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Universal Medicine small town woes & GLOBAL gossip July 2017

Unimed Brisbane.jpg

Unimed Brisbane, Fairfield – for the love of Serge

16 July – Universal Medicine ‘wins’ Lismore Chamber of Commerce ‘People’s Choice’ business award again

11 July – initiating and evolving reactive hyperbole in UM

6 July 2017 *Universal Medicine does Deutschland ūüá©ūüᙬ†*Unimed Brisbane open day July 8 + bonus histrionic personality disorder *CONverys Lane Failed DA *UM sinks the heart of Lismore¬†

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Esther Rockett legal defence mid 2017 update

Lady Justice Sunlit

16 July: *No Qld decision yet *New additions to legal team *Serge in resistance *Funding update

24 June update: *Brisbane hearing 23 June – Raphael & Karam v Rockett

*Cases background *Legal defence before & after special

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Universal Medicine reprimands prohibitions, European invasions & gossip June 2017


Natalie Benhayon – authority on ‘normal’

June 15 Why people join cults – must watch video. *Dr Michael Serafin prohibitions and Dermidenticals

May 31 *More news coverage – Northern Star and The Guardian – “Doctor rebuked over spiritual healing group touting esoteric breast massage”

May 30 * News coverage The Echo – Dr Samuel Kim reprimanded by NSW Medical Council

*Peddling GLOBAL obedience in Deutschland and the UK

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Esther Rockett legal defence update May 2017

14 May progress, litigious spam, UM goes to court + unofficial update video below

7 May 2017 Survival fund – video above

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College of Universal Medicine charity mysteries 2017


October 2015, the College of Universal Medicine had its deductible gift recipient status revoked by the ATO (Australian Tax Office). The charity‚Äôs official line was that it was revoked ‚Äėvoluntarily‚Äô. Was a loss of almost $600,000 in cash assets, equivalent to the entire proceeds of the gift fund,¬† voluntary too?

Were the donors informed?

Read the details at this link: College of Universal Medicine charity dysfunction update 2017 ‚ÄĒ UNIVERSAL MEDICINE ACCOUNTABILITY

Universal Medicine contraction, gossip and doom March 2017

*March 25 – Happy Serge Week¬ģ

*March 14 – mysterious vanishings

*March 12 – marketing¬†‘obedience’ at UM’s 2017 retreats¬†

*March 8 – International Women’s day special – Esoteric Breast Massage testimonial

*Defence funding & general update 

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Universal Medicine defamation, festive role models and gossip early 2017

19 February – *Last weeks hearings *Glorious Music’s assault on the Adelaide Fringe Festival

12 February – *This week’s hearings – short hearing Raphael & Karam v Rockett 13 February, Benhayon procedural hearing on 17th

5 February – Friday’s procedural hearing deferred until 17¬†February

24 January 2017 – *Caroline Raphael & Ray Karam defamation claim *Selling esoteric palliative care *Girl to Woman Festival makeovers and online photo ops

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