Universal Medicine retractions, distractions & Easter gossip April 2018

2018 G2W junior bride

Is this child meant to be dressed like a bride?

17 April 2018 UM retractions & distractions

11 April 2018 The Girl to Woman Festival looms over Melbourne 

31 March 2018 – Happy Easter

*Gossip odds & ends

*Sunlight Ink – Esoteric literacy meets Esoteric altruism

17 April  – retraction and distraction watch

If you’ve stumbled onto this blog and haven’t caught the hoo ha and uproar about the Universal Medicine research scandal at UQ, for goodness sakes scuttle over to the Accountability blog for links to all the news items and some further background. The news reports page also gets updated.

In the meantime the Church of Serge’s annual Lennox Head retreat from reality is in full swing – with the mainly female Sons of God taking comfort in weird dancing and looking in the mirror and saying ‘you’re just jealous’. Tickets $1695. Includes 24 hour surveillance, non stop group confessions and all you can binge roughage.

Did I mention they’re sellabrating 10 years of offshore privacy invasion intensives and hands on love bombing? There’s even a shot of The ONE whose coming was prophecied by the Lord Maitreya itself – in short sleeves! Must have been before the scales grew down to his wrists.

Melbourne about to cop the Girl to Woman Festival 29 April

Universal Medicine’s Girl to Woman Festival first went ahead in Lennox Head in January 2015 as an annual event. Last year the thing metastasised to a reluctant Tenterfield, and this year it’s spread to Prahran, Melbourne on 29 April.

It’s an event that targets children with false claims about ‘celebration’ and ’empowerment’. Since 2014 I’ve blogged about the organizers, who UM calls ‘role models’ persistent misleading and deceptive conduct. They have recalcitrantly marketed the event as a ‘community’ and ‘child welfare’ initiative. It is not. It’s a commercial event for marketing the products, services and front organizations of a disreputable occult healing corporation and its financial associates. To kids.

Year after year, the organizers refuse to disclose to unwary customers that the event is backed by a commercial occult spirituality business. There is no disclosure that UM has severe public reputation problems, has made national news for bullying, and that its spiritual adherents demonize sport, entire food groups, education, dance and music. No disclosure that its ‘sponsor,’ Esoteric Womens Health, markets grubby Esoteric Breast Massage.  UM’s idea of ’empowerment’ for girls is putting adult makeup on pre-schoolers and teaching them to take selfies and get photographed by UM’s army of marketers. Its devotees make groundless police and legal complaints, and publish masses of online material defaming and vilifying of anyone who questions, complains or notifies local schools about the event’s background.

Prior to the last festival in Lennox Head in January, the organizers took to local markets to lure customers. They paid for a TV advertisement broadcast in the Northern Rivers. In Melbourne they’ve been doing similar – shopping the event to families at local markets.

Screenshot 2018-04-11 09.42.57.png

UM’s ‘role models’ at local markets in Melbourne. Shy about showing their faces since being exposed in Unpacking UM

UM did not and does not disclose any of the above to parents, or that the event is attended by more adults than children, and that its 90 volunteers are all UM financial subscribers, and that a number of children are taken to the thing each year against a parent’s wishes. They charge adults $25 per ticket and $15 for children, and have customers sign photo release forms at the door, permitting UM to use children’s photos in their marketing publicity. Parents aren’t informed there’ll be old blokes there with telephoto lenses photographing little girls.

G2W Festival for blokes with cameras

Oh look, it’s Alan. Alan dropped by the blog to let me know he knows where I live.

Or that so many of the activities would be populated by blokes.

I’ve been blogging these objections for years. I’ll say it again. Parents, teachers and the public have a right to know who is behind an organization targeting children, collecting their personal data, putting adult makeup on them and collecting photographic images of them. If you’ve bought tickets to the festival, and you weren’t informed of any of the above, and you haven’t seen my Unpacking UM videos, it’s never too late to seek a refund, or to withdraw your permission to use your own, or your child’s image.

🐣🐰Happy Easter Duckies!🐰🐣

Natalie-with Love Easter
Crack open your chocolate eggs – with Love, Natalie

I wasn’t going to post but supporters keep @-ing me for updates, soothsaying and Ageless Wisdom, so I’m putting this up to remind you all that even though Team UM tells everyone that I am the Astral Plane’s most powerful emissary for the Four Lords of Form, possessed by spirit and I have supernatural powers that enable me to do the work of a solicitor’s office, a publishing house, a private investigations firm, and an activist bunker, without a living income, and maintain Hollywood levels of jealously, AND show them up as delusional fools, fuckwits, mercenaries and bounders, I am actually only human.

So if you want to help the celebrity troll – stick your inquiries about public stuff in the comments, and your tip offs about UM social media as well. That way I’m not spending time responding to the same questions, you can discuss the latest scandals among yourselves, and investigate for yourselves. Maybe even take action for yourselves. I have the temporal work of the Brahmanic Lords to do. And there’s mountains of UM dirt to sift through. After all.

If you want to comment anonymously, leave the fields of the comment form blank.

In response to the question about the Unpacking UM videos – when will they be back? If you haven’t heard, UM has had three of the latest episodes taken down with groundless copyright infringement complaints. I don’t know when they’ll be back. When I know, you’ll know. Either YouTube has forgotten, or Team UM is stalling them with some Esoteric palaver. I’ve asked YouTube to forward UM’s complaints and their responses to my counter notification to me. I’ve said before, if UM wants to put their claim in front of the Federal Court, my legal team and I will be right back at them. We’ll fight censorship all the way, and we’ll go them for costs and injunctions on further groundless complaints. The films will be back.

We don’t have a judgment for the 1 February hearing in Sydney yet. I don’t know when we’ll get that.

I’d also like to remind everyone, I’m bankrupt. My rent is paid up, but my landlord wants to renovate the block of flats I live in, so I’ve been evicted. I’ve been offered lodging, cuddles and laughs in various locations, thank you.

If you didn’t see the last update, my bankruptcy means that any donations or gifts made to me will be confiscated by the trustee. That’s why crowdfunding ended with my bankruptcy. I am however continuing to work as an investigative writer, and my work on my own defence is part of the work of my journalism – protecting my publications. I have no income other than what supporters pay me for my writing services, so please, if you value my work, support it and make a payment for my services to one of the accounts listed at the top of the page. Supporters have asked how to mark their payments – that’s up to you, but services is good. Contact me if you’d like an invoice, or if you have any questions.

You can still add messages with your transfers if you have space. I really enjoyed the payments marked ‘up yours Charlie’ after Team UM’s December court debacles. There was also a payment from Itty Bitty Titty Inc.

Thank you everyone. Very much. I couldn’t have made it this far without your help.

Gossip odds & sods

It’s funny what one digs up when one is rummaging the Australian Business Register for the latest rash of UM businesses. It’s kind of like an oracle. It enables me to read the minds of its interstellar Hierarchy and their innermost ambitions to scrape up cash from atmic abstractions (aka money for nothing). So the 6th dimensional mogul, his hermaphroditic self, has registered ‘The Livingness Library’ as a business name. Because Unimed Publishing’s 10 volumes of unedited prose that students transcribed from his unprepared ramblings, and several hundred hours of subscription recordings of the same, is not enough Ageless Wisdom. The students still don’t get it. Nobody does. Anyway, Gentle Breath Meditation has been a business for a fair while. But now the Universal Family Trust trading as Universal Medicine also has:

Business name(s)
Business name From
PARTICLE INTELLIGENCE External site(!) 01 Mar 2018
WHOLE BODY MINDEDNESS External site 01 Mar 2018
Esoteric Numerology External site 19 Oct 2017
Esoteric Yoga External site 19 Oct 2017
Occult Numerology External site 19 Oct 2017
Sitting Yoga External site 19 Oct 2017
The Yoga of Stillness External site


WHOLE BODY MINDEDNESS must be a misspelling though. They forgot the ‘LO’ after the B.

I can’t be bothered looking up all the other Bloodyminded UM schemes. Gawd knows what happened to the hilarious Walking Therapies. Whatever. But this new one is kind of fun. If anyone can guess why Esoteric Breast Whisperer and sole trader, Alan Johnston, who comes to court with his collar up, dressed like Nosferatu (or Elvis?) to take notes about my family and friends, and once dropped by this site to assure me he knows where I live, would register a business named ‘Universal Medicine Congregation‘, and how he hopes to monetize it, speak up in the comments.

What in Sham-balla could it possibly sell?



‘Powerful group pressures…’?

Is he going into competition with The One?

In another snippet of goss, a little bird told me that I have a lot more in common with certain of the more switched on members of the Universal Medicine Congregation® than anyone would have thought. Lo and behold, they do ask questions from time to time. It seems some of them did ask WTF happened to the $600,000 in cash assets that vanished from the College of UM charity accounts. They also asked WTF happened to Natalie with Love TV and the $126,000 raised to launch the sexy Eso-starlet, who we’re all jealous of, and her six mirrors, and Women in Livingness TV, to millions of viewers? That’s what you said wasn’t it, Natasha Ferré? Millions of viewers.


Some UMers even forked out for sponsorship and product placement.

The result was three pay per view Vimeos on an obscure Weebly website. $3 a throw to see Rachel whatserface cop an Eso-earful and a strategically lit makeover. The rest of the episodes have been ‘coming soon’ since 2015.

So the investors and donors asked the questions. That’s what we like to see. They want to know, at least a little bit, where’s the bang for their bucks? The answers they got were as Esoteric as they get apparently. In other words, no one is the wiser for asking.

So were those who put the questions tarred as detractors? Compared with Judas, and sentenced to a bunch of lifetimes of disease and disability?

SLAPPed with legal threats?

And the final bit of gossip, for today anyway – UM’s Hierarchical aspirants – some of those closest to The One – keep getting into trouble. Not just from a high strung blogger asking them to abide by their professional codes, stop touching people up (literally and figuratively), and suggesting they might meet with less conflict if they were up front about what they’re selling.


It’s serious, official trouble. More of it. The kind that smashes the withering remains of UM’s facade of *integrity*. To smithereens duckies.

More about that soon…

Sunlight Ink’s retail priced Esoteric healing for Third World illiteracy

Sunlight Ink – beauty-full as long as you keep quiet and do as UM says

What do you do if you enter the market for children’s books, mistake unimaginative Esoteric proselytizing for narrative, and unsurprisingly end up with a big bunch of surplus copies?

If you’re Esoteric, you try and offload them on poor children in Papua New Guinea is what. Because of course those kids will just love reading the books Australian families reject.

And if you’re really right up there in The Livingness, you set up a crowdfunding campaign and ask people to buy the bloody things. Sunlight Ink, which is a business owned by Desiree Delaloye and Tanya Curtis, who are loyal devotees and promoters of a commercial religion that held a book burning, that peddles beliefs that charity is evil, that good is evil, that music is poison, that sport and fitness cause cancer, that gluten, dairy and root vegetables block the light of the soul, and that boys need to be smacked around – didn’t just dump the surplus on PNG’s disadvantaged youngsters – they talked a bunch of middle class Esos into buying them. After one of UM’s missionaries managed to foist the books onto some unsuspecting NGOs. The self-loving business women set up the scheme on a crowdfunding site called ‘Start Some Good‘, and charged supporters close to retail price for them.

They hoped to raise $10,000 to get rid of 800+ books. The books come in sets of three. That’s $12.50 per book, or $37.45 for each set.

They retail at $15 each or $40 for a set.

They raised $11,085 according to Start Some Good.

Or you could get Room on the Broom or other high quality books kids are guaranteed to willingly read more than once, and love, for $12.75 a piece.

It’s very UM. Shoving dull, overpriced Eso-ideological propaganda at those children will probably deter them from reading. Getting the mostly female ‘Sons of God’ to inflict their idea of ‘love’ and ‘joy’ on the less fortunate is classic Esoteric pushiness. Misspelling and Esoteric jargon won’t help kids’ literacy, and I have it on reliable authority that kids suffering through a UM childhood think they’re crap.

If those kids in PNG don’t get some decent books, there’s always alternate uses for scrap paper. Engineering for beginners perhaps…


83 Comments on “Universal Medicine retractions, distractions & Easter gossip April 2018”

  1. $ says:

    Just so I am completely clear (I am a bit dim after years of UM in my brain), if I give to you via the link at the top, you definitely get it? Want to make sure I am not giving money to Sergio by default or some such nonsense.

    • Esther says:

      My sincerest condolences. I’ve had to listen to a lot of UM audio by now, and watch the videos. It is gruelling.

      Yes I will get it if you are paying me for the work I’m doing, and as long as I don’t earn more than $55k per annum. If you label it as a gift or donation it will be taken off me.

      Thanks in advance. It’s similar to Patreon, which a lot of journalists and creative people use these days to get paid – now that we live in the age of freelance everything. I’d just rather not pay commission to the Patreon platform. Paypal also collects fees but it’s the only way for overseas readers to pay for my services. International bank transfers are a pain.

  2. RJM says:

    Happy Esoteric Easter, Esther!

    Readers who can say that 10 times quickly will go in the running for a week-long stay at the world-famous Dark Lodge Resort located in the picturesque vistas of The Astral Plane. Room service and complimentary foot-spas courtesy of the Four Lords Of Form.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Happy Easter Esther. I hope that you have accommodation after being evicted and that you are strong during this time. We all love your work and admire your strength!

    Also thank you for bringing up the Natalie with love money. I am so confused about how 126,000 could be resourcefully spent on 3 payed subscription videos.

    As can be verified from the link below, Natalie raised $126,861 through crowdfunding.


    She used this money to make and release 3 videos that required payment to access. The product of the crowdfunding can be found in the links below:



    Any resourceful person would not need $126,861 to produce these 3 videos. Many young people make wonderful creative films with much less. Where did the money go?

    And worst of all, these questions are discouraged!

  4. Esoteric Detective says:

    The Natalie with Love promotion video appealing for people to make donations, as seen from the link below, promises so much.

    Do you think that the end product, accurately reflects what Natalie was promising?


    • 6 mirrors says:

      Rampant Narcissism.
      Probably too complicated for the regulators.
      There’s a reason she’s single. It’s not by choice. It’s because she is a 3. That’s not her initiate level.
      False Con-fidence based on having a coterie of muddle-headed middle-aged followers easily con-vinced by the idea they are still sexy, rather than growing up and acting their age.

      • Esther says:

        I don’t think it’s too complicated for the regulators. It’s a clear cut Office of Fair Trading job. But OFT won’t act unless one of the customers complain. If a member of the public makes the complaint, they don’t do anything. UM then applies under FOI for a copy of the complaints. UMers won’t complain because they’re either too stupid, or they’ve seen what UM does to people who go on the record. It’s a real pity. They donated to what they were told was going to be a digital tV product, then got hit up for money again to watch what turned out to be a handful of Vimeo advertorials on a website any of us could set up for nothing…

        Now think of anything at all that $126k could have bought that would have actually done something healthy, useful or constructive.

        • Esoteric Detective says:

          What would you do if you were given $126,000 to make the world a better place? Provide basic livingness to those in poverty? Support an environmental cause or perhaps young Aboriginal girls in Tenterfield and elsewhere? It would be a real test of character.

          Any resourceful person would not need $ 126,861 to produce these 3 videos. Where did the money go?

          As Natalie takes center stage at the GTW festival the glaring question that should be on all reasonable parents mind is: Would I be proud of my daughter if she used crowdfunding money in this way?

    • The Way It Isn't says:

      Maybe the people who want to know where their money went are just jealous.

    • The Way It Isn't says:

      Isn’t that Boy George duck-facing with Natalie in the third promo shot down on the right? Is he ‘esoteric’ now, despite the allegedly excessive indulgences of his past?

      • Unauthorised says:

        They’d be using that pic without his knowledge just like the former Idol host who got removed.

        • Anonymous says:

          I can’t bare to watch the video in question myself (my stomach churns every time I chance on any of their ridiculous videos with the insanely bad muzak on them) but if you can reply below in which second it appears in I’ll be happy to pass it on to him.

      • Karma, Karma, Karma! says:

        I don’t think any of it is alleged with Boy George. He’s very open about his drug use and did did time for assault on a male escort. If he has joined UM what a sight that will be! SB awkwardly dad dancing to Karma Chameleon at retreats and his daughter knocked in to second place as attention thief.

        Karma indeed!

        • The Way It Isn't says:

          True. It just shows how their ‘utmost integrity’ goes out the window whenever the opportunity to self promote arises, no matter what supposed ‘energy’ it is they’re aligning to.

      • Esther says:

        Boy George is one of Dragana Brown’s claims to Esoteric usefulness. She used to work with him or for him or something years ago and has been dropping his name ever since. I’m sure celebrity name droppers are given a very special initiation level in the work.

        It seems Dragana dragganaed him along to a couple of Natalie events over the years.

        I don’t think he’s in any video, but he’s popped up on Natalie’s instagram and other social media.

        Obviously he’s never copped any of UM’s music, let alone an Esoteric Breast Massage, UM Facts, The Four Lords of Form, and the rest. Otherwise he’d flee like every other sensible person alive. Unless they’ve paid him for appearances.

  5. Hisarah says:

    They handed out this book in gift packs at the G2W festival. It went in the bin, along with the ‘Whose role model are you shirt’.
    Keep up the awesome work Esther.

    • Michelle says:

      They were probably giving out those books meant for PNG – after all who paid for them to be shipped? And where are the photos of them arriving?

  6. Celebration Dance says:

    The way that the $126K of crowdfunded money is celebrated is very telling. Check out the video in the link below:


    What kind of energy does this video contain?- Use your intuition!

    • Unpaid says:

      Does the link do something for anyone else? I get nothing. loading…..loading….loading… either the worst server in Germany or they didn’t pay the $15 a month bill.

      • Celebration Dance says:

        The below link works for me

        • Anonymous says:

          Sadly the link did work for me. Not sure skipping in slow motion and making hand gestures by your butt that look like you’re wafting a fart away qualify as a celebration dance, but I’d be skipping too if I’d just got $120k for doing nothing.

        • MacReady says:

          Is she somewhere in Europe, dancing with joy in the knowledge that $126,000 covers a lot of airfare?

      • Agree! Help? says:

        Same here

  7. Anonymous says:

    “Sitting Yoga”??? You have got to be kidding me.

    What’s next – Static Running, Silent Singing, Gentle Reading?

    Never have a group of people been so fooled by the Emperors New Clothes as this lot… and the crap UM flogs to them, Jesus wept. They are utter idiots to buy in to this bunk and as the wise old saying goes “A fool and his money are soon parted”…

  8. SAK says:

    Showed my family the “celebration dance” on vimeo yesterday.
    What a laugh. So glad there was no sex bomb dancing thrown in as well.
    We would not have survived.
    Love the Natalie Bunny pic. Needs a big bunch of shallots & silverbeet in the basket.

  9. Helga says:

    my astute child read the beauty-ful book once and once only, it was “boring” they said. Proud parent moment.

  10. GoEsther says:


    I was off the belief that for Practitioners and Clients to mingle socially is considered to be unethical. So where does the UniMed Brisbane Client-Practitioner Retreat fit in with ethics ?

    • GoEsther says:

      I also find it very odd that Unimed Brisbane also offers the services for Accountancy, Business Consultancy/Advice, Tax, Book-keeping, Money & Finance. A bit odd for an alternative medicine clinic me reckons.

      • Cash Money Brotherhood says:

        The burial and cremation service is probably coming next.

        And then they’ll be the bank. Only a 99.9% service charge per annum, and all interest paid in energy to a future reincarnation of yourself. The money will be safe as houses (because it will be used to buy a certain someone even more of them) and don’t worry about ever needing to withdraw money because it just won’t be there. No explanation needed, it’s just gone. Like certain other large chunks of money we’ve all been wondering about.

      • pranicattack says:

        They used to offer Esoteric Financial Health in UK! Maybe thought better of the careers?

  11. Yoda says:

    Couldn’t help but provide this link.

    The youtuber is a politically incorrect so excuse his language.

    Getting rid of negative energies & drawing in positive energies to create a force field.

    Sounds like UM but a little too active.

    • Hyperventilation rejuvenation. says:

      That language is real. Power to him. So is his astonishment and comic sarcasm. Its how we should all be around non-sense.

      • Birdie says:

        “Maybe I’m just watching some kind of weird cult video, not a legitimate youtube tutorial”.

        UM to the max…………..I think they assume they have a force field & don’t have to associate with anyone.

        Look beyond the current dimension grab the energy ………………& wolverine it later.

        “I think that guy is just trying to do a poo”.

        This could be a moment of reincarnation.

        I want to form a new cult with Ozzy Man as the leader. …………..Pub?

        I would pay for that.

        Absolute legend.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Pranic Princess says:

      Fucken Janice! LOL This is a masterpiece. It’s like if UM & Esoteric Breast Massage bred with the Shaolin Monks, NXIVM, Upper Middle Housos & the WWF.

      This guy would love Natalie B’s take on Wikipedia.


  12. yoda says:

    Hi Esther

    Don’t know if you know about this one.

    Not sure if it is associated or not.

    Absolutely Wholesale.

    Run out of 37 Convery’s Lane.

    It could just be a tenant………..not sure.

    • Esther says:

      More info is welcome. Anyone?

      No surprises if that’s true, seeing every other UM relationship turns to shit. I’m pretty sure one of the love-lies was employed by that business. Owner probably got one of UM’s usual ultimatums. Join us or be condemned to lifetimes of Astral suffering and exclusion from the Esoteric expenditure, brown-nosing and bullying cycle.

      Sorry that news report has taken longer than expected, but I’m assured it will happen soon. Carry on!

    • Moe info please Yoda says:

      Link please

    • yoda says:


      It’s AbSoulutely Wholesale.

      Maybe it isn’t associated with UM as it has a Soul.

      Then again it could be a reincarnated Soul.


      Not too sure as the logo isn’t all airy fairy & purple.

      Maybe them. Maybe not.

  13. UM counselling and psychology says:

    Universal Medicine Goonellabah Psychologist and Counsellor brags that her full-on letters to the government has them scared of her.

    “Since I’ve had complaints you should see the letters I’ve written to the government. They’re turning points and they’re full-on and my lawyers have all said do not send that you are asking to be slaughtered do not send that. I go I have to how can I not send that and I haven’t had a complaint since because I think they’re scared of me.”

  14. Recruitment says:

    Whatever Universal Medicine call it eg: Festival, Retreat, etc etc etc etc Seniors Day.
    They are all disguised recruitment drives?
    Why do I say this?
    WHY do those who attend have to register all of their details.

  15. Not Osho says:

    VERY interesting 6 part documentary on Netflix “Wild, Wild West”. Explores the cult of Osho in the 80s in USA. As with every other cult, while it’s all love and light on the outside, inside it’s a dark mess of exploitation and corruption. And the bottom line, as always, is money. The cult leader in question in this one has a penchant for Rolls Royce cars (Audi hadn’t really achieved the status it holds today in the 80s 😉), property, planes and all the other material trappings that a true man of God would never need. Thankfully in the end the US govermenmt took the group down and it’s leaders were either jailed or deported.

    It’s interesting to note the fight against the cult was started by a few good people sick of the cult taking over their town. From that small seed, a full scale federal investigation involving the US Attorney, the FBI, the US Marshalls and a variety of other federal agencies took place. Yep, I’ll say that again, a few good people stuck at it and took down a cult of serveral thousand members.

    I’ll be looking forward to a Netflix documentary on the rise and fall of UM in the coming years. Maybe they could even start filming it now at a certain upcoming defamation trial? It would make a fantastic opening scene!

  16. So many UM members in this? says:

  17. G2W pappa razzi says:

    Why have the UM Pappa -razzi at Girl to woman festival?

    Those photos tell it all.

    • Anonymous says:

      I know… old blokes with long lenses peering at little girls. And little girls dolled up in make up to make them look older. Absolutely disgusting.

    • Nasty & Creepy says:

      Nasty nasty group of people….
      I do not see love nor integrity any where not any.
      What would the Police say if they saw those photos?

  18. Nasty piece of work AG ScUM! Low life? Disgusted! says:

    You UM lot would not know the truth if it were a lightning bolt.

    We await the UM psychologists to condemn the latest piece of work by the Facts team aka AG

    • Esther says:

      I won’t be reproducing any of that garbage here. Do not post it. Let UM stew in their own panic and disrepute. So worried about the impending exposure they’re willing to lash out at the most vulnerable. It’s their psychopathic message to anyone who dares share their poor opinion of the seething, stinking cesspool that is UM – that’s what they’ll try. Common sense went out the window years ago, and the law went with it. They’re are barking insane. Beyond redemption.

      • So angry says:

        Of course agreed….
        BUT y0u require links for proof – glad that you did not publish them!

      • The Way It Isn't says:

        If UM think posting that spiteful garbage is helping their image, then they’re a few ascended masters short of a hierarchy.

        • Esoteric PR says:

          They don’t want to help their image. That would run counter to their turbo charged persecution complex. They fantasize about being victims of a pogrom, but people just think they’re a bunch of stupid, greedy and childish mediocrities.

          ‘Hmm, people don’t hate us enough. How can we fix that?’

        • Avoid high places and cordial says:

          It’s the Cathars persecution ‘it’s happening again’ narrative. And we all know how that ended up.

        • Anonymous says:

          Just one more case of this Health Institution bullying and intimidating dissatisfied ex clients or patients. It’s a pattern.

      • How low can you go? says:

        They are just nasty, mean people. There really seems to be no depth to the ocean of hatred they have for anyone that disagrees with them. And now they go after somone who has had significant mental health issues in the past and is just trying to put their life back together again. And that person has every right to talk about THEIR experiences of Universal Medicine be it here, on their own blog, or anywhere else. That’s what feee speech is. And yet in the world of UM, anyone describing their experience as less than “wonderful!” or “amazing!” is dragged out and persecuted.

        I am sorry for you Olga that you have been attacked in this way and hope you are ok. You have more integrity in your little finger than the lot of them have between them, and even in this attack on you UM exposes itself yet again as the cruel and malignant organisation that it is.

        • Anonymous says:

          Their aim is to HARM that person’s health, mentally that is. A so-called health organisation that takes aim to do harm, let’s all contemplate that, and how anti-social that really is.

  19. ScU.M. may TRUTH prevail says:


    I agree wholeheartedly’ How low can you go?’:

    I am sorry for you Olga that you have been attacked in this way and hope you are ok. You have more integrity in your little finger than the lot of them have between them, and even in this attack on you UM exposes itself yet again as the cruel and malignant organisation that it is.’

    Well done Olga

  20. 'Jim Weaver' says:

    I’m not a UM ‘student’ and have no affiliation with UM or Serge Benhanyon.

    Sorry to see all the hate and bad feelings you all are projecting. I could not find anything real in any of your criticisms, comments or ‘journalism’?

    • Esther says:

      UMers all say that when they visit my sites John.

      It’s a dead giveaway – the conflict in your message. Pretending you might be someone impartial. Are you trying to convince yourself? Why do you feel the need to prove your alignment to the brand?
      Your doubts won’t go away.
      Your message shows you’ve been closely following UM’s internal comms. You’re using all their overused words. It shows us you’re incapable of rationally assessing who’s really doing all the hate and projection. Have you noticed UM’s authors are now using pseudonyms to attack people for using pseudonyms?

      You didn’t notice anything else about UM’s behaviour that has given them such a bad reputation?

      Did you not notice the most recent panic and projection from within UM’s innermost? They’re shitting themselves. Why else would they lash out like that?

      Why did you leave the comment in the contact form and not publicly?

      Did you think I’d be intimidated? Having trouble with your own bad feelings are you John?

    • Pranic Projector 🍕 says:

      Hi Jim Ducker. Not surprised you can’t find anything real in the criticisms if you think the Four Lords of Form are a thing.

      I’ve only got one thing to say to you.

    • DLP says:

      He couldn’t have looked very hard, and if he’s not aligned with UM in some way, why comment at all??

      The attacks on Olga show a group that claims to be about love and care and use the name ‘medicine’ in their title (alluding to trust and evidence) are prepared to expose their former member’s personal information all over the internet to glorify themselves and their leader.

      What reputable organisation would do that? What reputable medical organisation has an army of propagandists gabbling on about people they don’t know replete with bad pictures with the obvious goal of discrediting them… because they made a criticism?

      Jim, there’s only two ways you wouldn’t get that UM has serious issues. The first is you’re aligned with the group, or the second is, you’re totally stupid. Either way, it’s the same thing.

  21. Pranic Princess says:


    It's almost GO time! #TheVoiceAU starts in ONE HOUR on @Channel9 pic.twitter.com/xhlpbLiuwq— The Voice Australia (@TheVoiceAU) April 15, 2018

    and then sue the judges AND HELL THE AUDIENCE TOO when they run a pogrom on your amzing TALENT.😂
    What did the Ass-ended Master say about rejection again?

  22. WHY WHY WHY UM? Running scared? Braggers Walk & talk your walk & talk says:

    “Esther Rockett 🚀
    @EstherRockett on Twitter

    If you notify local schools that @girl_2_woman Melbourne 29 April is being run by the occult religion behind Esoteric Breast Massage, organizers will call the cops on you”

  23. Not revenge says:

    To the person who just commented, I’m withholding your comment. Please get in touch. It’s not ‘revenge’ to report an unlawful act. They’ve broken the law and it needs to be reported to authorities to prevent it from happening to someone else. It’s extremely harmful what they’ve done and they will keep harming the person involved and others in the same position and into the future. It could be lethal. Please consider that. The past doesn’t go away. It keeps recurring until the authorities take action. This is something they will act on.

  24. I know more about science than anyone says:

    Responding to the statement you linked in your tweet: “….mature conversation….” Really? Who´s “the one” running away from a mature conversation UM?

  25. pranicattack says:

    UK PROMOTERS OF UM hoping to get into local government on May3rd in areas where UM seems to have centres – much as they seem to have done around Esther’s area.

    London, Kew – JANE KEEP, infamous recently in the Australian Press with Irish surgeon Eunice Minford is standing for Richmond in the council elections next week :-

    Click to access lce_2018_notice_of_poll_statement_of_persons_nominated_north_richmond.pdf

    She has also proposed and seconded people for the council in neighbouring Kew where she lives and where Spherical Living is located!

    Norfolk, Norwich – SAMANTHA ENGLAND UM practitioner and promoter of the Esoteric Practitioners Association (Copyright © Serge Benhayon 2009. All rights reserved) is standing in Eaton, Norwich. She stood for a different Norwich ward last year when nominated by her husband. Both have nominated someone to stand for her old ward this time round – UMer ?
    She is married to MICHAEL CHATER who is manager of Bluebird Care a homecare agency in Norwich. He is prolific on UM blogs!

    Both would appear to be in a position to influence vulnerable people.

    Who is standing in Eaton? – press report :-

    Samantha England (C) “I have worked for many years in health and social care, I am a founding member of Community in Connection, which is an organisation set up to encourage greater wellbeing.

    “In my spare time I work on mental health projects in schools and with women who have experienced domestic violence as well as being a member of the Independent Advisory Group to Norfolk Constabulary and chair of the Norfolk Constabulary Ethics committee. “I am a school governor and work with refugees and asylum seekers. In addition, I volunteer with several charities including Leeway, YMCA and Norwich MS Society.

    “Working as a councillor, I value the responsibility I have in making a difference to the quality of people’s lives. Wherever I can I like to be able to give back to the community and make a true difference to the lives of the people.”

    She and Michael are pictured on one of Esther’s pages with other UM practitioners at BEVERLEY BULMER’s esoteric clinic –

    Check out the links there. And surprise, surprise – Beverley Bulmer is also standing, or on, the Attleborough (near Norwich) town council! She also runs the ‘Funeral Bereavement Support’ at the local funeral home, and conducts celebrant funerals … Hope all this does not enable recruitment to UM of the vulnerable.

    Frome, Somerset – SIMON WILLIAMS already established member of Frome Chamber of Commerce.

    For all I know there may be many more UMers up for election or promoting friends. Be careful who you vote for!

    • Watch the news says:

      Thank you for this. Good work.

      I’m paying attention. There’s always lots to blog and I shall do so shortly. Watch ABC News and ABC News Online. There’s more UM news coming.

    • Manchurian Candidate says:

      There really is a plan to take over the world.

      The minions have been sent out to occupy local boards, organisations and to run office to spread the good work of the King of Poops so that we too may know his glory.

      Endgame? All cyber-bullies, critics, and corrupt journalists marched away by a loving army of students for ‘re-orientation’ – replete with white-shirts, knee-high boots and esoteric armbands, chanting ‘integrity’

    • We shall fight them on the beaches! says:

      UK readers… check your local election candidates! Worth having a look on the local register for well known names. And then get in touch with local councils AND the central office of the party they are aligning themselves to if you see any anomalies.

      Good work by Pranic Attack above and there may be more people out there trying to get a foot in the door. It’s become very clear UM is trying to infiltrate society at large, and while in our democracies the freedom of speech and belief are cherished values, people hiding their true affiliations and acting deceptively is not. The weirdo Girl/Woman sham illustrates this perfectly and it’s been seen over and over again in Lismore just how devious UM can be.

      Do not be fooled and do not let your friends and neighbors be fooled. We don’t want healing cards in schools and crap copies of the Mona Lisa on our hospital walls and that will just be the start of it. It only takes a few minutes to check out the candidates so please do put the time in.

  26. pranicattack says:

    Sad but true!

    Students have to do ‘the work’ by ‘blagging’ on the sites, or infiltrating any organization which may offer up new recruits or opportunities to be heard. Sucking in new members at the bottom of the pyramid so they can themselves move up the hierarchy and spreading the befuddled words and bogus treatments of the chosen one.

    Ideal opportunities would be public office, charity work, work with children or elderly and visiting the sick or lonely all of which require no actual qualifications, and/or gain exposure to vulnerable people. All in the name of ‘making a difference to the world’ and ‘spreading the love’ but rather screwing with people’s heads, causing rifts in families and raking in cash for the self-appointed ‘chosen one’, and a meagre existance for the upper tier of the pyramid.

    Of course, filled with new confidence in the knowledge that they have attended courses and now know more than anyone else in the world, UMers only have to think things how they would like them to be and that becomes ‘the truth’. People who try to point out the obvious are therefore liars, monsters and evil and posessed by bad energy!!
    Simply a self-centred system which could not work if adopted by the whole of civilization.

  27. Mesoterica says:

    Very good description of my my mindset when I was part of this group. UM is not aimed to work if adopted by the whole civilization, but can you imagine the money they would make then? More market power than Google and amazon combined.

  28. G2W (Melbourne) says:

    Any of your kids on these public pictures against will? Please consider taking action.


  29. G2W Europe says:


    After having been done laughing, I was asking myself, are there any news regarding G2W Festival(s) in Europe? One in England is definitely planned, right?

    • Narcissistic and arrogant says:

      UM´s Sarah Schürch wrote in a Tweet, she´s looking forward to presenting it in England, if I remember right.

      The propaganda chorus doesn´t match UM´s attitude. It should be: “You need me to know, that you are…. wise, you are wonderful…” Creating dependency on both sides. With children. Come on!

      A festival like that should be the other way round. Children inspiring adults to be more like them. I´d attend that. No photos and filming allowed.

    • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde says:

      “You’re a troll, you’re a cyberbully. ” Can’t get the catchy tune out of my head.

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