Unpacking Serge Benhayon’s scam Esoteric Breast Massage

The bogus healing claims for Esoteric Breast Massage are headed for examination by the Supreme Court, and last month its inventor, Serge Benhayon, posted a video defence of the modality on Vimeo. Within 36 hours of me posting it here and critiquing it, it was removed, along with several other EBM promotionals. (They’ve since been restored to different links with restrictions on embedding.) I’ve compiled them into one video with commentary and a few expository facts Universal Medicine’s Esoteric Women’s Health had withheld. Benhayon’s bizarre apologism was yet another confirmation his women’s health modalities are a predatory fraud, and his attitudes to women are derogatory and sick. If he wasn’t successfully plying this garbage to the vulnerable and benefiting personally from large bequests from cancer patients, this would be written off as a bad taste joke. But it gets worse. This charlatan and his grubby business is receiving endorsements from enamoured medical professionals.

The original videos were attributed to Foundational Breast Care, a UK company listed to Sara Williams, company director of numerous UM companies, including Esoteric Women’s Health. Foundational Breast Care misleadingly purports to be an ‘official body’, but it’s another private, commercial UniMed front.

Foundational Breast Care is the usual money for nothing bullshit. First selling women the idea they’ve ‘disconnected’ from their breasts, so they can then sell them the re-connection.

FOUNDATIONAL BREAST CARE is an international social enterprise dedicated to bringing about a paradigm shift in the current worldview on women’s breasts and their purpose, in order to inspire responsible and enduring breast care.

There is a great deal more to breasts than their limited association with fashion, function, sex and disease. Foundational Breast Care site

Yeah, Sara, they’re a quackery commodity – ripe for exploitation by a death and molestation cult.

The new Foundational Breast Care channel is at this link. Embedding has been switched off, but I’ve found one workaround so far. I’ve posted a couple more videos at the bottom of this blog.


As part of my defence against Benhayon’s defamation claim, the court will examine the full context of the publications he’s suing me for. Because my allegations about his misleading advertising, false and harmful healing claims, delusional, exploitative and predatory behaviours are also true, he can’t claim I’m liable only for statements I made concerning his hands on healing sleaze and his conduct with women and children. Benhayon made a submission to have that defence struck out. (We’re still awaiting a decision, but his objection is likely to fail.)

Seeing this video was published shortly after the objections hearing, one might surmise it’s an attempt at damage control – about as ill conceived as the rest of UM’s arse covering and aggression.

One might also question the Ageless Wisdom of posting EBM promo testimonials from breast cancer patients, and making inferences it prevents cancer when Sergio is looking down the barrel of fending off allegations of misleading advertising and preying on cancer patients in the Supreme Court.

Synopsis of Benhayon’s video

  • He invented Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) in 1999, but couldn’t practice it openly or market it lest it put him under suspicion of impure motives. He had to wait until he had a veneer of ‘experience’ and integrity before he could ‘release it’.
  • He’s never performed an EBM ‘on any person, man or woman.’
  • The modality was ‘needed’. Women are afflicted by sick attitudes to the female body that match his, apparently. Verbatim.

    [2:50] The basis was to say to the woman, look your breasts aren’t just sexual objects or things that hang off you, that you, you you, tuck into a bra, or they’re not just there to feed a baby and then they’ve done their role and now they go back to the husband or whoever your partner may be in terms of what they’re for.

    They’re actually part of your body. They’re part of the whole that you are and they need to be integrated. They need to be as delicately looked after as your fingers, as your hands, as your elbows. In the same way that you look after your face and put make-up on, or moisturiser etc. Not that we need to put moisturiser on the breasts…For a woman it’s just an appendage that is there, they don’t truly connect with. I discovered this in the treatment rooms…

  • The modality was given to him by his ‘soul’.
  • He had to wait until he’d buffered himself with enough women ‘healers’ with the ‘integrity’ to flog it for him.
  • He’s never practiced it. He trained the healers by simulating it mid air over his young girlfriend’s fully clothed body. He says, ‘it’s very simple to simulate the entire technique.’
  • All of this understanding coming from a man, and it’s not a man who is objectifying and is fascinated or is captured sexually or otherwise to the breasts.
  • And one of the stipulations I expressed on that day (where he air-groped his girlfriend’s breasts for the circle of ‘ladies’) was that to try and avoid as much as possible the nipple area so that there’s no insinuation or stimulation whatsoever. As light as possible on the nipple was the only stimulation of course apart from being very delicate…
  • Double-speak from 14:00 where he reckons women ‘feel the science’ of reconnecting to their delicateness and self-nurturing and reintegrating the breasts back into the body (?) including ‘the curves that they add to a woman, irrespective of their shape,’ and the EBM helps a woman ‘connect back to her cervix, where her sacredness is.’


I know.

Now imagine that cross examined in court. Even one sentence of that balderdash. Imagine the titters (pun intended) from everyone; jury, public gallery, media, counsel, whether Benhayon has the guts to take the stand or whether we play the video alone.

I don’t think anyone will be laughing about the statement he makes at the end inferring the practice can prevent breast cancer.

And they might have restricted embedding on blogs etc. but ahem…Voila – his nibs:

Highlights from Unpacking Esoteric Breast Massage

If you don’t want to watch the whole video, Benhayon features in the first 20 minutes. I’ve added excerpts from Benhayon’s audio lectures which will be used in court.

19:15 Benhayon on how university professors should ask him to tell them everything he knows, because he knows the causes of cancer and how to prevent it.

22:15 Women should be delicate and lovely & not play sport, otherwise they’ll become infertile and get cancer.

24:30 Deborah Benhayon talks up martyrdom & how it disconnected her from her breasts. (Really.)

30:00 Foundational Breast Care the bogus ‘official body’ for overseeing EBM training.

32:15 Fetishizing cancer – cashing on in cancer martyrdom

32:45 Serge Benhayon on how to end congenital cancer in the family tree.

38:00 Undue influence – targeting cancer patients – with endorsement of cult doctors.

39:15 How Benhayon got approximately $1.4M out of a breast cancer patient – at the expense of her family and their dependents.

Reality tester translator

(The following was blogged before I compiled the video, so much of it is now in the video.) A list of doctors who promote this bullshit is below.

In his objections to my defence, Benhayon made a desperate tilt to shirk his bogus healing claims aka his Ageless Wisdom (from two to four years before) by claiming the particulars I’d provided are too old to prove his scamming behaviour. That failed before the hearing. At the trial, one assumes he’ll testify the claims about breasts holding toxic energy that can deprive breast fed babies of ‘nurturing energy’, as well as the fictions that EBM can assist very serious gynaecological disorders like endometriosis and ovarian cysts, and that women might need one daily in ‘acute cases’, were not made by him, but the team of ‘integrity’ filled Brides he conned into practicing and marketing the modality for him. The watermark on the EBM site states ‘all content copyright by Serge Benhayon and EBM practitioners – 2008’. I’ll bet any money he’ll try to throw them under the bus, that he’ll take the stand and say, ‘it weren’t me, your honour, I have no control over what them “love-less” and “arrogant” women say’.

From original EBM site home page

From original EBM site home page


Original EBM site Q&A page

As for the rest of the nonsense he spoke throughout that video, Benhayon is scam selling solutions by scam selling problems that doesn’t exist.

Before having an Esoteric Breast Massage I thought I was going okay. I wasn’t sick or unhappy and I was just getting on with life. I have been having EBM’s regularly for a couple of months and have realised that how I am with myself actually stays in my body and affects how I live. So, to try and be something for a guy, to have thoughts that I’m not pretty enough or smart enough and the real killer – to compare myself with other women to gauge if I’m okay or normal all left their mark. It was a shock to feel how these things had actually taken a toll on me. What was more shocking was that I didn’t even notice. After having an EBM I could feel what was going on. I was able to choose something different and it’s been amazing getting to know what’s underneath all the junk I’ve been carrying around.(age 22) AUS. UniMed Site Truth About EBM page

EBM was very simple for Benhayon to simulate because there’s nothing to it. Women are quite capable of massaging their breasts themselves. He has to go out on a creaking limb to disclaim sleazy motives or sexual stimulations because all of the therapeutic claims are bollocks and there is absolutely no legitimate reason for these grasping busy bodies to be handling breasts at all. Benhayon also hasn’t given an EBM because he never needed to. He has ample opportunity to stick his mitts on women via any number of bogus Esoteric healing techniques he’s contrived. Yes, that’s him in all the photos, and there are dozens more.

Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level One Workshop Manual, p.38 Serge Benhayon with his hand on 14 or 15 year old daughter, Natalie Benhayon's bottom, Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 1 Workshop manual, p. 53 SEH2ChildhoodImprintsDeeperFemaleness1

We chuckle about his incoherence and the idiocy of his healing claims – they are ridiculous – but like the practices themselves, they’re also disgusting and harmful, and as the promotional testimonials on his own sites amply illustrate, even his devout followers hate them. They admit they’re abusive – physically confronting, privacy invading, emotionally distressing and packaged with extremely negative indoctrination about their bodies, society, men and babies.

My EBM journey started over 4 years ago when I went along because it was the new treatment for women. I remember my session very well, at the end the practitioner asked if I could feel how numb my breasts were; well, I think I cried for about 3 hours straight. I was indeed numb, numb to the self abuse I was living daily, created by my lack of love for myself. I spent the next 2 and half years attending regularly my EBMs but it wasn’t until I finally owned up and said, “I don’t like this, I don’t like getting undressed in front of you and I don’t like you touching me”, that my journey began. UniMed Site Truth About EBM page

Taken by the breasts

Late last year we also saw the real evidence of Benhayon’s bequest harvesting scam via the McIntyre family unsuccessfully contesting their mother’s will. With the help of the cult doctors, lawyers, propagandists and volunteers, he persuades breast cancer patients to buy his toxic magical thinking, blame themselves and their families for their cancer and pay up for Sergio the spiritual saviour. Those women would have been unlikely to subject themselves to that – spend good money, act against their better judgement in persevering with the alleged ‘healings’, and ultimately trash their own families to profit a sleazebag shyster if it weren’t for the undue influence of the UM cult doctors and other health professionals – themselves devotees to his religious scam.

Eunice Minford, surgeon, NHS, Northern Ireland;

Dr Maxine Szramka, rheumatologist, Sydney;

Dr Anne Malatt, opthalmologist, Bangalow;

Dr Jane Barker, GP, Lismore;

Dr Elizabeth Skinner, GP, Goonellabah;

Dr Howard Chilton, paediatrician, Sydney & Bangalow;

Dr Samuel Kim, pulmonary specialist, Brisbane,Goonellabah;

Dr Amelia Stephens, GP, Brisbane

UM label me a bully for notifying the public and workplaces about these shameless people, conveniently overlooking the fact that all of them publicly promote UniMed and make referrals to UM’s bogus healers, yet they make a significant cut of their living from tax payer funds and your private health insurance contributions. 

Do we feel happy about that? And that AHPRA does nothing about it?

Serge-goitreOne also wonders whether any of Benhayon’s pet doctors have recommended he have a scan or biopsy of his thyroid gland, given it’s nodular, asymmetric and obviously enlarged. And he looks sick. Maybe he followed naturopath Nina Stabey’s recommendation to eat stupid quantities of seaweed as a source of calcium, seeing he’s declared dairy products as childhood comforting, pranic and obstructing the light of the soul. Who could be surprised if he’s induced his own thyroid toxicity? According to his teachings, he should be thankful his body is cleansing him of his loveless karma.

He might consider redeeming himself by giving the McIntyres and others their money back.

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Universal Medicine preys on cancer patients

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  1. What a waste of money says:

    “Research presented on the Esoteric Breast Massage
    Last week we presented an academic research paper on the Esoteric Breast Massage presented at the Association for Medical Humanities Conference 2016 ‘Body Talk, Whose Language?’, University of Greenwich
    Changing the Narrative: How women talk about their breasts and their bodies after the Esoteric Breast Massage (published soon).
    Michelle L Sheldrake – (Lead researcher), @Eunice Minford (Presenter) Sara Williams – (Presenter)”