Serge Benhayon on Evil, Murder and Rape

nosferatu-herzogUniversal Medicine cult leader, Serge Benhayon, is fond of referring to his approach to ‘truth’ as spherical. On planet reality we’d call it inverse. The following quotes from his writings reveal his spherical approach to evil, where murder and rape are not ‘in-truth’ evil, while altruism, charity, sport, intelligence, emotions and factual information are crimes deserving of disease and damnation for future lifetimes. Benhayon’s disturbing views on murder call into question his history, and underscore his relentless Livingness death drive, which his followers, including medical doctors, enthusiastically promote.


Evil does not exist. It exists only when it is expressed in thought form or in action, or both. When evil is not being expressed or acted, then, there is no evil.

Evil has many different and judged meanings. For example, a murder or rape is seen and judged as evil. But what if these were acts of another law gone wrong and hence, are in fact, not evil acts at all, but the Law of Oneness expressing its imbalance in the negative, which produces such acts we then erroneously judge as being evil.

In the case of murder or rape, the true evil is what created the original imbalance to the harmonious Law of Brotherhood which later attempts to re-balance itself, but not always in a harmonious sense, since the re-balancing expression may also be affected by evil.

In terms of truth, evil is an expression which is expressing from a consciousness that is separative to the consciousness which is God. God is love. If you know you are the Son of God, then you are not capable of any evil. True evil then, is the source that made or influenced the Son, to not know who they are, for if the Son would know, he would not murder, nor rape.


Is the murderer evil or is the energy that put him into that consciousness the actual evil? If everything is energy then we need to begin to examine what energy is in a person when he or she commits such vile action. The evil is the force that is driving a person who is lost and thus, contracted enough to be possessed and manipulated. If so, where does this energy come from?

Benhayon’s low budget metaphysics uses the faulty Law of Attraction to blame the victim. He also includes an unexplained third party in such atrocities, and one wonders if he is referring to the complicit witness/accessory, or fellow perpetrator.

The above is presented in energetic integrity for the understanding of those who can read it without an emotional bias. Murder and rape are both horrendous and atrocious ill expressions of someone who is in deep pain. Such a person is totally contracted from who they are, so much so, that the presence of another who is also in that same totally lost consciousness can unite with them and thus the two and the three, will act out the ill expressed and vile expression.

No one person can act in an evil manner. This Energetic Law. If this is difficult to accept by the ignorant or those who fear what is hear implied then look into the eyes of such a person and you will see they are not there. It is for all to know that no evil act is ever carried out by any one being, but the union of three who are sharing the same ill, contracted and lost way.

In every evil thought there is the presence of another (spirit) who is attracted to that state of being by the Law of Attraction. If this is given further emotional energy the thought itself will attract one other (spirit) who is also in that state of being. The force of the three creates the action we judge as an evil act.

There is no argument, from the human perspective, in such actions being judged as evil. However, it is important to note well that all rape, murder and other such actions stem from this negative union of three.

When the action is complete, the energy of evil, as a form, no longer exists, unless the original source, the wounded and very lost human being is further fuelled by rage, bitterness, frustration and resentment (all of these emotions are negative reactions of an unbalanced gall bladder). This will keep the three in union and further evil action will be fuelled by the evil thoughts. All this, interestingly, is powered by the negative energy of an out-of-balance gall bladder. This may have been influenced by the long-term storage of anger in the liver. All is energy and therefore has a rhythm and a flow, whether this is positive or negative, Divine or astral.

In the case of murder and rape there is first, a separation from truth. That separation attracts others who are like-minded. This attraction draws those who are in the physical and the non-physical. The force of this union creates an expression which is not truth, but a separated expression from truth, which is acted on in a separative thinking manner. If the original source, i.e., the hurt person, was able to seek help and deal with the pain there may not have been a lower descent in their energetic state and therefore, the lower vibrational state of being would not have allowed the thought of murder or rape in the first place. This is why in-truth evil does not exist.  (Benhayon, 2006, pp. 303-5)

Contrast the above assertion, that in the context of murder and rape ‘in-truth evil does not exist’, with Benhayon’s claim, in the same publication, that intelligent competitors wielding factual information are evil ‘in-truth’.

More people should realise that the dark forces…are themselves very intelligent, very highly spiritually evolved and extremely sophisticated and very experienced in how they wield their control over the many outer-seekers and spiritual do-gooders. They may give very accurate and inspiring information as they also know truth (to a certain level). It is is this fact that allows the name evil to be used to describe their expression, for in-truth, they too are also Sons of God, choosing by deliberate means to reject their true Divineness for selfish gain under their own illusion. 

It is not always the information these sophisticated spiritual beings pass down that is wrong, but the pranic energy it is delivered in. It is the energy that harms much greater than the ill knowledge. (Benhayon, 2006, pp.271-2)

Healthy pastimes like sport and competition are regarded as evil where murder and rape are not, and he applies the same diseased logic to charity and altruism.

Vast and deeply damaging evil is hidden in pranic forms of charity, good, nice and benevolence, and not just in the brutality we can all see is evil. (Benhayon, 2011, p.296)

Benhayon tells us people who sin by failing to adhere to puritanical Esoteric life ‘choices’, such as expressing emotion or consuming dairy products deserve to be ‘cleansed’ with accidents or diseases such as cancer. Yet, when it comes to murder, ‘God does not punish’, and death is no big deal because only the physical body dies.

In the case of murder, should God punish the murderer or the consciousness that created the mind set that led to the action that took another’s carnal existence? Keep in mind that there is no such thing as death in the ceasing of one’s life. It is only the carnal body which ceases to exist, not the life within. Forget this not.

To begin with, God does not punish, He loves both participants of the expression. The answer is not for God to punish or for Him to put anyone away, but for us to not accept the separatism that is inside us all, which allows the separatism to exist outside of us all. Ponder on this. (Benhayon, 2006, p.174.)

Since Benhayon regards the spirit as hostile to the soul, the following quote reads as justification for killing.

To kill another is to retard their spiritual unfoldment. The spirit is not killed; it is only retarded because it will return to start over again from the same consciousness it had left with. This truth does not apply to death by karma as the death itself is the unfoldment that leads to the release for the spirit to continue its growth. (Benhayon, 2006, p.376)

The justifications continue with a deplorable disregard for victims. Benhayon suggests murder victims are asking for their fate by ‘being in that position’, yet he generously grants excuses to the perpetrator, including loss of self-control, and entity possession – the devil made him do it.

Note that – ‘to SEE exactly the way it truly is’ means that one is taking into consideration all that is ENERGETICALLY going on up-to that point we SEE, and all that possibly could have occurred leading into it…

A simple example: when we see that a murder has taken place we automatically know that there is a murderer. It goes without saying that if there has been murder – there is a murderer to be found. The teaching of this Sutra is not asking us to question the fact that if there is a murder there is a murderer. It is asking us to consider all that has taken place before we can call that end result a murder and the offending un-law-full person a murderer. Hence, we are prepared to SEE –

a. The karma of the act – whether it was a re-balancing response and necessary for one to learn from or for one to complete etc.

b. The fact that if one commits such an ill act one is not in full control of their vehicle, but using a force to act on one’s despair – whatever that may be, eg revenge, outrage, hurt, having been cruelled etc etc.

c. Whether there was full possession or partial possession involved,

d. Whether alcohol, drugs or both were being used, thus confirming points ‘b’ and ‘c’,

e. And, all that led to the victim being in that position. (Benhayon, 2009, pp.349-50)

Benhayon S. The Way It Is: A Treatise on Energetic Truth, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2006

Benhayon, S. The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2009

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25 Comments on “Serge Benhayon on Evil, Murder and Rape”

  1. Anonymous says:

    “More people should realise that the dark forces…are themselves very intelligent, very highly spiritually evolved and extremely sophisticated and very experienced in how they wield their control over the many outer-seekers and spiritual do-gooders.”

    Well he should know, shouldn’t he?

    There seems to be a very unhealthy obsession with murder, rape and sexual desire in his ramblings. Even at the end of day 1 of the Level 1 course I went to he started talking about pedophiles, and children sitting on the laps of uncles and creepy sexual energies. And I wasn’t the only person looking around thinking “WTF?”. I never went back, and the more I read on this site the more glad I am.

  2. RJM says:

    While on the whole I think it’s safe to say that Serge doesn’t know what the fuck he is talking about, I think it may also be true that when it cones to his recurrent obsessions, Serge speaks of what he knows.

  3. lou says:

    Complete and utter ridiculousness. I can’t even read it. Who believes this insanity?

    • Serge’s followers openly state they’ve read those books repeatedly, cover to cover. Not only do they believe his shit, they send their adolescent daughters to his house for sleepovers, donate money to his church and sing the bastard’s praises all over the internet.

  4. trish says:

    How can Serge know so deeply the mind of the murder and rapist.
    These ramblings have really freaked me out.

    • My thoughts are the same as yours Trish. How? and it is very freaky and creepy to read.
      It is beyond me how he has gotten loyal followers. Creepy man.

    • Trish, sorry, your comment went up as a gmail address. So I’ve shortened it to same as your comment the other day. Let me know if you want it changed.

      Didn’t catch it – moderating comments by phone while lolling around in bed maybe not such a good idea.

    • MacReady says:

      I think it’s safe to say it’s not from Serge overdosing on Law & Order SVU. The outward projections of a guilty conscience, perhaps?

  5. You know whos brother says:

    There is no evil- get it?
    But coffee is evil- ponder that.
    Murder, rape and paedophila are just karmic re-balancing- forget that not!
    Remember, there is no such thing as death. God doesn’t judge the rapist or murderer.
    Karma however does, meaning you get cancer for driving a bit over the speed limit or eating an everything free cake and imagining it is something nicer. Oh, and if you are a member of the Astral cult…!
    But, there is no evil.

    Yes, it all makes sense. But only if you understand Serge’s mind, his sociopathic tendencies, and that he is projecting it’s shambolic and guilty contents onto his ‘students’ in a metaphorical up yours.

    I can’t figure how anyone with a modicum of intelligence cannot read his ramblings and have a light bulb go on. I guess many do, but the ones that remain can’t see the truth that is not very well hidden behind his insane ideas.

    What is most frightening is not that Serge is a madman, but that his followers regurgitate this shit, fitting it into some narrative they’ve invented in their heads, collectively reinforcing each other in a homophilic dopamine rush, trying to out do each other in blowing hot air up Serge’s skinny white-ass all over the love blogs, or setting up cult fronts in the name of the “new world religion” (not mentioned of course).

    It’s disturbing because the truth of anything is not as avidly promoted. But when you take the insane ramblings of a damaged character with a dubious past, add a bucket of grandiose claims, an overdose of new age claptrap and mix it together, people flock and like grasshoppers transforming into locusts, swarming to consume everything before them in a mindless group frenzy.

    When I read Serge’s stuff, I read confessions. And I know what he is confessing about. I wonder if the group can ever get their heads out of each others arses long enough to think about it. Or will they just gorge on the crap till they drop dead, exhausted.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      They don’t read as confessions to me. A confession would entail remorse. He has none.

      I read admissions. I’ve been in a treatment room with him. The only reason a crime wasn’t committed against me was because I wasn’t fooled. But boy did he push it, and his technique told me he’d done it all before. It was an attempt to dominate.

      The way some of his Brides behaved around him gave me an extremely strong impression they’d been overpowered. Even in 2005 Desiree and Jenny Ellis did not seem to have their own minds. They were utterly servile to him.

      He’s conflicted between maintaining secrecy so he can get away with his spree of destruction, and craving the satisfaction of letting his victims and enablers know they’ve been had.

      He’s left a trail of boulder sized crumbs leading to the grim truth of what he is and what he’s done.

      He’s showing them and us what he is, constantly, and at the same time either manipulating us not to see it, or dominating us so totally we’re too afraid or ashamed to confront it.

      • Serge doesn’t do metaphor. He’s not bright enough. But that stuff about the negative union of the 3 – it could be literal – perpetrator, victim and an accessory or accomplice, or a metaphorical third party – the enabler. Serge has hundreds.

  6. WTF says:

    Are Serge’s feelings on violent crime going to be on the curriculum at his college of Universal Medicine?

    Rape is karma. Cake is evil.

  7. SubRosa ™ says:

    Yes, cake is evil. We just had my daughter’ s birthday…

    We still have cake in the house…!!! ( shit!!! (I need a beer) !!!)

    Better pull out the guns…

  8. RJM says:

    “Throughout my life I looked to others for inspiration, or to be my guide. They included teachers, work colleagues, sport coaches, team-mates, self-help dudes and the myriad of ‘successful’ people I read stories about”

    But when I found a guru obsessed with pedophilia and murder, I knew I’d found ‘The One’:

    • You know whos brother says:

      There’s a bit of a mission on those blogs to outrank these blogs. They are shoving key words in and links to their sites. I reckon Rebecca thinks eventually they’ll be on page 1, we’ll be on page 10 and they can go back to recruiting and building their new world religion.

      Truth is though, there are more people interested in the truth, then the few hundred that are collectively deluded. Rod, AKA Belove, must have had some seriously poor guides before he ran into Serge. But notice how like many, he said he had a lot of doubts. I would like to point out that this is actually the critical mind at work. The one that can save you from falling into the mind-trap Serge has laid. I just read a great book on this subject, The illusion of Self- check it out. It explains how when the hard thinking part is turned off (meditation, stillness, gentle breath, group love ins, relaxing massages) the mind is ripe to be literally rewired. This is what has happened to Rod, and others.

      The moment of doubt they had was their still operating higher brain functions filtering the data and dismissing it as rubbish. We know Serge has an answer for that- ” if you think this is lies, hogwash… just close the book, walk away…but that is because the truth of it has touched you” This serves to short circuit the cognitive filter of critical thought by having the critical thoughts itself discredited. Once it is voluntarily or covertly switched off, the brain is open to reprogramming. This can happen quite quickly via “primers” (leading questions, memory suggestions) and repetition. Ideas that originally sound outrageous normalize as neuron connections increase creating new pathways to facilitate those ‘concepts’. Eventually those connections are greater than the originals and take precedence. hence the spooky, like mindedness of the members. They’ve all been exposed to the same repetitive ideas at the course, in the books and via relentless MP3 playbacks.

      Because Serge uses obfuscated language, any tendency to use the critical mind is quashed as the student becomes less adept at trying to understand the ‘circular logic’ of his presentations, and more prone to accepting, without consideration, the premise he “presents”.
      It feels natural to the student, as if the idea was self generating. Because in a sense it is. The thoughts, ideas, and even memories become a part of them because their ‘ego’ filter (them/their critical cognitive mind) has been given over to Serge who directly interacts with their minds without that pesky thing called ‘thinking’ getting in his way. Once they step out of the meetings, or stop listening to recordings, they are back to themselves, more or less, but with these ideas and thoughts firmly implanted in their brains as new neural connections.

      Not my ideas by the way, but clinically proven to be true. You know scientifically, the thing Serge hates…because it is ‘sponsored’. He prefers his own, because it is pseudo…and he can claim what (he thinks, but usually doesn’t understand) fits, and discard what doesn’t. Just ask Christoph, the king of logic.

      At the end of this process you have one Rod who can’t distinguish himself from Serge, and the rest of the students who believe that their lives before UM were pointless, full of abusive people and illusions foisted on them by the astral world.

      Of course it can’t cross their minds that the real manipulation has been from Serge, because he already thought of that and planted the idea very firmly that he is a man of Absolute Integrity… so strong is that wiring that none of them are interested in evidence to the contrary, and despite a year of proving Serge to be a liar and con man generally they are more than ever convinced they are on the path and we are all lost.

      One wonders what will happen when it is eventually incontrovertible that Serge is everything we say he is? will their brains explode, or will they just slink into a corner for 5 years and try to work out how they believed all that stuff only to find out their “guide” is a two bit deviant con man.

      Let’s see.

      • Good luck to Rebecca trying to outrank us. Damned right the Astral cult outnumbers Sergio the Bullshitter’s pissy prissy outfit.

        You also don’t attract new readers when your content is stuck on repeat, Rebecca Sourpuss.

        The more we dig, the more dirt we find on the dropkick Messiah and his hierarchy of parasites, and in true tabloid fashion, the punters keep coming back for it. They won’t return to read about some clone’s menstrual period, or laxative recipes, or how connected they feel to their anal sphincters because Serge Says So. Ponder on that.

        • You know whos brother says:

          and let’s not forget that even when they do come up in searches, your average astral cult member will sense there is something wrong from the way they carry on. To anyone a little more alert, it will scream cult.

      • You Know’s Bro says it’s ‘The Self Illusion’ by Bruce Hood for those who asked. Available at Pranic retailers.

        The Women in Lyingness also have a selfie illusion, where they think their prolific self portraits are ‘beauty-full’ and ‘yummy’.

    • MacReady says:

      There is a disturbing similarity in the UM testimonies.

      “I didn’t know who I was before I met Serge, but he showed me who I really am. Initially I looked to Serge for answers or asked myself ‘what would Serge do in this situation’ but Serge showed me that I already have the answers within me. Despite that I keep going back and doing the same workshops over and over because they’re always a bit different and for some reason every time I think I’ve ‘got it’ Serge explains that the energy has changed and exposes the illusion I’m in. I’d like to thank Serge for showing me that I don’t need Serge to be myself. I don’t know what I’d do without him”

      • You know whos brother says:

        Yes, there are many like that. As I said above, rewiring. The part I didn’t emphasis as that these thoughts and feelings that they are expressing seem genuine to them. Just like other memories, feelings, ideas and beliefs they seem as genuine. There is no way for the mind to distinguish any difference.

        I saw a recent four corners report on a similiar type of cult leader in WA who had all of his ‘students’ (same deal, going to treatments, regular courses, meetings, retreats) believing that they had all been sexually abused by their parents or siblings as kids, or by others when older. He had achieved this on a very large group of people who all experienced the same thing, believed it was was genuine, and did not questioning that they had all, remarkably, experienced the same abuse. It’s called false memory syndrome, and it is in part what Serge induces in the members via constant repetition and exposure.

        Interestingly in that case, while the cult leader dude was shown to be a very dodgy character (no qualifications, known scammer) the students all testified how amazing he was, and what a man of integrity he was and how he changed their lives- as above. The families of these people were devastated (and at least least some prepared to speak on TV) but the members stood firm that these events had happened.

        One of the people who had realized they had been mind-f*** had a recording of their sessions. He was implanting false memories and feelings in the patients during their treatments. She reported at first thinking it was rubbish, but she got so emotional and overwhelmed that she began to believe it at least might be possible (familiar?), and thought she might come back to see what happened. The actual physical process was that the emotions over-rode her critical thinking, and she visualized what he was ‘presenting’- the act of visualizing is little different in the brain processing an actual event. Thus the seed of a false memory is created. With re-enforcement by constant repetition, this visualization becomes concrete and is taken by the conscious mind to be an actual memory.

        The students would deny this as absolute rubbish, but to outsiders it is obvious given their unusual like mindedness, and the similarity of narratives of their personal stories. They could of course wonder why they all seem to think the same thoughts and use the same words. But I am sure Serge has reinforced an internal logic into that one too. Another tool that works well for Serge, probably unintended, is that the group and sub groups reinforce the thoughts, ideas and memories to each other. They pair up and hang out constantly, avoiding influences that may dissolve the new memories and ideas. Living together, as many of them to, magnifies it again. This also happened with the aforementioned group, many of them leaving their families and partners, who they termed abusive/manipulative and bullies when those people tried to to dissuade them from seeing WA- Serge.

        Seems it is all too familiar. What should really be happening is that there should be education so people can recognize potential mind-manipulations. In addition, people like Serge should not be allowed to run courses or treat people. All psychotherapists should be registered after proper training. Personal beliefs of practitioners should stay that way. Those involved with these groups shown to harm should be deregistered (not allowed to run forums at Bond Uni) People should be alerted to belief systems if present so they can make informed choices. (Imagine how many followers Serge would actually have if he really let people read his stuff and make up their own (critical) minds?)

        APHRA or some other body should regulate groups such as this vigorously. I think what is not recognized, even by many (decent) psychologists least of all the general population, is how easily humans can be manipulated. There is constant arguments of free choice, which is a paradox, because in these groups free choice is an illusion. If the agenda was presented up front, the groups would not exist. Pretending you are a healing service, when in fact you have an occult doctrine and a finely tuned mind altering process to reality drift people into your service in not freedom of choice. Even if the members, via constant hearing of those words, think it is. It is in my view, akin to rape. Rape of the persons mind, free will and lives. But because it is not well understood, these people who by definition must be sociopathic personalities, are allowed to operate with impunity; and even in some ways encouraged.

        I look forward to a time when these groups cannot operate, starting with our local scourge being put out of operation.

  9. long memory says:


  10. To Super Sleuth, we wouldn’t. We’re aware of who they are.

  11. You know whos brother says:

    AJ, AKA Jesus not only met Elvis- just like Serge. He too thinks that people should be more responsible because it’s causing cataclysmic world events. He also poses questions, just like Serge. Notice how easily he gives the choice of he is either mad, or Jesus. I think a very similar choice to Serge. He either has psychopathic tendencies, or he is a 5th level initiate, a member of the hierarchy and a modern day messiah. I know what my choice is.