ready to run amok through the streets of Goonellabah on a hunt for chocolate and porn. I didn’t have the patience to sit through a whole video, but dear me the part of this one I saw was dull. All it did was underscore how incoherent the World’s Teacher’s true expression is, and teach me about his complete misunderstanding of the biological theory of evolution.

Evolution is not about improving into some perfect being, or whatever Serge erroneously thinks the conventional theory is. Truly, who knows what goes on in his head? Evolution is a theory of adaptation to the environment and natural selection. It means the organisms with the biological features best adapted to surviving in their immediate environment are most likely to survive and breed, and pass those adaptations on to offspring. FFS. It’s not a spiritual concept.

I feel for Hemma. Really. From my innermost. She’s put a ton a work into this, and given what we know about Sergio’s propaganda mill, where volunteers are harassed to provide content AND fork out donations for site hosting, I assume she wasn’t paid. Another unfortunate poor bugger working for free for a multi-millionaire.

Retreat rakings competition

To celebrate the Fifth Level bullshitter’s return to Australia from a bumper retreat season, I’m announcing the inaugural Deborah Benhayon award for Esoteric Accounting. This year, Sergio generously arranged for the M & F Brides to line up for retreat photos to make the head count easier for me. Below is the Vietnam retreat shots, which appear to be sellabrating Serge marrying off his financial Bride, Kate Greenaway, to a jumbo bucket of KFC.




Esoteric real men, groom centre front – Vietnam retreat 2016

It appears Sergio did some hard sell to drag the faith-full to the retreats this year, probably to give the impression his following isn’t atrophying. I can’t be bothered trying to do a proper count, but above looks like about 240 paying customers. The Lennox retreat was probably about 220, with quite a few frequent flyers in there doubling and god knows, maybe tripling their retreat hit for the year. UK looks to be about same as previous years, 120-ish.


Male Brides of Serge, Lennox retreat 2016


Gender segregation of Brides at Lennox retreat 2016

The competition is to work out how much money he pulled from that lot at avg. $1500 per head (excludes the accommodation). The real smartie pants among you can provide a figure factoring in sales of Glorious Music, books, subscriptions, butt-symbols and group healing sessions, plus the 12 days of workshops in the UK. Use the Esoteric Expenditure post as a guide if you’ve got the energy.


Prize for best guess-timate is a night’s accommodation in the Dark Lodge, located on the scenic Astral Plane, with the entity of your choice (check out time 3:30 am). Second prize is the opportunity to buy shares for Serge and Susan Scully in UniMed Brisbane Pty Ltd and its $2M+ property. Third prize is glamour photography package from Clayton Lloyd – photoshop extra.

And I just had to include this shot of the UK Retreat’s men’s group. For real.


Esoteric Men’s Group for women

17 July: Serge v Icke product comparison and Minford pseudoscience special

No, we don’t have the judgment for the Benhayon objections to my contextual truth defence yet, so keep calm and read my post comparing and contrasting occult scammer Sergio with conspiracy theory powerhouse David Icke, and I have to say Icke came off as much better value for money, with less austerities and touch ups. As far as I can tell.

It also spilled over into a debunk of bloody Eunice Minford’s wishful mangling of Einstein’s theory of relativity so she can fantasize about having magical powers. Urgh.

Read all about it: Serge Benhayon v David Icke pseudosciene and conspiracy theory special

12 July: UniMed Brisbane Re-Defining [sic] health & wellbeing scams

UniMed Brisbane practitioner Steffen Messerschmidt softens up targets with volunteers

UniMed Brisbane practitioner Steffen Messerschmidt softens up targets with the help of Esoteric volunteers

Sunday July 3rd, UniMed Brisbane’s avid recruiters roped about 60 targets at $60 a head into a day of misleading commercial presentations, undue influence and generous  ‘free’ sessions of trance inducing hands on ‘healing’ by religious volunteers and mercenaries. An opportunity to shell out more cash at the ‘expo’ shop was included in the ticket.

Dentist Allannah Freer and GP Amelia Stephens

Dentist Alannah Freer and GP Amelia Stephens

Mother and daughter undue influence team, dentist, Dr Alannah Freer, and GP, Dr Amelia Stephens, Re-Defined [sic] health with a deadpan presentation of the bleeding obvious, taking care not to mention they’re plugging a business that teaches supernatural entity possession causes mental illnesses, evil entities rape children in households where people drink alcohol, and gynaecological disease is caused by men. Serge says so. They then talked about the glory of taking advantage of trusting members of the public to recruit to a commercial religious cult – to earn extra initiation points from a deluded con artist with a fetish for gynaecological pathologies and cancer patients. The audience gave them a standing ovation for breaching their professional codes of conduct, and laughed and laughed about how AHPRA doesn’t give a crap.

Naturopath Jenny Ellis talked about how there’s no stimulation or insinuation whatsoever when she performs Esoteric Breast Massage, except for light nipple stimulation. It’s very delicate. She spoke from her innermost about how she feels a total past life connection with clients, as long as they have plenty of money. Then she reassured the customers that the light of the soul keeps you alive, albeit temporarily, when you become too Esoteric to eat solid food.

Benhaviour specialist, Tanya Curtis presented on how to rort public funding by deceiving the parents of autistic children with Esoteric mumbo jumbo to grab their government grants. She then talked about how autistic children are selfish attention seekers, and how her amazing guru, Serge Benhayon, says smacking the prana out of kids is for their own good.

Esoteric gladiator, Bev Carter, travelled from Sydney to to trick customers into a True Movement group humiliation session, and physiotherapist Kate Greenaway took the piss out of all with Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy and cracked funnies about how she writes up private sessions to Medicare.

Financial Brides of Serge - Greenaway, Ellis and Scully

Financial Brides of Serge – Greenaway, Ellis and Scully

Accountant, business advisor and financial Bride of Serge, Susan Scully talked about money, money and more money, and how to claw one’s way to the top of a cult pyramid scheme. One of her favourite tricks was to persuade well meaning folk into ‘investing’ in UniMed Brisbane Pty Ltd, with a promise of ‘tax benefits’ that are as real as the Four Lords of Form. She was nearly splitting her sides as she told the ticket holders that she and Sergio the bullshitter own 100% of the shares. Then she told a hilarious story about how they conned the true believers to make anonymous donations to purchase a $2M building through the same company. They’ve gotten away with it because they tell the ‘investors’ it’s a ‘community clinic’, and the poor wretches are so convinced they volunteer their time to clean and maintain it for free. Because when Susan & Sergio do business, it’s all about ‘putting people first’. 😉 LOL!

$60 a head to cop hands on cult promotion and visit the shop

$60 a head to cop hands on cult promotion and visit the shop

Finally, customers were reminded of Esoteric Women’s Health’s upcoming presentation ‘Getting Real in Relationships‘, featuring a Q & A between a talking cervix and the Four Lords of Form; a lecture on the best techniques for beating children; and a session with Karin Becker on how to lure blokes into the cult via online dating AND stay single. Her winning tip for the Brides of Serge is to use the words ‘in truth’ and ‘playful’ in their profile, no matter how dishonest, miserable and humourless they are. The ladies will then talk about how consensual sex is abuse, particularly if the woman enjoys it, before they all agree that actually, every conceivable social interaction is in fact abuse, Serge says so. Furthermore, anyone who views their online profile is a stalker and should be reported to the police. Anyone who disagrees will have 80 webpages published about them labelling them an a abuser and a troll, and receive pseudo-legal threats on Christmas day. The ladies will then get special instructions on how to take out an AVO whenever they don’t get their way, and how to get the biggest divorce settlements to maximise expenditure on UM. Tickets $50.

Jane Keep recruited NHS staff to present at cult events, but viewing her LinkedIn page is 'stalking'

Jane Keep recruited NHS staff to present at cult events. Viewing her public LinkedIn page is ‘stalking’. She also has conversations with her cervix.

4 July 2016 : UniMed masters of their own domains

Today, I stumbled across two more new Universal Medicine websites – one dropped off by an observant reader, or as the cult likes to call anyone who views their sites, stalker, and the other while searching for cult accountant, Susan Scully of Brisbane, having realized she was long overdue an entry on the Naming Names page.

A couple of months ago, we witnessed UniMed’s humble Porsche driving Mystic Dentist ramp up the hilarity by opening the cult’s own Universal Medicine Exposed all right, dullard self-congratulation, underachievement & glam photography site. Evidently, UniMed has a cunning plan to DOMINATE THE INTERNET, by buying up every possible domain name in the universe – all billion trillion gazillion of them. Universal Medicine Pty Ltd now has 74, and there’s quite a few more around the place, which is probably more websites than Sergio has followers.

I thought it might be play-full to post a Glorious selection, but if you want to be inflicted with the lot, including those taken out for the pre-school aged Benhayons, the list is here. I can’t be bothered checking to see if any of them are active. Probably not. That would mean Serge, aka Desiree Delaloye and Joseph Barker, would have to bully the pilgrims for more cash to fund the hosting. My count of live official UM sites is sitting at 43, and most of them aren’t listed below:

Caption comp!

Righto, duckies, it’s about time all of you pulled your weight. I know there’s a meme in this photo of Barnaby Benhayon driving his tractor, but I’m too burnt out to come up with anything this minute. So hop to and do your worst! The best/worst will be awarded your very own SLAPP defamation claim personally from Serge. With Atmic love. Runners up win a front row seat* at the Benhayon vs Rockett trial and the opportunity to donate to my defence fund.



I will also accept suggestions for the cheesecake Esoteric Breast Massage shot at the top of the post.

*subject to availability



143 Comments on “Universal Medicine domain mastery, responsibility and gossip – July 2016”

  1. MacReady says:

    Interestingly, Serge made a veiled reference to Icke’s theories (in his book ‘The Way It Is’), when he wrote about some people going ‘a bit too far’ regarding inter-dimensional entities by stating they’re really reptilian aliens, as opposed to just the Lords of Form and their minions. He’d obviously encountered Icke’s work when he was still trying to decide on which new age hack he should regurgitate, uh, I mean reincarnate as. On the other hand, maybe Icke’s onto something and a Serge is really a shape-shifting lizard.

    • Anonymous says:

      More like a shape shifting turd… stinky, slimy and something you want to flush away.

  2. W. Harper says:

    The Men’s group in the UK seems largely populated by women. Are men allowed to attend the Women’s groups too, or have they just invited a load of women to come along to the mens one as there are so few men in the UK who are part of UM?

    • RJM says:

      As far as I know, men (especially partners) are welcome to attend the women’s ‘health’ events, though if the one I attended five years with my then-partner was anything to go by, not many do; I was the only male there. All I remember is the usual blather about how Serge has a divine understanding of what society as a whole needs, and some kooky charts he had designed showing the different parts of the female breast as he had ‘esoterically’ redefined them, similar to the cervix being “where sacredness is stored” or whatever bullshit he has them believing now.

  3. Delusional Serge says:

    I got about half way through the video. Serge has not relented on his know all attitude. He knows more than scientists, nutritionists, doctors, everyone by inference. The first 5 minutes reveal his usual circle arguments which are without basis and can and do lead the unsuspecting astray.

    In this case, a feeling of hunger is not real, but spirit masking our energetic awareness. What a head fuck. And patently bullshit. But intertwined in there are some commonly accepted ideas, guilt about relationship with food, etc. He wears a stupid smirk as he relays these truths that are ahead of everyone, as if he is a Messiah -infact, the only thing he could be given he knows what everyone in the world will eventually learn)

    He is clearly delusional and obviously his members enable him by doing things like filming him and his goitre speaking.

    But it is excellent they are now putting his insanity on display for the world to see.

  4. Croc of 💩 says:

    That video of Serge talking about why we should ditch food is freaking me out
    He looks like a shiny snake that has shed its skin and has swallowed a rat which is caught in his throat. Icke is bloodywell onto it. Im sure I saw the Queen flick her tongue to catch a fly on the balcony at Buckinghuge Palace and I know Bindy has offered Serge his own enclosure at Australian zoo. Crikey, its a reptile revolution for sure, crawling out of the primeval slime

    • Not Pixar says:

      Sweaty, vile, nonsense. No wonder they have resorted to animation, I am sure in the future Benhayon will just be a cartoon character (is he not already?) they show on screens at meetings as he looks so off putting they can’t keep wheeling him out. Scares the kids and everyone else.

  5. MacReady says:

    ‘Serge Benhayon on food’ translated:

    We weren’t meant to exist in physical form, and true evolution means returning to our true state (soul), in union with ‘God.’ In other words, he means dying, which is why he recommends cutting out so much food because it’s ‘evil’ (in his definition, evil is anything that has separated from ‘God,’ so in his mind, physical existence is pranic and evil). You can see that his dietary recommendations work, because he can barely hold his head up or keep his eyes open, he’s so energy depleted. Though the alleged ‘4-5 hours a night’ sleep thing might be catching up with along with his endless lies and deception him, too. These videos should be submitted to as many health and medical officials as possible. Not so they can ‘catch up’ with his ‘ancient wisdom,’ but so as many people as possible are aware of this utter lunacy and have the potential to stop it.

  6. Esther says:

    No one wants to have a crack at guessing how much Sergio Dropkickio pulled from retreat season?? Aw…

    Well $1500 x 480 is $720K. Add the group healing sessions and a few subscriptions etc. Maybe he made $800K.

    That’s not counting what his family pulled running their own scam sessions.

    Add to that $XK in pledges – donations, bequests.

    Funny how the cult looks small & feeble really when broken down to those group photos. I would say that’s close to the whole crew lined up there. The absentees don’t count. If they’re too financially exhausted to attend they may as well not exist.

    There’s also the propagandists/recruiters avoiding being photographed because accountability cramps their underhanded recruitment incursions.

    • Esther says:

      oh bugger that should have been $1500 x 580 is $870K. Oops! Plus extras, yeah so he ran another bunch of workshops in that time. So well over a million in that 3 month period.

  7. Lord of Form says:

    I’ll play. At least $2m across the 3 retreats. Plus all of his repeated courses – level 1-5 of something or another- during the year. I’ll hazard a guess. $1M or more. Plus this and that, and whatever else he can think of to enlighten his members wallets.

    Not bad, but thankfully a lot less than 4-5 years back when he was raking it in at 3 or 4 times that level. Around the time he smirked like a Cheshire cat and told Neil Dorley on Today Tonight that he turned over “more like $2M”

    Luckily he’s got a steady stream of estates on their way to him. That’ll keep his property portfolio and family trusts healthy for years to come.When you’re a messiah these things are very important.

  8. Pranic Attack says:

    Looks like Sergio is getting in some practice on the baby tractor for any farming estates he may be hoping to inherit! Of course, well togged up in the new gear so he wont have to get his hands dirty, his ears deafened or sunburn from the outside activity. He doesn’t really look the part but it will add to the Benhayon coffers and mean more hardworking families and businesses down the pan …

    • Esther says:

      Yeah, I think he just likes riding the tractor. His property is 57 acres. Maybe he’ll hurl fruit or tennis balls at Miranda as she single handedly plants it out with Macadamia or ‘chilli trees’ [sic]. He might stick a few cattle on there, but dairy is evil and so is beef?? Or maybe he’ll hurl bricks at Miranda as he gets her to single handedly build an aged care facility and Universal Bequest Law office in the back yard.

      • Silence of the lambs says:

        Im seeing a sheep station and abattoir myself
        Lambs to the slaughter, just like the flock of faithfull followers blindly going up the UM ramp of no return, to be firstly fleeced and then throats cut to drain away their lifeforce, their heels bitten and driven by Serge’s savage beady eyed bitches longing for that congratulatory pat on the head from their master.

        • Esther says:

          Now that makes SENSE!

          Thank you everyone for the great and hilarious comments. You’re keeping me sane.

          I just did a capture of Sergio’s food video from above – we may use it in court…but watched it all the way through for the first time. It’s fucking bonkers! I’ve already listened to 30 hours of his audio crap, and read through a few of his books. The video above is mild compared with some of that stuff, but it’s still bonkers! IT MAKES NO SENSE. 😲

        • Silence of the lambs says:

          Shanks for that Esther🙄

  9. SubRosa says:

    LOL! With ear protection and gloves… What a whimp. He must have forgotten his atmic safety helmet.

  10. SB - mas says:

    Serge is so elevated and amazing he doesnt need to eat like mere human mortals and when he passes his purified poo pebble at his bi- monthly bowel blowout the sweet voices sing and cultists praise and adore and line up to wipe his puny arse.

    • Esther says:

      According to Eunice, E=mc2, which means everything is energy therefore Serge is now energetically indistinguishable from his faeces.

      A glance at him confirms it.

      • Eu( not )nice says:

        Stop being a nasty pranic pastie Esther
        Why are you bullying me
        Whatever Serge says is gospel
        e=mc2 and I know Serge’s shit doesnt stink
        So there

  11. Ballina Citizen says:

    Ballina Shire area citizens do not want Universal Medicine in any way shape or form.

    What & who you are and what you are hoping to do – well it is SO SO OBVIOUS.

    • Esther says:

      Stand by, I’ll have something up about this tomorrow I expect. Just completing some fact checking. Have had a bunch of calls about this.

      • SubRosa says:

        O, are you stalking again…? (Lol)

        • Esther says:

          heh heh, Esoteric stalking, where I don’t have to look anywhere, people call me with info because they despise UM and are very concerned for the local community and kids.

          Might go up today, but awaiting confirmation of some info, so please keep thy shirts on.

          It also seems I won’t run out of things to expose anytime soon. It keeps coming.

        • Drill Sergeant A.G. says:

          LOL!! NO NEED for stalking SubRosa….

          UM’s stupidity hits NON UM Ballina citizens in the face through the media.

          Poor Esther kept so so busy.

          To be noted the recently silenced (HRH) Horrible Redundant Heiress drill Sergeant is back at it…….

          What eve! HRH AG you didn’t put the link to what has truthfully been said….duh oops!

          tutt tutt for a so called (must be fake trained) Cambridge Lawyer!!

  12. GO ANNA says:

    Like the goanna goitre that keeps on growing, its the gift of guru gobbledygook that keeps on gloriously giving

    • SERGERY. says:

      Stop it he SB had sergery recently!!!
      “I found out that Serge had only just come out of hospital having had a septoplasty (surgery to correct a deviated septum).
      LINK if you need to check “

      • SERGERY says:

        OOPS! Link didn’t appear….so sorry

        So So much drama @ UMHQ

        • Esther says:

          Lol, something got up his nose! The Lords of Form perhaps. Maybe Alison blew one of her 10000 word treatises up there and it knackered his septum.

          Or his goitre threw a tanty and belted him in the sinuses.

      • Anonymous says:

        What but the way of the livingness says all illness and disease is a result of past choices. What hope do his followers have?
        He got sick because he is just like you and me except he lets the little voices in his head speak, no matter what nonsense it is.
        It’s almost time serge get ready to pack up the circus your sick joke has gone on long enough.

  13. Alan Johnston says:

    I guess David Duke has seemingly cogent internal justifications as well. But at least he’s an honest, straight-up racist. Like a snake that bites you in broad daylight rather than poisoning via interstitial insinuations masked by ‘A’ words like Activist and Advocate. I’ll take his vilification over yours any day. Some friends of mine who are not connected to Universal Medicine in any way have viewed your blogs. Their comments range from ‘intemperate’ (language dear) to ‘ranting obsessive’. References provided on request.

    • pranabunny says:

      Ranting obsessive? Oh Alan is that the most damning verdict you and your imaginary non cult friends could come up with? My friends aren’t quite so prudent, the reaction to your little “facts” (LOL) blog and the other 42 websites you run so diligently is generally in the direction of ‘feckin loons’. Because that’s what you are, Alan. A fool who isn’t capable of running his own life and is looking for a quick and easy fix just like the rest of your UM cult friends. It’s so laughable really. You guys are too lazy to do the actual work, you want a shortcut to bliss/happiness/contentment/purity but there is no shortcut and there are no special secret rules that only Serge knows. Sorry.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are deluded Alan. I’ve tried to post reasonable comments on the UM blogs and they’re not allowed. That’s bigotry Alan. My family will never been the same since one of my parents joined you and your friends and became a paranoid and irritable stranger to us. Uncaring, secretive, pedantic and rude.
      You’re treated with respect here. Your comments are allowed and that’s a credit to Ester that she doesn’t take offence to your offensive arrogant disgusting insults. What kind of people don’t even allow us to comment on issues that are causing us grief?
      I have to stop myself here from calling you something I’ve never called anyone except the amazing serge. How dare you overlook all the info posted on this site to make disgusting insults? You are arrogant and ignorant.

      • W. Harper says:

        I am sorry for the loss of one of your parents. There are many of us here in the same boat. While my relationship with my ex is long over due to their membership of UM, I still miss the person they once were. Often I meet old friends who are very forthcoming now they know we are no longer together, and they talk of how difficult it was to be around my ex, how much they had changed, how inappropriate they were in what they said, how bizarre their interactions were, and how lost they seemed. None of these friends keep in contact with the ex now, and all of them think what a waste of a person who had such a bright future and is now rotting in UM hell, with no family to talk to who really wants to have much to do with them, and no friends outside of the cult, and no future once it falls to pieces.

        UM is a vile cult that destroys families. The sooner it ends the better.

    • Snakes on a (astral) plane says:

      Up you pop again like a little dung beetle out of a pile of shit to give your curious comments.
      You have your shape shifting reptiles totally mixed up. What about a venomous snake that bites you in broad daylight then says he loves you and he is the smartest snake on earth then charges you for the anti-venom and tells you that you need it for the rest of your life.
      That snake would be none other than slithering scaly Serge.

      • Esther says:

        This could well be the comment of the year. You’re on FIRE.

        Anon, thanks for your comment. Don’t worry, to take offence to poor old Alan would mean taking him seriously. His comment confirms he’s been carefully reading my Tweets. Even though Alison et al have told him not to. He can’t help himself, because he knows if I really was a troll and a liar, I wouldn’t be worth paying any attention. Maybe the forbidden doubts are beginning to win.

        Just look at the documents, images and quotes, Alan love.

        Sorry about your family, Anon. That’s a scenario I’ve heard about time and again, and it just makes me more determined to put that lying rotter on the stand.

        Speaking of time and again, has anyone noticed that every cult member that comes here for a mini tanty mentions the friends they have that have absolutely ‘no connection’ to UM? The only variation is the cult members who come and say they’re not involved with UM but Serge is great etc & I’m a liar. lol.

    • Lance says:

      Speaking of interstitial insinuations… One get’s the feeling you consider yourself a bit of a brain Alan. That of course can’t be the case, because as you have been told over and over ” you are not free to think for yourself”. No brain. No intellect. That’s an utter illusion. It’s entities.

      According to Prof Foley, Serge is the smartest man he’s met, and he’s done that with ‘spherical thinking’ and not even basic high school education. He doesn’t explain what that is, or why that makes him smarter, but I suspect it means – because he doesn’t make sense. Much like Foley in some other bizarre on-line video discourses and yourself with your simpering pop-up comments that always mean nothing.

      It would be far more interesting if you came up with some argument that disproved us, or proved Serge/yourself.

      On the subject of your non-UM friends opinion on this site, I suspect if that’s true, they’re just being polite. I’ve also conducted an unscientific quiz about the UM sites – largely because I feature on so many of them – and I generally hear “Wow, now that’s a cult” If I was you, I’d be more concerned with that than Esther’s wit and style. You’ve dropped yourself in it. But I note, Esther and I are still taking the blame.

      As La Métempsycose rightly observes, there’s a tad too much worshipping going on. It just ain’t normal.

      It would be excellent to hear an actual argument from you Alan, rather than what you think are pithy take downs. Try it next time. Rather than trying to impress yourself with some word play, construct an argument. It’s easy. Children have been known to do it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whatever Allan.
      Serge relies on positive reframing.
      He takes a physiological response like feeling high after hyperventilating then claims it to be a result of something that benefits him. I.e. That the exercise that created said effect, purely something like singing while punching fists in the air, makes one feel good.
      Therefore as this was given to me by the voices it is sacred and I have lots more.
      But that is in another course, which is serge speak for give me more of your money for reframed common knowledge.
      Pure and simple he uses all the recipes of cults. Read margeret singers book.
      From my limited contact with his livingness and being indirectly financially drained by him, he is a con man.
      I would love to tell him face then we can have a debate on why he isn’t responsible for my financial losses.
      If he ever comes to Melbourne I’ll be there with a bell around my neck so he can’t miss me.
      Looking forward to meeting you again serge.
      I have some engineering questions for Leonardo too.

  14. La Métempsycose says:

    Well Alan, I suppose that the difference between this blog and the multitude of blogs that UM generate is that here we have discourse and discussion whereas on the UM sites we have nothing but Hymns to Him. Rational human beings can only read a certain number of panegyrics (eulogies dear) before they start to smell a rat.

  15. Esther says:

    Oh Alan, you poor bugger.

    Sure, I’d love to read the references from your non UM ‘friends’ that all UMers reckon they have. Have you told them what you think of their evil, pranic chardonnay sipping, cheese, chocolate and sourdough munching, Strauss waltzing, Salvation army donating ways? Or maybe they work at an Astral university, and all their knowledge is an illusion. Serge Says So. And you buy it.

    What’s your initiation level after all these years and all that expenditure lovey? Have you made it to Level 3 yet? I’m guessing he has you at about 2.4 with most of the other investors.

    Difference between David Duke and Serge is Serge charges for his hate & bigotry.

    Speaking of which, what were those ‘tax benefits’ on investing in UniMed Brisbane? Susan Scully hasn’t been forthcoming. How is it she and Serge were spruiking for ‘investments, but they own 100% of the shares, and 100% of that $2M building?

    I bet you were one of the ones who forked out for the UniMedLiving site hosting too – funding the commercial overheads of a multimillionaire.

    Will you drink the Kool Aid as well? When he escalates the persecuted Cathar rhetoric?

    Dear me. Your anger’s misplaced Alan.

    Do come to the trial. I know Serge has told you not to. But you should.

    Any questions? I answer all comers. Unlike Serge.

  16. Alan Johnston says:

    Hey Esther and Enron (aka Lance ‘Smartest Guy in the Room’ Martin) – you know how you like to contact the employers of people you don’t even know, have never met, in order to get them fired, de-registered, demoted, investigated and anything else you can dream up – well I thought you might like the details of my employer:

    Alan Johnston (BSc, Grad Dip Ed)

    You could talk to the MD, CEO or Chairman but they are all me. Still I’ll give you a hearing.

    • Esther says:

      How very generous of you, Alan, to offer us your pranically unsullied ear.

      It’s all here for you to read lovey. Let’s talk about Serge and his dirty business. Did you read the questions above? Perhaps there were too many. I’ll narrow them down for you. We’ll work through these, and then the rest.

      What were the ‘tax benefits‘ advertised by Susan Scully for investing in UniMed Brisbane Pty Ltd? How do they work?

      Why specify donations to the UniMed Brisbane property purchase should be anonymous?

      Did you know the business and property are owned by Susan Scully and Benhayon? 100%?

    • Esther says:

      And there’s no need to contact you as an employer dear unless your poor doubt stricken lackey is being paid out of tax payer funds and is promoting a cult in your workplace. No one was fired. I asked that they stop recruiting to and promoting UM at work and to patients etc. The fact that most workplaces took action to that effect has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with the documentary evidence of your guru’s garbage. I have no clout. Most people can recognize a toxic, aggressive and predatory cult when they see it.In writing, audio and images.

      Except for you, Alan.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is typical. Alan you are like every other UMer I’ve had the displeasure of knowing. I’m disgusted you’ve come back with nothing and you haven’t acknowledged any of the comments, like we don’t exist. That’s bigotry and hate. Like members of my family no longer exist to our lost beloved either. All the family’s money that went with them by stealth is now in Serge’s pockets. Only Serge exists and the meetings and sessions that take precedence over EVERYTHING ELSE. Your family and friends are telling you what is wrong. Every UMer I know has family or friends telling them what is wrong. You are being conned and taking people down with you. Your science degree means nothing you’ve handed it to Serge. But you Esos think you know everything and give zero fucks about the real world even when its slapping you hard in your face. I bet you’ve left everything in your will to Serge too. Answer my comment you arrogant fool. Where’s our family’s money now?

    • Smart arsed guy says:

      Alan, Im a bit perplexed at your stab at Lance being “the smartest guy in the room” when your guru claims to be the “smartest guy on the planet”, bar none, just because he said so.
      Why do you believe that, Alan?
      Why? please enlighten us all

      • Lance says:

        Yeah, why am I relegated to a room only? No fair. The cult do seem to get pretty offended at the inference that I may ( I said “may”) be smarter than them. I had a big slap down over the whole Einstein misquote for daring to suggest it was wrong (which they’ve now admitted) and of course telling them Serge is a twit and they are in a cult is pretty insulting stuff. But they have a logic problem.. I am clearly having my intellect controlled by entities. They are not supposed to be using theirs, so when you ponder it for a while, they should have no qualms with me being deluded that I might be right. After all, they KNOW they are just by how they feel, and they know I am unable to think. Ergo, what’s does it matter- They’re amazing.

      • Smarter arsed guy says:

        And Serge says he will debate anyone but I don’t see him out there debating all the questions,facts and criticisms Alan, just hiding behind a sea of sprayon skirts and boofheads like you who blindly defend him for pats on the head. Cant you see the pattern Alan. Serge sprouts some wild made up shit, you all swallow and buy it, literally, then defend it with your lives and reputations whilst he hides thinking up the next crazy insane crap to gift to humanity with loving integrity.
        Bahhhumbug! Sucks to be you😝
        The best thing is that Serge has instigated this court case against Esther and will be scrutinized by the legal system. Yes he will hide behind his legal representative, poor bastard, but when his tapes are played in court the REAL world will be warned about the madness that is UM and Serge Benhayon

    • Lance says:

      Alan, why are you touting your qualifications? Don’t you know Universities make for ’empty puppets’? Read your Serge-bible Alan and get up to speed. Still no actual argument ? Just more smart-assery and sniping. You’re clearly not in your livingness.

      Alan, if I am in a room of UM students, there’s no doubt I am the smartest guy in the room. It’s such self evident bullshit. There’s so much to tell you it’s crap, so many things that should make you suspicious, and so many contradictions… but you could stop at the fact you and your friends spend so much time defending Serge, writing poems about him, and then pretending he’s just someone you know. That is not the behaviour of rational people. And it’s definitely not how someone with some insight into the human condition would behave. Don’t believe me, AKA Enron? then ask Buddha, or Confucius, or Plato or Socrates.. or even Leonardo.

      A little bit of fact checking for you. Personally I have not complained to anyone’s employer about UM members. I have made complaints about people like Hamish Broom who lied to get information out of me, Caroline Raphael who blogged about me, and some others who did similar things. That is, in response to what they did. Incidentally Alan, none of those people know me or have met me. Just like you. But they still went out of their way to pass judgement on me, and in some cases, interfere with my business and personal life. Ie. Alan, they pre-empted. Does your logic apply to them?

      From the start my interest has been in exposing Serge for the con and shonk he is. That’s it. That he is that, is obvious Alan. How can you, with the University Education you are touting, believe such errant nonsense? Fairy tales and utter stupidity. You only have to listen to Serge for 10 minutes to hear a host of logical fallacies and a monumetal arrogance that only a very ignorant person could have. Maybe you’re persuaded by absolutes. no matter how fantastic. I’m not.

      And I am still waiting to hear you say something that sounds like you have an actual argument. You might have the courage to get in amongst it, but so far you’re doing just what your cohorts do. Straw man arguments over ad hominem snipes.

  17. Esther says:

    Look, Alan, this is ridiculous. You have nothing to say that I haven’t corrected here a hundred times – wide open to comments and criticism that I ALWAYS answer.

    If you’re having doubts and you want out of UM I’ll give you a hand in any way I can all right. Same goes for any of your friends. If and when you come to the realization you’ve been had – severely – it’s really painful. Getting out can be a process that takes place over many months, or it can be very sudden. I know because I’ve talked with lots of defectors now.

    To hell with Serge. Seriously. I don’t have a package of subscriptions to loony solutions to the world’s problems, but I know dangerous bullshit when I see it. I’m telling you at my own expense, now would be a good time to get out before things get worse in UM. And they will get worse. There’s no avoiding it.

    • Lance says:

      I finally bothered to look old Alan up and see he has been an enthusiastic contributor to the “facts’ site. Usual piffle about how life before Serge amounted to nothing, etc. I think I may have met Alan at a cult wedding a few years back. The one that set all my alarm bells ringing as I sat next to the bewildered groom and brides parents at the back of the marquee and fielded questions from some of the caterers… “umm…is this a cult??”

      He’s clearly been sent out to tangle with the astral abusers- for what reason I don’t know. There will be no getting through to him. I suggest we just ignore him unless he decides to say something sensible, or perhaps asks or answers a question.

      • Esther says:

        Do whatever you like. I’m not going to ignore him. I’d like Alan to engage properly. Like a grown up. I answer everything thrown at me. It embarrasses him. I’ve answered the charges each time. Alan is welcome to come back. He can say whatever he wants. But I will continue to question any cultist who rocks up here about the real issues.

        I don’t give a toss what he writes on their sites. I don’t read them. They’re 100% bullshit.

        I can tell you, defectors read mine. I’ve been told they helped them get out. They tested what I’ve posted when they realized they were being lied to – constantly.

        There are GLARING issues. A la the list at bottom of Ray Karam post. The more they try to avoid addressing the issues the more ridiculous they look. And frankly the same goes for us. The UM Facts site is a smokescreen as much for them as us. Keep your eye on the puppet master. Follow the money. And the little girls.

        • Shhhh Alan has gone nighty nite says:

          Yes…..eye on the guru and his dancing goitre
          Lance, Alan is a little duck decoy Serge has pushed out on the pond to see if the critics of cults and bullshit detectives are alert and watching.
          The answer is……… always

        • Esther says:

          nah, I doubt it. Serge knows we’re watching and won’t quit. Serge will be worried about what else I’m going to bring out. For good reason.

          Serge doesn’t stoop to issuing direct orders to low initiation investors. He keeps just about everyone in the dark, including those closest to him. And he plays them off against each other.

          I suspect Alan is either trying to test his courage against our evil energy, or testing his cognitive dissonance. His ineffectual comments show he has no idea what’s going on. Neither does Alison Greig. Serge hasn’t told her how bad things look for him. Trust me.

  18. Relay for Alan says:

    These comments were posted for Alan on another thread by Persudio Petefriend. I’m pasting them here in case Alan comes back.

    Well I cant find Alan Johnston’s comments any more to directly response to it but I would like to any way. Alan your were more or less bragging of having a diploma in science education. Where did you get it from? The University of Woolongong maybe ? Anyhow what a waste it appears to be on you. And what an embarrassment you are to those who are worthy of this achievement. Your comment on this blog only exposes UM’s stupidity. Do you really think you are being persecuted ? That is exactly what cult gurus want you to believe. People who are in cults suffer from this persecution syndrome.Your comment makes you a perfect example of this and you have given us a great example. No one is after you expect for Serge.
    July 31, 2016 at 11:48 pm (Edit)
    Alan your science accreditation has more then probable cost you less to obtain than your Serge accreditation. How much have you really spent/handed over to Serge ? Come on, be honest. See the fool that you are, you have already openly admitted to this .

  19. The Real Mr Know it All says:

    Professor Brian Cox, is in Australia, for live disscussions on A Journey Into Deep Space, exploring the great unanswered questions about the universe.
    Brian is a captivating Physicist and Advanced Fellow of Particle Physics and Astronomy who has enlightened many around the world on BBC series.
    Tickets range from $80 – $195 depending on seating.
    Heres a chance for UMers to actually get something for their $’s and listen to a real genius with a high IQ who has actually studied his chosen fields to the highest degree.
    Compare Brian to your self appointed genius and realize, hopefully, you’ve been totally conned by a nobody who knows nothing but is as cunning as they come in the manipulation stakes.
    Brian will welcome and answer relevent questions without launching into rants about teen sexuality and tampons, lords of form and raping entities.
    Brian wont publically claim to have an answer for everything, is the smartest man in the world or a reincarnated genius.
    That is for the likes of Serge, the fake guru and man of least integrity on this planet!

    • MacReady says:

      Serge should go and educate Brian on Atlantis, mermaids, Sanat Kumara, The Four Lords of Form, Rudolf Steiner’s child-raping ghost, evolution via eating disorders, our previous existence as ‘beings of light’ on Venus, and all the mysteries of the universe that only Serge knows. It’s about time an arrogant scientist was put in his place by the one and only World Teacher, fifth level initiate from Shambhala, and the man the most integrity in the world ever.

  20. 5th (level) grade science says:

    Would love to see Serge and Brian debating about the planet Sirius
    Can you imagine!
    Time to dive under a rock and hide Serge
    There is a real genius in Aus
    One who doesnt lie

  21. Esther says:

    Achtung duckies – someone just wrote to tell me they didn’t get the latest new post email update. They have used the button up to the right ‘Follow blog by email’.

    Maybe check your Spam folder.
    I’ve heard this before, BUT that service bypasses me. It’s run by some sort of third party thing, so I don’t know who’s on that list and whether emails go out or not. I think I subscribed to it and stopped getting emails too ages back.
    Anyway, the solution I guess is to visit when you feel to. Four or five times a day should be enough 😉

    The point I’m making is I don’t have any control over it. It’s probably run by the Four Lords of Form from the darkest corner of the Astral plane or something.

  22. ***** Supporter of Esther says:

    If we supporters and readers seem slow to respond this maybe why 🙂

    • Esther says:

      Ha! Yeah, don’t worry about it. I put the blogs up, they don’t go anywhere. I have no idea who reads and who doesn’t. I’m not running a roster like SergeProp.

      Or maybe I should set up an email list like UM has and harass the fuck out of everyone to click on my sites, make comments to agree with me, or get edited or deleted. Then send you all bills for non existent site hosting etc.