Poor Bastard


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Universal Medicine cult wins Lismore Chamber of Commerce’s People’s Choice Award

So much for a few disgruntled males, Pranic Princesses, nobody’s bitches and whatnot – the number of free thinkers fed up with the cult is growing.


Upon learning that the Universal Medicine cult recently won the Lismore Chamber of Commerce’s People’s Choice Award, I wondered whether it was as a result of vote spamming, as they have a prior form for that. So I wrote to the Lismore Chamber of Commerce to enquire further about their win:

Dear Madam/Sir,

I am writing an article on Universal Medicine winning the Lismore Chamber of Commerce’s People’s Choice Award, and invite your response on the following questions:
* Do you have any comment on the fact that a new-age esoteric breast and ovary massage “healer” group has won the People’s Choice awards?
* Do you think it reasonable that a charity is eligible for this award, instead of restricting eligibility to regular Lismore business for this award?
* Who was eligible to vote in the People’s Choice award?
* What if any measures were taken to prevent…

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Cult Woman I Am

THE WOMAN I AM, written by a bloke

THE WOMAN I AM, written by a bloke

Glorious Music has unleashed a music video starring the Brides of Serge acting Joy-full & Loving and pretending to like each other to a bit of peculiar True Movement. Here in the bunker we en-joy a bit of karaoke, so we’ve posted some improved lyrics and knocked together a glorious photo essay to sell-abrate their beauty, sell-abrate their beauty…

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Cult dress ups

MoreMaskedNumptiesLast UniMed Saturday the cult held one of its dress up events. This year it was a B.C. Ball where cult members dressed up as ancient personages – perhaps imagining how they might have been important in a past life. Last year it was the masked ball, another pantomime of their everyday self-loving choice to make believe they’re something they’re not. On the surface it looks harmless, a bunch of grown ups behaving like primary schoolers, but it’s also a metaphor for the cult’s commercial and spiritual modus operandi – a harmful multi-million dollar enterprise based on infantile wish fulfilment and pretence.

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Your Breasts… My Breasts… Just whose Breasts are those, Anyway?



The Truth about Serge Benhayon

  • Why, they’re my breasts – I’m your baby… and if you let me I’ll suck them ‘til I’m 5 years old.
  • No, they’re mine – I’m the soft porn in the ads and the page 3 girls in the daily paper. Those breasts can sell anything!
  • No, they’re my breasts – I’m the X rated porn industry, one of the USA’s greatest exports.

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Charging for charity – the tax exempt College of Universal Medicine’s first annual evasion statement


Serge Benhayon, aka ‘the voice from heaven’ (left), drumming up cash.

Until recently, charities in Australia could raise and spend money without accounting to anyone. This year, the newly formed Australian Not for Profit and Charity Commission required them to submit an Annual Information Statement. The College of Universal Medicine surpassed itself by also forwarding its audited accounts. The information tells us the College raised almost half a million dollars, spent nothing, and their charitable activities were merely marketing events for UM’s business. Typical of anything UniMed, their attempt at transparency raises more questions than it answers, including why the charity is talking about buying a school building, when the students have already paid for one.

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Sunlight Ink Publishing – the Universal Medicine cult targets children

Imagine a world filled with people living in the knowing of their TRUE  INNER BEAUTY ­– knowing they are beauty-full just for being them. sunlightink.com

The latest recruitment tilt from Tanya Curtis, of FABIC Behavioural Management, and Serge Benhayon’s business partner and personal assistant, Desiree Delaloye, is a publishing venture targeting children with Serge Benhayon’s bent occult philosophy and shoddy spelling. Typical of the ‘energetic integrity’ of anything associated with Universal Medicine, it’s window dressed with innocuous SergeSpeak, disguising the oppressive anti-social brainwashing crucial to Universal Medicine’s sordid ‘innermost’ core.

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