Universal Medicine cult FACTS & gossip November 2014

Ariana Ray, Universal Medicine abuse apologist

Ariana Ray, Universal Medicine abuse apologist

November 20: *HCCC Inquiry report slams UM *All new defamatory site about moi *John of God update *November 17: *YouTube video, Being in cults and breaking free *Ariana Ray, child protection social worker & abuse apologist. And pals. November 7 2014: *Hello Byron Bay! *The College of Universal Medicine presents maternal mayhem

November 20: NSW HCCC Inquiry hammers Universal Medicine

Lord, the cult are bitching about the volume of stuff I’ve posted about UM, but every day some new DIRT surfaces, yes?

I’ll lay into this properly another day – I have waves to catch, you know, BUT the NSW Health Care Complaints Committee report on their inquiry into false and misleading health related information and practices was released today, and GLORY BE, UniMed copped a serve, thank you very much to Professor John Dwyer of Friends of Science in Medicine, and to those who’ve lodged complaints and Inquiry submissions – you know who you are.

You can read the report at this link, and go to p.15 to read all about how Universal Medicine’s false and misleading submission/advertisements did not fool the committee one little bit.

Champions of the scam Esoteric Practitioners Association, Sydney rheumatologist Dr Maxine Szramka and mystic dentist II, Rachel Mascord, will be delighted to hear the NSW Government report affirms what we’ve been saying all along:

  1. The treatments offered were devised by the organisation’s founder and while the organisation provides courses and qualifications for practitioners, they are not accredited. HCCC Inquiry Report

UM and its dodgey Esoteric Practitioners Association are not Registered Training Organizations. Their claim to provide accreditation is fraud, and a breach of the Australian Crimes Act for misleading and deceptive conduct.

If you paid for courses believing you would acquire ‘accreditation’, please make a complaint to NSW Fair Trading Ph 13 32 20.

And ask UM for a refund.

Another day another defamatory website

Serge Benhayon’s business partner and long term parasite, Desiree Delaloye, has launched another website probably targeting people innocently Googling to find an acupuncturist in Byron bay called acupuncturebyronbay.com with nine glorious pages sledging and defaming me, my livelihood and my professional skills. My activism is called ‘cyber-bullying’, my objections to the cult robbing and molesting vulnerable targets, and breaking up their families and estates is framed as religious persecution AND it’s all done in the name of the ‘fair minded’ people of Byron Bay wanting to lynch me out of town. For real. 36 cult investors/parasites have put their names to it. The other 14 pages on the *facts* site and several thousand comments from the faith-full all about their Esoteric Love for little me aren’t enough harassment apparently.

Overkill much?

They REALLY don’t want me to blog about their disturbing Girl to Woman Grooming Project Festival

John of God Update

Back to the HCCC. Last month we looked at the battle between John of God and Sergio the Bullshitter for the title of World’s Greatest Healer. As expected no one wins. Not least their victims. Anyway, Johnny’s miracle road show is in Sydney this weekend. Apparently, he’s not allowed to practice amateur unanaesthetized and non sterile surgery whilst in Australia, but given his record for sexual assault and embezzlement in his home country, how the heck do we know he might not whip out his forceps and ram them up someone’s nose until blood comes out, which is his favourite procedure – or slash at a few thoraxes with the odd scalpel he has lying around?

I put that question to the HCCC as a complaint, but their response was that no investigation was necessary. They would not bother to contact his holiness João Teixeira de Faria de Deus to ask for a response or get him to commit to an undertaking or anything like that. The HCCC’s response was that Johnno won’t be conducting any surgeries in Australia – his website SAYS SO – and therefore there is minimal risk to the public from the mad bastard.

The HCCC explained he has to breach the code first and then pose a significant risk to public health for them to investigate.

Shouldn’t it be the other way around??

And shouldn’t SOMEONE have their eye on the guy?

November 17: Video: Being in cults & breaking free

In this video, US based cult experts, Janja Lalich and Steve Hassan talk about their experience within cults where they personally behaved harmfully toward other members, ex followers and critics. They also talk with a lawyer who has represented cult victims about litigation, as well as the problem of cult charities and their tax exemptions. At around the 44 minute mark is a discussion on the effects on children.

Janja Lalich is the author of one of the best books on cult recovery, Take Back Your Life.

Ariana Ray – sexual abuse apologist, child protection social worker, Hampstead County Council

This week I posted on universalmedicinefacts.com‘s extraordinary sexual abuse apologism extravaganza. In short, they posted images of Serge Benhayon inappropriately touching women, with claims I’m a liar for objecting to and questioning these practices, a danger to children and I don’t know anatomy. They embellished that with a photo portrait and testimonial from a 17 year old girl whose stayed at Serge’s house without a guardian; a spouse trashing testimonial from a woman who is about to undertake family court proceedings, and topped that with over 500 comments from Serge’s investors expressing unbridled Esoteric love of me, labelling me a criminal troll etc.

Commenters included two doctors, Sydney rheumatologist, Maxine Szramka, and NHS surgeon, Eunice Minford; and several other health professionals repeating claims I don’t know anatomy. None of them have answered my question of what the region below a woman’s pubic bone and medial to the groin is called if not the vulva? Or the more important question of what the hell a weedy unqualified slime ball is doing with his hand there at all? And how these health profesionals justify, endorse and enable his claim it assists ‘rape recovery’.

But special mention goes to UK social worker, Ariana Ray, who works at Hampstead County Council in child protection, and is one of Serge’s prize pitchfork wavers, and a shrill, pocket sized warrior Bride banshee.

She takes a starring role on that post, working her position as a child protection ‘expert’ to publicly vilify us for questioning behaviour she and her department would investigate if undertaken by anyone else but her scumbag idol. And perhaps if her department wasn’t bent.

Questioning abusive practices makes us a danger to children

Questioning abusive practices makes us a danger to children


Here she is at work on Twitter. Now that she’s outed herself as an abuse apologist, I took the opportunity to ask questions the cult doesn’t allow on their propaganda sites.




No responses. Instead Ariana Ray retweets the same crap, robot like.


One of our readers emailed concerned about her cyber-bullying, but as I explained, Ariana is tweeting into a cult vacuum. Her only Twitter followers are cult members. She’s not followed by activists or journalists, which shows just how seriously the cult’s propaganda is taken.

How many journalists have contacted you for information about Lance or me, Ariana? We’re an AMAZING story aren’t we, to warrant tens of thousands of words and thousands of comments from hundreds of you, yes? Clearly we’re one of those AMAZING ‘real’ stories news orgs keep missing, as you yourself have told newsrooms in however many emotional emails. Yep, News Ltd would sell so many more newspapers if they wrote about us and not a multi million dollar bogus religion that preys on the vulnerable – including children…

Finally, Facebook is the same. A lot of hardcore Brides of Serge don’t have non cult FB friends. No family members and no non UM subscribers. Again their FB likes of UM propaganda are seen only by cult members. Others silly enough to Like *facts* site posts have inadvertently prompted friends and family to seek out my blogs and gained me a number of new supporters. Readership dropped at first when cult members were commanded not to read my sites, but hit new highs as soon as they launched their defamatory blog.

The likes of Szramka, Minford and others have enough brains not to embarrass themselves by linking to the site from Facebook. If you notice, none of the Esoteric Women’s Health staff make any comments or contributions there.

And then there’s the lost souls who link to their false and defamatory ‘true expression’ from their professional accounts:

Mystic dentist, Rachel Hall of Evolve Dental Healing

Mystic dentist, Rachel Hall of Evolve Dental Healing

November 7: Maternal meddling with the College of Universal Medicine

My goodness, the College of Universal Medicine, which no longer has legal authority to publicly raise funds, is TRYING HARD. They have to try and look legit, they have to try and keep the same shrinking set of devotees with their shrinking finances on the cult expenditure mousewheel, they have to try and stretch their weak commerce in selling ‘self-care’ ever further, they have to avoid letting any of Sergio’s occult hogwash and misanthropy slip into their publicity and they have to try and bring in new investors, because Anne McRitchie is nearly out of money.

Good luck with that, Sarah Davis and Desiree Delaloye.

Anyway, the latest EFFORT in the roll out of back to back money for nothing, waste of time ‘courses’ is Sharon Gavioli and Shannon Everest expecting women, some of whom may be pregnant, to spend a whole Saturday on their arses listening to some bloody thin material about ‘Self-Care in Pregnancy’. My suggestion for self care in pregnancy is to go on a picnic instead at Wategos or Minyon falls, or do something else positive for yourself, rather than get caught up with Serge Benhayon’s bully brides and their constant demands for flattery, Facebook likes, religious adherence, patronage of their sub standard services and to put your name to bitching comments online about people who are trying to put an end to the cult’s abuses.

We can expect ‘Self-Care in Pregnancy’ will be all about how emotional attachment to babies and other loved ones results in gynaecological disease, how loving babies emotionally has ‘not ever worked’, and that if you love a child emotionally, you’re mistaking that for the ‘enormous need they have of you’, and you should switch off your emotions and let your kids fend for themselves because that frees you up to spend more money to benefit the Benhayon family of bogan messiahs. And that’s before the bit about how you can pass disease causing emotional energy to your baby via breast milk, and other joy-full Esoteric parenting tidbits.

Sharon and Shannon will talk about how to avoid calcium intake, and how they know some AMAZING Esoteric dentists for when your kids’ teeth start disintegrating. There’ll be a special talk about the benefits of sending your adolescent daughters for sleepovers with Serge and his captive wife, and how your little girls could have the opportunity to be photographed for promotions of the cult’s predatory grooming and sexual abuse. And because the College’s fundraising capacity is now severely diminished, they’ll spend some time talking about the ‘self-care’ and ‘integrity’ of donating to Sergio’s failing building fund.

Or you could go nearly anywhere else and spend your money on something that actually benefits you and your kids.

Cost: $60 and your first born daughters.

Hello Byron Bay

Main Beach Byron Bay

Main Beach Byron Bay

I’ve finally done what I should have done ten years ago and sea changed myself and my practice to Byron Bay. Within a couple of hours of the Byron Shire Echo hitting the streets with a classified ad for my practice someone called me to tell me the Esoteric lovers of humanity had updated their defamatory site with my new location, lol.

I’m loving it here. Haven’t spotted any whales yet, but I’ve heard Jimi Hendrix played by local musos at 8:30 am at the Farmers Markets, I’ve seen bongo and didgeridoo players, more Kombi vans than I thought existed, and where else could you go to the beach and see a white man walking around in a kaftan? Or wear tie dye clothes without being shot?

It’s funny. Byron Bay is one of THE most gorgeous places in the world. The climate is mild, the beaches are beautiful and the natives are bloody friendly!! It’s an area known for its population of progressives, spiritual seekers, nature lovers and creatives. People are relaxed, open minded and accepting. The food here is unbelievably fresh and delicious, and there is a real sense of community good will. So it’s the last place on earth you’d expect a bunch of uptight, bigoted, censorious, narcissistic, wowser fundamentalists to set up a religion of anti-social puritanism.

Princess riding a whale - Byron Bay

Princess riding a whale – Byron Bay

What I’ve learned since being here, is UM has very little presence. I’ve spotted a couple of cult members around – pasty faced zombies that dress like Jehovah’s witnesses and are usually carrying a flask of herbal tea or Esoteric water. But most locals don’t know who they are or care. There’s too much other good stuff going on. But those unlucky enough to rub up against UM don’t like them at all, and local conversations about the cult invariably air some highly original expressions of vernacular.

I’ve already had one local rock up to my clinic asking if I knew where he could join a cult. Lucky I wasn’t with a patient because we got to have a great old rant about Serge and his Brides. Anyway, if you want to say hi, I’m happy to meet local readers. I’m working in the Industrial Estate, and I’m discovering all the best coffee spots and other places to boost the old PRANA. In case I’m busy with patients, it’s best to call ahead. Cheers and see ya round.

27 Comments on “Universal Medicine cult FACTS & gossip November 2014”

  1. Murphy says:

    I wonder what professional degrees or diplomas, Sharon and Shannon and other’s of UM and Serge Benhayon hold in Obstetrics? now that they are holding seminars for pregnant woman. I am a Registered Nurse/ Midwife. The midwifery course is 4 years, studying at a University.
    What a load of rot, that I have read, which has alarmed me enormously, especially of passing on diseases, if breast feeding your baby. Breast milk is full of goodness that a baby requires, far from catching diseases, breast milk baby receives their mother’s antibodies to help fight infections/diseases.

    Also is the importance of love that a mother, father and baby share in an emotional bonding throughout life, and the strong feeling of attachment that will continue in life and in the after- life, as love never dies.Yes it is a selfless act,which is unconditional.

    Sharon& Shannon talk about avoiding Calcium??? Calcium is an important mineral, whether pregnant or not,The pregnant woman need extra calcium, for the fetus to build strong bones and teeth, to grow a healthy heart, nerves and muscles and helps in preventing blood clotting.Milk is a top source of calcium, as well as other dairy produce.

    Folic acid is important in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy as this mineral prevents Spina Befida
    Iron is very important in the pregnant woman’s diet. Red meat is a very rich source, and if vegetarian, iron is found in legumes, vegetables, grain and other sources. It is recommended that pregnant woman take 27mg of iron per day.to prevent iron deficiency anemia, which is associated with preterm delivery, low birth weight and infant mortality
    So I suggest that the “Maternal Meddling” should be left to the experts of Obstetrics, and not just put in the hands of the inexperienced, who are money grabbing, @ $60 a go, and a very dangerous practice.
    I hope that those holding the seminar tomorrow, are registered with AHPRA and that they adhere to the principals, and evidence of the Theory and Practice in a scientifically sound evidence, based on child-birth.
    As from experience I find that Pregnant woman are especially vulnerable.
    Let’s hope that UM and Serge Benhayon take a responsible attitude on this very important subject.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Hi Murphy,

      I’ve taken some satirical licence, but my account of the pregnancy workshop is a synopsis of Serge’s teachings, minus the cult jargon. Unfortunately, Sharon Gavioli is a nurse and childbirth and parenting educator, as advertised on this page which also states that Esoteric Women’s Health is based on the teachings of Serge Benhayon.

      The cult doesn’t directly tell followers to avoid calcium, but it does demonize dairy, and their resident naturopath, Nina Stabey, offers utterly ludicrous alternative calcium sources, like seaweed, with a bonus dose of iodine toxicity. Followers are subjecting their kids to that abuse – risking their bone, teeth and neurological development.

      That’s the sad thing. These fools are not trained in obstetrics, but they are health professionals. Sharon Gavioli is an AHPRA registered nurse. Which why she is so dangerous.

      UM and Benhayon won’t take a responsible attitude, that’s guaranteed. Their whole enterprise is based on exploiting the vulnerable, which is why I’m still blogging.

      • Murphy says:

        I get your point that Sharon Gavioli is a Registered Nurse with APHRA, but not a Registered Midwife, it is as different as chalk and cheese.
        While Shannon Everest is a student midwife? not a qualified Registered Midwife?
        One can only hope that they know what they are lecturing on, as I said before pregnant woman are very vulnerable people, especially in the hands of people who are not Obstetrical trained.

        • Darkly Venus says:

          Put it this way. Even if they did know the subject, any useful knowledge is eclipsed by their mission to propagate Serge’s vile emotional blackmail, pseudoscience and therapy fakery.

  2. Lord of Form says:

    Welcome to Byron. Yes, it’s a curious place. On one hand ‘spiritual seekers’ abound with cults and gurus thick on the ground from Sannyasins to Mormons and all shades of kooky in between. UM sits somewhere on the extremes, a dark cult dressed up as love and light which doesn’t even pay homage to it’s roots and material. At least the other whacko’s mostly acknowledge each other.

    On that subject, I’ve been informed the mystic dentist has just made some mangled FB post about how our objection to UM is an insult to the spiritual seekers of the shire. I would have thought Serge’s denouncement of all other spirituality as Astral and evil would have been more of a problem? But of course, in the twisted logic of a UM adherent, anything makes sense provided it is not factual.

    I’ve also noticed that the faithful have been instructed to put links all over their sites to the UM hate blogs in a blitzkrieg of link farming to try and make sure their hate-propaganda and lies outranks the facts. Is it worth pointing out the blogs make them look like utter brainwashed fools and support our arguments?

    Probably not.

    But maybe the irony of protecting a man who doesn’t speak up for himself (except to say he doesn’t run a cult- it’s a business), but get’s his members to do all the spin for him might occasionally be glimpsed by even the most ardent member ( while reading missives about astral forces, the evil of leaving the work, and the dark lodge…)

    Or maybe not.

    Eventually the truth will prevail. It might not be in a timely manner, but it does. For anyone interested in finding out faster, rather than spending years in servitude to a very deceptive evil little man, give me a call. I am sure you can work out how to get my number. I look forward to hearing from someone with courage to face the truth.

    The real truth.

    • A$ergeOfInsanity? says:

      Interesting to see that the Mystic Dentist now self appointedly speaks on behalf of all other spiritual groups locally. What a twat!

      I’m sure all legitimate religious groups will be outraged at the thought. Pull your head in Dentist!

    • Darkly Venus says:


      Well their ‘blitzkreig of link farming’ was about as well conceived as Serge’s foray into Esoteric Astrology – where he realized he couldn’t bullshit convincingly enough and abandoned it.

      Ever since the cult told the faith-full to stop reading my blogs & to read their defamatory *facts* tripe and post links on Facebook and Twitter etc. our blogs have had more pageviews, and I’ve had a lot more contact from concerned loved ones. Backfired much?

      Because when followers Like that rubbish on Facebook, their relatives and friends think, oh great someone is speaking up about this weirdo shit my poor fool of a loved one is sinking money into, and they come looking for our content. Not looking for me, but for the info, the analysis, the criticism and the entertainment.

      It’s like when the dimwits Tweet. They’re Tweeting to each other. When I Tweet, I’m followed by journalists, activists and others around the world. No one on Twitter or FB is looking for dirt on me – I’m a working class activist doing this at my own expense. I’ve not lost a single follower no matter what accusations the cult has thrown at me. No one gives a toss whether I’m an alleged cyberbully or liar. Our readers are interested in the workings of multi-million dollar organization profiting from exploitation and abuse, and the work we’re doing to expose it and bring it to account.

      As for the Mystic dentist, her representation of spiritual seekers is about as welcome as her representation of the dentistry profession with her counterfeit anti-fluoridation ‘science’. How’s that travelling Dr Rachel Hall? It appears it’s struck a nerve among your markedly more learned colleagues.

      Would you like to show us those citations again?

  3. Lord of Form says:

    I forgot to say what was on the other hand… common sense. Even the exceedingly progressive Bryon Shire Echo has problems with the over abundance of cults and pseudoscience that proliferates in these here hills. That might be why Serge denounced it a few years back. Of course, it doesn’t stop cult members like Cameron Bell and his befuddled belle of Universal Law advertising in it though. With “integrity and light”. Yeah, right.

    Yes, I wonder if any of the cult members have stopped to think for a moment why we would bother with our continuing objections, especially given their butt-ugly propaganda, if there was not some basis in fact? We don’t stand to profit from it, gain any friends, followers or social benefit. It’s time wasting, repetitive, boring, and energy sapping.

    Perhaps they buy Serge’s fairy tale that astral forces are working though us to stop “the work” and it is their mission to counter the evil force with their awesome “light”….Yep, seriously, that is what they do believe.

    Meanwhile, back in the real world, unlike uncle Serge, we aren’t massively profiting from selling courses about nothing- over and over. We aren’t finding ourselves conveniently at the end of bequests and anonymous donations. We haven’t had someone work out how to get government grants to put funds in our pockets. We don’t run tax free charities that pool funds and improve our assets and business bottom line. What I am saying, folks, is we have nothing to gain, nothing to cover up and no cash cow to protect. And despite the bad press, we aren’t evil either.

    And I guess given the cult’s persistence in besmirching our good characters with spurious allegations and piss weak aspersions, we now have absolutely no reason to stop either.

    Well thought out again guys. At least your utter stupidity is consistent.

  4. Anon says:

    Was priveledged??? to listen to a recording of Serges fantasy rants of late. Couldn’t bear listening to it in its fullness as it like fingernails on a chalkboard but one thing did get my attention.

    That was that the first established religion that he criticised was Judaism, which is generally not very PC even in the spiritual sector. I’m no expert but if Universal Medicine is just based on ripping off ideas from earlier esoseric sociopaths then it fits.

    Alice Bailey and other anti-semite, Arayan gloating bigots were founders of early esoteric ideology. So it fits that Serge and his executive are probably closet anti-semites.

    If so, not surprised.

    • Anon says:

      Esoteric Healing By Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul (Khul not a real person, rather a figment of Bailey’s imagination):

      “The evil karma of the Jew today is intended to end his isolation, to bring him to the point of relinquishing material goals, of renouncing a nationality that has a tendency to be somewhat parasitic within the boundaries of other nations.” (Bailey and Khul, Esoteric Healing, p.268)

      • Anonymous says:

        Which has always been an enigma to me as Sergio is the son of a very wealthy Jewish clothing manufacterer from Uruguay, and one can only assume that he was raised Jewish.

        I also seem to have a dim recollection that the Lucifer Foundation (the organization that represents the estate of Bailey) wrote a cease and desist letter to dear Sergio, but that may just be a false memory on my part.

      • Darkly Venus says:

        Holy shit, Anon.

        And Anonymous, that’s correct, the Lucis Trust got sick of Serge plagiarizing everything Alice Bailey, and I mean everything, down to cover art for his books, they sent him a cease and desist notice. I believe the tipping point was his ‘Arcane Project’.

        Serge’s Jewishness is interesting. Apparently he converted to Catholicism in the eighties and he and Deborah were married in a Catholic church. It would appear both faiths are now sore points for his holiness. As for his father, I wonder how wealthy he was. Serge’s parents have lived in housing commission for decades.

        We’ve heard how Serge likes to support the young girls who stay at his house financially. It appears that generosity doesn’t extend to his parents who are still slumming it at Mascot or wherever it is near Sydney airport.

  5. Trish says:

    http://www.stayintheloopwithlucy.com/ another UM initiative? I notice that they don’t even mention the word um anymore but they are trying to reach more and more people.

  6. Anon says:

    OK, thanks for additional info.

    If there’s an organisation that harbours and follows b*llshit from ex-Jewish anti-semites as well as mysoginist fake-feminist women then it would have to be UM.

    They’re a pretty f*cked up bunch!

    • Lord of Form says:

      Hi Anon- we’re all a product of our upbringing and environment, and Serge is no exception. In fact, he’s a good example of it. He might claim to have been hiding out in a middle class immigrant family as a harbinger of light, but fact is he’s heavily influenced by his heritage and religion. His views on diet, sex, circumcision, woman and fundamentalist ideas can all be traced back to his family, religion and roots. And certain events. There has also been an element of shamanism of sorts in his family with an Aunt heavily into entities and hocus pocus. The fact that Alice Bailey was a racist and anti-Semite seems contradictory, but it fits with Serge’s exclusive thinking and view of himself above and better than anything.

      Of course, the group don’t care that the origins of his occult doctrine are madcap, racist and just a hint satanic. They’re all amazing.

      None of this gets noticed by the “psychologists” in the group though who all pander to him and write soliloquies on the cult blogs. And I am not sure what is more concerning – the fact they fail to recognize an obvious grandiose narcissist, or what they have not learned to get their degree’s.

      Maybe Serge is right. Universities do create empty puppets. In some cases at least.

      • Anon says:

        Serge etc would be a great PHD subject for a ethical psychology student.

        But then no-one would dare put their name to it as they would be in turn crucified on his UM retribution site (excuse the pun).

  7. Madge says:

    CLAIMS that massage can cure or prevent breast cancer have come under fire from the Cancer Council. The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia) , July 24, 2012.


  8. Anon says:

    Another two Alice Bailey (closet biggot) groups UM steals it’s esoteric beliefs from.
    Serge’s beliefs didn’t just come whilst he sat having a sh*t, it assisted him to also be reading preWW2 Nazi sympathiser’s sh*t!

    “Antisemitic Stereotypes in Alice Bailey’s Writings”, “Esoteric Healing” and various racists ideals.

  9. WTF? says:

    “liar liar pants on fire?”

    is that your “professional opinion” too ariana ray-gun who works in “child protection”??

    • Lord of Form says:

      Sums it up really. School yard taunts.

      Meanwhile, Serge is the reincarnation of everyone cool, his daughter was a wartime leader, he was fabulously wealthy before UM, he knows everything in the universe, is smarter than any scientist, knows more than any doctor, only met his spouse a few years ago- coincidentally- after dragging her around to matches for 5 or more years as a kiddie, and never tells a lie.

      He’s a man of amazing integrity. Everyone else is evil.

      They have the whole world upside down. Serge’s stories are a powerful hallucinogen.

    • ariana ray-gun says:

      Is “liar liar pants on fire” the standard response to people reporting grooming or abuse at Hampshire County Council?

      Let’s hope this woman is just a junior child (non)protection worker.

      • Darkly Venus says:

        Nope, she’s no junior. Qualified in 1987. Here’s her bio on this page of Serge’s top rung groomers. http://psychologicalwellbeing.net/speakers/

        And to compare her unprofessional opinion with the real thing, when I’ve spoken with social workers about the parade of young girls staying at Serge’s house, each one have them have asked ‘what reason are the parents giving for sending them to stay there?’

        The same question Ariana should be asking, along with ‘why is his hand there?’

        And she’s not the only social worker feeding girls to Serge. Perth now Melbourne social worker, Sally Scott, sent her daughter to stay there as well. At how old, Sally?

    • WTF?+1 says:

      liar liar pants on fire LOL

      Sergio’s pants spontaneously combusted decades ago. Wanna buy a golf driving range? A tennis centre? An aged care home? Some magic clay?

      Who me I was never bankrupt.

      • Lord of Form says:

        Then he realised one fine day*, sitting on the loo, that he could sell “nothing” and make endless cash. The epiphany was so overwhelming it was like a religious experience. If only he could tell people how lovely he felt in his body about that…Wow.

        No one to tell him he wasn’t qualified, no merchandise to buy, no way to disprove unprovable new-age nincompoopery. Capped off with the ultimate seal of approval- “God”. Forget that…a whole panel of experts…the “hierarchy”

        It was like elite tennis coaching on human growth hormones, without the bother of actual work or results that never came- in this lifetime at least. Just keep pushing the result out a few more lifetimes and get them back to more courses. After all, the work is endless.. never the same…tell your friends.

        “Serge, the forever student”, nudge nudge. Yes, Serge’s usual subtle wordplay/mind-trick.

        And you know, I bet the liar liar line has come from Serge to start with too.

        * fine day was approx 12 months after being released from bankruptcy escaping half a million dollar debt, at the exact end of Miranda’s junior tennis career, in new living arrangement, and with a new source of income from some ‘deals’. Any timing coincidence, coincidental. No relation to real or living persons.

  10. WTF in NZ? says:

    “‘esoteric’ – you keep using that word…”


    Sciblogs is the biggest blog network of scientists in New Zealand. Originally published on Uni of Waikato.

  11. Name. says:

    UM Truths = Lies.

    UM publicly states: “Not one of these organisations, nor members of parliament have considered there to be any truth in Ms Rockett’s claims”.

    This untrue statement ignored the following politicians; Tanya Plibersek MP, Senator Nick Xenophon, Don Page MP, Leslie Williams MP, Rosa Sage MP, Andrew Rohan MP, Andrew McDonald MP, Catherine Cusack MLC, Natasha Maclaren-Jones MLC, Paul Green MLC and Helen Westwood MLC etc.

    The UM b*llshit keeps on flowing.