Universal Medicine cult in The Times plus Sunday Night program fun facts & gossip

The-Times-Burping-cultIt’s always nice to see cult leader Serge Benhayon get the attention he deserves, and this week UK paper The Times looks at the recent family court ruling in the UK to protect a child from Universal Medicine, and Benhayon’s defamation fail in the Supreme Court of NSW.

Plus, I give a brief walk-through of the Sunday Night on Seven program on the UniMed cult – picking out a few details viewers might have missed.

UPDATE: Click this link for The Times podcast follow-up to the report

UM’s British racket in the spotlight

The Times article reports that Benhayon has cancelled all of his UK events since last year, but that he maintains his hold on followers via webcast and videoconferencing. He used to run three months of scheduled events in the UK each year. Frankly, he’s frightened to set foot in the UK because the press will pounce on him. The tabloids gave him a right going over after Benhayon v Rockett.

However, I think what will upset the self-advertised ‘world renowned philosopher‘ most is that The Times article is more about me than him.

Rockett is an easygoing Aussie with a strong sense of the absurd. She has a degree in religious studies and one of the areas she had studied extensively was cults. “I got the impression that most of his clients were women and I wondered what on earth he was putting to these women who were coming in and how many had given him some sort of sensitive information.” The Times 

But to allay his tantrums Natalie B can always coach the cashed-up little beggar on the evils of jealousy and comparison.

Speaking of which, Natalie has recruited a second husband according to the Goonellabah esoteric whisper and backstab club. The latest acquisition is a second hand model, thanks to the hectically busy UM couple recycling program. He’s a real winner too – an Esoteric ‘real man’. His marriage ended not long after the birth of his first child to another UM  devotee. What’s amazing is the number of odd and abbreviated couplings that have come out of Sergio’s relationship preaching, and ‘you were connected in a past life’ matchmaking gag. The stats within the Benhayon family alone are dismal, with one in two Benhayon marriages failing. Let’s hope Natalie fares better this time. The first marriage didn’t survive two months.

And last I heard, Simone Benhayon was knocking around with The Lighthouse owner and toff in exile Simon Williams since his twenty year marriage to Janet Williams bit the dust. Simone was married for a short while to David Nicholson, the son of another of UM’s major donors in the UK, Michael Nicholson. Michael was the one who dropped over £1m into UM’s practically inert Sound Foundation Community Care charity and its now virtually unused state of the art Sound Training Centre; a conference hall and commercial swimming facility built for the Benhayons’ commercial use, also known as the Tytherington Church of Serge.

‘Simon and Simone’, how quaint! Maybe they fill their bathtub with Simon’s money and roll around in it for recreation. Who knows. Anyway, if you’re ever wondering the whereabouts of the Benhayons and their management, I always say, follow the money.

NHS staff, Dr Jane Keep and surgeon Eunice Minford also get a mention as UM promoters. Both were involved in the scandalous University of Queensland medical research that resulted in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) issuing a corrigendum. And here is Eunice, editor of the inexcusable Medicine & Serge Benhayon blog, with Pa Nicholson talking up the UM ‘therapies’ the Supreme Court ruled were bogus.

The paper also spoke with a grandmother in the UK who has been shunned by her daughter as pranic and prevented from seeing her three grandkids, as well as a former husband of a cultist who says he no longer recognises the woman he married. The two could be any number of family members or former partners of hundreds of UM cultists – all of whom are guaranteed to come into conflict when they choose the Benhayons over common sense.

Universal Medicine – the burping cult wrecking lives from a Somerset B & B 

Stories of our times podcast – Universal Medicine: taking on a cult

Walking through the Sunday Night on Seven report

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while in response to FAQs and other feedback. To date the report has been viewed about 2 million times (broadcast + YouTube views), with a lively comments area on YouTube.

The episode begins with the ‘goo-roo from Goonellabah’ helplessly TRAPPED in his car at Lennox Head Community Centre having been rolled by Matt Doran and the Sunday Night crew.

A rare event is captured at 01:24 – me in tears. I was talking about how dangerous UM is, having described a life-threatening situation where a follower had been very severely harmed by UM. However, the person, who had initially agreed to appear in the report was persuaded against it by their family – out of concern for their safety and wellbeing -so none of my further comments on that situation could be used. You would cry too. Even Matt Doran welled up when I told the story. It will remain private.

At 02:26 is Serge’s Tregeagle property, which includes two large houses and a couple of large sheds. The Lords of Form only know what he keeps in them. There are also two pens for his dogs. (You’d think he could plant a tree or two for them to pee on. Cheapskate.)

EX-journalist Hamish Broome is seen talking with his guru at 02:35.

Audi meets Porsche at 11:13 outside Serge’s old house which is now owned by UM company director and solicitor, Serryn O’Regan. Serryn had fled in her black Porsche. I’m not sure who was driving the white Audi, but it looked like psychologist Brendan Mooney. I assume Serryn took off to avoid being doorstopped with questions about the College of UM charity of which she is Chairman. Brendan or whoever it is (skinny UM men all look alike) would have showed up, probably in the borrowed Audi (car swapping is a UM thing), probably with a camera, to twitch the curtains and film us. As you can see from the footage we were scared out of our wits.

The UM propaganda shown at 11:58 was filmed at Lake Ainsworth/Lennox Head Sports Stadium. UM has since been banned from hiring Ballina Shire Council venues.

From 18:18 is the photogenic Matt Sutherland. What a trooper. It’s not everyday you go on national TV to talk about a bloke pulling an energetic snake out of your arse. Please be nice to Matt. The snakes and the dunny revelation seem to be the big takeaways for many viewers with lots of cracks (so to speak) about them on YouTube. Matt also appeared as a defence witness – and was a very good one. Thanks Matt and to everyone who’s helped expose UM.

At 24:28 are screenshots of the Inbox of one of Serge’s deceased benefactors – where he was communicating with her about the formulation of her will and passing on contact details for UM devotee barrister Charles Wilson. At 25:25 is his former solicitor Paula Fletcher persuading the woman to leave her money directly to Serge. (Her daughter later told the ABC the correspondence persuaded the woman, who died from cancer, to design her will so that it would be difficult for her children to challenge in court. As a result her working class kids got $250k each. Serge, the grifter, got $1.4m.)

From 28:00 are some of the most magnificent moments in the report. Serge is too gutless to get out of his car. Natalie and Michael Benhayon BRAVELY film the bust on their phones. Serge tells the police officer who responds to his frantic SOS that he was told the cops would ‘send a squadron down’. The officer says, ‘well, here I am.’

Ballina Shire is hardly a major metropolis. It’s not like it has a SWAT team, lol. They’re lucky to have one car on duty at a time.

It gets better from there with every line gold. Especially, the officer saying, ‘if you don’t want to answer anything, don’t answer anything.’ He could moonlight in PR, that guy.

Then Serge, possibly the most verbose blighter alive, clams up, perhaps for the first time in his LIFE. Matt Doran says, ‘you have so much to say — you built a career saying things, you have nothing to say, sir?’

He does not.

Shift to England. At 30:30 is a shot of Simon Williams’ house adjacent to The Lighthouse and the Sound Training Centre.

At 31:08 ‘Vibrational Master’ sounds like a sex toy.

At 32:00 Kasha is easily the best dressed in the whole report. I absolutely love her style. Her Dad, Robin, makes an important point in the interview, that the majority of UM followers are genuinely decent people. Unfortunately that becomes obscured by UM’s influence. My conversations with former members reveal their real self does come back after they leave – albeit a bit bruised.

At 35:00 Serge exits The Sound Training Centre in Tytherington only to do an abrupt about face when the Seven crew bails him up (again). From 35:20, the young human-shield that leaps to Serge’s defence is Natalie’s ex-husband Conor Turley, who is now a practicing solicitor in the area of, you guessed it, family law and probate. He has since re-wifed with another UM student, herself on her second marriage following a short one to another Esoteric real man. At 35:54 Esoteric practitioner and groundsman at The Lighthouse, Jonathan Stewart, also rushes to defend the fortress.


Conor Turley (right) boldly defends Serge Benhayon

At 36:35 Simon Williams, Simone B.’s new squeeze and said owner of The Lighthouse compound, rocks up on a call to THE POLICE to report a film crew on a public road. Jonathan Stewart comes to the rescue again at 38:20 armed with his phone.

Below is a sample of Mr Stewart’s Ageless Wisdom after Benhayon was defeated comprehensively in court by the defence of truth, the court having heard three weeks of evidence including a bunch of admissions from the enlightened one himself.


A short note on COVID-19

My condolences go out to all of you who’ve lost loved ones, been harmed or are dealing with adversity due to the coronavirus and the failure of so many wealthy governments to provide an adequate safety net to protect their citizens. Please stay home, follow the guidelines of medical experts (the WHO), and stay safe!


21 Comments on “Universal Medicine cult in The Times plus Sunday Night program fun facts & gossip”

  1. Anonymous says:

    So Natalie is a role model for the world.

    • Esther says:

      I’ve updated to add a link about Natalies failed ‘international TV’ career. We still don’t know what she did with the $126k she raised. Sure as hell wasn’t used to make the pathetic end product – three unwatchable pay per view numbers on Vimeo. https://factsaboutuniversalmedicine.wordpress.com/2017/08/02/universal-medicine-retractions-detractions-sexy-ness-gossip-august-2017/

      • Smells like 💩 to me. says:

        It’s amazing how pathetic the donors are that gave that $125k and are happy for it to be used for fuck all apart from Benhayon Junior’s own wishes and whims. Also laughable that she sees herself as a “TV star” with an international career. International my arse. Truth is it’s very limited to a tiny area of Australia, and even smaller one of the UK (and a few random Germans). There are kids on TicTok posting videos of themselves farting on each other that have more followers and likes than her. And their videos are more entertaining.

        How does it feel, Benhayon, to see the whole shithouse falling down around you? Your ‘empire’ (lol) has gone the way of that shit you took on the dunny way back when you thought of this whole scam.

        Your narcissistic personality must be ripping you to pieces knowing the whole world is laughing at you. And believe me, they are all laughing at you. You’ve been well and truly smelt!

        • Yoda says:

          I still cannot believe how the once so “energetically balanced” Audi, seems to have been displaced by Porsche & the “odd” Lotus (they driver may be the odd thing about it).
          Giving all the followers a higher target to aim for, else they fail.

          Could be a few second hand Audi’s on the market soon.
          Just check all the compartments for UM symbols before you buy.
          Maybe the underlings with their VW’s & Mazda’s get first crack at the upgrade.
          Seems to be the norm.

        • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Roel model for poor dental work… neigh!

      • SAK says:

        That is so good.
        Are they still her baby teeth?
        I thought the mystic dentist would have sorted that out by now.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m sure it’s the result of an appealing diet. Receding gums is exacerbated by a lack of proper nutrition. A diet as recommended by UM is going to cause all manner of health issues, receding gums is probably the least of her health worries.

  2. Podcast by The Times says:

    The Times has produced a podcast Universal Medicine: taking on a cult. It’s a follow up to Sunday’s article with a some snippets of an interview with me.

  3. Who owns these car keys ;-) says:

    Is it true that some retreats end up as “swinging” parties? And that partner swopping is common in UM? It sounds slightly far fetched to me, but who knows with this group? With all the alien sniffing nonsense, nothing would surprise me about this cult.

    • Anonymous says:

      With all those kinky massages seems like a natural progression – breast and pubic massages leading on to a happy ending!

    • Not Swingers, whingers says:

      No, not in the sense you’re suggesting. However a form of partner swapping does occur when members break up to “re-imprint” and then end up marrying some other members ex-partner. Quite common in the group. Probably less honest than just getting it on.

      • When your uncle is your brothers cousin... says:

        It’s certainly going to keep the intelligence level down, all that interbreeding. In that group shot of the men a while back, half of them looked inbred already so Lord only knows what another couple of generations of them will look like. Receded gums, skelator faces and even stranger twitchy dance moves. Probably all have green skin too due to pea soup pigmentations. They’ll be easier to spot…

  4. Benhayon is a virus says:

    How come Benhayon didn’t predict the Covid virus? Surely an all knowing member of the hierarchy would of seen it coming and warned us all about it? That is unless he’s no actual powers of foresight and the whole thing is a load of made up baloney. That couldn’t be true, could it?

    • Esther Rockett says:

      He didn’t predict getting rolled by Matt Doran either, or the massive flop of his defamation claim, or anything actually. In fact he’s been proven wrong about just about everything…

    • Anonymous says:

      Indeed, the coming of a financial black swan was as obvious as Liverpool’s going to win the league. However, I can predict a “this is a stay on UM topic moment” if this topic’s going to be elaborated here.

      “In fact”, these weren’t Serge’s wrong predictions. He was and still is earthing impulsed from The Hierarchy aka The Fiery Consciousness aka God. Well, so I’ve been told and the whole thing isn’t a load of made up baloney. That couldn’t be true, could it?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I see Natalie has now joined the Porsche brigade.

    Could it get any sexier?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hardly so. Porsche and Boeing are working on Urban Air Mobility right now. Just saying.

      The reason for UniMed’s new interest might be Porsche’s work on the Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus Starfighter for Star Wars. They’ve received a million initiation points for that service. I can feel it.

  6. Anonymous says:


    Ancient Aliens – The Da Vinci Conspiracy

  7. RHW says:

    Another residence recently purchased in Richmond Hill.
    Didn’t even go to market.
    Looking for total domination?

    • Straight to hell says:

      Hope they enjoy their material possessions while in this life ‘cause they’re all going straight to hell in the next one. No amount of property, flash cars or sexy dancing is going to save their souls. And no amount of riches can disguise the ugliness of the Benhayon truth.

      Jealous? Neigh (that’s a horse neigh 😉). Who’d be jealous of the purple pumpernickel and his preposterous pontifications?!

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