Esoteric Expenditure – an inventory of Universal Medicine’s self-loving product range 2016

Who knew self-loving choices had to be so costly? Apart from the cost to relationships, families, children, health and dignity, there’s substantial funds hurled into the Benhayon’s coffers. Universal Medicine slugs students and customers, or their financial providers, at every opportunity – for negative return. In the following cost detriment analysis we look at the vast range of Universal Medicine products, and how much is spent on making followers feel superior but look, sound, think and act stupid.

Back in 2013, Rebecca Balderdash (lately using the moniker ‘Simon Asquith’), made a crack from the safety of the cult’s militantly moderated propaganda fortress.

The hate-bloggers are obsessed with money – as if having a successful business that helps hundreds of people globally is a crime…
And the money obsession is so old — the cost of a lecture with Serge Benhayon is $5 – what is that, the price of a coffee?

$5 is exorbitant to pay to be recruited into Serge’s death, hate, censorship, bullying and molestation cult. Moreover, a glance at the Esoteric shopping list shows $5 is the beginning of an expensive cycle of repeat consumption of highly dubious products. It reveals exactly who has the $$ obsession and the relentless drive to extract every cent out of subscribers. For what? So Esoteric scam artists can live it up, albeit puritanically, at the top of the abuse pyramid. 

All prices in AUD.


  1. Livingness in Development one off student membership subscription: $35 
  2. Way of the Livingness audio & video annual subscription: (Serge’s lectures) $190 per annum ($150 audio only)
  3. Science of Symbolism video subscription: $25 establishment fee, $75 per annum
  4. Annual website hosting subscription: $120
  5. Esoteric Medicine bundle (audio 2010-12) : $250
  6. Sutras & Science of the Soul 2007, 2008, 2009  audio: $150-$165 each
  7. (Previously – College of Universal Medicine one off library subscription: $35)

Workshops & presentations 

  1. UniMed recruitment presentations: Free to $60
  2. Esoteric Womens Health – Wellbeing for Women presentations: $5 – $20
  3. Women in Livingness presentations: $50-$85
  4. Annual Girl to Woman Festival: $15-20
  5. The Livingness Workshop: Stage 1 – $120, Stage 2- $140, Stage 3 & 4 – $120 ?
  6. UniMed Retreats: Australia – $1590, Vietnam – $1890, Frome, UK – $1650
  7. Couples Workshop$120 per couple or $75 for singles
  8. Glory or Expression & Presentation Workshop: $75-$95
  9. Esoteric Numerology workshop: $75
  10. College of Universal Medicine Ageless Wisdom teaching presentations: $20-($40 UK)
  11. College of Universal Medicine online & classroom courses: $40-$100
  12. College of Universal Medicine community propaganda events: $60
  13. Chris James’ workshops and retreats: – $140 – $1,250

Practitioner courses 

Two prices separated by a slash denotes first time/repeat.

  1. Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 1$350/$300 (Another first hand account from Lou, here.)
  2. Sacred Esoteric Healing Levels 2 to 4 (Level 4 has two parts) – $750/600 – $950/750 each 
  3. Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 5 – $650/$550
  4. Esoteric Body Work, Massage Part 1-2 – $850
  5. Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy Level 1 – $750 (further levels ?)
  6. Non accredited Esoteric Chakra-Puncture practitioner course at Evolve College: Discounted package for certificate – $3348, $6944 for diploma
  7. Esoteric Counselling & Psychology: $?
  8. Esoteric Breast Massage course and trimmings: $?
  9. Esoteric Practitioner Association annual fees $35-$50 
  10. Professional indemnity insurance: $100-$200

Healing Services 

  1. Esoteric Breast Massage: $70 – $195
  2. Chakra-Puncture: $60 – 90
  3. Esoteric Massage: $?
  4. Esoteric psychology/counselling: $too much
  5. Other healings: $?
  6. Esoteric yoga: $90 for six sessions
  7. True Movement session: $5?


  1. Healing Symbol cards$5 – $160 each
  2. Healing Symbol pillow cases $15
  3. Clearing Candles $?
  4. Healing symbol pendant – $224
  5. Glorious Music – CDs $25, Download albums $15-$25, Single MP3 tracks $2
  6. Benhayon’s books – $40, $18.95 for eBooks
  7. Featherlight Eye pillows – $25 Eye Masks – $20 Body Wrap – $90
  8. Eso-Herbs $30/jar
  9. Esoteric Breast Cream $30 (?) /jar
  10. Esoteric Massage Cream $20
  11. Da Vinci prints average $50
  12. Supplements such as cholorphyll, cherry juice $25, seaweed sprinkles $15, olive leaf extract $35, mineral salts $35, UniMed herbal teas.
  13. Groceries – organic, sugar free, dairy free, gluten free products. $$?
  14. Nail polish $?


Miscellaneous donations, bequests and ‘investments‘ to the Universal Medicine commercial building funds, and registered charities, College of Universal Medicine (Australia), the Sound Foundation Community Care and Sound Foundation Charitable Trust (UK): $$? (six to seven figure sum)


  • Tattoo removal – $250 per session with cultist, Dr Anne Malatt
  • Travel and Accommodation for workshops, courses and retreats. (Often interstate and international travel) $$??
  • Volunteer labour. Cult members are rostered to contribute online content and to visit & share UM web content. They also work for the charities and at UM events for no pay, actively recruit new members and harass members of the public who criticize the group. 
  • Increased medical and dental costs due to adverse health affects of Esoteric practices (calcium deficiency & other malnutrition, mercury & iodine toxicity, delayed diagnosis etc.)
  • Psychological services for current and former cult members, and loved ones of cult members – Average $150 per session
  • Exit counseling $?
  • Relationship and marital counselling
  • Legal fees – family law solicitors and family court costs, mediations separations, divorces, custody proceedings, delays and ditherings by Universal Law solicitors Cameron Bell & Paula Fletcher, challenges to bequests and baseless AVOs. $the sky is the limit+
  • Medicare and charity rorts that cost tax payers. Cost to tax payers of hundreds of vexatious complaints to police, ACCC and AHPRA. Tax dollars spent by social services, Medicare, Legal Aid and the family court dealing with the damage. $millions


  • Many followers have consumed all of the above products and services.
  • Many followers repeat at least some of the workshops/presentations/courses annually.
  • Events periodically undergo name changes, so the same products are resold under different names.
  • Pricing of events is inconsistent, and prices increase per workshop hour for the more advanced levels.
  • Secrecy in pricing of certain items. UM posts the prices of lower cost items, but higher priced items like advanced workshops are advertised temporarily or behind the site paywall. 
  • Bullying of subscribers for cash donations and nefarious subscriptions through emails with strict instructions not to share or forward. 
  • Many services and workshops are not advertised publicly, including Esoteric Uterus Massage, Chakrapuncture workshops, and the other Esoteric healing modality courses.
  • Practitioner course outlines are not made public – no up front disclosure of outlay for students to gain bogus Esoteric healing ‘accreditation’. No transparency.
  • Most enrolments – undertaken by unqualified or under qualified cultists – collect highly personal private information, asking for disclosure of psychiatric conditions, diseases and medications. 
  • We estimate followers spend between $5,000 and $20,000 per annum on UM services and products. A larger financial commitment comes with practitioner training.
  • A very large proportion of Benhayon’s income is from donations and bequests. In the past, Benhayon has specified donations should be made anonymously – presumably to avoid leaving a paper trail/evidence in case apostates decide to claim it back and to avoid tax. The largest single donation we know of is £750,000 (AUD$1.3M) from Sound Foundation trustee, Michael Nicholson, who donated around £1M over two years to fund the construction of a commercial premises in the UK that is owned by UM’s UK charity. The next largest came from Judith McIntyre and her deceased estate totalling approx. $1.4M given to Serge Benhayon personally. 
  • A common anecdote is that students become increasingly secretive about expenditure and don’t disclose to family or partners their level of financial commitment.

Also see: Sergileaks posts

20 Comments on “Esoteric Expenditure – an inventory of Universal Medicine’s self-loving product range 2016”

  1. RJM says:

    I think the UK and Vietnam retreats cost more than $1590, however the price details aren’t currently detailed on the UM site.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      We’ll fill them in as they come up. I reckon they limit the event announcements on purpose, because if the customers started toting up what they’ve spent on feeling ama-zing and acting like pillocks, their heads might explode from all the reality.

    • Serges godly accountant says:

      In 2015 the Vietnam retreat was $1918.35 and the UK retreat was $1674.75.

  2. You know whos poorer than he should be due to Serge's crap courses, brother says:

    Massage is $60 or used to be. Might be more with inflation.

    Chakra-puncture from my understanding was about $1200 for the course. It might have been more. $1800? Of course, all costs are hidden by members from non-members.

    Also, Scourge doesnt do one on one’s anymore. Why when you can get a group of ten, charge them $20-$30 a head and get them to sit around like lemmings confessing and coughing up. Kerching- $200-300 for 40 minutes “work”- now back to the batcave for some renovations and to look for a new car Robin (AKA Deborah the cash counter)

    You’re pretty good, but you did fail to mention it is all CASH< CASH< CASH.

    And a lot lot more than Stergy boy triumphantly but deceptively alluded to on TDT. $2.5 M? Pffft. Chicken feed.

    • In all the time we’ve been poking around the UM site, I’ve never seen the chakra-punktcha course advertised. That’d be the utmost integrity and transparency at the fore as always.

      I’m relieved Scourge doesn’t do one on ones, unless he’s upgraded to group molestations.

      Okay okay it’s all CASH CASH CASH, and I should mention the true believers line up for repeats of most of those workshops listed. So a bunch of them have done the Livingness, the Glory, the single couples etc. repeatedly. Then there’s the weekly money for nothing healing sessions, including regular breast rubs to remind you you have knockers. Now everyone, take a gentle breath and sway along to the Benhayon polka, KERCHING KERCHING KERRRCHING!

      • You know whos brother who can add up. says:

        We should also be fair and mention Serge does freebies from time to time and when strategically necessary. I call these loss leaders.

        He also “sponsors” members who can’t afford courses. What does that mean? It means a no interest loan. Pay it off as you can. I guess the logic is that he lending you money by allowing you not to pay- cash- there and then.

        But you also pay after you die. The perfect business model- He also wants your money when you pack it in. If you give money to your kids, your increasing their glamour and illusion. If you give it to Serge and UM, your increasing his glamour and confirming his illusion- and for that you get initiation points or something. Makes sense.

        I reckon that if you tote all things direct and associated with being a hard-core supporter of Serge’s fantasies, it would have to run closer to 20K a year. That would include the fuel to drive to the clinic and meetings, the money spent on incidentals, then travel, accommodation before the hard money is given to Deborah for safe keeping (the same vault as the family secrets perhaps?) which would be more than 10-15K with course fees, creams, cards, sessions, pendants, CD’s, books, potions and prints.

        Makes a mockery of Rebecca -I help destroy families and write songs to further mock my victims while actually making a fool of myself- Baldwin’s claims of $5 doesn’t it? Only a self deluded nut job or ardent liar could try and reduce the whole scam to the same as buying a cup of (evil) coffee.

        • RJM says:

          That’s one of the reasons the relationship i had with my UM partner ended. Aside from the insane beliefs and neurotic life restrictions, it was clear that tens of thousands of dollars that we could have been investing in a mortgage, holidays, and generally living our lives each year would instead be funding Serge’s exorbitant so-called ‘livingness’.

        • Yes yes, You Know Who’s Whatever, DO I LOOK LIKE AN ACCOUNTANT TO YOU?

          I’ll make a note in the post.

  3. MacReady says:

    You almost have to hand it to the guy. When it comes to inventing methods of screwing gullible fools out of their hard earned cash he’s a fucking pro. Maybe he’s a fifth level ascended master from $camballah after all, but only when it comes to conning people out of their finances.

    • You know whos brother who can add up. says:

      There’s the old saying that a fool and his money are easily parted. There is also the lovely saying in business that you can fuck a person once or you can pretend you love them and fuck them over and over. Well we know what Serge does. If you want a snapshot of a pack of fools parting with their money while being fucked over, look at this pack of smiling buffoons:

      Fool with hand up: “Hey Serge, how much more money can I give to you. I think I have at least a few hundred left in my account after the last course”
      Serge: ” We will take it all. But only if it is energetically correct. We won’t take money if you give it in the wrong energy. By the way, have we talked to you about your will yet…”

  4. rippleddonut says:

    Oh My Fiery God. Now surely that whole thing is a pisstake?!

    Oh, come to think of it, sounds familiar. Sound Foundation Familiar. They are all hypnotised I tell you. They’ll donate all they have to spare and more, and The Benhayons will line up those white 4 X 4s and Porsches outside. They will honour the opening ceremony with their presence for a photo opportunity, then will disappear off again and go somewhere private to laugh their alien heads off.

    I will be donating to the Set Fire To The Fiery Building Fund as soon as it’s been thought up.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      I hate to say it but I thought something similar when I saw photos of the Wollongbar compound. It reminded me of Jonestown. It’s a hallmark of the most dangerous cults to establish compounds and sequester themselves. The Wollongbar thing is still in the planning and construction phase, but still, I’d be watching for Serge to start serving up Kool Aid at the fundraising picnic in October.

      Also, we have info and notes on the cult’s $$$$ trail, and it will be finding its way onto the internet over the next while. We’ll be putting a lot more of the finances under the microscope.

      • RJM says:

        When Serge stated on television that ‘UM wasn’t a cult because he didn’t have a compound’ he clearly forgot to add ‘yet’.

      • SubRosa says:

        Following the money trail always is revealing. One of the things that stands out to me is the fact that he gave Simone and recently Natalie primary positions at the top of his organisation.
        What a way to keep them quiet. At the same time he keeps those who can be a real risk to him depending on him.

        • Yep, so far Sergio has excluded his sons from directorships in the Benhayon companies. The daughters will carry the can when both the Sound Foundation and the UM College fail the public benefit test, or if financial irregularities are found in their companies.

          We’re also interested in Michael Nicholson’s ONE MILLION POUND donation to the Sound Foundation that does nothing apart from build a conference facility for the Benhayon family cash raking circus. WTF? Was it his money? And what would his offspring think of him throwing their inheritance into the UM vortex of scam artistry.

      • You know whos brother who can add up. says:

        Yes, the change in directorships came last year just after the media spotlight. Serge clearly re-assessed his risk and decided to move it onto others. He is a cunning little rat. But you know they will all feel honoured to be shoved into the firing line. Serge will have told them it is their energetic responsibility or some crap. But back at the office, Serge will be calling all the shots. And the money trail will lead to a place close to him. Possibly a metre under his feet.

  5. susieQ says:

    Lung massage $60/$70. Bogus! Not even a normal massage. No receipt.

    Waste of time waste of money, just another opportunity to recruit for UM.

    Whilst supposedly massaging my shoulder, I was told by Jasna Kim that she could feel something about my Dad! What the????

    I have since learnt that is one of the sales lines/bait that UMar’s use to recruit.

  6. SB - master of the "cash only" says:

    SB here (Have I TM that yet, note to Deb)
    Even before my fabulous fabricated faeces I heard another sweet voice that said “Serge, why are you standing out in the hot sun on a tennis court, F*CK THAT! You need to exploit more than tennis parents with an empty promise of a players box seat at Wimbledon, you need a bigger sort-of-dumb crowd,a target audience to pump full of hopes, dreams, the promise of enlightenment and love then make them pay for it.”
    And I said “WOW” and told the voices to “rack off”.
    “I can do this, establish false trust through simple manipulation, Ive had plenty of practice controlling lives and draining wallets.
    Now, firstly I need to establish myself as way better than them, deeply exploit human psychology. I will make them believe the unbelievable.”
    1. Glorious turd=proof
    (Those who believe this will believe anything and I will never have to use rational logic to explain anything I claim)
    2. Guru= Supernatural claims of highest intelligence surpassing all earthlings and reincarnated genius’s= make it up= they believe=proof
    3.Credibility (enter family)
    Nice photos,credibility, be like us (but break down their family to get rid of rational thinkers, isolate the individual)
    4. Sex things up (hello Natalie)
    5. Websites= Go global with push by upper rung warrior women or brides
    Add tons of bullshit where ever you can to get followers to fork over what cash they have for it.
    6.They’re hooked! -control everything they do in daily life with strict rules and guilty repercussions
    The rewards part of the brain is happy, they believe they belong to an elite group, all they have to do is believe and pay
    So Esther, yes you are onto me, but my attack brides are aggressive. I lie to them all but I exploit their FOMO (fear of missing out)on high levels of the cult rung
    I am getting away with it bigtime
    I own all these people, alive or dead and all their money now or eventually
    See you in court
    With love(lies)