Post Benhayon v Rockett mop up and gossip May 2019

31 May 2019 *Ray Karam’s renewable election fail

15 May 2019 *Somerset Live on UM’s fugitive retreat

12 May 2019 *Media mop up

*Certified cult kookiness continues

*Ray Karam’s electoral optimism

*Damage control update – UK retreat moved to not so secret locale

31 May 2019 – Ray Karam’s 1.6%

Down the page you can read about Ray Karam’s slapstick bid for election to federal parliament in the Richmond electorate, which includes Ballina, Byron Bay and Tweed Heads. Somehow he managed to get 1.6% of the primary vote. Of 107,726 voters, 1,551 put number one in the box next to Ray’s name.

Incorrigible optimist that he is, Ray is probably sell-abrating that as a success. And really, it’s a miraculous result for someone who hoaxed the electorate by not having any coherent political platform and annoyed the Greens by imitating their campaign colours and logo. He came in 6th – ahead of the anti-vaccination loony and the homophobe party, but behind Clive Palmer’s pro-environmental destruction and anti-pay-your-workers rent-a-candidate, and the bloke who wants to get rid of migrants.

But, as inexplicable as 1551 people voting for Ray is, remember that 8,031 people voted informal. Five times more people voted in a way that didn’t count than chose to vote for Serge’s ‘brother’ (and Kevin Hogan MP’s ‘great mate’). The votes Karam did manage to get didn’t sway the election in favour of the Nationals either – which is what the Greens suspected his bid was all about.

Another bit of fun was Ray’s response to the Electoral Commission’s request that he change his logo to avoid confusing voters. As we know, he used a triangle that looked just like the Greens’ logo, and also a lot like the Lock the Gate Alliance symbol, protesting coal and CSG mining.

So, to really dispel any misunderstanding, Renewable Ray stuck an attractive lump of ScoMo’s clean coal over his green and white triangles.

(Or is it one of Serge’s original copyrighted bird-crap-splat healing symbols?)

Anyway, I can’t see public rejection stopping Ray from crowdfunding his next fumble for public office. His esoteric cry-baby supporters were on social media complaining about how people are so unkind. But wouldn’t their guru Serge arguing Capital R for Responsibility, ladies?

The Brides of Serge simply can’t contemplate that unpopularity is something they bring upon themselves. 

Where’s Kevvy?

Speaking of Nationals member for the electorate of Page, Kevin Hogan MP, he also flounced back into his seat without having actually done anything for his electorate that I know of. I strongly suspect that he’s the cult’s candidate of choice and he’s popped up in a few social media posts looking very chummy with UM’s management. Does he get political donations from UM? He’s remained resolutely silent about the nasty cult that caused havoc and distress in his electorate. I wrote to him several times with concerns and the material to back them. No reply. I take it we can’t rely on him to take a position that supports protecting the public. It wouldn’t hurt if a few voters asked him why.

15 May 2019 – Somerset Live

Well I do like it when the press quotes my fastidiously drafted blogs. Somerset Live covered UM’s cancellation of this years UK retreat and quoted some of the Glorious Ageless Wisdom from my damage control update below. It’s great to see an editorial team with such impeccable TASTE. Aside from that, I can confirm that the UK retreat definitely did not take place in Tytherington. It definitely DID take place in Hoi An Vietnam. Some of the Europe crew were there for their second go since March. Eunice Minford was there to support her guru, as well as the all singing, all dancing Benhayons and their end of retreat bogan burlesque. Even Debby flew in to help Serge count the money.

12 May 2019 – Media moppings

My 2018+ news reports page gives a glimpse of the media blitz since Sergio slithered up the steps at Queens Square on 4 September 2018 flanked by his esoteric toughs. I haven’t listed every report and I skipped the British tabloid rip offs in favour of journos who actually bothered to do some research. But here’s a fun fact – there’s was more media coverage of Universal Medicine and its disreputable leader, Serge Benhayon, in the six months since the trial than in the six years leading up to it. And there’s more to come.

Well done Serge!

Since the trial we’ve learned from the press that an infant child of cult parents was hospitalised near death from malnutrition last year. We saw Tanya Curtis of Fabic Pty Ltd dodge questions about flogging Benhayon balderdash to (government funded) NDIS clients. We saw NSW FACS fall short of protecting children in favour of protecting their cult staff. We were given confirmation that the undue influence on Serge’s benefactor, Judith McIntyre, was every bit the organised racket I always flagged it as. Ballina Council chucked Universal Medicine out of its venues and the community of Lismore swung into action, ditched UM from its Chamber of Commerce and rescinded their dodgey ‘People’s Choice’ business awards. UM promoting doctor Maxine Szramka resigned from the Australian Doctor’s Federation management committee. Serge’s solicitor Paula Fletcher also got some attention from the trial judge for her ‘disgraceful’ conduct against me. But most importantly Channel Seven gave Serge a boot in the Astral with a 40 minute report that aired in February and has been viewed by well over a million people. The BBC followed with low key but powerful 20 minute report of their own.

That’s where the coverage of the UM mess entered a new dimension. Serge has been whining for years about how he’s a victim of the Australian media. But he’s had it easy compared with what the UK press will do to him in years to come. It was also great to see the Daily Mail take a look at his moneyed UK backers – the old Etonian, Simon Williams, and the descendant of the Dunhill tobacco fortune, Tricia Nicholson, drawn to a clan of tacky philistines from Goonellabah. No matter what kind of damage control Benhayon tries – locking down event publicity, hiring bodyguards, hiding in the glovebox of his car – it’s been proven in court that he’s a dishonest charlatan with wandering hands and other indecent eccentricities. He’s a greedy, exploitative bully; the leader of a socially harmful cult. That judgment will never go away. Perfect tabloid fodder for a few glorious lifetimes yet.

Having said that, I wouldn’t get too comfortable. UM won’t be going down soon. Regardless of how much the cult horrifies the public, I have little confidence that the authorities charged with protecting the vulnerable are likely to do a damned thing. A perfect example of this was the University of Queensland opting to shove the UM medical research scandal under the carpet – choosing to cover up the embarrassment of its research ethics committee’s appalling cock-up rather than uphold research standards and its responsibility to act in the interests of the public.

How to certify you’re a cult

Regardless of the facts, hundreds of Serge’s rusted on sycophants are still clinging to the dream – like mould. I’m sure I predicted well before the trial that when the case inevitably went tits up, UM’s sales corp would start whining about miscarriages of justice or some other conspiracy claptrap.

Right on cue, the line they’ve chosen is to pretend my truth defence doesn’t exist, ignore that I proved 36 allegations substantially true, and that Sergio the martyr is 100% to blame for that. The best defence evidence came from his own materials and his own testimony. By far.

Their next tactic was to spread a rumour that I only succeeded because Serge couldn’t prove my statements were not my honest opinion. Simone Benhayon put that fiction into a letter to her Creative Aquatic customers soon after the jury returned their findings.

Recently on a personal note my family in Australia decided to take a person to court for civil defamation based on content that was written online. Unfortunately the case was not in our favour due to her augment [sic] of her honest opinion. Meaning if she believed it then its [sic] accepted, regardless of the impact, regardless of the death threats. The purpose of telling you this is 1) I have no problem in sharing the true facts and 2) there are various rumours around Frome and the area that Creative Aquatic is part of a cult amongst other things. Don’t believe everything you read or hear as history shown it can be found not be [sic] the truth….yes there are people out there who choose to believe words on a page rather than a living person that they can meet and ask questions to and I can’t change that.

Simone is correct in saying my honest opinion defence did succeed. What she conveniently left out is so did my defence of truth. What was found by the court was that I proved the meanings Serge reckoned were defamatory are true – as in facts. Serge was certainly on trial. In taking a defamation claim to court Serge put his reputation on the stand. No one forced him to go through with it. He poured very big money into it, he brought witnesses and he testified. Simone was there.

For the record, I know nothing about any death threats, and I would suggest if there have been any, that the cult might want to look at the way that it behaves – deliberately misleading people is not going to earn them any friends. Whether or not there have been threats of violence, I’ll be clear – I do not condone any such thing. If you don’t operate within the law you get zero support from me.

Anyway, just a few weeks ago a bit of correspondence from another of Serge’s cloying cheerleaders found its way to me. Here she is fobbing off the Supreme Court’s findings.

…it is important to note that this judgment was made on an unsuccessful ‘defamation case’ where the defendant was being sued for defamation by Serge Benhayon, director of Universal Medicine. Serge was unsuccessful in proving what was needed for defamation. As much as media have made it look VERY different, Serge has never been charged, on trial or found guilty of anything … what was found is he was unable to prove the defendants comments not to be of her true and honest opinion. 

Incidentally, I proved Serge is the leader of a group that engages in misleading conduct in advertising its services. That includes lies by omission.

Those are not the only instances of UM’s business as usual bloody-mindedness. Take UM’s ‘real men’. What to do when the Supreme court finds it’s true that your guru has an indecent interest in juvenile girls; misleads, exploits, fleeces and indecently touches clients? You start a men’s group of course – Unfolding Men – and unfold the little rotter as your ‘principal’ no less. Fact.

Screenshot 2019-05-12 18.34.15.png

Esoteric Unfolding Men: Approx. 30% of the Brides of Serge are blokes

Similarly UM’s front, Esoteric Women’s Health, was all set to run the creep ridden Girl to Woman Festival at Lennox Head in January. They began flogging it in earnest at local markets etc. Until it was banned. But that didn’t stop the same mob pushing its deafening dairy-free cheese-fest, the Universal Sounds Festival in Melbourne in April, as ‘kid friendly’. The same lot still bandy Serge and Natalie Benhayon about as ‘inspiration‘.

If you ever wanted to live up to your reputation as a wackjob predatory cult, that’s certainly the way to do it. Get the Supreme Court to certify for all time how dangerous you are and then continue with your irrational devotions and promotions like nothing’s happened.

Ray Karam goes federal

So, what to do when the Supreme court finds it true that the organisation you’ve been deeply involved with for years is a socially harmful cult that engages in misleading conduct, and that its leader, your idol and ‘brother‘, is a charlatan and a predator who bullies people who out him? If you’re Ray Karam, you decide you’d make a SUPER candidate to represent 130,000 people in federal parliament AND as a bonus you’ll continue to endorse the UM scam and its ringleader whenever anyone asks you about it. You won’t let the fact that you couldn’t get elected to Ballina Council in 2016, and failed at preselection for the National Party in the seat of Lismore in 2018, even with the help of a heap of Way of the Livingness volunteers, deter you.

Ray is nothing if not optimistic. And flexible. He doesn’t let the fact that he doesn’t live in the electorate he wants to represent hold him back. He entered the race without an identifiable platform (apart from some blurb about ‘renewables’), driven, it seems, by his boundless belief in his own charisma. And look, you’d need to be cocky to adopt an ‘environmental’ tilt while publicising your passion for petrol guzzling cars. Less than a week out from election day his website is bereft of policies. His ideas for health, education and welfare are ‘watch this space’. Even his how to vote flyer couldn’t find room for any actual politics. He opted instead for a 300 word bio and promo of his business.

Last time fearless Ray ran for office he filed a defamation claim against me over an email I wrote and some tweets. He told the Northern Star he had ‘no involvement’ in Benhayon’s defamation proceedings but I have documents that suggest otherwise. Naturally his claim took the shuttle to Arcturus soon after Serge’s failed.

But all of that is esoteric compared with his real problems. Roving Ray (any electorate will do) hurtled onto the hustings in the same colours as the local Greens Party candidate, Michael Lyon, and sporting a similar logo. Not a good start, seeing the Greens promptly sent him a cease and desist letter and described Ray’s campaign publicity to local press as ‘underhanded’ and ‘misleading’.

19-05-08 Ray-Karam-tries-Green

Spot the difference – Ray Karam in Green 

Ray curiously preferenced Lyon second on his ‘how to vote’ card, which was a bloody odd choice given his prior membership of the Nationals. He veers a long way right of the lefty Greens. He also told the Northern Star: “I would assume the voters would know who Ray Karam and who Michael Lyon is… People would know who they’re voting for.”

In other words, Ray’s confident 130,000 people residing between Tweed Heads and Ballina know who he is. Perhaps he means via clairsentience. It’s a claim right up there with spirits are 9 feet tall and have no feet…

But he hasn’t just annoyed the tripe out of the Greens, arguably the most influential party in the electorate, (and the only real threat to the Labor incumbent); and given Serge’s defamation epic fail some extra publicity; Ray has also run afoul of the Nats, having put their candidate at number 4 on preferences on his how to vote card. No love lost there, but the Nats still have masses more support than he does. I just wonder who Ray will blame this time when his half-baked aspirations go unrealized. Last time it was me.

Damage control update

For all the bluster, UM’s more covert efforts at damage control are telling. Sergio hasn’t just gone to ground, he’s dug himself a hole so deep he’s likely to strike fossil fuels. To run Ray’s V8s.

All that nasty, defamatory rubbish they published about me online – all 120 or so articles – have been taken down, and they’ve gotten cagey about their events, pulling the details of venues and their crap workshop content offline.

The pressure on UM is so intense that they had to find an alternative venue for this year’s UK retreat and apply extra bullying to keep it secret. Shhhhhh. That’s a big deal for a bloke whose been paying peanuts for his business overheads in the UK for years, thanks to his generous followers funding the Sound Training Centre. Post trial, he’s either had to fork out for alternative digs, or some poor dupe(s) donated again. Where Tytherington in mid May is usually a hive of  hands on love-bombing and eso-frenzy merchandise sales, there’s tumbleweeds rolling around The Sound Foundation carpark with not an Audi or a huddled little cult leader in sight. [UPDATE: It’s been confirmed by internal sources that the retreat is happening in Vietnam. So Serge got the followers to fork out extra for airfares.]

But socially harmful, antagonistic and dishonest UniMed are still using publicly funded police services for their private security. The Lighthouse merely snaps its fingers and a police car materializes. Apparently there was one in the car park most of Friday.

And why? Is there a legitimate security threat? Other than that posed to the public by UM’s anti-social activities? Or has Serge convinced the Old Bill to combat the footless Four Lords of Form?

It’s not the first time UM have tried to co-opt the police to do their bullying. Remember when Serge called for a ‘squadron’ to protect him from Matt Doran’s questions? And when Mr Eton-Pants Simon Williams called police every time a camera was pointed at the cult? Or when the Naming Names brides tried to have me arrested God knows how many times for exposing their predatory racket? I bet there’s no security threat whatsoever. The esoteric snowflakes have conned the police into protecting them from the press.

181 Comments on “Post Benhayon v Rockett mop up and gossip May 2019”

  1. Cult Marketing says:

    Here’s a workshop in Byron on how to market a cult online by two high-ranking UM cult members. They also came up with Karam’s last election marketing con job.

    • Anonymous says:

      The two high-ranking UM cult members, that tried to silence critics by defaming them on websites. The ones, who published photos and comic strips that suit the bully narrative in a cringeworthy articulated text (as native speakers).

      Those two are giving workshops in marketing. You couldn´t make stuff like this up.

      • Anonymous says:

        These are very needed people. The dirty job’s gotta be done by someone. Neither by Leonardo nor Winston of course. Not just in cults.

        By the way, where’s the financial, sorry, loving elite?

  2. SAK says:

    Welcome to “the way of the livingness day”.

    Venue details to be advised. Yeah right.

    Have a look at 37 Converys Lane. Plenty of vehicles there today.

    Would not be surprised if they are contravening the DA conditions.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Any feedback from that course?

    • Not says:

      UM´s abandoned the status of being a religion and will be paying taxes from now on.
      A correction: Spirits only rape the ones aged 18 and older.

      • Anonymous says:

        It never had a religion status recognised by any gov, just a charity status for the college.

        So UM’s spirits are only rapists, not child rapists. Well that’s a relief.

        • Anonymous says:

          I wasn´t serious. Entities still do their thing with people of all ages.

          Good to know with the charity status. I doesn´t matter anyhow, there are a million ways of tax avoidance as religion, charity or business. UM are amateurs compared to amazon, who had a profit of $11.2 billion and got a tax refund of $129 million.

          I can see their new P. R. strategy on the Unimed Living Twitter channel though.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Step 1:
    Legal and illegal drugs are bad for your health. Pressuring children too much isn´t that good of an idea (except when you tell them about Cathars being butchered or spirits visiting you at night). Let´s all agree on common sense topics like that.

    Step 2:
    Come to a course, where you´re lured in, accept the crazy contents and let go of your money, mind, body, pranic friends and family.

    Something like that?

  5. Hansi Hinterseer says:

    From Empowered To Coward.

    Good choice naming your course like that Nat.

  6. Empowerment Through Bowel Movement says:

    Why’s the top of the pyramid scheme still making money with courses after the Supreme Court decision? How desperate are people?

    • Esther says:

      They’re relying on two groups of targets: (1) People who don’t know the front orgs are UM and/or don’t know about the court decision, or have been misled about the court decision; (2) the ‘truth-full’ deniers – the Brides of Serge.

  7. Venue details to be advised says:

    For science geeks in UK interested in secretive meetings:

    Sunday 24th November 2019, ‘Understanding the science of universal medicine’.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Venue: details to be advised”

      I bet.

      The new underground cult can hide where they like but there’ll be a lot of journalists and interested parties following them wherever they go.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think so, too (are we in a cult now?). “Junk Food Journalism”´s interest will preserve longer than the Ascended Master Djwal Khul has foreseen.

  8. Anonymous says:

    He told us the story in Level 3, he´s crazy like a fool. It´s complicated. I´m trying to remember it right:

    Siddhārtha Gautama, or simply Buddha, was Serge´s father back then. They developed a very deep and loving bond, that lasts until today. Buddha became the Ascended Master Djwal Khul.

    Djwal Khul (from heaven) dictated Alice A. Bailey (on earth), by energetic impress, the more than twenty-four books on theosophical subjects. Serge is, amongst many others, the reincarnation of Alice A. Bailey. That same bond/impress continues in his books. Serge´s got direct contact to Shambala, the fiery realm, where the Ascended Masters reside.

    Thats it, I think. Thank you for giving me a headache.

    • Shazaam says:

      You made it to Level 3. Well done. It’s so outrageous. His whole invented universe. Unfortunately, the people I know, truly believe and have since 2002. That is one shambala of a brain wash.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, it is Worst Movie I´ve Ever Seen.

        I was a true beserger and made it to Level 4 Part 1 (Part 2´s not installed on earth yet) and would´ve never left the cult for lifetimes to come. It took serious health issues that its root cause in the cult´s teachings to accept reality. I hope, the people you know won´t need that. However, people often only abandon a dogma due to suffering.

        • Anonymous says:

          It´s always the same. One person gives negative feedback, Unimed Living posts positve feedback on Twitter. Not here, of course or anywhere else, where a discussion could remotely start. I´m not going to talk to you indirectly, UM students. As you´re incapable of doing otherwise, the conversation´s over before it started. I´ve got a life to live. Cheers

          The latest Unimed Living Today! #diets #healthydiet— Unimed Living (@UnimedLiving) 20. Juli 2019

        • Esther says:

          Except that it’s not positive. It’s misleading. Mostly themselves. Business as usual. When faced with facts they assert their deep denial – oh sorry – I mean, they put out an energy to counter the ‘hate’.

          That tactic is about as effective as sitting on a symbol. Because that worked SO WELL for them. The New World Religion and its gutless guru is more contracted and paranoid than they’ve ever been.

        • shambala says:

          Thanks for sharing, I don’t think the people I know are leaving anytime soon. They have been in it since 2002. Do the health concerns come from diet / emotional suffering or both?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Always the same, too, is the post about masculinity after someone´s expressed anger and discontentment here without the fairy dust. Deal with it, UM.

    Behind every negetave critic is suffering from at least one person and his/her surroundings. UniMed can´t say, one negative feedback minus one positive feedback equals zero. It´s discrespectful without empathy. In the end, it´s about saving the business.

    Is masculinity 'the best a man can get'!? #masculinity #UnimedLiving— Unimed Living (@UnimedLiving) 22. Juli 2019

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yes, UM´s fiery contracted, paranoid and in denial. That´s my impress-ion, too.

    I´ve had severe health concerns relating to diet, poor physical activities, social isolation, manipulation and especially emotional suppression. Having a greedy exploitative unqualified ex tennis-coach mentor for the perception of feelings and emotions isn´t the best thing to do.

    • Olga says:

      I can second that. How did you manage to leave the cult?

      • Anonymous says:

        Suffering, Supreme Court decision, then Esther´s blogs and “When the body says no” by Dr Gabor Maté (book and videos).

        Esther was just a bully for me before the defamation case. Thank you for the persistence.

        • Olga says:

          Good for you. Congrats. Make sure you have friends and family (the supporting ones) around you. The scars remain.

  11. Boris66 says:

    Now it’s Paula’s turn to get the Rockett

  12. Anonymous says:

    Great article from John Dwyer. He got it all right and I agree with the unacceptable situation, that no action has been taken on UM after the Supreme Court decision.

    One small emphasis amongst a sea of deep factual insight:

    “The stress of a sexual assault can be ameliorated by hands placed strategically on a woman’s vulva.” He didn´t write, UM practitioners are doing it. From what I´ve seen, the esoteric hands don´t go lower than the pubic bone. Which begs the question, why they need to be placed there for rape recovery – often executed by medically unqualified practitioners.

  13. Not says:

    The College of Universal Medicine offers online courses. I was an addict and got tremendous help from an onine course presented by unqualified people pretending to be.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here’s a few courses they don’t advertise, but seems like some like they could add to the roster:

      “Understanding how gullible people are and how best to exploit it.”

      “Understanding how menopausal women can be best scammed with false promises of youth and vitality.”

      “The evils of money – and how giving it away (needlessly) to a cult will make you feel better.”

      “How an evil, former bankrupt tennis coach with an unhealthy interest in very young girls can shut down any bloggers who speak out against him with phoney legal complaints via a wonky legal practice.” N.B. This course is now cancelled due to massive amounts of egg on the face of said former bankrupt tennis coach.

  14. Be Informed says:

    UniMed´s got an own (goal) Naming Names Page now:

  15. Zonia Baber says:

    Still “UK & Europe”? Just Europe please! Brexit won´t have any influence on that energetic fact.

    • Christine Lagarde says:

      Right. The pranic resitance´s got to teach union to one-unified-truth devotees. Irony, have you ever been smelt? The closest to reality would be “ECB and Europe” though.

      It´s good to connect the names to their amazing pictures on the EDG website. Inspires me to give from my inner-heart inside out more and more every day. (inner-heart = money)

  16. Math Scientist says:

    If you’re wondering, what happend to Natalie with love TV:
    Still 3 episodes in Series 1. How the donations were used is still unclear. The trip to Dubai pictures at the bottom aren’t the best idea in that context.

    • Where's all the money gone, Serge? says:

      Not necessarily Dubai, maybe Southampton? It’s irrelevant though. Far away, costly. No matter how that money was spent, it’ll boost your kidney energy and come back to you in fire in your next life.

      • Camel Spit says:

        It was Egypt. When it was all going down in court last year she fucked off there – best place for anyone to stick their head in the sand cause there’s fucking loads of it there. Shame the whole lot of them didn’t go and beam back up to Sirius in one of those alien landing platforms (sorry pyramids to those of you unaware of common consensus on why they were build amount lunatics).

        • Billy Idol says:

          Thanks. That´s how one of the highest Initiates on earth deals with trouble. Right.

  17. Spending Spree says:

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck:

    “Jan 2017
    At Cologne/Bonn Airport today photographing for the upcoming German Edition Selbstwert ‘Women in Livingness Magazine‘, coming soon in 2017. Such stylish fun – although it was freezing! Big thankyou to the Airport Crew, Unity Care and Reinhard Andras (German cult acolyte) our pilot.”

  18. Anonymous says:

    I see. Spam link blocker or something like that, if one only posts a link? donotlink with error, here´s the original one:

  19. SAK says:

    The Livingness – Stage 2.

    A few UM stragglers from Richmond Hill will be pushing to get to Convery’s by close of registration today.
    “Please be on time”.

    Do they get 50 lashes if late & are expected to enjoy it.
    “Thank you sir, may I please have another”.

    Maybe you’re excused depending upon what level you have achieved in the whole scheme of wankdom or who you are related/married to.

  20. Yoda says:

    Another top article by Josh Robertson showing the lengths that UMers went to, to shut Esther down.

    I hope that guy gets a kick up the arse.

    “I’m afraid I’m not sure where you’ve got your information from.
    “I think you may have been misled and so I’m not going to comment any further on that.”

    Fake news of course.

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