Universal Medicine real estate, reality tests and gossip August 2016


Congratulations to caption comp winner RJM

August 19: Gail Fuller, Universal Medicine’s candidate in Byron Shire council election

August 17: College of UM undue influence dress ups

August 14: *Serge gives it away *More council election horrors *Census lol from the archive

August 10: *Vote for Universal Medicine cult for mayor of Ballina *Esoteric T-shirt

August 9 2016: *Benhayons’ property holdings *Caption comp winners

Keep it together all. The Benhayon real estate entry is staying pinned at top of page this month. Other posts will go beneath. I’ll address any complaints in the comments.

By deleting them. (joking)

Chez Benhayons

According to little birds, a few months back, Serge finally shifted himself and Miranda out of his over-renovated lockup on Pineapple Rd to a 57 acre property south east of Lismore. Benhayon acquired the property for about $800k. Apparently he needed some room to play on his new tractor. The property came with an original four bedroom Federation style homestead, a pool and a decent sized shed. It seemed modest for the ‘world renowned philosopher’ and the planet’s only fifth degree initiate. But the little birds flitted back and said never mind the nice old house, Sergio was erecting a new $1m McMansion along the ridge. Interestingly, it’s not visible from any road.

Benhayon's new $1m+ home, construction commenced shortly after winning McIntyre will case

Benhayon’s new $1m+ home, thanks to the McIntyre family’s inheritance 

On perusing the Google satellite image taken earlier this year, the Lord of Form is of the opinion $1m wouldn’t cover a build of that size. He thinks it’s more like two.

Let’s face it, in the last 16 years since Benhayon arose from the pedestal after the world’s most overrated dump, he’s made far too much money. We’ve seen he thinks nothing of robbing families of their inheritances. We know he has volunteers cleaning and maintaining his buildings, volunteers providing just about all the content for his 43 (and counting) official websites, and that his staff bully the flock to donate to his commercial overheads, as well as the purchase of buildings he owns. We know his commercial operations prefer cash, and he’s been known to call for anonymous donations. Shortly I’ll post a sensational update on UM’s bent charities, run exclusively to benefit him.

The bunker staff are making a project of tracing as much of his wealth as we can. Partly because lawyers make a very good living out of wealthy, narcissistic fools, and they like to know how much could be up for grabs.

In 2012, the Benhayons owned about $8m worth of property in their names – mostly in Serge’s. 2016, the holdings have changed here and there, and are now worth roughly $10m. (That we’ve found.) Serge’s largest holding appears to be the Converys Lane ‘College’ building. Given what we know, and the vigour with which the Benhayons work to wring every cent out of targets, we can assume he has substantially more. Benhayon has a hand in about 25 businesses and investment trusts (that we know of). We’re not sure of the extent of their holdings yet, but we can assume his personal wealth easily passes into eight figures. For example, we know the UniMed Brisbane premises, worth around $2m, is owned by UniMed Brisbane Pty Ltd, and that racket is 100% owned by Serge and his business partner, Susan Scully. How many tens of millions worth of property and other investments he owns through his companies and trusts is difficult to say. He may also have funds deposited or holdings offshore. Also difficult to quantify.

Bear in mind that although his flock is shrinking and they collectively have been bled of funds, a lot of his devotees have left Benhayon whole or substantial portions of their estates in their wills. So he will continue to have far too much wealth – at the expense of families.

Our 2016 accounting has the Benhayons in possession of 11 properties in their names, of which five or six are owned by Serge. The Benhayon names are on about 25 companies and trusts. Serge has his name on at least 14 of those.

Some of the 2012 listed properties were offloaded to Benhayon sycophants, including Universal Law solicitors, Paula Fletcher and Cameron Bell, physiotherapist, Kate Greenaway and exercise physiologist Danielle Pirera. The latter two also operate their practices from UM’s Goonellabah headquarters.

We can safely surmise that $10m in property is the tip of the iceberg. Adam Warburton is so impressed with the audacity of the scam he stopped by Serge’s house to express his ardent passion with a dozen roses.

Benhayon is making a big statement to his devoted donors and volunteers. While they work for nothing, lose their families, friends and dignity, and go into debt. Benhayon is making himself very comfortable with his captive, and his cache, and his views across the rolling hills of the Astral Plane. A vista that stretches out forever.

He thinks.

August 19: Gail Fuller, another cult candidate in NSW local council elections


Ray Karam isn’t the only Universal Medicine cult candidate hoping to win a local council seat on September 9. Another UM cultist, Byron Bay real estate agent Gail Fuller, is leading a team hoping for election at the Byron Shire council elections with some platform or other, she’s not sure what.

Last year we saw Fuller get herself appointed head of the Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce. Also, UM’s financial administrator, Deborah Benhayon, got lost between work and home in Goonellabah, 60km away, and found herself a seat on the CoC board.

Fuller is a long term Serge worshipper. Here’s her soliloquy to tax evader, toilet epiphanist, crotch healer and coward, Benhayon.

It’s one of life’s great privileges to know and listen to Serge Benhayon and the wisdom he imparts for all. He is but a custodian of simple common sense, beautifully expressed and felt in every meeting.

Of all the presenters I have seen (and know personally) on the financial and well-being/health circuits, he is the only one who demonstrates the highest levels of consistency, support, ethics and integrity; his business and staff offer the same. As far as I’m concerned, Serge Benhayon is unique – he holds a torch in the darkness for all humanity. Truth about Serge Benhayon site

She’s also a former Esoteric Breast Massager, and one of the people who put her name to malicious, 100% fictitious webpages trying to drive me and my livelihood out of Byron Bay.

In some ways it might be interesting to have her elected to Byron Shire Council. It’s arguably one of the most ferociously contentious in Australia with major stoushes over environmental issues and development. When they’re not making national headlines for bullying, UMers are well rehearsed passive aggressors, but it’ll be fascinating to see how she’d fare. If she’s true to UM’s Esoteric form, she’ll be making accusations of ‘hate’, ‘abuse’ and ‘bullying’ as soon as she’s challenged, and publishing defamatory webpages about her opponents. That’ll keep her busy.

August 17: College of UM charity damage control

This weekend, UM holds its annual infantile regression pantomime.

Student’s Celebratory Ball
This Saturday 20th August

“Arabian Nights” … Egyptian Nights, Persian Life,
wear your finest attire that emulates the sands of time

It’s timed to coincide with an arse-covering and undue influence session regarding the CoUM sham charity.

The College of Universal Medicine (CoUM)
hosts its Information Evening & Dinner 

Come and enjoy a College introduction and community dinner to celebrate the charitable activities of CoUM past and present, and discover opportunities for the future and how you can become a volunteer for CoUM and get involved.

Roast lamb will be provided and we ask that you contribute and share in our community dinner by bringing extra sides such as fish, salad and vegetables – (Please include a label listing all ingredients in your dish). 

Schedule of Events:

10am – 11am: True Movement

11am – 12pm: Lunch Break

12pm – 1:30pm: The Way of the Livingness Sermon

1:45pm – 2:15pm: College of Universal Medicine Introduction

2:15pm – 4:30pm: UniMed Saturday Presentations

5pm – 6:15pm: College of Universal Medicine Community Shared Dinner ~ followed by Dance

6:30pm – 7:30pm: Concert and Celebration Dance

I’m due to write up this year’s charity updates, and Sergio and his sock puppet directors know what’s coming. Each charity will be glorified with its own post this year. The UK charity is in seriously deep doo doo, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes news in the UK. It’s that bad.

The announcement above made me laugh. Get the targets to dress in silly costumes, excited about their mid year blue light disco, and then schmooze them into more volunteer labour, as if they’re not already doing too much, and squeeze them for more cash donations to a charity that audaciously plugs Serge’s self-published occult conspiracy theories as ‘advancing education’.

Will Saturday’s information evening cover what my update will? Will the directors explain how Judith McIntyre intended to make her $1.3m+ financial gifts to the charity, so UM could have a ‘teaching hall’, but was persuaded to gift the money to Serge personally? Will they explain why? Will anyone ask about the timing of him winning the will case and then spending $1m+ to improve one of his private properties? Will they talk about how Converys Lane never will be the College building, and why Serge was prohibited by the charity commission from using charity funds to renovate the building he owns? Will they honestly disclose the charity’s problems with the Australian Tax Office?

August 14: Sergio giveaways, a UM first

Hell hath frozen over! Surely.

No one known to the Accountability bunker has ever witnessed an act of generosity of this magnitude from his Holiness, Serge Benhayon.


Never mind the fact it’s actually worthless, Serge gives away zilch! Yes?

He usually charges $120 to sit through that crap.

My clairsentience tells me something is deeply amiss at UM HQ.

What do you think?

Is he giving away Livingness tasters to bring in new recruits? I know he was offering a free trial to newcomers last year. A new reader took him up on it but found the control freaky sexism and inordinate amount time spent badmouthing me off putting. She looked me up to call and tell me, and never went back.

Perhaps he has to give it away to keep the remaining faith-full interested. We know they were baulking at donating to his marketing bills, and paying to watch him burble on video. He’s bled a lot of them to the point they’re in serious debt. While he builds his sprawling new pile.

Any other ideas?

A defector wondered if I’d go along, seeing it’s open to all. But I imagine if I try and book they’ll try and have me arrested for stalking. Again.

More council election horrors

We learned during the week Ray Karam isn’t the only Benhayon butt kisser running for a seat in Northern Rivers local council elections. Byron Bay real estate agent and ex Esoteric Breast Massager, Gail Fuller, is taking a tilt at representing Serge in Byron Shire. It’s hilarious really because Byron Council may be one of the most gladiatorial in Australia. I’ll write more on this soon. Seeing the UniMed cult’s run at local politics has caught the attention of some with a much wider readership, I’ll see what they have to say first.

Sergilieaks – census religious shenanigans

Last week the Australian Bureau of Statistics held its census epic fail, and I coincidentally stumbled across this email from Joel Levin in the archives. It dates from 2011, before the last census, and it made me chuckle.

From: UniMed <noreply@universalmedicine.com.au>
Date: Fri, May 20, 2011 at 12:16 PM
Subject: To a fellow Student of ‘the Way of the Livingness’
To: noreply@universalmedicine.com.au

To a fellow Student of ‘the Way of the Livingness’,

It occurred to me that we have an opportunity (albeit a temporal one, but nonetheless a great opportunity) to assist the work of Universal Medicine.

On census night (Aug 9th  2011) every household will be asked what religion the people in that house are. While Serge and/or Universal Medicine don’t need recognition to grow, gaining status as a religion would assist with charitable status and the like.

In talking with Serge about this he has put forward “the Way of the Livingness’ as the religion for the new era.

Should people from around Australia make the choice to nominate this as their religion, the Bureau of Statistics will record its existence for the first time on earth.

As a point of interest the Bureau of Statistics  slogan for census night is ‘shed some light on census night’ …. this we can all do, for it is what we do.

With love


Yeah, I had a bout of gastro and conceived the Numinous Unicorn Temple of Tits & Esoteric Rubs. Or NUTTER. So if anyone still hasn’t filled in the form, and feels from their innermost they’d like to adopt a less expensive and dictatorial ‘religion’, put that down, and we’ll see if it outranks the Church of Serge.

Aside from that, UM did pitch for charity status as a religion and failed. They tried running a charity for ‘advancing education’ and that failed too. I’ll blog about that soon.

August 10: Ray Karam running for Ballina mayor representing UniMed cult

Anyone who gave Karam the benefit of the doubt that he would be representing the ratepayers of Ward A in the Ballina council elections can kiss that ta ta. I’ll add this to the post on his mayoral pitch as well. UniMed cult propagandist, ex police officer, current police time waster, Benhayon yes artist, Ray Karam’s pitch for mayor is 100% backed by the Universal Medicine cult. The following email to the ‘student body’ urges volunteers to assist his campaign. So multimillionaire shyster, Benhayon and cronies can run the council by proxy, and get lots of favours for his bent enterprises and developments.


Esoteric T-shirt

Sergios-T-shirtA reader also sent in this happy accident found in a top class op shop. She might have to fight Natalie Benhayon for it though.

Caption competition winner

Obviously, we have a winner for the caption comp. It was an agonizing decision for the judging panel. A scuffle ensued and there was some hair pulling between Princess and the Lords of Form. For the headline caption at the top of the page, congratulations to RJM. He wins his very own defamation claim bought by Serge Benhayon. Second place went to Old McDonald for elaborating on RJM’s highly original theme, shown below. Old Mc wins a front row seat at the trial, but I’d like to remind all spectators that munching popcorn is not allowed in the public gallery. And no photography, phone calls, heckling or loud guffawing. The judging panel couldn’t decide on third place before the police arrived and carted half the panel away so that will have to suffice.  Thank you all for your outstanding entries. They warmed the cockles of my loveless heart.


2nd place getter is Old McDonald


54 Comments on “Universal Medicine real estate, reality tests and gossip August 2016”

  1. RJM says:

    I might be in the 5th dimension right now, but I can still feel how jealous (evil) everyone else is.

    • Old McDonald says:

      What an honour to win second place. I am deeply moved and I look forward to taking my front row seat at the trial and LOLing at every word Benhayon speaks. There’s bound to be some whoppers!

  2. Serging ahead on others cash says:

    Try turning over $2M a year and buying over $10M in property in just a few years. A good business profits 5-10% of capital. You’d need some anon donations, some cash courses, and a few tax free bequests to go from broke to high net worth in a relatively short amount of time. Directly or indirectly, Judith McIntyre has paid for that new property where he’s built his messiah mansion. Let’s not forget Natalie has a big pile along with the kids, all under 30. A little unusual wouldn’t you say.

    • Esther says:

      Yes, well, I did write that they have 11 properties between them under the Benhayon name. Six are Serge’s.

      PLUS whatever is in the family and investment trusts, and owned by their various businesses.

  3. Pure Evil says:

    Im assuming there will be a small remembrance plaque for Ms McIntyre laid somewhere at the new Benhayon manipulated money mansion.
    Maybe Serge will find it in his loving heart to invite the McIntyre children to enjoy a North Coast Holiday in the house their mother built.

  4. No escape says:

    Wealth will not save an evil soul, he will be haunted now and forever. There is nothing lower than taking advantage of a dying person and then fighting her children and rightful heirs.
    You may build a palace for yourself Serge, but your mind is your prison and all your shocking deeds and sordid secrets swirl in there with no escape.

    • Esther says:

      Honestly he doesn’t give a crap. He believes he’s entitled to it because he’s so amazing. The only thing that would be disturbing him right now is that his business and following his disappearing down the toilet. His shine has gone. Permanently. And he’ll never get it back. That’s the only thing that perturbs him.

      Please don’t kid yourselves he cares one bit about anyone else. There’ll be an update in the next little while about how he’s burned one of his own kids. Set her up to fail. He’s done it to all of them, but this is a glaring example. Unconscionable.

      • Pure Evil says:

        Yes I know, sadly, and my comment was made with tongue firmly in my cheek and to be honest, a small tear running down the outside for the McIntyre family having lost someone close to me recently. I cant imagine the shock on top of the grief.
        Serge is pure evil.

    • Lord of Form says:

      Esther is completely right. He does not care. The reason he’s made a doctrine of no empathy or sympathy is he is devoid of any. Other than for himself. He’s got the perfect temperament for a cult leader. Empathy free, rat cunning, plenty of delusion, and a charming persona. He really believes he deserves everything he takes from his members, alive or dead. Their families, money, reputations and dignity. Over the last twenty years he has left a trail of misery in one form or another, and you can bet he doesn’t stay awake at night thinking about it.

      He never feels sad, or remorse. He said so.

      With a group of sycophants gathered around signing his praises, he feels more justified. To him the misery he causes is proof of how right he is. Sadly the remaining members cannot see through him and while that is the case, his evil will continue.

  5. La Métempsycose says:

    Maybe Serge will call the farm ‘McIntyre Towers’ and provide access for the disabled to the mansion. If you were ever Googling for an example of chicanery wedded to ruthlessness then UM’s founder would have to turn up.

  6. Exclusive Club says:

    No remorse awards for causing mass destruction to others.

    • Esther says:

      Sorry, had to doctor your comment. I’m being over cautious but we can’t go there…Lawyers have a field day on comparisons like that.

      To Pure Evil above, sorry, I didn’t mean to have a go at you. New information is coming in, probably no surprises for anyone, and you are right in your description of him. I’m working on getting him outed but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

  7. RJM says:

    UM woo = cash crop.

  8. Serging ahead on others cash says:

    From Adam Wharburtons love serenade to Serge-

    “Yet neither does he pander, sympathise, nor empathise; strange as that may seem”

    It reminds me of the Peter Sellers film Being There. A simpleton who repeats what he hears back and those around him take it as profound wisdom.

    Serge doesn’t care about any one in the group. How can he? He is unable to empathise, and strictly forbids it.

    Here’s how Serge works Adam. Maybe in your pondering, you’d ponder how you’ve been actually just been conned. And who tf buys a dozen red roses for a man? You’ve had your head twisted right around.

  9. Esther says:

    So Gail Fuller is running for a Byron Shire Council seat. I shall write it up presently and notify the appropriates. Feel free to contact whoever you like in Byron Shire and ask them to vote for anyone but her. It all helps, and I can’t do it all.

    Plus, keep your hair on everyone, there’s a fair bit happening in various areas of the UM scam, and while I might be powered by maximum prana, there is only one of me.

    • Lord of Form says:

      I wouldn’t overly worry. Even if Gail managed to snare a seat, the cut and thrust and brutal reality of any political situation will subsume any cult concerns. I think they are tilting at another windmill like they have with their media, cyber bullying, and various hair-brained projects meant to change the world that ended up with them all talking about how they are persecuted.

      I thought it wasn’t a plan, but obviously it is. But its a shit one. First they are infiltrating local business groups, now local councils. It’s laughable and all in their heads. There’s very little to zero impact they can have on anything. Gail is a dolt and as smart as Ray. While that is actually a prerequisite for that sort of position, it mitigates the risk of them actually achieving any hidden agenda. Which is probably to put healing symbols through the council buildings, do gentle breath meditations and burn candles on clearing cards while invoking Serge’s name.

      I think Serge just likes to keep them busy and us distracted while he builds his fabo houses and property portfolio and dreams up his next sermon from the mount at converys lane.

      • Esther says:

        No way they’ll cope with council argy bargy and the Echo getting stuck into them lol.

        But it’s more than what you say. Croneyism. They want favours for Serge & co. in D.A.s, council contracts etc.

        And good evening to the cult’s screenshotters. Make sure you grab this one so the Basecamp posse can get all hot & bothered with obsessive lust for me and everything I write. And stay tuned, duckies. There’s plenty more unravelling to come 😉

        • Lord of Form says:

          They might. but the scrutiny will be intense. They underestimate how much UM is generally despised outside of their mental compound. Interested to see more unravelling.

  10. Take heart says:

    Take heart Esther, there are more working with you in this cause than is obvious…
    Thx for all of your full time efforts.

  11. Knock knock, whos there, yaay its Ray says:

    Cant think of a more fun day, than doorknocking Ballina Island with Ray!
    ” Good morning Ballina resident, I wonder if we might blatantly disregard your privacy in order to tell you how amazing Ray is so you will vote for him in order to further his cult leader’s personal goals”
    Its UM version of Jehovahs witnessing
    Heres 5 ways to make Ray go away
    1. Greet him at the door with a glass of wine in one hand and cheese n crusty bread in the other
    2. Announce that ” I am a Lord of Form” and Ray will vanish in a puff of gentle breath and unemotional tears
    3. Have porn playing loudly on the tv within view of the front door
    4. Bring up uncomfortable topics like “Serge Benhayon is not perfect”
    5. Slam the door

    • Anonymous says:

      How about telling him the swing set is around back you can go play there for a while. It’s ok child who ever put you up to this is making fun of you.
      Or offer him a beer if he doesn’t take it tell him to fuck off.

  12. Roll up, Roll up for Ray says:

    Serge should drive him door to door in his big shiny tractor with Natalie booty swirling on the bonnet and Michael and Miranda strumming and warbling on the slasher.
    And running ahead of them tossing rose petals onto the road would be the besotted Mr Warburton.
    They can hand out “you’re just jealous” tees and little bags of cashews.
    Oh and do you have a daughter, Serge has vouchers for his slumber parties.
    Yes Ballina, the circus is in town

  13. Esther says:

    So many LOLs here. Keep them coming.

    I just had to show you all this Tweet. Rebecca Asquith could put it on her resumé.

  14. Ding Dong, Rayvon calling says:

    When Ray knocks at my door wearing his “so what if I dont live in Ballina” shirt I will spray him with a deadly can of whipped cream ( no need for capsicum spray in his religion dairy is poison)and send him inland straight back to Serge”s Funny Farm for fuckwits

  15. FREE! Desperate times require desperate measures says:

    August 14:Serge gives it away *More council election horrors *Census lol from the archive (Above update)

    Yep agree 100% all not good @ UMHQ

  16. UM in Dire Straits says:

    Now look at them yo yos
    Thats the way you do it
    Play the guitars down old Converys
    That aint workin, thats the way you do it
    He gets money for nothin, you get shit for free

    Now that aint workin, thats the way you do it
    Lemme tell you Umers are dumb
    Maybe get a ring on or off your wedding finger
    Maybe put a symbol on your bum

    He gotta a big hall and lovingly governs, they clean the kitchens, do deliveries
    They gotta give all their hard earned dollars
    And get Nat on colour TV

    See the little maggot slapping kiddies with the make-up
    Yeah buddy, he dont care
    That little maggot wants his own jet airplane
    That little maggot he’s a millionaire

    He gotta big hall where he lovingly governs
    They clean the kitchen, do deliveries
    He gotta to lose the detracting haters
    He gotta move more glory faeces

    • Esther says:

      Excellent work. Glory fae-ces, lol.
      Damn those Dire Straits 80s homophobes! And WHAT were they wearing??

      • UM in Dire Straits says:

        Can you change it to maggot
        Rhymes better 😃

        • Esther says:

          lol!! okay, but it’s an affront to maggots. And what am I talking about Dire Straits dress sense, lol, it’s better than Barry Manilow meets the Osmonds meets the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

        • UM in Dire Straits says:

          I know
          Blast from the past
          Had fun with this one!

  17. UM in Dire Straits says:

    Could you please tack on the rest after glory faeces…..ta

    Mick shoulda learned to play the guitar
    Curt shoulds learned to play them drums
    Look at Nat shes got it stickin in the camera
    Can she stop her swirling bum

    And hes up there, whats that?
    Hearing sweet voices
    Hes as bonkas as a chimp on weed
    That aint workin, thats the way you do it
    Money for nothin, shit for free

    Easy easy money for nothin
    Shit for free
    Nat wants her
    Nat wants her
    Nat wants her own TV show

  18. Lord of Form says:

    Okay, so he dreamt up his sermon at con-verys lane and it is now “free”. Serge doesn’t give anything away- whether it’s someone else’s inheritance, a refund, helping out a terminally ill person or a ‘sponsored’ course.

    If it appears ‘free’ there’s a bigger play going on. Contain a potential problem, get the money later and look like the good guy, fund the next house.

    So if he’s at the point of free sermons, he’s clearly worried about the next crop of people to suck dry for cash and bequests. After all he has to show his shareholders – him- an improved year on year return. And more cash to shove in that safe.

    The question is, will people be able to get to con-verys lane without doing some basic research and discovering the UM back story? Or if they do, will they be like the commentator on Ray who found “nothing to worry about” (!!!???!!!!) after reviewing the news stories and questions about UM/Serge?

    Will Serge be able to grow his flock to the glory he dreamt of just a few short years ago?

    Looks like the new world religion is going to remain an exclusive little club of po-faced light-bearers who number with the thousands of other such groups and bent leaders dotted around the globe. With Serge coming up with more desperate ways to get his ‘forever students’ to cough up.

  19. Michael Serafin, Sam Kim Tanya Curtis - Wreaks of Universal Medicine? says:
    • Esther says:

      At least she’s not flogging Serge’s bullshit.

      And narrator 🌹Adam Warburton🌹 can talk, lol, on benzodiazepines! Tell us about your dependency on UM, Adam, and how you’re too frightened to lay off the Esoteric expenditure in case you get cancer, have an accident and an entity rapes you and your wife. FFS.

      • Lord of Form says:

        I’m not sure if she realises they have an agenda or not. The whole thing is flogging Serge’s world-view. Michael flippantly accuses all doctors of clearing their waiting rooms with it. I think they also accuse “most” doctors of over prescribing.

        I’d say this is not the case that most doctors simply flick prescriptions of their pads without a second thought. Coby was able to buy this stuff almost off the street, as you can in Asia. It is over prescribed but they’ve got interested because it’s part of their narrative and a ‘proof’ that Serge is right. You know, too many Bennies prescribed = The four lords of form and entity possession.

        Tanya is particularly scary. No judgement? Hmm. I’d say more like no idea.

  20. Something fishy? says:

    *OMG Lamb provided FREE to see $erge dressed up as High Priest? Like he was in the UK?

    *OMG Sunday’s session FREE? – Will be much cheaper and much more fun to go to your local on Sunday.

    *Hmn! trying to soften the latest Tax blows to the flock?

    *Get more recruits?

    *$erge trying to show the ATO that he does do something that is u$ele$$ for free.
    lol ($tring$ attached of course)

  21. I dream of genie says:

    All aboard Serge’s magic carpet ride to nowhere
    starring Ray as Aladdin and Serge as the genie with phenomenal magic cosmic powers appearing from the lamp lovingly rubbed by Mr Warburton.
    He will cast his magic spell and powers over his Egyptian slaves as they haul giant stones to build his pyramid scheme of lies and deceptions. On stage the perpetual belly dancing Nat-a-lie keeps the oldies under her spell. And like the shifting sands through the hourglass the slaves bank accounts run dry.
    Genie Serge grants Ray three wishes
    I want to run for mayor of Ballina….POOF!
    I want to be a clone of Serge….POOF!
    I want to marry into the chosen harem….POOF!

  22. I am the greatest says:

    Just watching Bolt win the 200m olympic final having won the 100m as well at this olympics and both at previous 3 olympics.
    This man can honestly say he is the fastest man in the world has seen.
    Now just imagine, another man claiming to be the fastest man in the world now and forever just because he said so. Never ever lined up in the blocks to put the runs on the board, has never even turned up to an athletics competition. Reckons he is the fastest just because he wants to be. Not enough to claim this privately at home in his own mirror he goes public and online with this extraordinary claim. This man would be to 99.99999% of the population an absolute prize fucking wanker, liar and total bullshit artist. To the other .000001% he is amazing.
    A big hello to Serge Benhayon, self claimed smartest man in the world, and his little band of followers.

    • Lord of Form says:

      That more or less sums it up. Serge is too scared to back up his claims of knowing more than any scientists, being more enlightened than the Dalai Lama, or being a modern day “philosopher”. If he wasn’t he’d be out there debating everyone like he boasted he would pre – 2012. Instead, he hides behind a bunch of woman and a few befuddled blokes who didn’t swallow the RED pill.

  23. Lance says:

    Gail told me back in 2010 or 11 that the new era was coming and all the old rules won’t apply. Her sage advice was to just sell our property for ‘whatever’*. Since the flop of the new era it’s been business as usual for everyone. Serge and her included. Like Ray, one wonders how she will apply this thinking if in office. I’m thinking of Byron’s contentious retreat plan as an example. Will she suggest that everyone stops watching porn to mitigate the rising ocean levels?

    I’d have to say it was that conversation with Gail that planted early doubts about UM. Along with another with Christoph Schnell and some other random UM’ers who regaled me with fantastic tales. Like how they were reincarnations of someone bad which is why they were having some bad luck..(“it made sense once Serge explained this to me..”)

    There is an irrationality to the things they say that hints at some deeply compromised thinking and bizarre beliefs. Ironically, I bet they think they are very rational. I find it hard to imagine how they will function in those roles while filtering everything through the UM spherical thinking trap.

    (*however even my ex ‘felt’ to take the sale off Gail)

    • Lance says:

      Answering myself. Not good… Had a look at their unimed living site last night. That’s an insight into that spherical thinking trap if anyone is interested. They are deep in, lost down the rabbit hole. It’s happy land, where things that don’t make sense at all are totally amazing.

      Otto Bathurst pays homage to Serge for uttering something fantastically stupid about Brexit, and someone else proves Serge is a ‘modern day philosopher’ (read, no training) by posting quotes that don’t any sense at all but something Deepak Chopra would be proud of.

      I do wonder if any of them have paused to consider the massive contradictions between what Serge says and what Serge does, as they all prostrate at his feet and declare that his life is something that will be studied with reverence for centuries. (truly)

      My reckoning is that they have their own rules about truth and facts, and see a whole bunch of dilemma’s that don’t exist in the form they present them; hence Serge’s “wisdom” (although frankly, I am yet to extract one sensible thing from anything Serge has said, and I have been looking, albeit with my mind and using everyday astral thinking) is meaningful in that context. I think.

      Most striking is the use of language. They’re all singing from the same hymn-book; called “Ponder that”, it seems. Very disturbing, but at least publicly available for anyone to see.

      Unimed living is an advertisement for life inside a cult. I do think some people would find it very appealing.

  24. Go away UM says:

    UM Targets Retirees and Aged people on the Northern Rivers


    Book “The Joy of Ageing, Esoterically’ has arrived and will be for sale at the Universal Medicine events this weekend………….. will retail for $40. It will be available at all events in the Northern Rivers.”
    “the book would not have been conceived without all the writers contributions and the gracious support from other students and of course Serge and our Brothers.”

  25. The Nata-lie show says:


    A “career” that compromises of made up stuff. Just like dad. She’s also written a blog about blogs being used for self promotion and to manipulate perceptions. Self awareness?

    • W. Harper says:

      Exactly, none of these are real. Just made up self funded nonsense. I am also an alien ambassador, minister of energy for the sun, and chief of Thor’s Wednesday lunch school lunch box selection. It’s staggering how much shit these fools can shovel and how willingly the members swallow it.

      Did you know the healing symbols are named, so that those that purchased them have their own names printed on there with a warning that the supposed benefits will not transfer to anyone other than the named stooge on the card? You couldn’t make this shit up and be believed, but right before our eyes there are people buying in to it.

  26. Relationships Workshop ?????? says:

    Over on Serge’s expertise site are his current Relationship Workshops- What is a relationship?
    Do you want advice on your relationships from this person? Really?
    Will these topics be covered I wonder?
    Here’s 9 questions to consider and before you pay out your hard earned money…..
    1. Inappropriate relationships for example a Svengali relationship between a young teenage girl and her coach
    2. Destroyed relationships caused by interference of a third person say between a young teenage girl and her mother or a marriage between husband and wife
    3. Dishonest relationship between a first wife and her husband
    4. Controlling relationships between a father and his captive adult children and their partner choices
    5. Manipulative relationship between a guru and his followers
    6. Narcissistic relationship with oneself, the mirror and grandiose claims of a fantasy world
    7. Illegal relationships between banks, authorities and regulators of rules
    8. Surreal relationship of attacking and labelling a perceived enemy of people who question and monitor your actions
    9. Remorseless and cruel relationship between a dying person and a non related someone who seeks to personally financially benefit from the moribund estate.
    But I guess my big question is…..
    Will the brainwashed question anything at all?
    Might as well go to “Breastfeeding with Deb”

    • Advice from Uncle Serge says:

      That sums it up. No the brainwashed will think its amazing. Like standing kids in corners for hours so you can end up with browbeaten kids like his brood of hillbilly kids.

    • Esther says:

      Good questions. And he oversees extreme rates of divorce within his family let alone the flock. I’ll Tweet these to him later, thank you.

      To commenters above, I wouldn’t count on the brainwashed coming to their senses anytime soon. Let’s see if they baulk at bailing out the UK charity.

      My Esoteric prophecy is that more than the lying, grooming, starving, beating, molesting, bullying, psychological abuse and undue influence, it’ll be the money trouble that wakes up any defectors from here out.

  27. Pranic Attack says:

    Believe I’m right in saying that Simon Williams used to offer ‘Esoteric Financial Health’ at The Lighthouse … I imagine it was wiped off the list of facilities offered as it would likely conflict with ethics of his professional Accountancy qualifications! Still, with both his accountancy expertise as director of several companies based at The Lighthouse and Mr Nicholson’s professional knowledge as Trustee of the UK Charity based there, you would have thought there would have been no mistakes with Tax, VAT, or Charity laws, policies and procedures. What do their professional bodies or HMRC make of it? I imagine Mr Williams helps relieve UMers of their financial worries ….

  28. Serge of the supernatural sphincter says:

    Overheard an interesting discussion at a GP drs meeting recently where UM and SB were one of many topics.
    Basically the bottom line was to avoid referring their patients to any of the specialists involved in UM as by association those specialists had outed themselves as unprofessional and questionable with their motives.
    One conversation I had to chuckle at was…..
    “Who is this SB guy mixing his religion with Medicine aka the dark ages of medicine men, blood letting and evil spirits and stuff?”
    “More like money letting, draining people dry, apparently he heard voices coming out his arse telling him to do it”

    • Lance says:

      Yes I know a few doctors in the area and it is a well known topic of concern. Doctors and medical professionals involved with UM are on their radar and usually not held in the high esteem they might otherwise hope for. Understandably.

  29. Delicious Dirt Dessert says:

    Whats with Serge and the tractor?
    Off to plough up more magic clay dirt to bag up and sell to his faithfull as fat free chocolate substitute. Should work Serge, they are eating your shit up now as it is.
    Sprinkle liberally on your pathetic paleo pea soup for amazing results.