Panic censorship redux – Universal Medicine’s latest bogus takedown


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January 10 saw the launch of my YouTube documentary series, Unpacking Universal Medicine & The Way of the Livingness. I gave a critical analysis of Universal Medicine using publicly available video footage, texts and images. It set Goonellabah’s Esoteric empire ascramble and Unimed had its minions fire off bogus DMCA copyright complaints faster than they could spill their pea soup. YouTube removed the Intro episode and Episode 1 that I’d published. I lodged a counter notice, waited the required period, UM did not initiate legal proceedings and YouTube restored them.

UPDATE MARCH 1: The Co-Creative have made the same complaints, under penalty of perjury, about episodes 2-4. Episode 2 contrasts UM’s health claims with reports of health problems in the UM community. Episode 3 is about UM’s ‘True Sexy’ mixed messages in marketing its Esoteric Womens Health products. Episode 4 is about the impact of UM’s supernatural beliefs on relationships.

I’ve issued counter notices. We’ll know in a few weeks whether UM wants to risk taking court action and facing my Senior Counsel (at least), and paying his fees and those of any other lawyer who jumps on board to represent me. They don’t seem to learn. The more they try to shut down criticism and exposure, the more help I get. It’s clear to everyone but UM that there’s a public interest in making sure potential customers, authorities, and friends and family of subscribers, have accurate information about UM’s activities. If UM have so much integrity, why are they actively attempting to suppress it?

Also see the previous post. UM shunted Universal Law aside and got a Melbourne media lawyer to throw around some threats as well. One to WordPress that was full of errors, and allegations of ‘malevolent’ usage of UM’s materials, and one to me that had fewer errors but still no legitimate legal basis.

UM also tried about 10 takedown requests in 2013. They had no legal basis for that tilt either. I used the same counter notification process and all the content was restored.

Here’s the playlist. It is now down to two videos, but the full list will automatically restore when this nonsense is resolved.

Esoteric legal threats


Jonathan Baldwin (brother of Rebecca Asquith) and partner in The Co-Creative, which contracts AV services to UM, made the complaints. They’re the firm who run the UM webcasts I wrote about last month. Jonny is the guy who wrote a plug for UM’s exorcism services in 2016.

Jonny & Co. will be given 10 business days to provide YouTube with evidence they have initiated legal action, failing which, YouTube will reinstate the videos.

The YouTube notification says the first complaint was made by The Co-Creative and Universal Medicine. The second just says it was made by The Co-Creative. The copyright for The Way of the Livingness footage would be owned by the one and only Sergio. It’s sold as a subscription by UM.

Or would you care to show us the documents proving the Co-Creative are the copyright holders, Jonny? Bec? Simon Asquith? Clayton Lloyd?

Universal Medicine didn’t want their name on the second (and probably the first, Jonathan) because I’m already taking defence evidence that UM have attempted to censor my publications via false legal complaints to Google, Google some more and WordPress and WordPress some more. It looks bad in court (with everything else) if Serge’s name is on any more of those. The UM legal team are already risking getting struck off for misconduct. If they take a punt at filing a false copyright claim, I’ll be right back at them. They can be struck off if a court makes a ruling of abuse of process, and I’ll make an application for the lawyers to be held personally liable for costs.

Like all platforms, YouTube gets its share of bogus takedown requests. Their notification process comes with a warning about making false statements.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 10.27.50 pm.png

Given UM’s form for making false complaints, including one from a partner at The Co-Creative, Clayton Lloyd, which none of them dared follow through after I agreed to accept service of process, The Co-Creative’s complaints can’t be said to have been made in good faith. From their last efforts, they should know my use of footage is authorized by law.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 10.32.15 pm.png

Did you receive authorization to make the complaint on Serge’s behalf, Jonny?

Legal advice?

From whom?

It’s a criminal offence to make false or misleading legal complaints.

Contempt of court

The YouTube removal was followed by one of Paula Fletcher’s overheated letters. Universal Law’s bright spark came off holidays especially to threaten that her client would move to have me charged with contempt of court. The letter alleges I had used video given in Benhayon’s discovery for making my films.

The problem with that is Benhayon only produced UM video in his discovery that he’d listed on his discovery list in April last year.

Those of you who saw the films saw that they included footage up to and including that recorded in September last year.

Unpacking UM Ep 1.png

Still image – Unpacking Universal Medicine Episode 1

And look who was in the footage for 30 September. Witness to allegations in issue in the proceedings, UM’s barrister, Charles Wilson. What are those barristers’ rules again Charlie? Number 95 isn’t it?

Unpacking UM ep 1 Wilson & Greig.png

Still image – Unpacking Universal Medicine Episode 1

It’ll be difficult to have me charged with contempt of court for using publicly available material that wasn’t given in discovery.

Not all of UM’s subscribers are fans of UM, Serge.

The law

Copyright law exists to protect creators’ original works and to ensure the creators or rights holders receive proper income from any profits made from use and distribution of the works.

There are exceptions to copyright that allow the works to be used without permission. In Australian law those exceptions are described as ‘fair dealings’. There are numerous fair dealing exceptions to copyright and those include use of material for the purposes of:

  • research or study;
  • criticism or review;
  • parody or satire;
  • reporting news;
  • enabling a person with a disability to access the material; or
  • use in judicial proceedings or to obtain legal advice from a lawyer.

I’d like to know whether Jonny acted on legal advice. If so, from whom?

The Co-Creative ought to read the fact sheets provided by the Copyright Council.  They include notes on determining what constitutes a ‘fair dealing’. It relates to how much of a work is used and how, and why.

The policy basis, evident in legal precedents, for the exception of reporting news is ‘derived from the public interest in promoting the free flow of knowledge, ideas and information…’

Exceptions for use in judicial proceedings ‘are designed to facilitate the administration of justice.’

The [criticism or review] exception is based on the assumption that copyright owners ordinarily expect to have their works subjected to criticism and review for the purposes of providing potential consumers with information about the works. Australian Copyright Council

That one’s for Serge. The World Renowned Philosopher.

Bogus complaints

Copyright law is clear. The Federal Court does not allow copyright law to be abused to censor works of journalism or criticism. UM have made complaints about original works. I used images and short clips taken from various material, including my own. My commentary is an analysis and a critique. The films report questionable and controversial UM subject matter that involves children and other vulnerable people. The content validates all our concerns about UM over the past five years and is in the public interest to report.

UM are probably pleased with themselves that they got the films pulled before their irksome Girl to Woman Festival on 21 January at Lennox Head. Pleased that families won’t be properly informed about UM’s grubby nonsense before they take their kids to a recruitment event for a controversial occult religious corporation.

What’s next?

Whatever happens, I will fight to keep my publications online. I daresay with high calibre legal help. I will take action to make sure anyone who makes a false complaint is held accountable. The Unpacking UM series will be back. Intact.

In the meantime, I was not surprised by the reaction from viewers. UM’s hasty attempts to suppress the material shows they’re very aware of how the films look to us lowly inhabitants of the real world.

I was busy moderating comments as viewers saw what goes on in the soundproof Hall of Ageless Wisdom at Wollongbar for the first time. I had to cut a record number to tone them down, I’m sorry. But even the edited comments indicate how that material (and we have a lot more of it) will go down with the jury in Benhayon v Rockett this September.

Our next interlocutory hearing is 1 February in Sydney. I’m seeking orders for Serge to comply with discovery obligations. We expect an argument. It will be very interesting.

I haven’t yet ever been criticized. I’ve been attacked on lies. They have to lie to attack us. What can they actually criticize?..

I’m looking forward to being criticized. I can’t wait.

Serge Benhayon, 5 July 2015

122 Comments on “Panic censorship redux – Universal Medicine’s latest bogus takedown”

  1. Klaus Banaus says:

    Welcome to the real world, UM.

  2. Esther says:

    As soon as you do anything publicly, including publish something, the law allows members of the public to report it, comment on it and criticize it. UM either doesn’t get that or simply doesn’t want to and seeks to play the system to unlawfully suppress stuff. It’s not on.

    More from the Copyright Council on fair dealing.

    The Federal Court has held that “news” is not restricted to current events. For example, old material, or footage that was never related to a current event, may be relevant to current news events. Alternatively, under this provision investigative journalists may be able to use copyright material they have discovered that relates to past events.

    The Federal Court has stated that “criticism and review” involves making a judgment of the material concerned, or of the underlying ideas. Criticism and review may be strongly expressed, and may be expressed humorously, and need not be balanced.

    • Olga Andigor says:

      I had doubts about copyright infringement concering my blog. Thank you for clearing that topic up. Looking forward to your videos (again).

    • Love & Light says:

      What type of organisations like to control and suppress information? What type of organisation is secretive about its core beliefs? What sort of organisation has an authoritarian leadership? What type of organisation is critical of, gaslights and attempts to destroy the reputations and livelihoods of those that are critical of it?

  3. Total-Tools says:

    Speaking of equivocation… “I have never been criticised..” wowsa, what a word mangler is this fella. He’s been criticised right up the old wahoo on everything from his bullshit CV to his snake-oil remedies, to his hysterically laughable claim to be a member of the “hierarchy” and to know everything in the universe, and on to how he met his current spouse… I mean how much more criticism does he really want? I am sure there is more that we can all come up with if we try a little harder.

    For a man that “can’t wait” to be criticised on what he does, he was pretty quick to get those critiques of what he does offline. Pronto.

    Can’t wait hey?…what a total tool.

  4. Dont look at my feet while I smell you says:

    “What can they actually criticize?”
    Ummmm all of it! My favourite part was the women onstage struggling to read out the “spirits” sermon either due to being terrified of being set upon by the mob for laughing out loud or they simply cant believe what they are actually reading. Amazing how controlled they are. Resembled a hypnotism stage show.
    “We are transparent and have nothing to hide”
    Quick get the evidence taken down immediately
    It looks bad and it is bad, very bad
    Waste of time blacking out the windows in the ageless hall of wisdom if you video it then sell it online in the public arena. Greed trumped intelligence there and as Esther said, not all subscribers are Serge fans.
    Esther your strength and tenaciousness in dealing with this can only be greatly admired
    It must be an all consuming marathon but you havent wavered and giving up is out of the question. Onward to September.

  5. Outraged LGBTI person says:

    Here’s some criticism that ignoramus Benhayon specially asked for.

    The word “hermaphrodite” is a stigmatizing and misleading word. There is growing momentum to eliminate the word “hermaphrodite” from medical literature and to use the word “intersex” in its
    place. While some intersex people do reclaim the word “hermaphrodite” with pride to reference themselves (like words such as “dyke” and “queer” have been reclaimed by LGBT people), it should be generally avoided except under specific circumstances.

    • Esther says:

      Thank you. Great comment.

      Thank you all for your great comments. Wow, I stepped out for an hour and this post alone got seventy hits and 9 comments in that time. The last few days of posting have been record breaking. Goes to show – the public wants to know what goes on in that soundproofed bell jar at Wollongbar.

      To Fly on the Wall – I doubt today’s gathering was any different to any other week. Jonny would be getting congratulations. Then they’d all be falling all over each other, hugging, moaning and passing the mic around about ‘persecution’ and the ‘force’ of the Brahmanic energy coming at them. With their kids there. The lawyers, the doctors, the Girl to Woman organizers. Business as usual.

      To don’t look at my feet etc. – thank you. On your comment, I didn’t see the women onstage that way. To me they look like they are totally buying it. It’s only on a few occasions in the hours of footage I’ve watched that I’ve thought a person was cringing. That’s my impression, but I’m very interested in the feedback on this. Anyone else have thoughts about what was going through their heads? Olga, what did you think?

      • Dont look at my feet while I smell you says:

        I guess I meant surpressed laughter or disbelief would be for normal non brainwashed people with their SOH intact in place of the stage puppets up there but I really think it resembles a hypnosis stage show. All emotionless and expressionless while monotone reading garbage and the master runs the show.
        Buying it, maybe, fear, definitely.
        Sure looks like a ton of fun day….NOT!
        Why on earth would you want to be part of this?

      • Olga Andigor says:

        I´ve been in the same emotional state of being and it´s the main reason, why I´m doing this here. My experience: Total victim mode. Always wrong. Intensifies with the fuckwit around. Emotions are pranic and have to be avoided. Love has not an ounce of emotion in it. Sitting there on stage, you have to be super fiery, meaning super controlled and free of emotions. Can´t tell you, how painful that is. Seperated to yourself, lost in a concept that doesn´t work thinking “I´ve never felt better in my life.”

        • Esther says:

          That is horrible! 😦 😢 I’m so glad you’re here, recovered, to help us understand this. You know I keep asking you the same questions about this. I find it so difficult to understand what must be going through their heads.

          Credit to all of them, they doing a good job of looking composed.

          But that’s also what disturbs observers. A common reaction among people I spoke with about the films is ‘how are all those people just sitting there taking that? Not challenging it?!’

          When I went to the workshop in 2005 I didn’t say anything. I was half interested, trying to test it, thinking okay, that could be right, interspersed with frequent WTF?! this guy is out of his mind! moments. Others were struggling. Some vocally and finding it frustrating. It was hard to pin him because he kept changing the subject. They were trying to ‘get it’ too.

          There were others who’d already been involved a while – a couple of very bossy young women. Even Serge told one of them to go easy. And some older women who were absolutely and disturbingly submissive. They were busy working for the maestro. Unpaid. Driving long distances to meetings with him. ‘Serge wants us at another meeting tomorrow’. I heard them talking. I was gathering intelligence. I’ll never forget the look in their eyes. They’re still in there. One of them is dangerously underweight and her eyes are clouded like she’s not there. The other does a lot of dirty work. Absolute loyalty.

          It’s tragic.

  6. I can't wait either says:

    I still can’t see how anyone could defame Serge anymore than how he has already defamed himself.

  7. Fly on the wall says:

    “Oh! What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive”

    OMG wot ta Tangle UM have $pun and are $till weaving.

    ONYA Esther! for your tenacity and honesty and your GUTS! We love you for this +++++

    We ALL are with you!


    Oh dear me. Paula back from vacation early and Alison married to and wots his name will be in the VERY naughty corner at tomorrow’s $ermon at CON very’s lane.
    To bad $o $ad!

    BUT does $erge even know??????????? Perhaps NOT!

    Jonno will have to explain? Perhaps!???

    OR will that be Deborah?[Imagine how she must feel after the $B $lut $ex le$$on?
    Poor poor lady! or not maybe?????]

    What about young Miranda how must she feel??? Sincerely

    Alison may have to explain? LOL

    Pity Serge if she does!!!! LOL and some more!!!

    Or Rebecca Asquith? The SB god chaffuer?

    Oh to be a fly on the wall or waiting outside tomorrow.

  8. What you are thunders so loud I cannot hear what you are saying. says:

    “Waste of time blacking out the windows in the ageless hall of wisdom if you video it then sell it online in the public arena. Greed trumped intelligence there and as Esther said, not all subscribers are Serge fans.
    Esther your strength and tenaciousness in dealing with this can only be greatly admired
    It must be an all consuming marathon but you haven’t wavered and giving up is out of the question. Onward to September.”

    Well said ‘Dont look at my feet while I smell you’

    You have our support transparent tell it as it is gutsy – Esther

  9. GoEsther says:

    “And look who was in the footage for 30 September. Witness to allegations in issue in the proceedings, UM’s barrister, Charles Wilson. What are those barristers’ rules again Charlie? Number 95 isn’t it?”

    Anyone who thinks you are a fool Esther, in my opinion is certainly a fool. I wonder if they look at their feet just to make sure that they haven’t shot themselves in the foot ?

  10. Anonymous says:

    As predictable as the sun coming up in the morning is it that UM will try and takedown ANYTHING about them not published by themselves. This is the organization headed by a man on record saying he would debate anyone about anything. The is an organization who talks of love and openness. This is an organization rotten to the core, completly paranoid about outside examination and desperately trying to cling on to an already much tarnished reputation as their membership numbers fall to record lows.

    I am sure the videos will be back up in a week or so. The usage was fair, and even if not, an awful lot of people saw them and no one that did failed to be horrified by the content.

  11. The public says:

    Does the public have the right to examine this standard of UniMed’s sex education in sermon?

    “I’ve shared with the men’s group that my orgasms are inward much more than they are outward. And that I orgasm like a woman every time I orgasm, as much as I do as a man, and often more as a woman than I do as a man. And it’s the most amazing, spectacular thing (sighs) that happens inside your body and you don’t even care what’s happening outside. What we call ejaculation is secondary to what’s going on on the inside, and the explosion that goes on in the body. So it’s an amazing, when you orgasm as a hermaphrodite, the orgasm is quite spectacular, but at the same time you don’t become identified by it because you are at one with your partner during that, because you can’t exclude them because it’s not an individual event. Whereas once upon a time that’s what it was for me too. Does this make sense?”

    Serge Benhayon 30 September 2017
    The Way of The Livingness Day Sermon 52 Q&A
    The College of Universal Medicine Wollongbar

    • the Divine Hermaphrodite says:

      Who knows which publication this Benhayon quote comes from?

      “The future of man lies in the ability to self-realise as the Son of God on Earth. As this occurs between now and 250 years from now, the re-awakening of the Divine Hermaphrodite will slowly re-appear. They will not be freaks as man will be intellectually more advanced and well forewarned of this appearance”

      Serge Benhayon
      Circa 2012?

      • Tamino says:

        His first book “The Way It Is” covers that topic. Don´t know, if that specific quote is in it though.

      • Anonymous says:

        The problem with this quote is that it can’t be proven a lie, because nobody will live the 250 years to see it not happen so therefore can’t say see you lied.
        That’s the problem with many of his ramblings there is no counter evidence to refute or support what he says and ppl just take his word as gospel.
        No cure for cancer, must mean mainstream medicine is clueless.
        When a cure is found I will be the first to laugh in his face.
        If he is so clued up he would have solved that mystery ages ago.
        He’s not special and holds no sacred knowledge, it’s all borrowed and cobbled together to sound sophisticated, it’s plain to see.

        • Capital "R" for Responsibility says:

          Thats right….
          You cant officially disprove all the reincarnations he claims either
          The deceased genius’s cant object to members of the Benhayon family claiming to be their reborn selves
          But theres always good old common sense
          Easy if you’re not brainwashed

        • Eon says:

          It is disgusting and inhuman that the Universal Medicine Health Clinic operators consider and broadcast that giving money to charities researching a cure for cancer is an act of evil. This is an insult to the memories of all our loved ones who have passed on with cancer, who these UM insensitive inconsiderates would call “loveless”. UM operators would have people die than conventional cancer research to succeed, this is what’s loveless. Meanwhile Scientists may have discovered a cure for the deadliest form of breast cancer The Universal Medicine Health Clinic is the health hazard in this equation. Shameless.

    • Disgusted says:

      Yes it is vile. Children were and are present.
      It is open to the public, open to all says the Ad
      No respect for anyone’s privacy nor any kind of decency or respect shown.

    • Why not? says:

      ‘The Public’
      Why Not?

  12. So help me.....Serge says:

    The problem that Serge doesnt seem to understand is that preaching to the CONverted is not the same as CONvincing the general public that his fantasy world is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

  13. Be(ing) sex(y) again says:

    Sacred Movement just got more sexy – if that’s even possible… New program launching 2018. #shameless #loveyourbody

  14. Scarymary says:

    It is a crude attempt of Serge letting everyone know he is the Divine Hermaphrodite. All his talk of orgasming like a woman is to make him appear more whole and divine and is always one step ahead of his flock. Now all those poor blokes will try and orgasm like a woman. That is the sad part, that they believe him and then they try to emulate him. The fact that he is so crass and vulgar with his language is another layer. Terms like “gang raped, dirty secret, slut, etc” … These sermons should be for adults only. Anyone who works with children would know that you can’t speak like Serge does in public and get away with it. Or can he??
    ps the other thing about Serge that is absolutely a tell tale sign that he is no where near enlightenment is his use of the word “fact” in rather a passive aggressive way. He doesn’t question himself at all. He isn’t open to any other persons opinion. He is not enlightened. He is completely narcissistic.

  15. Walk your talk Serge says:

    Serge if you walk your talk and talk your walk or however whatever?

    MAN up oh $O called [by yourself] $exy one [hmn? Spew!] and ANSWER ALL the questions of us the public and concerned humans and the media.
    Allow PUBLIC scrutiny.

    What are you afraid of?

    In this modern age of Royal Comission’s aplenty you are in deep in uncharted waters.

  16. Anonymous says:

    What is it they say, trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is a sign of insanity.
    Do you guys, UM seriously think you are dealing with a novice?
    Haven’t you learned anything yet?
    Your takedown notices haven’t succeeded in the past have they?
    Because no infringement has taken place, its even been spelled out to you.
    Please stop censoring the internet.
    The work of serge is allowed to be criticised, just like any other religious works.
    Not everyone agrees with his views ok and that’s allowed to be expressed and it’s not abuse.

  17. No spoilers says:
  18. Arrogance² says:

    “There is a battle between two sides. But one side is not at war and will not ever enter into such action, for it is eternally joy and in harmony with all. This leaves the warring side to be at war by its choice to do so. But who is it at war with if its supposed opposition cannot be engaged in warfare? The combative side is at war with all that its imagined opposition is, that is, it fights itself to not be all that it sees its projected opponent to be. The ‘opponent’ is pure love, pure wisdom and pure universal intelligence and never will it raise any other expression. The battle is thus a tactic, a mere strategy that is used to avoid what cannot in-truth be avoided. The battle therefore can never be won but, whilst the battle is waged, there is a form of triumph, the victory of conflict itself, for whilst the movement of resistance is engaged there is the delay of not reaching the end result – the fact that there is only love and thus a complete defeat of the war, which never took place but within the warring one.”
    Serge Benhayon
    Time, Space and all of us, Book 2 – Space, p 706-707

    • Cosmic Arrogance says:

      And Serge thinks he’s a “world renowned” philosopher… He should google the word and start at the beginning. That is not ‘philosophy’ its metaphysical, new-agey, superstitious, crackpot doublespeak. It’s like 1+1 =1. He thinks its clever when he talks around in circles and doesn’t make sense it’s DEEP. It’s just utter nonsense and nothing else. He’s arrogant enough to think he can write books (published by himself of course) with commanding titles like that or an “open letter to humanity” or call his “religion” one unified truth when in FACT, it’s worthless word trash.

  19. Someone Jong-un says:

    I like how Serge has compared the battle of ‘UM v The World’ to that of the Korean War and the stalemate there since 1953. At this point in time which side would correlate with Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un of North Korea and which detractors would correlate with that of the South Korean Parliamentary system?

    [Nobody answer that! with Atmic love Admin]

  20. Urban Dictionary says:

    Constantly mentioning great people and events won´t give you accelerated grandness, Serge, rather Grande Stronzo.


      Constantly doing that just shows how pathetic the person in question is himself. It’s no wonder he claims to be reincarnated from titans of history as if the man is taken at face value he appears to be a slightly below average IQ snake oil salesman, ranking just above a dodgy car dealer on the chart that ranks all those people that leave a bad smell in the room once they have left.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Only 6 days to go now before those videos see light of day again

    • Esther says:

      Hello, it will take longer than that. I don’t know how long yet but two or three weeks is likely.

      My counter notifications are in the queue awaiting review. Once the counter claims are reviewed and accepted, YouTube gives the complainant 10 US business days to provide evidence to YouTube that legal action has been initiated to prevent publication.

      Please be patient. I don’t know how long it takes YouTube to get to these things.

  22. Byron News says says:

    It says “Flag this event as inappropriate”

  23. Copyright case study says:

    Someone sent me this and I thought it might make an interesting case study for copyright law.

    I don't support your party, values or views. Remove my music from your promotions. You do not have permission to use my music.— Darren Hayes (@darrenhayes) January 17, 2018

    Click on the date in the tweet to see the whole thing. It might make a legit copyright complaint, but could fail. If Cory Bernardi was using the music without permission in an ad for his party or something, Darren would definitely have a copyright complaint. The music isn’t being used to report news, or for criticism, review, satire or anything like that. It’s being used to promote Cory and his party.

    However, Cory’s using the music in a Spotify playlist, which he’s entitled to do, and probably entitled to publish the playlist under Spotify’s licensing agreements. Darren’s lawyers might argue though that Cory could profit from Darren’s original work. Cory’s lawyers might argue back that Spotify’s terms of use allow people to publish their playlists and play them publicly, and that the use of Darren’s work does not take profits away from Darren. I would think Darren might lose on that count.

    Olga said thanks for helping her understand copyright. No worries Olga. It might help folk understand how copyright works. Legit copyright cases are for example when someone creates a graphic design and then sees it used on wallpaper or a fashion fabric without permission. The unauthorised use is profiting the person who stole the design and depriving the designer of receiving the income from it. Those claims go to court and win.

    Successful copyright claims against documentaries basically don’t exist. The exceptions to copyright are there to stop corrupt people or poor quality merchants from censoring exposure or criticism of their activities and products. Otherwise shonks could stop documentaries being made, and news footage from going to air. YouTube and WordPress etc. get thousands of bogus copyright complaints and WordPress has successfully sued people for abusing the complaints process to censor public interest content.

    We’re considering taking action against Serge if he keeps this nonsense up. He’s taking a real risk. I’ve got the firepower to do it and I’m sick to death of these people abusing the system. Fletcher has admitted he was behind the complaints. He had to be. Otherwise Jonny’s complaint wasn’t just fake but unauthorized.

  24. ???'s UM WHY make so public so many photos of little girls says:

    The Girl to Woman Project added a new video:
    Check out our recent local TV commercial. Yep, getting bigger everyday… a true revolution. There will be slime making workshops, Aboriginal arts and crafts, dream catcher making class, healthy cooking workshops, discussion groups, singing, dancing, pop up cafe, beading, nail painting, relaxation tent for the adults and individual pamper sessions with trained professionals for everyone… plus so much more. It’s a time to get creative, celebrate the beauty in everyone and make some gorgeous new friends.
    Run by over 90 volunteers passionate about true community and true care, this is an event not to be missed.
    Get your tickets @

    • DC says:

      90 volunteers/recruiters imposing their beliefs onto children… “If you`re good at something, never do it for free.” S. B.
      What happened to the good old 11th commandment “Thy shall keep thy religion to thyself”?

  25. Love says:

    What´$ going to be sold at G2Whiningness? $erge speak like this:

    WE´re living a materiali$tic life$tyle and WE know, $omething i$ mi$$ing, even though WE have everything on the outer. Here i$ “it”, the mi$$ing part, I can offer you “it” so you can live “it” by your$elf (give me your money).

    Generalizing and offering you “it”? – Run away.

    I´m not telling anyone what to do. S. B.

    • Serge Regurg says:

      Rebecca channelling Serge word for word. Not one self-generated insight to be found 😦

      • YouTuber says:

        Is it as boring AF? I’m not going to watch. I don’t think any of them realize that no one apart from cult members is going to sit through some meaningless diatribe. I had to watch a lot of UM video obviously, including the Unimed Living stuff. It wasn’t just stupid but painfully boring.

        I might post a brief update later in this blog. YouTube sent my counter notifications off to Serge alias Jonny in the last couple of days. They now have a couple of weeks to send evidence they’ve filed a legal claim to prevent the films from being reinstated.

        It may then take YouTube some time to get around to restoring them. So patience plz.

        Mr M and I will argue for discovery orders against Serge at hearing in Sydney on 1 Feb.

  26. G2W says:

    Watch out the Fb page, not telling anyone what to do, as there’s a livestream taster announced.

  27. No It's Not says:

    Speaking of BAF. The best book review I’ve read thus far on The Way It Is. Thank you, Richard for some belly laugh.

  28. What to do if you come across a picture of yourself being used for advertising purposes says:

    4 What to do if you come across a picture of yourself being used for advertising purposes

    The law

    The Australian Consumer Law prevents companies and businesses from misleading and deceiving consumers. This means that a company cannot publish an image or video of you promoting something without your permission. If someone wants your permission to publish your image for this purpose, you will usually be asked to sign a waiver.

    Steps to take
    ▪ Ask the person or company who is using your photo for commercial purposes to remove it. For example, if you see yourself in an image or video promoting a business or a product and you did not give permission, you can contact the company or advertising agency and ask them to remove it.

    ▪ You can lodge a complaint with the Advertising Standards Board. Their website is:

    ▪ You can also make a complaint to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Their website is:

    ▪ You can also make a complaint to the NSW office of Fair Trading. Their website is 4 What to do if you come across a picture of yourself being used for advertising purposes

  29. How to really protect and empower young ones says:

    The risks

    Taking these steps and being mindful of safety can help to minimise any risks that come with you sharing photos and videos of your child online. It’s important to remember that some people may have a different interest in your child than you do. There have been cases where innocent images posted on social media or other websites have been ‘harvested’ and used for other purposes. Sometimes predators can narrow down their search of children because of identifying details in photos

    Do I need to get consent from parents when publishing photos and videos on social media?

    Organisations and schools need written consent from the parents/carers of a child or young person for any photos or videos before they are published on any media including social media sites, websites or newsletters.

    It is good practice to ensure you provide as much information on the possible use of the image/s to enable parents to have a clear understanding of what they are consenting to. For example; include a description detailing how the image will be used including future use if that is proposed. You may prefer to give parents the option of only agreeing to the use for a particular purpose and with future use needing separate approval. You could do this by including in your consent forms a check box that asks for specific permissions for an event or specific publication and another check box for broader use of an image/s.

    Clubs, schools and organisations may wish to seek legal advice when deciding on what approach to take when publishing photos of children. Some organisations only publish photos of children from behind to avoid identification.

    Consider including on any consent form that “any image that is published online can be copied and redistributed without the knowledge of the person that uploaded it. Once published, we may not be able to retrieve or delete images if consent is withdrawn after publishing.

    The Australian Institute of Family Studies website provides further information on the protection and privacy and the safety of children together with guidance on the publishing images of children and young people online

    • Olga Andigor says:

      A very controverse topic here in Germany, too. Pedophiles search for Fb photos of children to post and share them on their disgusting sites. Lawyers have written about it here including blurred pictures, won´t post the link, still too disturbed by it. A legitimate and informative article about the consequences of posting photos of children online and what to do about it can be found here (German):

  30. boris66 says:

    I read an article about tape worms today.

    Some guy pulled one of those parasites from his bum. It was a five footer.

    I saw $B at the shops the other day.

    Given his “apparent” power over his followers, I thought he would have been taller.

    I don’t consider myself to be tall, but he seemed to be a bit of a short arse (& a greasy looking short arse as well).

    Maybe 5 foot 6 or 7?

    Very similar to the previously mentioned tape worm.

    Similar size, & apparently a hermaphrodite as well.

  31. Sugar and spice and all things nice says:

    In the current era of “times up” and “#metoo” with thousands of people marching globally in support of womens rights, I really have to question a festival titled “Girl to woman” run under the banner of Universal Medicine with a leader who says women should not play sport as it thickens their vaginal walls, should not use tampons as it equates to sleeping with the dirtiest of male partners, had his current wife move into his family unit at aged 13, and rates his own daughter as sexy.
    The global shift away from females equating part of their self worth with how they look on the outside is ironically contradicted by this group who very much value how they feel a woman should look externally via diet, makeup, clothing etc. The message is natural looks arnt acceptable and they should strive to enhance themselves into the mould of the ideal woman as seen by a middle aged man
    Worryingly the recent G2W festival targets very young girls encouraging using the body for self expression or sexyness.
    Girls should not be pulled into adulthood too fast and young girls are not women.
    There is also the protection factor from those depraved members of society who would seek to take advantage.
    It should be banned.

    • nomakeup says:

      I agree about young girls and makeup and all else that you said. It is Very very wrong. Also that every woman who is a follower of UM wears makeup and needs to wear tight figure hugging clothing. This is not about the inner shining through but the outer and it is indeed a reflection of their leader. Otherwise why would all the women look and dress in a similar manner?

      • 🐧 says:

        Yep theres no mistaking them for the Goonellabah Amish sect lol
        More in the not so modest 70’s Maroubra maiden moniker of tight spray on clothes and mermaid skirts creating the quite hilarious penguin pout and paddle

    • Anonymous says:

      Dont forget he invented esoteric breast massage
      and hands on healing of pubic and anal areas
      Alarming stuff clothed or not!

    • confused. says:

      Do all the workers have “working with children’s checks”?
      Why are men present at a celebration of girls to women?
      Why celebrate with makeup and body image?
      Girls to women would be pubescent girls and to celebrate wouldn’t you normally have a closed rites of passage group with someone trained in pubescent girls?
      Why not donate their song?
      Why is Natalie dressed in tiny shorts and a tight tee shirt? Is this really good role modelling?

      • WHY says:

        Perusing the G2W clips one finds it hard to count the number of people taking photos as well as the camera’s in use for rolling footage.


        So wrong and disgusting !

        WHY WHY WHY?
        No disclosure as to who you lot truly represent?

        Majority of that crowd were UMer’s – rent a crowd was right.
        but one member of the innocent public attending is one to many.

        It got TV coverage as well. It is not News.

        PS: That’s right UM doesn’t do questions, they are evil and pranic.
        Especially when there is so much to hide and you are desperate to market new blood.

      • yoda says:

        Basically the whole thing seems like a dodgy, money raising recruitment drive.

        It is just wrong on so many levels.

  32. Utterly despicable says:

    The Northern Rivers Girl to Woman Festival » NSW Government…/the-northern-rivers-girl-to-woman-festiva…
    7 days ago – The Girl to Woman Festival celebrates and honours girls and women of all ages. It offers a wide range of activities, workshops, performances and discussion groups. This event is an amazing opportunity for whole families to come together, to appreciate and connect. It’s a special day for all generations of …

    • Gross says:

      Plastering young girls in make up and presenting to them in outfits more suited to street walkers and strip clubs does nothing for female advancement and serves only to reinforce out dated male fantasy of how women should look.

      A festival that celebrates young girls interest in computers, engineering, politics or any number of other occupations where women are disadvantaged and less represented than they should be would be far more welcome.

      Teaching our young women with positive role models is good for the whole of society. Painting them up like Barbie dolls is just plain creepy and the women involved in this sham should be ashamed of themselves. As for the men, well, their interest is just plain creepy.

      • Esther says:

        Adults outnumbered kids. There’s all these blokes there. Old blokes. And the ‘True Sexy’ Esoteric Breast Massage hands everywhere crowd. And cameras everywhere.

        Every time UM does something that goes after kids it annoys fuck out of people, and then they blame me for their lousy reputation.

  33. Adoy says:

    Just heard the G2W theme sung by Miranda.
    She gives it a red hot go, but it seems a bit flat at times.
    Maybe she should ditch gm & try something in her own range.

  34. Fakt!-Wit says:

    I just endured a video on their Facebook page. God-awful recruitment song ‘gifted’ by Michael Benhayon to G2W available for 99 cents on iTunes (?). Natalie being bossy. Usual pap, same lyrics as all his other noise. Fire, eyes, blah blah puke. The rest gang less Serge (maybe too suss then, hey)…it leaves you wondering what the hell it is all about and what it is meant to do. And who it serves. Really.

    I find it ironic that Miranda is front and centre at the girl to women festival when her experience of going from a girl to women has been, let’s say- influenced- by her husband starting when she was 13.

    There is a real girl support group in Byron Bay backed by real businesses all over the shire. They have a stated mission. [Redacted by admin] No agenda in sight. Just looking out for girls in the shire and helping them find their talents for their self-determined futures. If random people want to back kids, pick this instead.

    [Sorry I can’t be endorsing any other group on this site, it’s my policy. I’m sure you mean well and they’re probably great. I will check it out when I have time, but until I know who exactly is behind it I can’t allow the blog to be used as a platform to promote anyone. I hope you understand. Esther the cautious admin.]

    • Couldnt "gifted" it away says:

      Have to agree
      That song is crap and about as “fiery” as swamp mud
      99c on itunes?
      Id say any profits wouldnt buy a thimble of fuel for the Audi
      Are you allowed to say “no” to poor songwriting material Miranda?
      Probably not eh

    • Oh the shame says:

      Yes, I also pondered the IRONY of this type of festival considering Miranda’s own girl to woman personal journey
      Who’s rolemodel are you, Deb Benhayon?
      Imagine if one of your daughters moved in with her coach in their early teens never to return home.
      Woman to woman, mother to mother loyalty anywhere??

  35. Little Miss Sunshine says:

    Are UM trying to replicate the American toddlers and tiaras kiddy pageants minus the competition part?
    In America those pageants are paedophile magnets
    Disgusting on all counts
    Who are these people?

  36. Get A Grip says:

    Real life problems: war, genocide, famine, abuse of humans and nature, groomers, earning enough money to survive or having a job at all, regime changes, climate change etc.
    UM life problems: how to dress, which makeup and parfum to apply, moving gently, leaving and preparing the bed in fiery energy, from which consciousness do my thoghts come from, this pranic music is hurting me energetically, that red apple is too sugary, lamb meat and salmon is okay beef not so (how about not eating animals at all fuckwit), how can serve with my fiery light and love those pranic lost people, and worst of all: Esther Rockett
    Looking forward to reading our ideas on Unimed Living, UM Germany/Australia again transformed into UM shit.

    • RJM says:

      Beef is on Serge’s “evil” foods list now? A few years ago, he had them believing that eating beef would “clear their karma”.

      • Meat is Murder says:

        I’ve never been able to understand how any meat is tolerated by a person who believes that energetic imprints are held within everything in the universe. Feel the distress of an animal in an abattoir just before the electric bolt is fired in to their brain, or as they dangle by their legs on a conveyor before being dipped into an electrified water tank to kill them by electrocution. If a tattoo can hold the energy of the tattooist then an animal carcass surely contains the fear, dread and panic or an animal just before its murder. But in the world of UM, where nothing adds up and nothing stands any scrutiny, eating a baby lamb torn from its Mother is just fine. As is then eating the chops of its Mother.

        Sergio will never debate anyone because even the most unintelligent person could pick his theories to pieces and point out the inconsistencies that run throughout the his words.

        • Piroschka says:

          Exactly what I think about that topic, too. Also, Extractor 1 wont´t clear the injected hormones, even in UM´s own logic. The enormous damage done to the environment until the meat is on the plate, i. e. 1 Steak = 4000 liter water, seems not to be relevant. As you´ve said, inconsistencies everywhere.

        • 🐑 n 🍃 says:

          There is no rhyme or reason to the UM diet it is simply Serge’s favourite limited
          foods once a day. The narcissistic arrogance then follows…eat like me and you can try to be like me and if you dont you are doomed to be pranic or in the case of alcohol, your children will be raped by entities. FEAR. Yes they lose weight initially, but it is not sustainable and they plunge into immaciation and major biochemical imbalances. They look sick because they are. They mentally are convinced they feel amazing but their bodies are shutting down.

        • The Way It Isn't says:

          There’s no point in looking for logic from someone who claims that murder and child molestation is necessary for karmic correction, prana is the cause of climate change, and porn consumption triggers tidal waves and volcanic activity.

    • Richard says:

      I mentioned this long back. Our man’s worldview is that his way is, the way. The “work” is a methodology to emulate Serge. He is teaching these students to be like him. That’s an observable fact.

      What is it like to be he? Well, his peculiar world-view is through a lens darkly. One where he is the lead actor; the ascendent hero archetypal narrative that is a product of a human psyche seeking its place in an indifferent cosmos.

      Regular and pitiable empathy removed, his story has all others as bit players that can be moved about to agree with his vision. Ideally, these other entities would rejoice in the wonder of his specialness and pay him the ultimate homage of emulation. An eponymous religion called ‘ the livingness’.

      Tests of devotion require acts of sacrifice. Starvation, sleep deprivation, gatherings in his name, precious and irrecoverable time. It’s axiomatic that his students cannot understand the way. His understanding is transcendent and like a god moves in mysterious ways. If he changes his thinking and the outcome appears to be contrary to an earlier position, it is simply because as mere mortals, we are not privy to the higher workings of his supermind.

      The ultimate goal on his initiation scale is to be in his likeness. Students are rewarded not for goodness, but for demonstrating symptoms of the same disorder, for these are things he sees as good. The way of the livingness, is in fact, the way of the Serge.

      • Olga Andigor says:

        Yes, he can´t mould people with his concept working for him and expect same results. I once heard people are different?! Same with Nat, queen of UM women and girls (dress and look like me), as can be seen in this latest G2W song video:

  37. Shoot, blame, shame the messenger says:

    Fakt! UM you tube videos with bizarre sexual content removed by UM, once exposed by Esther. Fakt! If there is nothing wrong why try hide? Fakt! Only UM is allowed free speech! Fakt! Need to silence pesky smart UM challengers! Fakt! It’s obviously pranic possessed minds who see wrong in sexually themed videos or make up on young girls. Fakt! Esther must be mental, jealous and a lying troll! Fakt! It’s obviously Esther’s fault the world is like it is. Fakt!

  38. Interesting snippet says:

    The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission has pushed for new powers to regulate charities’ “effective use of resources” under its controversial new commissioner, Gary Johns.

    The charities sector is up in arms over the proposal, seen as an attempt to control how charities spend their money from a commissioner who has argued that it is not appropriate for charities to fund advocacy.

    In its submission to a review of charities law, the ACNC called for two new objects: to promote “the effective use of the resources of not-for-profit entities”; and to “enhance the accountability of not-for-profit entities to donors, beneficiaries and the public……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  39. RJM says:

    Complete transparency (UM-style) strikes again. It’s really not ‘in service’ to humanity to keep censoring these videos. UM should spare a thought for all the people out there who are seeing zombies, and don’t know that all they need to do to make them disappear is look down at their feet. Fact!

    • Bro says:

      And what about the technique how to remove entities from people? I hope it´ll be shown in a later episode, as we´d be running around as zombies ourselves dude.

  40. Anonymous says:

    It just confirms what we all know already – UM HATE examination of their practices and will use any means necessary to prevent it. This from the group that claims to be all love and light and openness. They follow the path of the Scientologists step by step and with every false legal complaint reinforce that they must have something to hide or they wouldn’t be trying this on. Again. All will further your case. I can’t believe this group will try and waste valuable court time in order to prevent anyone knowing of their inner workings.

    They really are pathetic. Pathetic and paranoid.

    • Man of the Movement says:

      Yes, the vids blows up their “Fake news becomes evidence” rant and shatters their “exemplary behaviour of the highest integrity” claims and “theres no such thing as brainwashing” fakt out of the water with a splash that rivals a North Korean nuclear missile test.
      Yes of course they want the “evidence” Esther’s exposing videos,taken down because they cant accuse outsiders of lying when its there for all to see and hear.

  41. Feelings says:

    Barristers´ rule No. 95 comes from the temporal world. It´s lineal, not spherical.

    As in finances and taxes, we only have to obey our feelings and impulses from the inner-heart. Making love and war at the same time feels yummy. Must be fiery energy.

    Ponder on that!

  42. MacReady says:

    If UM wants to become ‘the world religion’, they’re going to have to get used to the idea of people wanting to know what they’re signing up for before they convert.

  43. Rumour has it 👽🎉 says:

    Heard a rumour that UM has a noseless spirit float in the Mardi Gras parade tomorrow night surrounded by absolute sex bombs hip swaying with true movement to inglorious musak.

  44. You're In The Army Now says:

    EBM analyzed and praised by a med. Unbiased and not on the payroll. With surprising result.

    • Brain Involution says:

      Otto “Peaky Blinders” Bathurst. “The earth rotates around the sun, therefore EBM’s are good (look out truth coming through!)”

      Kool-Aid bath. (did he have one? how does he know? Has he talked to women who had it and hated it? What is the real origin of the idea of rubbing women’s breasts? Or putting fingers next to genitals…?)

  45. Anonymous says:

    So if it wasn’t a lawyer who signed the latest DMCA takedown notice. Can you say who it was?

  46. PR Liar says:

    Gossip, how I´ve missed you:

    • Smiley Faces says:

      Esther, slide at 3:03 min. in September, please.

      • Esther says:

        All I can see 10 years of UM’s yo yo dieting in evidence. Am I missing something at 3:03?

      • 3:03 ?? says:

        Photographer Lloyd? filming [?] not sure who

        • Eso Big Brotherhood says:

          He’s in a lot of footage filming. If you view enough UM event videos, there are cameras everywhere, always. Him, Alan Johnston, Matt Paul, Iris Pohl, Jonathan Baldwin, whatsername Hearney, Dean Whitling, Emilia Power…

        • Olga Andigor says:

          …it´s the dance moves of the ridiculously good-looking sex bomb (energetically) from 3:03 – 3:05 min of course!

          Obviously, UM asked itself “How can I motivate people to put a ton of money into my pockets?”. Evoking the need for being happy, sorry, joy-full in communion is always a good one.

          Sorry for being unromantic, but all I can see is having to spend thousands of $$$$ for a feeling I can have for free.
          Adding up:
          – course fee
          – costs for car, plane, hire car, taxi, train, boat
          – accomodation
          – food and drinks
          – extra sessions (moonlighting)
          – locally tailored dress (have to look sharp for celebration night)
          – investing vacation days for that and, as in my case, not for family, friends, exploring various places and cultures

          I´m very sure, UM´s profit for only one retreat is higher than my yearly salary. No formal qualification needed.

        • Brain Involution says:

          300 people X $1800 = $540,000 – (300/2per room = 150 rooms @ 200AUD each (tops) = 30,000 = some meals, lets call it double for fun ( it won’t be). throw in venue hire (nothing in Vietnam) and you’re left with $470,000 AUD. And guess what. No GST as it was consumed offshore. When you get back, GST credit from ATO

          Ahhh, the bliss of being a messiah and having happy happy followers.

        • Olga says:

          Thank you BI! That’s a bit more than my yearly salary.
          Right, the taxes. The costs, that only stupid lineal-minded people pay.

          Don’t make me calculate the CO2 emissions for flights to an event of bursting dresses doing nothing for anyone but yourself.

    • Brain Involution says:

      Looks like a nutty cult having a jolly good old time to me.

  47. Piroschka says:

    The flight distance from Sydney, Australia to Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam is:
    4,246 miles / 6 834 km = 2119 kg CO 2 per person. First class of course. Plus all the other shit.


    A tip from German UM followers for health care professionals when it comes to taxes:
    You can set UM courses off against tax liability. Section “Fortbildungskosten können bei den Einnahmen aus nicht selbstständiger Tätigkeit als Werbungskosten abgesetzt werden”.
    Translation of tax terminology is beyond me. Google tranlsate: “Training costs can be deducted from non-self-employment income as income-related expenses”

    Definitely worth asking your tax accountant. Spend leisure time in a foreign country learning some techniques that a 6-year-old could do and let your state pay for it. There´s a limit, but make sure you´ll reach it or do I have to talk about lack of commitment again you sheep???

  48. The numbers Mason... What do they mean? says:

    Are we abusing with arithmetic today? I like it!

  49. Meet says:

    “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Joe Black

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