The tax exempt College of Universal Medicine – a hostile education


Forget Universal Medicine’s money for nothing products and services, for years a major source of the multi-million dollar cult’s income has been donations. In 2011, cult leader, Serge Benhayon was moved to tears by his success at conning the Australian Tax Office into granting the College of Universal Medicine tax exempt charity status. However, we think it unlikely Benhayon informed the ATO of his enmity to education, altruism and charity as evidenced throughout his writings and rantings. Moreover, notes supplied by intellectually challenged Esoteric students reveal the quality of education we can expect from his sham college.

What if evil comes from good?   ‘Good’ can only be measured against ‘evil’. Capitalism – true evil as it creates the haves and the have-nots. Benevolence and charity – these are the highest forms of evil on earth today. Pure illusion. Good leaves you with emptiness. Doing “good” will not tell you who you are and is ultimately futile, cannot be sustained as it depletes you and is only measurable against “evil” therefore it has no basis.

We still tend to want to do “good” as it is so ingrained. Students are now very aware they have been living their lives trying to be “good”.
Highest form of separation on earth is being good. Murder and rape can clear quickly, as you know something went wrong.
Harder to clear good, more damage done in the long term, as it is a major hurdle to overcome taking many lives to get over…

Serge read from his new book “The Way of  Initiation“ from page 703 -706. Must be totally honest about how we write and speak. Our whole world is under illusion because education is training /teaching people to be empty puppets. Arrest all of what you are not. Know that you have been set up in that way through your education. Know who you are first – meet others presenting  who you are – being your great light. Esoteric Development Group Lecture notes taken by anonymous student, August 22, 2008

Deception, trance induction and diatribes

Authentic education improves literacy, logic and critical thinking. So when Serge says good can only be measured against evil, and good has no basis, but evil comes from good, which has no basis, can any of Serge’s stellar pupils explain what that means? Can they provide examples?

Comments are open.

The notes quoted above begin with the obligatory gentle breath trance induction to enhance suggestibility.

We started with a meditation noting our initial feeling -12 in-breaths – checking our feeling – 12 in and  out-breaths checking our feeling, noting if it changed. Then repeating the breathing and releasing the body on the out breath and taking note of any change. This was to encourage conscious awareness.

Conscious awareness is SergeSpeak for shutting down one’s brain in order to hand over money without question.

Serge’s spherical mind-fuck does not resemble any definition of education. Cult expert, Margaret Thaler Singer, in her study of cultic influence, made clear distinctions between education, propaganda, indoctrination and thought reform (brainwashing). The crucial differences between authentic education and Serge’s teaching style is that education includes quality information from multiple authoritative sources, encourages analytical questioning and tolerates different viewpoints. Benhayon presents himself as the sole source of One Unified Truth®, which includes the loony posturings of the ‘Ageless Wisdom‘ he cooked up in the last few years; we have hours of audio of his lectures where not a single question is asked, cult apologists refusing to acknowledge facts, and dissenters condemned as Judas to lifetimes of mental disability.

Education and charity are loveless

Benhayon reserves his strongest contempt for education, charity and altruism.

But what about those investments that do have an active force such as –

a.    People – as in sons, daughters, family, friends, employees etc
b.    Charities, Educational institutions, Arts, music etc
c.    Churches, synagogues, temples, stupas etc.

Have you ever considered that –
Putting money into something is placing a choice of energetic activity into the world?

There is a significant difference in terms of the potency and ‘active-force’ of those investments that are active in that they too can make choices and or lead how and in what type of energy they will generate energy on Earth.

Example and or scenario 1 — you invest in a charity. Its activities promote all those ‘good’ principles, ideals and or beliefs we have and want, such as the discovery of how to cure cancer. This appeals to you. It is in-truth what we all want. But do you invest in the so-called cure for cancer or also in the income of the researcher and or secretary, CEO etc who will use their charity-paid-for earned income to buy sugar, wine, dairy and the general lovelessness that will guarantee that no fire or Soul comes into any of their activities and thus not into our earthly plane?

To cure cancer, we need to be soul-full as a race of beings and not think we can beat it simply because the survival rate is increased.

And so — what have you invested in and what return are you actually getting (?), for when you pass-over, its activity will still feed you the quality of its energy.

Example and or scenario 2 – you invest in the so-called ‘future’ of your son or daughter. You feed them. You send them to school then further studies. They make choices you have no control over. And even if you think you do or can control over a certain period, you do not know all of their choices.

You send them to a school you know is pranic, but spend little time countering what they learn or how to handle friends and teachers etc. You invest in them getting knowledge but supplement not the fact that that knowledge is useful only to better function or exist or get by in the world with little if any love to make life true, Soul-full or Godly. What returns do you get for allowing lovelessness to be in another? Not only do you get the immediate incarnate return of watching them be loveless in the choices they make, an in-truth agonising feeling for any parent, even the checked-out ones, but the direct feeding of you being loveless by the world you will return to.

Example and or scenario 3 – investing in courses, knowledge (books etc) buildings, religions, institutions that do not foster, promote and or allow fire and or Soul in one’s life.

It is these that bring the hidden harm, for their active force (energetic activity) is multiple as is investing in people, only they last longer in their pranic ways than people do. (Benhayon, S. EDG Message 13, 2011)

The mind as a learned intellectual tool cannot be relied upon to deliver truth because it has to wrestle within by all that it has been given or fed as assumed truth. (Benhayon, 2007, p.45)

As distinct from what it has been given or fed as assumed truth by Sergio the bullshitter.

We have deeply retarded ourselves away from our stupendous knowledge by believing in so-called facts, truths and given beliefs that satisfy the limited pranic mind. Clear out your emotions and return to your heartfelt feelings…there you will find the truth of all things. (Benhayon, 2011, p. 400)

The heartfelt feelings you’ve been programmed with via repeated readings of Serge’s shambolic writings and repeatedly listening to his podcasts.

We are teaching kids to have this amazing recall/memory to do well at school. We reward them for their times tables; we give them a gold star if they spell correctly, run fast, tackle hard and or score a goal. It is no wonder they grow up to self-abuse without knowing it, when there was no reward or recognition for one loving oneself. (Benhayon, 2011, p.489)

Vast and deeply damaging evil is hidden in pranic forms of charity, good, nice and benevolence, and not just in the brutality we can all see is evil. (Benhayon, S.,  Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2011 p.296)

Charity- was discussed as creating a greater platform of prana for the lords of form. Occultly – the energy of charity is the same as the energy of a paedophilia as it tries to use an innocent expression to disguse its ill pranic ways. Trying to compensate for own guilt through the use of innocent energy. (Esoteric Development Group notes, unidentified notetaker, September 2008)

Esoteric education

Any post on this or the accountability blog features startling examples of Esoteric BRILLIANCE from Sergio Benhayon and Universal Medicine students, and never forget that the College of Universal Medicine will teach the standard Benhayon doctrines that most foods are pranic and to be avoided, people who don’t pay up to the cult are pranic members of the Astral Cult and to be avoided, the human body is a useless carcass obstructing the soul from the ultimate healing that is death, and touching sexual abuse victims’ genitals is Esoteric ‘healing’.

However, we should take one more look at student notes to evaluate the ‘in-truth’ worth of Benhayon’s teachings.

No difference between a movie star and a person who uses illness to gain recognition. Its the same energy.

If one denies the soul plane one has sold out to the emotional needs and are working for the astral plane – ‘either with me or against me’

It is not so much the extremes in society which support the Astral plane such as Hitler, Stalin etc but more the person that has the ‘good’ life, those that do well in society. They reflect the life we all want to have – but they are the helped ones (by the astral plane). They gain their success by reacting to a need they feel, there is no truth in their existence only emotion. (EDG Notes taken by Michael Dixon, October 16, 2010)

The human being was created by the spirit (we did not come from apes)…
° Mother earth needs to cleanse the prana that has been dumped, as a planet we emanate a lot of prana – this is why we have the protective layers of the atmosphere, not for us, but to protect the rest of the universe from a plane that should have never existed.
Natural disasters –
° Earthquakes are for all the ingrained and stubbornness we hold onto
(EDG Notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, September 18, 2010)

Serge then came on stage and said that the energy of a tampon in our body is like having sex with the dirtiest guy you know all the way through your period…Serge can present to a group of women and us fell at ease with him because he energetically holds the energy of a true women very deeply in his body. (Esoteric Womens Presentation notes taken by Fiona Pierce, June 2012)

We urge readers to write to public representatives and ask how the ATO defines a charity’s educational purpose, and ask how Serge’s anti-charity, anti-education, anti-life, anti-health, anti-family, sexist, exploitative, abusive, hateful, covertly hypnotic ‘educational purpose’ gained his property improvement fund tax exempt charity status. Ask them how this abuse of tax payers is allowed by the Australian government, and throw in a few of your favourite quotes from ‘The One’. If you’ve been personally affected by Universal Medicine, please tell the representatives your story.

And let’s hope Serge has made at least one self-full-filling prophecy.

For the first time ever on earth, humanity is going to be accountable for the energy of the pranic version of “GOOD” that they have invested in or put for the. People have used “GOOD” to hide selfishness, greed and to act for self-gain, and thus, there will be an enormous exposure for many, many people. As a result, and aside from the many personal upheavals, the charities that espouse/sell/market their so called “good” will be exposed and fall apart, as people will start to disclose what is really going on behind the scenes (the embezzlement/lifestyles and so on). (Lecture notes taken by Natalie Benhayon, Energy Release – 26th June 2011)

The tax exempt College of Universal Medicine and the Fiery Building Fund – donating to the Church of $erge

Charging for Charity – the tax exempt College of UM’s first annual evasion statement

Benhayon, S. The Way It Is , UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2006

Benhayon, S. A Treatise on Consciousness, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2007

Benhayon, S. Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2011

Thaler Singer, M. Cults in Our Midst, Jossey Bass, San Francisco, 2003

39 Comments on “The tax exempt College of Universal Medicine – a hostile education”

  1. Darkly Venus says:

    Where does one start in pulling apart all of this bullshit?

    As we’ve seen now throughout the blogs, there’s truckloads of this far flung, antisocial nihilism – six, almost seven volumes of the Book of Serge, and reams of student notes regurgitating his lucrative brand of destruction and hate. Now gloriously tax exempt.

    What got me is the first set of notes above, and the ‘capitalism is true evil’ line, from Sergio the uber capitalist, selling abuse at a colossal mark up, but happily having it subsidized via tax concessions from our brainlessly generous federal government. Chairman Serge says Stalin is preferable to those who add value to the economy via doing good.

    Yah, benevolence, charity and education are evil, but deceiving, rorting, brainwashing, murdering and raping can be easily ‘cleared’ by Serge’s dodgey College of Esoteric ethics. Wait until he erects his church and starts absolving his own sins.

    Please readers, our message is stronger if you add your voices. Write to your local state and federal representatives, Senator Xenophon, Kevin Andrews and anyone else you can think of. Wherever you live, write to the local members in the Lismore Byron Bay area and ask why the government is giving tax breaks to a harmful organization that is burdening tax payers and harming your families.

    Contact email addresses are on the Prohibiting Serge Benhayon page.

  2. Camelot says:

    There’s nothing like throwing others off your trail by accusing everyone else. While he is saying this putrid crap, he’s purchased a few new luxury cars, had his house upgraded, bought some more properties, and flown first class to the UK and Vietnam with his compliant young wife at his side who has been there in one way or another since she was 13.

    Hypocrisy of cult leaders eh. They are irrepressible little rascals aren’t they?

    Yes, what would really help now is if the many people we know who are losing their family inheritance to Serge’s get rich scheme write to the ATO and the charity commission.

    If you’re one of the others we know that has had inappropriate touching or even suggestions while in a treatment, please do the same to the HCCC. A few words from a few people could make a massive difference in the rate at which Serge gets his just desserts served up.

    We know many of you are fearful because of family reprisals and the mindless chorus coming from the cult members, but it is the right thing to do for yourself, for justice and for others who will fall into the same trap. You might think you are alone, but we can assure you one year down the track you are not. When the house of cards Serge has built starts to tumble it is going to be a very ugly mob of disaffected people all with the same story.

    To borrow Serge’s cult catch phrase. “Step up and be in your truth”

  3. Education and literacy have been in the news a lot lately in Australia – because our national literacy level is so poor. Yet, Sergio the semi-literate spherical bullshitter is getting a tax break to send his followers’ brains backward.

    Just look at any of the quotes from his writings – riddled with lousy syntax and grammar – and that’s after they’ve been edited by Gabriele Conrad, or whoever he’s roped into that hapless task.

  4. susieQ says:

    As you know Camelot and PP and DV some of us have added our voices.

    It is my experience that the processes to look at complaints do take time especially when the relevant person or body does decide to thoroughly investigate.

    Let’s hope that the longer the time spent investigating means that there will be an appropriate outcome – the one and only appropriate outcome!

  5. Feline Aphrodite says:

    Charity- was discussed as creating a greater platform of prana for the lords of form. Occultly – the energy of charity is the same as the energy of a paedophilia as it tries to use an innocent expression to disguse its ill pranic ways. Trying to compensate for own guilt through the use of innocent energy. (Esoteric Development Group notes, unidentified notetaker, September 2008)

    This comment is from the above article and it is so sick! WHO?? is trying to compensate for own guilt????? Serge????
    It leads a normal thinking person to ask.
    With such a contemptible sick view of Charities to then turn around and successfully get Universal Medicine Serge Benhayon’s SCAM registered as a Charity!!!??????
    Beyond me!

    • MacReady says:

      “The energy of charity is the same as the energy of pedophilia”

      – Serge Benhayon, who met his current wife when she was 13 and now runs a ‘charity’ which benefits nobody but himself.

  6. RJM says:

    I’d like to thank Vanessa Hawthorne for explicitly articulating that UM is a cult and that UM is a cult leader. I would have done so on the cult blog but the cult doesn’t allow comments from non-cult members, especially when they state that UM is a cult.

  7. Feline Aphrodite says:

    “I would like to appreciate and acknowledge that the teachings of Serge Benhayon as the founder of a true religion, The Way of the Livingness, has allowed me through the many different presentations of livingness to realise that my true pure divinity has always been living inside me, and the knowing that I am worthy, and a son of God. I am Eternally grateful.
    I am Worthy. Reclaiming Myself as a Son of God:
    October 8, 2013 —

    More and more UM claiming they are a religion.
    What a $cheming $cammer $B is.

  8. Vanessa Hawthorne. Oh Brother.

    So how much has she paid to discover her innermost divinity. How many workshops, sessions, clearing symbols, books, Chris James CDs?

    Guaranteed Vanessa is donating via the Sound Foundation’s monthly direct debit scam…

    She’ll no longer be a Son of God if she quits forking out the £££

    Biggest LOL in that little prayer to the Church of $erge is this bit:


    In the not too distant past, priests were in a position of great power knowing everyone’s secrets and taking donations to help with the parishioners’ pass into heaven. There is a contradiction here: if we are all sons of God as the Church proclaims we are, how come only a few (and only within the Church) are able to ensure others a place in Heaven? And that for a donation!

    So where is St Vanessa on Sergio’s initiation $cale? Hm?

    WE ARE ALL EQUAL SONS OF GOD!! as long as you pay up and don’t ask questions, and as long as you’re not a level 2.9 initiate or lower.

    • RJM says:

      Yep. We’re all ‘equal sons of God’. Except there’s a grading system so some are less equal than others. And since Serge has invented the grading system and has exclusive control over whatever criteria is necessary for further ‘initiation’ he can promote or demote as he sees fit. But he’s equal to them. He’s just the only person in the universe who can decide which of God’s children are less fit for ‘initiation’ than others. Something tells me there’s a connection between advancements on the initiation ladder and how willing you are to completely submit to his belief system, which of course involves pouring your hard earned cash into his bank account.

      • RJM says:

        And let’s not forget that at least one person who decided UM wasn’t for them and left was publicly threatened with physical assault by an ‘equal son of God’ for daring to question Serge. How love-ly. What ‘one unified truth’ and ‘brotherhood’ Serge has brought to the world.

    • W. Harper says:

      Interesting how so many of the comments under that posting deride the Catholic church. An easy target, but with 1.2 billion followers, perhaps doing a little better than UM on membership? Is UM so weak that its ‘students’ can’t stand up and be counted on the merits of their own beliefs, or do they need a malign another religion (seeing as they all seem to be saying UM is now that) to make themselves feel better about their own choices?

      And the hypocrisy of Benhayon saying all charity is evil and then soliciting for his own “charities”, surely his followers are not that naive and ignorant?

      • Darkly Venus says:

        The Catholic church has some serious issues, but you don’t have to join Serge’s cult to figure that out. Also a heap of cult members send their kids to Catholic schools – particularly in the Lismore Byron area – HYPOCRITES.

        Speaking of which, the Catholics at least provide quality education and health care. Again a heap of the cult members have spent time in Catholic run hospitals. And charities like St Vincent de Paul manage to do huge amounts for people in poverty without indoctrination or disparaging other faiths.

        What does UM do for anyone, apart from molest, rob and otherwise create havoc and make Benhayon and his parasites wealthy?

        Also, take a look at the pious arseholes commenting on Vanessa’s post, namely Desiree Delaloye and Sara Williams – both doing business out of Serge’s sham religion, both directors/trustees of the sham charities, and breast massager Sara Williams, a director of UM UK, and the Esoteric Practitioners Association in UK and Europe.

        All that money makes them feel closer to God, I imagine.

        Also Susie Q. we appreciate a small number of people have made themselves heard to politicians and regulators about UM, but it’s still nowhere near enough. We are not being taken seriously, and people with the most damaging material on UM have not yet come forward. Without consistent pressure, and while people wait for someone else to do something, our concerns disappear into data files without a second thought. In the meantime, it’s abusive business as usual for Serge and his self loving squadron of enablers.

        • Feline Aphrodite says:

          “Without consistent pressure, and while people wait for someone else to do something, our concerns disappear into data files without a second thought. In the meantime, it’s abusive business as usual for Serge and his self loving squadron of enablers.”

          WELL SAID DV!

  9. One of our readers just dug out an old email from Sergio the Bullshitter’s crew about their application for Charity Status in the UK. It is gold, and will be part of our exposé of the tax exempt Sound Foundation scam, coming soon.

    If you have any emails, EDG messages, circulars or whatnot from the Church of $erge HQ or any of the major parasites, for crying out loud, send it to Venus! (Not me, I’m busy road testing some new beaus, or attending a vodka and pastry festival or something.) Use our blog contact tabs and we’ll give you an email addy to send it to.

    Never mind if we already have it. Doesn’t matter. We’re interested in any of the behind the scenes communiques. The truths they DON’T put on the truth-blogs. We also run out of EDG notes around the beginning of 2012, so if anyone has any that date from then, we’ll take a look.

    If you think we can use it, SEND IT!

    If you think a regulator may be interested in it, SEND IT!

    • W. Harper says:

      The $ound Foundation.

      Income – £1,203,892
      Spending on Charitable Activities – £77,829
      Retained for future use – £1,126,063

      Source of figures – UK Charity Commission Website.

      Feel free to contact the UK Charity Commission at the below address to ask for further information.

      • Darkly Venus says:

        Even then, that piddling £77,829 was spent on WHAT?

        Marketing the Universal Medicine commercial enterprise in the UK is what – like running Esoteric Women’s Harm sessions, or Chris James recruitment singalongs.

        Get stuffed Serge.

        Stay tuned. It’s apples and oranges perhaps, but the $ound Foundation is as bent as the dodgey college. Or worse.

        With a monthly direct debit robbery of the unquestioning faithful.

        • rippleddonut says:

          I would not be at all surprised if that £77,829 was spent on crap like this:

          1) Free lunch and Chris James voice workshop for doctors: Since when has giving freebies to doctors been charitable? Drug companies and reps do i to make sales. So this was really just buttering up doctors and hoping Spewnice Minford can help recruit more bent professionals over a grated carrot and brocolii feast. Chris James’ fee travelled in UMs general direction and he got a free flight and holiday out of it. The money shelled out by the Sound Foundation for the free lunch trickled across the road to the lighthouse, and so boosted the cult’s UK hub. I wouldn’t be surprised if the grubby little behind-the-scenes cult underbelly, I mean trustees also took the charities money and used it to pay the charity for the generous hire of their building, and included that in that charitable giving total!

          2) Hire of swimming pool from Simone and the charities own building from itself, a fee for Simone and all the other useless scary UM speakers, herbal/chakra and massage practitioners. Free sessions offered as part of the Women’s Day cult recruitment drive. Payment to Sara Williams for printing a bloody leaflet to push the event? Food and drink from the lighthouse? Or maybe they were happy enough to just rake in cash on the back of the event as culties lined up to empty their bank accounts in exchange for eso herbs and esoteric soup.

          3) Retreat fee subsidies for low income or ill vulnerable, lonely ,desperate individuals. Oh look, the money goes from the so-called charity to $erge. Subsidised accommodation in the so-called charities dormitories for ‘volunteers’ attending the events? Another money go round made out to be a charitable ‘give’.

          4) Direct payments to other add-on Benhayon’s for gracing events with their presence, and contributing so generously and wonderfully by helping bend minds and giving the odd hug. Paying Benhayon airfares etc, so that the college or whatever they call themselves get the fantastic bonus of all the family in one creepy slimy group?

          That’s about the size of it. You unfortunately couldn’t make it up. Nothing much is contributed outside the cult, nothing much gained by the local community, or local groups, or the needy or schools or anyone. Nothing truly charitable is done. As far as I can tell unless you are already recruited no-one gains an damn thing from this so-called charity. $cam $cam $cam!

        • W. Harper says:

          There’s a new sheriff in town at the Charities Commission very keen to get tough on non-compliance:

  10. lou says:

    Do you not think Vanessa is just tryring to please Serge and her cult? Does she really believe all she says? Is she just not the victim of the brainwash? I don’t think this woman is making money out of UM, just a very faithful follower who wants approval? Can we blame the victims for not being able to see outside the doctrine? Afterall we are pack animals wanting to belong. Imagine not going along with the UM mantras.
    Its Serge who is the complete “arsehole”. Ahh I want to scream when I think of how good he is at coning them all. All that bollocks about charities. He really has done them over, and they just can’t see it.
    And yes DV, you can see other religions for what they are without joining UM. You can stop drinking and eat healthily without UM, and yes you can be loving (well sometimes) without UM

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Vanessa is most definitely a victim, jumping through hoop after hoop to please the arseholes at the top of the pyramid scheme of abuse. Some of the arseholes profiting from her investment, namely Desiree Delaloye and Sara Williams are egging her on – all the way to the bank.

      Vanessa is certainly close to the bottom of the pyramid. However, the cult tends to make enablers and often perpetrators out of its victims. We couldn’t give a toss what Vanessa believes in or who she throws money at, but if she thinks she can promote an abusive and exploitative organization and a sexual predator publicly, on the internet, with extremely poor reasoning and in utter disregard of the cult’s many victims, including children, she will be criticized. Robustly. It’s called consequences.

      Can we blame Vanessa for being a victim? Probably not. UM’s deception and manipulation is extreme. Does that exonerate her actions or excuse her from criticism? Definitely not.

  11. trish says:

    One of the most outrageous products I know that Serge sold was distant healings. Students would pay for a distant healing but as Serge was booked out for months in advance you might receive this healing at say January 14th 10am EST!!! As if he was actually doing distant healings that far in advance. I know other modalities have offered distant healings so I don’t want to get into the ins and outs of them but to think you pay inadvance for a healing that will happen months down the line. He really is the king of marketing. make students think he is so in demand everyone lines up. Its like something out of the “life of brian”

    • MacReady says:

      Sacred Esoteric Healing level 3 costs an extra $500 over level 2 because Serge allegedly starts doing long distance work on each attendee weeks in advance. Which means you get a few ink blots which supposedly indicate which ‘rays’ you are aligned to, and also another that represents what your soul looks like (only Serge has the magical ability to do this, despite everyone being ‘equal sons of God’). Seriously, what an absolute crock of stinking, steaming shit. Sorry, I mean SCIENCE.

    • Camelot says:

      And for a time Natalie, a veritable child, was inundated with emails from the members with their dreams. They members, commanders of their own truth as they are, would wake up and spew their private thoughts, feelings and dreams out in an email, which for $20 or something, Natalie- who doesn’t even understand herself & would be far more confused than you average brain still developing 20 something- would tell you the meaning of….

      Life of Brian. Amusing image. But very true.

      You can imagine the dinner table meetings with Serge. ” Kids, here’s a way you can make money out of the suckers, I mean members….” Muzak, dreams, Uterus massages (???who thought of that and why is Curtis doing it and why is it kept on the lowdown?) Period trackers, distant healing, group sessions, chakra puncture…. blah blah.

      What is next to bleed their suckers, I mean members, dry? They’ve got every angle covered right up to an including death. Which by the way, they hope comes sooner and painfully, so you can clear some prana.

      • What will Sergio add next to his exclusively priced range of unpolished turds?

        He’ll start bottling his farts? Or recording them. Glory-arse music. And that’d be an improvement on Chris James.

        Anyway, look at what Serge is selling this week. I kid you not, this is a UM advert sent out today, LOL.

        Livingness 3 / 4

        Dear students,

        As most of you are aware, each and every course/workshop is completely different, regardless of the consistency of the titles we use to define their original impress…

        Same name, different unpolished turd.

        That said, I wish to share that this Sunday’s Livingness 3/4 will emphasise on the perceived contradiction if not ‘puzzle’ of how to develop self without making self the focus.


        The narcissism isn’t selling so well lately, Fuckface?

        There are three aspects to self before self no longer is self but a major part of the all, where self is a crucial and integral central piece of the all, and yet, it is not the central piece. The key is to know exactly how great it is to be a central piece, but not be the central piece even though it cannot work with you not being the central piece you righty are. Puzzling? Not if you know the needed state of being that makes one the central piece that makes the whole what it truly is.

        I leave you with a puzzle that is not a puzzle yet is a puzzle until it is not a puzzle.

        The forever student,

        So a narcissism back pedalling session, with bonus mind-fuck, whilst still pushing narcissism, death and boundary transgression.

        $120 plus donations.

        New suckers welcome.

        • Darkly Venus says:

          That blurb makes Ayahuasca look like chamomile tea.

          And that message is strictly pitched to the brainwashed, yeah? Who the heck else would pay for whatever that is?

          Trish, agreed, Serge’s sales are extraordinary. He has blokes buying a menstrual cycle app, lol.

          Back in 2004-5, he had a table stacked with Alice Bailey’s book ‘Ponder on This’ at his yoga channelling event and he was there handing over copy after copy, all smiles, while two of the Brides grabbed the money. I’ve never seen any product move so fast in my life. It was like the DJs sale on Boxing Day at 8:30 am.

          I remember thinking, that book’s not that good. And that was before the event started.

          And then when I went to the Esoteric Healing level 1 course, people were lining up to book for level 2 on the morning of the first day, before the wretched thing had started, as well.

          I remember thinking, I might see what level 1 is like before I book level 2! WTF?

          Not so for some customers.

        • trish says:

          Bloody hell that really is “a whole load of complete and utter ridiculousness” He has basically just changed the goals yet again. Now he is moving more into a Jungian philosophy? No? Its like the shadow self. Serge people have already taught this. Yes we all have shadows and yours is bloody massive,, infact I think its covering most of Australia right now. Yes embrace all of our selves and then we can be whole. blah blah blah, heard it all before. You take other peoples theories and make them yours but you totally screw with them first so your blind followers think you are the bees knees. I have to hand it to you. You are really good at playing with people’s minds. Lets hope you embrace this gigantic shadow psychopathic part of yourself soon and then maybe become a whole person again. Could this ever be possible Serge. Come on just admit it. The hate bloggers blog about what is wrong with your UM belief system and you change it. Maybe they should stop being so smart and giving you what you need to change your belief system yet again. Soon you will make it ok to drink red wine on Sundays..

          I hate you Serge, so there!!!

        • You’re flattering him, Trish, lol.

          The palaver about developing self without self becoming the focus is still all about self, yeah? Except Serge will probably massacre the pseudo analytical psychology even further and make an appearance of appeasing critics by talking about ‘serving’ and ‘loving’ others and being ‘in-truth’. It’ll still come back to brainwashed self absorption, vile selfish behaviour, pass agg bigotry toward non subscribers and Gimme your Money.

          As for Serge redeeming his irreparably damaged self. No chance. And no need to. Attendances might be down but profits are still good and he doesn’t have the burden of a conscience. And besides, he has a messiah complex and wants to go out in a Fiery blaze of Glory®.

          It’s just a routine shift of the goalposts from the shiftiest little turd of all.

  12. lou says:

    Anyone seen this all proceeds to charity. Doesn’t say which one. Also doesnt say who speakers are?

    • Would you mind checking that is the correct link, lou? It doesn’t come up as anything. Was it something to do with UM or the usual suspects?

      • lou says: sorry
        What do you reckon? All proceeds go to charity?

        • Oh okay, yes, Feline Aphrodite brought that one up, and Venus will cover it soon on UMA. Yes, no doubt the funds will go to the Church of $erge.

          It’s a good discussion we’ll open up again probably later this week, but we’ve got some important posts to go up first and we want to stay on message.

          Unfortunately Sergio’s scams tend to distract people from the very serious material that is the nucleus of his dark plan, so we’re postponing that conversation – just this once, promise.

  13. RJM says:

    “There are three aspects to self before self no longer is self but a major part of the all, where self is a crucial and integral central piece of the all, and yet, it is not the central piece. The key is to know exactly how great it is to be a central piece, but not be the central piece even though it cannot work with you not being the central piece you righty are. Puzzling? Not if you know the needed state of being that makes one the central piece that makes the whole what it truly is.

    I leave you with a puzzle that is not a puzzle yet is a puzzle until it is not a puzzle”

    – Serge Benhayon

    “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”

    – Albert Einstein.

    • ‘If you intentionally complicate the simple and then charge $$ for it, you’re a scam artist – likely named Benhayon.’ – Pranic Princess

    • SubRosa ™ says:

      What’s there to puzzle on $erge….? I’ve read Alice Bailey too. It does however takes one hell of a simple mind (in other words the classical psychopath) to translate her work on different layers, rays, bodies, whatever; the way you do.
      You are going to upgrade me, me, me; to me, myself and I, aren’t you….? $$$$$$$$$$$$$….

    • Then again, RJM, Einstein’s point is looking good. Look at what Sergio the bullshitter says about love. We can safely say he doesn’t understand it at all – hence the twisted doctrine.