Ray Karam – Universal Medicine cultist running for Mayor in Ballina

KARAM-vote-1A vote for Ray Karam in Ballina is a vote for Serge Benhayon, leader of the UniMed cult.


Thursday 15 September PM – Ballina said NO. No seat on Ballina council for Karam, and he ran second last in mayoral race. Final Results.

Serge Benhayon and his commercial occult religious conglomerate has been manoeuvring to increase its political influence in the NSW Northern Rivers region. Members of the cult hierarchy have infiltrated the Chambers of Commerce in Lismore, Goonellabah, Byron Bay and Ballina, at least. It was only a matter of time before one of Benhayon’s sock puppets ran for political office to beef up the cult’s power in community decision making.

For over three years I’ve received calls from various sources telling me to keep an eye on ex NSW police officer, Karam. His close relationship with Benhayon and his profuse promotion of the Universal Medicine scam are cause for concern, as is his inglorious exit from the police. UPDATE: UniMed cult email call for campaign volunteers. Most don’t live in Ballina. UPDATE 2: Karam’s chances assessed in local news report. UPDATE 3: The Echo quizzes council candidates Ray Karam & Gail Fuller on their participation in UM’s online attacks on me.

Police career

On his website, Karam portrays himself as the noble ex police officer who left the force due to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He cites a violent incident in Redfern in the mid nineties, and that he served for many years after that, eventually transferring to the Northern Rivers. He was stationed in Kyogle. Around 2007, following extended leave, Karam left the service. According to several independent informants his exit wasn’t exactly via a guard of honour – having fallen out of favour with the higher ranks and his colleagues.

PTSD is a very serious mental health condition. Karam may well suffer from it, and that may have been a factor in his retirement. That’s not the issue. Universal Medicine is a dangerous fraud. It provides no viable therapy or solutions for any condition, let alone PTSD, but Karam has been exploiting PTSD and his status as an ex officer to help UM infiltrate the NSW police and other sectors of the community. According to my sources, the police aren’t having it.

Today Ray works on a number of initiatives to support Police and their overall wellbeing. Contact Ray for more information on support for Police both former and current. raykaram.com.au

Today? Not for a couple of years is more like it.

Karam shopped his underhanded Universal Medicine promotional presentation to police training days in the Northern Rivers. Sources confirm at least some of those tilts were as a tag team with UM cult psychologist and Serge worshipper, Caroline Raphael – who has been disciplined once (so far) by the NSW Psychology Board over her unprofessional promotions of UM.

Those sessions were canned, due to numerous complaints, and word is Karam and Raphael aren’t welcome back.

Cosy with the UM cult

Karam’s Twitter feed and Facebook pages are a constant stream of UniMedLiving spam, with carefully selected news items supporting the cult’s dogmas. Or they were. He’s deleted rather a lot from his ‘public figure’ Facebook page since I mentioned I was going to blog about Ballina’s local politics. He also locked me out of his Twitter page.

Esoteric political transparency - Karam deals with critical questions

Esoteric political transparency – Karam deals with critical questions

Anyone would think, given the proportion of his feeds devoted to promoting Benhayon’s UM, that UniMed was Karam’s own business. Given Serge Benhayon is director and shareholder in a large number of businesses, it’s possible he and Karam have a financial or business connection. I don’t know, but I know Karam and his extended family are subscribers to UM’s services and frequent flyers at cult events, including attending Benhayon’s occult ‘sermons’.

According to Karam’s publicity, Benhayon is his ‘friend’. Friendship with Benhayon means being a paying customer, as well as publishing plenty of unreciprocated social media devotionals and vigorously promoting Benhayon’s multimillion dollar alternative healing and undue influence scam.

Or perhaps there’s a payoff when he volunteers his services to the guru’s initiatives, like the creepy Girl to Woman Festival.

Who cares?

An informant who knows Karam asked me whether I thought voters would be stupid enough to vote for him and his UniMed cult backing.

It’s a concern. Karam is also mates with Nationals federal MP for Richmond, Kevin Hogan. He’s been getting chummy with other National Party figures.

It’s concerning when UM cultists are embedding themselves in the local Chambers of Commerce, like Gail Fuller and Deborah Benhayon in Byron Bay, and Serge, Christoph Schnelle and others in Lismore.

It’s also concerning when cultists like Karam’s mate, Paul Moses, in Newrybar, have plans for their local communities they are proposing to Ballina shire council, regardless of whether other community members are comfortable with them.

Do Ballina shire voters want the shire to be run by UM?

Specifically by the bloke who pulls all the strings, Serge Benhayon – a career scammer who has become wealthy by unlawfully operating a business while bankrupt, charity and federal grant rorts, volunteer labour, using false and misleading promotions for his fraudulent products, hawking dubious ‘investments‘ for commercial enterprises he and his financial advisor own 100%, bullying volunteers into donating to fund his commercial overheads, and robbing families of their inheritances.

Will the National Party endorse Karam?

I’d encourage the Nats to run some checks. Starting with his Twitter feed.

We are not alone. Serge says so. To depressed high school kids.

One wonders how the Nats, a political party popular in rural areas, will endorse supernatural entities that ‘enter’ people who drink beer, and jump out at night to rape children.

Karam’s knee jerk response to criticism and questioning of UM.

He was an organiser of UM’s anti cyber-bullying conferences, including the one in 2012, where eight out of the ten speakers cancelled when they were informed the conference was run by a cult. Ray recruited respected experts by telling them he was an ex police officer and his ‘friend’ was being victimised by ‘cyber-bullies’. The alleged cyber-bullies were any of us who communicated on the Rick Ross cult education forum thread. This blog is an example of what Raymond Karam and his fellow investors label ‘cyber-abuse’, and the research I’ve done, viewing content they’ve published on the internet, is what they call ‘stalking’. Karam is a champion in the fight against accountability ‘trolls’.

He didn’t tell the speakers his ‘friend’ was his spiritual guru and the multimillionaire con artist behind Esoteric Breast Massage.

Karam is also a proud member of the UM Facts Team, that runs a blog trashing, falsely defaming and mobbing official complainants.

The UM *Facts* site is resolutely closed to comments and corrections from outsiders. It claims to be a student initiative, but the domain is owned by Benhayon. Karam is unlikely to disclose to voters that he and his colleagues’ online shenanigans made national news for bullying. Apart from attempting to put a couple of complainants out of business, the Facts Team labelled Ballina woman, Ira McClure, who was in very poor health, a liar. Her complaint about one of UM’s cult doctors is still under investigation by the NSW HCCC.

That’s an indication of how Karam will behave in office. Except he won’t have the protection of Benhayon’s money and lawyers when he attempts to censor and smear those who question or disagree with him.

Wasting tax payer funds

The cult seeks to expand its business, lure influential recruits and intimidate critics, and Karam is exploiting his police career to further that agenda. But police dislike having their time wasted.

Last year NSW police’s cyber-crime unit held a Twitter Q&A session that wasn’t quite successful. Partly because Twitter wags mercilessly spoofed it, but also because it was mobbed by Karam and other Brides of Serge. It was around the time the cult made a very large number of complaints to the Federal Police ACORN cybercrime unit, which were then referred to NSW police. I don’t know precisely how many complaints. I heard about them second hand (from very reliable sources) and only that they wasted weeks of police time. WeeksThe investigation was abandoned for lack of evidence.

The complaints were about me and my blogs – lawful exposés of a harmful, aggressive and dishonest organization. They tried to pass blogs like this off to police as ‘harrassment’. I imagine the only reason the complaints were taken seriously was because they were made by the cult’s quackery promoting doctors and dentists and I assume, the current and former police among them.

Off they went. (All are cult members except Jenna Price, a journalist.)


All referring to me. 

Because they don’t like what I publish.

He and cult rheumatologist Dr Maxine Szramka feign concern for the police developing PTSD.

It’s a pity they didn’t care about wasting inordinate amounts of police time on frivolous complaints.

What is the Universal Medicine cult so desperate to hide?

UM have teams of people working to shut me down because I’ve published material Benhayon and his investors, like Ray Karam, don’t want scrutinized by the public. The following is a fuller list of issues of concern, with links.

Ballina voters need to ask themselves whether Karam is fit for public office, and whether they’re ready to have Serge Benhayon and his UM minders run the shire.


The following email went out to the UniMed cult community calling for campaign volunteers. Most don’t live in Ballina. It removes any doubt that Ray Karam will be representing Universal Medicine if elected to council, over and above the interests of rate payers. To further the interests of Benhayon and his cronies.


 UPDATE 2: The Echo sums up Ray’s chances.

It’s rare to see someone not already a sitting councillor take the top job first up. This probably rules out Phil Meehan (although he is the husband of popular retiring councillor Sue Meehan) and Ray Karam.

Karam is not a resident of Ballina Shire, which will probably work against him. His membership of and advocacy for the controversial group Universal Medicine is also unlikely to go in his favour. EchoNet Daily

UPDATE 3: Byron Bay real estate agent and UniMed cultist Gail Fuller is running for a council seat in Byron Shire

UPDATE 4: The Echo questions Karam and Gail Fuller on their participation in UM’s harassment of complainants.

UPDATE 4: Karam appears to be trying not to get elected.

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    • Esther Rockett says:

      You little ripper! Thank you for this!

      Readers, on that page click the ‘Party or Group and Candidate Result’

      • Can I tick it? No, you can't. says:

        The people have spoken and the verdict is: Universal Medicine is not wanted. While the council vote may have been quite close, the Mayoral one was a complete dressing down for Karam and by extension UM. His purple colours, Benhayon style language and even the promotion of UM on his FB “Vote for Karam” page showed him to be a stool pigeon for Benhayon who was seeking to influence local politics and further expand and exploit the vulnerable. Not this time Benhayon, and not in this place.

  1. No way Ray says:

    Yes the public were onto it completely
    Heard many similar comments from Ballina residents “thats the cult guy, no way”
    As I said before, you are a crow flying with crows, dont try and make yourself out to be a dove of love Ray, you may be confused but normal thinking people are not.

    • Election results says:

      THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the Ray Karam transparency campaign. Some provided information, but a lot of people talked about this, and it helped. 🎈 🏆 🎈

      The Echo article about Karam and Fuller contributing to the attacks on my livelihood also gained a lot of traction. I’ll talk more about this soon, but it also generated a lot of very constructive talk in Byron Shire. A LOT.

      Back to Karam, those who caught sight of him over the weekend – even on election day, said he looked haggard and dejected.

      Of course he did. He’s been part of a community of love bombers, continually told they’re all amazing, while they actively shut out criticism and questions.

      That doesn’t work in public office.

      This is a win for everyone, including Ray. He wasn’t up to it. If he really does have a history of PTSD, and thinks Esoteric healing fixed it, dealing with the slings and arrows of public representation would have set it off again. Ratepayers would have given him far more stick than I could.

      He thought he’d been healed by Serge. That illusion might hold up for a while in the Glorious Goonellabah Eso-bubble. It doesn’t stand up to the reality test. That latest outing shows it’s all a facade.

      • Lord of Form says:

        He’ll be back. Unless next time around they’ve woken up post trial and public outing of Serge’s dirty laundry. Hmm. I still doubt it will penetrate the eso-bubble. Especially with Ray and his mob, the mighty Baldwins. In till the bitter end.