Universal Hypocrites: HuffPost blogger, Dragana Brown and cult surgeon, Eunice Minford


V. R. Morrison, The Vicious Circle

Universal Medicine cult leader, Serge Benhayon’s disturbing views on evil, murder and rape underscore the damaging hypocrisy of his staunch defenders, NHS surgeon, and euthanasia enthusiast, Eunice Minford, and Huffington Post blogger, censorship proponent and food writer, Dragana Brown. Recently, Minford has been feigning outrage on how children are blamed for sexual abuse, while Brown defends the incarceration of a fool in an offensive T shirt. Yet, they’ll promote rape and murder apologist Benhayon, and recruitment to the industry of abuse he’s promoting as a religion.

Self-loving censor – Dragana Brown

We’ve said it before, the Huffington Post has gone to the dogs if it allows food writer, Dragana Brown, blog space to call herself a ‘world affairs and lifestyle commentator’ and post irresolute balderdash hostile to free speech. Then again, they also give space to Sarah Cloutier to plug the Esoteric eating disorder.

In Freedom of Speech OR Freedom to Breach, Benhayon worshipper, Brown, writes ‘Freedom of Speech was born out of a genuine need to protect those who wanted to speak of true despotism, bigotry and partisanship.’ But she also asks: ‘Do we not have the right to draw the line when so called Freedom of Speech becomes a license to incite violence and abuse others?’

The question is in response to the jailing of an idiot who wore an offensive t-shirt, and the questioning of the sentence by a civil rights advocate.

In October 2012, the front page of one of London’s newspapers featured an article about a serial offender jailed for eight months for wearing an anti-police T-shirt. He did this on the same day two policewomen had been killed. These two women went out on duty in response to a phone call reporting an alleged burglary. As they walked into the house of the caller, they were simply met with bullets. The country was in shock, yet this one particular individual wore a T-shirt saying: ‘One less pig; perfect justice’ and ‘ Killacopforfun.com ha ha’. A human rights activist made a comment that followed on the verdict “Causing offence is not a legitimate reason to jail anyone. The price of free speech is that we sometimes have to put up with views we find offensive”. But was this harmlessly offensive or was it not only offensive but abusive, and actually promoting that harming another is ok – in this particular case the murder of two policewomen. Is this what freedom of speech truly is? Do we not have the right to draw the line when so called Freedom of Speech becomes a license to incite violence and abuse others?

Yet, when Dragana’s dropkick messiah preaches justification for rape and murder, and actively preys on the vulnerable in his treatment room, she doesn’t call for him to be jailed, she joins the Esoteric lynch mob trying to censor our exposure – the same people who have called us ‘criminals’ for publishing facts and asking questions. She then seeks to recruit more victims to the bastard’s multi-million dollar pyramid scheme of abuse, papering her adulation all over the love blogs.

Again, Brown believes her experience of the Tito regime in Yugoslavia entitles her to a monopoly on combating oppression. She’s in favour of free speech as long as she gets to determine what is said and who says it.

Surely, the Press as well as big Internet giants like Google, Facebook, Yahoo et al do know that ‘freedom of speech’ is a phrase that is intended for the right to speak against injustice and not for the purpose of expression per se. 

Benhayon ‘expresses’ justification for murder and rape, and has filled six volumes with the hatred of humanity his followers call a religion. We abhor censorship, and prefer that he and his ilk don’t conceal their self incriminations. It’s essential they’re exposed to the public criticism they deserve. Yet, while we break through Universal Medicine’s facade of deceptive marketing and seek justice for those harmed, Dragana’s fascist cronies try to shut us down. The same crew are throwing money into to the tax exempt UM charities – financing the illegitimate forms of the Church of $erge.

Followers profiting from Universal Medicine fill the comments with weak Esoteric jibes, probably directed at us. The harm they’re referring to is the harm to a scam artist’s profit margin and their delicate feelings, which are inseparable from their putrid denials.

Thank you for saying it how it is. Freedom of speech does not give people the right to create hate, misogyny, harm others or to be used as an excuse to cyber-bulky (sic) or harass others. Wholebodydoctor

Thank you Dragana for this powerful , clear and beautiful perspective on the true origins of ‘freedom of speech’ . Its way over time that our societies come back to these origins and stop the damage caused by the bastardised version which is that anyone can say and write anything no matter how much it harms another.’ Do no harm ‘ is in the very foundation of ‘ freedom of speech’ and our communities desperately need for us all to live in this loving way. With Love Kate Greenaway

It’s typical that cult physiotherapist, Kate Greenaway, would mangle her metaphors. ‘Do no harm’ is the foundation of ethical medical practice – something she abandoned when she began performing Esoteric pisstake healings and either charging patients for it or fraudulently billing it to Medicare or private health insurance. What item numbers do you use for Esoteric Connective Tissue therapy again, Kate?

Free speech is about ensuring facts and ideas are kept in the open, so corruption, exploitation and abuses are not carried out covertly. ‘Do no harm’ is only relevant to free speech in the context of the greater good. Yet, as we’ve read, Serge Benhayon and his posse of parasites regard good as evil.

Eunice Minford – cult surgeon, euthanasia fetishist, hypocrite

As if Dragana Brown and the self loving Esoteric Nazis weren’t contemptuous enough of the cult’s many victims, NHS surgeon, Eunice Minford insists on writing blogs expressing outrage over sexual violence. Most recently, she’s hyperventilating over blaming of child victims of sexual abuse.

How corrupt have we become as a society when men can say that children, aged 13, 14 etc are to blame for the abuse or the rape they receive? There is a law to protect children and it should be adhered to by all adults. Adults are supposedly the ones with the common sense and the responsibility to protect children.

We’ve asked her on a number of occasions to defend photographic evidence of Benhayon touching the genitals of sexual abuse victims and teaching it as ‘healing’ to literally hundreds of his numbskulled followers. We’ve asked how she excuses the fact Serge’s current wife moved into his home when she was 13 years old, or that Serge has the adolescent daughters of his followers stay in his home for weeks at a time. We’ve asked how she accepts Serge’s practice of ovarian readings and vaginal examinations, and the cult’s sheepishness about Curtis Benhayon’s Esoteric Uterus Massage. Yet, in spite of expending copious verbiage promoting the sleazy Benhayons, Minford refuses to answer the questions. Instead she attempts feeble attacks on us.

Falsely making accusations of abuse is itself an act of abuse. People who make such claims are clearly deeply traumatised that they are prepared to go to such lengths to get some form of attention irrespective of the damage it brings to others. They too are often starved of love and affection and use whatever means they can to get some form of attention. 

The lovelessness charge is rich coming from Eunice who accused us of ad hominem attacks on her for questioning her disregard for the cult’s victims. She also appoints herself judge and jury, declaring our accusations false while obstinately ignoring the evidence.

Yet, she remains one of Benhayon’s star recruits, leading a vocal movement to deify her guru, comparing him with Plato, Socrates and Pythagoras.

Furthermore, my personal experience of Serge Benhayon has demonstrated to me that he works and practices with a high degree of integrity that extends throughout all areas of his life…

Mankind has evolved and applauds the marvels of its own intelligence – yet that mind-driven intelligence can be used in ways that are beneficial or harming to mankind and it has been responsible for some of the most evil acts on earth. However, an intelligence that is borne out of love can only be healing and serves us all equally so – and for me, Serge is a Master of this form of intelligence.

Accepting the invitation to comment on Eunice’s noble indignation against men who blame child victims of sex abuse, a commenter called ‘Light Giver’ posted a sample of Serge Benhayon’s ‘intelligence that is borne out of love’, and his ‘high degree of integrity’ (also reprinted below the image).

EuniceChildRapeIf that’s too small to read, it’s student and Esoteric breast massager, Elizabeth Dolan’s regurgitation of Benhayon’s abhorrent teachings on rape, inferring that victims of sexual assault, including children, bring it on themselves.

The soul cannot interfere with karma. Serge gave the example of a rapist. If he/she is jailed but does not learn that what they did was wrong and that it will affect the person they raped for the rest of their life then they will have to come back and experience rape in their next life. Then at the end of that life if they say, “I could never rape anyone” then the healing can begin. There is always a part of us that says to the soul “bring it on, I want to heal.”. We could never imagine ourselves agreeing to be raped in order to learn a lesson but we do agree. EDG notes, February 2012, taken by Elizabeth Dolan

True to her disgracefully hypocritical form, Eunice Minford removed her Messiah’s ageless wisdom from the comments, but continues to promote and enable him, his family and the contemptible Benhayon enterprise.

She and Dragana Brown are the pillars of his objectionable church.

17 Comments on “Universal Hypocrites: HuffPost blogger, Dragana Brown and cult surgeon, Eunice Minford”

  1. RJM says:

    If Eunice is seriously concerned about victims of sexual abuse being blamed, she should stop endorsing and enabling Serge Benhayon, who repeatedly and explicitly claims that rape and murder victims are getting what they deserve on a karmic scale and that the crimes themselves aren’t evil. Bread, cheese and coffee are evil, but pedophilia, rape and murder – they’re just karmic corrections.

  2. You know whos brother says:

    They are still keyword stuffing and back link building. http://truthaboutuniversalmedicine.com/2013/10/19/lies-about-love/

    Please read how this poor women now thinks she knows what love is. Try and work out how you can show love to someone, other than yourself (narcissism) following Serge’s creed of stupidity. Notice how he demeans normal relational behavior as wrong, and replaces it with a self-serving, arbitrary (how do you know when someone is being less than loving? according to who?)
    I’ve been at the other end of that change and I can tell you it is less than loving. It’s ugly, petulant and one-sided. Of course I am sure my ex feels great now she only has herself to think about. But it is not love. It is nasty self-obsession.

    Moving on, but in the same vein. It is appalling how the members accept Serge’s views that rape and murder victims have agreed to that beforehand. And very convenient, right Serge.

    But I was having a chat with another gent whose partner succumbed to the cult crap and we reminded each other of how powerful the mindset is. It is like a drug that they have to keep getting. All the massaging, healings, sessions, keep them in a permanent state of bliss. When it fades, they go for another one. Reality is shut out too. No partners to contradict you and others keeping quiet for the sake of peace, least they get cut off too. They are also on mission, or so they think, and part of a ready-made community with inbuilt support and acceptance. Far more than you’d get from your normal group of friends and family. Puny compared even to the love of your partner and immediate family. Asking them to look outside the group is akin to asking them to die. Deep down they may know that it all doesn’t add up, but the pay off is too great, and the investment already immense.

    We’re fighting a losing battle trying to get them to see reason. They are not interested. For them, it is all about defending their habit and their co-created world. If they accept Serge is the conman we know and say he is, they have to accept they are at fault and the end of their world. They won’t.

    Our only hope, for others- like our children- is to make sure that Serge is put out of business once and for all. So onwards we go.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      We don’t think for a minute we’re persuading cult members of UM’s madness. It’s strictly an exposé for the benefit of the public – that is anyone interested in the facts about UM, loved ones of cult members etc.

      We’re providing a place where we can show cult members’ public posturings beside the toxic beliefs they’re determined to keep hidden – and giving those outside the cult the opportunity to comment on their dire deceptions.

      In the case of Eunice Minford, to show the dishonest, vile hypocrite she truly is, using her status to enable abuse of the vulnerable.

      • You know whos brother says:

        Agreed. Wasn’t commenting on the content herein, just my vain hope that somehow we might get through to a few. Who knows, maybe we have once or twice. There’s no way of knowing.

    • ‘Lies about Love’??

      That has to be another of the cult’s spherical, as in sick jokes.

      Johanna Fredericks, Bachelor of Education LOL! parrots the perverted rape and murder apologist messiah verbatim.

      Now I know True Love is about (and the fact is, I knew this Love when I was little):

      Treating myself and another with tenderness, preciousness and a deep level of care,

      Consideration, understanding and appreciation,

      Feeling the quality of the movement in my body and the care in the voice,

      Getting called out when we are not being the Love that we are,

      Not holding back in expressing Love in action or word,

      Looking deeply into another’s eyes,

      Allowing fragility, true intimacy and surrendering,

      Holding Love strong and supporting others,

      Being interested in another and being patient.

      Love for me now is also:

      About letting me know that I matter greatly,

      Supportive, nourishing and TRUE,

      Something each and everyone of us IS and deserves.

      Readers know that Esoteric True Love® comes out of the reality tester translator as infantile, uncommunicative, disengaged, disloyal, secretive – especially about money, dishonest, bigoted, self obsessed, self serving and callous passive aggression.

      If she was honest, Johanna would have told us how she really feels about anyone ‘pranic’, particularly since she doesn’t associate with anyone not in the cult.

      In the meantime, one of our correspondents who had the misfortune of experiencing Eunice Minford in person, describes her as brusque, abrupt and friendless.

      Yet, she’s currently plugging her ‘everyday healing’ and ‘self-care’ mind fuck and pseudoscience lectures, preying on the unsuspecting citizens of Belfast and trying to lure them into the Church of $erge direct debit moneypit.


      • You know whos brother says:

        The more you think about Serge’s lies about love, the more you understand how he works to change the meaning of the world ‘love’, how he seeks to interfere in couples intimacy, and how he turns followers from acts of selflessness to acts of unrepentant selfishness.

        How can it end any other way?

        If I enforce my subjective one person human view that the other person is not being all the love they can be, and they do the same… We’re on a collision course.

        If I just stare into their eyes and don’t bother to demonstrate how I feel about them with acts of kindness and thoughtfulness, then I look like an idiot, nothing else. No one is a mind reader. Even if Serge pretends he is (LOL)

        If I don’t encourage my partner or child, then how do they know that I have a positive view of them? “Being Love” is meaningless when it is just self focused. Right Rod “Serge is my guide” Harvey.

        Serge’s whole creed is the reverse of reality. We all need acknowledgment and encouragement. We all want to feel special to someone or others. Be it an individual or a group (check your own behaviour in the group UM members). Love is giving, being greater than yourself, putting your own needs aside at times for others, contributing (true) charity, helping, thoughtfulness, consideration, acts of kindness. And in relationships love-making and sex are very important. It is a symptom of a narcissist to think that they are above “sex” and can transcend human love. But it’s bullshit. I don’t care if you’re staring in someones eyes and going slow. You’re still having sex and it ends the same way. If not, what is them motivation to get your genitals out?

        It is such infuriating lies and bullshit I will like to bitch slap someone for even making it up. And I think we all know who that is. “Lies about love” – Sure is. Serge strikes again. Little f**** he is.

        • Which reminds me that staring into someone’s eyes is a well known technique for inducing and maintaining trance states. Hypnosis. As taught at all the workshops.

        • You know whos brother says:

          It creates a heightened state of suggestibility, as does a lot of the other methods of “livingness”
          Much of it is solely about that- working the ‘students’ into submissive mental states.
          I wonder if Sam Kim or Christoph or Neil has ever seriously challenged Serge’s (insane, illogical, grandiose, ludicrous) assertions the way you would anyone else if your critical mind was engaged, and you weren’t filled with an unreasonable sense that said person is somehow special…

          Well, he is special of course. But not for the reasons they, or he, thinks.
          There are tomes on how these type of personalities amass followers. It makes sense. When you have someone behaving very unusually, you almost by default cannot imagine it is a malfunction, but are forced to think it is because they are ‘special’ and gifted. Being not able to feel or emote correctly is not gifted, it is sociopathic. And it is exactly that type of person that collects followers. They know all the right stuff to say of course. And in their minds they cannot believe that they can get people so sucked in. To them there are three types. Him, the suckers and the enemy. That’s us. You can guess who the other group are.

          Imagine his joy having Dragana and others regurgitating his nonsense and spreading his message. Now that is being a first rate sucker.

        • Darkly Venus says:

          Look into my eyes, you’re loveless and in pain. Look into my eyes, your partner is holding you back from your light. Look into my eyes, Serge is a man of integrity. Look into my eyes, gimme me your money.

  3. The artwork used for this post – ‘The Vicious Circle’ by VR Morrison is for my money the most encompassing image we’ve found representing UM’s pyramid of abuse. The primly puritanical cult Brides (M&F) conditioning their kids into a cycle of oppression, censoriousness and judgement, whilst lying to themselves with their air of ‘loving’ righteousness.

    The critical element missing from that image is the creep in the shadows pulling the strings.

    • W. Harper says:

      You can almost see the strings attached to all those limbs.

    • The fact that children are involved in all of this evil is so very frightening.
      Young and impressionable, let alone – Are they safe?

      After all that has been revealed here on these sites without a doubt it proves that all the words ending with ‘ness’ that UM recruits use to try and make it look good fail….It is truly an evil farce a scam full of rotten- ness!

      This comment was made by one of the UMars today! Go Figure!
      “Today I walk in the footsteps of God for I know I am One.”
      Certainly “lying to themselves with their air of ‘loving’ righteousness.”

  4. susieQ says:

    AND they – the Eso team have been over in beautiful Perth spreading this evil – with their sickly hypocritical smiles.
    These Eso’s must know, they would have to know all of this evil sick stuff that is written by Serge. How can they or anyone go along with it. Doctors who go along with all this evil crap make you wonder where did they get their qualifications to be Doctors. Quacks.
    It is evil.
    Where and when will it all end?

  5. You know whos brother says:

    I’ll shut up soon. And in response to Dragana’s proposition (transparently motivated by the desire to shut down anyone criticizing Serge/UM/ergo her)

    “Is this what freedom of speech truly is? Do we not have the right to draw the line when so called Freedom of Speech becomes a license to incite violence and abuse others?”

    License? Notice the logical side step. The question itself is a non-sequitur. And did the T-Shirt incite the violence? I highly doubt it. Living in a democracy means people get to say what they want, even if you find it offensive. For example; “You’re in a cult” “Serge is a numbskull and UM sucks” – If you don’t like it, and think it’s not true, let’s go to court. It’s called Rule of Law. If you start to decide, arbitrarily, that people can’t say things you don’t like, then you are a totalitarian. You might be familiar with that Dragana. Hmmm??

    Where would you draw the line? I guess it would be similar to how you determine if someone is “not being all the love they can”- a line that is convenient to you.

    Frankly Dragana, please don’t be insulted too much and send the jackbooted loyal lieutenants around, just saying what I think…you are a pretty poor writer, and not too sharp in the thinking department either. But I won’t bother with a T Shirt- for you. I am getting a batch made up for Serge.

    Serge Sux.
    All over a picture of Serge’s not too attractive mug. They’ll be for sale online soon. Cash only.

    • You know whos brother says:

      I meant to say that the line is also lifted directly from Serge’s writings and rants.
      Yep, that is right. They all form their own ideas and opinions freely.

    • You know whos brother says:

      If they knew where those feet had been, no one would want to walk in those grubby footsteps.

      Besides the nasty stuff we know Serge has got up to & he thinks we don’t know about, and has tricked his members into not believing, what “good” has he done? Improved his properties? misled a few people dying of cancer that they had a demon in them? Broken up at least 50 families I know of? Who the fuck would want to walk in those footsteps?

      Yes if you wear the T-Shirts locally, they are free. Seriously if I had them made, they would be very popular around Byron Shire and Lismore. The only reason some might not wear it is the usual not wanting to upset their cult struck partners/friend/family member- Those that are walking in Serge’s steps, following him from one nasty act to the next.

  6. susieQ says:

    Yesterday I saw this quote. Sadly I feel it seems to apply to UM recruits.

    “Some minds are like concrete
    Thoroughly mixed up and permanently set.”