Universal Medicine compromised cult cops, bogus business as usual, & gossip August 2019

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Sergeant Eric Walsh with Serge Benhayon in promo of Universal Medicine cult’s men’s group ‘Unfolding Men

14 August 2019 *ABC News outs UM’s misguided police complaints  *Universal Law solicitor Paula Fletcher cops it from the judge  *FUMIN in Frome *Sergio incognito  *Accountability push *The Accidental Influencer 

14 August 2019 ABC News outs UM’s in house police advisor Sergeant Eric Walsh of South Australia Police

More great work from Josh Robertson at ABC news Brisbane on this report on UM’s mass of evidence deprived police complaints about me.  UM’s dainties wasted the time of federal and state police forces reporting me for criminal ‘harassment’ for criticising their public promotions of the UM scam. When the Brides of Serge didn’t succeed in having me harassed and jailed, they then plotted to heavy a NSW police detective assigned to investigating about 30 of these baseless complaints.

I’ll be blogging about this story with a little more info shortly. The TV report is on YouTube.

Universal Law on the stand

Paula Fletcher is set to begin her soul-full journey of answering to the NSW Office of the Legal Services Commissioner about her ‘at best unprofessional’ conduct. On 26 June 2019 Justice Lonergan issued court orders to commence the process of referring her to the OLSC for investigation. There’s some bureaucratic steps to go through, but at the hearing, Justice Lonergan referred to Fletcher’s aggressive badgering of me around the time my father died, and on the day of his funeral as ‘disgraceful’.

Only a couple of incidences of Fletcher’s conduct were brought to the attention of Her Honour. That was in the context of my argument on the rate at which Benhayon should pay my legal bills. There were many more instances prior and post where I reckon Fletcher’s conduct fell well below a professional standard. She put all of it in writing, so I’ve made my own complaint to the Commissioner. It’s been referred to the Law Society of NSW for investigation, and they now have a big bundle of documents to examine. The process is similar to a legal proceeding. Fletcher will be asked to respond. A range of disciplinary options are available depending on the Commissioner’s findings. The process is likely to take a year or more.

I will certainly announce the outcome.

Which reminds me, if anyone is wanting updates on anything UM related, it’s best to follow me on social media. I don’t have time to respond to every message I get.

Sergio lays low

Despite having a retreat scheduled to run at the Sound Training Centre, Tytherington, near Frome in May, court certified cult leader, Serge Benhayon, shifted the thing to Vietnam and had his hench-Brides lean on ticket holders to keep that to their innermosts. Oops. The bunch of other workshops scheduled for June were relocated to some cut-price function rooms on Arcturus, with the Sons of God under strict instructions not to gentle-breathe a word about the whereabouts of ‘The One’ and his money-grabbing entourage.


True Movement at the latest Universal Medicine retreat

Around Northern NSW, Sergio has made himself scarce, and refuses to take questions from the press. But as much as he tries to lay low, he really does struggle to keep a handle on his hubris. I mean, if you want to be inconspicuous, why ponce around in a white, late model Porsche 911? Of all things. If he wants to be invisible why not drive a Nissan or something?


I guess there’s plenty more cash where that came from. Yes Serge?

FUMIN in Frome

I don’t know how long the mendacious messiah plans to operate his unjustifiably lucrative business in secret, but it seems a waste that his followers donated well over £2m to build him and Simone their high spec low rent commercial premises at Tytherington. He’ll have to front up there eventually, surely?

So what if the UK press is waiting for him? It’s not like he hasn’t run the gauntlet before.

As the Ballina police squadron said, ‘if you don’t want to answer the questions, don’t’, lol.

Either way, a committee of concerned people in Frome have formed the Frome Universal Medicine Information Network (FUMIN) to keep an eye on the cult and its fiery UK activities. Well done to them! They have a website and you can follow them on Twitter.

Accountability vacuum

In the meantime, to hell with the Supreme Court’s findings, it’s bogus biz as usual at the Goonellabah headquarters and the Wollongbar Church of Serge. Esoteric Women’s Health continues to relentlessly flog Esoteric Breast Massage and all its other gropey habit forming, privacy invading dreck, marketed as women’s ’empowerment’. Even more ’empowering’ to women is UM’s consistent non-disclosure of its surrounding controversies, depriving customers of the right to make an informed choice about whether or not they want to be love-bombed into an occult molestation and death cult. And to protect Natalie, the world’s least convincing sexpert, from having to answer to the public and the press, they’re keeping the venues secret.

Unimed Brisbane is UM’s mini compound in Fairfield, with a bunch of live-in esoterics servicing Serge Benhayon and Susan Scully’s mortgage. Sara Harris and Bianca Barban continue to push Universal Medicine’s bogus therapies through their Living Stillness set-up in Viewbank, Melbourne, and Sara is running a sideline in tapping into women’s menstrual insecurities with her irksome ‘Follow your flow’ stuff on Instagram and Twitter. Whenever you see the words ‘community initiative’ and ’empowerment’ on anything UM related, it’ll be some recruitment drive or other targeting the vulnerable. Eg. the Girl to Woman old blokes’ photography festival.

There’s no reason why authorities can’t shut this lot down. There really is no basis for any challenge to any authority that does so based on the Supreme Court’s findings, but my expectations remain low. Thankfully Professor Dwyer of Friends of Science in Medicine continues to publicly advocate. But he can’t do it on his own.

You can help by writing to your state and federal MPs and health ministers. The jury understood what UM is. Ask why the health authorities haven’t acted to protect the public from UM, and what our public representatives plan to do about it.

Influential almost ran

Esther misses out on Top 50

Esther misses out!

Finally, the Northern Star ran a half page article last week explaining why I won’t be listed among Northern Rivers’ 50 most influential women.

It’s because I don’t live there, silly!

One of our UM accountability bunker compadres reckons it’s to halt the ‘what about Esther?’ questions from readers as the paper names the region’s movin’ and shakin’ femmes. Which might become a bit irritating for the Northern Star editorial staff, and the legitimately eligible candidates. I no longer live in the region. 😀

And I never knew of the gong, or expected to be considered. But thank you to the Northern Star for giving the Benhayon v Rockett story a great run, and thanks to all my supporters in the area and beyond. I’m very humbled by all the love that’s come my way!

As I always say, there’s more to come. 😉

21 Comments on “Universal Medicine compromised cult cops, bogus business as usual, & gossip August 2019”

  1. Blowfelt says:

    Did anyone else notice how Walsh towers over little Benhayon in the picture in Josh’s report? Walsh even looks like he’s even bending down a bit to try and be a little less tall. Is Benhyon shrinking? I know he’s a small man, maybe he is going to end up like Mini Me?

    Great post Esther – good to hear about the report on Walsh and continuing developments with Fletcher. They both do a great job of illustrating just how rotten UM is. Bunch of bullies brown nosing Benhayon for his worthless praise. I hope the relevant authorities deal with both of them to the full extent of their powers.

  2. Con-niving says:

    Great report from Josh Robertoson, indeed. Now I know, where their fake fear of detractorial violence originated.

  3. Kevin Hogan...waiting for answers ASAP says:

    Hmmnn – OMG tis SO SO Disturbing & Revealing and a a a CON – concerning report.

    SO Happy that this revelation is out there now for public scrutiny and

    Hopefully Yesterday’s OMG ABC report.. thanyou Josh!

    WILL receive State and Federal police/political microscopic analysis?



    HELLO ! Hiding there in Canberra….
    His RH MP Kevin Hogan

    Is this the reason?? [yesterday’s ABC’S revelation about THE UM Cop Eric Walsh] why your response to a notification a few years aback met with this:!? YOUR response –
    Have a problem with UM & Co: ….Report to it Police ?
    Just asking Kevy Hogan?
    You also stated and it appeared that you were not happy that your political colleagues were also notified at the same time as yourself.
    We of the public have seen photos of YOU KEV with Universal Loyal devotees: EG Ray Karam and……. please publicly state where you stand Kev!??

  4. Anonymous says:

    Zofia Sharman at Hanover Search Group London doing some cult recruitment by using quotes from her guru Sleazy Benhayon: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6567418157735133184/

    • Esther says:

      “Through awareness, we develop understanding. With understanding we develop true sight. With true sight we will seek to heal and or correct what is not true. What is not true will then be revealed in full” – Serge Benhayon

      Utterly meaningless.

  5. Disingenuous says:

    The cash´s still flowing despite everything that´s going on at the moment. Take the upcoming Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 1 course for example:

    REPEAT ATTENDANCE FEE + New Manual $ 325.00
    REPEAT ATTENDANCE FEE – No Manual $ 300.00”

    Choose a number of participants and do the math. Not telling you what to do, only if what I write resonates with the impulse of your inner-heart.

    • Show me the MONEY! says:

      You only get $50 off when you come back to hear the shame nonsense repeated again? The flock is even less intelligent than I suspected. And the cult so brazen as it knows it has them hooked. There really is a sucker born every minute,

  6. Anonymous says:

    A great read from 2012, Richard Raymonds ‘Investigating UM’s investigator’ E.W. (Sergeant Eric Walsh).

    “A Response to an “Investigators” Perspective on UM.”


  7. Just asking? How deep does the rabbit hole of UM go? says:

    How deep does the rabbit hole of UM go?

    Logically in the real world?Our world?

    CAN it REALLY be that A most awful horrible ex bankrupt = $B+ hi$ UM Empire [Supreme CRT said ? yes?]
    ALL of which are all so defiant and thumbing their noses at the Supreme CRT decision and claiming to be self proclaimed martyrs –
    SB/UM has such an apparent acquired large wealth portfolio? Which apparently seems to come we are led to believe?? from just $B’s bull shit courses plus a few ? acquired wills….?

    Dunno? My math’s might not be the good est but it still don’t add up?

    Does it for you just asking?

    Then add to this all of the corruption that has been revealed SO FAR: Bit overwhelming yes?
    Tis for me!

    Including the history of tut tut heverso not so pretty Mr Featherstone & Co that $B used the services of I do believe.

    The lengths/extent used by $B & his most very notso pretty ardent followers to shut our best-est friend Esther up and send her off into oblivion/via Arcturus arouse many many more unanswered questions.

    even before this week’s revelation…

    • No Regulation No Stopping says:

      Try to write a critical comment there for fun. Only one point of view (=FACTS) allowed, I guess.

  8. SAK says:

    Seems like all the Benhayon lads now have a Porsche in the stable.

    Is this a new target for the minions to achieve?

    Owning an Audi (apparently the most energetically balanced car) was a target most of the minions wanted to achieve & some have.

    Has Serge now lifted the bar to make his followers feel inadequate once again.

  9. Earache...Weirder than ever......WHI is THE Mona Lisa???? says:


  10. SAK says:

    I love the way these pricks just put “ness” on the back end of a word.
    Spell check picks it up every time.
    Of course Serge speak is louder than any other so they can add new words as required.
    Fucking idiots.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Si has finger up chucks arse !

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