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Universal Medicine gutter shenanigans & gossip mid 2018

2018 Girl to Woman Festival Prahran Melbourne

Customers lined up through the night for the Girl to Woman Festival Melbourne 2018

25 June 2018 *Click for Sydney Morning Herald report on court’s discovery orders

22 June 2018 *Supreme Court orders plaintiff’s further discovery

16 June 2018 *UM’s latest panic censorship *Girl to Woman Festival flops in Melbourne & dodgy photography waivers *Feral hypocrisy Unimed style *UM political candidates’ consistent failures

9 June 2018 *Legal update – approaching trial *Accountability pending

25 June Sydney Morning Herald

Veteran investigative reporter Kate McClymont reports on the court orders for the plaintiff to hand over financial documents and images of hands on Esoteric Healing practices. Click this link for the Sydney Morning Herald article

22 June 2018 NSW Supreme court ruling

Further to my post below from 9 June, Justice McCallum made some orders for the plaintiff’s further discovery but turned down some of my requests. Details on the Universal Medicine Accountability blog with a link to the full judgment.

We have another hearing on 29 June. Plaintiff is seeking to avoid a jury trial, and motioning for a few other bits and bobs. I will oppose.

16 June 2018 More panic censorship by Universal Medicine and The Co-Creative

None of you will be surprised to learn that Episode 5 of Unpacking Universal Medicine on influence and commitment has been taken down temporarily from YouTube in  response to a fourth unlawful copyright infringement complaint from Serge’s butt kissing contractors, The Co-Creative (Jonathan Baldwin, Clayton Lloyd of Flawless Imaging, Lismore, Rebecca and Simon Asquith).

I guaranteed they made no copyright complaints to ABC news.

It’s an offence under section 202 of the Commonwealth Copyright Act to make groundless legal threats in relation to copyright. The federal government made it an offence because it’s well known that copyright law is frequently abused by ratbags of UM’s ilk to unlawfully censor public interest material.

Of course they want it taken down. The film shows UM’s upper rung of Benhayon worshippers, including zealot barrister Charles Wilson, UM company director and lawyer Serryn O’Regan, washed up law academic Alison Greig, and UM’s idiot doctors and dentists pressuring followers to humiliate themselves and sign up for more unpaid labour to profit the firm.

At the hearing on 1 February, Team UM put forward a half-arsed argument that the Way of the Livingness films are somehow ‘private’ and weren’t meant to be seen by the general public. Which is a strange assertion to make when Serge made the films commercially available.

Needless to say, UM can keep making these unlawful complaints, but they’re merely delaying the inevitable. The material will be back online before long. There is much more exposure to come and with a far larger audience than my YouTube channel could ever get. Soon a hell of a lot more people will know exactly what kind of bastards these people are.

Esoteric Women’s Health’s Girl to Woman Festival epic fail in Melbourne

29 April, UM ran its skeevy Girl to Woman Festival in Prahran. It’s the thing where UM tries to reel in unsuspecting families while studiously avoiding disclosure that it’s run by the occult religious scam behind Esoteric Breast Massage. Management packs it full of touchy-feely volunteers who put make-up on pre-schoolers, put the little girls up on stage to sing and dance, and invite a bunch of creepy old blokes to take photos.

The Melbourne public rejected it. The publicity pics show that just about the only folk who showed up were UM frequent flyers dragging along a few unfortunate kids. As usual there were more adults than children, with a contingent of hands-on Esoteric busy bodies bussed in from Goonellabah.

The lousy turnout was in spite of months of the love-bombers grooming parents and kids at Melbourne’s weekend markets. Stall hire and props were likely paid for by the Esoteric volunteers. Perhaps we should be grateful that their marketing is so pathetically terrible and frightened a lot of folk away.

And perhaps some parents baulked at the nasty legal waiver on the online booking form. UM doesn’t disclose who or what is behind the Festival. Yet they fill the event with their photographers and expect parents to sign over permission for management to use photos of their children.

These images may be used for a variety of promotional and or internal purposes in relation to the event.’

Internal purposes??

What in hell does that mean?

Esotericism at its most feral

Some readers have been freshly gobsmacked by UM’s onslaught of irrationality since the latest media coverage. As far as I’m concerned UM’s army of propaganda halfwits – led by the indomitable fool Alison Greig and her spouse, UM’s scarecrow barrister Charles Wilson, plateaued four years ago. They’ve merely sustained the same level of aggressive histrionics since.

Like most extremists, they peaked too soon. I knew in 2012 it wouldn’t matter what I said or how I said it, the tone of UM’s reactions would be the same. They can’t get more demented.

Remember when David Millikan had a poke at them 2012 and they compared the Glorious leader with Christ on the cross? In 2014 we were criminals or something, and last year, the Professional Standards Committee of the Medical Council of NSW was the Inquisition. Dr Sam Kim, who admitted to misconduct and was also found to be an unreliable witness, was an Esoteric martyr tortured on the rack of his ethical obligations under the law.

Don’t ask me when the comparisons to Nazi Germany crept in. Last year my blogging was the equivalent of ‘genocide’ and a ‘pogrom’ according to St Alison the Stupid. With rhetoric like that and a hell of a lot more scrutiny and strong criticism to come, where is there left to go?

It is difficult to get used to UM’s staggering level of sustained brainlessness though.  Eg.  the inanity below from Liane Mandalis – the guru’s ‘oracle’ du jour (until she gets cut down a peg a la Rowena Stewart when her nonsense became serious competition for prophecies from The One). We saw Liane in Episode 5 selling  ‘God’s light’. She’s now spilling into Unimed Living with a bitchfest about her precious ‘privacy’ which was somehow jeopardized when she ventured out of the UM clinic to film an ABC film crew. That was the time ABC News showed up to ask The World Renowned Philosopher for an interview and he promptly dived under the nearest treatment table, speed dialled the Audi convoy and sent the Brides out to film the invaders.

Special snowflake Liane made a complaint to the ABC.

Interestingly, my letters of complaint to the ABC were met with the usual response that assured me that my experience with the ABC and being filmed without my consent fell well within the parameters of what they have outlined in their Code of Practice to be reasonable and fair.

I was directed to Standard 6.1 that states:

Intrusion into a person’s private life without consent must be justified in the public interest and the extent of the intrusion must be limited to what is proportionate in the circumstances.

The justification for such an intrusion here being that:

“The focus of the report was the newsworthy fact that Dr Sam Kim had stood aside from his role with the Australian Medical Association’s Queensland Council after having secretly shared a patient’s medical history with Universal Medicine’s (UM) leader Serge Benhayon. The report noted that this was the second misconduct finding in a year involving the Brisbane doctor’s ties with UM. In terms of the footage that has caused you concern, ABC News management advise that there was no intention to cause distress to individuals; those who may have attended the UM centre on that day were not the focus of the report, however some vision of the clinic was necessary in telling the story. ABC News further advise that anyone filmed in the course of gathering material was de-identified by blurring of the vision that was used. As you note, your face was obscured by the way in which you were holding your mobile phone. It is relevant for us to further note that your connection with UM is in the public domain. Given this, and the fact that the faces of those outside the clinic that day were adequately obscured in this brief footage, Audience and Consumer Affairs are satisfied that the footage as broadcast could not reasonably be regarded as an intrusion into your private life. In the circumstances, we are satisfied that no consent was required for the filming and broadcast of this footage.” Unimed Living

Without irony, Liane had whinged about a report on UM’s gutter diving ‘FACTS Team’s unjustifiable intrusion into a former customer’s private life. Alison et al had outed his schizophrenia diagnosis online.

Liane and the rest of the subscription ‘Sons of God’ are acutely aware of how much UM  pisses people off. Every UM subscriber tries to sell their ‘Livingness’, and every one has duly encountered resistance, if not overt disdain. What I’ve reported is the tip of the iceberg. They’re still being turfed out of community organizations to this day.

But nothing UM have done so far has provoked the level of outrage I saw in the response to UM publishing that medical diagnosis. Without that person’s permission, Liane. In breach of privacy laws in pretty much every country on earth. I have never had such high blog stats, or seen the quite the level of anger in readers.

If you choose, Liane, to align yourself in such an embarrassingly disgusting way with such a thoroughly detestable group of people – who would do something like that as (a) malicious payback, and (b) to protect UM’s profits – you’ve forfeited any basis to complain.

In 2015, that arrogant UM clown Neil Ringe encouraged you and your colleagues to humiliate yourselves for your religion.


You’ve outdone yourselves.

UM’s political fails

Some more gratifying news is that all of UM’s latest batch of political aspirants failed at the ballot box. None were elected to local councils. So far Gail Fuller in Byron Bay, Terri-Anne Connors in Hawdon, Melbourne, Sally Green in Perth, Jane Keep in Richmond, London, and Ray Karam in Ballina have failed to win seats. Ray failed again in National Party preselection to contest the state seat of Lismore, and Samantha England in Norfolk lost her council seat.

There are all sorts of reasons why people lose elections, but we can safely say that whingeing about questions and criticisms and characterizing  questions as ‘abuse’ is a lousy political platform. Voters, fellow party members and opponents won’t wear it.

Medical journal JMIR published an interesting side note about Jane Keep, by the way. And it wasn’t about her talking cervix. When the journal got the UM researchers to correct their conflict of interest statements, Jane jettisoned her University of Birmingham affiliation.

Or maybe they jettisoned her.

Huge thank you

I don’t get around to thanking all of my supporters anywhere near enough. I am so grateful for all your encouragement and support. A lot of you have chipped in to help me cover my bills and helped me with kind words and gestures. I really do appreciate it and thanks to you we are on the way to getting my defence evidence heard – where it matters most.

9 June 2018 Legal update

lady justice[1]We go to trial for three weeks from 3 September at the Supreme Court of NSW Sydney. I’ll be blogging light from here on and only the essentials. We are amid trial prep and I’m busy.

A warning to all of you, do not publish any commentary on the trial from here on and certainly nothing disparaging identifying the plaintiff. At all. If you do you risk a contempt of court charge plus UM using it as an excuse to disrupt proceedings.

Just. Do. Not. Do. It.

Not anonymously, pseudonymously, not nothing.

Please don’t waste my time by posting any such comments on my blogs. They’ll be deleted.

You are free to comment on UM and UMers, as always, provided your comments are justified.

I won’t be publishing anything about the trial until it’s concluded, except for some details about the calendar and other housekeeping. Please be patient and wait. Don’t contact me about the trial or UM unless you have some earth shattering documents or testimony to bring to court and you’re willing to go on the stand. I don’t have time for trivia from here on.  If you have UM gossip, don’t send it to me. Put it in the comments.

Someone was talking about setting up a blog and a Facebook page to post all the news reports as they come to hand. I don’t know if they’re still going to do that. I won’t be doing it. I’ll be busy and unable to comment on the trial. If you want to help out with blogging the news reports or as admins on a Facebook page, please get in touch soon and I’ll put you in touch with other helpers.

I will provide a link to the third party blog and FB page at the top of my blogs so that you can find it during the trial.

Comments will be closed on all my blogs through the trial. I’ll give advance warning.


I’ll be going to a day of hearing in Queensland end of next month to seek orders for disclosure of documents by Ray Karam and Caroline Raphael. It’s a repeat of issues we’ve had in NSW with the same legal team.

Caroline and Ray were supposed to disclose all their documents in November last year, when I did. I’ve had to chase them. It means that I have to seek orders to resolve what I believe to be outstanding, in the same way I had to seek orders against their sixth dimensional ascended guru.

Anyway, in the past month I had to put up with more ludicrous back and forth correspondence for the Queensland proceedings. Team UM had the gall to list a directions hearing on 8 June to try and rush me through seeking orders against Ray and Caroline. Unfortunately it requires a lot of preparatory work and legal advice to successfully get court orders, which of course Team UM doesn’t understand because they’re so rarely successful at doing so. They’ve had no cause to seek the same remedies against me.

They tried to get orders for the court to set a timetable requiring me to attend 3 hearings in Brisbane within the next four weeks. At the same time they were seeking to list a hearing in Sydney for some order or other, no one’s sure what – and late in the proceedings. So they were trying on four needless hearings in four weeks in two cities, weeks out from a trial that will run at least three weeks, while I’m broke, working from friends’ couches in Sydney, and when they knew two out of three of my retained barristers are not available. One being at a very lengthy trial in Brisbane and one on leave, and for all UM knew, I had no solicitors either.

Can anyone smell panic?

And bad blood?

In short, Team UM and the Queensland plaintiffs had the hide to try and bully me into rushing through seeking remedies for their non-compliance, at a time when they knew I had minimal legal assistance available.

But their cunning esoteric plan didn’t work. Last week my QC and his chambers in Brisbane found me another barrister to help out there. She was in court for me yesterday and helped with the negotiations. I’m pretty sure she’ll be appearing for me late next month.

Also, I now have solicitors representing me in the NSW proceedings. They came on the record last month amid Team UM’s genius litigious offensive against the unrepresented ‘troll’. My new solicitors are a small but high profile Sydney firm who’ve done a lot of successful work with my Sydney barristers, and have a special interest in human rights justice.

In short, after weeks of Esoteric histrionics and angst, Team UM ended up abandoning their proposed timetable and agreeing to mine. Three hearings got whittled down to one plus a five minute appearance for orders by consent. They might still call a short hearing in Sydney yet, but, in my unlearned opinion, the orders they’re seeking are, shall we say, singular.

With about as much chance of success as a modern day Cathar uprising.

Whatever happens, you’ll hear about the outcomes.

Time, space and accountability – the temporal limitations of the Astral plane

On 1 February Team UM and I went to hearing to argue for orders to remedy Serge’s sixth dimensional Atmic resistance to discovery of documents. No, we don’t have a ruling on that, but you will know about it when we do. I know UM are spreading rumours I have omniscient super powers, but I’d like to assure all of you that pestering me with messages and emails won’t make it happen any quicker.

I haven’t heard any word on the University Queensland’s decision regarding the UM researchers’ failure to declare conflicts of interest when they were trying to game peer reviewed journals into publishing ‘research’ papers that make out that UM Esoteric health claims are legit.

Some of you will remember that Lismore’s Northern Star published an appallingly fact free ‘report’ on the controversy. UM researcher and Northern Star advertorialist, Christoph Schnelle described UQ’s investigation as ‘at best complete nonsense’. Which is an unusual way to endear yourself to UQ and its School of Public Health when you’re yet to complete your PhD.

JMIR lets rip

However, one of the journals that published the UM papers, JMIR, isn’t mucking around waiting for UQ. They moved to retract the paper, but Team Schnelle refused to cooperate, and are esoterically insisting they declared their competing interests. JMIR robustly disagreed, taking the invested ‘Sons of God’ to task on a number of fronts. It’s a very good read. For example:

Our concerns with the COI of the lead author (and his spouse) go beyond financial COIs, as in his blog the lead author describes how meeting the UM founder “changed our lives profoundly”, and his spouse is describing “seemingly miraculous changes” as a result of UM. This level of “passion” for UM and their involvement may affect the authors’ scientific judgement.

As for Schnelle’s claim to the Northern Star that no one is challenging the validity of the data, JMIR disagreed with that too. The paper’s peer reviewers say they would not have accepted the manuscript if they’d been aware of the researchers’ ‘extensive COIs’. JMIR’s editorial director iced the cake with:

Finally, we are very concerned that the original results paper contained large statistical errors inflating the effect sizes (now corrected, see data correction below), which the authors themselves corrected (see below). We are giving the authors the benefit of the doubt in assuming that these were honest mistakes and not intentional errors, but it casts further doubts on the level of oversight as well as vetting of the data by an independent person.

While authors never claim otherwise, we should stress that the proposed and executed research does not provide any evidence that any Universal Medicine modalities are effective in making people healthier. Journal of Medical Internet Research JMIR

And as we know from Unpacking UM episode 2, the message from UM’s own management is that their modalities are not about improving health at all.

An important note about funding my work: I’m defending two large defamation claims brought by UM in two states. I am bankrupt. I now have a solicitor representing me in NSW but the workload and expense hasn’t changed. The amount of work required makes it impossible for me to earn income. I’m not eligible for benefits. I am now homeless and reliant on friends and family for accommodation. I still need to eat and afford the costs of travel between two states, stationery (masses of printing, folders etc.) and subpoenas. I am no longer crowdfunding. I cannot accept monetary donations or gifts. Any payments marked as gifts or donations will be confiscated by the bankruptcy trustee. You can, however, support me by paying me for investigating and publishing my long term exposé of Universal Medicine and my work in defending my public interest publications. If you value what I’m doing and want to help me get by and get my defences to trial, you can pay me for my work. Mark your payment as payment or services. Click here to pay for my work via PayPal  Or direct deposit to BSB 734 063 Acc. 654 143 Contact me if you would like a tax invoice.


220 Comments on “Universal Medicine gutter shenanigans & gossip mid 2018”

    • Herman The German says:

      Very interesting, thanking for the translation effort.
      “Seargant Benhayon”. Google Translate´s also got Freudian slips. Emotionally love it.

    • The Korean Star says:

      Ben Ha Yong 😂🤣

    • The Northern Scar says:

      Major press Australia…..tick
      Northern Star, Lismore……???nothing
      Should be front page
      Cult surpressed maybe?
      Come on, International interest but nothing from the infiltrated local rag
      Just confirms suspicion and provides more supportive evidence of cult member activity
      Devotional fear over freedom of speech and revealing the truth
      Shame on the Northern Star and those individuals hiding the news so important to the locals
      Same as the medical professionals caught up in this, they have forgotten their professional oaths to become bloody slaves

    • Lückenpresse says:

      Classic info gap mongering, Adam.

    • Anonymous says:

      As usual UM blames a “troll” and yet here is a local young lady telling it as she sees it.

      If UM is to be believed Esther has all the worlds’ press, all Australia’s medical regulatory bodies and a large section of Twitter, Facebook and WordPress at her beck and call. She is able to wave her wand and they all print, regulate post exactly as she bids. Simply amazing!

      The truth (as all rational people know it to be) is that your power is not to be able to do that. Instead of what UM claims you to be, you are a hard working, honest and tireless warrior for the truth who has taken up the task of exposing what goes on behind closed walls at UM. You have suffered greatly for taking on this work and the cost to has been massive. I hope, and pray, that come the end of the defamation trial you are vindicated and also recompensed for your work.

      There are many, many people who are afraid, who have been damaged, who have lost everything, who cannot stick their heads above the parapet for fear of losing even more and you have taken on the fight for them.

      You will forever have my and their gratitude.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah see because Im also a local and been around longer than 1999 I dont believe a word you say either Adam

  1. The Rose Man 🌹 says:

    Um, how would you possibly even know the answer to that question, um Adam?

    • Esther says:

      He wasn’t there, obviously. But h felt it to be so from his innermost. After he was told, in detail, what to feel.

      Just like 50+ news reports have been based on a rumour. Except that Robertson et al reported on official findings. McClymont reported on the court files, including two of Her Honour’s published judgments. Which Adam has obviously never seen, knows nothing about and couldn’t make sense of if he tried.

      Remember in one of the Unpacking UM docos the rose plucker said something about going into my lair? He was referring to a public interaction on Twitter where he chided me for commenting on UM without going to any events. I had to break it to him I’d been to two events and had sessions with his nibs. He had no clue. That’s UM all over. Didn’t stop him or any of them from commenting on my situation without knowing a single fact. They’ll never let not knowing what they’re on about get in the way of mouthing off. And they still wonder why no one has any respect for them.

      • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 🚽💩 says:

        Why havent the attack brides and grooms been directed from “the one”, hiding under the skirts, to esoterically demolish her honour. The rulings are her judgements after all. Probably not the smartest target though eh Charlie? Picking your enemies wisely. Kate McClymont was just reporting the rulings. Were they hoping those rulings would be hidden under the bed with the spirit creatures???
        Kate is not emotionally involved with UM and why on earth would she stoop to wallowing in that. Theres enough emotional hysteria going on over there as it is. But keep going, Im sure you will get her attention and maybe the repercussions in print. Idiots. I thought sermon number 73 was that “emotions give you cancer!” Tons of eso chemo needed in the future. Theres a new modality idea for you. Eso chemo. Look out for the courses and a future therapy shop in the Wigmore arcade.

  2. Dumber than Dumb says:

    ‘They’ll never let not knowing what they’re on about get in the way of mouthing off. And they still wonder why no one has any respect for them.’

    July 1, 2018 at 4:42 pm
    woooo whhooo…rocking article Vanessa. I had the same thoughts regarding the lack of consideration for a human being. Journalists that can say what ever they like about some one without their consent and without checking the facts. Health professionals are required by law to obtain consent from the people they are treating. They can not speak about or disclose any information without the explicit consent of their clients. Why is it that journalists are not required to work with the same level of integrity of other professions??

    • Energetic faecal release to energetic facial release says:

      Wooooooo whooooo do you think you are Vanessa?
      Kate McClymont IS reporting the COURT facts about your guru leader, simple.
      I beg a question to you
      What is it about cults that followers are so willing to believe lies about someone without researching the facts? Back at ya.
      I checked out your website, Vanessa
      Sacred eso healing to reconnect to your essence and soul, energetic facial release to release emotions stored in your face and eso massage to resore the bodies true movement and expression
      EPA accredited nonsense.
      Yes you are a “knock on” complimentary health business trying to make the bucks back on the useless courses you have attended.
      Thats all
      Sorry, you’ve been had bigtime

    • Lance Martin says:

      “They can not speak about or disclose any information without the explicit consent of their clients. Why is it that ..”

      Doh. Mariana hasn’t read the latest bulletins obviously.

      If that is her standard, maybe it is something they should tell cult-affiliated docs so they don’t run afoul of privacy laws or breach their medical code.

      “Level of integrity” – Please.

  3. Lucy Dahill ABC radio Sydney says:

    Lucy Dahill
    July 2, 2018 at 5:48 pm
    Very well said. When you know that what someone is saying is polar opposite to the truth you cannot stand by and say nothing. It is shocking that these things are being said about Serge Benhayon and his family, it is lazy and a corruption of what true journalism should be. Words are not cheap, they should be used wisely and those who use words as their job should be aware of this more than anyone else. There is NO gossip in investigative journalism. Not one ounce.

    • Anonymous says:

      When everyone else has a view that is polar opposite of your own, perhaps its time to start examining your own views. It’s also grossly inaccurate to say things are being said about Benhayon and his family that are not true in the press. ALL recent reports are based on court proceedings and first hand evidence.

  4. UM warrior princesses says:

    Here we go again, the brides have been sent forth into battle.
    The real world verses the UM fantasy world
    “The world tragedy of the corruption of journalism”,says Vanessa and of course Kate hasnt escaped the wrath. What this all really means is ” this is what will happen to you if you speak up, question, report facts or in any way dont worship our gift of the gab guru” Thing is everyone outside UM dont give a fuck about worshipping someone who announces they must be worshipped for whatever ludicrous claims especially ridiculous ones.
    Guilty of enforcing this are the usual upper rungers, “renowned media educator and business owner” Bec A. Founders of this, directors of that, owner of this, principal of that. Self marketing, self titled, self accredited little mini versions of the maestro.
    Get a real life

    • Lance Martin says:

      Self-appointed expert Rebecca Asquith. She has no training, no credentials and no fucking idea. Just like her mentor.

      No one is going to pay attention to anything she has to say.

      They really are a bunch of arrogant self-important numbskulls.

  5. Lance says:

    It’d be slightly more convincing if they could use their own words, wouldn’t it?

    “Not an ounce” of thinking is what I would counter.

    Bemusing, but true to form, that Vanessa thinks it’s ‘investigative journalism’ to be in a group of like minded people and form an impression about a person based on controlled interactions.

    I repeat to any UM’er who might look at this site, journalists don’t gossip. They ALWAYS look at documents to verify what they are saying. Any statements they make are based on those, or the expert opinions of people they interview.

    They are not speculating.

    • Pure Evil says:

      Lance I have read your latest post of your honest personal account explaining your unfortunate journey and the dark patch where UM has infiltrated your life.
      Cult leaders, when exposed or criticised, must create an enemy to divert and muster followers to fight. You and a few others have become these targets. It is understandable that the demolition of your family encouraged by another created great turmoil, anger and sadness exacerbated with the involvement of a child.
      But the thing that rattles me the most is the deliberate attacks by UM on perceived enemies. Assaulting people on days of personal grief and sadness including death of a loved one, funerals and christmas. I was horrified.
      That is pure evil and tells me all I need to know about this group and their leader.
      Good luck Lance

      • Pure Evil expressed so well says:

        Amen to ‘Pure Evil’ post
        Listen up UM writers of rubbish wacko people.
        Many many many many and countless more of us share exactly what you have said
        Well written nothing else to add.
        Good luck Lance!

      • Lance Martin says:

        Thanks for the feedback. Frankly, I was sick of people asking. I’ve left out a lot of detail but I think its a fair summary.

        It’s interesting the UM’ers cannot see what they do can have big impacts on other people.

        A few members have told me to stop blaming them and to look at myself. But I wonder what would happen if blogs went up about Ray’s shop selling bad fruit, or Rebecca ripping off people when she builds website, or Charles being a piss poor barrister… then imagine we all jumped on and ripped into them for years. Of course, they’d be rightly and esoterically pissed off, and it would cost them in lost business.

        Well, they’ve done that to me and Esther for years. They didn’t argue their beliefs or counter with rational argument. They responded by attacking our livelihoods and reputations. That proves they don’t have a good counter-argument and that the effect of UM on them is to make them into scum bags.

        I haven’t been able to find any other healing business, charity or religion that so actively attacks critics. Outside of Scientology and a couple of other wack groups.

        What does that tell you?

  6. Who really is the arrogant ostrich? says:

    Desiree Delaloye
    July 1 at 8:33 AM ·
    The utter arrogance of Kate McClymont – a so called investigative journalist (???) – is exposed in her blatant statement: “I’m just an incorrigible gossip. Incorrigible gossips make great networkers”. … Well it makes even greater liars! Kate McClymont was not willing to investigate in her latest crime against journalism. Vanessa McComb is setting the records straight, given #KateMcClymont couldn’t be bothered to do her job. #journalism

    • Ignorant morons says:

      If they’re calling Kate McClymont a “so-called investigative journalist” they are WAY off the mark. She’s won a bloody Gold Walkley for fucks sake. But go on, keep prodding you bunch of morons, nothing is going to pique her interest more and the more she digs the more she’s going to unearth.

      UM really do shoot themselves in the foot time and time again.

      • UM Golden Girls 👸👰🌟⭐🌟⭐ says:

        A Gold Walkley eh
        So what!
        Do you know how many gold stars there are in the glitter at the Girl to Woman festivals?
        So there

  7. Say no more UM! Ignorant says:

    200+ cloned controlled as & repetitive as comments and NOT one of them reflects in any way the report.

    So sad you hoodwinked fools – wake up

    • cult characteristics says:

      Maybe they should stop behaving like brainwashed aggressive cult members? Their responses only confirm to the media that UM members are well practised in standard cult behaviours and characteristics.

  8. Outward Projection says:

    UM´s “We deliver teachings that are about everyday self-loving choices.” doesn´t fit anymore. I suggest:

    “Wenn man weiß, wer der Böse ist, hat der Tag Struktur.”
    Volker Pispers (political satirist)

    Roughly translated into “If you know, who the evil is, the day has structure.”

  9. B52's Love Shock says:

    See a sign by the side of the road that says
    You’ve arrived at the UM love shack
    Love Fakt! yeah
    Im heading down the Bruxner Hwy
    Lookin for the love, Goonellabah way
    Headed for the love, cant stay away
    I got me an Audi car, it was on sale
    And we’re headin down to UM love shack
    I got me an Audi, its seats are a luxury
    So hurry up and bring all your pranic money

    UM love shack is a livingness place where
    Umers get together
    Love shock therapy
    Love shock psychology
    Love shock, baby love shock
    Love shack, where they plan their attacks

    Sign says, woo, come on in fools
    Cause religion rules at the love shack
    Well its set way back, its a middle ages deal
    And a stinky old crap from a glorious bum crack
    Huggin and a kissin, dancin and a lovin

    And the whole pack shimmies
    Yeah the whole pack shimmies

    Glitter on a girls dress
    Glitter makes you fiery
    Glitter on the cameras
    And the old men in the hallway

    Everybodys movin, everybodys groovin baby
    Funky little fakt
    Funky little fakt

    You’re what?
    No proof

  10. Team Way of Livingness goes to Canberra 22/6/2018 Transcript says:;db=COMMITTEES;id=committees%2Fcommjnt%2F784989af-9511-445d-b197-7b3d1093711e%2F0003;query=Id%3A%22committees%2Fcommjnt%2F784989af-9511-445d-b197-7b3d1093711e%2F0000%22

    Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade
    Status of the freedom of religion or belief

    GREIG, Ms Alison, Private capacity

    HALL, Dr Rachel, Private capacity

    STEPHENS, Dr Amelia, Private capacity

    WILSON, Mr Charles, Private capacity


    CHAIR: I now welcome representatives of The Way of the Livingness. I now invite any of you, if you would like to make some opening comments…

    • The Way It Isn't says:

      One again, the inventor of the ‘religion’ in question is absent.

      • Lord of Fakts says:

        and members are there in their own private capacity… why not representing the ‘true religion’ of the deathliness?

    • Beggars Belief says:

      Just read it…..very very interesting
      I note that the UM leader is kept out of the discussion entirely and blanketed under the title of “religion”
      Need to distinguish the focus between a “religion” and the “guru” founder here.
      I think UM has only converted to a religion because of fringe benefits that title allows in this country.
      Indeed the leader publically aligned all religions to the energy of paedophilia previous to the complete about face. UM is not a religion its stuff one man has made up and he is not the next enlightened man-god walking the earth, no matter how many times he tells you he is.
      The “danger” and “cult” label outsiders of UM including the press clearly see lies primarily with the very questionable leader and the fact that professionals with great influence over their patients and clients are under his spell.
      If professional people believe in all the imaginary nonsense and harmful practices then giant WARNING signs should be there for the general public and those caught up in UM. Thank goodness for freedom of speech and investigative journalism.
      I would take the advice of the respective professional bodies and keep your private beliefs private and professional life separate. But of course that dosen’t help UM and its leader who desperately need professional endorsement and enabling to legitimize this scam.

      • Shes super super super sexy says:

        And whats with Doctors and lawyers devotion and doting on the Daddy dearest dynasty of dopes?
        You can’t scream professional then act like cult following fools

    • Air B n B says:

      Shoulda had a demo of the religious Air B n B rub.
      Thats Air Boob n Bum to you
      Never do the fingers leave the hands or brush a nipple, never ever ever.
      But oh the healing, the amazing healing power
      Praise the Lord (not of form)
      Pass out the healing symbols, scarves and kale
      And funnily all respect for the title of Dr flies out the window

    • Esther says:

      Oh lol, employees and charity directors Alison & Charles were there in a ‘private capacity’. And they managed to forget to mention that UM is hardly criticized for their ‘religion’ but for the health & wellbeing risks to kids and other vulnerable people, the public lying, bullying, false advertising, privacy invasions, aggression, intransparency, breaches of professional codes, rorting, corruption, sleaze, exploitation, predatory behaviour, cowardice and stupidity.

      I doubt any religion anywhere, which UM’s guru, as the above commenter rightly says, reckons are equivalent to paedophilia, wants or needs UM’s *Facts* idiots representing them in the Senate.

      Makes sense that UM wanted Episode 5 of Unpacking UM unlawfully taken down from YouTube. It’s about UM’s ‘religion’ smokescreen, and the undue influence of the so called professionals in the group.

      In other news, I’ve just realized after nearly six years that I can order your comments with the most recent at the top of the page… Does that help? Might save the endless scrolling… What do you prefer?

      • 🤓 says:

        When you click on latest comments top right it takes you straight to that post
        Relevant to reply comments that they are near original
        Dont think we need it personally

      • 🚀👽 says:

        Ive contacted the hierarchy
        Dont try and con us into the disgusting comfort of convenient comment connections thankyou
        Im staring at your feet as we speak

    • Canberra 22/6/2018 Program & submissions of Hall, Stephens Greig Wilson & Ringe says:

      They submitted written subs to the Committee.

      Hall and Stephens individual subs and relatively short about W of L.

      Not so short for Greig & Wilson. What a surprise!
      Greig & Wilson’s written sub was also signed by Neil Ringe

      • Lance Martin says:

        And it is completely idiotic piffle. I even get a mention, by inference, as the bloke that started all their problems. Once they get an idea in their atrophied brains there’s no getting it out.

        I think Serge put those two together so they could share their half brains and be useful, but even then they are a whole loaf of bread short of a picnic.

  11. Show Me The Money says:

    Oldie but Goldie from

    “October 2008
    Serge talked about Wills
    If you leave a child $10,000 dollars and the kids spend that money to keep them in recognition and identification – excess – that holds you in contraction in your next life.
    If you invest wisely in your will this gives you fire in your next life.
    If not you leave behind a constant drain on kidney energy and an imprint of a pranic emanation stopping others from being in their centre.
    If you give in sympathy no matter how much you give esoterically you are drained.
    Do you clear it from other past lives?
    5points of fire everyday, left behind 10points prana, end of the day 5 points of prana.
    If you leave a Will to Unimed and you put a lineal condition that it be used to fund those who can’t afford the courses then that is pranic- putting a lineal condition on a spherical nature, not trusting people will know how to best use it.
    Cathars – create a livingness to reincarnate into – that momentum lasted 900years.
    We are now starting a new movement and it will not finish like the Cathars as this time nothing will stop the work. As soon as someone really gets and lives the work they become focalisers and will re-incarnate in to other countries becoming a Shamballic point of light on earth spreading all over the world. The student unfolding will keep coming back into the larger group until you become a developer and then focaliser.”

  12. Anonymous says:

    Write to your parliamentarians and tell them about UM and how they’ve been conned by quackery feigning as ‘religion’

    • feigning as ‘religion’ says:

      The 18 page WRITTEN submission to Inquiry [BEFORE they were invited to speak] by Greig,Wilson and Ringe proves what you said Anonymous :

      ‘Write to your parliamentarians and tell them about UM and how they’ve been conned by quackery feigning as ‘religion’

      • The "Take of the Pissingness" New World Religion says:

        Yep Im starting up my own
        Easy as
        Been on the blower to Mal
        He says “no probs”
        Guaranteed belly laughs in holy places
        Heres my 10 Commandments
        1. No other God but me. Seriously Im it
        2. Images are copyrighted
        3. Buy out thy neighbour ( helps to own a whole street)
        4. Never source Wikipedia
        5. Don’t get caught lying or eating chocolate
        6. Steal considerately
        7. No more “OMG’s”
        8. Honor my family, not yours
        9. No committing adultery ( just leave and Ill match make you to a new partner of my choice)
        10. All other religions are aligned with porn, group sex, beastiality and necrophilia
        Any followers?

        • Lord of Fakts says:

          If you another commandment, “thine shalt not think for thyself” I’m in.

          I am sick of having to tie decide which car to buy and work out which direction to walk or stir my soup.

  13. Disgusted Dr Amelia Stephens - explan says:

    As a Dr working under Au law:

    Dr Amelia Stephens how do you answer the unethical expose’ by your affiliated UM facts team about Olga?

    You stood alongside Alison Grieg THE self pronounced head honcho of UM facts team apparently ‘with intelligence off the Richter scale’ at the inquiry.

    Are you not very hypocritical so say the least?

    What about your Hippocratic oath and patient confidentiality??
    ‘decency and respect in human rights for all’
    Please show us where? explain.

    Amelia Stephens
    Follow Follow @DrAStephens
    My first foray at Parliament House today, representing my religion as well as decency and respect in human rights for all at the Senate Inquiry into Freedom of Religion or Belief. A powerful and insightful day. Thank you to all involved @EvolveHolistic

    • Esther says:

      Anything goes if you call it ‘religion’.

      • FFS Christoph put your money where your mouth is says:

        Christoph Schnelle
        July 5, 2018 at 5:15 am
        Kate, the journalist in her article just took excerpts from the judgment and quotes from other articles and presented them in the most negative way possible. No investigation needed, simply rewriting what was written before.

      • Lance Martin says:

        Yes, it is my pet hate. Anything goes if you call it ‘religion’, and that is a serious problem.

        If you present facts religious people are insulted if it is contrary to a cherished ‘belief’. They often want ‘freedom of religion’ to remain bigoted, small minded and in denial of reality.

        That does suit UM’ers down to the ground. Everything about UM is counter to reality and they are only interested in the stories they tell themselves and each other.

        For humanities sake I hope there comes a day when being rational is valued and belief in the absence of (or counter to) evidence is seen as a mental disorder.

        In that light, running to Canberra to pontificate about your beliefs in Thor and the spaghetti monster would be seen for what it is.


        • Esther says:

          Except that it doesn’t – UM want to think they can do whatever they want under cover of religion and are finding out they can’t.

          It’s not ‘religion’ that stops UM being brought to account – it’s secrecy, coercion and bullying. And money. Like any other corrupt racket.

          I’ll make the point yet again. UM’s ‘religion’ is a smokescreen. A distraction. Nothing more. Designed to make observers go off on tangents and start arguing irrelevancies when the issue is the lies, robbery, bullying, exploitation and molestation.

        • Lance Martin says:

          That’s my point also… and their cries of bigotry is just a way of reducing any counter-argument to a simple mantra so they don’t have to address those problems.

    • Dr Stephens it's "entirely inappropriate..." says:

      Your point taken.

      Now she has officially come out as a UM spokesperson, and trying to fake it as a religion victim, Dr Amelia Stephens is an aligned apologist for the type of unlawful and unethical medical actions the former Queensland mental health commissioner criticised. – i.e. As we know Lesley van Schoubroeck said it was “entirely inappropriate for any organisation, particularly one purporting to be a health organisation, to publicly reveal identifying information of anyone’s diagnosis, be it mental health or physical health”. “It’s certainly the case that people with schizophrenia suffer stigma and discrimination in the workplace and in the community,” she said.

      Dr Amelia’s pseudo religion and guru mean most to her, seemingly above medical ethics. She is prepared to stand up for UM in parliament, but within her community couldn’t care less about the patients and victims that UM attacks and neglects.

      Five brown stars Amelia.

      • Professional Conduct says:

        Indeed, suck it with prof ethics. Plus, it´s an unwanted diagnosis from afar. They´ve never spoken to each other. The diagnosis is based on written words on a blog. Unprofessional.

        Thank you, urban dict, for “brown stars”.

        • Smoke Grenades says:

          235 comments. Please don´t read them, O. and P. It´s all smoke and mirrors until Sept. Don´t waste your life with that.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I can’t follow the comments anymore… are they up/down? I just can’t tell. Can they go back to how they were please!

  15. Judge Judy says be quiet says:

    Henrietta Chang
    July 8, 2018 at 6:12 am
    I still have to make one more comment here as I am still boggled by the fact that an ADULT human being (Kate McClymont) would indulge in such low and ‘childish’ behaviour as telling rumours and lies about another and wait… get PAID for it too….and wait…. BOAST about it too!
    Complete, utterly complete disrespect and lack of care and love for another and others. And to sit there knowing that others are reading the verbal diarrhoea that has been written by them and to NOT step up to offer an apology and take it down… to me is incomprehensible behaviour by an ADULT.
    How has this person been brought up? What values have they been taught? But regardless of their upbringing, they now have an equal opportunity on offer to bring true values and love into their life and they are clearly poo pooing any opportunity for true self growth and evolution. And thus we can only wait and see how deep a hole they dig for themselves before they realise their ways, and choose to make a different call eventually. Which thankfully they can do at any time and turn around and return. But till then we can simply only wait and observe what comes out of that mouth next (which by the way reminds me that if rude words and gossip were spoken in our family, we were threatened with ‘eating soap’).

    • Lance says:

      Yet Henrietta Chang clearly has no problem with “utterly complete disrespect and lack of care” and “low and ‘childish’ behaviour as telling rumours and lies about another” when Alison makes up stories about myself, Esther and others.

      How esoteric.

      • Anonymous says:

        And as usual with such people she is unable to provide any evidence of these “lies”, point to any factual information that backs up her comment, or hold a rational discussion on her argument. Instead she comments on comments made by fellow members with no basis in fact and attempts to question another human beings morals based on the UM’s own wonky world view. She writes like a 14 year old, has the lexicon of a 12 year old and would do well to research more fully the sources of the journalists article – the court orders and judges decision before speaking again.

        The IQ of the average member of UM seems to shrink in direct correlation with the length of their indoctrination, and this particular one must of been involved for quite some time in this non-religion/new age scam.

      • Joan of Arc says:

        Just more proof its a cult

    • RJM says:

      Henrietta has a problem with someone telling lies and getting paid for it? That’s so adorable.

  16. *****NESS says:

    Thought for tomorrowness: SPEWNESS
    Esoteric Women’s Health
    Yesterday at 11:02 AM ·
    “We ought not to seek to recover from the myriad of lostness that is derived from Lack of Self-Worth, but rather have Sacredness as the compass that points true north.”

    #NatalieBenhayon #WomenInLivingness

    • Money talks nonsense? says:

      And $70 to listen to this NB webcast yesterday second to none all over the world –
      LOL! FFS They ran out of confessions oops concessions – so all full price[?]

    • Change the record, this ones gone stale. says:

      “Myriad of lostness”? What’s that, a new song by Spinal Tap?

  17. CSness & EOness etc...veryNess - Emotionalness + upsetness with KM - why? says:

    OMG repetitiveness to the max same ol’
    Please please ring someone who cares.
    351 thoughts on “Kate McClymont cries ‘Cult’ in a Case of Journalism

    Christoph Schnelle
    July 8, 2018 at 12:46 pm
    Lies, damned lies, is the next word just statistics or could it be another word as well?

    • RJM says:

      Coming from Christoph, that couldn’t be more ironic.

    • Pathetic says:

      I think, the word´s money. Love. Sorry.

    • Black Ops says:

      Forcing people to read the nonsensical comments on UM blogs could be used as a CIA interrogation technique. After a few hours of reading that crap anyone would confess to make it stop. Add in some background Glorious Musak, and a few audio recordings of the Pompous Purple Prat and you’ve got a recipe for torture far in excess of water boarding.

      “Make it stop! My ears and eyes are bleeding!!!”

  18. O + P says:

    “With such a one-sided narrative… a Conversation deliberately suppressed from readers. You will not read any of this on ‘The UM blogs’ for although comprehensive, not one personal question made it into the article.” SB

  19. Soliciting compliments? says:

    Jasna Kim
    20 hrs
    Dear Family and Friends My husband Dr Sam Kim Lung Specialist has put together this beautiful website for our practice:
    Please check it out and please feel free to provide feedback.. would love it. Much appreciated. with Love Jasna Kim PS feel free to share

    Respiratory Medicine | Queensland | is about advanced diagnosis and treatment in respiratory diseases and sleep disorders from our centres in Spring Hill and Goonellabah

    Desiree Delaloye
    Desiree Delaloye I whole heartedly (or should I say with open lungs) agree. His treatments are beyond fantastic. Never experienced a doctor that knows the body and all its systems as deeply as Dr Sam Kim.

  20. Does ABC Sydney allow promotion of UM? says:

    • Game Fairing says:

      Good one. Esoteric Yoga, a non-movement-modality, asking for clients’ full medical history.
      Collecting data for security reasons. UM, Australia’s mini version of the NSA.

    • K=McC True Energetic get things done energy!!!! says:

      Just vile so vile.

      Why do they UM people need to collect that info? [Rhetorical]
      For twisted use later for dropouts or non conformists? To intimidate? History shows this to be true? Yes?
      Or and as well as it just a bloody useless modality?

      NEVER EVER any accountability with UM and++ with the second to none in the whole wide world.

      Henrietta AGAIN is an example of how far gone they really all are spew-able and sad but reinforcing if you need it! So mickey mouse Scientology.

      Henrietta Chang
      July 7, 2018 at 5:20 am
      The way our world is headed, we will eventually need licences for every job including journalism and a lot of other jobs – and in this the licence will spell out the basic rules of conduct. But don’t you find it strange that it is basic respectful behaviour that needs to be taught to adults (and adolescents) ? To me this is like pulling an adult aside and explaining to them that they have to wipe their bum, or brush their teeth…. How can it be that as a society we have lost our understanding of what ‘normal, respectful behaviour’ is? But the reality is that this is what is happening, as sad as it is…And so whoever can feel or see how off this behaviour is, it is important to hold oneself steady and keep bringing that respect back as a reminder over and over again – just as Serge Benhayon does never once undermine another, but always calling them up to be more love.


      • Clay Dust says:

        Big LOL at the end. Esther’s videos have shown otherwise.

      • Drop a Changa says:

        Yes, that last sentence, sheeeeze
        Replace your hearing aid batteries and give your seeing eye labrador a big pat on the head

      • The teachers petta says:

        “Always calling them up to be more love” my arse
        What about the sueing vendetta, Henrietta?
        You might need to look at the UM sites

  21. Quacky Rachel strikes again says:

    UM’s super-quack Rachel Hall the esoteric-dentist is a big fan of and uses Mike “Health Ranger” Adams and ‘NaturalNews’ articles as quality reference material. She refers her readers to his conspiracy laden pulp i.e.

    Read more about America’s zaniest health conspiracy-theorist Mad Mike Adams at Forbes UM and the Health-Ranger. A beautiful match made in heaven 🙂 She should have mentioned this little secret when she met senators in Canberra recently.

  22. Mirror mirror on Rachel's wall says:

    How to Spot a Universal Medicine Narcissist on Social Media
    That’s academic!

    • XXXXLLLL++++ Second to none in the whole wide world empty Shallow Narcissism says:

      They are embarrassingly so shallow and so empty and so controlled.
      Photos lie…..especially when photo shopped and it is so obvious what you all are and are feeling it is so obvious [all are copy cats of the other]
      We in the real world cannot hear what you are saying as you have been brainwashed & convinced and told what to say [VERY Cleverly & Cunningly- you cannot see this]
      We out here all hope you all get out asap and live life to the full. It is so good and free.
      Hopefully your misguided loyalty will not be to the death….
      even with all the photos that are there to try and convince the whole wide world otherwise.
      They do not okay!
      All the while your guru and family make bullion’s out of the hurting vulnerable sitting ducks.
      Poor duckies. So sad for you.

      • Capital "R" says:

        Respect is something you earn
        You cant buy, borrow, steal or con it
        It is a process of right doings
        And the real world can clearly see the difference

  23. John D. Rockefeller (1839 – 1937) who was an oil magnate, a robber baron, says:

    Elizabeth Dolan shared Carmel Reid’s post.
    July 10 at 8:36 PM ·

    Carmel Reid
    July 9 at 7:45 AMIt all began
    ‘ with John D. Rockefeller (1839 – 1937) who was an oil magnate, a robber baron, America’s first billionaire, and a natural-born monopolist.’ Because of his greed in producing petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals we now have doctors who are not trained in nutrition and who avoid natural medicines.
    #Pharmaceuticals #Monopolies #Greed #Corruption

  24. Spew here we go again? YeS? says:

  25. Breast Cancer patients PLEASE do your research asap says:

    PLEASE Do YOUR research & well researched homework? Yes?

    Please please breast cancer patients?

    Is this a Universal Medicine? controversial? Will wishing/fishing event?? Don’t know please do your own research xxoo

  26. Well worth a reread says:

    21/3/2013 Post by a guest on E.R Accountability site well worth a reread!

  27. Still doing promo's? says:

    …………..’As unbelievable as the latter especially may sound, author-philosophers such as Serge Benhayon and many others before him in the human civilisation have voiced how the human being is the only species that continue to systematically self-harm its own existence. We can clearly see the evidence of the continued self-harm to the point of destruction of countless societies through indulgence, jealousy, hatred and bigotry of many invasions and wars. If wars are so destructive and cause insurmountable human suffering, why is that we still return to the evil of war? Likewise, if the terrible illness and disease of the heart and lungs cause countless misery and agony for the billions, why is it that we still return to the very things that can self-harm the body? ‘……………………………

    With love

    Sam Kim

    Spring Hill, Brisbane

    • Elaborate says:

      Oversimplification. Style of writing and use of words exactly like Leo. If you´ll continue writing like this, I´m going to have to fail you.
      Principal Skinner

    • Lance says:

      That’s an example of the false dilemma’s the group is solving that has been sold to them by Serge. Of course, if ‘billions’ were suffering it would be a problem. That is patently untrue.

      BTW, we are not the only animal that wages war or kills its own species.

    • The Way It Isn't says:

      Imagine claiming to be concerned about the human capacity to self-harm, while simultaneously following the dietary advice of someone who claims that ‘true evolution’ involves slowly eliminating all food intake until nourishment is solely provided by ‘the light of the soul’.

  28. Anonymous says:

    “One memorable example of this was when I realised that I had never seen or heard anyone swipe a credit card the way that she did. Normally when I am at the shops and my card is swiped, there is a rush and harshness to the movement, and the sound feels like nails on a chalk board! Whereas when Miranda does this same movement, there is no rush; there is absolute presence and purpose. Instead of harshness, there is a sound that is in harmony with every cell in my body and the whole of the Universe. It is like music to my ears and it leaves me feeling deeply at ease.”

    Now that’s definitely the words of someone who needs intense psychological help. The worshiping of another person in this way is not the behaviour of a normal person. The whole family seem to be venerated by the followers. I once saw a poem written by a member describing her love of them all – made me laugh as the writer acknowledged they weren’t the most atttractive bunch to look at, of course intermingled with adoration of them.

    Also worth noting that each one of those ‘oh so delicate’ credit card swipes is the members’ (and their families’) money being spent. Money willingly handed over by lost sheep.

    Keep paying for those courses and eye pillows people, the rest of the family needs to practice their card swipe too! 💰 💰💰💰💰

    • Payment porn says:

      We stared into each others eyes, knowing, feeling the connection, sensing the moment.
      Her hands were warm as she gently took hold of my stiff hardness. Then she began to move, subtly, forward and back. My eyes watered, surely this is heaven. She has done this so many times before and the expertise shows, but there is only us, her and me, in this moment.
      The crescendo came quickly, it was amazing, her loveliness never wavered as she handed back my hardness, now spent,and I returned it to my pants. It was over. I am fulfilled. Another transfer of thousands from my credit card to UM.

    • Lance says:

      That’s an example of the member’s highly unusual sycophantic behaviour.

      Besides it obviously being a perception bias of the writer, I guess if you have never had to earn money, worry where it comes from or pay the credit card bill, then you might look pretty relaxed as you spent it.

  29. SB says:

    Venerated to the max. Problem is, when one has left the corp, it´s very hard to switch from (inner) slavery to living a self-determined life with own thoughts and decisions.

    It´s tempting recplacing the subject in “SB/UM said…” with someone from the real world.

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