Universal Medicine gutter shenanigans & gossip mid 2018

2018 Girl to Woman Festival Prahran Melbourne

Customers lined up through the night for the Girl to Woman Festival Melbourne 2018

25 June 2018 *Click for Sydney Morning Herald report on court’s discovery orders

22 June 2018 *Supreme Court orders plaintiff’s further discovery

16 June 2018 *UM’s latest panic censorship *Girl to Woman Festival flops in Melbourne & dodgy photography waivers *Feral hypocrisy Unimed style *UM political candidates’ consistent failures

9 June 2018 *Legal update – approaching trial *Accountability pending

25 June Sydney Morning Herald

Veteran investigative reporter Kate McClymont reports on the court orders for the plaintiff to hand over financial documents and images of hands on Esoteric Healing practices. Click this link for the Sydney Morning Herald article

22 June 2018 NSW Supreme court ruling

Further to my post below from 9 June, Justice McCallum made some orders for the plaintiff’s further discovery but turned down some of my requests. Details on the Universal Medicine Accountability blog with a link to the full judgment.

We have another hearing on 29 June. Plaintiff is seeking to avoid a jury trial, and motioning for a few other bits and bobs. I will oppose.

16 June 2018 More panic censorship by Universal Medicine and The Co-Creative

None of you will be surprised to learn that Episode 5 of Unpacking Universal Medicine on influence and commitment has been taken down temporarily from YouTube in  response to a fourth unlawful copyright infringement complaint from Serge’s butt kissing contractors, The Co-Creative (Jonathan Baldwin, Clayton Lloyd of Flawless Imaging, Lismore, Rebecca and Simon Asquith).

I guaranteed they made no copyright complaints to ABC news.

It’s an offence under section 202 of the Commonwealth Copyright Act to make groundless legal threats in relation to copyright. The federal government made it an offence because it’s well known that copyright law is frequently abused by ratbags of UM’s ilk to unlawfully censor public interest material.

Of course they want it taken down. The film shows UM’s upper rung of Benhayon worshippers, including zealot barrister Charles Wilson, UM company director and lawyer Serryn O’Regan, washed up law academic Alison Greig, and UM’s idiot doctors and dentists pressuring followers to humiliate themselves and sign up for more unpaid labour to profit the firm.

At the hearing on 1 February, Team UM put forward a half-arsed argument that the Way of the Livingness films are somehow ‘private’ and weren’t meant to be seen by the general public. Which is a strange assertion to make when Serge made the films commercially available.

Needless to say, UM can keep making these unlawful complaints, but they’re merely delaying the inevitable. The material will be back online before long. There is much more exposure to come and with a far larger audience than my YouTube channel could ever get. Soon a hell of a lot more people will know exactly what kind of bastards these people are.

Esoteric Women’s Health’s Girl to Woman Festival epic fail in Melbourne

29 April, UM ran its skeevy Girl to Woman Festival in Prahran. It’s the thing where UM tries to reel in unsuspecting families while studiously avoiding disclosure that it’s run by the occult religious scam behind Esoteric Breast Massage. Management packs it full of touchy-feely volunteers who put make-up on pre-schoolers, put the little girls up on stage to sing and dance, and invite a bunch of creepy old blokes to take photos.

The Melbourne public rejected it. The publicity pics show that just about the only folk who showed up were UM frequent flyers dragging along a few unfortunate kids. As usual there were more adults than children, with a contingent of hands-on Esoteric busy bodies bussed in from Goonellabah.

The lousy turnout was in spite of months of the love-bombers grooming parents and kids at Melbourne’s weekend markets. Stall hire and props were likely paid for by the Esoteric volunteers. Perhaps we should be grateful that their marketing is so pathetically terrible and frightened a lot of folk away.

And perhaps some parents baulked at the nasty legal waiver on the online booking form. UM doesn’t disclose who or what is behind the Festival. Yet they fill the event with their photographers and expect parents to sign over permission for management to use photos of their children.

These images may be used for a variety of promotional and or internal purposes in relation to the event.’

Internal purposes??

What in hell does that mean?

Esotericism at its most feral

Some readers have been freshly gobsmacked by UM’s onslaught of irrationality since the latest media coverage. As far as I’m concerned UM’s army of propaganda halfwits – led by the indomitable fool Alison Greig and her spouse, UM’s scarecrow barrister Charles Wilson, plateaued four years ago. They’ve merely sustained the same level of aggressive histrionics since.

Like most extremists, they peaked too soon. I knew in 2012 it wouldn’t matter what I said or how I said it, the tone of UM’s reactions would be the same. They can’t get more demented.

Remember when David Millikan had a poke at them 2012 and they compared the Glorious leader with Christ on the cross? In 2014 we were criminals or something, and last year, the Professional Standards Committee of the Medical Council of NSW was the Inquisition. Dr Sam Kim, who admitted to misconduct and was also found to be an unreliable witness, was an Esoteric martyr tortured on the rack of his ethical obligations under the law.

Don’t ask me when the comparisons to Nazi Germany crept in. Last year my blogging was the equivalent of ‘genocide’ and a ‘pogrom’ according to St Alison the Stupid. With rhetoric like that and a hell of a lot more scrutiny and strong criticism to come, where is there left to go?

It is difficult to get used to UM’s staggering level of sustained brainlessness though.  Eg.  the inanity below from Liane Mandalis – the guru’s ‘oracle’ du jour (until she gets cut down a peg a la Rowena Stewart when her nonsense became serious competition for prophecies from The One). We saw Liane in Episode 5 selling  ‘God’s light’. She’s now spilling into Unimed Living with a bitchfest about her precious ‘privacy’ which was somehow jeopardized when she ventured out of the UM clinic to film an ABC film crew. That was the time ABC News showed up to ask The World Renowned Philosopher for an interview and he promptly dived under the nearest treatment table, speed dialled the Audi convoy and sent the Brides out to film the invaders.

Special snowflake Liane made a complaint to the ABC.

Interestingly, my letters of complaint to the ABC were met with the usual response that assured me that my experience with the ABC and being filmed without my consent fell well within the parameters of what they have outlined in their Code of Practice to be reasonable and fair.

I was directed to Standard 6.1 that states:

Intrusion into a person’s private life without consent must be justified in the public interest and the extent of the intrusion must be limited to what is proportionate in the circumstances.

The justification for such an intrusion here being that:

“The focus of the report was the newsworthy fact that Dr Sam Kim had stood aside from his role with the Australian Medical Association’s Queensland Council after having secretly shared a patient’s medical history with Universal Medicine’s (UM) leader Serge Benhayon. The report noted that this was the second misconduct finding in a year involving the Brisbane doctor’s ties with UM. In terms of the footage that has caused you concern, ABC News management advise that there was no intention to cause distress to individuals; those who may have attended the UM centre on that day were not the focus of the report, however some vision of the clinic was necessary in telling the story. ABC News further advise that anyone filmed in the course of gathering material was de-identified by blurring of the vision that was used. As you note, your face was obscured by the way in which you were holding your mobile phone. It is relevant for us to further note that your connection with UM is in the public domain. Given this, and the fact that the faces of those outside the clinic that day were adequately obscured in this brief footage, Audience and Consumer Affairs are satisfied that the footage as broadcast could not reasonably be regarded as an intrusion into your private life. In the circumstances, we are satisfied that no consent was required for the filming and broadcast of this footage.” Unimed Living

Without irony, Liane had whinged about a report on UM’s gutter diving ‘FACTS Team’s unjustifiable intrusion into a former customer’s private life. Alison et al had outed his schizophrenia diagnosis online.

Liane and the rest of the subscription ‘Sons of God’ are acutely aware of how much UM  pisses people off. Every UM subscriber tries to sell their ‘Livingness’, and every one has duly encountered resistance, if not overt disdain. What I’ve reported is the tip of the iceberg. They’re still being turfed out of community organizations to this day.

But nothing UM have done so far has provoked the level of outrage I saw in the response to UM publishing that medical diagnosis. Without that person’s permission, Liane. In breach of privacy laws in pretty much every country on earth. I have never had such high blog stats, or seen the quite the level of anger in readers.

If you choose, Liane, to align yourself in such an embarrassingly disgusting way with such a thoroughly detestable group of people – who would do something like that as (a) malicious payback, and (b) to protect UM’s profits – you’ve forfeited any basis to complain.

In 2015, that arrogant UM clown Neil Ringe encouraged you and your colleagues to humiliate yourselves for your religion.


You’ve outdone yourselves.

UM’s political fails

Some more gratifying news is that all of UM’s latest batch of political aspirants failed at the ballot box. None were elected to local councils. So far Gail Fuller in Byron Bay, Terri-Anne Connors in Hawdon, Melbourne, Sally Green in Perth, Jane Keep in Richmond, London, and Ray Karam in Ballina have failed to win seats. Ray failed again in National Party preselection to contest the state seat of Lismore, and Samantha England in Norfolk lost her council seat.

There are all sorts of reasons why people lose elections, but we can safely say that whingeing about questions and criticisms and characterizing  questions as ‘abuse’ is a lousy political platform. Voters, fellow party members and opponents won’t wear it.

Medical journal JMIR published an interesting side note about Jane Keep, by the way. And it wasn’t about her talking cervix. When the journal got the UM researchers to correct their conflict of interest statements, Jane jettisoned her University of Birmingham affiliation.

Or maybe they jettisoned her.

Huge thank you

I don’t get around to thanking all of my supporters anywhere near enough. I am so grateful for all your encouragement and support. A lot of you have chipped in to help me cover my bills and helped me with kind words and gestures. I really do appreciate it and thanks to you we are on the way to getting my defence evidence heard – where it matters most.

9 June 2018 Legal update

lady justice[1]We go to trial for three weeks from 3 September at the Supreme Court of NSW Sydney. I’ll be blogging light from here on and only the essentials. We are amid trial prep and I’m busy.

A warning to all of you, do not publish any commentary on the trial from here on and certainly nothing disparaging identifying the plaintiff. At all. If you do you risk a contempt of court charge plus UM using it as an excuse to disrupt proceedings.

Just. Do. Not. Do. It.

Not anonymously, pseudonymously, not nothing.

Please don’t waste my time by posting any such comments on my blogs. They’ll be deleted.

You are free to comment on UM and UMers, as always, provided your comments are justified.

I won’t be publishing anything about the trial until it’s concluded, except for some details about the calendar and other housekeeping. Please be patient and wait. Don’t contact me about the trial or UM unless you have some earth shattering documents or testimony to bring to court and you’re willing to go on the stand. I don’t have time for trivia from here on.  If you have UM gossip, don’t send it to me. Put it in the comments.

Someone was talking about setting up a blog and a Facebook page to post all the news reports as they come to hand. I don’t know if they’re still going to do that. I won’t be doing it. I’ll be busy and unable to comment on the trial. If you want to help out with blogging the news reports or as admins on a Facebook page, please get in touch soon and I’ll put you in touch with other helpers.

I will provide a link to the third party blog and FB page at the top of my blogs so that you can find it during the trial.

Comments will be closed on all my blogs through the trial. I’ll give advance warning.


I’ll be going to a day of hearing in Queensland end of next month to seek orders for disclosure of documents by Ray Karam and Caroline Raphael. It’s a repeat of issues we’ve had in NSW with the same legal team.

Caroline and Ray were supposed to disclose all their documents in November last year, when I did. I’ve had to chase them. It means that I have to seek orders to resolve what I believe to be outstanding, in the same way I had to seek orders against their sixth dimensional ascended guru.

Anyway, in the past month I had to put up with more ludicrous back and forth correspondence for the Queensland proceedings. Team UM had the gall to list a directions hearing on 8 June to try and rush me through seeking orders against Ray and Caroline. Unfortunately it requires a lot of preparatory work and legal advice to successfully get court orders, which of course Team UM doesn’t understand because they’re so rarely successful at doing so. They’ve had no cause to seek the same remedies against me.

They tried to get orders for the court to set a timetable requiring me to attend 3 hearings in Brisbane within the next four weeks. At the same time they were seeking to list a hearing in Sydney for some order or other, no one’s sure what – and late in the proceedings. So they were trying on four needless hearings in four weeks in two cities, weeks out from a trial that will run at least three weeks, while I’m broke, working from friends’ couches in Sydney, and when they knew two out of three of my retained barristers are not available. One being at a very lengthy trial in Brisbane and one on leave, and for all UM knew, I had no solicitors either.

Can anyone smell panic?

And bad blood?

In short, Team UM and the Queensland plaintiffs had the hide to try and bully me into rushing through seeking remedies for their non-compliance, at a time when they knew I had minimal legal assistance available.

But their cunning esoteric plan didn’t work. Last week my QC and his chambers in Brisbane found me another barrister to help out there. She was in court for me yesterday and helped with the negotiations. I’m pretty sure she’ll be appearing for me late next month.

Also, I now have solicitors representing me in the NSW proceedings. They came on the record last month amid Team UM’s genius litigious offensive against the unrepresented ‘troll’. My new solicitors are a small but high profile Sydney firm who’ve done a lot of successful work with my Sydney barristers, and have a special interest in human rights justice.

In short, after weeks of Esoteric histrionics and angst, Team UM ended up abandoning their proposed timetable and agreeing to mine. Three hearings got whittled down to one plus a five minute appearance for orders by consent. They might still call a short hearing in Sydney yet, but, in my unlearned opinion, the orders they’re seeking are, shall we say, singular.

With about as much chance of success as a modern day Cathar uprising.

Whatever happens, you’ll hear about the outcomes.

Time, space and accountability – the temporal limitations of the Astral plane

On 1 February Team UM and I went to hearing to argue for orders to remedy Serge’s sixth dimensional Atmic resistance to discovery of documents. No, we don’t have a ruling on that, but you will know about it when we do. I know UM are spreading rumours I have omniscient super powers, but I’d like to assure all of you that pestering me with messages and emails won’t make it happen any quicker.

I haven’t heard any word on the University Queensland’s decision regarding the UM researchers’ failure to declare conflicts of interest when they were trying to game peer reviewed journals into publishing ‘research’ papers that make out that UM Esoteric health claims are legit.

Some of you will remember that Lismore’s Northern Star published an appallingly fact free ‘report’ on the controversy. UM researcher and Northern Star advertorialist, Christoph Schnelle described UQ’s investigation as ‘at best complete nonsense’. Which is an unusual way to endear yourself to UQ and its School of Public Health when you’re yet to complete your PhD.

JMIR lets rip

However, one of the journals that published the UM papers, JMIR, isn’t mucking around waiting for UQ. They moved to retract the paper, but Team Schnelle refused to cooperate, and are esoterically insisting they declared their competing interests. JMIR robustly disagreed, taking the invested ‘Sons of God’ to task on a number of fronts. It’s a very good read. For example:

Our concerns with the COI of the lead author (and his spouse) go beyond financial COIs, as in his blog the lead author describes how meeting the UM founder “changed our lives profoundly”, and his spouse is describing “seemingly miraculous changes” as a result of UM. This level of “passion” for UM and their involvement may affect the authors’ scientific judgement.

As for Schnelle’s claim to the Northern Star that no one is challenging the validity of the data, JMIR disagreed with that too. The paper’s peer reviewers say they would not have accepted the manuscript if they’d been aware of the researchers’ ‘extensive COIs’. JMIR’s editorial director iced the cake with:

Finally, we are very concerned that the original results paper contained large statistical errors inflating the effect sizes (now corrected, see data correction below), which the authors themselves corrected (see below). We are giving the authors the benefit of the doubt in assuming that these were honest mistakes and not intentional errors, but it casts further doubts on the level of oversight as well as vetting of the data by an independent person.

While authors never claim otherwise, we should stress that the proposed and executed research does not provide any evidence that any Universal Medicine modalities are effective in making people healthier. Journal of Medical Internet Research JMIR

And as we know from Unpacking UM episode 2, the message from UM’s own management is that their modalities are not about improving health at all.

An important note about funding my work: I’m defending two large defamation claims brought by UM in two states. I am bankrupt. I now have a solicitor representing me in NSW but the workload and expense hasn’t changed. The amount of work required makes it impossible for me to earn income. I’m not eligible for benefits. I am now homeless and reliant on friends and family for accommodation. I still need to eat and afford the costs of travel between two states, stationery (masses of printing, folders etc.) and subpoenas. I am no longer crowdfunding. I cannot accept monetary donations or gifts. Any payments marked as gifts or donations will be confiscated by the bankruptcy trustee. You can, however, support me by paying me for investigating and publishing my long term exposé of Universal Medicine and my work in defending my public interest publications. If you value what I’m doing and want to help me get by and get my defences to trial, you can pay me for my work. Mark your payment as payment or services. Click here to pay for my work via PayPal  Or direct deposit to BSB 734 063 Acc. 654 143 Contact me if you would like a tax invoice.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Congrats to Northern Star’s Hamish Broome on his recent marriage, but to the concerned north-coast public’s dismay, photo’s show he’s heavily embedded with the Benhayons


    • Congrats Hamish! says:

      Yep, that’s a picture that tells a thousand words. I’m sure we all look forward to Hamish’s next completely neutral and unbiased report in to UM. Maybe the Benhayon daughter could proof read it for him?

  2. You Can´t Ask That says:


    An episode about former cult members (series 3 ep. 3) and one about living with schizophrenia (series 3 ep. 6).

    • Anton says:

      Only available within Australia, I’m afraid. I’ve tried really hard here in Fucking, Austria.
      E’s shared an article on T, where the cult episode’s fully covered though.

  3. Basil Brush says:

    Lismore business awards coming up soon.

    Peoples choice award goes to………………..?

  4. Anonymous says:

    A warning – the dangers of believing a narcissistic cult leader who predicts doom:

    Tokyo Sarin attack: Japan executes last Aum Shinrikyo members on death row http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-44962581

    • Lance says:

      And Anna is an instant expert. It wasn’t long ago she was a checkout lady at Coles. I think the group has thrown her a bone after a bad run of UM BS.

      Fact is, one of the great things about anything to do with web/social media is you can tell average joe you are an expert.

      A lot like being an esoteric student.

  5. pranicattack says:

    Nice of her to come all the way from Aus to sell her courses as “investments” to the Brits and Europeans – No doubt ‘with love’ and references to UM, the leader and the way of Livingness. Hope she remembers to pay her taxes …

    • Obvious Prime says:

      Good one 👽 …. and applies for a work permit abroad I hope pranically so.
      England and The Netherlands only like big corps like amazon and apple to not pay taxes, UM’s not one.

  6. We Shall Fight Them says:

    All those new fancy words… subpeonaed (favourite one), bunkum, plaintiff, half-arsed argument… When the UM thing will be over, I´ll apply for a job at the Australian Embassy (specialised in colloquial language and imaginary Einstein quotes).

  7. Chris says:

    Drove through Richmond Hill early yesterday.

    A couple of Audi’s & a Merc worshipping the blood moon.

    Serge may need to chat to the troops.

    • Energetically says:

      The moon is special in UM. Especially the full moon. Wezak in May/June or something like that.

      • Chris says:

        Always amused when driving through Richmond Hill & you see an Audi parked at the top of Whispering Valley Drive. Not too far along you see one or two UMers strolling along.

        Morning or afternoon.

        Can’t walk up steep hill…………yet so energised through their diet.

        Avoiding slightly strenuous activity?

        Yesterday afternoon, 20 degrees, puffer jackets & scarfs.

        Same shit happens in the morning, just a different colour Audi ………….at least it is cooler at that time & rugging up is acceptable.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Dear Annette Baker, please don´t mix negative emotions and relationship counselling with fucking war crimes. I know, it´s a smoke screen, but it´s unbelievably ignorant, selfish and unbelievably self-centred. Gosh. I´ll never make the mistake reading the Unimed Living paper again!

    • Basil Brush says:

      Do they publish an in house paper?
      How is the standard of journalism?

    • Sick, sick, sick. says:

      Is the UM paper published online? If so, can you post a link please? I’d like to forward it to The Jewish Council as I’m sickened by this comparison which has been made a few times now. Linking unconnected events to try and garner sympathy, and cast aspersions on people who holding a perfectly rational discussion is wrong. The Holcaust and the millions who were murdered by the Nazi Party has no relevance in any discussion apart from a discussion on the Holocaust. It is not to be cheapened by whinging new age practioniers who don’t like it that people have reasonable questions to ask them, AND are lucky enough to live in democracies where they are legally guaranteed the right to ask these questions.

      I recommend all of UM visit one of the death camps next time they are in Germany and pay their respects to those that died. While there, they may also find inspiration to do something useful with their lives – like fighting the actual religious persecution of Jewish people, Muslim people, and many other GENUINE religions around the world.

      Second-rate, new age healing businesses are not religions.

      • Where Is The Money says:

        Sure. The link to the paper´s published on their Twitter page regularly. I can´t find the article mentioned above anymore though.

        The latest paper is this one: https://donotlink.it/or6b

        • Anonymous says:

          Probably took it down after reading comments here… we all know they like to read Esther’s blog. I imagine there’s a certain cache amongst them for daring to commenting here.

          I’ll have a look through wayback machine, thankfully you can’t rubout what you do online!

  9. The Space Master says:

    Prefacing utterly ridiculous world salad with ‘What if’ does not equal ‘philosophy’, or make the individual doing so a ‘genius’.

    • Next Level Genius says:

      Problem is, UM group think tells otherwise. Nobody….but us….. Nobody….but us… Nobody talks about the importance of honouring your feelings… but us. What if this is not so?

      • Lance Martin says:

        What if it is all bullshit? What if it is all made up? What if Serge is not the one? What if your truth is not the truth? What if… you read a proper science/philosophy book?

        • Smell me, go on, smell me. YOU’VE BEEN SMELT! says:

          I think the answer to all of those ponderings is not ‘what if…’. Simply remove the said phrase and the truth is revealed. Apart from the last one, but sadly UMers have lost the ability to read anything apart from the purple prose printed poorly by the Purple People Eater.

  10. VAT says:

    Sadly, I´m not surprised, who´s allowed to host an “Addictions Support Discussion Group” here. https://donotlink.it/JovL

    1st RULE: You do not talk about CULT CLUB.

    • maybe the 12 steps can get them out of UM? says:

      Everyone of UM is an addict – they’re all addicted to the group. All the negative characteristics indicative of addiction are on display:

      – can’t go without it
      – behavioural changes
      – suspicious behaviour
      – secretive behaviour
      – inability to see any damage being done by own actions
      – health issues
      – retreat from family and friends

      And on and on.

    • Lance Martin says:

      It’s quite a clever, on target recruitment method in fact.

      I don’t know why they didn’t think of it before. It is their exact demographic.

      • Cheshire Cat says:

        Yep. People in an existential life crisis need a “loving” corporate feeling. In-the-money recruitment practice.

  11. I Smell Cookies says:

    Inspiring story about NSW women from Ireland, who stopd up. We won’t stop either.

  12. Make mine a double please! says:

    New research from the British Medical Journal links abstinence of alcohol with increased risk of dementia in later life:

    “Abstinence from alcohol in midlife, long term abstinence, and decrease in consumption were associated with a significantly higher risk of dementia”.

    And that’s interesting as the upper echelon of UM seems completely mad. Now we all know at least of the causes.



    • Thank You Gerald Hüther says:

      Cheers! The “Nun Study”´s got links to that. 🙂

      “…nuns who expressed more positive emotions in their autobiographies lived significantly longer — in some cases 10 years longer — than those expressing fewer positive emotions.”


      or short in Wikipedia:

      What´s UM´s view on emotions in general again?

      • Doctor Death says:

        Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or this is a genuine question!

        UM HATES emotions. You must not have them. They are evil. If you get angry you will die. If you get sad you will die. If you are happy you will die. If you get racy (so wierd they use this word, it’s like Victorian times all over again) you will die.

        You must have no emotions.

        And even then you’ll probably die because you have an insanely restricted diet, little or no social contact with anyone apart from other cult members, an extreme level of stress bought on by having to constantly fulfill UM demands to comment on the million censored UM blogs, and you’ve given up on traditional medicine so have no idea if you have a serious illness or not. That huge tumour is just a ‘clearing’ isn’t it? It’s normal you faint all the time and are lightheaded, it’s just a clearing. You’ve lost half your body mass? Don’t worry, your body is just clearing things out. Near to death? Do make sure you’ve made a will, our legal services can guide you through this effortlessly and advise how to leave us all your money. AND we’ll even make a video for you to prove to your much maligned family that was indeed your final wish – and not ours 😉

        • Cheshire Cat says:

          I´ve been sarcastic, but thank you for the extensive answer for those not knowing the Fakt. 🙂

          I´ve tried living by “Emotions are the root cause of all illness and disease (and give me your money and will).” SB, which didn´t work out that well…. for UM.

  13. DELUDED? XXXLL? Experts running scared? says:

    Christoph Schnelle
    August 3, 2018 at 9:50 am
    Plenty of journalists are gossips, even professional gossips but gossip is by definition unverified information that is often simply a lie. Printing gossip means that you probably regularly print lies.

    Henrietta Chang
    August 3, 2018 at 5:53 am
    How someone (Kate McClymont) can claim and print the absolute opposite of who and what someone is (Serge Benhayon) would be laughable if it were not for the slander and abuse that it stands for. And further to this, the slander and abuse has gone to print and been sold to thousands of people. In our modern day and age, words used in this way are weapons to foster greater separation and discord in our society, a society that is already unstable and fragmented. Knowing this, would it not be the most responsible thing, Kate McClymont, to use words in the opposite effect – to bring truth, and unity to all of mankind? Have you ever considered that this could be the purpose of your career – being a true leader, rather than bringing more chaos and unrest? Something for you to ponder on deeply.


    • Purple Drain says:

      Sure, she’ll ponder on your words deeply since she’s thinking about you and UM day in and night out.
      There’s a world outside UM. Believe it or not, not that many know the corp outside the bubble.

    • Lance Martin says:

      The genius of UM is that they both believe that their guru is not what he is, therefore, making him a very skilled practitioner of what he most certainly is.

      CS’s logic sucks, as usual. Henrietta is quite earnest in her plaintive cries- though I think the chaos and unrest she refers to is the doubts she battles.

      A little more ‘deep pondering’ should fix that right up.

      Looks like they still haven’t actually read the article. Interesting they are still carrying on weeks later.

      • They have a lot of time on their hands... says:

        It’s almost as if they have absolutely nothing else going on in their lives and have to fixate on this. Oh, silly me, of course they have nothing else going on in their lives, they ditched everything for Bencrayon.

    • SAK says:

      Unverified information.

      Is he kidding?

  14. Surprise! No says:

    Esther lol Terri Anne has edited her FB and removed your comments

  15. We Are NOT a cult NOT says:

    Thank you for the link, Jane Hansen. Hilarious it is. https://www.universalmedicine.com.au/questions/why-it-quite-clear-unimed-not-cult

    • The Way It Isn't says:

      ‘A cult involves abnormal, sometimes secretive behaviour, an all powerful and controlling leader, dogma and doctrines. On that basis Universal Medicine is anything but a cult’

      Because there’s nothing abnormal or secretive about having magical healing symbols stuck to every appliance in your house, believing a wide range of perfectly normal food is ‘evil’, making false copyright claims to censor videos exposing what goes in at UM events, or following a leader who claims The Hierarchy started speaking to him when he was taking a dump, and as a result of listening to those voices, he’s ascended to his current position as sole source of divine wisdom on earth; a ‘world teacher’ here to heal all of humanity. As long as you can afford it.

      • The "C" word says:

        “A cult involves abnormal (walk and stir soup anticlockwise, man orgasms as a woman, babies are breast burglers) and sometimes secretive (smelt by alien like spirits, healing symbols down undies, symbolic jewellery) an all powerful and controlling leader (claims to know more than anyone on the planet, hails from another planet, knows the death planet and reincarnations pre and post life and death, alcohol consumption causes rape by entities on children, dairy is loveless, use of tampons is like sleeping with the dirtiest man, uncircumcised penis means animalistic owner)
        On that basis of fact
        You work it out
        Cult or not cult
        UM is in damage control mode. Their latest real world press has outed them yet again.
        The court case is looming and the followers are mustered to defend their community. They dont want that title going into court so they are screaming out loud “We are not a cult”
        Turning the irony on themselves.

    • Temptation says:

      Especially like the refund-part….. What are the accepted readons? I still love my pranic family? No desire to leave my pranic partner yet?

    • I am not- You are says:

      I know- that defence is so limp and laughable. And the question begs, why even if have it if you’re not what you’re defending..??

      How does this sound

      I am not a racist
      I am not a homophobe
      I am not a misogynist
      I am not a poop head.

      Doesn’t work, does it?

      • Putple Drain says:

        Doesn’t work at all indeed. I’d ask for a refund, when my picture would be used for public defamation by the way…. We’re not a cult, but got a FACTS team pinning every critic down. Yeah, right.

    • questions, questions says:

      There is soooo much about that list that’s laughable, it really did make me smile. This is my favourite:

      “Anyone who has experienced his teachings will know that transparency is the hallmark of his methodology – any question goes and every question gets fully answered.”

      I think Dr David Milliken (sorry, spelling) and every single person who has ever read this blog (thousands at this point) would beg to differ. How many questions have been asked? And how many answers have been given? The answer to the the former is hundreds and hundreds, the answer to the latter is zero.

      So, UM friends, why not open that page you’ve written up to questions? That way you can show how open you really are and give some well deserved answers to the questions everyone has been asking for years. Or you could do a Twitter Q&A session. They work really well and powerful and influential people have been doing them for years with great success. I’m sure you put yourself in that category, so come on, open up. If there’s nothing to hide then no need to hide is there?

      • The Way It Isn't says:

        From memory, the outcome of the David Miliken incident was UM covering the windows of their venue with sheets of black plastic. Nothing abnormal or secretive about that! As for Imhotep’s books being ‘detailed, substantial, and far reaching’, you could state the same opinion about any number of science fiction or fantasy novels, the difference being that the latter aren’t generally claiming to be divine truth ‘brought through’ from another dimension on behalf of ‘The Hierarchy’.

      • Thats poo to you says:

        Need we even go beyond the beginning in a bathroom far far away
        Circa 1999
        The excrement of excellence that birthed a genius, the bog of brilliance, the poo of prowess, the crap of the ageless wisdom swandiving around the S bend without so much of a mini skiddy or need to wipe.

  16. 10cc - Its not a cult, no, no because.... says:

    Its not a cult
    So dont forget it
    Its not some silly phase were going through
    And just because
    You call us out
    Youve got it wrong, UMs rotton charade
    Its not a cult, no, no…because


    Ooh I hate gettin up at 3
    Ooh to do my time online
    Ooh not allowed a strong coffee
    Ooh and at night no wine

    Id like to see you
    Thats forbidden
    That doesnt mean you mean that much to me
    I cant call you
    Your pranic plus
    Now with my friends
    On the UM love bus
    Its UM love, oh oh because…..


    Ooh I cant afford an Audi
    Ooh or travel first class flights
    Ooh my dinner plate looks like a bowl of weeds
    Ooh cant question, its a crime

    I keep Leo’s picture
    Upon the wall
    Replaced the nasty family photo stares
    So dont you ask me
    To put them back
    Now know true love, UMs my family
    Im hot in love, oh so sexy…because


    Ooh my holidays are all retreats
    Ooh the UM congo line
    Ooh wasting away in mind and body
    Ooh but Im told I feel fine

    Ooh dont wait for me to find sanity
    Ooh youll wait a long time
    Im UM love
    Besotted love…..

  17. Foreign Correspondent says:

    The two latest Unimed Living posts about connective tissue are pretty good in my humble opinion. Pranic science already proved, that the fascia contracts due to emotional stress, especially long-term. The effects of different qualities of movements on the fascia has already been covered and continues to be an interesting topic.

    However, posting a medical topic on that website is highly misleading, giving UM a medical reliability it doesn´t deserve at all. Not one word about energy. Their No 1 quote is “If everything is enery – as Einstein said – then – as UM had to add, cause Einstein didn´t hold the love for this part – everything is because of enery.” What about the 40,000 chakras etc etc.? That´s the angle Unimed Living must include. I mean, if EVERYTHING is energy, it should be the main reason for EVERYTHING. Worried about your reputation in the medical field?

    One´s always lacking and missing very important points when exclulding almost the entire world population though. I´d like to have a chat with Mrs. Greenaway. Patients in general could benefit from it. I´m sorry, us detractors are still too nasty to be talked to. Sad.

    • UM doesn't do anything useful, ever says:

      if you want “connective tissue massage” get yourself a foam roller. there’s no compelling evidence that massaging the fasciae does anything significantly useful compared to normal massage or exercise. Search Pubmed if you don’t believe me. And….the fasciae don’t contract due to emotional stress, just like the liver isn’t a “seat for anger” or whatever the woo merchants have you believe. I found one paper regarding back pain and emotional stress published in Manual Therapy (impact factor: 0.82 – as a comparison, Nature, one of the most prestigious scientific journals has an IP of 40) that insinuates a connection between emotional stress and back problems and that one was written by three Osteopaths so can be safely classed as bunkum. UM have latched onto CTM precisely because there is no evidence that it does anything useful. If it was already proven to work they’d be competing against all the trained professionals out there. Case in point, their esoteric yoga is a massive flop wherever they offer it because who wants to sit on a fucking chair for an hour and listen to warbling music if you can do some proper yoga instead? Likewise their “gentle movement” gets dropped from any old people’s home they manage to temporarily infiltrate because even the elderly prefer Pilates over some UM weirdo telling them to breathe gently into their sacrum.

      • Foreign Correspondent says:

        Sorry for opening up that topic and the diversion. Won´t make that mistake again.

        UM´s fascia therapy is not regular fascia therapy. Differs like day and night. Theirs doesn´t do anything but bring relaxation, empty your wallet and lead you down the rabbit hole. Please don´t confuse it.

        I´m not UM and can prove my ramblings. Thank you for asking.
        Real scientists, specialised in connective tissue research, from all over the world made (and still do) great discoveries because of enhanced research methods.
        I. e.: Fascia contracting due to emotional stress.
        On video, from 9:45 to 10:30 min.:
        https://donotlink.it/mrJr (German, not my foreign language).

        • Dr. Rolf rolfs says:

          Oh, nobody disputes that CTM can relieve back pain, as any trained physiotherapist and sports massage therapist will tell you. Interwstingly, UM’s healing modality might be inspired by the connective tissue massage from this lady…(sorry, I don’t speak German so I stopped at “Rolfing” though I like how the video used a steak as an example for fasciae?)

          Rolfing® (Rolfing Method of Structural Integration, structural integration, structural processing): Form of myofascial massage developed in the 1930s in New York by Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D. (1896-1979), an organic chemist who had studied yoga and chiropractic. “Rolfers make a life study of relating bodies and their fields to the earth and its gravity field, and we so organize the body that the gravity field can reinforce the body’s energy field.” Rolfing theory posits “muscle memory”: recollection of an incident “held” or “recorded” in a particular part of the body. Rolfers adjust the massage when they supposedly detect areas of “energy imbalance” within the body. Proponents claim that one’s posture reveals past traumatic experiences, that Rolfing effects emotional and “energetic” release, and that this alleged release restores the flow of “vital energy” and integrates mind and body.

          There have been two review studies that examined Rolfing studies. The first, from 2004, concluded “There is no evidence-based literature to support Rolfing in any specific disease group.” – Jones TA (November 2004). “Rolfing”. Phys Med Rehabil Clin N Am 15 (4): 799–809, vi. DOI:10.1016/j.pmr.2004.03.008. PMID 15458753

          The second is from 2011 and concluded, “Evidence for clinical effectiveness and hypothesized mechanisms is severely limited by small sample sizes and absence of control arms. In view of the rapidly increasing availability of SI and its use for treatment of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, more adequate research in[sic] warranted.” – Jacobson E (Oct 2011) “Structural integration, an alternative method of manual therapy and sensorimotor education”. J Altern Complement Ther (10):891-899

          replace Rolfing with UM at your convenience.

          And that’s me done talking about connective tissue therapy. Let’s get back to the issue at hand (sorry, Esther!). Anyone else waiting with bated breath for the outcome of the UM “backpain trial” in Vietnam conducted by our favourite PhD candidate Christoph Schnelle?

  18. Will our friends be in the audience? Lay your bets before XXXXLLL?? says:


  19. Stop fucking lying UMers! says:

    Nothing secretive about UM
    What about the full on panic attempted takedown of Esthers Unpacking UM series highlighting the groups weird “sermons” which was for sale to anyone of the general public.
    If thats not secretive Im a pranic primates uncle

  20. Lance says:

    The group seem to have a policy of following me around on social media with the sole aim of ongoing bullying and harrasment. The conversations I am having are not to do with UM.

    It seems like their plan is to throw links in front of anyone I communicate with to discredit me, on any subject.

    Today it was Mandalis, who told me: “I enjoy looking in the mirror muchly. It reveals all that I am and thus All the we are….” in response to my allegorical comment to ‘take a good look in the mirror’.


    Rachel Hall and a few others have had a crack too. As expected they are taking great delight in their ACA “win” while they continue to trash real journalists making matter of fact reports on actual events.

    Liane also told me today that the difference between their behavour (four years of ongoing online abuse of me and my livlihood from 300 plus people who have never met me) and mine (disagreeing with UM’s toxic doctrine, making private complaints I am entitled to make) is that:

    “the exposure of abuse is not abuse”

    Presumably the ends justify the means. Just like any good fascists creed.

    It’s worth noting my anti UM activity, outside of benign comments, has amounted to nothing in over three years as agreed in writing with my ex.

    If we need any more proof that UM is a toxic, one sided and demented ideology that strips people of their humanity and moral compass, here it is.

  21. HELLO WORLD says:

    A Trump rule or a trump like rule is what we can all expect here in AU… ASAP if we all are not VERY VERY VERY $trong and $tand up to the$e ***** control nitwit con freak$.

  22. "Facts" says:

    Welcome to UM´s Hall Of Shame, Mr. Robertson: https://donotlink.it/9Ygj

    I´m very proud of you.

    • A billion followers, a billion words says:

      Liane, crikey, I needed a shower to wash away the entities and ghouls crawling all over me after reading your novel of catastrophic nastiness. So emotionally charged in defence of your leader who claims emotions give you cancer. This is obviously an exempt rule when you feel in your innermost to shield the guru.
      Get a life.

      • Schizo says:

        I’ve been saying your last 3 words whilst reading her emotional outcry, too. OMG.

        Lance and Esther btw don’t seem to be regarded as humans anymore. The first step of warfare, completed, whilst selling fiery love. I’m a little worried.

        • Esther says:

          That’s old news. She’s not going on (and on, and on) about human beings – she’s under attack by spirits. His nibs says so.

    • Welcome aboard HRH Mr Robertson says:

      It takes intestinal fortitude and just a “normal logic” to proudly get on the UM Hall of Shame!

      Onya Mr Robertson and THANK YOU!

      Sorry but just plain old COMMONSENSE.


      Of a VERY SPINELESS shallow personality with an XXXL persecution complex….that is fed by $uch a nincomPOOP! [pun intended].

      Wake up Liane.

    • Anonymous says:

      Love, love, love the hypocrisy there. The media doorsteps Lance, they are good. They do it to UM, they are evil. They are so dumb they don’t even realise when they are arguing against their own arguments.


      • Lance Martin says:

        Yeah, thanks for spotting that, I was shaking my head as I read that too. But what can you say?

        Its been like that from the start. Their stories are not only a contradictions, it’s invariably a case of whatever they say has happened to them, it’s happened to us ten times worse.

        Unlike Liane’s experience of having her $80 trance affected by the sight of a reporter and a camera, I was accosted with three people rushing at me with no warning, about something that’s origins are in the false accusations of the group that Liane is a cheerleader for, that has been causing me great stress and costs for years.

        What a poor petal she is. The rest of her blather is just as lopsided and laughably wrong, which goes without saying.

        Her prose/word mangle is right out of the UM handbook of WTF is she on/on about it, which pretty well gives the game away.

        If it was rational, she’d have very little to say.

        I do wonder if years from now they will look back at their ramblings and blush deeply at their stupidity and lack of basic civility, or whether they will figure out a way to justify it to themselves.

        • The Smelterer says:

          All I see are the “desperately committed” still posting at this moment. The ones willing to take the bullet. The “shut up” directive is evident. The threat of exposure is becoming real.

    • The Way It Isn't says:

      If you’re claiming to have found the ‘truth’ courtesy of someone who criticises every religion, scientific field, educational institution and medical practice in existence while boasting that he knows every secret of the universe, blathering about the ‘supremacy energy’ of anyone who dares question your guru suggests that maybe self-awareness isn’t your strong point.

    • The Way It Isn't says:

      Since Liane and and the rest of the UM faithful love ‘philosophy’ so much, here’s a quote they really should ponder on:

      “Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.”

      – Ralph Waldo Emerson

      • Vitruvian says:

        Great one. Even Leo in his Leo life back then had more inspiring quotes than today:

        “The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.”

        “Poor is the pupil who does not surpass his master.”

        “Blinding ignorance does mislead us. O! Wretched mortals, open your eyes!”

        “Just as courage imperils life, fear protects it.”

        “Anyone who conducts an argument by appealing to authority is not using his intelligence; he is just using his memory.”

    • Glasses needed and NOT rose tinted.. says:

      Liane – to quote you and yours said with love truth and integrity second to none in the whole wide world.

      Case dismissed? Yes?


      STOP wasting taxpayers money – Yes?

      Grow up YOU and yours are accountable

      Practice what you preach

  23. Schizo says:

    Ah yes. Still can´t a grip on that. Takes time. Vigilantism/mob law in the name of saying stop lovingly. Great propaganda job.

  24. Foreign Correspondent says:

    Yes, let´s stop the connective tissue thing as it´s off topic. It´s like talking to an UMer though. Gosh, asking questions to me doesn´t seem to be your favourite.

  25. Jury duty says:

    Too complex for a jury?
    Jury members have to sit through complex trials with forensic evidence in murder cases for example.
    Good enough for that
    Good enough for you SB

    • The Way It Isn't says:

      Deep in his inner-heart, he knows that the odds of a jury being composed of serial new-age types who want to believe his myth-making are quite slim. The so-called ‘philosophy’ in the books may be complex, but it’s also obviously z-grade, occultnik hooey.

      • I want to be a court reporter says:

        I am surprised it’s considered complex. It seems very straightforward to me. Maybe it’s just the UM lawyers over complicating things. That seems to be their strategy, all these additional motions and disclosure shenanigans.

        The countdown clock is well and truly ticking now. Is the public allowed to attend the trial? If so could you please list the date, time and the location of the trial? That would be much appreciated.

      • Good luck! says:

        Great news that a jury WILL hear the case when it goes to trial. This is a fantastic outcome. I’m sure a judge alone would also have given a fair and righteous assessment of the facts, but this case appears to be one that will really benefit from a jury made up of members of the community to decide on its merits.

        Now we all wait for the trial to begin. Good luck Esther from all your supporters around the globe! This really is battle about freedom, the freedom to speak ones mind, the freedom to examine what’s going on in the community (both local and global), and the freedom of persecution for people who are doing nothing but expressing their opinions AND exposing the wrongs of others.

  26. The Smelterer says:

    Put on your shades Rockett! The future is looking bright.

  27. Evil Empathy says:

    Hey Adam, your sarcastic comment regarding UM related hospitalizations only proves one thing. Again. UM´s not about love.

    • RJM says:

      Adam thinks it’s funny because he’s been led to believe that ‘true evolution’ involves slowly eliminating all food from your diet in order to return to God.

      • Lost In A Mentally Defective Ideology says:

        Indeed, Sir, indeed.
        Mushrooms – damp.
        Cashews – watch out for comfort. Everything eaten with the intention of comfort has a pranic effect on your body.
        Potatoes, rice, tomatoes, red apples (not green ones), mangos – way to much carbohydrates making you racy.
        The time, your body´s digesting food is a time, it can´t be fiery in full.

    • Esther says:

      Adam’s been sold ‘clairsentience’ and told he’s special and that the maestro can step back and let Adam run UM. He probably believes it as others before him have.

      He’s so clairsentient he knows everything he’s not told.

  28. Anonymous says:


    Similar anti media front orgs. The Knife by NXIVM and RMRC by UM.

  29. Ghost Writer says:

    “Optimism – choosing to not feel what is truly going on” and “Peace in the Middle East” with content summarized into We need to sit together and talk….
    Unimed Living, your choice of articles show, don’t seem to give a shit anymore. Panic too real?

    • The Way It Isn't says:

      There will never be peace in the Middle East as long as they include bread and coffee in their anti-evolutionary diets. #TrueFakts

  30. Anonymous says:

    What’s ol’ UM got to say about the fires eh? Did they predict them? Are they going to put them out? Way I see it they’ve done bugger all to help anyone and just take off everyone. Maybe they should go volunteer and do some good for a change eh?

    • Yamoto says:

      That would be interfering with karmic cleansing. You can´t mess with God´s will.

    • Slim n Dusty says:

      They are all about being fiery
      They love fires, inner, outer, everywhere including ring sting after a hot lamb curry
      Not so fabulous excrement there
      Its preparing them for the descendance into the eternal fiery pits of hell and damnation if your into that religious stuff
      Ive been waiting for a fiery drought fundraising song
      Still no evidence the flood song money made it to the promised place either
      A drought song about the hunger and discomfort, but thats their everyday existance, they probably cant see what the fuss is about there, having lives are stripped bare electively.
      More importantly, theres too much dust on the Audis, time for the slave carwash roster system to arc up starting at 3am

      • Basil Brush says:

        Lots of new / different audis floating around Richmond Hill at the moment.

        Must have got a bulk deal.

        • Lance Martin says:

          There’s a UM course this weekend.

        • Rick Grimes says:

          Lock your doors, shut your curtains and don’t answer the phone. The zombies are coming to town! Although they try and hide there are certain clues that expose them. Use this handy guide and you’ll be safe. Watch out for:

          – people driving Audi’s

          – people dressed in too many clothes (they are always cold through lack of proper diet)

          – people asking hundreds of questions every time they order food to make sure it complies with the zombie food code

          – people huddling in groups talking in low voices around purple covered books

          – people casting judgemental eyes over anyone they see close to alcohol

          – people typing the same messages over and over and over on blogs – the zombies have to venerate the zombie master and praise at least 20x a day online

          – they are majority female, but do not be fooled, there are a few so-called men who are part of the hive. hard to actually tell as so skeletal thin and acting the same as the womenfolk. maybe facial hair could be a clue? actually no, many of the women have that too. women who starve themselves often grow excessive body hair as the body tires to keep warm

          If you do see any of these zombies in town DO NOT APPROCACH THEM. Simply hold up your phone with some good old Rock n Roll on it at loud volume and they will scatter. Or a spray containing alcohol sprayed liberally at them will work. Or, in extreme emergencies, carry a picture of Esther and present that to them. They will shake with anger, cry “troll, troll” and run off at pace to go and write some more fictitious blogs about how she controls the whole worlds media, social media and everything or everyone else whose also found the truth out about the zombie clan.

  31. Show Me The Money says:

    Aha. Now I get UM´s fuss about connective tissue. Promotion for Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy – Level 2. Now new in stores. Every now and then, I forget, what UM´s really about.

  32. Tonight is the night says:

    Tonight is the night? Yes….LCCI Awards
    Who will People’s choice award???

    • Deep Fate says:

      2018 INDUCTEE
      Universal Medicine
      Category: peoples choice


      • Spew says:

        I just vomited into my mouth a little.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sadly the comments have been deleted off that FB page, but there’s other local boards where they have not been. To say people are not happy is the usual understatement when it comes to UM locally among non members. Do a quick FB search and you’ll get the picture (to coin a phrase).

        • Yoda says:

          Any links?

        • Lance Martin says:

          Yes, they are ignoring a real problem that is in the area and how people really feel. Unlike the first commentator- a UM member obviously- who said for every detractor there are ‘thousands’ of fans, I can assure them and the LCCI that it is the other way around, probably literally when you think of the families and friends around the world.

          In Lismore, it’s not unusual to hear people commenting UM and UM’ers with disdain. Not conversations I am involved in, simply things I am overhearing. When it’s mentioned to others, they throw their hands in the air, roll their eyes and launch into stories about how “crap UM” is. And most of those poeple have no idea of my relationship to the group.

          Why? Because those people have friends in the group, or family members, or have dealt with members and their holier than thou attitudes.

          I personally don’t mind UM winning awards if members (just devoted customers other businesses wish they had ; ) vote within the rules. But it’s censorship for comments to be pulled down when a myriad of people come up to voice their concerns. Provided there are no threats, it’s is something they should confront rather than just delete and ignore. If they are in doubt of the realness of the issue, go out into the community and ask around.

          It is worth noting that Debbie Benhayon is president of the LCCI and there are many members to be seen in FB photos.

      • SAK says:

        What a fucking joke.

        Hall of shame nominee………….LCCI.

      • Shame shame shame hey shame on you says:


  33. Hall Of Shame says:

    Well, I can´t find any junk food journalism in Josh Robertson´s latest article. Thanks for tweeting it, Esther.
    Besides, UM, please read it, it´s about REAL persecution.

  34. Pit hair says:


    Today’s official UM promotional page sent from the upper echelons for the minions to repost with zeal. As they all dutifully have.


  35. RHRN says:

    Vehicular upgrade.

    Audi out…………Porsche in.

  36. Smiley Jim says:


    Just saw the LCCI awards photos.

    Not sure whether it was about the award recipients or Claytons photos.

    Only info on each photo were the camera details.

    No names of people receiving awards.

    Copyright of course.

  37. anon says:

    Next time UM hits out about people commenting with anon names, hit them with the below, from a US website. It’s very American-centric, but you get the idea:

    “our method: pseudonymous speech…

    anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. it thus exemplifies the purpose behind the bill of rights, and of the first amendment in particular: to protect unpopular individuals from retaliation– and their ideas from suppression– at the hand of an intolerant society.

    …responsibly used.

    the right to remain anonymous may be abused when it shields fraudulent conduct. but political speech by its nature will sometimes have unpalatable consequences, and, in general, our society accords greater weight to the value of free speech than to the dangers of its misuse.

    – mcintyre v. ohio elections commission 514 u.s. 334 (1995) justice stevens writing for the majority

    though often maligned (typically by those frustrated by an inability to engage in ad hominem attacks) anonymous speech has a long and storied history in the united states. used by the likes of mark twain (aka samuel langhorne clemens) to criticize common ignorance, and perhaps most famously by alexander hamilton, james madison and john jay (aka publius) to write the federalist papers, we think ourselves in good company in using one or another nom de plume. particularly in light of an emerging trend against vocalizing public dissent in the united states, we believe in the critical importance of anonymity and its role in dissident speech. like the economist magazine, we also believe that keeping authorship anonymous moves the focus of discussion to the content of speech and away from the speaker- as it should be. we believe not only that you should be comfortable with anonymous speech in such an environment, but that you should be suspicious of any speech that isn’t.”

    • Yamato says:

      Thanks. As always, there are two sides to a story. UM´s too focused on being morally outraged though. No matter what. Can´t take that away from them. Too comfortable.

  38. Curry King says:

    “The presentation in this video is based upon the principles of the Ageless Wisdom. It does not offer medical advice about the cause or treatment of any medical condition.”
    Serge Benhayon TV

    “Read an incredible testimonial of someone, who healed life long depression.” #beforeandafter #depression #healing #UnimedLiving

    We don’t heal, but we do. Man, the esoteric community is as fragmented as the CIA.

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