Universal Medicine kids exposed


Sculpture by Kevin Francis Gray

A reader made contact in response to UniMed’s propaganda department continuing to market fictions about cult parenting. Their disturbing revelation validates all over again our concerns about this nasty, perverse organization.

Many readers have read my posts on UniMed’s risks to children. The UM *Facts* fruitcakes have apparently responded on their closed sites, gloating about what AMAZING parents they are, depriving kids of decent music, literature, sport and dance, berating and punishing them for being ‘racey’, forcing them to stare at walls for long periods, subjecting them to privacy invading interrogations from unqualified Natalie Benhayon and others, and starving, circumcising and slapping them. Because deluded scammer extraordinaire, Serge Benhayon, the self-styled messiah, encourages it. He markets it as ‘Esoteric Medicine’. That might explain why the girls might think going to stay with Serge is preferable. Or having their makeup done at the sleazy Girl to Woman Festival.

Not that I’ve read the latest blog. Pity me and my more poor legal team. We had to read some of their insane tracts in preparing my defence. Anyway, one poor soul whose had the misfortune of both reading the latest screed and attending UM’s events let me know that SergeProp headkicker Alison Grieg has blogged insisting that kids aren’t exposed to age inappropriate content at the events.

Any number of people who’ve attended them have told me that’s pure fiction, and we have three people willing to testify in court about what they saw and heard – Benhayon carrying on with inexcusably perverse diatribes in front of kids of all ages, and that kids are present at all events. Including when he’s teaching students how to palpate sexual abuse survivors’ Deeper Femaleness. It’s already written into my defence. The reader directed me to the video below, a UM production, and said that it was played and discussed at one of UniMed’s schlock horror & cash raking ‘Ageless Wisdom Teaching’ shows with kids in attendance, including Benhayon’s own pre-school aged grandkids.

It’s from the ‘From Our Eyes‘ site supposedly authored by teens, but that has no disclosure at all of who they are and who is behind it – apart from Natalie Benhayon’s mascara caked eyes. The ‘teens’ claim to ‘work with various movie makers’ to produce videos.

It’s a collection of testimonies, allegedly from 13-15 year old girls.

All part of the cult’s grooming – pressuring juveniles to focus on demeaning experiences reinforces Benhayon’s indoctrination that the world is an evil and threatening place. Of course, he presents himself as the the saviour. They also receive rewards (or punishments) for their disclosure enthusiasm. Like commenter, ‘Byron Girl’, who had to invent stuff to get Serge off her case.

I went to visit Serge a few times a couple of years back and he did the same to me. He was really in my face about how men had used me and checked me out etc while doing it at the same time. I was pretty young at the time and it freaked me out as I didnt really have a sexual history to tell. What a creep. The next time I went at my mothers pressuring, I told him some crap and he bought it. two weeks later my mum was on my back about it. I was thinking what the ! so much for confidentiality or whatever, but i guess it doesn’t apply when you are a rock star guru. My mother still sucks up to him. Hope you dont mind, no names. But keep up the good work. There is something wrong with this guy. Universal Medicine Accountability

I hit play, and it’s nasty. Some of the content might be appropriate in a sex ed program for young teens, if that was taught by actual professionals, and didn’t include entity rape and Serge’s dirty Maroubra car park ‘submarine’ yarns. But you get the point in about 30 seconds. I switched it on, watched a bit, walked away and did the housework or something, came back and it was still going! This goes way beyond having an educational purpose. It’s gross. I talked to the caller again and he said the video was presented by a fourteen year old girl, one of Benhayon’s houseguests, with Serge providing commentary through the thing. The congregation then had a good old session moaning and groaning and salivating and rubbing themselves or whatever they do as part of their ‘expression project’, and gave it a round of applause. It’s UM’s typical overkill. It’s not educational. It goes for far too long, obsessively, gratuitously fixating on degrading and violent sexual imagery involving young girls. Again. It’s Universal Medicine all over.



For kids.

And the puppet master is Serge Benhayon.

See also: list of cult front organisations includes those that target juveniles and schools.

UPDATE: UM’S Sexual Education & Health Foundations for Youth (SELFY) front org. website has been scrubbed of all details of organisers (Natalie Benhayon, Dr Amelia Stephens, Kristy Wood, Martin Gladman, Jess Gamble, Bianca Barban, Sara Harris, Kelly Fenech.) Probably since the trouble over UM infiltrating schools & the PASH conference.

Plus the UM *Facts* defamer in chief’s grotesque justification. Girls are sexually harassed in schools, therefore groom, frighten and exploit them into promoting Benhayon’s sick fixations. UM isn’t a solution to social problems, it’s a contributor.

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  1. Esther says:

    If any of you looked at this as soon as it went up, I’ve added an edit. It sometimes happens when I post something quickly – soon after the info comes in.

    Thank you to the reader who shared this experience. Honestly, this stuff never stops. I have a backlog of posts, more info coming in and it’s all as serious/disturbing as anything that came before. Some stuff in the pipeline is arguably worse – but will have to wait until I can get the facts checked, and some expert advice.

    In the meantime, this belongs here as a reminder of the character behind the teenage misery porn.

  2. Lord of Form says:

    When I was teenager in high school I had girls every day harassing me for having pimples, being too short, greasy hair, pizza faced, ugly. Many of them made demeaning sexual comments too. It was harrowing. My point is, girls do it too.

    Where’s the boys version of this? Suicide amongst teenage boys is rife. Do boys not suffer from the same sort of self esteem and bullying problems that girls do?

    Yes they do. Again, a one sided focus by the cult that demonstrates where their real interest lays. In the name of Serge.

    Besides the obvious fascination with girls, this overblown repetitive and badly made presentation betrays the cults recruitment MO. Find an issue, grossly exaggerate it, create fear and angst, make out its getting worse or even becoming an epidemic, and then have Serge ride in to the rescue with his hair brained occult whack job notions to save the day.

    False dilemmas= fear= irrational anxiety= lack of critical thinking = accepting Serges utter stupidity.

    And why are they talking about it? What expertise do they have? Other than Serge’s experience of marrying his former teenage pupil and announcing to the world how “sexy” his daughter is..

    Fully sick shit.

    • MacReady says:

      Well observed, L.O.F. Additionally, we know what sort of ‘medicine’ will be offered in response: sleep overs with Uncle Serge, hands-on-groin- ‘healing,’ and ultimate, never-ending return sessions of ‘esoteric’ breast massage. I’m assuming clients have to be at least 18 years of age to receive the latter two ‘modalities.’ Can anybody confirm either way, and if not, why the hell aren’t the authorities stopping this madness?

    • Anonymous says:

      Margaret singer describes this aspect well.

      He creates false fear and dread.
      He reframed anything and everything such that his solution even if it is something that can be arrived at on your own or if its a physiological response the reframing makes it appear asbifbhe is lord and savior.
      He is a puppet of his messed up self.
      Now go pay that tax bill bitch

  3. RJM says:

    These girls should be discussing their problems with their own families and/or qualified counsellors, not an exploitive, parasitic cult. You know, people who wouldn’t make their highly personal statements public property for the sole purpose of promoting a cult.

  4. SEX (Sergio esoterically x-rated) says:

    Just more hard evidence that Serge Benhayon and UM are a sex based cult fixated on underaged girls with bizzare claims,statements and quotes just like the disturbing video above.
    But I always look for the diversion.
    Serge is a master at this. Sending your focus in a direction of catastrophic make believe thus hiding from the real guilty issues
    that lurk in the subconscious mind of a sick man.
    Maybe the UM members should focus on the danger of dirty older men preying, controlling and perving and on young girls, to the point of passive abduction, arranged marriages, sleepovers, girl to woman festivals, make up on babies, publically pimping out your own daughter as a luring sex bomb for a cult,expert in womens personal hygiene etc
    Blurred lines everywhere set up for a confusing smoke screen. Dont be fooled
    PS: spot on Lance, the whole thing is a sick fantasy creation with Serge to the rescue of all young girls in danger of all bad boys making him the hero not the predator.
    Oh the irony

  5. ***** Supporter of Esther says:

    This is such a so so so sick revelation, vile & debauched and so so concerning.

    I could not watch all of that X rated sick video. VILE. WTF!

    What kind of a mind and heart does that come from…..?
    ‘K sadly I know the answer.
    Sickeningly it is more validation for what we already knew.

    I am beginning to see that seeming legal delays are revealing more and more of this septic ‘sess’ pool. Thx for the delay…I mean………………………………..
    Thx Lords of Form lol! (wink)

    Good on those who will testify. Well done and so you should xx

  6. Esther says:

    And the Basecamp bitchfest is off and racing with the hysterics and denials. Most of the same Brides of Serge were present, nodding away and connecting with their breasts while the maestro narrated the fourteen year old’s disclosure porn.

    Made with the help of ‘various moviemakers’.

    Which one of the cult’s moviemakers? Otto Bathurst, Jonathan lol Baldwin, Iris Pohl, Dean Whitling, Clayton Lloyd?

    The AWT session was filmed too, yes?

    So what happens ladies when the little girls stories aren’t lurid enough? Do they get bonus points for filling in the blanks? Or conducting research?

    None of these people think it worth questioning that this guy has these girls stay at his house? Bloke who reckons women’s sacredness in the cervix?

    How many 13-15 year olds were in the study, apart from S.W.?

    Who did the interrogating? Natalie Benhayon again?


    Justification – Truth. Fair comment. Fair Questions. Reasonable Grounds.

    • MacReady says:

      Despite the anonymity, I would think this is still a blatant violation of patient/client confidentiality, surely? Imagine if a qualified therapist made that video to promote their business. Then, add to that scenario the fact that Serge has zero qualifications in anything apart from unmitigated bullshit. This is another stinking example of his esoteric so-called ‘integrity.’

      • Esther says:

        yeah, picture it. ‘some boys said/did bad things to you?…tell me everything…let me get a pen, no, let’s record it…tell me more…were those his exact words?’

        Repeat that process with every juvenile girl in the cult, and if they haven’t had any such experience;..’are you sure some boy didn’t say something filthy to you? No. Oh well, they said them to S. A bunch of us helped her make a video to teach you about it…’

        We started an ‘educational’ initiative too called SELFY trauma porn for teens.


        I mean really? FFS.

        • SELFY exploitation says:

          Well, the SELFY site’s been scrubbed. Page with names of backers, organisers and presenters (Natalie Benhayon, Dr Amelia Stephens, Bianca Barban, Kelly Fenech, Jessica Gamble, Martin Gladman, Sara Harris, Kristy Wood) removed. Contact details zero. Probably since the blow up about their last incursion in to schools & the PASH conference.

          But they left up the photo of the youngsters.

          What does that tell you?

        • RJM says:

          Why would they do that? They’ve got nothing to hide, especially since they represent Sergio, the man with the most integrity on Earth. Did the Hierarchy decide that “the energy had changed”?

  7. Fizzer Asquith says:

    Clueless ‘Simon’ Asquith takes offence to me using the word ‘kiddies’, but she has no problem with coaching 13 year olds to make graphic confessions so that her scumbag guru can flog misanthropy, Deeper Femaleness and Esoteric Breast Massage.

    She would have been there applauding the guru’s ageless wisdom on his 14 year old houseguest’s misery porn presentation. She’s part of the ‘team’ sticking the same child’s name and image on the UM fucked up facts site. Vouching for the slumber party host.

    I tweeted to Natalie Benhayon and Simon answered. She probably operates Serge’s account as well.

    Can’t for the life of me work out why they’re so defensive about the amazing empowered business woman Natalie Benhayon, who by all accounts has the personality of a frozen cactus.

  8. The Actual Creep says:

    “Kiddies”… creepy much? Huh. Wt…Rebecca is a first class moron.

    What IS creepy is
    Serge calling his daughter a sex bomb
    Serge declaring Facebook to be like porn
    Serge saying using tampons is like having sex with the dirtiest guy you know
    Serge talking about paedophilia when he wants to demean something
    Serge marrying his former teenage student
    Serge having teenage sleepovers
    Serge parading those girls on the internet to defend him
    Serge ranting to a journalist about ‘girls being split’ in Goonellebah
    Serge inventing breast massage without ever doing it
    Serge ‘reading’ Ovaries
    Serge inventing uterus massage
    Serge declaring the cervix sacred
    Serge calling charity the ‘energy of paedophilia’
    Serge telling his flock he has full body organisms & only he knows how to make love
    Serge telling women men ‘just want to have sex’, except him
    Serge telling the flock how to get their partners to get big hard erections

    They’ve got it all arse about. Is there a day when Rebecca looks in the mirror and sees herself for the shameless morally corrupt buffoon-grinned sycophant she is? If so, I’d hate to be there.

    • Exactly says:


    • Fizzer Asquith says:

      Simon’s courageous and articulate response to being reminded about UM’s in house grooming. This is the no qualifications tantrum artist who got herself into the PASH conference as a ‘role model’ to talk about sex to school kids.

      • Delusional Serge says:

        Jesus, there are so many facts and so much self evident evidence you have to wonder how far up her own arse she is as she checks out how amazing she’s become. Not only deluded- blinkered, blind, myopic and moronic.

  9. MacReady says:

    Rebecca and the Sergebrides still can’t point out what the ‘lies’ allegedly being told are. That’s just the default response to legitimate criticism Serge (and UM) is receiving.

    Let’s go over a few things:

    Serge’s ‘teachings’ repeatedly refer to murder, rape, pornography, and pedophilia: confirmed.

    Serge claims that all forms of sexual abuse and even murder are necessary ‘karmic corrections’ to right wrongs committed in past lives. The current victim was the past perpetrator, and the current abuse is the ‘lesson’ learned so the victim can acknowledge the hurt they inflicted in the past: confirmed.

    (With the above in mind, one can only assume that the same sick view of karma applies to the girls whose testimonies are currently being tastelessly exploited by another unqualified Serge-front).

    Serge has trained/groomed his completely unqualified ‘sex bomb’ daughter to gain the trust of these girls and obtain the testimonies in this recent video: confirmed

    Serge claims that men driven by incestuous and/or pedophilic desires are being ‘impulsed’ by entities from the astral plane under control of what he calls The Four Lords Of Form: confirmed.

    Serge first met his current wife when she was about 12, and had her move into his home a couple of years later. His marriage with his first wife dissolved around the same time: confirmed.

    Serge has involved under-aged girls in massage/healing demonstrations at his workshops when he could have chosen one of the various ‘accredited’ (sic) adult practitioners on hand. He has also engaged in physical displays of affection (hugging, kissing on the forehead) with at least one of those young girls at an event: confirmed.

    UM is largely female-centric in its focus despite attempts to address this imbalance, and his ‘hands on’ healing involve touching the pubic/groin are to ‘heal rape victims ‘ and breast massage to ‘remove rape energy’ and ‘menful energy’: confirmed in spades.

    Serge regularly has underaged girls visiting his house for sleepovers without their parental supervision: confirmed.

    Some of those girls later became married to or otherwise involved with his sons: confirmed.

    Serge claims that just about everything outside of UM is evil ‘pranic,’ and in various cases claims that specific things (such as alcohol) allow entities to enter people with the goal of raping their children: endlessly confirmed.

    Serge repeatedly discusses a lot of these disturbing beliefs at UM events in front of very young children: confirmed.

    Serge claims that many of the mythical Hierarchy/Ascended Masters were murderers or pedophiles who went through various incarnations, learnt the karmic lessons of their past abuses and were initiated to their current divine status: confirmed.

    Serge more recently said that while this was the case in the past, now it’s not necessary for an Ascended Master to pass through various incarnations to right wrongs before initiation, this can all occur during one lifetime via a revelatory, transformative promotion courtesy of the Hierarchy (presumably during a magical bowel movement): confirmed.

    Serge claims to be an Ascended Master, a World Teacher and fifth level initiate on Earth representing the Hierarchy, after a revelatory, transformative ‘promotion’ that was ‘impulsed’ to him spontaneously while on the toilet: confirmed.

    None of this can be denied by Serge or his defenders. They just think it’s a ‘lie’ and ‘defamation’ whenever someone suggests any of it is anything less than ‘amazing’ or ‘glorious’: confirmed.

    • Fizzer Asquith says:

      She’s like a fizzing spitting Fawkes day cracker that sputters out to nothing. It is the default, as we saw when it took a crack at Lance again with the same worn out ad hominem silliness and was unable to bring a single fact to support it.

      As for Sergio, I really encourage us all to look at his projections – that his sleaze ridden fixation with gynaecology, underaged sexual violence, and misandry is purely a projection of his own drives.

      It suggests Benhayon’s teens were extremely frustrated. I suspect the dirty ‘submarine’ stories were somebody else’s and he’s never been able to overcome his lack of success. I suspect he was bullied and belittled, by both girls and boys, and is now exacting his revenge as classic traumatizing narcissist. He hates women – to him they are just receptacles for violence and disease. He resents babies & children as rivals’ for women’s attentions. And he despises teen boys so much – down to recommending dealing with them violently – because he still perceives them as his most threatening rivals.

  10. Get a grip, Alison Greig 😳 says:

    Here’s her best response to the above:

    It’s very difficult to be patient with stupidity of this order.

    Girls are harassed at school, therefore pressure some 13-15 year olds to make a disclosure porn film that has no credits and doesn’t disclose its backers. Then have a 14 year old houseguest of the breast massage & sacred cervix guru, whose current wife moved in with him at 13, present to an audience including kids as young as toddlers, with the guru adding his sick sexualised nihilism commentary.

    To sell Esoteric Breast Massage & Deeper Femaleness gropes.

    Universal Medicine is not a solution to social problems – it’s a contributor.

    Ridicule, Alison, is a valid response to the ridiculous, and a restrained response to exploitation and abuse.

    What is it with her? Is she brainwashed, brain damaged, plain stupid, or a bloody audacious liar?

    All of the above?

    • Lord of Form says:

      Brainwashed. People I know that know her reckons she’s pretty spaced out.

    • MacReady says:

      All this ‘concern’ on behalf of UM fronts is a little odd, considering that according to Serge’s teachings any abuse anyone experiences EVER is a necessary karmic correction. Also, he constantly tells people not to ‘take on’ the grief, problems and angst of others. If dying is a ‘healing’ and he can dismiss the tsunami that killed so many people in Japan as ‘karma’ (something to do with all the porn they watch, from memory), are we honestly expected to believe he gives a crap about these girls? If he claims he does, then his name, face, and batshit ideas should be made obvious on the site. Quotes such as ‘This is happening to you because you sexually harassed and/or bullied girls in your past lives. It’s just a karmic correction so take responsibility for what you did and learn from it.” Or “Those boys are being impulsed by astral entities under the control of The Four Lords of Form. I know I said it’s karma and therefore a good thing, but I didn’t think my bullshit mythology through before I attributed necessary karmic corrections to evil entities that also like to rape the children of people who drink alcohol. Anyway, if you give me all your money, develop an eating disorder and get breast massages, I’ll keep telling you you haven’t quite got it yet so you keep coming back in the hope that you start hearing voices from Shambhala as well.”

      • Lord of Form says:

        You’re right. That sums up the inconsistencies of their entire project.

        It’s all bullshit anyway. It’s just a reflection of Serge’s interests. And Alison is just a patsy with lifelong low self esteem who’s now doing to others what was done to her. She thinks she has a little power, finally.