Benhayon v Rockett victory at last & the way forward

Former Sydney tennis coach turned self-styled spiritual healer Serge Benhayon has suffered a spectacular loss in his Supreme Court defamation case against a former client, after a four-person jury found it was true to say he led a “socially harmful cult”, “intentionally indecently touched” clients and made “bogus healing claims”…

Ms Rockett’s solicitor, Stewart O’Connell of O’Brien Solicitors, said the verdict was a “victory against a Goliath organisation by a woman who refused to be bullied” and was a “vindication of Ms Rockett”. Sydney Morning Herald, 15 October 2018

Update: You can download a copy of the Supreme Court’s final determination at this link:

I’ve also published an article on how to use the court’s orders to protect your community.

What happened?

November 2015, Serge Benhayon commenced defamation action at the Supreme Court of NSW, Sydney. He claimed I’d damaged his reputation by defaming him in one blog post and one tweet. I filed a defence in February 2016 relying on the defences of truth, contextual truth, honest opinion and qualified privilege.

September 2016, after failing in application to strike out some of my defence, Benhayon expanded the action by claiming I’d also defamed him in another 17 subsequent tweets. I filed an amended defence in November 2016 using the same defences for all publications.

December 2016, two of Benhayon’s associates, Ray Karam and Caroline Raphael started their own defamation action in the District Court of Queensland in Brisbane and so on (I ran out of money, did work of solicitor myself for over a year, appeared at interlocutory hearings in two states, went bankrupt etc.).

The trial of Benhayon v Rockett ran for six weeks from 3 September to 15 October 2018 before a jury.

I won.

A comprehensive win

In the end Benhayon sued me for 20 publications. He claimed that 60 defamatory meanings (imputations) were found in those. The jury found only 44 of those meanings were conveyed. Of those, three (dishonest, leader of socially harmful cult, and preys on cancer patients) were repeated across several publications. Therefore, there were in fact 40 imputations conveyed in total.

To win I only needed one defence to be upheld for each imputation. The jury found that three separate defences were upheld for 33 of the 40 imputations. Two defences were upheld for a further 6 imputations, and one defence was upheld for the remaining imputation found to be conveyed.

The significance, though, is that 33 of the meanings that were found to be conveyed and found to be defamatory were found to be true.

The Uniform Defamation Laws provide a defence of justification (s. 25, Defamation Act NSW). It is a complete defence if you can prove the material published was substantially true. This means that even if an imputation is found to be defamatory, the publisher is not liable if the imputation is proven to be true in substance or not materially different from the truth. This can be difficult to prove as you can only use evidence that is admissible in court – this means that you will need original documents and/or witnesses who are credible and willing to testify in court. Arts Law Centre of Australia 

I proved, with evidence, in the Supreme Court, those meanings to be true.

A big win on truth

Among the imputations which were covered by Ms Rockett’s truth defence were statements that Mr Benhayon “engages in inappropriate conduct towards women”, “is guilty of inappropriate behaviour with children”, “is not a fit person to hold a Working with Children Certificate” and that Universal Medicine is a “socially harmful cult”. Mr Benhayon has denied all allegations of wrongdoing. Northern Star, 14 November 2018

Benhayon is not in a position to deny what was proven in court. The following is the complete list of the 36 imputations proven true. (You can download a copy of the list at this link.)

Benhayon v Rockett

Findings of truth

Jury’s findings of imputations proven true

1. Serge Benhayon had intentionally indecently touched his client Esther Rockett during a consultation in his treatment room.
2. Serge Benhayon had intentionally indecently touched a number of his clients in his treatment room.
3. Serge Benhayon instructed students at Universal Medicine training workshops to touch the genitals of victims of sexual abuse.
4. Serge Benhayon has an indecent interest in young girls as young as ten whom he causes to stay at his house unaccompanied.
5. Serge Benhayon is the leader of a socially harmful cult.
6. Serge Benhayon is the leader of Universal Medicine, a group which to his knowledge, engages in misleading conduct in promoting the healing services it offers.
7. Serge Benhayon is the leader of Universal Medicine, a group which to his knowledge, makes false claims about healing that cause harm to others.
8. Serge Benhayon as the leader of Universal Medicine exploits the followers of that group through his false and harmful teachings.
9. Serge Benhayon is dishonest.
10. Serge Benhayon is the leader of Universal Medicine, a group which to his knowledge preys on cancer patients.
11. Serge Benhayon engages in inappropriate conduct towards women.
12. Serge Benhayon dishonestly promotes fraudulent ideas of karma for self-gain.
13. Serge Benhayon engages in bizarre sexual manipulation to make money for his business.
14. Serge Benhayon is a hypocrite because his Esoteric Healing has death as its goal.
15. Serge Benhayon has persuaded followers to shun loved ones who won’t join his cult.
16. Serge Benhayon denigrates life and glorifies death.
17. Serge Benhayon is the leader of a socially harmful cult, which to his knowledge had engaged in dishonest healing practices.
18. Serge Benhayon, the leader of Universal Medicine, had exploited children by having them vouch for Universal Medicine’s dishonest healing practices.
19. Serge Benhayon has engaged in bullying to stop Esther Rockett exposing that he is guilty of inappropriate behaviour with children.
20. Serge Benhayon is guilty of inappropriate behaviour with children.
21. Serge Benhayon is not a fit person to hold a Working With Children Certificate.
22. Serge Benhayon vilifies people with disabilities.
23. Serge Benhayon is the leader of a socially harmful cult that is paternalistic to women.
24. Serge Benhayon is sexually manipulative of his cult followers.
25. Serge Benhayon preys on cancer patients.
26. Serge Benhayon exploits cancer patients by targeting them to leave him bequests in their wills.
27. Serge Benhayon is a charlatan who makes fraudulent medical claims.
28. Serge Benhayon swindles cancer patients.
29. Serge Benhayon was to inherit the bulk of a follower’s million-dollar estate as a result of his exercising undue influence on her.
30. Serge Benhayon is the leader of an exploitative cult.
31. Serge Benhayon is engaged in a healing fraud that harms people.
32. Serge Benhayon makes bogus healing claims.
33. Serge Benhayon is guilty of exploitative behaviour.

Findings of contextual truth

A further 3 imputations pleaded by me were found to be conveyed by the matters complained of and were proven true.

35. There are reasonable grounds to believe the plaintiff intentionally sexually preyed upon his client Esther Rockett by administering an “ovarian reading” during a consultation in his treatment room.
36. There are reasonable grounds to believe the plaintiff had intentionally sexually preyed upon his clients.
37. There are reasonable grounds to believe the plaintiff had intentionally indecently touched a number of his clients in his treatment room.

The implications of serious allegations proven true – what’s next?

Benhayon can never sue anybody ever again for repeating any of the above allegations.

The proceeding concluded at a hearing on 28 February 2018. There was no argument about the jury’s decision and no appeal. Benhayon was ordered to pay my costs on an indemnity basis. The court’s final determination has been published on the website.

What won’t happen

Some people are asking whether Benhayon will be charged with criminal offences as a result of the court’s finding. The answer is no. The proceeding was a civil proceeding, not a criminal proceeding. For any further action to occur requires people to come forward with complaints. Various legal remedies are available depending on the incident – criminal action, civil action for damages, and actions by regulatory authorities to limit certain activities.

Any member of the public may use the court’s determination to make notifications about any UM activities of concern.

But nothing will happen if people don’t act.

Organisers of The Girl to Woman Festival, now in its fifth year, declined to answer questions from The Northern Star.

They have instead issued a statement, saying the event’s organisers had been subject to “continued harassment” on social media.

In the statement, they said “false information” and “moral panic” about the event had been circulating online.

“We are aware that the Festival is being attacked on the grounds of a jury’s findings regarding a civil defamation action taken out by Serge Benhayon, founder of Universal Medicine, in relation to prolific blogging about him and his organisation,” the statement said.

“The Girl to Woman Festival is not in the position to comment about a court case that is still officially in process.”

The statement confirmed The Girl to Woman Festival is “primarily run” by Esoteric Women’s Health, and that this organisation was founded by Natalie Benhayon.

“Esoteric Women’s Health openly cites Universal Medicine’s extensive teachings on health and wellbeing as a foundational inspiration, yet it remains the case that Universal Medicine is not the organiser of The Girl To Woman Festival,” they said. Northern Star, 14 November 2018

The court case had concluded by the time that statement was published. The only remaining argument was about costs. The organizers of the Girl to Woman Festival are company directors, employees and contractors of Serge Benhayon’s Universal Medicine businesses. All the Festival’s volunteers are UM cultists.

UM’s promoters have learned nothing from the court’s decision, and are determined to carry on business as usual, and continue to do so without proper disclosure of who they are and what they are selling.

Recent media coverage is revealing the extent of UM’s underhanded infiltration of community organizations and political groups. Those who’ve been paying attention to my accountability campaign for a while are aware that authorities have consistently failed to protect the public from UM’s aggressive recruiters. Media coverage has been the best means to inform members of the community about the risks and harms of UM. However, the media interest will not last. In most places where UM is active there has been no media coverage, or not enough people saw it. UM will regroup, and the harms will continue.

I’m more aware than most of how many people have been very seriously affected by UM’s Esoteric ‘Sons of God’. For some that has been life threatening. Others have been physically, emotionally and financially devastated. It is finally safe to speak up. UM’s aggressors will now run into very serious legal problems if they harass complainants. If victims don’t come forward the harm will simply continue. UM will continue to prey on vulnerable members of the community and the Supreme Court’s finding will be just another piece of paper.

I can’t do any more than I have done. And after six years, it’s time for me to rebuild my own life.

The time to come forward is now.

What’s next for me?

I’ve been just as busy since the trial as I was before and during. I’m working on the next level of the accountability project – finishing what I started. There’s still a lot of work to do tying up loose ends. The Raphael & Karam v Rockett proceedings in Queensland went away.

You won’t see me online as much from here on. While we have media interest I’m helping with that. The big news orgs have a lot more reach than my little blogs. I strongly believe media coverage helps give victims the courage to come forward. The authorities and the public will not get a proper idea of the scale of the harm until they do. For those considering it, remember, there are plenty more like you, apparently waiting for others to speak up. Every person who comes forward will help someone else find the courage, will help others to feel less alone, and help others to heal. Every person who comes forward will help to stop more innocent people from being caught in the same nightmare. I can tell you there is nothing more empowering than doing something that helps others. But as I said, the opportunity to really expose UM could soon pass. I’ve got no assets – zero financial security. I have to move on and get back to earning a living.

Gigantic thank u!

I could not have won this case without the support I received – every cent contributed, every word of encouragement, all the information, time, work, care and kindness you shared. You all helped me to see this through on behalf of those who could not. My family were especially awesome, and of course my brilliant legal team who backed a bankrupt who could never afford to pay any of them. Tom Molomby SC came on board in 2016, Louise Goodchild joined last year, and then Stewart O’Connell and Peter O’Brien of O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors in Sydney from April 2018, helping with the critical preparations for trial. To get this result without that help would have been impossible.

Also a huge thanks to the jury for their incredible service to the community and for their intelligence, concentration and patience through the trial. Thanks especially to the injured juror who pushed through pain to get to court. My team and I really wanted to help, but unfortunately it was against the rules to communicate with her. I’d like to thank her for her perseverence.

The best bit for me, has been all the wonderful people I’ve gotten to know over the past six years. And those of you have been paying attention for a while know, despite the dark and unsavoury subject matter, we got to have a little bit of fun along the way.



123 Comments on “Benhayon v Rockett victory at last & the way forward”

  1. Herbert Kane 178 says:

    Great to see this blog, and congratulations again. A huge win and the success of it has been felt wherever UM operates.

    Can’t wait for the court transcripts to be released… I know of a fair few people looking forward to getting eyes on them.

  2. `Olga´ says:

    Congratulations from us again to Esther and everyone involved. We´re very grateful for what you´ve done.

    The opportunity for others to come forward is advantageous. For reconnaissance of the public, lost my hope for people under year-long UM manipulation. Sorry. It´s like talking to a wall.

    All the best for building a new life with a lot less UM in it.

  3. Ira McClure says:

    Onya sister..

    VERY WELL done Queen Esther …and to all of ‘Team Esther and all of your ‘wonderful supporters.’
    WE are all SO SO SO PROUD of you and your honesty and your tenacity.etc etc etc and so on… WOW! PHEW!
    You have gone to realms where some sadly find it hard to go and [at great cost to yourself in every possible way]
    May your example and the Supreme Court Jury result give others the strength needed.
    May the next chapter of your life be devoid of word whiskers – eg:’UM’…
    Best wishes for a very very well deserved happy successful future. Hugs xx

  4. Boris66 says:

    AWESOME work Esther.

    I have noticed the UM social media train has been very quiet of late.

    You must have derailed it.

    Take a break where you can,

    But believe me I still have my eyes open & an ear to the ground in my area.

  5. The Songstress says:

    It’s been one hell of a journey Esther
    Proud to have witnessed your bravery
    And kept us laughing whilst wading neck deep thru the muddy swamp that is UM
    One day we will meet and put that movie script together
    Good luck for a bright future

  6. Lifesaver says:

    So UMers you want TRUTH & FACT!
    There is 34 of them for you
    Via the Supreme Court , Australia, Earth.
    It’s (astral) plane to see and it’s sirius
    This is your escape route
    The cage door is open
    Back to your true loved ones
    They are waiting to embrace you and will help you to heal

  7. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Esther, and let’s hope others come forward to support a criminal case against UM

    • Suppressed Emoticons says:

      Let’s hope so. No 14 is something one has to deal with then though, especially with a fiery loving relative coming at you then in the name of god and one unified truth.

  8. Esther says:

    Drat it, blog has been corrected to show 33 imputations were proven true. Not 34. I didn’t account for one of the three imputations repeated in two or more publications.

    Thank you for all your awe-some and glorious messages. I really wasn’t prepared for the amount of love I’ve gotten since the trial. Fakt.

    Herb, the court won’t release any transcripts. Those are not ordinarily accessible to the public.

    Apologies if I told anyone I would call back or if you’re expecting a reply to messages. I’ve lost track of what’s what. If it’s urgent try me again.

    If anyone who is new to this nonsense is wondering how poor old Winston Churchill made it into this mess, you need to read this:

    • In denial says:

      Congratulations Esther on your win for truth with objective, provable fakts!

      Some UM followers (who should be thanking Esther for attempting to set them free) seem in denial, suppressing blaring cognitive dissonance. They continue to blame you, the media, Lords of Form, ignorance of SB’s higher esoteric knowledge, the weather etc, for the slow motion train wreck, collateral damage and self-inflicted misery.

      Conveniently overlooking (evading responsibility) for their own role in UM’s demise. Including that it was SB himself (who claimed to know everything) who instigated the self-sabotaging defammation court case. (Which was obviously another lame attempt to silence / bully Esther the messenger of truth).

      From the 2015 SMH article SB’s ex-wife predicted the impact on her family. All the indicators were there. They have only themselves to blame.

      Quit exploiting the vulnerable including cancer patients, the lonely and those who have left abusive situations (out of the pot into the fire).

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey Unimed Living,
    are we going to start the old “reading the comment section and defaming the people on your Twitter page” game again?

    Your pathetic communication with critics sucks. Comments are as open here as not on your blogs.

    • Boris66 says:

      So they do that?

      I don’t do twitface but I may have to start an account.

      I miss the time I had a go at local UMers on this blog.

      AJ had a go at me so I took him on & have not seen a peep since.

      He must be spending to much time in the AMG…………….BU-DHIC?

      Maybe I need to look further a field so AJ & I can spar again.

  10. Just Curious says:

    Are there any news regarding Google and the “Unpacking Universal Medicine” video series? A pity, if it would stay down.

  11. SAK says:

    Girl to woman Festival

    Supported by “Esoteric Womens Health”

    “Inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine”.
    Straight from the UM web site.

    From what I have seen in the press, Serge Benhayon has been found to be:

    “the leader of of a socially harmful cult”
    “has exploited children by having them vouch for Universal Medicine’s dishonest healing practices”.
    “guilty of inappropriate behaviour with children”.
    “not a fit person to hold a Working With Children Certificate”.
    And lots of other findings against him.

    Also supported by “Real Media Real Change”.

    Where apparently “freedom of speech is not an excuse for harm”.

    Figure that one out.

  12. smiley jim says:

    True Dental

    At Rous road shops.

  13. Birdie says:

    Northern Star

    “Lynch mob mentality” forces festival cancellation.
    UM-Linked Girl to Woman Festival axed on eve of council vote to possibly ban it.


    • Boris66 says:

      And the victim is………………….?

      An affiliate of a “socially harmful cult”.

      “Come on down & collect your prize”.

      And don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

      Exit …….Stage left!

    • Tiny Tim says:

      “A day after the ABC put questions to both the department and Family and Community Services Minister Pru Goward, a FACS director issued a directive to staff that “no child be referred to Universal Medicine”, the source said.”

      This should go further stating the no child should be referred to Universal Medicine or any of its allied Health Professionals (whether they be GP’s, Dentists, Optometrists, Physios, Counsellors and the list goes on).

  14. Olga says:

    Great to see the esoteric infiltration of all kinds of institutions pretending to be someone else gets exposed.
    They shouldn’t have defamed Josh and called him a Milchbubengesicht. Messed with the wrong journalist, who’s professional enough to not make it a cat fight.
    Excellent investigative work – again.

  15. Defending the Light - NO TO ONLINE ABUSE says:

    I hope the girl to woman festival can find a new home – perhaps in a Byron Shire venue? So sad that the bullies stopped such a wholesome event designed to nurture and inspire the young women in our community. This is a complete overreaction because the girl to woman festival was not on trial in Sydney and is not guilty of anything. Shame on the cyberbullies! Shame on the one sided media! Braiding hair is not abuse and the festival was inspired to support young woman and to suggest otherwise is as false as the detractors words themselves. Just look at the pictures of the festival and you can see the smiles and joy that is in every fiery frame. Shame on the people on this lying blog!

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Thank you for coming forward.
      Your point of view isn’t even wrong. It’s worse.
      I’m not sure, if someone’s playing an April’s fool joke in November here. Please do.

    • Esther says:

      Is that you David Wright? I thought UM regarded using pseudonyms as a sin. Did you happen to read the blog above? Perhaps you’d like to share your thoughts on the Supreme Court jury’s finding that the 33 allegations above were proven true? I’ve heard UM followers are denying the court’s finding. Is that correct?

    • Real truth prevails says:

      “Defending the Light” (David): a more suitable pseudonym might be “Defending brain washed middle aged men who promote UM / photograph young girls in make-up ’empowerment’ festival”?

      De-contextualising, belittling, dismissing and denying Supreme Court conclusions might be considered to be “contempt of court”.(Especially as the verdict followed meticulous evaluation of extensive quality evidence presented by both SB’s and Esther Rockett’s legal teams). It is not only insulting but also bizarre confirming ongoing extreme (desperate) cult mentality.

      Don’t forget SB’s sensational self-defeating defammation court case court case extended to 6 weeks due to the jury’s extreme conscientiousness to get it right, with actual real provable truth / facts. (SB and his enablers have only themselves to blame for the ridiculous UM debacle).

      There is no excuse for UM followers to keep calling Esther, her supporters and those who understand the complex issues raised “bullies” especially as it was proven that Esther was the one bullied by UM!

      Focus on real issues / honest truth if you want to regain any sort of credibility or respect.

    • Stop you’re bloody moaning! says:

      Look at the pictures of that shabby festival and you can see Benhayon and co lurking in the background. A man who a Supreme Court Jury ruled has “an indecent interest in young girls”. End of story. It was a front for a cult and did nothing apart from paint up vulnerable girls to fit some sick adult fantasy – make up and nail polish on 7 year olds is not empowerment. Teaching girls to have a voice, to question, to explore their own ideas, to critically analyse what they are presented – that’s empowerment. And that’s the complete opposite of UM ‘teachings’ (if you can even call them teachings), which dictate shutting down the mind and blindly following.

      Good riddance to the festival and hope it never rears it’s ugly head again.

      And where is this so-called ‘online abuse’ you speak of? Telling the truth is not abuse. Claiming constantly that you are being abused when no such thing occurs is however disgusting and it’s a tired old line that no one is buying anymore.

      It’s time UM and all it’s hysterical moaners shut up shop too.

      • Anonymous says:

        I´m with you on that. May I add asking, where this “lying blog” has its lies? This question hasn´t been answered every time it came up. Why is it constantly said then in UM circles?

        • Anonymous says:

          Because they got nothing else, just this constant cry of “abuse”. You hear it in relationships that fail because of UM too, the UM involved person cries “abuse” at anything they don’t like.

          Just goes to show the level of intelligence you’re dealing with if a proper debate can’t even happen. A rallying cry of “abuse” to everything just shuts down any meaningful discussion. I suppose if the foundations of what I followed were as flimsy as UM, then I’d probably invent something to use as a smokescreen to hide that too.

        • Ira McClure says:

          Universal Medicine do NOT do disclosure and it is abhorrent for them to receive exposure.
          One has to ask why?why?why?

        • Anonymous says:

          I´ve had a go for truth on the “Facts” site. It should be taken down. Seriously.

    • Lance Martin says:

      NO TO ONLINE ABUSE, would mean UM pulling down hundreds of pages attacking me, Esther and others.

      G2W is clearly based on Serge’s idea that you take you girls and groom them into how you think they should be. Look at his wife, children, daughters-in-law/s and the cult members themselves.

      Why would the community want a festival about how to turn innocent young children into clones and brides of a cult, or worse still the cult leaders children?

      • C. O. says:

        Yes. Attacking critics on many pages with “esoteric comments” policy. Simultaniously starting the movement Real Media Real Change..GM Records even published the music video “Stronger”.

        I don´t get it.

        • We Are The Good Ones says:

          Create an ideology that:
          Divides first.
          Then devalues one of the two.
          Violence in whatever way will follow automatically.

          Popular strategy to get a war going. Same in any conflict.

  16. SAK says:

    Northern Star

    This afternoon. Opinion Piece

    “Join me in calling for an urgent inquiry into UM”

    Can’t get into the text.

    Can anyone upload it.

    Who called for the inquiry?

  17. Anonymous says:

    I´d like to read the the opinion piece, too, if possible.

    If anyone´s interested:

    Ballina Shire Council: Ordinary meeting 22 November 2018 – Session 1.
    The topic “Girl To Woman Festival” starts at 14:30 min.

  18. SAK says:

    Pic shows the Premier, Thomas George & Deb Benhayon

    Just an aside. I do believe Deb Benhayon had very good intent in her work in the community.

    However………..the lack of transparency in outsourcing of services to other UM groups could be seen as an issue.

  19. smiley jim says:

    Ray Karam is the current President of the Alstonville High School P & C Association.
    He may well have every right to hold that position……….but?

  20. New Scandal says:

    I´ve tried to rename the Streisand effect into the Benhayon effect on Wikipedia, but they didn´t let me. 😦

  21. Nancy Botwin says:

    Wow, Esther this is one hell of an accomplishment… beyond comprehension. Well done: you and your team… Awesome….!
    Awesome… just a start: but what an Initiation. Haha 😀.

    Love You for it.

    Be well and take care. 👍

  22. Nancy Botwin says:

    And BTW Serge: welcome to Amsterdam.

  23. Latest ABC report for all to see says:
  24. The invented 'Centre for Wellbeing of Young People (CWYP)' says:

    Is UM’s new front group targeting young people called ‘Centre for Wellbeing of Young People (CWYP)’ or is it just fake credentials? Seems no-one has ever heard of them in youth and welfare but Sarah Broome/Davis clams she’s employed by them when she’d trying to impress workers at PASH, . It’s either fake or a UM style invention of an organisation.

    And check out PASH’s video from last year, stage-dancing Benhayon’s and cult members dominating the unsuspecting youth event with their fake credentials. What is it with UM and a fixation with young people in a field they have no qualifications in?

    Probably be more of the same infiltration this year at PASH by the same cult apologists. Serge might also put in an appearance this year skulking around at the back of a stage or two.

    • S. Lee says:

      No wonder, the video is what it is. I´ve had a look at PASH Members and Supporters of the 2018 Conference on their website. Most of them are loveless members of society like us.

      UM affiliated:
      Emanation Media – RA
      Evolving Media – JB (not Justin Bieber)
      Living Medicine True Health – Marcia Owen

      For what it´s worth, I´d like to take the Batbus though.

  25. Should the College of Universal Medicine have charity status? NO says:

    Did you know that the College of Universal Medicine [COUM] Is a registered Charity?

    “Charity details……


    15 Blue Hills Ave
    Goonellabah NSW 2480

    “…..Who the charity helps:
    General community in Australia
    Adults – aged 25 to under 65
    People in rural/regional/remote communities
    People with chronic illness (including terminal illness)”……..

    History of College of Universal Medicine.
    ‘The College of Universal Medicine was founded in 2011, following more than a decade of non-profit and philanthropic work by the founder of Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon…’

    Raise a concern about a Charity:

    • Lance Martin says:

      Yes. I am going to write a complaint to the ACNC again soon outlining that a proven socially harmful cult should not be a registered charity. I may ask the community to sign a petition also once I work out the best approach.

  26. Boris66 says:

    Northern Star

    UM dealings halted by ministers directive.
    NSW Health has been directed to “discontinue any further association” with universal medicine.

    How about NSW Health be directed to “discontinue any further association” with any universal medicine affiliated individual, business, project or community/school base event.

    The list is long & interwoven.

    I could not believe that UM affiliated businesses still had their hooks in the PASH project this year.

    Next year may be different.

    • BIG NEWS and about time says:

      “UM dealings halted by ministers directive.
      NSW Health has been directed to “discontinue any further association” with universal medicine.”

      AND include
      ALL Unversal Medicine
      Doctors and Nurses and Specialist etc etc etc.

      Please. Public protection/

  27. basil brush says:

    Good to hear UMers have been booted from PASH.
    They have tried a number of guises to infiltrate over the past few years.
    Apparently UM staff have been stood down.

    Does this include distancing Pash from Emanationmedia, Evolving Media & Living Medicine True Health.
    Rebecca, Jonathan & Marcia. All are UM followers.

    Show them the door.

    • "Expert Panel" "Rebecca Asquith, Media Educator" says:

      According to the PASH brochure, on the “Expert Panel” is “Rebecca Asquith, Media Educator”.

      She could educate the kids about her theories that any criticism of her UM ‘religion’ is “fake news” and introduce them to some twitter conspiracy quotes from Donald Trump.

      Asquith, Sarah Broome and Trump are similar in so many ways.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Wot took so long????????? UM trolls Rebecca Asquith, Sarah Broome, Kristy Wood, Jonny Baldwin, Heidi Baldwin, Marcia Owen, Kristy Wood had infiltrated it. Took a Supreme Court case for the government to take notice.

  29. smiley jim says:

    I hope certain schools in the district are paying attention

  30. modis operandi infiltration says:,107998,143699,quote=1#REPLY

    Re: Universal medicine
    Posted by: antifruit ()
    Date: November 27, 2018 08:19PM

    “The silent infiltration of schools, social, health and youth services has been going on for a the while and has been a main focus of UM. For all those who aren’t quite sure how UM apparatus works: members/students can “volunteer” to join so-called “spheres” where they are then tasked with actively promoting UM modalities such as esoteric yoga to the wider public. There is also one sphere where people have to write a minimum of 5 facebook comments each day and send a tally to Simone Benhayon at the end of each month. This particular sphere is called the “expression program” and everyone gets duly put down at the end of the month by the daughter of the grand master for not putting in enough effort. All, of course, “with love”.

    The infiltration program has its own sphere called “addressable communities”. Here, members are instructed on how to infiltrate organisations through the back door, how to recruit new members, and how to latch onto legit campaigns (online bullying, breast cancer care etc) without declaring the link to UM.

    To quote from the addressable communities meeting notes on a concerted effort to infiltrate public bodies:

    – strategize how we can connect with ‘finesse’ to Addressable Communities
    – create ways how to present UML [Unimed Living] to other sites and bodies
    – professional and ever so polished to present a Way [of the Livingness] they cannot resist
    – preparation and research to take out the correct message in the right format
    collecting and correlating data into a database

    Note that the emphasis is always on NOT declaring the link to UM or what UM represents. Instead, members are basically instructed to present the cult’s teachings in a way that disguises the ‘crazy’ and presents with ‘finesse’ (i.e. lies).

    The main targets are schools (through volunteering), health services (through joining initiatives and offering ‘staff self-care’ courses), elderly care (volunteering – this is particularly sinister as the aim is to extract donations and monetary gifts….the UM initiative “ageing esoterically” springs to mind), and particularly wellness (yoga classes, mindfulness, mediation etc).

    It is our duty, I feel, to inform the relevant organsations, wherever UM offers one of their recruitment services through one of their students. I have nothing against students teaching ‘esoteric yoga’ BUT it is up to the organisers (often these are unwitting yoga/pilates studios or adult learning organisations) to decide whether they want to offer a course run by someone who is not properly accredited or trained and uses the course to recruit new cult members.

    It’s up to the public to be vigilant and proactive. Esther can’t do it all on her own.”

    • smiley jim says:

      Well that is an insight…………………but not unexpected.

      Has this come from a former student?

      If this is correct ……….& I have seen no argument otherwise………..well Holy Shit!

    • Esther says:

      I would really like copies of those meeting notes – or any of UM’s internal communiques of a similar nature. If anyone would like to forward them, there’s ways to de-identify emails or other documents so that no one will know the source. Anti-fruit or anyone with similar material is welcome to contact me on a blocked number or via an anonymous email address. That kind of document is very useful for legal actions and government inquiries.

      Of course that’s the kind of stuff Serge was required under court order to discover and produce and he didn’t. He claimed that he deletes all of his emails. It’s no mystery why he would say that.

      UM’s internal documents are very valuable indeed.

      • Anonymous says:

        If nothing else, to show a probable contempt of court?

        • Whoever...sorry! says:

          Talking about ‘in contempt of court’ : the guy ‘Serge’ starts a lawsuit against Esther because she’s in contempt of him…and way before it ends, he decides him being there isn’t even important…


          That’s what I call: in contempt.

    • Lance Martin says:

      This aligns with their collective push into local organisations. However, people in the area are generally aware of them now. Contrary to those instructions for stealth, they tend to create discomfort and distrust as they lack the capacity to see how ‘off ‘ their behaviour is.

      None the less, the word should be put out there to ensure they don’t start growing new roots.

  31. Boris66 says:

    Northern Star

    “Forum co-ordinator was deeply shocked when asked to step down over UM involvement.”


    Always the victims.

  32. Cheap Propaganda says:

    The “Facts” page is offline at last? Thanks for the information. Good start.

    A wholehearted excuse after having taken down all defaming pages would be nice. I´d appreciate that.

  33. Boris66 says:

    Northern Star

    “Spiritual leader’s court evidence could be used against UM”

    A COURT will be asked to release documents to assist Esther Rockett in pursuing potential legislative action against Universal Medicine.

  34. Legal Eagle says:

    Anyone looking for cheap legal representation? I expect Universal Law will be having a fire sale very soon. Even Benhayon’s barrister said he wouldn’t defend the conduct of them. Their rather tacky Latin motto translating roughly as “integrity and light” is sounding somewhat dimmed today.

    Well done today Esther, a comprehensive victory. Game, set and match most definitly to you!

  35. SAK says:

    Lots of vehicles out at UM HQ around 3:30 this afternoon.

    Gearing up for Sacred Esoteric Healing – Level 4 over the next 2.5 days at an “Investment”
    (makes it sound like you’ll get a return). $840 for a first timer – $700 for a repeat (fail).

    You would think they would be keeping their heads down.

    So many Eso healers in the Goonellabah area. They must be treating each other.

    • It's a new dawn. says:

      Perhaps dropping off a stack of current newspapers could be helpful? Seems like none of them read the news. I’m sure inside it’s business as usual with Benhayon barking in to his wireless microphone about “loveless males”, “handful of detractors” and the rest of his tired and overused lines. I’d put money on it that all the attendees are all repeaters, new business may be rather thin on the ground from now on.

      Strange that Benhayon is able to attend this event (if he is inside), as he was conspicuously absent in court yesterday. I’m sure his absence was noted by the judge – which seems odd given that he instigated the legal action, and: “He is not and never has been one who hides and or holds himself in abstruse reality or in the confines of a fortress that is buffeted by his many patients and or students” – quote from some UM nonsense.

      • Read all about it says:

        Roll up roll up
        And pay up pay up and donate and pay up some more
        CON very’s lane business as usual.
        Will Paula Fletcher and Universal Law be there
        I wonder if they dare??
        Fill up the coffers
        Just to spite the legitimate scoffers
        Serge needs your help
        Otherwi$e he we yelp

    • Eso Patrol says:

      Really ??? I’m so surprised I would of thought that they would be struggling to find the numbers. Although I remember when they where at the Lennox Hall and it was packed. It would be interesting to understand the mind-set of those who go to these events after the court case.

      • Flopping Hood says:

        I´m not sure, if they´ve read the newspapers that much. Main source of information has been and will be the Fiery Star.

        By the way, UM, here´s your celebrity (not jumping up and down the couch).

        • Eso Patrol says:

          Maybe? But I just don’t understand. In my opinion it is not a wise investment. One of my relatives went to eso healing level 1 and was convinced that this was their calling- but then came home from eso healing level 2 weekend and was in-tears feeling underwhelmed and couldn’t stop crying for days. My point is it may take longer for some but MOST people can see through the business model in the end. It is the ones that feel comfortable with the business model that I am finding hard to understand.

        • Ex says:

          Me too. You´ve got to come to a point, where it´s clear, you´re making a fortune by exploiting vulnerable naive people.

          Esoteric Healing Level 2: If you´r e able to go through all the screaming, crying and moaning and still think, UM´s the real fiery deal, your mind, body and wallet is theirs. There are still enough it seems, as the business model continues as if nothing happened:

        • Naivité says:

          Most people in UM courses don´t know, what they are doing, but apply techniques highly motivated with good intentions instructed by a charlatan. All this, while I was doing my best getting into the worst feeling I could find to eventually let it go.

          Worst combination for my psyche ever. I went in for healing and found re-traumatizing. What did I expect? It´s like going to a baker for a car repair.

        • SBI says:

          Same here for Esoteric Healing Level 4.

          Mostly unqualified people pushing into your guts trying to clear pranic energy. No one made sure there are no contraindications. Blood-clotting-disorder, vascular disease, recent operations in that area, pregnancy etc.

          It´s not that cool pushing without rhyme or reason on pancreas or aorta either.

        • Friar Tuck says:

          Surprised he didn’t give ol’ Nat a part in the film. In fact the whole family could of been in. Sergio as Sheffif of Nottingham, his sons as his evil heirs, the ex-wife as cash counter for all that money stolen from the people, and the current wife as err… not sure, maybe stand in for his daughter? She looks to young to be his wife and it might look a bit odd if she played that. And then Esther could be Robin Hood, and all the ‘detractors’ the Merry Men.

          Yep that would of been a good film. Unlike this new one. I hear it’s terrible.

        • More Than Ever Before says:

          Urban dictionary got this one, FT, weirdo.

          “…there is more greed now than ever. There is more corruption in government now than ever. Religions are oppressing people now more than ever…….
          ..therefore now, more than ever, do we need Robin Hoods and Marians and people like this to stand up for the truth and go “hang on, no, this isn´t okay and I´m gonna make a stand and what´s also really cool about it now…..
          ..actually one man or one woman can make a huge difference and can cause enormous ripples and we´ve seen it in history in the last 15/20 years. So, you´re right on the money. That´s why we need another” UM vs Esther Rockett movie.

          His source of trustworthy information is pretty clear.

        • basil brush says:

          Trump syndrome.

          “Fake News”

    • Eso Patrol says:

      The cashier at the eso healing workshop event made me feel like asking questions because something didn’t seen quiet right. It smelled of money grabbing. The basic maths of participants multiplied by the price of the weekend would indicate that well over a hundred thousand dollars would of possibly been made on the weekend workshops? Shockingly people traveled from all over Australia to Lennox head for the event. It felt so weird as most people where charmed by Leo but I was feeling that just an inch of thinking could COMPLETELY debunk the entire event. This made me feel sick inside like any actual spirituality was reduced to making one family wealthy. At least I got to keep a booklet by Serge on how to heal myself esoterically. HA HA

      • Ex says:

        I had 4 of these. My initiation must be Super Saiyan.

        Plus Dollars:
        – Cash only black work (group) sessions before the courses. In Frome, no course days are sessions days. Not mentioned anywhere officially.
        – Trips to Germany and The Netherlands with the same pattern.
        – Merchandise is sold before, during and after the course. Healing cards, books, esoteric CDs, cherry juice, massage creams etc. No T-Shirts yet. About time.

        • Just asking says:

          Can I make an offer ‘up front’ for ‘your’ … “you’re just jealous” T shirt?

        • Ex says:

          Sure. Go ahead. Please take into account,
          – purpose: corporate identity
          – colours: purple and white

        • Ferdinand von Liechtenstein says:

          front:UM CULT
          back: U´re Marvellous – Can U Love Thyself

          Am I hired as P. R. manager, UM? I´d prefer “can you loathe thyself” though.

          The comments here about UM and money seem to be Unimedliving´s main concern.
          “Money is not the root of all evil. How it is used makes it what it is going to be”
          Serge Benhayon

          Oh the irony.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Money is not the root of all evil. How it is used makes it what it is going to be” ??

          How about how you got the money Serge? How you ripped it off people? That’s the root of all evil Serge you cunt

        • Another One Bites The Dust says:

          How the business-cult cannot see that, is beyond me.

          Besides. Second defamatory page down?! Yeeeeah. Non-voluntary, but whatever.

  36. Ferdinand von Liechtenstein says:

    Is there a double-meaning in the headline “cult leader cops Rockett”? Just guessing from some reactions.

    • basil brush says:

      I’d pay money to see that.

    • Esther says:

      It’s one of those Australianisms with more than one possible meaning. To give someone a rocket is to berate them, but you could take it another way.

      To cop something is to receive something that is not welcome. Eg. Cop a speeding ticket. ‘Cop a serve’ (a serve of criticism or castigation), cop a bollocking, cop a blast, cop an earful are in the same vein.

      And that concludes today’s tutorial on Australian English.

      • SAK says:

        I’d still pay Serge to see you give him the “Rockett”.
        Not much ……………but to see you send him on his way with his tail between his legs. Worth it.
        Then I’d Quadruple it for you Esther with a bottle of bubbly to go with it.

      • Ferdinand von Liechtenstein says:

        Thank you. One of the expressions not taught in school. German and Australian humour. Different.

  37. Big sigh says:

    From October / November / December UM blogs comments: ongoing doting esoteria adulation of Leo continues with absolutely no acknowledgent of the indicting court-case. Blind faith or what?

    (When narcissists are exposed they just swat away annoying truth tellers, lying to themselves & anyone else who will listen).

  38. smiley jim says:

    Just a general question.

    Do UM folk celebrate Christmas or do they have another day to celebrate the Da Vinci moment.

    Just wondering.

    Perhaps one of the team can answer.

    I have heard some are still wearing their G2W T shirts.

    It’s like nothing happened.

    • Karl Liebknecht says:

      Strange. The “You´re just jealous” T-shirts, too? Unimed Living has even posted Serge´s “money quote” again… cause spending money is a #choice to endorse (

      Ignoring and waiting for the storm in the teapot to go away is a fair enough tactic. Often successful. We´re in fast moving times.

      Main celebration for UM (students) is Wezak. Full moon in May(!) and June. Fiery energies are the highest then. They champion their awareness, Jesus wasn´t born on 24th of December. As if it wouldn´t be common knowledge. Coming together with family and having a nice time is okay. Judging looks about pranic food, drinks, music, topics of conversation et al included.

      Try cooking for an UM devotee. The energy you´re in whilst preparing a meal adds to the energetic quality of it. Good luck!

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah,…….it’s quite complicated, but hey: it is Christmas to all of us. No matter your preferences.

        Happy Christmas to everybody…

        But for ‘some people’ we do have a SergeMess going on….

        I’am sorry, I wish you well, in this not so easy world. It just in’t that simple; If we’re talking Serge Speak.

        Anyway: Have a great Christmas, and be well.

    • Lance Martin says:

      No, they don’t. They give it a passing nod and get together on Xmas day to reinforce their shared delusions and lies, but they don’t do trees, lights, gifts (mostly) and least of all church or celebration of the Christian reason for the event.

  39. To Newbies says:

    Since people are promoting UM retreats on a heavily one sided blog, the video recordings from courses are in Esther´s Unpacking series. If it´s taken out of context, show it in full length, UM, as transparency is the way to rebuild trust. As if.

  40. adoy says:

    So what’s with the way they group together in neighbourhoods.

    Richmond Hill is rife with them.

    Lots in upper Richmond Hill. Around 8 or more.
    A couple in lower Richmond Hill.

    Apparently it is better energy out there.

    A few around the Hillcrest Ave & surrounding streets (3 in a row).

    A number in the James road area & attached roads.

    What is it? Safety in numbers? Don’t want to talk to others? Form a fortress of denial?

    All of the above?

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