Universal Medicine Exposed all right – gossip, misleading advertising & hilarity May 2016

Esoteric expression via Fabic's Tanya Curtis & her gritted teeth

Esoteric expression via Fabic’s Tanya Curtis & her gritted teeth

25 May – Teachers are Gold for cult groomers: Universal Medicine’s school incursion flop + Naming Names UM cult teachers

22 May 2016 – bent testimonial & misleading promo special

11 May 2016 – New Universal Medicine Exposed website. Truly!

May 25 – Teachers are Gold for cult groomers

UM couldn’t innovate their way out of a bowl of pea soup, but continue to flog banal garbage, like ‘self-care’ to school teachers and wonder why everyone is so disinterested. ‘Self-care’ is the pitch they’re using to fool dimwitted teachers into joining the cult. Teachers, of course, lend a false sense of safety to UM’s mass predatory child grooming program. With the assistance of UM’s compromised doctors.

The good news is apathy is the least of UM’s problems. Not only is that pitch not working, but authorities, schools and the public are getting pretty sick of their aggressive, recalcitrant attempts to infiltrate schools and target juveniles without disclosing their backing or harmful, grubby agenda. They’ll probably try to blame me (again) for Michael Benhayon getting ditched from a national education conference, but I promise they have no one but SergeCorp to blame. He was thrown out due to attendee complaints, well before any of us were aware he was even there.

Unfortunately, nasty Sarah Davis and Rebecca Asquith et al weren’t turfed out of the Positive Adolescent Sexual Health conference, inflicting themselves on kids without disclosure of their cult backing. Read all about it, and my new Naming Names list of UM teachers, education & childcare workers at Teachers are Gold, children are rubbish.

And I’ll say it again. UM doesn’t get blacklisted because Esther says so. I have no influence over Health Ministers and school principals etc. It’s the documented predatory garbage Benhayon produces that talks.

Would you want your child near some creep who touches people’s crotches, calls it ‘healing’ and carries on like this?

May 22 – UM’s bent testimonials & misleading advertising misadventures

Last month, the UM Facts Team commandeered Martin Gladman’s email account to send me pseudolegal threats on my use of Martin’s ‘false testimonial’.

I guess we all knew he was lying when he said I was able to #cyberbully a multimillion dollar org, and their lawyers, and their Esther Bashing committees…

Anyway, you’d think Alison Greig would know better. She used to lecture in Trade Practices law. On planet Earth. Back before she sat on a symbol that transported her to Arcturus – where doubt, and even the seeds of it, doesn’t exist.

It reminded me of UM’s testimonials on shonky Esoteric healing from business associates and practitioners. The use of testimonials in advertising registered health practices is prohibited. For good reason. Anecdotes are misleading because they’re useless in determining efficacy. That hasn’t stopped UM’s registered associates, like Dr Maxine Szramka, from talking up ‘miracle’ cures on the UM sites. Or Dr Samuel Kim from publishing his ridiculous anecdotal study of Esoteric Lung Massage. Or Kate Greenaway’s study of Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy, where she edited out the occult bullshit fed to UM’s investors.

In 2012, UM erased unsupportable claims about Esoteric Breast Massage being effective for gynaecological disorders from the EBM website. The ones described as ludicrous by Professor of Medicine, John Dwyer. That misleading advertising is expected to get an airing at the defamation trial. But they’ve begun repeating the claims in testimonials from associates. Heather Pope is an EBM practitioner claiming EBMs miraculously relieved her endometriosis related pain.

After some months of dedication to myself, and the continued support from the EBM Practitioner I found that although my menstrual pain was still present, it was significantly reduced. The amount of medication I needed had reduced by half to a typical 6 painkillers a month. With further EBM sessions it reduced even further and on many cycles I now had only 2 painkillers.

This was an absolute miracle in my life. UniMed Living 


Esoteric Breast Massager, Heather Pope talks up UM miracle$

Of the 11 EBM testimonials on this page, four are from EBM practitioners, three of whom are UM company directors. Another four are from contractors/employees. One testimonial is from a bloke. Then there’s the Chakra-puncture testimonials from UM associates and practitioners.

But the most hilarious are the ones from the Healing Symbols website:

I experienced a removal of pain in various parts of my body – knee, head etc.
I experienced a clearing of my computer energy field, my mobile phone and various pieces of jewellery.
~ R. P., Byron Bay, Australia

My 7 year old grandson woke up crying and choking with asthma…I placed the Removalist 1 symbol under his car seat and by the time we reached our destination, about 10 minutes later, he was very surprised that his asthma had completely gone, he usually takes 2 days to recover. Nowadays both my grandchildren choose a symbol to sit on whenever they are squabbling or out of sorts and they are aware of the calm that is restored.
When I have pain in my hips (mostly caused by doing too much) I place the Extractor 3 under my sacrum and allow myself to rest, usually for about 20 minutes, and I experience how the pain leaves and gentleness calm and a sense of well-being is restored…
~ Y. L., Byron Bay, Australia Healing Symbols site 

The Healing Symbols are also headed for the Supreme Court, as part of the contextual truth evidence of false healing claims.

That’s just the testimonials, but who knows where to start with UM’s misleading conduct. We could start with Sergio naming a harmful organisation that employs no medical personnel ‘Medicine’. Or omitting UM’s backing from promos of its numerous front groups and events.  I’m sure you can all think of plenty more examples, but my favourite would have to be the ‘millions of viewers’ promised to Natalie TV advertorial crowdfund donors and advertisers.

And of course this priceless presentation flyer for Serge Benhayon, ‘world renowned philosopher,’ with ‘Universal Medicine Therapies, teachings, readings and books inspired and delivered by Serge have transformed the lives of literally thousands of people.’

Yep. Turned them to crap.


Self published ‘philosopher’ of meaningless platitudes


Literally thousands now stuck with UM’s amazing transformations

Tickets for that show were $80 each.

May 11 – Universal Medicine Exposed all right

Oh stop it already, Alison & Desiree etc! Look, this morning I got up to an email with a link to the new Universal Medicine Exposed website and pissed myself so hard I thought I was going to drown.

I mean, really. I’m up to my eyeballs. This madness never stops, LOL! Will we ever exhaust the bottomless font of hilarity that is the Powerful. Sassy. Sexy. Delicate. Brides. Of. Serge.??

I take my eyes off SergeProp for six months or so and the TEAM feels around in their innermost and dis-covers the fictitious *facts* and projected hostility site wasn’t doing the trick, they look like pillocks, and the ever growing Debasing Evil committee hatches a cunning plan to launch a professionally photographed PR pastiche of cult madness which they duly name Universal Medicine EXPOSED. Lols all round.

HENCE this site’s name change. (If you’re new to this mess, this site was first named the ‘Facts about Universal Medicine’ until UM launched one with the same name. I changed this site’s name then to ‘Universal Medicine Exposed’.) And I can always test drive a few other loveless and in pain name changes over the next few initiations.

Humble Porsche driver, Mystic Dentist Rachel Hall

Humble Porsche driver, Mystic Dentist Rachel Hall

Sometimes I lovingly stop and ponder, should I really be having this much fun with a group of sourpusses who are out to destroy me? Who can’t even look me in the eye?

They make it too easy. Scores of them work round the clock on forty something or more – the Lords of Form only know – websites, to try and achieve a Google ranking I maintain on my own just by taking the piss out of them for a few hours a week, lol.

Who we are and how we live has been misrepresented in the media and online by a small group who have little or no experience of the truth of who we are. Universal Medicine Exposed 
German engineered humility

German engineered humility

They still feel ‘misrepresented’ by a small group in spite of hundreds of them presenting themselves with compulsive self-loving exhibitionism on 40+ websites, hundreds of thousands of comments and social media shares, and via their concerted antisocial histrionics and spite.

What’s more hilarious is they leap with Olympian magnificence into every trap. Given it took them a while to adopt the EXPOSED title, scores of them – including PR and SEO ‘experts’, teachers, psychologists, Mystic Dentists and the ‘towering intellect’ of Alison Greig wouldn’t know irony if it jumped out of their pea soup and belted them in their powdered chops.

Exposed they are.

But in all seriousness, it’s a cautionary tale. This is what happens when you believe personal development occurs via painting one’s nails, gentle breath bitching and having wowser busy bodies rub your breasts. If you spend your time worshipping wackjob con artists; if you’re rostered for hours per day to Google skip between UM’s propaganda sites, secreting repetitive ‘true expressions’ by rote; if you’re congratulated for gullibility and promised rewards of higher initiations for trying to boost someone else’s cash flow via manipulated Google rankings – and thinking you’re protected by a scam artist’s lawyers and money as long as you lockstep clone-like to his Esoteric way – this is what results.

The unisex Brides of Serge lanquish online, exposed as tragically barren of insight, ideas and humour. They’ve cut themselves off from authentic creative challenges, from criticism, from probity, from nuance, from ART. All that’s left is lifeless PR blurbs and a masquerade of infantile dress ups and philistine wealth. Not an atom of redemptory imagination between them.

From Cyrano de Bergerac. (It’s called culture, Alison 😉 )

Benhayon v Rockett May 2016 unofficial update

We’re awaiting the Judge’s determination on objections to my defence, in which Benhayon’s SC attempted to have my contextual truth defence struck out.

Did I mention the bogan empress of irony, Alison Greig, skulked into court on Friday with his nibs and his tremulous pet wife? None of them could look me in the eye. For some reason. I didn’t see much divine light of the soul in their grizzled visages.

While we await the decision, I’ve posted an unofficial update with video where I talk about what went down in court.

34 Comments on “Universal Medicine Exposed all right – gossip, misleading advertising & hilarity May 2016”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Goodness gracious me! If it was April 1st I’d think this a good joke. In fact, that’s how this latest website and the 101 other websites appear to the outside world. This is truly one of the most bizarre things they have ever done.

    • ditto says:

      Bizarre! Desperate times Desperate measures talking about showing your hand
      Caroline Raphael is pushing it a bit with AHPRA isn’t she? http://www.universalmedicineexposed.com/caroline-raphael.html

      • Anonymous says:

        “A day over 36”!? Yes, we all have an age we think we are. However, how we look can’t hide the truth!

        • Fully Deluded says:

          God, the amount of people who think they look younger than they are… is everyone. It’s a delusion. Caroline is leading her delusional, narcissistic waffle with a commonly held delusion. What do they hope to achieve with this site? It’s a showcase of delusion and grandiose narcissism. I bet Caroline’s family have a different opinion to the one she thinks they have. Especially after that bucket incident.

  2. Get Sirius says:

    Deep down they must admire you Esther and know you write with penetrating insightful accuracy, with a motive of genuine concern … probably why they can’t look you in the eye in court…

    They obviously obsess about you: over Doctor their sites / image, hijack your words (“UM exposed”) and “protesteth waaay too much”!

    Thank you for your perceptiveness, courage & commitment to intelligently analyse and uphold truth.

  3. $$$$$ says:

    Money is absolutely everything to Serge
    No one can respect the way this man has accumulated his wealth, by conning and taking from innocent and even dying people or dodging payments via bankruptcy or tax free charities
    He is on a par with armed bank robbers in my eyes just as dangerous but using love bullets. Showcasing the female professionals of UM and their expensive cars is just materialism and narcissism on full display.

  4. Lance says:

    It’s hard to imagine any other group that talk themselves up so much. On what basis do they think they are any of these things? I’ve communicated in the past with people close to some of them, and they most definitely do not hold those views of their family member. Quite the opposite.

    And why the “Sexy” mantra. How are they sexy? What does that mean? Why do they promote it so heavily? “synonyms: sexually attractive, seductive, desirable, alluring, inviting, sensual, sultry, slinky, provocative, tempting, tantalizing..?”

    Isn’t this the opposite to Serge’s teachings? Surely that will attract men thinking about them sexually and imposing the wrong energy on them. With Serge’s current predicament in court, you’d think they might ease back a little on the sexualization and objectification of women that seems to be at the heart of the ‘livingness’

    That site is another wrong footed move by the cult. The title alone is a warning there is something amiss, and it’s not intelligent simply from an SEO perspective, for reasons I am sure they have failed to consider.

    As I have said before, the best thing they could do is shut up. Take down their hysterical sites, their attack blogs, their confessions, and maintain a sober and dignified presence on the internet. They should have called me and Esther back in 2012 before jumping to conclusions and putting heat under people that could and would perpetuate their exposure. They just don’t get how they look to a reasonable person. If they had done that, they’d be in a different place now.

    Meantime, Esther just gets better at digging into the dark heart of what they are really about, and now they have “exposed” themselves. The irony and metaphor, I know, will be totally lost on them.

    • MacReady says:

      Spot on, Lance. Notice that the dress-code for women has changed with the recent focus on ‘sexiness;’ short skirts and exposed cleavage seems to be the norm for the women involved in UM ‘musical’ performances. Ignoring the fact that this proves once again that women are largely the target demographic of UM (otherwise, why does the ‘sexy’ appellation only apply to them?), even more disturbingly it seems to be about the emphatic marketing of Natalie as some sort of untouchable object of desire: the ‘sexy’ ‘sex bomb’ who is ‘single by choice’ and ‘a role model to all women.’ Disagree? Well, obviously ‘you’re just jealous’:

  5. Lance says:

    I should concede they have succeeded in this site of exposing themselves. However, if ” how they live and who they are” is truly represented on this ironically named site is indeed true, they are an endorsement for why one should not to get involved with Universal Medicine.

    It drips with self delusions and narcissism on an scale equivalent only to Serge’s tales of himself and who is he is. Bizarre fails as a superlative.

  6. La Métempsycose says:

    Bravo Esther et Bon Courage ! Your determination and courage in the face of a multi-national cult has to be applauded, repeatedly. Debate is essential to democracy. Even the Umers must acquiesce to that fact of life in the free world.
    While I don’t doubt the sincerity of the great and the good who have attributed their well being to the the doctrine of UM on the “Universal Medicine Exposed” website (oh what irony in that title!), I do have to question the validity of their faith in a man who believes that ‘charity is worse than paedophilia’ , that he is ‘an ascended master’ (whatever that means) and that the rest of us are in an ‘Astral Cult’ , abject puppets of ‘The Lords of Form’ and their multitude of malignant ‘entities’.
    There are a lot of smiling faces on the UM site. One wonders what they have to smile about.
    For example, Mr Nicholson who, incidentally makes no mention of UM in his blurb, but mentions his business being that of providing insurance cover for British Servicemen risking life and limb for their country. This is clearly a lucrative business since he was a major donator to The Sound Foundation Charity which had its wrists slapped by the Charities Commission for its operational behaviour. Perhaps he could have reduced the premiums on his insurance policies to servicemen rather than giving all that money to an organisation, set up as a charity and run by Umers whose inspirational leader believes that ‘charity is worse than paedophilia’.
    And why on earth set up this new site now ? Does Serge Benhayon or Team UM think that by surrounding the ascended master with the smiling faces of Porsche owning, film -making, duck castle owning, middle- aged successful business men and women , they are going to produce the truth? This is whole thing is building up to be the Cultgate which, hopefully, will bury cults in Australia for as long as democracy thrives there.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ageless wisdom advocate crumbles at the slightest questioning. Benhayon better watch out, some of those ancient prophets whose words he’s stolen may be a little angry. We’ve all seen The Mummy movies. Wouldn’t want to be Sergio right now, those spirits may be after more than your Alfa sports car!

  7. La Métempsycose says:

    Oh and as an addendum to the above, I am reminded of a line or two from ‘Hamlet’ :

    “O villain,villain smiling damned villain!


    That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain;”

  8. Watching from afar... says:

    The ten Commandments of eating – relates to UM

  9. MacReady says:

    Open questions for Serge, since he probably reads all this: Firstly, if the world operates according to divinine, cosmic laws or some such nonsense, and you are the emissary of the Hierarchy here to usher in ‘the new era,’ how could a few ‘disgruntled people who haven’t dealt with their issues’ throw such a spanner into your money-spinning works by simply quoting your own words and pointing out your blatant lies and contradictions? If all of this has had any negative impact on your reputation and/or the cash you take in, surely (according to your own claims) that’s just a karmic correction, right? Also, since you can allegedly control astral entities, allow them to posses people at will and likewise expel them, transcend dimensions, and implement the will of the Hierarchy on Earth, will any of these wonders be displayed in court to prove that you are indeed, as you claim, the most spiritually advanced human on earth, superior even to the Dalai Lama, and that anyone who suggests otherwise is a cyber-bully? Just curious.


      I have realised that what you say, Macready,has great significance in bringing Serge into front line of accountability where he belongs.
      This is all about him and even though he pipes up and states that he “knows more than anyone and will debate anyone on earth” he then runs and hides behind a ton of websites peddled by the faithful.
      What he has skillfully done is started a war between his bootylishous bodyguards and their boymen and those who criticise, question and have been personally affected by UM. Then hides and directs from the wings to protect his humble,calm and everloving persona (vomit)
      This court case instigated by the worlds greatest celestial coward has backfired bigtime due to Esther and her supporters getting this to the spotlight of a trial in the Supreme court of Australian law.
      He cant hide behind anyone now except cling to Miranda, Alison and Charlie
      His SC will be doing his best to fight with a limp sword covered in bullshit
      The Supreme manipulator who uses anyone he can as a human shield will face the full force of the truth in court.I predict the hard core cult members will still support him as they are obvious lost causes and have invested way too much.
      Prevention is the key
      NO MORE UM & SB (1999-2016)

  10. Loveless says:


    Dianne Trussell is a Universal Medicine member but this is not stated in the above article which was written by the Northern Star Journo Hamish Broome who is also a Universal Medicine member.

    Dianne writes articles for many of Serge Benhayon’s sites.

    Dianne states in this article that she is doing it tough.

    My question is to all of UM members WHY is Dianne not receiving help from you all just like Ms Judith McIntyre did?

    Henrietta Chang and others wrote great accolades about themselves because of the help they supposedly gave Judith McIntyre.

    We know Serge reaped ALOT of money from Ms McIntyre’s will.

    So why is Dianne Trussell having to do it tough?

    Why the lack of consistency?

    Lovele$$ lot full of greed.

    • MacReady says:

      Interesting. Aside from wondering what Serge’s esoteric diagnosis might be for the ailments Diane is unfortunately suffering (something to do with ill-choices made in past lives, no doubt), it is rather telling that Serge can’t spare a few shekels from his bottomless ‘more TVs/more Alfa Romeos/ever-expanding real estate portfolio’ fund to help out someone who has helped him build his esoteric fortune. That said, I’m sure he’s willing to arrange a credit program for any UM events Diane might attend, so that she can pay him back at a later date. Preferably in cash.

      • RJM says:

        Forget it. Serge wouldn’t even cough up the funds to bankroll Natalie’s narcissistic TV venture. The honour of that was handballed to the faithful followers, who ‘invested’ over $125,000 in the project. A fraction of that amount would have been better spent helping one of their own through an apparently tough time. However, that wouldn’t be esoteric, because according to Serge, charities that don’t benefit him have the same energy as pedophilia.

    • Anonymous says:

      Probably because Diane is not a gold mine like Judith was.

  11. Nothing but the tooth says:

    Dianne Trussell “needs to put off dental care and essential things…..”
    Where are you Dr Rachel Hall? (of shame)
    Too busy going round and around the neverending UM roundabout in your Porsche.
    You all need a good kick up the butt, all of you supposedly intelligent loving people

  12. E says:

    Ageless wisdom advocate crumbles at the slightest questioning. Benhayon better watch out, some of those ancient prophets whose words he’s stolen may be a little angry.

    Sorry to say this, Anonymous, but Serge might have stolen or bastardized the names of and some terminology of ancient prophets, but his doctrines bear no resemblance to authentic sutras – at all. I majored in religious studies and can tell you from my own research he is 100% bogus. Anything he says about any religious tradition is a complete misinterpretation or distortion. That’s not apologism for traditional religions – I’m reasonably critical of them. It’s a simple fact though. His is a religious con.

    Thank you La Metempsycose for bringing Shakespeare to the blog. I wish I had the same hopes for Australian democracy as you do.

    Thanks everyone else, especially for your observations about Diane Trussell and how UM can crowdfund a multimillionaire’s advertising and polish the dentist’s humble Porsche, while one of their more faithful promoters does without. Shameless frauds.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh for sure. He’s teachings are completely bogus as we all know. He’s stolen a bit from here, a bit from there… just the little bits that his tiny mind is able to take on board. He’s obviously no real understanding of any of it, hence him crumbling in seconds when taken to task by Dr David Millikan. But he thinks it sounds good and his followers lap it up without question.

      I don’t know who’s more stupid, him or them, but either way there’s a whole bunch of ignoramuses who’ve followed a fraud, and like lemmings they’re all headed for a jump off a cliff very soon with him leading them there. He’ll probably try to side step it at the last minute, which is true to form for him – witness any of his previous business ventures.

      Hopefully this time he gets his just deserts.

      • Brain Sergery says:

        Yeah, he believes his own shit Anon. You know, the shit he was having when he heard the sweet voices. ( I really think Serge just says that to mock his members, or else he is really stupid) And he’s sucked in enough people that have also believed it, and think it;s amazing that he now thinks he’s amazing. Those klingons barnacled to his skinny white ass that he’ll keep thinking he’s a member of the hierarchy even when he’s paying Esthers costs and the newspapers are reporting on the new age messiah who thinks he’s imhotep and the stories spread across the globe because its so farking funny how stupid he is. He’s cashed up enough now it doesnt matter what happens really. The days of collecting social security are over even if it all melts down. And he’s got more estates on their way. He’s all set. That’s why they are now all gloating over their wealth (remember when capitalism was evil according to Serge– who can figure this fucker out, it changes every week)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hmm hips hurt because I’m doing too much.
    Here is an idea, try doing less. Your conclusion that healing symbol was responsible is what is known in scientific circles as a hypothesis.
    A hypothesis becomes factual when backed up by scientific experiments with statistically significant sample size. As the professor of numerology should be able to tell you a sample size of 1 is not enough. Even when you remove the healing symbol and test for both effects it is not scientific fact, unless your sample size is big enough.
    It’s like sayinging that because 1light bulb from a production line works they all do, without testing even a small fraction of them how do you reach that conclusion?
    If you want these modalities to gain acceptance, do the scientific research, and prove the astral cult who claims your modalities are bogus wrong, to a confidence level of X percent.
    Your learned students of livingness should have done some sort of statistics as part of their studies, and should understand these concepts, unless they believe they were taught as part of the fictional conspiracy against the way of the livingness?
    But this takes time more time than it would appear serge is prepared to hold onto the beliefs he passes on to you.
    Oh and I’m sure when you quote a price isn’t it meant to say including GST?
    Just sayin

  14. Esther says:

    To the person who keeps dropping social media spam in the Contact box, just put it in the comments if it’s that important. I’m quite capable of Googling cult spam if I’m that desperate to follow their trivia. Which I’m not. What do you expect me to do with it? Don’t you think I like to have a break from their bullshit from time to time? Please knock it off.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Why is a man commenting about breast massage in the link above ?
    I think that fact alone says it all.
    And yet again the physiological response if it is present is reframed to benefit the man at the top of the pyramid and the handful allowed to practice it.
    HELLO don’t you smell the same rat I do?

    • Esther says:

      Hi, yes well it’s bleeding obvious isn’t it, except if you say so publicly – as in mention the facts – you can get hit with a defamation action and have to find a six figure sum of money to fight it. Ahem.

      If you were impressed by that – take a look at the founder selling it. It’ll curl your hair.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have had limited exposure to him and once I started reading your blog my gut reaction was profoundly confirmed.
        I would love to be a fly on the wall when ha has to part with all that bequeathed money to pay your legal costs when he looses.
        Or would he dare file for bankruptcy again?
        When you win immediately take out an injunction freezing his assets till he coughs up.
        I bet he is regretting settling earlier this year now.
        He has dug himself such a hole now the result is a foregone conclusion.
        Sanity one serge zero

        • Anonymous says:

          Correction regretting not settling

        • Esther says:

          To answer a couple of your questions above and below:

          No need for an efficacy comparison of acupuncture & chakrapuncture – UM sold chakra-puncture to Evolve College, and in contrast to the original training materials the College makes zero therapy claims about it, as in no claims whatsoever that it can relieve any signs or symptoms. That’s an admission it was always a scam. The College doesn’t dare make Serge’s original claims because they’d be hit with OFT complaints for false advertising. That’ll be getting an airing in court along with a bunch of Serge’s other scam healing claims. https://universalmedicineaccountability.wordpress.com/2015/03/05/scam-chakra-puncture-at-evolve-college/

          No need to take out an injunction to freeze Sergio’s assets. My win won’t bankrupt him, and he can’t dump his assets. The Converys Lane property alone is worth over $2m, his Tregeagle property headed for a similar value or more. Very difficult to dump the properties he has in his name. It’s one of the reasons we’ve made a project of looking closely at his assets and getting an idea where he’s parked all the dosh. We can get applications to pursue if he tries to put it into other people’s names and I will blog every move he makes.

          The financial info will also come in handy in future when the damages claims roll in. When we have a Supreme Court finding that he and UM are frauds it’ll be open season for claims of all kinds.

          I also know a chap who specializes in funds recovery from criminal enterprises etc. Tax havens, whatever, he’ll find it. 😉 and he owes me a favour.

  16. Anonymous says:

    How long have you had the Porsche I mean did you accumulate all that wealth whilst a student of the livingness?
    It’s an honest question yes or no did you acquire the Porsche as a direct result of serge benhayon’s teachings, or are you on an upper level of pyramid?
    Do you hold or have you ever held a paid position in any uni med affiliated companies?
    Please disclose or deny or claim abuse

  17. Anonymous says:

    How about a back to back experiment
    Acupuncture vs chakra puncture?
    As chakra puncture is close but apparently better and you don’t need any sort of government body accreditation. I mean what could be more fitting to have this supposedly wonderful gift to humanity that is in its infancy tested against the ancient acupuncture?
    Any takers?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hmm so chakra course at evolve
    Is a repeat of his 5 level course?
    If so anyone doing evolve course which is not accredited had already done those courses of his are really wasting their money?
    I can’t wait for damages claims to roll in.
    How does one report a psychologist ( they are on naming names list) for breach of code of ethics? My conscience can keep quiet no longer