Desperate Desiree – the Universal Medicine cult’s feeble copyright claims

Update: All material taken down was restored. UM had no legal basis for the complaints and did not take legal action.

For as long as we’ve been blogging exposure of the Universal Medicine cult’s copious harms, they’ve been telling nervous followers that we’re criminals, they’re going to sue us and have gone so far as to pass the hat around for contributions to a legal fund to defend downtrodden multi-millionaire Serge and his precious enablers. If our exposure really was ‘lie lie lies’, they could have finished us by now with a defamation action. Knowing they’d lose lose lose spectacularly they’ve tried to shut us down with dirty tricks instead, using Google’s paranoia about being sued to their advantage, and now with piss petty copyright claims – the latest from Desiree Delaloye for use of images of the cult’s unlawful privacy invading workshop consent form. We’ve left the notices unchallenged so far because the images of the butt ugly healing symbols and the woolly headed mugshots are not worth the hassle, but if the cult thinks they’ll shut us down citing copyright infringement of a pseudo legal document, they have another thing coming – or perhaps it’s already arrived in Desiree’s Inbox.

UPDATE: Desperate Desiree also squealed copyright infringement on all the workshop manual images  of inappropriate touching, suspending them from both the Accountability and FACTS site. However, counter notices were issued to WordPress, agreeing to settle the matter in a court of law. Legal action (based on bogus claims) was not forthcoming and the images have been restored.

The fair dealing exemption

JudgeJudywagsthefingerThat other thing is the ‘fair use’ exemption in copyright law, here and in the US. As usual the cult is using their own self-loving and Esoteric interpretation of law, and probably under the bumbling guidance of the Esoterically TALENTED solicitors at Universal Law, Mullumbimby, who aren’t exactly renowned for their court room successes. Solicitor Paula Fletcher also impressed by managing to cock up an ‘anonymous’ blog trolling sortie by signing in with her gravatar ID.

Copyright law was established to protect intellectual property from plagiarism and from plagiarists profiting from using other people’s original material. It was not established as a tool for censorship of FACTS, and attempts to use it that way will not hold up in court.

When we write on the WordPress platform we are operating under US jurisdiction. From the Wikipedia entry on fair use:

Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 17 U.S.C. § 106 and 17 U.S.C. § 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include:

  1. the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
  2. the nature of the copyrighted work;
  3. the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and
  4. the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.

If WordPress refers us to a local judiciary, the Commonwealth Copyright Act of 1968 is similar:

Screenshots and reproductions are permitted under Part 3 Division 3 of the Copyright Act 1968, which allows reproduction for purposes of research, study, criticism, review, parody, satire, and reporting of news.

In other words, the cult’s dimwitted claims of copyright infringement won’t be upheld in court. So far they’ve gone after us for reposting, unaltered, Dr Rachel Hall of Evolve Dental Healing, and SergeProp Commandant Rebecca Baldwin’s sexual abuse denying comments that included links to the original comments. Then Paula not on the payroll Fletcher of Universal Law squealed copyright infringement of Serge Benhayon’s idiotic healing symbols, followed by cult mug shot photographer, Clayton Lloyd of Flawless Imaging, Goonellabah doing the same for our use of his photographs of the knuckle shaped heads of Esoteric ‘real men’, including EPA Chairman and energetic Inquisitor, Neil Ringe.

Whatever. WordPress can suspend our sites if we get more copyright infringement notices, unless we issue a counter notice and consent to court jurisdiction here or in the US to contest them. Up until now these petty assaults have been great blog fodder, demonstrating to our readers just what precious petals the self loving numbskulls ‘truly are’. But seriously, who could be bothered?

However, Serge Benhayon’s long term business partner and yes artist, Desiree Delaloye, took a moment from having her breasts stroked and hating men to serve us with a copyright infringement notice for my use of images of her ‘design’ of the UNLAWFUL privacy invading consent form. This is where we get serious. No fucking way Desiree et al are going to close our blogs because they decide to abuse copyright law.

Perhaps you’ve received the counter notice already, Desiree, so see you in court, darling.

Public losers

Desiree and her self-loving accomplices will lose because our blogs are not commercial. We don’t profit from the damage the cult has done to people or from its rubbish products, its smarmy mug shots or abuse denying comments. We’ve cited or linked to the origins of material we’ve posted at all times, and we’ve done so as journalists for the purposes of criticism and as a service to the public, exposing harmful, deceptive and criminal behaviour.

The privacy invading workshop consent form which has the cashed up underachieving unqualified Benhayon family collecting private medical information, including HIV status, from participants at one day Livingness workshops, is in breach of the Australian Privacy Act. No judge on earth is going to uphold a charge of copyright infringement of a consent form that was publicly downloadable from the Universal Medicine website that is hardly a work of original expression, scam artistry notwithstanding. Nor is a judge going to press copyright infringement for criticizing the thing, and particularly since it’s been submitted to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission and the Australian Privacy Commission. In other words, me and the staff at either commission aren’t planning on plagiarizing or profiting from that bit of nastiness. Rather, it’s on file in case a victim comes forward and makes a privacy complaint for the Benhayons’ unlawful use of their personal information. For which, mind you, victims could be awarded compensation.

Similarly we could challenge the removal of the mugshots and the hideous symbols because we posted them for the purpose of criticism, parody and satire. But frankly, the sites look better without them.

Note that consent form infringement notice wasn’t issued by any member of the overpaid Benhayon tribe because that would become admissable evidence of their culpability, and nor would Universal Law solicitors of Mullumbimby ‘claim it’, because they know we’d send that to the Legal Services Commissioner as a formal complaint for devising an unlawful pseudo legal document.

Making false statements is against the law

So sweet Desiree is left carrying the can, and seeing she signed a legal document, if she’s found to have made a false claim, she is open to prosecution under the Criminal Code Act of 1995 Part 7.4, Division 136 for false or misleading statements in applications. The legal document she signed states that she holds the copyright for the consent form she designed for the client, but we all know she is not responsible for its pseudo legal wording and anyone who read the post on the Accountability blog knows the images and screenshot were posted there for criticism.

Bogus DMCA notices are not a legal substitute for defamation action, or a get of jail card for unlawful behaviour or for censoring criticism, Desiree. Making a false application could get you prosecuted.

So will the Benhayon parasites cover your legal costs when you front court with that shit? You’ll be covering ours too when you lose.

In the meantime, if the cult decides to give us our day in court we’ll be bunging a PayPal button on our sites and starting our own legal fund. We have enough readers now incensed by the endless stream of harms we’ve uncovered. We didn’t need SEO experts to get us to the top of search pages, and we’ve done it in spite of numerous cease and desist applications made to Google to limit Google searches – some of you may have noticed. Our readers are rightly mortified by the destruction of their families and the targeting of the vulnerable; sexual abuse victims, cancer patients, people with eating disorders and the like, as well as the damage done to children, which the cult makes no attempt to curb, attempting instead to conceal their abuses and escalate their desperate attempts to bully us and shut us down.

If the copyright notice goes to court in the US, we’ll be getting a referral from a certain cult expert of our acquaintance who has successfully defended a number of legal threats from cults, with the assistance of some ardent protectors of justice and freedom of speech at Harvard Law school. If it goes to court here, the cult might be surprised at who in the legal profession they’ve mightily pissed off and how well connected we are. And our accusers had better be prepared to face the cameras.

Defending free speech and keeping the bastards honest

Also, attempts by abusive groups to censor criticism tends to attract attention. My post on cults becoming the new internet censor gets a steady stream of page views. The Universal Medicine cult might want to consider the origins of online hacktivist group, Anonymous, who grew out of a movement to counter Scientology’s attempts at internet bullying and censorship. Their movement and other anti-censorship groups succeeded in curtailing Scientology’s online aggression without the assistance of government regulation or law. Anonymous has now broadened their focus to outing sexual predators and other abusers and exploiters, and who knows, Serge’s material might find its way to their sites if Universal Medicine continues to piss people off. Similarly, Wikileaks posted all of Scientology’s ‘educational’ material, so that interested parties could achieve Operating Thetan Level whatever without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. Wikileaks doesn’t give a damn about copyright.

In the meantime, as the apologists scurry around trying to shut us down, our questions about the Universal Medicine cult’s plethora of horrors go unanswered, the denials persist, but through gritted teeth, and brave Serge hides from the public spotlight, continuing to evade questions and accountability whilst manipulating his closest supporters to become complicit in his misdemeanours. Business as usual in the pyramid scheme of abuse.

But they won’t be silencing our exposure of their toxic practices by abusing the legal process.

Not a self-loving chance.


31 Comments on “Desperate Desiree – the Universal Medicine cult’s feeble copyright claims”

  1. Darkly Venus says:

    Okay duckies, sorry, we normally don’t like to publish posts too close together, and sometimes we like to have a life and give you the time to read these long posts. Last night I put up the post on EPA practitioners insurance fraud on the Accountability blog – yet another stark example of hypocritical obfuscation and deceptive conduct.

    However, Desiree’s take down notice, which is such an obvious attempt to conceal abuse and silence us really pissed me off. I decided this couldn’t wait she and her brotherly lovers of humanity needed to get the message. We’re not backing down, and we’ll take this all the way.

    For the rest of our readers, we still have to more to expose, it’ll keep coming and its never any less vile. It’s a bottomless pit.

  2. Darkly Venus says:

    And my name is on that counter notice being sent to Desperate Desiree – the same name Universal Law has been using in legal threats toward people who’ve corresponded with me or linked to my blog, but which they haven’t actioned into a defamation suit, knowing I have information that will sink them.

    So enough with the ‘anonymous hate blogger’ lie lie lie already. Desiree will probably throw my name around, which will be good for my business, but we can’t pretend Serge didn’t let the cat out of the bag from the HCCC complaints he received, and that he could still be prosecuted for it, as soon as I get time to take it up with the HCCC.

  3. ''overleonardo'sbullshit'' says:

    Wow, there not very bright at Universal Bullshit are they, and talk about shooting yourself in the foot, lol. Hope Desiree and Universal Medicine and it’s follower’s enjoy the publicity. Look’s like they will all become Celebrity’s after all, and for all the wrong reason’s. Which is exactly what we wanted. Thanks Desiree, keep up the good work, LOSER 😉

  4. ''overleonardo'sbullshit'' says:

    You mean your real name isn’t Darkly Venus? DOH 🙂

    • As soon as her name is out, the Eso-arseholes will then accuse her of showboating or trying to profit from their genital grabbing handiwork or some hypocritical tripe. Guaranteed.

  5. ''overleonardo'sbullshit'' says:

    Yes your probably right, that’s how low these people are, but I think the rest of the Australian Public are smart enough to distinguish between the Truth and Serge!

  6. Sub Rosa says:

    Boy, if we consider Serge’s sake (just for a moment) one can only hope good old Winston (daughter Simone) has a few old tricks up on her sleeves.

    In the mean time: Killerbee – Anouk

    (The real singer)

    Do hope the link works: this woman has a thing with her copyrights too. In this case for all the right reasons, IMHO.

    Detractor number 5.

  7. Feline Aphrodite says:

    Well researched legal news and very well done DV good on you – (BUT you will always be DV to us here) lol!

    Yes UM will no doubt their utmost with their esoteric twists, because they will really really be in damage control now, even shock perhaps. DD and UM would be not expecting that their bullying techniques didn’t work and scare you and all of us, and make us shut up and go away.

    Oh the press will be so happy if this hits the courtroom.

    We are not haters we have nothing to gain, we are citizens and victims who are flabbergasted and outraged by the absolute SCAM that UM is and all the devastation to people’s lives it has caused in so many different ways.

    By the way ‘Where’s Wally?’ I mean Serge. What a gutless small man.
    Serge you push all of your blinded helpers to the forefront including your daughter Natalie, on all of your legal documentation – why? Is it so that when this all really falls apart and it is the time of accounting with the powers that be Serge thinks he will not have to answer. I bet Serge does a runner at that time and most probably with all the money as well. You know self lovingness.

  8. where's the money Serge? says:

    What else is she going to do, paint pictures of her vagina and mistreat animals?

  9. susieQ says:

    Golly gosh there was No artwork on it anyway GO DV!

  10. Feline Aphrodite says:

    DV I did hear a whisper that Dr Rachel Hall – I think we have heard of her before!? Is going for her Level 4, so she has nearly made it to the same level as THE ONE – I guess this answers
    the extremely pious attitude.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Nah, you’re talking about two different products.

      The mystic dentist would be doing Level 4 Esoteric healing, not level 4 Initiation.

      She’d have to pay a lot extra to reach Level 4 Initiation to become on par with the Dalai Lama. Each level has 12 stages, and no cult member has paid enough to go past level 3 point something, and then Serge sends them back a few points on the scale when he feels to. Princess and I are at Level 1 by the way and hoping to go lower. Most cult members are level 2 to 3.

      Simone Benhayon, aka Winston, however, is an Ascended Master.

      • Sub Rosa says:

        ” Simone Benhayon, aka Winston, however, is an Ascended Master. ”

        Great: I like to think I am one too. LOL!

        Don’t you…? Ha ha ha…

        LMAO !

  11. Sub Rosa says:

    …At least I do have enough imagination to get that fantasy for free…. LoL…!

    Sorry guy’s, I am flaming: I just can’t take this shit anymore.

    I apologise .


  12. Darkly Venus says:

    Okay, the latest cult member to try a piss petty BOGUS copyright infringement notice is naturopath and Chakra-Puncturist Sue Kira of the Gold Coast for using a screen shot of her advertising Esoteric acupuncture on her website – from the Chakra-Puncture post:

    Read the above post, Sue, and read the law, and then think about getting some proper legal advice. Your notice is bogus. My use of a screenshot of your unlawful claim to be practicing acupuncture post registration last year does not infringe copyright, and I’m happy to see you in court and for you to lose and then pay my costs.

    And, I hadn’t planned on reporting you to AHPRA, but that screenshot is proof you were practicing acupuncture post registration, it even has dates on it. You just earned yourself an AHPRA complaint that could get you prosecuted.

    Watch your Inbox darling, and then watch for the letter from AHPRA.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Well, she and the rest of the Eso-arseholes aren’t just fucking with me are they? They’re fucking with people’s families, with their health, their minds, with sexual abuse victims, cancer patients, children…

      And they think they can do that and everyone will think they are love-ly and truth-full, and no one will take action against them. And they think they can bully and harass me for sticking up for the vulnerable.

      You’ve been reported to AHPRA Sue Kira, WITH the screenshot you’ve tried to have censored from the accountability site, and while I was at it I gave AHPRA a serve for not acting on a notification that the Benhayons have been operating the Chakra-Puncture racket for years at grave risk to public health, and I forwarded the whole mess, including a recent HCCC complaint about the issue to local state and federal members, state and federal ministers and senators with a call for legislative change.

      I had a reply from the head of the Chinese Medicine Board within minutes telling me the complaint about you darling has been forwarded to the statutory offences unit.

      In the meantime, if anyone wants to back me, go to this post on prohibiting Sergio and use the email addys there to write to whoever you like. Or use our contact forms and we can give you hints or even a template on what to write and to whom.

      Don’t think for a minute that these bastards aren’t serious about shutting down facts about their heinous operations, so that more victims will be lured into their pyramid scheme of harm.

      • You know whos Brother says:

        As I say, home goal. They have the collective brain power of a 5 year old child, which is what Serge has turned them into. It’s not just Sue that has made this mistake by the way. Is it Neil? Nothing personal but you cant pretend you are not an acupuncturist and avoid legislation, then say you are on the other hand. Which you do. along with a swag of others.

        The problem with going on the attack guys (that’s you in the cult) is you are in the wrong on some many fronts. All you do is activate action this side. As we have kept telling you we have facts coming out our ears. Right down to the nastiest little secrets. If it is tested, then you guys are cooked. And of course, that is what we aim for. The end of Serge’s 13 year scam that has hoodwinked you all into believing this fantasies and lies and left a trail of familial destruction on a scale you pretend doesn’t exist.

        Tick tock.

    • Feline Aphrodite says:

      Dobbsie…..Feline agrees….Feline Number 59 detractor…..

  13. You know whos Brother says:

    It’s clearly the brains-trust as work and their next great plan to remove any negative commentary about their institute of esoteric love and delusions from the internet.

    “Dang, our overblown false media front failed, let’s try something new…. Andy break out the banjo’s for some thinking music.. now whose got themselves some ideas in those there heads..?”

    After the think tank they all scrambled home and started drafting their complaints, as usual unaware that they are doing their masters bidding, who sits at home in his oversized domestic castle and contemplates his next course for sale. He stretches his legs out and thinks, “God I am good. I don’t have to stick my neck out at all. I have Desiree, Neil, Sue, Rachel, Sam… doing all my dirty work and I get the payola! Whoa I must be a fifth level something. I’ve even got girls rapping how amazing I am. Fuck my shit don’t stink….I am amazing”

    Serge’s fingerprints are all over it, but as usual he is nowhere to be seen. All his lackeys have stuck their necks out, while he is safe at home. Trouble is, none of it stands up. And Serge and co are working themselves towards something they really probably don’t want to get themselves in- proving in a court they are not a cult, and all the other stuff that will come out when that happens…

    It’s like they keep shooting home goals without any bloody idea. Esoteric numbskulls they are.

    • He is ama-zing. It’s one hell of an achievement to get that lot jumping through every kind of unlawful, undignified dishonesty hoop. It’s an Esoteric side show, while the main event of rorting goes on not so secretly.

      Dobbs, don’t even joke about fucking wit Venus.

      The bunker is in lockdown. We were supposed to go on a fruity modern art excursion today but she stayed behind and served AHPRA and god knows who else.

      I’ve never seen her so pissed off, or heard so many swearwords in such unusual combinations, or not since the Lords of Form broke her hairdryer. Desiree was bad enough but the Sue Kira bullshit…hoooo. The Lords of Form have moved home with their mothers. They left in such a hurry they forgot to take the PlayStation.



        Paula not on the payroll Fletcher just copped a counter notice for HER bogus copyright infringement notice for my use of Serge’s ass ugly healing symbols in our road test and review.

        Take us to court Paula. You’ll lose seeing no sane organism on this planet would plagiarize those bits of crap, and they were posted for the purposes of criticism (& review and satire) with full acknowledgement of the ‘artist’.

        And then Paula, we’re reporting you to the Legal Services Commission for making false statements in applications, technically known as misconduct.

        Have a love-ly day.

  14. susieQ says:

    Golly gosh – if it wasn’t so god damn sickening it is an unreal comedy.

    Thanks for our detractor Numbers – PP. Does DV know????
    I’m number what I forgot

  15. rippleddonut says:

    Hey, we need our own symbols, as UMs are so power-ful and meaning-ful, I feel we need to Support and Love our cause with similar symbols of our own. Not similar, I mean better. I’ve changed my avatar, as I don’t know how to post an image! Wish I had a legal team, and a PR team and a bunch of blind followers of my own to do my bidding. Wish-ful thinking eh…

    • Feline Aphrodite says:

      Duh! Feline so loved the donut avatar ….it was full of prana = sugar and gluten..
      so energising and truthful – what a shame…..

      • rippleddonut says:

        Believe me Feline, I love the cakes and donuts too, sooooooo fiery and all. But I need support from the Healing Bollocks Middle Finger Of Love at the moment. I sit on it a lot, when I’m sorting out my donuts. However, do not ever use it in a way for which it was not origin-ally intended. Do not mock the power of the Healing Bollocks Middle Finger Of Love. $4 each on a post-card, thanks!!!!!!

  16. Feline Aphrodite says:

    DV and PP think of the publicity this will get….yippee. The media will be so delighted they will get their opportunity finally.
    3 times to court, at this stage…and increasing!…….Game on now.
    DV & PP as you know there are more with us than against us.
    By the way ‘Where’s Wally” still hiding behind his gals?

    • The cool thing about getting the healing symbols into a copyright case is the media will then print the symbols Sergio doesn’t want the astral cult members to see in case they judge them with the lowermind and laugh like hell at what shit they are. It’s not copyright infringement to use images in news reporting.

      Donut if you want to see a suitable anti-cult anti-stupidity healing symbol image, email it to me, hon. ditto everyone else, and if I receive enough entries, I’ll put them in a spesh post. The best will win a single ticket to Serge’s next relationship workshop. We’d award two, but it’s guaranteed to break up your relationship, so you might as well go alone.

      And stop fiddling our numbers you detractors. THERE ARE FOUR OF US. Or is it two?

      No wonder I’m tired.

      YKWB, you said: ‘The problem with going on the attack guys (that’s you in the cult) is you are in the wrong on so many fronts. All you do is activate action this side.’

      Yes, we’re not the ones breaking the law! Seriously, using bogus copyright infringement notices to try and remove evidence of unlawful behaviour from the internet??? Evidence they posted on the internet themselves!

  17. Sub Rosa says:

    Last couple of days I re-read the first 5 pages of the R.R. Cult Education forum. Filled with all the crazy claims Serge makes in his own words…
    On top of me reading those pages on Rick Ross a year ago, with my jaws down on the floor, Serge himself shows up in a Television Show claiming he had his revelation on the toilet …?!
    No copyrights on those words and claims, somehow…
    Might write a rap on those myself.
    I am actually seriously considering to buy myself the Benelux rights as a TM on the label: Grand Master Flush , because I could use some money out of copywrites myself as well and my guts are telling me, there might be a future for it.

  18. addbrent69 says:

    Can you just imagine anyone from UM or any cult follower or even Serge himself the Idiot in front of a Judge like Judge Judy, lol. Wow, what a hilarious spectacle of a show that would be, lmao