Merry Pranic Christmas & Universal Medicine webcast gossip December 2017

Boudica-Xmas Party

End of year chillin

It’s that time of year again! The time when human beings get together to celebrate a year of doing our best through thick and thin, and to show gratitude for what and who we have. It’s also the time of year when UM’s Esoterics get together to not celebrate Christmas – when they go out of their way trying to make those who have to put up with them as miserable they are. So let’s raise our cups to not going down without a fight, duckies! Lets wind up the year with some more of the gobsmackers we love to share, with prana and Astral debauchery! And lets cast our thoughts to a blockbuster 2018 – to loading the cannons and striding to the breach my friends.

Two years of escalating litigation

Thank you all for travelling with me this year on the war path to trial. It was a year of skirmishes with UM’s dignity-free legal team in Queensland, and a few collateral losses. I lost an application at hearing in February and this month I lost the confidentiality afforded to those who donated to my legal defence. I can’t tell you how sorry I am about that. My QC and I fought it and lost to UM’s compromised in house counsel Charles Wilson. Wilson, an Esoteric true believer, is witness to facts in issue in both the proceedings in Queensland and NSW. According to the barristers’ rules of conduct he should not have accepted either brief. He’s a member of the UM Facts Team that have publicly accused me and others of being liars and vexatious complainants. He’s a director of UM’s charity, that has come off second best in tangles with the ACNC and ATO. Wilson’s dithering interpretations of law dragged out over six hearings this year. At the final two, amid his attempts at entrapment, Wilson twice denied to the court that his wife Alison Greig published attacks on the businesses of those of us critical of UM. ‘No she didn’t,’ he said, as if on autopilot. It’s on the record, Charlie. Her publications. Your knee jerk denials.

Apart from those losses I stood up to UM’s overstaffed team of legal experts, and did it on a shoe string budget. I ran out of funds to pay a solicitor in March. It worried me at first, but as one of my legal reps said, ‘you know this case better than anyone.’ We’ve gone to six hearings in Queensland this year and lost 1½. UM threw masses of time and money at trying to derail my defences and got nowhere. Even I beat the limp lettuce and his barrage of bullshit at hearing the other day.

A lot of work went on behind the scenes through 2017, and I’d like to thank all the helpers who took time from packed schedules to pick up their phones and try and get me more help. LawRight in Queensland found me a QC who counts Australia’s Prime Minister as a client. I now have Queens and Senior Counsel assisting me in both states at no cost to us. Other barristers have shown interest and I believe more help is there if and when I need it. The more UM have harassed me, the more lawyers have wanted to help, and believe me, they are some of the finest defamation lawyers around. These are no slouches. They want me to get a fair trial.

I filed for bankruptcy last week and I expect money will remain tight. The budget for me to feed and house myself and get to trial in September is around $30k. However, that’s covering the entire defence of two defamation claims in two states where the legal fees are likely to exceed $2m in total. How many people could project manage and do the work of a solicitor’s office on $1m worth of litigation on $30k per annum? With some of the most sought after Counsel in the country out front?

I’m getting advice from our Martin Place barrister friends on the bankruptcy. Thank you all for your support keeping my defences afloat. I need the support to continue and I’m seeking casual work. I firmly believe you have funded me to perform a public service. Duckies.

✨☃🎄❄︎ Merry Christmas ❄︎🎄☃✨

I’ve had the great pleasure I getting to know a lot more of you this year, and I look forward to hearing more from all of you. I might be on the bones-of-my-butt broke, but I’ve never been surrounded by so many wonderful, supportive and interesting people. I wish I could have more contact with you all. Sorry if I’m slow in returning calls etc. I really want to thank everyone who’s helped with money, food, toilet paper, kind words, information, gossip, wisecracks. You know who you are.

What I appreciate about all of you is what I’m defending. Our freedom of association and our right to push back at those who seek to invade and rob our communities and silence opposition. Our freedom to find and communicate with each other about what’s important to us and not be bullied by cashed up extremists. Our freedom to dislike something and oppose it openly, to not put up with cruelty, sleaze, scams and hypocrisy. Our freedom to discuss what needs discussing, share our intelligence, warn others and spare them the pain of dealing with the mercenary Esoteric good squad.

It’s not an easy time of year for everyone, so please spare a thought for our friends suffering in silence, trying to maintain a relationship with a demanding Esoteric infant; those trying to protect their loved ones from the scourge, and those licking their wounds, rebuilding their lives, trying to find ways to trust human beings again. I hope you all get to meet some of the human beings I know.

A small army of quality individuals, some of whom bill big bucks for what they do, have taken the time to try and help you and your loved ones. In case you ever think people don’t care.

I’m won’t be far away over the break. My contact details are on my sites. If you’re having a shitty time, we are with you. We’re in this because we want to end the harm. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

🚀🎆And a ripping new year! 🎆 🚀

Benhayon v Rockett trial is set down for 3 September 2018, so it will be an eventful year no matter what. Never mind the smokescreen Wilson is throwing in Queensland, keep your eyes on Serge. Expect media coverage. Expect publishing in spades, no matter what they throw at me. Expect major exposure. The release of some persuasive stuff will start very soon. Hang around. 🍿

Blog wrap

Much of this year’s action was on the legal front, but we had some other breakthroughs. Our friend Olga in Europe opened a UM survivor blog in German, and also gave us, in English, her first hand account of the life threatening psychosis she suffered at the peak of her commitment to UM. Olga and her friend Piroschka continue the conversation on that post and are often in the comments here if you’d like to engage with them about what it’s like to come out of UM’s rabbit hole. Piroschka relies on Olga to translate, so please allow them time to reply.

Olga is also taking expressions of interest in a private blog conversation for former UM students only. Anyone who wants to take part will have to be vetted by admins. Anonymity is optional, but we recommend it. I won’t be running it. Please contact Olga or if you contact me, I’ll refer you. Then I shall burn any emails after reading. Serge reckons he deletes his emails, and tells his staff to do so as well – including records critical to the operation of his corporation – while he’s intent on proving his integrity to the court. I have legitimate reason to protect my contacts safety and wellbeing – particularly after Team UM’s ‘we know where you live‘ tilt at intimidating my supporters. UMers put their names to public promotions of Serge and air their personal lives all over the internet to sell UM. When people contact me confidentially, it’s legit – out of concern their UM loved ones may shun them irreparably and out of justifiable fear of harassment.

UM promoting lung specialist Dr Samuel Tae-Kyu Kim got done by the Professional Standards Committee of the Medical Council of NSW, and that made news this year. We also found UM affiliated pharmacist, Dr Michael Serafin of Ballina, was prohibited from dispensing heavy anaesthetic drug, ketamine.

UM took their hideous Girl to Woman grooming festival to poor unsuspecting Tenterfield, with a warning they’d call the cops if anyone complained. Tenterfield gave it a wide berth. The bloody thing is scheduled again in January in Lennox Head. I haven’t had a chance to blog about it, but this time they’ve shopped the grooming around the local markets in the Byron Shire – using face painting stalls to drag in more children.

Lock up your kids.

Otherwise it was the usual gossip and madness about UM’s frictions in local civic life, failed DAs, and the creative desperation in UM’s negative value product range. Walking Therapies anyone?

UniMed webcasts – UM’s global thought police & another Esoteric income stream

Every few weeks or so at the sound proofed, windowless, characterless Hall of Ageless Wisdom at Wollongbar, Serge assembles the flock at his user pays religious services and re-education sessions. Serge has a line up of minions read one of his sermons, and selected sycophants take the stage to give presentations – often a Power Point punt at trying to tie conventional reality to Serge’s far flung Esotericisms. Sellout Professor Bill Foley runs sessions channelling the post modern fantasy that bundles pseudo-history, pseudo-archaelogy and Serge’s pseudo-philosophy into a New Age mess UM has branded ‘The Lineage of the Ageless Wisdom‘. UM Corp then workshops the lot into a student forum, where the true believers pass the mic around and compete to denounce individualism and coach each other on how to maintain their over-commitment to being an aggressively obedient Esoteric. How to be more restrictive, more obstinate, more paranoid, more in your face missionary, more accepting of UM’s duplicity, less accepting of questions, common sense and doubts.

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 9.46.51 am.png

Study UM website

Webcast - UM.jpg

Re-educating the flock webcast from the Hall of Ageless Wisdom

The Way of the Livingness sessions are webcast to various locations around the world. The complete menu of pricing and other details are not advertised openly. New recruits might be invited to a ‘free’ session followed by a gradual introduction to the full cycle of expenditure.

A couple of hundred faithful regularly pay to attend presentations at the Wollongbar Church of Serge. Most UMers also pay for at least one audio and video subscription per annum, priced at about $165 – $190, allowing them to access recordings of the presentations.

There is always about two hundred followers present at each of the live events, but according to UM, another population of subscribers views them from 77 locations in 18 countries.

No one watches alone.

On the 7th July 2012 a group of people gathered in our home in Sydney to watch the first ever webcast by Universal Medicine… A group of about eight had come together… In the past many of us had travelled a long way to attend the Universal Medicine events in person, but now we had the amazing opportunity of participating without the expense or time required to travel. As we waited for the Webcast to commence we also knew that hundreds of people around the planet were similarly gathered in groups to also experience the event. UniMed Living

I found these locations when I signed up for a webcast account on The Co-Creative’s dedicated site. Customers choose their location and are matched with a webcast host.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A metaphysical tupperware party

So on top of paying to attend workshops, healing sessions, retreats and paying the annual recorded video subscriptions, students pay another $30 per year for the subscription to access the webcasts. They then pay a fee for each webcast they view.

Viewing UM’s carry-on alone is not allowed.

When making a time for presentation, recognise that webcasts are not for you personally as a host. If you are hosting a group, find a time that suits the whole group and do not watch the recording until this time. The true value of the webcasts is in the group work, if you have already participated this becomes compromised. Sites with single viewers are encouraged to connect via skype (or the similar) with other single viewer sites to workshop the presentations together. The Co-Creative webcast Host Info Pack 

Hosts open their homes or clinics to other subscribers. According to the Host Info Pack ‘NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION’ that I found on the internet, the hosts then register the attendance of students. For cheaper events, the hosts collect the attendance fees from the customers and remit the funds to ‘Money Heals‘ Deborah Benhayon at UM HQ. If students are attending webcast workshops (priced from $75), they pay the fee direct to UM at the usual rates.

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 12.29.21 pm.png

The Co-Creative UM webcast host information pack

Hosts are given elaborate instructions for tech set up, and how to fluff their sofa cushions to accommodate fellow pea soup farters. Like everything UM, there are all sorts of rules and judgements involved. Hosts make sure only real Eso students attend and that they all behave themselves during the show. Munching choc tops, guffawing, face-palming, doing tequila shots, playing Twister, and loudly interjecting ‘WTF?’ appear to be frowned upon.

1.2 Key responsibilities of the host…

  • Retain the integrity of the presentations:
    • Ensure that events are not recorded
    • Ensure that events are only attended by people registered to attend
    • Ensure participation at events is in the energy of true group work, e.g. respectful and focused on the topic of the presentation.

In other words, keep an eye on each other. Watch for signs of doubt and dissent. Quash, quell, browbeat detractors. Make sure no one thinks for themselves.

The selective aversion to the customers recording stuff is also interesting. UM records everything. Photographs everything. For some reason the Hall of Ageless Wisdom also has a sign pinned up in the back of the room ‘NO PHOTOGRAPHY’. Strictly for customers seeing The Co-Creative always have the cameras on. It’s also an odd directive when every second Eso carts a camera around with them – including the creeps who lurk around the Girl to Woman Festival.

The Co-Creative and the business of multi-media religion

The webcasts of College of UM and UM commercial events are contracted to The Co-Creative, an AV business owned by Rebecca and Simon Asquith, Jonathan Baldwin and Money Heals Debby’s husband, Clayton Lloyd.

I’m not sure what to make of the Co-creative’s rethink of their business structure, which appeared to occur not long after I named the UM contractors on the Fronts page a couple of years ago.

Most of the business partners very rapidly scrubbed their names from the Co-C website after I named them. Who knows what the original plan was? What’s the big deal about a collaboration between Deborah B, Curtis B, Clayton, butt kissing Bec, Simon, Jonny, Dean Pirera, Serge’s loyal servant, Desiree Delaloye, Joel Levin who I assume holds the Barak Trust, Real Media Real Change’s role model Sarah Davis, and her husband, ethics free Northern Star hack, Hamish Broome?

Why stick their names on public documents and then scamper when I draw attention to them? So what if they were contracting to UM’s gluten free gravy train? Why not claim their truth? Why break up the company and disrupt the energetic flow of Glorious dosh?

Why lock me out of the Co-Creative Webcast site after I created an account? What are they trying to hide?

All that frequently advertised ‘integrity’?

Maybe they’re touchy about being seen to be going after a share of the cash. Perhaps they want to persuade us their passionate advocacy for The One isn’t related to their financial links to him. Serge’s scrappy propagandist Rebecca has said in the past that she doesn’t need to get paid to trash complainants online. Perhaps she wants us to think her unctuous devotion to UM is sheer Esoteric ardour.

But it helps, doesn’t it Bec?

The money.

Footnote: We know where you live update

A few questions came out of Team UM’s litigious manoeuvres in Queensland earlier this month. The one where they got a court order to make me supply them with the names of donors to my legal defence fund. UM’s in house barrister, Charles Wilson, also went overboard in an oral examination of me at hearing before a registrar, seeking information vastly beyond that needed to facilitate the enforcement of a costs order. In other words, I can’t pay a bill, but UM worked the legal process to get access to identities of donors and to cross examine me as if I’m some sort of criminal. It was a free kick for Team UM – and they used it to try and find out who my contacts are and to attempt to entrap me before the court – over irrelevant trivia.

In the last post, I also posted a letter from Universal Law solicitor Paula Fletcher, where she abandoned the civil procedure rules to demand I disclose all sorts of documents utterly irrelevant to the Queensland case – again, seeking information on my contacts. UM want to know where their leaks are. But they’re trying to put a cork into a geyser. They want to know who their enemies are. They’re also seeking to erode readers’ trust in me and they want to deter you all from contacting me and journalists, contacting each other, and sharing information about their toxic enterprise.

The way to counter that is to get organised, keep sharing information, keep in contact. Start talking to each other.

Supporters have had quite a few questions about the litigation in the last few days, and its potential impact on them. A lot of people are shocked at what UM got away with. Yes, it was nasty. Enforcement hearings are not that common, no one seemed to understand the process, and I don’t think the registrar had come across anything as manipulative. No it should not have gone that far, but there’s nothing we can do about it now.

I’m happy to answer questions and I encourage you to phone if you want to discuss your concerns – you may block your number. Those of you who know me know I hate texting and I’m pretty sick of emails. I prefer talking to people. It’s quicker and easier.

To answer some FAQs.

No. Parties to litigation can’t just make up the rules. UM got past the registrar earlier this month but a judge would not have allowed it to go that far.

No. Team UM can’t simply demand I disclose documents that are not relevant to proving or disproving the truth of an allegation in dispute in the proceedings. They won’t get them.

No, UM can’t issue subpoenas without proper cause. They need evidence or very good grounds to believe that a person holds evidence that proves or disproves the truth of an allegation. Eg. If I allege someone has been disciplined by a regulator, and the person denies that and fails to disclose all relevant documents in their possession and control that would prove it, I can apply to the registrar to issue a subpoena to the regulator for the relevant documents. If I allege someone was sacked from their job and that person denies it, I can subpoena the employer.

You can’t issue a subpoena as a fishing expedition – on a suspicion that maybe there’s evidence of something or other.

If any of you have emailed a journalist, UM can’t subpoena a journalist if they’re not suing the journalist. They’d also need evidence that you emailed the journalist, that you are a witness to a fact in dispute and your email to that journalist tends to prove or disprove that fact. If they tried to subpoena journos, Wilson would be bashing his pointy head against big media and their legal teams. He’d be sent packing. Again.

It’s not easy to subpoena someone’s emails or to subpoena an email server. As we’ve seen, Serge reckons he’s deleted the majority of relevant emails from his private server. I could subpoena the server, or order he produce the emails but those kinds of orders are rarely productive. The problem Serge has as a plaintiff is that he’s suing me for alleged damage to his reputation. If he’s a reputable person his emails would prove his integrity. The fact he deleted relevant emails since filing a defamation claim, with no good reason to, and appears to continue to delete emails relevant to the allegations suggests a cover up. We’re not talking so much about confidential emails about personal matters, or matters of personal safety, which might be understandable. He deleted emails related to the operation of his multimillion dollar business, very sizeable gifts and donations, dealings with regulators, and the provision of volunteer labour to his business interests. Destroying evidence will work against his claim. Badly.

If I independently come across evidence that he should have disclosed and didn’t, or he denies exists, it damages, if not destroys, his credibility. It’s another nail in the coffin of his claim.

If the Queensland plaintiffs delete emails relevant to proving or disproving their integrity they will run into the same problem. A defamation claim essentially puts a plaintiffs’ reputation on trial. If a person has destroyed evidence, the court will want to know why. Whatever UM think of me, and they’re determined to believe I’m a liar, it’s not my character that’s on trial, but my publications. Defamation is a civil matter. It’s not a criminal prosecution. They can’t win based on their dislike of what’s been published. The court will examine whether or not my publications were substantially justified, as in based on facts.

On that note, here’s to a factual 2018.

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  1. Esther Claus 🎅🏼 says:

    Please don’t give me more toilet paper until further notice plz. My mother gave me a jumbo pack.

    • The Esoteric Whisperer says:

      Hey Mrs Claus

      Hope you have a good Christmas.

      To all other supporters………

      These f$$kers will still be around & I plan to do my utmost to piss them off

      during this happy season.

      Stick it to them everyone.

      • Esty Claus says:

        You won’t have to try. Everything pisses UM off. The fact people don’t automatically shovel money at the Benhayons pisses them off. Relax. Enjoy yourself. Watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation for the 30th time lol

        • Astral Tiger says:

          Esther you little beauty. I an contemplating taking large, loving Christmassy bites out of you. Be assured we intend to have an ultra pranic time. Our pranic pranks will be the stuff of history. Once more unto the breach indeed. Bravo to you and have a very Merry Christmas.

        • boris66 says:

          Excellent idea. Love that bit with the squirrel.

  2. Loopy lou says:

    A VERY merry & pranic Christmas to you Esther Claus & to all of your readers.

    THANK YOU Esther Claus for being:
    SO brave & courageous
    SO honest
    and for your TENACITY.

    What a wonder woman!

    Happy & productive New Year!

    PS: So so happy to hear that you have sufficient loo paper, for all the times that UM give you the S%@#*

  3. Santa’s Little Elf says:

    Happy Christmas to one and all. Eat, drink and be merry. Enjoy this time with no dietary restrictions, no fears of dark entities, and no desperate need to adhere to the ridiculous ramblings of a crazy despot.

    Let’s hope 2018 brings health and happiness to all, and a win in court for Esther.

    Take care everyone!

  4. Krampus says:

    Will the ‘student body’ be receiving gluten-free presents from Santa Kumara? Enquiring minds want to know.

  5. Olga Andigor says:

    I´ve updated the article “Keine Alternativen” (No Alternatives to UM?) on my blog.
    The boredom of atheistic Christmas….

  6. Olga Andigor says:

    Rebecca Asquith shared a memory on Facebook. Fiery love and light is about vigilantism including talking about instead of with a person? Why do I have to post it here and not discuss it with yourself or on one of the fiery blogs? By the way, I am REALLY SCARED not.

    “14th December 2017 ·
    This was two years ago to the day and still a way to go until this is heard in court. It is a travesty that this is a civil action and not a criminal one when the vile trolling and abuse of this woman can easily be classified as ‘menacing and harassing via a carriage service’. One day the law will catch up. Contact crimes are still considered with the most priority by police meanwhile keyboard cowards can get away with massive harms with very little recourse for the subjects of their abuse. Meanwhile S. A. tells it like it is, with this no holds barred slapdown of Esther Rockett and Lance Martin’s behaviour. We are much more aware of the mechanics of the manufacture of public outrage these days, with fake news and the deliberate incitement by politicians of the masses. And with that awareness, the corrosive nature of communications crimes at every level of society, are slowly starting to become apparent.”

    • WTF says:

      The article she refers to:

      UM is all about brotherhood and living as an inspiring example of love in society? Please make up your own mind.

      • Before Serge Benhayon I thought for myself. says:

        Its a hate article about people they don’t know where they’ve gone out of their way to harass. vilify and actively put people out of business. The KKK and the Comancheros are brotherhoods too.

        Rebecca Asquith and her thick-headed spouse Simon Asquith are behind a campaign to harass and intimidate on an industrial scale. They just can’t see it because they are bedazzled with their own glory and the weasel words of their guru. All her comment tells us is two years later Rebecca is as clueless as the day she told the fib on national TV “I’ve known Serge for ten years and everything he says is just common sense”

    • Esther says:

      I can’t be bothered looking but let me guess, Bec ‘I don’t need to get paid to trash complainants’ and ‘detractors should be jailed’ Asquith is sore that I posted above about her and her husband’s webcast contract with SergeCorp.

      So she resurrects the blog she wrote two years ago under her courageous husband’s name on the Truth about Sergio kiss ass site? The ‘slap down’ where PASH’s role model for youth refused to publish my reply and then deleted and closed the comments?

      Comments are open here Rebecca, as always. What cut do you and your brother and husband get from the webcasts?

      How are Sergio’s pay per view videos selling?

      Why are there so many rules for viewing them?

      We’ll wait.

    • RJM says:

      She seems oblivious to the fact that the situation has been dragging on for so long largely because Serge and the legal teams in both cases are apparently doing everything they can to delay the legal process. An odd way to approach things if there’s nothing of substance to Esther’s defence.

      • Long odds says:

        Right. A sincere plaintiff the knsow they are going to be vindicated will hand over every document to prove their case. It appears that both cases are are simply a way to harass Esther into shutting up. We should start taking bets on when they weasel out and what they say to their members when they do.

        • Elementary dear Wat$on says:

          You read our minds Long odds & RJM & CO.

          Place your bet$.

          2018 Lotto

          Why?When What? How?

          Whilst they UM are quiet they are planning!

          $erge has NO intention of being cro$$ examined.

    • MacReady says:

      “We are much more aware of the mechanics of the manufacture of public outrage these days, with fake news and the deliberate incitement by politicians of the masses.”

      LOL. That means very little when you believe every flight of fantasy that Serge has ever uttered or published.

  7. Gutle$$ brown no$ed Hypocrite$ A$quith'$ & 2018 here TRUTH come$ says:

    LOL …NOT
    ” Comments are closed for fear Truth would prevail

    • Comments allowed says:

      The startling hypocrisy of saying comments were turned off on the donation page for the legal fund… and then turn their own comments off 🤦‍♀️.

      The author of that article also offers money to make sure this gets to court, so please can someone who has the correct email address for them send them a link to Esther’s fund and they can then pay her barristers. And all the other legal fees.

      • Esther says:

        It was a bugger asking for comments to be turned off on the fundraiser, but I couldn’t monitor it and was busy trying to get my defence going. The one time UM showed some Esoteric courage was to start flooding the comments on a page I didn’t have time to monitor. I don’t think it would have stopped anyone donating – it showed what arseholes they truly are, but I wanted the chance to respond properly before they filled the page with a million words of esoteric shit.

        Someone told me today UM resurrected Rebecca(who sometimes uses the alias Simon)’s scintillating blog after the enforcement hearing in Qld on the 11th – the one where UM didn’t succeed in increasing my debt or entrapping me. Where the scarecrow UM call a barrister got beat by an amateur.

        Tough titty.

        To Helena (comment below), you’ll never be as uncreative as UM. Ever. The propaganda is strictly to convince their community. Everyone else can see they’re loonies.

        To gauge how hopeless UM are – 50 or whatever websites into UM’s tilt at WORLD DOMINATION – this old tart’s YouTube demo of Esoteric healing has 317k views. And comments are open! Money bags Serge, the World’s Teacher, puts up a highly produced Serge TV interview with unctuous Rebecca, and Desiree has to send out a cranky email to the faith-full telling them to watch the thing – and pay the fuck up, lol.

        • boris66 says:

          “Left of centre”

        • Anonymous says:

          “At the recent May 2016 round of student funding an appeal was sent out to 590 active students and as a result during these past few weeks 86 students contributed $120 each – this is very much appreciated and the responsiveness of those who have stepped forward was great.

          However, in truth, that was a much lower participation than the 2015 round and represents quite a small participation rate given the number of students who were approached (590). UML is a site for the service to all.”

          Yep. 590 active students. That’s it, just over 500 after all these years. And shrinking fast. No wonder UM is worried. Give it another year or so and the numbers will of tanked even further.

          “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” – Abraham Lincoln

    • boris66 says:

      My rant was less long winded than that.

      That seems like it was written by a twelve year old.

      So there…………nah nee nah nee nah nah!

  8. Helena says:

    The 2018 guessing is a hard one. Many options that´ll end in lose-lose-situations.

    – revealing the donor´s names will end up in way more (self-)revelation besides it being illegal.
    – nobody read their articles about TRUE healing of ill mental health to counter Olga´s story. Who cares about psychologists and Professors, when they´re UM affiliated? Attacking via Unimedliving would just be a bore then.
    – the worst possible photos vs the super over-edited ones were way too obvious.
    – attacking the private life would lead to a backlash, too. Too low blow for getting into victim mode afterwards.

    Man, I´m really uncreative when it comes to plotting harassments against UM detractors. They´re right to, let´s say 99 %. I´d go for attacking the finances. It´s the only sector UM´s superior in… wait… UM´s done a whole lot of scam there, too and it´d lead to more exposure.

    Well, now I´m very curious.

  9. Olga Andigor says:

    “Propaganda only aimed to convince their community” is quite telling how much truth is in it.

    Helena, please don´t forget the “You´re just jealous” T-Shirts ( and “The detractors lie” rap/sing-song (

    UniMed is all about love. Officially…. How about making it about that here? That´d be quite something.

  10. Today's lol: Fletcher's idea of fun says:

    So a snout tells me Paula Fletcher is on holy hols in Cambodia, and whaddaya know, today’s blog stats show two page views from Cambodia? Oh and every couple of days she checks in. She can’t live without me that poor wretch.

    Hey Paula, I have an idea for your holiday reading luvvy. Try the UCPR. Then next year you could try citing the rules when you make threats your clients are going to seek orders. Even if the orders never happen, like none did this year. Remember? Oh and remember when you and Team UM went to a hearing that was adjourned because you and Charlie dicked around? Hilarious! Your clients got a $9,000 bill, lol! Who paid that? Santa Maitreya?

    I know being esoteric puts you above rules, professional standards and whatnot – up with Charlie and the unicorns in the nebulousphere… But, just a hint, temporal judges don’t make orders without them.

    • boris66 says:

      I once saw a lip balm that was flavoured with unicorn farts.

      Maybe that’s what Umers use on a daily basis.

      Taste the rainbow.

  11. SAK says:

    Word throughout Goonaudibah is that the remaining (getting fewer every month) residents of Richmond Hill are getting pretty pissed off with these fuckers.
    Lack of personality seems to be a big complaint from the Richmans Hill, but the overriding issue seems to be a lead foot on the road.
    From what I have heard the top end of Richmond Hill are getting pretty worked up about it & are taking numbers plates & working out the names.

    Not looking good for Team Audinary.

    Here’s hoping the boys in blue set up a speed trap out there real soon.
    That would give them something else to whinge about.

    • Slow down, there’s speed limits for a reason you entitled fools. says:

      I wonder why they are in such a rush all the time? Pea soup left on the stove? Multi blog comments to make on the 50+ UM worship sites? Or maybe a little excitiment behind the wheel is all they have left after giving up enjoyable sex, delicious food and the simple pleasure of friendships?

      Or more worryingly, maybe it’s just a death wish.

      • Before Serge Benhayon I thought for myself. says:

        It’s because Serge approves of it. Though I have seen Miranda driving at 40Km’s in 60 zones quite a few times. Therefore, he might approve of it for men only otherwise the ladies might be in man-ful energy.

      • MacReady says:

        Maybe they have to resort to ‘raciness’ on the roads so they’re not late for work, because all that stillness and checking in to see whether they’re ‘in the livingness of love’ tends to get in the way of daily responsibilities. Or, maybe speed limits are astral constructs imposed on us by the Four Lords Of Form. We aren’t meant to be here anyway, according to Serge, so why not risk your life (and others) with a bit of esoteric exhilaration behind the wheel?

  12. E.H.N.C.A. says:

    And the nominees are:

    AFAR (Amazon From Australia Rebellious) for stating the bloody obvious

    I know, I know, not there yet.

  13. NEW YEAR’S MESSAGE for 2018 says:

    Happy new year.

    If you´ve got time and brain to spare for reading this piece until the end, please see a psychiatrist.

    • Olga Andigor says:

      I could make it through 1 + 1 = 1 considering it as a typing error, but had to stop at “ancient science”. YES! Psychosis officially healed.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ancient science. LOL. Lower down the fool has a rant about how evidence based medicine is “bullshit man..”
        He wouldn’t know science if it but him in the arse.
        He just uses words.
        Hopefully a few more followers read this pathetic stupidity and see through the crap and get their idol is infact a fully blown idiot.
        Take his supporters away and he is just a jibbering idiot.

        • Fuck-wit says:

          In other circumstances, he’d be the guy writing apocalyptic messages on dunny walls. Whoever he is.

      • Gummy Bear says:

        “Without venturing too deep into the science that founds Occult Numerology…” As any exploration of numerology exposes it to be a steaming pile of horse shit, probably best not to delve to deep eh Sergio?

        I do love the New Years messages he puts out each year though. They are a very public outing of the stupidity of Benhayon, and the crap he’s feeding to his worshipers. This years does both in spades. Keep up the good work!

    • Serge's 2018 off with a BANG 🎇😂 says:

      oh dear lol! Thank you so much for this.

      I skipped to the end and found this wonderful pity party from The One. 😭 He’s *still* upset that it’s perfectly lawful for people to use internet pseudonyms to protect themselves from fraudsters.

      Let it go Sergio, lol!

      Ageless Wisdom of @sergebenhayon's 2018 New Year Message is UP! 🎆 His holiness still hasn't got his head around the internet 😆— Esther Rockett 🚀 (@EstherRockett) December 31, 2017

      • RJM says:

        It’s ironic that he has a problem with freedom of speech when he’s the subject of criticism. Without freedom of speech, he wouldn’t have been able to claim that all science, medicine, history and religion is erroneous, that he knows every mystery of the universe, and that only via Universal Medicine can humanity reach ‘one-unified truth’ and re-unite with God. The ‘New Era’ theme is strangely absent in this year’s revelation, too. How could an ‘internet troll’ and a handful of supporters from The Dark Lodge derail the Hierarchy’s divine plan, as foreseen by The One? For a guy who claims to be centuries ahead of the entire culmination of human knowledge and experience (courtesy of a direct hotline to heaven), he sure wasn’t able to predict how a little bit of criticism was going to shake the foundations of his esoteric empire.

        • SAK says:

          Interesting that Serge writes about speed cameras & police in his new years message.

          Maybe they got the hint.

          He needs to work on his paragraph structure though. Too long.

      • Beggya pardon Leonardo? says:

        Its not ok to hide behind a pseudonym but adopting the name and identity of a deceased person claiming to be that person reincarnated is ok ?????
        Examples include…..
        Leonardo Da Vinci, Elvis Presley, Alice Bailey,Imhotep, Pythagoras,
        Or other nicknames….not all autobiographical include…..
        5th level initiate, the One, Mr Integrity, Mr Walk the walk and talk the talk, Mr Nevertoldalie, Mr Iknowmorethananyoneonearth,
        Mr Showmethemoney, Audiman, Debatemeifyoudare and more recently upthread

        • Piroschka says:

          *lauging intensifies* Can´t believe I have to correct you on that one. He never claimed to be Elvis Presley, he just knows who he is right now reincarnated. Just like Hitler is not in a good life at the moment, heard it from him in a course in England.

        • Manners please says:

          Well said….Well done!
          Please explain Serge

        • boris66 says:

          Well done Sir/Madam. Well done.

        • Olga Andigor says:

          Agree, well done. One of many double standards he holds dearly. The “victim” and “I don´t care as long as it works” mode seems to be the in thing among his followers, too.

          Serge constantly brought up WW 2 topics in England. Emotional subject there as Germans were attending too and he loved being the centre of utmost attention.

          In the same course, he gave strong hints about Michaelangelo ( being Michael Jackson. He was still alive back then. All reincarnations of this spirit have been about being the best so far and needs to learn, that it´s not about that.

        • Just asking....Can you finish what you start?? says:

          Reposed from Twitter
          More Esther Rockett 🚀 Retweeted Esther Rockett 🚀

          Serge’s New Year tanty reads like @UniMedUM never spammed police with complaints. On Planet Esoteric criticism & satire are crimes.🙊Esther Rockett 🚀 added,

          Esther Rockett 🚀

          Ageless Wisdom of @sergebenhayon’s 2018 New Year Message is UP! 🎆 His holiness still hasn’t got his head around the internet 😆
          2 replies 0 retweets 1 like
          Reply 2 Retweet Like 1

          Doesn’t suffer fools gladly.‏
          Follow Follow @JohnnyFairGo
          Replying to @EstherRockett @UniMedUM
          The highest ascended master saw me liking your posts and blocked me. Poor love.

          How will Serge cope with the Supreme Court???
          For how many weeks?
          The Media….
          Will he do a runner?

        • MacReady says:

          According to the Ancient Wisdom, concerned citizens hiding behind fake names while deconstructing Serge’s claptrap is ‘abuse’. However, when you’re a Fifth Level Initiate, hiding behind fake claims designed to separate vulnerable followers from their money is ‘serving humanity’.

        • Einstein's ghost says:

          I think Elvis was Natalie and Simone was Sir Winston Churchill according to Serge from memory
          Mediocrity hiding behind a deceased genius identity
          Putting himself and his kids on an astronomical pedestal for anyone silly enough to believe it
          I find that way more offensive and ludicrous than any online pseudonym
          Nice try to try and distract from the obvious irony but easy to shoot full of factual holes
          People in glass pyramids shouldn’t throw stones

    • OMG Help!!! says:

      SO SO SO SO TRUE! Happy New Year Message 2018!

      You wrote my thoughts and my words….!!! OMG

      How many psych’s and medico’s among them @ UM??
      And they believe and defend this??


      Where’s the wine? Quick….anything …….

      Poor poor Esther. Go Esther what a legend well done!

      Poor legal team ..
      The poor judges and juries.listening to this idiotic crap.

      Let’$ ALL $upport E$ther to the fini$h line XX


    • Fuck-wit says:

      He really is a simpleton, isn’t he? He doesn’t even try to hide his petty thinking, or perhaps he is not smart enough to know to hide it?

      It’s a bunch of baloney about nothing all leading to his little tantrum that someone said something bad about him and they didn’t use their name. Boo hoo.

      What a fuckwit. On the other hand, because he got his followers to use their names to trash people endlessly on websites he put up, he thinks he’s the victim. As I said, what a right royal fuckwit. Like his followers, he had zero insight into himself. And here he is pontificating about 1 + 1 = 1 and some other garbage that doesn’t make one whit of sense. A prize, sawn off, thickheaded Fuckwit.

      (Note, Fuck-wit is a pseudonym, not my real name. “He’ is the fuck-wit. The reader is left to determine who he is)

      • Piroschka says:

        Come on! Way too fitting for hiding this vocable in the dark lodge for all these years.

        Happy New Year (almost) from the German Überlebenden. Looking forward to 2018.

      • Pranic Princess says:

        Come on, Fuck-wit is a perfect alias – you could apply for official EPA accreditation as an Ass-ended Mistress of the Republic of Goonaudibah under that moniker. Although there’s a slim chance UM’s brains trust might get suspicious and pay Phoenix Global to go looking for you.

        What a gift the 2018 NY Message is. Serge says we’re all guilty of IDENTITY THEFT for using blog pseudonyms. OMFG no one tell the REAL PRANIC PRINCESS I used her name to get me a spare passport.

        Meanwhile UM put their names to blogs and comments written by other people. Yes Simon?I mean Rebecca… Or is it Ray today? Alison? BETTER CALL THE POLICE – IDENTITY THEFT 😮 MISUSE OF A CARRIAGE SERVICE 😲

    • The Money Shot says:

      “Of course, in this human reality of ours you have many more options than just killing those you want abolished. Indeed, you do not have to make extinct those you have decided are not worthy of the same share of the reality we all exist in, you simply make it very difficult for them to have equal say, equal right to truth and their own reality. Yes, you do not have to murder someone to remove life from them just make them odd and so un-standard by whatever method you decide will fit your judgment and presto, your hands are clean of murder, right?”

      If you can’t work your way through Serge’s latest esoteric bowel movement without frying your grey matter, I suspect the above quote is the number one take-away point.

  14. Me me says:

    The last part of the New Year´s Message is written in an emotion described at No. 10 here:

    Highest initiate that has ever walked the earth my a

      • Adoy says:

        Love it.

        “All bound for Mu Mu land”.

      • Esther says:

        heh heh, it’s perfect thank u anon 🙂 great choice

        sorry to change subject, but a comment got binned last night and another a few days ago. UM’s public behaviour – the stuff they do that impacts others -deserves a sound and comprehensive bollocking. In spades, and please go for it. The bullshit and harm needs to be exposed. But then, very rarely, there’s comment that alienate everybody. I won’t post them.

  15. Man up says:

    Can’t answer questions? SB

    You SB Do not like the Media?

    You SAB Do not like critique?

    How will you diddums SB fair – with cross examination with Mr M? & Judge Judy? ++??
    Do a runner??

  16. Me thinks wotabout you says:

    Girl to woman festival needs the scrutiny of a Royal Commission

    • Adoy says:

      It certainly needs something.

      It’s seems to be bullshit without a UM stamp on it.

      I could be mistaken, but I’m not sure I have ever seen UM mentioned in association with the event, yet 90-100% or presenters/providers seem to have an association with UM.

      Why hold back that information if everything is so glorious.

      Covering ones skinny arses?

      • Evidence of association says:

        No GtoW don’t directly associate with UM in publicity, but it is well documented if proof need be for notifications about the group.

        UM solicitors have clearly documented that The “Girl to Woman Festival” is “associated with Universal Medicine” and they share the same legal team – quote: ….”group or organisation associated with Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine, including the “Girl to Woman Festival, “Real Media Real Change”, and “True Movement”… – letter at (2g).

        And GtoW main sponsor is published as “Esoteric Womens Health” in the promotions. Just go to that EWH website to see all links to Benhayon & UM and details of his wacky esoteric teachings involving sexual organs. quote – “Esoteric Women’s Health was inspired by, made possible by, and based on the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.” etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      They are holding a gtw festival In Melbourne in April another recruitment drive?
      It’s at stkilda town hall.

  17. Onya says:

    In other words, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo both were masters in their art, but Serge/Leo did it fiery whilst M. was in illusion. He can´t have anyone at all besides him, doesn´t he?

    Serge can be “the centre of utmost attention” in court. Looking forward to it.

  18. New Year Mess-Age says:

    I actually read the new year’s message line by line to decipher it. This is what I conclude.

    He thinks he is a philosopher. I sense he thinks its profound and possibly never been considered before.

    Numerology: That part is just waffle. Numerology is a no-thing and he’s is just talking shit to try and sound deep. “1+ 1 = 1…” He thinks its clever.

    Belief: The believer’s go-to argument. “The utter lack of evidence for my belief in god means your failure to believe due to lack of evidence means you believe in your ideas instead”. Stupid, and handled better by millions of others before him. If you have to explain to people why that argument is incomprehensibly wrong then its probably not worth doing. You can’t win an argument with a stupid person.

    Love: Serge clearly doesn’t know love is just a human emotion and doesn’t have an objective reality of its own. But we already knew that. “Love doesn’t have an ounce of emotion”. (plus it forms part of his belief in a transcendent God who loves without emotion. What then is ‘love”? Sounds open to interpretation… hmmm… Hence suicide bombers, Catholic priests, militant Hindus..)

    Reality: What he is really trying to say is that it should be what he says it is. He really doesn’t understand the arguments he is trying to prosecute and again, thousands before him have done a far better job.

    The internet: Well…

    He needs to read some more and get up to speed before pretending to be a world-renowned philosopher. My guess is his reading has been limited to theosophists and new-agists with convenient takes on knowledge and a whole lot of pseudo-science thrown in.

    The sad part is that he thinks he is smart. As anon said, in another context, he’d be the drooling idiot walking out of the public loo with a tinfoil hat and a thick crayon. His followers are reading this piffle right now and oohing and ahhing over the outpourings of a simpleton with a massive ego.

    • 1+1=1 = year 3 naplan fail says:

      How arrogant and egotistical to put out a New Year message
      The pope of poop
      Who cares? Really? Unless you are the leader of a cult and your community of followers are begging for their leaders guidance
      But theres no cult here ( eyes rolling)

      • New Year Mess-Age says:

        “…Just a business. People are free to come and go as they like…There are no walls…What if I can get 2000 people to tell you it is not a cult…”

        Name one other business that can get “clients” to donate money no questions asked and leave estates to the business owner, that have books with the word “truth” in its title, where “clients” put up scores of blogs about the business owner and write letter after letter to government departments and news organisations about how misunderstood he is…

        It’s definitely not a cult.

        • Anonymous says:

          2000 ppl saying it’s not a cult does not make it a fact.
          The evidence speaks for itself

  19. Recently Awakened says:

    I recently left UM and it has been hell. It’s been really hard to get help to as I have had a lot of paranoia as well, so relate to your experience Olga. Very brave of you to share.
    Serge is about Serge and it is not till you reawaken from UM do you see the utter bullshit, and the extent of empire.

    • Welcome says:

      Hello, welcome and congratulations for getting out. I hope things get easier for you and I really hope we can help. Feel free to elaborate – but I encourage you to not identify yourself.

      UM thinks it’s some sort of crime to remain anonymous, but we do it to minimize the risk to safety and wellbeing of exposing people to dishonest mercenary Esoteric zealots.

      You’ve probably read that Olga got out a few years ago – via a psychiatric ward. That was at the height of her commitment to ‘the work’. She has not had a psychotic episode since leaving UM. We could say UM makes an industry of generating paranoia. Here, our version of ‘the work’ is to undo it.

      • Olga Andigor says:

        Hello, welcome and congratulations for getting out – of the Matrix – from me too. Staying anon has been a very good advice so far. Publicly being told you´re the one wo didn´t get wouldn´t have been helpful for psychological recovery.

        Having no therapist around knowing about the UM world in my brain made it very difficult recovering from it. We´re not medically qualified, but having people around, who know UM´s scam inside out has proven to be very helpful (for me personally).

        Please feel free to shareyour thoughts if you want to. I claimed to be H. P. Blavatsky reincarnated, UM makes people believe in the craziest things and it´s got nothing to do with intelligence but propaganda and manipulation. The human mind tends to fall for that. Whatever you want, have a good recovery and don´t forget laughing about it.

  20. Recently Awakened says:

    Laughing has been key, that and a good bottle of red and a block full cream dairy milk chocolate. LOL. Nothing like a dose of comfort to give you a little comfort.

  21. Quote: Fit-for-life program for multidimensional living says:

    Dear Students and Facilitators,

    Serge Benhayon is releasing a new series of workshops to help the interested student understand, adjust and expand their capabilities to not only sustain oneself but offer inspiration, support and sustenance to others. The series is designed to cover many topics, expand on the teachings and offer insight on the demands and stresses of societal life.
    For further details and to register, please CLICKHERE:

    With Love,
    The Universal Medicine Team

    • I know all the secrets of the universe, except who is using this pseudonym. says:

      “This series of workshops are designed to cover topics of interest, further elucidate and deepen those already presented and discuss the expected evolutionary position in relation to the cycles and ongoing Hierarchical dispensations.”

      18+ years of ‘ Hierarchical dispensation’ and not one student has reached the level of understanding Serge claims to have attained with one magical bowel movement. .

      Ever get the feeling you’ve been had?

    • Shit - for - life program says:

      A new series of dorkshops to help the already captivated student to recruit others.
      Designed to cover topics of nonsense and further deepen those already in debt and discuss cycles of ongoing donations.
      Think I’ll watch the tennis with some chips and a cold beer instead 🍟🍺

  22. Adoy says:

    I am there !!
    Hang on a bit.
    No. Sorry, I have a normal life to live.
    I’ll be going to lunch. Having a few lagers & just chillaxing with friends.
    Might even have a flat white after a sugar packed dessert…………..just to finish things off.

    I would not want to suffer from exhaustion.

    • Marie Marionette says:

      Take your time, if at all. Not worth interrupting the getting drunk and pissed time.

      95 $ for 5 hours 15 minutes indoctrination:

      10 ppl = 950 $
      20 ppl = 1900 $
      30 ppl = 2850 $ etc.

      • Fuck-Wit says:

        3-500 suckers will give him another $95. Another quick $30 or $40,000 for telling them how to eat pea and chilli mush once a day, walk with a stick up your ass, and annoy the fuck of people around you by enforcing your eating and exercise dysfunctions on them.

        He’d have enough cash laying around now so he either likes taking them for a sucker over and over, or he doesn’t like spending what he’s already sucked out of them.

        Note- I am not “fuck-wit”, he is the fuckwit, the reader should determine who “he” is. Sucker is obviously whoever pays the $95.

      • Anonymous says:

        There will be part 1 2 and 3 it’s a new stream of workshops.
        The repeat workshop attendance must be down and there isn’t much fresh meat so new content is the only way to ensure the revenue stream continues, without new followers

        • Esther says:

          Yes, I think they’re pushing Esoteric Revelations uphill to recruit new targets, but I’m not sure that the repeat attendance is down. The alternative possibility is that Serge has realized he can push the flock to greater commitments of their time and money. He does it because he can. Let’s face it – they’d pay to watch him open a tin of tuna. They pay for literall anything, including to watch Natalie flounce around and Michael to thrash innocent musical instruments. If he can get more money out of the suckers he will.

      • Anonymous says:

        The real cost to students is much greater if they don’t live nearby. For some reason they just have to be there with him even though it’s probably web cast.
        Factor in flights and accommodation and it’s easily 3-5 times that.

        • Marie Marionette says:

          Right, forgot about that. And once there, you´ll have a session (before) too and buy some UM merch.

        • Olga Andigor says:

          We´ve had group sessions of Esoteric Yoga and Chakrapuncture in the morning before every course day in England plus available sessions of Australian and European practitioners. The costs at UM events are limitless.

  23. pranicattack says:

    Loving the pyramid scheme business plan!
    Please drag in as many of your friends and family as possible who can afford it and you will be rewarded in your next incarnation, whilst the ‘family’ ($erge’s) will receive the rewards in this one!

  24. Marie Marionette says:

    Man, UM´s actions end with greed and money again. Didn´t see THAT coming. Wake up, students.

  25. S. B. says:

    Unimed Living´s tactic seem to be stressing the ´Before & After Stories´…how I overcame…. alcohol/drugs/caffeine/life

    • healing does not need $$$$$'s says:

      BUT! One asks oneself

      What are these sad Umer’s REALLY without this p$uedo $erge & wotever?

      Could they REALLY stand on their own 2 feet???????????????????????????
      When this UM fold$ or whatever! I doubt it.


      Whether they be Medico’s or uni graduated OR what ever including $erge &
      included all others they will be sitting ducks for the next ***** Guru

      All $o hurting and damaged & $hallow and thi$ i$ $o $ad.

  26. Can you stand on your own merits? says:

    Be$t te$t ever!

    Can YOU stand alone.????????????????????

    Without any cult or without any $O called team leader$
    Who$e member$ are $pruiking how wonderful [ESPECIALLY you are] if you pay up?

    If you answer ye$ then you are your own per$on.

    Well done!

  27. Anonymous says:

    The last 5 comments at the end of this page are very interesting. From 2012. Scroll down to bottom of page.

    • Feelings Trumps Truth says:

      David Leser allowed their comments critical of him and sprouting the usual propaganda. They do not and have never allowed anyone else’s comments on their blogs. That says it all right there.

      I think its also very telling that their response is always to say how great they feel personally, rather than considering what been put before them. It’s their dissonance on display. “I don’t care what you say, I feel good therefore it can’t be true”. I have actually had several members tell me: ” I don’t care what he did in the past because I feel the best I ever have…” Not one of the responses to Leser’s articles dealt with the subject matter. Other than comments about Miranda, which they all denied from the same songbook.

      Paula Fletcher comes right out with it. And of course, it’s far more nuanced than their story. As we all know, if you want to keep a relationship open with a cult member, you don’t tell them what you really think.

      Leser’s article is old news. Esther’s revealed a lot more about the group and its leader in the years following and the core group has just dug in deeper. They don’t care about facts, truth, right or wrong, ethics, decency… they just care about how they feel.

      While feeling good (superior, elite, on a mission, thinner, etc) is greater than feeling doubt, they remain a member. Doubt follows them around but they keep looking the other way hoping it will go away. To help them deal with it, they write endless testimonials to how good they feel and how amazing their leader is.

      • Olga Andigor says:

        Jasmin (Germany) where are you?
        I did the feeling good thing until very recently, too. I decided, which option felt best and went for it. Almost no planning ahead, just going for it. I had to learn considering consequences of decisions and involving different opinions from different people. The initial (both, good or bad) feeling for me is now just a starting point for a reality test. That´s where UM´s done the deepest damage to my brain. Feeling elite for being able to feel into situations and basing my decisions on what feels bad = pranic or good = impuls from the soul. Now I know, it came from a man, who considers 1 + 1 to be 1. Fucking UM concept thinking is the the hardest to get rid of.

        • Piroschka says:

          I remember that clearly. You were blaming your mother for thinking bad about you. You could feel it, but then you realized your bad feelings were coming from eating way too much Pizza. Hahahaaa Obvious is obvious is your new motto 🙂

    • Cold case says:

      OMG how deep does this rancid mess go?

      • Reality says:

        “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.” Carl Sagan

    • A must read - Now! says:

      Thanks Anonymous……A Must read for all!

      Anonymous January 8, 2018 at 6:33 am

      The last 5 comments at the end of this page are very interesting. From 2012. Scroll down to bottom of page.

      • Psue-dem-then says:

        WOW comment by Pip on davidleser
        Miranda’s honest real life story, thats one future autobiography I would read
        “(Fair) Game, Set (up) and Match (making)” the revealing truth of her not so “love all” life

  28. My observation says:

    I have taken time out to consider the stories of many members of UM, recorded on UM sites.

    Below the quote shows what to me is a common thread from all of the accounts that I have read.

    It is so so sad and so scary that with the UM members past history, they have now been convinced by Serge that this time it is it!

    The fact that Serge does not answer questions nor takes criticism – should in a healthy mind and body person raise alarms. As it does.

    It never did previously for these souls, and neither is it now.

    Should UM disappear then the next guru will be waiting for them as they are so vulnerable.
    It is so so so sad.

    PS: I do not know how you are able to research and read all that you do Esther and keep going.You are a legend.

    “I have spent time and money, and lots of it, searching in spiritual pursuits, looking for answers, reading self-help books and practising this and that, only to get to a point where I felt like I was completely lost and fooled – in fact, by the information that I had been consuming. Part of me wants to blame the guru, the teacher, the meditation teacher… or anyone else but myself. Now I can see how I made all the choices to seek them out, invest in them and carry on investing in them, even when I had on several occasions an inkling that something just wasn’t right. I remember getting really angry at the thought that I had believed something and trusted someone to only realise that it was all a big lie”

    • Anonymous says:

      All the pieces are there in that blog.
      Just read it in the light of um being the bad investment choice.
      If that is done it should at the very least raise serious concerns for the student to pounder on

  29. Anonymous says:

    UM’s (non medical) reprimanded pharmacist, takes up arms and goes to war with the sun-herald
    And in doing so also goes to war with the medical journal of Australia as well as a number of other studies
    He may be qualified to “prescribe” to your pet, but humans???

  30. Asking and questioning says:

    If what the so called wisdom $erge supposedly has was ‘THE TRUTH’ imparted to him from wherever & whenever & whatever!

    Given to him as he says on the toilet?



    Would everything Serge says and does – have a VERY HIGH repetitive cost – dollar value?

    Or what ??

  31. Sick of it says:

    Too many commentators here are too happy to be on the good side, who got it all right. We´re all manipulated in some form, look at the media. The first claiming not to be manipulated is the one deepest in it. Get off your high horse, please.

    • I like the view from up here 🙃 says:

      Aw come on, if I got off my high horse I’d have to close the site, and then what would we do? 😜

      I do get what you’re saying and I think it’s fair. Some of us like to gloat that we know better etc.
      It doesn’t hurt us to be reminded that the smugness can be difficult to take. But on the other hand there’s gotta be somewhere where folks can vent… and not get shut down.

      Speaking for myself, it does concern me that some UM students might be deterred from leaving UM by having to deal with condescending attitudes – that I’m part of. I’m pretty outspoken and irreverent online, and that can be alienating. I know there are very good people in UM (the vast majority of them) who have been horribly deceived and are very hurt by the criticism. I’m very concerned for them. But I’m also concerned for their loved ones, and their potential recruits. The students are contributing to the expansion of something very aggressive and dangerous – as I’m sure you’re aware, and it is a lot of work to make sure the exposure/information reaches as many potential victims as possible.

      You might have to brace yourself. Esther’s New Year Message is nearly ready. The Lords of Form are saddling up for the start of this year’s Esoteric revelations. I can feel from my innermost it’ll be high horses galore from commenters in the next few days – at the very least. I hope it doesn’t make you too uncomfortable. 🙏🏼💐💐☮️

    • Anonymous says:

      Very true, we are all subject to manipulation everyday from governments, advertisers, pressure groups etc. What you may be missing is the huge damage done to individuals who have been members of UM and also to those close to these people. No one commenting here is happy to with what UM has done to them or their family members/friends. It would be a much better situation if this blog (and others) did not need to exist because UM did not exist. But while it hopefully this site and any other platform that exposes exactly what is going on remains, as do the commenters.

      And if you don’t like that, no one is forcing you to read are they? In the nicest possible way I say to you – just log the f*?k off!

      • I like the view from up here 🙃 says:

        Okay thank you. Let’s not be too hasty to suggest what other commenters should or shouldn’t do, as in logging off, if you don’t mind. You’re all entitled to your comments. I don’t want to alienate anyone for holding an honest opinion and I didn’t think what the person above wrote was abusive. We all need to remember that it’s a fraught issue for everyone involved – and a lot of readers have histories their dealing with.

        The real problem is a wannabe messiah and his lawyers and propaganda brides helping him stuff assets into trust funds and trying to silence anyone who says boo.

        Keep your eye on the puppet master.

        • Anonymous says:

          If someone doesn’t like reading the opinions here, then they shouldnt bother logging in and reading them. And if they want to tell the people commenting to get off their high horses then those people have every right to respond.

        • Awaken your souls says:

          Keep your eye firmly on the puppet master
          Why does anyone need to walk, talk, think,eat, breathe, sleep and sometimes even physically look like Serge Benhayon?
          When you are controlled voluntarily you have imprisoned yourselves
          Worse this control is sold as freedom, love, integrity, truth
          You must be willing and strong to stand alone and take those first few steps to real freedom
          Once you are moving away it becomes the most rewarding action of your life

  32. Escapee says:

    After reading almost all of the blogg from the beginning, it reinforces my decision to alienate myself and my years of medical study from UM and what essentially is a vast proliferation of words seeming to lead in circles and say little together with the delivery of false ,or,non backed medical knowlege ,for example ” charkra puncture”from UM or SB in particular and when taken to task argues that 5000 years of acupunture history is incorrect.
    I did some of his lectures in the early days and they seemed to make sense ,however as time progressed the subject matter, method, and information began to be delivered in a manner that was indicative of the removal of free will or the gods would “stomp” on you.
    The other evident matter was that the $ were ever increasing for courses and the subject matter all knowing as he channelled on the stage from the “Masters” the answer to any question asked!
    Looking from the outside for a good number of years now it is quite easy to see how manipulation and beliefs develop in people who are looking for something in their life they believe is missing and how easily someone with the gift of the gab can take their imagination and change their beliefs.
    Also the ever growing strings to the bow encompassed by “the livingness” The Books, ChakraPuncture, esoteric this, esoteric that, esoteric music, perfume, creams.Esoteric massage, Truth is in the business $ along with the dedicated upper echalon being just knowlegable of the espoused philosophy to be dangerous to the rank and file.As in many other cult followings.

    We must look at the meaning of esoteric also, “intended for,or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialised knowlege or interest”
    The definition of “occult” in english by oxford dictionaries -mystical, supernatural, magical powers, practises or phenomena.
    The meaning of Cult, -a group defined by its religious, spiritual, or philosophiical beliefs,
    Shares its origin with culture and cultivate a noun with meaning of “tilling cultivation “to training or education to adoration.
    What makes a cult, – A typical cult has a charismatic, unaccountable leader, persuades by coercion and exploitsits members, economically, sexually or in somd other way,
    Persons united by devotion to a person or idea as well as persons united by devotion or allegience to artistic or intellectual movement or figure.
    GO figure.

    • Esther says:

      Thank you for your comment. As you may have learned I’m very interested in hearing from people who’ve tried the UM experience. Thankfully it didn’t break your reality tester. Please stick around and share your thoughts. I’m particularly interested in knowing how people get in and what makes them drop the UM habit. It can help the loved ones of UM subscribers who are reading too. We all struggle to understand what’s going on.

      Thanks for reading too. Sorry you had to read so much! 😬 I never intended to still be at this into my sixth year. Turned into a major undertaking. To this day I’m still coming across new and damning revelations.

      I hope you’ll hang around for the relaunch of my Unpacking UM films. I think the in house footage reveals a lot about the social dynamics and other influences at work in the community and it’d be great to have your comments.

      • Olga Andigor says:

        Welcome back. The Unpacking UM films seem to be the most effective way of revealing what´s going on. Love reading the comments about Serge bossing around amongst zombie-esque followers. Speaking of which, the G2W videos and pictures are on their Fb page now.

        I´m at a point of dropping the UM habit of having to explain everything I perceive esp. feel. Time spend in forests, on the beach and among family/friends helped me way more than the intellectual path of running around in circles inside and outside.

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