Responding to Sarah Davis & the PASH Conference’s Universal Medicine cult infiltration

Cyber-bullying facilitator, Sarah Davis

PASH Conference project officer and cult promoter, Sarah Davis

Sarah Davis is a key member of Universal Medicine’s propaganda team, and an organiser of numerous Universal Medicine cult fronts and initiatives, particularly those targeting juvenile girls. Universal Medicine’s teachings and practices are predatory, perverse and antisocial. Ms Davis is currently employed as project officer for the Positive Adolescent Sexual Health Conference  run by a consortium of community groups in Northern NSW in partnership with NSW Health. Four of Sarah’s Universal Medicine promotional colleagues will be working at the conference on June 9 and 10. It will be attended by pupils from Northern Rivers High Schools. I recently blogged incorrect information that Sarah had been stood down from the role, and the others had been canned. It was an honest, albeit careless mistake. I should have checked better, and I have apologized for any hurt caused.

However, we’re left with the problem of a cult having successfully infiltrated what would otherwise be a worthwhile sexual health initiative for Northern Rivers youth, at the expense of tax payers, and without disclosure to Northern Rivers parents and public. Universal Medicine propagates repugnant occult doctrines on gender, sex and sexual violence, and openly targets and exploits juvenile girls.

Several months ago, I wrote to the organisers, the Ministers for Health and Education, and other stakeholders with my concerns. I included a 15 page Schools Notification Document with detailed documentary evidence of UM’s risks to children. When I checked the PASH site several weeks ago, Sarah Davis’ name had been removed from the consortium executive page, so I incorrectly assumed the consortium had the good sense and integrity to make sure she and her colleagues would not be given a platform. After all, numerous community groups, events and institutions across Australia have ejected UniMed when notified of their toxic teachings, practices and behaviours.

Sarah Davis’ letter

This morning I received this letter from Sarah. I corrected the info and wrote back with an apology. I also informed her and the PASH executive I would be publishing her letter and my response.

To Ms Esther Rockett,

As usual your blog statements below, published on the 25th May under your online alias ‘Darkly Venus’, are not only inaccurate they are quite simply lies.

“Sarah Davis, Rebecca Asquith et al barred from the NSW State Government sponsored Positive Adolescent Sexual Health (PASH) Conference.
Sarah Davis was stood down from the conference consortium executive. Kids in Connection’s Kristy Wood and Co-Creative Audio Visual’s Rebecca & Simon Asquith and Jonathan Baldwin were also canned.”

Here are the facts below:

a)  I (Sarah Davis) was not ‘stood down’ from the Executive committee and am currently employed as the PASH Project Officer.

b)  Rebecca Baldwin and Kristy Wood are presenting at the PASH 2016 conference.

c)  Jonathan Baldwin is filming the conference this year with the support of his wife Heidi.

Please remove the content from your blog as you have clearly made an error with your facts and it would seem you are trying to deliberately damage the reputation of both PASH and the people you mention – individuals you continue to harass with false evidence.

Yours truly, Sarah Davis

By alias, she means my blogging pseudonym. I hadn’t realized I forgot to change it to my name. I’ve corrected that too.

Last week, I blogged about Universal Medicine’s Teachers are Gold and Michael Benhayon being ejected from a national schools conference. That conference threw them out following complaints from participants. If I’d been aware they were attending I would have notified them, and perhaps saved them the trouble and embarrassment. By the time I contacted them they’d already taken action. The organisers were furious at the deception. In the blog I listed UM’s risks to children, which included cult leader, Serge Benhayon’s inappropriate behaviour with children, his hazardous esoteric diet, his perverse promotion of circumcision to control ‘animalistic’ male sexual urges, his advocating of corporal punishment, his diseased attitudes to the female body and sex, his misogynist condemnation of women’s pursuit of equal rights and participation in sport, his questionable hands on healing practices, and his offensive, anti-social, anti-education and anti-family ‘One Unified Truth’ teachings.

It really doesn’t get more dire.

Sarah Davis, Rebecca Asquith et al

Cult contracted propagandist, Sarah Davis with Rebecca Asquith at the 2015 Conference

Cult contracted propagandist, Sarah Davis with Rebecca Asquith at the 2015 Conference

Rebecca Asquith and Sarah Davis have styled themselves as ‘role models’ for young women, and the PASH consortium has endorsed them and given them key roles at the conference, in spite of receiving evidence of their dishonesty, non-disclosure, hypocrisy, bullying and sexual abuse apologism.

They are paid employees of Universal Medicine, in media and promotional roles. They are organisers of the bizarre and sleazy, Girl to Woman Festival, held for the past two years at Lennox Head, targeting juvenile girls. It’s the one where adults outnumber girls, and primary school girls are painted with make-up and encouraged in disordered eating, and regressive, sexist social conditioning. Asquith & Davis were also organisers of anti-cyberbullying events in the Northern Rivers pitched to schools, again without disclosure of their cult backing, and in spite of Universal Medicine making national news for bullying complainants and journalists.

In the response I wrote to Sarah this morning, I apologized for the mistake, and let her know the information has been corrected. I only remember one other occasion where I’ve needed to correct information I’ve published, and that was after I realized the mistake myself. Even under serious legal threat I have not and will not remove information from my blogs that is true and correct, and I’m determined to make sure information I’ve posted that is subjected to legal complaints is examined in the Supreme Court.

Judging by Benhayon’s desperate objections to my defence, he lacks any similar conviction.

I recommend Sarah Davis and Rebecca Asquith now remove the scores of pages of false, defamatory and malicious material they and their colleagues have published about us.

UM blogs have made statements that I’m a criminal, a liar, suffering mental pathologies including sadism and sociopathy, and I’m a risk to children. They’ve attacked the livelihoods of myself and others, even though our activism was never undertaken in our workplaces or in any relation to them. Sarah Davis, Rebecca Asquith and Jonathan Baldwin are part of the UM Facts Team responsible for those publications.

Where’s our apology?

I pointed out to Sarah that she is not in a position to make accusations, given her long record of nastiness and dishonesty.

Sarah Davis

  • Failed to disclose Universal Medicine’s backing of Real Media Real Change Cyber-bullying conference Lismore 2012. Eight out of ten speakers cancelled when they found out it was run by a cult.
  • Sarah told journalists the conference had nothing to do with UM, and Real Media Real Change was independent. Yet, in four years, RMRC has exclusively organized and promoted UM events, including the Girl to Woman Festival.
  • Sarah’s husband, Northern Star journalist, Hamish Broome, approached Lance Martin under a pretence of writing a story on UM in December 2012. Lance gave him my contact details. Broome told Lance and I individually he’d never heard of Universal Medicine. Both of us questioned that, and he lied repeatedly. Hamish Broome passed our details on to Benhayon and the cult, in breach of journalistic ethics.
  • Sarah Davis repeatedly calls me a liar, and claims I’m presenting ‘false evidence’. At no point has she specified what is false. At no point have UM allowed me a right of reply to their publications. Our corrections and critical questions have not been allowed on their blogs. Comments are open on mine.
  • Sarah Davis and colleagues have been part of an ongoing cult project to have me investigated and prosecuted for ‘harassment’ for publishing exposure of UM, and responding to copious online defamations of me.
  • Sarah once sent me a pseudo-legal threat at 5 am on Christmas Morning.

Rebecca Asquith

Has no qualifications or credentials in education or health. Similar to Davis, Asquith has made numerous pseudo-legal threats, and a few ignorant and nasty online sprays when questioned about Benhayon’s hands on practices for ‘rape recovery’. Consistently labels me a liar, but doesn’t withstand questions or corrections.

Kristy Wood

  • Kristy recently trashed me online for my advocacy for women and children. I can’t be bothered reading what she wrote, but it was published on the Universal Medicine *Facts* site, so I imagine it’s false, defamatory and not very bright.
  • Kristy was employed by the Goonellabah YWCA when it received a $750K federal grant to conduct ‘body awareness’ education contracted to Universal Medicine. The government suppressed the FOI documents that would have revealed how much of that funding ended up in the pocket of the zero qualifications Benhayons.
  • Kristy is a cult stalwart for pushing UM to schools and juvenile girls and at Southern Cross University. She was presenter at the Girl to Woman Festival.

 Jonathan Baldwin

Jonathan Baldwin is another member of the UM Facts and defamation team. He filmed Mrs McIntyre on her death bed, and that video was used in Benhayon’s defence when the McIntyre family contested the will where he’d been made main beneficiary of her estate.


Listed among the conference supporters is Connect Education & Training, run by three more Universal Medicine promoters, Vicky Geary, Marcia Owen and former NSW Health psychologist, Jo Frare. (Jo Frare was unregistered as of late 2017). They’ve all presented at UM events, and they run a ‘True Beauty‘ program for juvenile girls, inspired by Serge and Natalie Benhayon.

At what point do they introduce girls to Benhayon’s misogynist dogma on women’s health – that women’s cancers are caused by men, or by women who resist being stupid, unquestioning and submissive, and seek equal rights? Or this:

Serge then came on stage and said that the energy of a tampon in our body is like having sex with the dirtiest guy you know all the way through your period. (Esoteric Womens Presentation, Somerset UK, notes taken by student, Fiona Pierce, 22-6-2012)


What to do?

I can’t do more. I’ve written twice to the Ministers and the executive, and to the schools. It’s now up to parents and members of the public to speak with the schools. Ask them how they are managing the risk of exposing their children to cult recruiters? What is the school’s duty of disclosure now that they’ve received full notification? Do they condone the beliefs of the people presenting at the conference?

I can pass on contact details of stakeholders if anyone wants to write to them. Use the contact form if you don’t already have my email address.

Correcting Sarah Davis

…it would seem you are trying to deliberately damage the reputation of both PASH and the people you mention – individuals you continue to harass with false evidence.

Questioning or criticizing public promotions of a harmful organization is not harassment. I have not knowingly made false allegations. On two occasions I have corrected info published in error. I reject the accusation that I’ve set out to damage anyone’s reputation. Universal Medicine is a dangerous, exploitative cult that is actively harming people I care about. Universal Medicine is seeking to bully critics, curtail exposure and silence criticism so that it can increase its access to vulnerable people, including children. All for the profit and advantage of a dishonest and delusional individual, Serge Benhayon. I had hoped the government, and community organisations receiving tax payer funds to promote health, would recognize the potential for harm and would seek, like I have, to minimize it.

I am not responsible for the reputation of any individual or organisation that knowingly chooses to associate themselves with Benhayon or his commerce in abuse.

11 Comments on “Responding to Sarah Davis & the PASH Conference’s Universal Medicine cult infiltration”

  1. Esther says:

    Last year’s conference video produced by the Baldwin Asquith constellation. Look out for Curtis Benhayon in there performing the True Movement occult exercise schtick.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t hold your breath that anything published on the UM blogs will ever be retracted – but you already know this. For more likely anything that becomes contentious will be deleted, as per the EBM videos that mysteriously became unavailable after being highlighted. Thankfully the internet can’t be scrubbed and once it’s out there, it’s always out there if you know where to look.

  3. Nodonationshere says:

    You are an abusive woman. To do this to peoples families, communities… vile. Get off your high horse, stop spinning lies, and accept that not everyone adheres to your pretty little ideals. This is an inclusive community who supports those that help others- NOT defame them and behave like adult-sized toddlers. Incredibly disappointed a member of my community behaves like this to others.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree 100%, Ms Davis should stop and take a good look at what she is doing to the community!

    • Esther says:

      Oh hear hear darling! I wouldn’t donate to them either – especially the propaganda fund. Shocking!

    • Donating to a good cause says:

      I find it difficult to believe you have not donated financially to the prophet of profit, Sergio, and if you havent then you are on the outa in UM land and sucking up via defending one of his brides on this post.
      Yes Esther, get off your high horse before it turns into a dolphin and carts you off way out to sea!
      The only thing spinning here is the minds of cult followers as they try and keep up with the shelf life of Serge’s ridiculous rants and rules.
      “This is an inclusive community” ie a cult (duh) who supports those that help themselves to others bodies, bank balances and breakups.
      Adult sized toddlers love sleepovers,slap on too much make-up and live with mummy and daddy even when they are married and have children of their own.
      You just cant see it can you, you brainwashed fools.
      Sorry you’re disappointed (sniff sniff) we are fucking ropeable with you lot

  4. Donating to a good cause says:

    Oh and one more thing, adult-sized toddlers love playing Doctors and Nurses, pretending to be spacemen and play with their own poo!

  5. UM sex education? says:

    We do not want any Universal Medicine Sex Education in our schools.

    These people sadly seem beyond help.

    What would the court say? (DNL)

  6. Does Jenny Dowell know about UM involvement? says:

    • Esther says:

      Probably. She knows about Sarah Davis. But she’s a politician. She doesn’t want to get anyone offside, so she pretends she isn’t aware.

      I need to be clear. UM didn’t organize PASH. The conference is the work of a number of Northern Rivers community organisations, plus NSW Health.

      It’s a good initiative, run by good people who have a long track record for doing good work in the community.

      Except for Sarah Davis. Sarah Davis didn’t disclose her cult connection or agenda to the consortium when she got herself a position there a couple of years ago.

      Remember, she was listed as an author of the UM fictitious *Facts* site at the outset in 2014, with Rebecca Asquith. Then their names were removed. Makes sense yeah? If I’d known they had insinuated their way into PASH I would have outed them then.

      Sarah gets herself into these orgs and then recommends her fellow recruiters for positions, and they get their public profiles boosted by stealth. They don’t disclose their UM connection and because Sarah acts sweet, in spite of her innermost, the community orgs don’t check their connections or agendas, or credentials, it seems.

      But again, PASH was not organised by UM – it was underhandedly infiltrated in order to boost UMers profiles in the youth arena.