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Panic censorship – Universal Medicine’s latest bogus takedown


More of Serge’s Ageless Wisdom

January 10 saw the launch of my YouTube documentary series, Unpacking Universal Medicine & The Way of the Livingness. I gave a critical analysis of Universal Medicine using publicly available video footage, texts and images. It set Goonellabah’s Esoteric empire ascramble and Unimed had its minions fire off bogus DMCA copyright complaints faster than they could spill their pea soup. YouTube removed the two videos I’d published. I have lodged a counter notice.

It’s not the first time they’ve tried this. They tried about 10 takedown requests in 2013. They had no legal basis for that tilt either. I used the same counter notification process and all the content was restored.

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Introducing Unpacking Universal Medicine video series

Subscription video recordings of Universal Medicine’s Way of the Livingness events give insight into the workings of the Goonellabah based commercial occult religious conglomerate. Watch my blogs and social media for updates to the series.

UPDATE: Episode 1 – Mystifying sex – confusing occult teachings from the company intent on providing ‘role models’ and sexual education for kids. Universal Medicine is behind the Girl to Woman Festival held annually in Lennox Head, Teachers are Gold and other initiatives it has tried to introduce to schools and community organizations.

The Unpacking Universal Medicine video series is now on a YouTube playlist. More episodes are coming very soon.

UPDATE 12 January: No surprises UM have issued bogus copyright infringement takedown notices to YouTube. They have form for this. Last time they tried that was 2013. I issued counter notices and the content was restored. Please be patient. I am issuing counter notices. Usually they take 10 days to clear. To keep them down, UM will have to take legal action. If they do, they will lose. They have no copyright claim on my videos. The law allows fair use of content when the source is identified, and for the purposes of comment, criticism and reporting. 

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Merry Pranic Christmas & Universal Medicine webcast gossip December 2017

Boudica-Xmas Party

End of year chillin

It’s that time of year again! The time when human beings get together to celebrate a year of doing our best through thick and thin, and to show gratitude for what and who we have. It’s also the time of year when UM’s Esoterics get together to not celebrate Christmas – when they go out of their way trying to make those who have to put up with them as miserable they are. So let’s raise our cups to not going down without a fight, duckies! Lets wind up the year with some more of the gobsmackers we love to share, with prana and Astral debauchery! And lets cast our thoughts to a blockbuster 2018 – to loading the cannons and striding to the breach my friends.

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Universal Medicine legal update and we know where you live December 2017

Bad news I’m sorry. Donors to my defence fund have been outed to Universal Medicine. December 5th I was summoned to a hearing before a registrar at Qld District Court in Brisbane and to produce my financial documents. It was UM’s in house barrister, Charles Wilson’s first punt at cross examining  the ‘troll’. It was a hearing to ‘obtain information to facilitate the enforcement of a money order’. UM wanted to know if I had financial means to pay a costs order from the February hearing. But that wasn’t all they wanted. They brought a few spectators this time too. On December 13 they dragged me back to court for more of the same. This time without my lawyer present. I dealt with it myself. With success.

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Universal Medicine global incursions, civic agitations & gossip November 2017


Esoteric ‘healing’. The hands go where they’re in truth guided. From $70

3 December – quick legal update

30 November 2017 – *Esoteric healing – stick your hands where you feel to

*Norfolk Councillor Samantha England – Unimed Living meets local government in the UK

23 November – *UM’s GLOBAL contagion *Small town frictions – Ballina DA shenanigans, Lismore, Frome etc.

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Five years of Universal Medicine accountability and gossip November 2017

Accountability-kittyLate September we passed a milestone! Five years ago I launched the Universal Medicine Accountability blog with Our Mission of publishing the information UM won’t. I aimed to get as much info as I could online before the Esoteric goon squad tried to shut me down -plus analysis, plus space for readers to comment, question, laugh and share the pain.

Look where we are. Still here, still investigating. This is the most exposed UM’s ever been. But while the public knows more about the dark recesses of its innermost than ever, the past five years were only the warm up. There’s more. The real exposure is to come.

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Esther Rockett legal defence October 2017 updates

Lady-Justice-watercolour14 October 2017  *The short and the long *Raphael & Karam v Rockett September interlocutory hearing update

*Benhayon v Rockett discovery orders – Serge in resistance part II

*Fundraising update

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