Universal Medicine cult public infiltrations update


Deborah Benhayon with NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian & former MP for Lismore Thomas George

State MP for Lismore Janelle Saffin has introduced a private members’ bill calling for a judicial inquiry into Universal Medicine’s ‘pernicious influence’ on the community. It can’t come soon enough. Universal Medicine continues to deploy its promoters into community organisations, including NSW’s State Emergency Service (SES). That’s business as usual for the cult. Serge and his sales contingent obstinately refuse to acknowledge any of the serious issues surrounding their activities.

In her appeal to NSW parliament on 21 August 2019, Janelle Saffin MP concisely summed up the extent of Universal Medicine’s aggressive incursions into tax payer funded institutions and groups.

I call for an inquiry not because it is a cult, but because it has infiltrated my community, some government departments, agencies and related programs, and non-government organisations, some educational institutions, some media outlets and some business organisations. It is peddling its pernicious influence over the lives of people at their most vulnerable: children, the sick and the wounded… 

It is a cult that has caused the separation of families, is a wealthy commercial enterprise that has a range of subsidiary and related companies operating from Lismore and beyond, and has targeted those who speak out and bullies them in a range of ways, including directly on the streets in my hometown of Lismore and with defamation threats… 

It is a cult that has recruited practitioners across a range of professions, including medical, allied health, human services and even the police that gets them to go forth and seek recruits in well‑placed professional positions. It is a cult that has a senior employee in one of our government departments who has decision‑making power about children and actively recruits other workers. A child under that person’s care was, by that person’s plan, supported to continue an association with the Universal Medicine cult…

Professionals who are Universal Medicine socially harmful cult promoters in the workplace are not fit and proper professionals to be in charge of children, the sick, students and the vulnerable. I have also been informed that some government departments use the Universal Medicine cult associated practitioners in their Employee Assistance Program [EAP]. Its harmful impacts must be brought to light, including its bogus and harmful pseudo health and healing practices. I speak out on behalf of my community seeking Government action. We need an inquiry and we need it as soon as possible. I make the request and say, “Over to you, Attorney General and Ministers.”…  Read the whole speech at NSW Parliament, Hansard

However, Janelle Saffin is currently sitting in opposition to the government. We therefore need to put pressure on NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, Attorney General Mark Speakman, and the relevant ministers for police, FACS, education and health; David Elliott, Gareth Ward, Sarah Mitchell and Brad Hazzard.

Parliamentary privilege for witnesses

Ms Saffin called for a judicial inquiry led by a judge or retired judge into the Universal Medicine cult—with witnesses given parliamentary privilege.

What that means is that witnesses will be able to give evidence to the inquiry with immunity from being sued for defamation, and with legislated protections from harassment and intimidation.

Having said that, the days of this horrible cult harassing people for telling the truth, or for criticising their nasty and questionable behaviour are over.

Universal Medicine’s continued audacity

While they might be on the back foot when it comes to hounding detractors, they continue their usual sneaky recruitment activities. Even recently, people unwittingly referred to UM practitioners were horrified to find themselves love-bombed and sold all sorts of extraneous esoteric junk, including referrals to UM practitioners.

I’m hearing that UM promoters continue to run extra-curricular activities for children out of public schools in the Lismore region. In Perth, UM promoter Sally Green recently nominated (for a second time) for election to a local government seat, but withdrew under a bit of overdue scrutiny.

Word from UM’s inner sanctum is that the esoterics are moaning and griping about my continued criticism of their activities. They’re persisting with their victim routine, despite the court’s findings against their guru, and their attitude that I’m the one who’s in the wrong.

Apparently Serge got very precious about me recently appealing for leaks from UM’s insiders where I encouraged them to preserve internal communications and documents as a type of insurance policy against future blowback. He went so far as to whinge to his pet lawyer that I’m trying to ‘access his private correspondence’.

We saw what some of those love letters looked like on ABC News a couple of weeks ago, where UM were not just trying to organise to have me arrested, but actively harassing a police officer when NSW Police found no evidence of criminal activity on my part and opted out of UM’s unlawful vendetta against me.

If Serge wants me to express less interest in UM’s documents, then maybe UM should stop behaving like a socially harmful cult. Maybe they shouldn’t send out so many communications conspiring to bully people, or labelling those who don’t ‘align’ to The One’s whim du jour as ‘evil’, or pressuring followers for money, or extorting private information, unpaid labour and pseudo-legal consent and releases.

They’re not exactly ‘private communications’ when they have an adverse affect on so many people.

Leaks are, as always, welcome.

Northern Rivers SES

I’m hearing that Deborah Benhayon has been parachuted into a role as Deputy Commander for the State Emergency Service at the Lismore area division. I’m not clear on the extent of the role or the geographical area involved.

You can reply in the comments or via my contact form if you have further information. Just leave the fields blank if you want to stay anonymous.

If that’s true, it’s a surprising decision seeing Deborah has refused to acknowledge any of the many legitimate public concerns about her role in Universal Medicine and its relationship to her leadership of the Lismore Chamber of Commerce. Does her new role mean that she is going to start answering the questions and concerns from the public and from SES staff and volunteers?

Deborah is Universal Medicine’s salaried Chief Financial Officer and has been been working the cash register at events, and in charge of the books for yonks. She was a witness at the trial of Benhayon v Rockett and when Serge ran out of courage four weeks into the trial and stopped showing up to court, he sent Deborah along in his stead. It was Deborah there at the bitter end, instructing his lawyers. She is deeply entrenched in the organisation as an integral part of the management.

Before she became head of the Lismore Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and during her tenure, Universal Medicine won the ‘People’s Choice’ Business Award for four years running – decided by ‘popular vote’. Then the Chamber invented a ‘Hall of Fame’ award with UM as the inaugural winner. A bunch of UM associates, including Deborah’s husband, Clayton Lloyd, became suppliers of services to the Chamber during that time.


Deborah Benhayon accepts the Lismore Chamber of Commerce ‘People’s Choice’ business award on behalf of Universal Medicine 2016

During the trial of Benhayon v Rockett, the public learned for the first time about the cult’s controversial teachings and behaviours. Those included the disgraceful rot vilifying people with disabilities. When members of the public posted concerns on the Lismore Chamber’s Facebook page, and some of Lismore’s community Facebook pages, their comments were removed. I saw instances of Benhayon’s cronies removing posts and abusing people who’d very reasonably expressed objections to UM’s anti-social nonsense.

Deborah Benhayon stepped down from her role on the Chamber late last year. Earlier this year the Lismore Chamber of Commerce and Industry rescinded all awards to Unimed. But I’m not aware of her at any point addressing the issues around the controversial business awards, UM’s infiltration of the Chamber, or her involvement in what the Supreme Court of NSW found was a ‘socially harmful cult’ and a ‘healing fraud that harms people’.

Deborah-Benhayon-steps-down-LCCI.pngQuestions for the SES

How does the SES plan to safeguard the public and volunteers from any potential Universal Medicine influence on its organisation?

How will the SES manage public concerns about Deborah Benhayon’s role and its compatibility with her UM involvement?

I’ve put forward proposals for managing UM promoters who want to take up community or other publicly funded roles. Will the SES request that Ms Benhayon, and any other UM involved staff or volunteers, disclose all UM links and make full disclosure whenever they introduce anything or anyone UM related to the SES, or recommend or refer to UM associated practitioners or businesses?

Alternatively, will UM staff or promoters involved in the SES undertake to refrain from promoting any UM related product, service or person to SES staff, volunteers or members of the public?

Will UM’s staff or promoters acknowledge the court’s findings and the community’s concerns about those? Will they make any effort to improve their behaviour and their transparency and alleviate those concerns?

The SES, like all public funded organisations, provides a vital service. But the involvement of Universal Medicine staff and promoters is hardly going to instil public confidence if the SES does not implement any safeguarding mechanisms.

Support the call for an inquiry

Please write to the following and if you’re in NSW, your state MP. (You might have to paste a message into the representatives’ contact forms. If anyone has the correct email addresses for the Ministers, please add them in the comments.)

Premier Gladys Berejiklian Contact form

AG Mark Speakman Contact form or email office@speakman.minister.nsw.gov.au

Family, Community & Disability Services Gareth Ward Contact form

Education Minister Sarah Mitchell Contact form or email office@mitchell.minister.nsw.gov.au

Health Minister Brad Hazzard Contact form or email office@hazzard.minister.nsw.gov.au

Minister for Police David Elliott Contact form

69 Comments on “Universal Medicine cult public infiltrations update”

  1. MP, the Minister for Emergency Services says:

    Minister the Hon. David ELLIOTT, MP, the Minister for Emergency Services

  2. Thoughts please says:

    Wondering why FFS that Serge Benhayon’s ex daughter in law – Emmalee
    [who was married to $erge’$ son Michael Benhayon and is the daughter of $erge$ Supreme Court hearing lawyer Paula Fletcher] Even tho she has since remarried a UM cult follower Kris Lyons – she is now known as Emmalee Benhayon Lyons???????????

    • Follow The Money And Focus On Law says:

      Link doesn´t work anymore. UM´s responding mechanism as usual.

      Because of their kids? Or because….https://truthaboutuniversalmedicine.com/2015/05/03/i-love-the-benhayons/#more-2688

      • Anonymous says:

        That link is a good for anyone needing to bring up their last meal. And the people posting comments below the puke-fest article obviously love the Benhayon’s so much because they don’t have families of their own anymore – gave them up when they joined the cult.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, you´ve got to differentiate between loveless pranic people and divine angels at a certain point of your path to Sirius.

          “Info from inside the compound as recently as yesterday indicates they do not recognise any fault on their part.”
          Esther Rockett Legal Defence Fb

          Got no words for that.

    • Truth be told says:

      Bit like fire-fighting Debbie B who never gave up the married name. Bad decision now it seems when her ex is a conman in hiding.

      • Anonymous says:

        Her phrase “stop the noise” won´t neither go away with silence or anti-clockwise circling..

        • Brazen to say the least says:

          Hmm wondering how Deborah Benhayon scored her new role as Deputy Zone Commander at the Lismore SES?

          Who enabled her to be able to fill this position a state government position?

          Poor show! In view of her involvement and allegiance to Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.

          Yes of course she has the right to employment –
          BUT there are so many many questions and no answers -YET!

    • Golden Rule says:

      Go after the money and the shit will hit the fan.

      • Scar Money says:

        Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd September: The Science of Divination – The practitioner’s odyssey

        Investment: $650 (incl. GST)
        x 50 participants = $32,500
        x 100 p. = $65,000
        x 150 p. = $97,500
        x 200 p. = $130,000

        Black Rock, no, black work cash not included (no proof but practical experience). Business as usual since late 1999.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A forced apology to Esther Rockett is a step in the right direction. She´s been the No 1 target and major losses.

    However, I´ve counted 10 other victims at first try without effort. I´m waiting…

    • Esther says:

      Don’t hold your breath. It took legal threats to wake them up to the fact they’d fucked up. Given their past performances I have no reason to think the apology was sincere.

      • Anonymous says:

        Me neither. A copy paste apology.

        “Only admit as much as you’re forced to admit.”
        Bill I only took 4 flights Clinton… or so

  4. Anonymous says:

    As L. H. foresaw on Facebook, his followers see the apology as a sign of strength, to be able to admit your mistakes, and move on more powerful than before. The comments are gold, Erik.

    Luckily, it´s not about getting those, who went deep down the rabbit hole back.

  5. Dr Hall the cocky Ascended Master Level 4 says:

    This is UM’s Dr Rachel Hall in August provoking and thumbing her nose at other UMers because she is a ‘Level 4 ascended master’ and says to them: in “a matter of weeks but endless in time being a 4th #AscendedMaster”. It shows the contempt inside of UM and the competition and viciousness. Because she has reached this 4th Level over others, she is on twitter not so subtly telling the other UMers to ‘suck eggs” (#suckeggs), ‘if you ain’t fourth you last (#ifyouaintforthyoulast) and ‘true justice’ (#truejustice). Goes to show it’s a very unpleasant place inside the UM inner circle.

    Today marks 50 years of my life. 50 years of Rachel and all that I bring and represent.And a matter of weeks but endless in time being a 4th#AscendedMaster #fourthdegree #rockingitatfifty #parody #ifyouaintforthyoulast #suckeggs #truejustice pic.twitter.com/mA4wFPmG2b— Dr Rachel Hall (@EvolveHolistic) August 17, 2019

    • Anonymous says:

      I´ve been within “the inner circle” and it is indeed. Statements like these are the staff of love. Everyone´s spirit resists unconditional fiery love. It needs some poking to re-turn into the womb of God.

  6. SAK says:

    The Science of Divination

    Business as usual at Convery’s Lane.

    Lots of cars at 4 pm.

    $650.00 for first timers. Staff discount for the other idiots?

    What a load of shit.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Here’s another um cult recruitment health initiative https://www.facebook.com/pregnancybirthandyou/

  8. Anonymous says:

    In 2015 a grovelling quote:
    “Our thanks to Serge Benhayon for providing the excellent training facilities that adjoin our Head Office. Serge also provided a staff member with sound
    engineering expertise.”
    from a Lismore NGO enslaved to the Benhayon machine by being his tenant and lackey. Incidentally the same NGO that the Lismore Mayor, and unsuspecting locals, are part of https://www.hartservices.org.au/images/Documents/2015_Annual_Report.pdf

    • Yoda says:

      Sound engineering expertise from Serge.
      Best joke I’ve heard all day.
      What was it?
      “You had better get an Engineer to look at that”.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Spoiler for the upcoming course Sacred Esoteric Healing (SEH) Part 2:

    You were born fiery, became pranic due to the emotional loveless society. Thus, almost your whole lifetime(s) between birth and re-uniting with UM is pranic and full of trauma.
    Your childhood-imprints are stored energetically within certain points in your belly. You can only heal these with yourself and an assisting UM practitioner. Not achievable in this one course. Please come back afterwards and bring your money.

    By the way: Less than one month – officially – until UM blesses UK and other parts of Europe.

    • Anonymous says:

      I remember that one. Back in the days without age restriction. A whole lot of screaming, burping and crying going on. Oh the fun, when unqualified people bring up each others childhood traumas. Worth a trip, won´t need the new Joker movie after that.

  10. Jan says:

    Unimedliving in “The Hatha yoga Daily” paper. Second to last article at the bottom: https://paper.li/jeffemmans/1555369131#/

    Everything about Yoga as society knows it, is of course pranic and bastardized. They´re setting the record straight. All are wrong we are right attitude. Nothing new.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Here we go. Let´s Talk About Sects. The latest episode about Universal Medicine:

    • Anonymous says:

      Very well researched episode. Thank you and congratulations. The events commencing with the Supreme Court trial are movie material.

  12. Prepping for UK says:

    Simone being the reincarnation of Winston Churchill isn´t as flattering as Serge thinks it is.
    (one example of many, including books: https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/truth-about-winston-churchill)

    A 6th degree Initiate, who knows more than any scientist from his inner-heart, should know at least the obvious. Like – what the Barbara Streisand effect stands for or an own goal.

  13. UM defiant to the last/Stay alert and vocal says:

    Business as usual @ UM …?? What Supreme Court ruling ???
    Stay alert and vocal and vigilant

    • Anonymous says:

      Business as usual indeed. The ad for the upcoming Vietnam Retreat 2020 is up. https://donotlink.it/Vlk0X

      But first, UK courses officially commencing on Nov 8th in a town only UM (students), the LoF and NSA have knowledge of.

      • Anonymous says:

        The Lords of Form and the NSA. Very similar concept. 🙂

        Investment $1550. Course only. Plus accomodation, meals, travel, leave days etc.
        The expenses are tax deductible as practitioner when you´re smart enough. The government loves to support your career advancement.

      • Rich-ard says:

        FYI. There´ll be 2 Vietnam Retreats next year. 14/03 – 18/03 and 09/05 – 13/05.

  14. Anonymous says:

    A summary of the Lighthouse´s booking plan in November. The number of the available rooms and days don´t speak for UniMed hosting its courses there soon.

    • Esther says:

      Interesting info thanx Anons and Rich-ard. Little Sergio’s still frightened the British press might ask him to account for himself.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Vietnam, the new Home Sweet Home.

  16. Anonymous says:

    A couple of UM students have finally come forward to talk about how much better it is to spend money on UM.

    You can go and discuss it in their comment section: https://donotlink.it/l/lwVGy.

    • Anonymous says:

      There’s a term for people who’ve enabled this transparent idiocy for the last 3 years: Useful Idiots.

      Let them write and chat on their blogs. Nobody outside UM takes these seriously.

  17. Naughty Little Beggar says:

    The sum of donations UM received, all of its branches combined, must be almost as high as Bill Gates´ daily salary. They´re both using it to heal the world though.

  18. Thích Quảng Đức says:

    Rhetorical question, but anything going on in Frome? One of UniMed´s courses are officially starting today in UK?

  19. Anonymous says:

    The final Sunday Night´s coming up this, well, Sunday night. I hope to see a bit of Serge´s hiding in the car moment?

    After 11 years, Sunday Night is coming to an end. It’s been quite a ride and one well worth celebrating. Join @melissadoyle this Sunday at 8pm – @Channel7 & @7plus. https://t.co/AiexO9FAx5 #SN7 pic.twitter.com/XRpM0iHDtt— Sunday Night (@SundayNightOn7) November 21, 2019


  20. anon says:

    I know that it is a bit off topic, but in principal I see that there are similarities in the kind of help that many spiritual based health therapists on offer. Particularly those with a financial basis. Take this recent ACA report for example.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I´ve had a look at UM´s event calendar 2019. The official one, not the not leaked yet one.

    The UK “healing” courses ended on 24th Movember. Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 4 will be reigned in Australia on 6th December. The same procedure: “Venue details be advised – Location available upon registration”.

    I wonder, how long this game of hide-and-seek can be sustained.

    • Esther says:

      Until UM bites the dust. Welcome to the neu normal Natalie.

      We’ll eventually find them, and when we do they can expect to be questioned by the press.

  22. Anonymous says:

    There are posts, that don´t age well: “Why it is quite claear that UniMed is not a cult” (https://donotlink.it/EoA37). Kein Kommentar, einfach wirken lassen.

  23. The Grim Reaper says:

    The purple pillock failed to predict the corona virus didn’t he? Given the age demographic of his cult I’m sure he’s pretty worried about membership numbers dropping if they start getting infected. And with all that hugging and huddling in little groups in their secret bunkers it’s bound to spread through the cult like a bushfire.

    On the other hand, think of all those bequests!

    • Vietnam turns purple says:

      Ha! A bunch of them have no doubt headed to Vietnam for the annual retreat. I’m sure all of their fiery energy makes them immune, but if anyone happens to succumb and dump their prana, you know, tough well-rubbed titty! It’s KARMA. Which is a SCIENCE. Mankind must be cleansed. Serge said so. True sexy hugs, exchanges of body fluids, possible quarantine, and other hilarity ensues.

      • Wipe my arse says:

        LOL, hopefully they all get quarantined there and bother the rest of us no more. With just the glorious muzak of the benhayon brood for entertainment for weeks on end it will be like a slow Chinese torture. Luckily the toilet paper shortage won’t be an issue – finally a use for all those extra copes of sergio’s books 😉

      • Yoda says:

        And here I was thinking they had panic bought all the broccoli at the local fruit & veg shop yesterday.
        Once a socially harmful cult, always a socially harmful cult.
        Just at a different level of stupidity.
        Goonaudibah & Richmans Hill to self quarantine.

        • Anonymous says:

          Do you think they could self quarantine for ever and bother the rest of us no more?

          If only…

      • RHW says:

        Michael’s next dance album.


      • RHW says:

        So which UMer do we think drives the $190,000 white Lotus sports car.
        Spotted in Richmans Hill this afternoon at a UM residence.
        If it Serge, why isn’t he in self isolation.

        • Take care and isolate (especially from idiots who don’t believe in virus contagion). says:

          Because we don’t catch virus’s silly! Everyone knows that. All illness comes from our own actions and what we did in former lives. This isn’t a pandemic spread by germs, it’s just the whole world getting sick because they didn’t believe Sergio. So he can drive his flash sports cars around, paid for by the inheritances of dead followers, and know he won’t get sick because he’s a 8th level whatever he says he is.

          On the other hand, this pandemic shows what a compete load of bullshit everything he’s ever said is and following his advice is likely to get you very sick if not dead.

          You decide. I know which I believe.

        • Anonymous says:

          Lotus, tsk, A-U-D-I!

        • Fire sale says:

          Well it sure ain’t the oral technician…the Porsche is on eBay to cover the mounting debt!

  24. SAK says:

    So quarantine is more or less over for the Vietnam travellers.

    It did not seem to stop multiple visitors at one address at the same time during the past week.

    There goes the one visitor rule,

    Seems like one rule for us & we won’t be infected for others.

    • Anonymous says:

      Typical blatant ignorance of UMers. Well, they’ll only have themselves to blame if they get really sick, but sad thing is the strain they will put on health system through their stupidity effects us all.

  25. anon says:

    Does anyone know what serge is saying to his flock during corona virus lockdown. my left wing friend who is heavily involved in um posted some stuff i thought was quite trumpesque. ie is serge saying they should all be out of lockdown. he won’t be making money right now and he certainly can’t fly to the UK.

    • Please can the Benhayons be on permanent lockdown? says:

      One of the fringe benefits of the lockdown is the purple clown not being able to move 😉

      I’d worry for the hardcore members health – if any of them get the virus they’re so bloody weak they’ll be prime candidates for some serious complications. And the amount of health nonsense they already swallowed from Benhayon he’s definitely on the same planet as Trump with nuts cures – injecting bleach, ultra violet rays etc. I’m sure he’s flogging healing cards as a preventative/cure.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Lockdown is an unknown word in the UM language (unless you add “ness” on the end of it).
    Constant vehicle movements & multiple vehicles constantly turning up at residences in Richmond Hill.
    Social distancing would be impossible & unimaginable for this crew.

    • Stay at home iditos. says:

      It’s bloody irresponsible and if they get sick, they risk inflicting others and causing health issues to the poor doctors and nurses who have to treat them. Call the police I say.

    • Anonymous says:

      Like when you see a Lotus, 2 Porsche Cayenne, 2 Audis & Mercedes Van at a residence?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Or a black Merc convertible turn up at a residence supposedly in quarantine after returning from overseas. It didn’t look like it was a delivery of groceries.

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