Merry Universal Medicine CULT Christmas muck up and victory gossip 2018

A Merry Benhayon Christmas

Joy to the temporal world – ding dong merrily on high


WHAT a year it’s been! But the fun is not over. There’s more to look forward to in 2019.

2018 – the year Benhayon v Rockett went to trial

In case you’d taken the shuttle to Arcturus for the past four months, or you’ve been on an ayahuasca bender, the Benhayon v Rockett defamation action, that was initiated in November 2015, went to trial in September. Consequently, Serge Benhayon got the biggest and most deserved kick up the Astral Plane he’s had yet. Yes, I took the evidence to a trial by jury that lasted six weeks and successfully defended my publications by proving a whole lot of serious allegations about him true. In other words, I jolly well WON. ⚖️🏆

Of course!

What I didn’t expect was the overwhelming response from my supporters. I also didn’t expect to be non stop busy after the trial, and I expect that to continue. For now, though, I’ve knocked off the year. If anyone’s looking for me I’ll be out cracking some nuts.

I can’t thank you all enough for backing me – for the tip offs, the info, and the financial and moral support that helped me take my defence all the way. Thank you all again!

It’s also wonderful to hear from so many readers – often with a loved one caught up in Unimed – who had been reading my blogs, some for YEARS, who are finally introducing themselves. It’s so satisfying and humbling to know that I was able to do something that you have found to be valuable. Thanks for getting in touch and for your gorgeous messages. I hope you’ll all stay in touch.

The victor’s Christmas message

Many of us servants of the Lords of Form will be having a thumpingly Merry Christmas, but please spare a thought for those who might be having an Esoteric time of it. Too many of this blog’s readers are dealing with the challenges of having someone dear to them irrationally adhering to Universal Medicine and exhibiting all the anti-social miseries that come with that. Spare a thought please for the families that have been pushed to breaking point by this horrible cult, the people recovering from terrible damage done to them, and the kids dragged into the scourge. The grief of that can hit quite hard during the festive season.

Some readers were hoping the court’s finding would help their loved one see sense. Sadly, for most that hasn’t eventuated. That can be very difficult to come to terms with. But I would urge you to have patience and not to give up on them entirely. A lot of Serge’s followers *will* wake up and find their way out . When they do, some conflict resolution skills might come in handy. And take care of your own health and wellbeing. You know I wouldn’t approve of any of you getting struck down by a funk. I hope you all have someone in your life who gets what it’s like to deal with a UM cult member and is able to be supportive. You can also contact me.

In the meantime, I suggest not confronting UM students with ‘I told you so’ or throwing around the c-word (cult). I suggest you try and stay in touch and available for your loved one, but by all means stay firm about your opposition to UM’s sleaze, greed and dishonesty and any anti-social behaviour that goes with it. You might ask the student, if there is the right opportunity, what they get from UM that they can’t get elsewhere without the endless expense and high demands of ‘The Work’.

If you didn’t see it this year – this episode of You Can’t Ask That is really excellent for helping understand what it’s like to be in a cult. It was on YouTube for a while but seems to have been taken down. Which reminds me, YouTube seems to have misplaced episode 5 of my Unpacking UM documentaries. The bogus takedown notice expired ages ago. I’ll upload it again when I get a chance. If Serge or any his Co-Creative employees make another groundless complaint about my films, in breach of the Commonwealth Copyright Act, I will seek an injunction against them. With costs.

Coming up in 2019

A new year of Universal Medicine accountability

The Benhayon v Rockett proceedings have concluded and Justice Lonergan read her final determination onto the record on 6 December 2018. That included the list of allegations proven true. The complete final ruling, however, has not yet been published. When it is it will appear on the NSW Caselaw website. (All of the pre-trial (interlocutory) judgments are back online though.)

When it’s published I’ll blog about how any of you can download and use that judgment to make notifications or complaints about UM, or in family law proceedings. For now, I think it’s best to wait until the document is published before trying to get further action taken. I will also be writing about what you can realistically expect or ask for in terms of accountability. But I won’t be doing much more. If you want more action taken on UM it’s now up to you to make it happen.


Things are quiet right now in terms of news coverage, but there is major coverage coming, and it will continue. Expect more exposure and more Esoteric revelations about the trial and all sorts of other angles UM have tried to cover up. Watch my social media for updates. You’ll all be the first to know when something is about to kick off.

I won’t be blogging anywhere near as much. I’ve taken some big losses and it’s time for me to rebuild my own future. I will update the Naming Names and News Reports pages in time. The Naming Names page identifies businesses and practitioners who promote the cult. If you think a listing is missing, you can name it in the comments on that page. I don’t want to spend much time on this from now on so it would help me if you could provide links if the practitioner or organisation has a website.  I don’t name people just because they follow UM – I’m only interested in outing those who are helping the business expand. Members of the public have a right to know when an organization or business is UM affiliated, practices Esoteric rubbish, or a person is a promoter or recruiter for the cult. That’s what that page is about.

Thanks again for riding along with me on the Glorious detractor train and I wish you all an immensely pranic and spirit filled Christmas. I hope to see you all in 2019 when some of the temporal consequences of Serge’s failed defamation bid start to kick off.


158 Comments on “Merry Universal Medicine CULT Christmas muck up and victory gossip 2018”

  1. Anonymous says:

    And Esther’s video is back online. And it’s oh so creepy.

    • Not Ready Yet says:

      Thank you for posting it here. UM´s courses seem to be oh so dull and boring, too.

    • Anonymous says:

      “To me, UM students look like they´re trying too hard, but they´re effectively persuaded, they´re not trying hard enough.” (31:15 min.)

      …for money.

      Exactly! Story of my UM days.

    • FYI - says:

      15:06 mark. 4th from right – Deborah Benhayon onstage panel with Serge!

    • Confused says:

      After watching that video where UM is going to save the world, I am confused about the G to W Festival and it’s relationship to Benhayon’s and UM’s teachings.

      What does:

      1. painting make-up on a teen to make her resemble a Hollywood stereotypical working girl,
      2. adults “celebrating” her at the festival day (not celebrating with her),
      3. getting creepy men to take photos of her for their own “internal purposes”,
      4. having Serge Benhayon hanging backstage at the teen event for some unknown purpose,

      have to do with UM’s purpose of stopping the “genocide” and “saving humanity”?

      • Save the Children says:

        It’s just so creepy and in years to come people will look back at pics of ‘that’ festival and wonder why the fuck it wasn’t shut down immediately. All involved in it – men and women – are complicit and none of them will be able to offer any viable excuse for their involvement.

        Even the most naive person cannot help but look at those pictures of painted up girls and the adults ‘celebrating’ them and shudder. Makes me feel sick.

        Thank the Lord for those that stood up against it and got in shut down – and hopefully the whole operation behind it goes the same way in 2019. We are here to protect out children’s innocence, not paint them up like prostitues and tell them that that’s a normal and healthy way to look.

  2. Who else .... says:

    I’ve done all the substantial shit. Lol: what makes it complicated is that we on certain point all started to not name our usual names, for ‘some’ reasons.

    Pfffffft. Also just realized that I have to stay off, of the net for a while.

    You know it happens to people who are angry & loveless.

    Same old, same old. I could use a good ‘Enlightenment’ myself as well. Sorry I am not there yet.

    • Almost There For Years says:

      Been there, too. I´d been bombarded by UM´s worldview day in, day out. Needed an propaganda break in general. No internet, TV etc but hikes into nature. That way of passive thinking´s been very hard to get rid of.

  3. .... says:

    Thank you 🙏

  4. ..... says:

    Who the F… are you Esther…. you keep saying you need witnesses… but if they say something you do not agree with, for forreasons I don’t understand, (yeah I might be stupid ), you actually give away their IP addresses….. out in the open. While you are acountinfg a 3 million dollar Cult Leader…. Jesus….

    What’s wrong with you?

    • Esther Rockett says:

      You’re not a witness. You’re an attention seeker. With nothing to offer. It’s not your first attempt at it here. I’ve dealt with you before. I won’t have you disrupt the discussions on this site with your nonsense.

  5. new LCCI nominees says:

    On first impression, this group of nominees for the new LCCI looks refreshing and unconnected to past nepotism and the cult.

    • People's Choice says:

      Not an esoteric parasite in sight 🎉🎈🍾😃

    • What have you done Deb? says:

      Ironically Deb Benhayon made a self fulfilling prophecy in 2012. As David Lesser said at the time “Deborah was afraid that this [media attention] would [eventually] come and ruin the family”. She contributed her share of media attention.

      A snapshot of LCCI cronyism and nepotism with UM in control shows:

      * Awarded by Deb Benhayon and team to her own family:
      In 2018
      – LCCI Outstanding Young Entrepreneur
      Highly Commended: Michael Benhayon – GM Sounds
      – LCCI Hall of Fame 2018 Inductee
      Awarded to Universal Medicine
      In 2017
      – LCCI Excellence in Home Based or Online
      Highly Commended: Flawless Imaging
      – Excellence in Health Services
      Highly Commended: Universal Medicine

      * Awarded by cult members vote bombing the online voting system:
      2014, 2015 and 2017
      – LCCI People’s Choice Award winners x 3

  6. Gloria81622334 says:

    Dr Hall likes Gloria. What’s not to like?

    Thank you! You often have great posts! Right in the morning, cheer up.— GᒪOᖇIᗩ ☆♚ (@Gloria81622334) February 5, 2019

  7. Anonymous says:

    What happened to these UM propagandist’s twitter accounts. Have they left the cult, in hiding or ashamed?

    Ariana Ray (account deleted)

    Neil Gamble (deleted & taken over by someone else)

    Bev Carter (account deleted)

    • Anonymous says:

      A good start.
      SB´s Facebook page is gone either. He´s still on Instagram and Twitter. Not posting anything for quite a while, though.

  8. Комите́т Госуда́рственной Безопа́сности says:

    UM acolytes trying to be scientific on ECCT is still up.

    “Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy and Chronic Pain- A Clinical Trial” – including a research poster and a full research article.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Will we be able to see the Sunday Night report in Europe somehow?

  10. Eso Patrol says:

    OMG! Did the ‘Sunday Night’ journalist ambush Serge? It sure looks like it from the preview clip, I wonder when this was?. It doesn’t look like it happened in Lismore though?
    And furthermore Esther looks stunning in the clip!

    • Anonymous says:

      Entertainment + , 5 stars.

    • Anonymous says:

      It´s said in the beginning of the preview clip: “Worldwide…..”

    • Anonymous says:

      For the quick view of that place it seems to be UM UK HQ, The Lighthouse, Frome, Devon.

      They owners of The Lighthouse claim on Tripadvisor to be nothing to do with UM, but nothing could be further from the truth. The dodgy fake Mona Lisa should alert all comers to what sort of place it is. Read the reviews on Tripadvisor – the 1 and 2 star ones. The multitude of 5 stars all appear to be lovebombed from cult members.

  11. Roll up Roll up read all about it! says:

    Spread the news far and wide…. please please

    {We DO NOT want HRH to get stroppy}
    OMG!! Spare us please! lol!

    17th February 2019 Sunday on Channel 7 @ 8:30 pm.

    [Put it on your fridge duckies or an alarm reminder on your phone! Whatever make sure you watch]

    “To his followers Serge Benhayon is a healer, even a god-like figure. They’ve given him millions,but he preaches that we’re surrounded by aliens, and disabled children are evil reincarnated. Why are so many devoted to him?” MattDoran22 investigates -#SN7 at 8:30 pm on @Channel7

    17th February 2019 Sunday on Channel 7 @ 8:30 pm

    ???? Professional people support and promote this??

    Unblinkingly to patient’s and clients and businesses….such a Sneaky camouflager[s]

    Are we protected? OR must we self protect…..?

    17th February 2019 Sunday on Channel 7 @ 8:30 pm.

    GP’s Specialists? ETC ETC ETC you name it they are all involved in this!
    Why? How would you know?

    17th February 2019 Sunday on Channel 7 @ 8:30 pm.

    • Esther says:

      I sense some excitement here

      • Roll up, Roll up. It’s nearly time for the showdown! says:

        Excitement doesn’t come close to describe the anticipation for this report!

        It’s been so many years since Benhayon has been caught on video by anyone apart from UMs own rose-tinted devices – and he looks old and haggard in the brief clips of him in the promo. Remember the old expose where he was interviewed on TV? In that one he was pouring sweat from every gland and seemed to be made of plastic, in this one it appears like the UM life has put 20 years on him – or maybe that’s how a diet of lies and manipulation manifests itself on a person.

        I wonder if Dr David’s footage of Benhayon will finally see the light of day?!

    • SAK says:

      “Show me the money”………….Serge

  12. Eyes glued to screen! says:


    Going to be explosive to say the least.

    the countdown begins…

  13. Damage Control says:

    To the person who messaged me this morning, thank you. That’s very interesting info and I don’t really doubt it, however, so you know, I personally find it best with info like that to lay low for as long as possible with it. Watch and wait. That kind of thing has a way of developing and it pays to let it take its natural course.

    I’m just talking from my position as blogger, investigator etc. and in answer to your message specifically. Sometimes it’s better for me to wait before poking around making inquiries or posting gossip, because that can both rub people (who aren’t UM) the wrong way and influence events the wrong way. If you get my drift. Give me a call if that’s too vague for you. You can call anon on a blocked number if you prefer.

    Also an anon above got their message cut – sorry! You didn’t do anything wrong. A couple of details were incorrect but that wasn’t the issue. To put it simply I’m not publishing any spoilers for the 7 report.

  14. All Saints says:

    Nat´s doing a WIL workshop on Sunday. From empowerment to power to ignoring the TV in the evening.

  15. screenshots may be needed says:

    When UM students include spiritual representatives to the Vic State Gov.

    Introducing Rev. Jennifer Greenham – Serge Benhayon supporter and Universal Medicine follower

    Is “Interfaith Minister” and board Member at the Interfaith Centre of Melbourne: at

    Is Staff at Spiritual Health Victoria (funded by Victorian Government):

    Is a supporter of Universal Medicine and associated esoteric beliefs:

    Loves Ageing Esoterically:
    Jennifer Greenham says:
    November 20, 2018 at 10:15 am
    Nice ones Ladies, keep on shining

    Is a recent commenter on:

    Is in awe of Serge Benhayon:
    July 6, 2016 at 6:38 am
    After exhausting all the reasons why I couldn’t attend a Universal Medicine Retreat, I finally surrendered and participated in my first one this year. Some months later, I am still in awe of Serge and how he quietly goes about the business of sharing his insights and teachings. All that was presented is still deeply resonating and propelling me forward in ways I could never have dreamed. Neil’s words are very true, one day soon, no hall will be big enough to accommodate all the people seeking loving guidance for a better way to live their lives.

    Is in awe of Serge’s teaching:
    July 8, 2016 at 5:24 am
    The subtle yet very powerful shift in our understanding of what causes our bodily aches and pains is profoundly freeing, as you describe Francene. It is amazing when I reflect back on different times in my life, doing the rounds consulting anyone and everyone looking for ‘the fix’ when all along it came back to me and how I was living with myself. Serge’s teachings ask us only to look honestly at our situations, and the power of truth reveals the long sought after answers.

    • Anonymous says:

      So you ‘surrendered’, Jen? You think ‘looking honestly at our situations’ reveals the reasons for our bodily aches and pains? You were doing the rounds ‘looking for a fix’ but realized that UM is soooo much more profound than that? Newsflash, deary. You are STILL looking for an easy fix and you think Sergio can provide you with answers to questions you only started asking when you started ‘resonating’ with UM (aka when you abandoned critical and independent thinking). All of you are looking for answers and none of you is prepared to do any real work. You like to be spoon fed and told what to do (yes I know I know, your BODY is telling you what do to in truth…that’s why you all get up at 4am despite being knackered and that’s why all of you have a plethora of nutrient deficiencies and you all swallow supplements by the fistful…courtesy of the benefits of your ‘balanced’ UM diet). The real work would be to take a hard, honest look at yourself and start making real and maybe initially painful changes instead of sucking up to a narcissist and to each other in a constant esoteric feedback loop.

      • EX says:

        True somehow, I´m afraid. Had to find that out the hard way. Would be cool though, if schools, government, press et al. would stress critical and indipendent thinking. Becoming a sheep is too profitable for the system though.

  16. Reverend cult apologist says:

    More drivel from reverand jennifer greenham of melbourne.

    Jennifer Greenham
    February 2, 2015 at 5:59 am
    Kyla, this is a powerful telling of the true state of play in the world re: sexual abuse. I appreciate how you have contributed your story in support of Universal Medicine and their truth and integrity.
    Jennifer Greenham
    February 20, 2015 at 6:03 am
    I loved reading your letter Victoria, your passion, sense of natural justice and commitment shining through in every word. I was so moved to be privy to the beautiful unfolding of your initmate relationship which is founded on true relating and deep respect for one another. These and so many more exquisite life principles are offered by Serge Benhayon in his presentations.

    Jennifer Greenham
    February 21, 2015 at 10:12 am
    Dear Anne, you have conributed something that is really valuable because it counters, with personal experience the rubbish that is being generated by Esther Rockett and Co. The other important point is that Universal Medicine students pay to attend presentations etc. in exchange for information and tools that will support them in life and beyond. It is a contract entered into by adults exercising their free will.
    Jennifer Greenham
    January 24, 2015 at 5:11 pm
    A business that is all about people, what a refreshing change in today’s corporate, faceless, greedy world. Bravo Serge and Uni med team.
    Jennifer Greenham
    February 16, 2015 at 7:09 pm
    The children in your class will absolutely love the new you.
    I too have gained much from reflecting on the idea that ‘everything is expression’, and I seek to be much more mindful of the completeness of all that that entails. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  17. SAK says:

    Recently have been seeing a white audi wagon with the number plate SACRED.

    Is this one of team UM or is it some poor unfortunate who is currently thinking
    “what have I done”.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Sunday Night is back this weekend for its 10th anniversary on Seven, with a report by Matt Doran on the cult leader behind Universal Medicine.

    Serge Benhayon is Australia’s most powerful cult leader.

    He’s also a former bankrupt tennis coach who claims to be the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci.

    20 years ago, Benhayon created Universal Medicine after what he calls “an awakening” – a light bulb moment that occurred while sitting on the toilet.

    To his followers, he is a healer, a spiritual guide and god-like figure. And they’re willing to pay millions of dollars to share in his wisdom and smooth their path to the afterlife.

    Benhayon preaches a wild mish mash of religion, occult and science fiction, claiming that we’re surrounded by giant malevolent aliens. He’s wrecked marriages and destroyed lives.

    Thousands of Australians have been drawn into the madness, including the well-educated, the wealthy and the well-connected.

    In this explosive global investigation, Sunday Night’s Matt Doran confronts the man behind Universal Medicine and discovers how far-reaching this bizarre cult has become.

    8.30pm Sunday on Seven.

  19. Anonymous says:

    United Kingdom

    A year ago, this man and his army of lawyers warned me: ‘There’s no way on earth this story will ever make it to air’. It runs this Sunday, 830pm on @channel7 • • • To his followers, Serge Benhayon is a #healer, a spiritual guide, and a god-like figure. They’ve signed over millions of dollars to share his wisdom and smooth their path to the afterlife. But he preaches that we’re surrounded by aliens, and that disabled children are evil reincarnated. Why are so many Australians devoted to him? @MattDoran22

  20. basil brush says:

    Northern Star website.

    ‘Sex bomb’ Benhayon to host women’s workshop.
    She claims to have six mirrors in her bedroom.

    Sounds about right.

  21. Narcissistic Natalie Benhayon - She’s obviously a chip off the old block says:

    Find out more on what Natalie Benhayon does and the many initiatives she has founded:

    FOUNDING DIRECTOR | health from within

    APP CREATOR | our cycles



    PRESENTER | women in livingness




    FESTIVAL DIRECTOR | girl to woman festival

    WELL-BEING 4 WOMEN | global community

    PRESENTER | germany

  22. False "Messiah" says:

    Well done Esther, Sunday Night Matt Doran and Channel 7 team for an informative documentary capturing the essence of UM: exploitive, shameless greed. May the scales fall off followers eyes, to see how this cowardly false “messiah” has taken them for a ride. Truth prevails …

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