Relaunch: Unpacking Universal Medicine episode 2 – Esoteric healing Esoteric health

Universal Medicine’s Way of the Livingness events give insight into the workings of the Goonellabah based commercial occult religious conglomerate. If you only watch 2 episodes in the series, I recommend this and Episode 1 on Mystifying Sex. They are essential viewing. Watch my blogs and social media for updates to the series.

Episode 2 looks at Universal Medicine’s ‘wellbeing’ beliefs and practices and the uneasy relationship between adherence to the Way of the Livingness and maintaining and improving health. UPDATE: Serge Benhayon and UM contractors The Co-Creative lodged a second round of groundless copyright infringement complaints to YouTube and had 3 episodes taken down. After I issued a counter notification they deliberately stalled to keep them down. The full playlist of videos has been restored, with more to come.

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Universal Medicine in the news again – Esoteric privacy

Unpacking UM ep 1 Wilson & Greig

UM Facts Team outed a former UM client as diagnosed with schizophrenia. Facts Team members – Brisbane barrister, Charles Wilson, and wife Alison Greig at Universal Medicine Way of the Livingness presentation September 2017

Exclusive ABC News report:  Doctor who gave patient medical history to Universal Medicine ‘cult’ stands down from AMA ABC News Online  Reporter – Josh Robertson

Watch the report on iView available until Friday evening

My blog on Universal Medicine Accountability with more background: ABC News reports on Universal Medicine privacy breaches

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Breaking news: University of Queensland probe into UM research controversy

Christoph Schnelle UQ Universal MedicineExclusive ABC News report: UQ researchers accused of promoting dangerous cult  Reporter – Josh Robertson

ABC Radio report: University of Queensland academics linked to alleged cult 4 minute report features interview with Professor John Dwyer

Vice: University of Queensland Faculty Members linked to healing cult

Echonet Daily: UQ Medical researchers UM connections

IFL Science: Scientists Accused Of Promoting “Cult” That Touts “Esoteric Breast Massage” After Study Published

My blog on Universal Medicine Accountability with more background: News report : Universal Medicine in University of Queensland research controversy

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And a little bit of icing on the gluten free Esoteric cake: Video – Universal Medicine: their controversial therapies exposed

Universal Medicine retractions, distractions & Easter gossip April 2018

2018 G2W junior bride

Is this child meant to be dressed like a bride?

17 April 2018 UM retractions & distractions

11 April 2018 The Girl to Woman Festival looms over Melbourne 

31 March 2018 – Happy Easter

*Gossip odds & ends

*Sunlight Ink – Esoteric literacy meets Esoteric altruism

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Universal Medicine detractions, retractions, titillations & gossip March 2018

8 March 2018 – International Women’s Day special – Eunice Minford on Esoteric Breast Massage

16 March 2018 – quick legal update

23 March 2018 – *Birthday gossip *UM dumps on Vietnam

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Relaunch: Unpacking Universal Medicine video series

The bogus copyright kerfuffle is out of the way and the videos are back online…

The series gives an insight into the workings of the Goonellabah based commercial occult religious conglomerate. Watch my blogs and social media for the release of the next episodes.

The Unpacking Universal Medicine video series is now on a YouTube playlist. More episodes are coming soon.

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Universal Medicine Girl to Woman Festival false empowerment gossip & panic January 2018

G2W Indoctrination.png

Girl to Woman Festival indoctrination – $15 for kids, $25 for adults, from the religion that condemns individuality

‘I am Me… and there’s nothing else that I have to be’ as long as I don’t eat what UM says is pranic, don’t dance, don’t listen to music UM says is poison, don’t play sport, don’t read books UM says are laced with the energy of spirit, don’t listen to people UM says aren’t Esoteric, don’t challenge anything, don’t think, don’t express emotion, don’t complain, don’t notify anyone of my misgivings… As long as I surrender…

24 January 2018 – *Benhayon v Rockett hearing, Sydney Feb 1 *YouTube censorship update *Girl to Woman Festival’s deceptive and misleading ’empowerment’
2 February 2018 *Short update on hearing

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