Universal Medicine Girl to Woman Festival false empowerment gossip & panic January 2018

G2W Indoctrination.png

Girl to Woman Festival indoctrination – $15 for kids, $25 for adults, from the religion that condemns individuality

‘I am Me… and there’s nothing else that I have to be’ as long as I don’t eat what UM says is pranic, don’t dance, don’t listen to music UM says is poison, don’t play sport, don’t read books UM says are laced with the energy of spirit, don’t listen to people UM says aren’t Esoteric, don’t challenge anything, don’t think, don’t express emotion, don’t complain, don’t notify anyone of my misgivings… As long as I surrender…

24 January 2018 – *Benhayon v Rockett hearing, Sydney Feb 1 *YouTube censorship update *Girl to Woman Festival’s deceptive and misleading ’empowerment’
2 February 2018 *Short update on hearing

2 February 2018 – Benhayon v Rockett hearing update

We had the hearing for new orders in Benhayon v Rockett yesterday. We’re likely to have a judgment on that in the next couple of weeks.

I was seeking orders for Serge to disclose more documents I believe to be relevant to the allegations in the proceedings. The hearing was 3 hours, covering a lot of topics related to the allegations and documents, and we didn’t get through the whole argument. The remainder is being done ‘on the papers’ via written submissions. I think it will be an oral judgement.

I won’t get everything I was seeking in the orders, and we conceded some of our requests. That’s fairly normal in discovery arguments – they’re notoriously contentious arguments about relevance etc.

Serge had his Senior Counsel run the argument, helped by UM’s in house true-believer barrister, Charles Wilson with Alison Greig doing the stage whispers. In the public gallery was Natalie Benhayon, Maxine Szramka, Caroline Raphael and Alan Johnston.

There was also discussion at hearing of some logistical issues for the September trial and the use of expert witnesses, and those will be aired again in the next week or two when there’s another directions hearing for the timetable of pretrial steps.

It was interesting, as I thought it would be. We would have preferred more time for the argument, but the court is a public resource and public resources are limited. 

Some interesting points were raised at the hearing:

Team UM strongly resisted having to disclose Serge’s financial info, but Her Honour said words to the effect that a person who brings a legal action wanting to clear their name with regard to the way they make their profits, then they should be prepared to open their books.

At hearing we brought forward a quote from some 2008 UM student notes about wills and bequests. Alison jumped up to relay to UM’s counsel that the student notes, taken by Rebecca Asquith’s mother Kathleen Baldwin, are not a true record of the content of the presentation where the comments about wills were made. However, Mr M and I happened to be listening to a recording of the very presentation the day before and the only reason we didn’t submit a transcript was because the passage was too lengthy to use in such a short hearing. The notes were a very good summary. It’s a credit to Kathleen and UM that the students have been very diligent and taken excellent notes. Alison’s a bit harsh on them I think.

The other thing that came up in open court, more stage whispers relayed from Ali G to the UM counsel, is that Serge has an acupuncture qualification, which counsel said was the equivalent to mine.

That was a surprise.

I’ll update when the judgment comes through. The YouTube docos will also be back soon. Bear with me, as there are a few errands I need to get to before those are relaunched.

I need help to pay my living expenses. Working full time on getting my defences to trial means I have no other income. If you can help please make a direct deposit to BSB 734 063 Acc. 654 143 or try my Paypal link https://www.paypal.me/EstherRockett
Thanks for all your support!

24 January – Benhayon v Rockett hearing, Sydney February 1

First up duckies, 11 full months since discovery orders were handed down by the Supreme Court in Sydney and every kind of litigious shenanigan imaginable from Team UM since – in two states – I’m going to a hearing on 1 February at Queens Square Sydney to seek orders against Serge.

It is not the trial. The trial is set down for 3 weeks from 3 September this year.

The parties to the proceeding have a legal obligation to disclose documents relevant to the facts in dispute. By relevant, that means documents that tend to prove or disprove the truth of allegations in the proceedings.

Sergio contends he has given his all. I contend that he hasn’t come close. Thus I am seeking orders. I’m taking a big fat list of the documents we think he should disclose. He’s saying he doesn’t have them or they’re irrelevant.

We are listed at 10 am for 2 hours, but depending on how much of a fight Team UM put up, I think it will go longer. I reckon it will be very interesting if any of you want to attend. Team Rockett has been preparing for this hearing for months. If you’ve never observed at a hearing, please don’t do what UM’s Sons of God do when they’ve come to court – chew gum, mill around the courtroom and use their phones. Please observe the rules.

If you want to help, I need help with my living expenses. I am bankrupt. I have nothing for the trustee to seize to pay my debts (all related to UM’s litigation). I have outstanding bills right now that I can’t pay, plus I will be travelling and there’s a lot of printing etc. getting done. See the top of the page for details on how you can make a contribution. You’ve all seen how much work is going into my defence. I’m doing the work of a solicitor’s office solo from my living room and I’m not eligible for benefits – so please help. Thank you to our friends who have continued their support. If you can make a contribution it helps me and helps lighten the load for all supporters.

The contributions are to help me avoid homelessness. I’m not paying any legal bills thank you to my wonderful barristers.

You can also help by keeping your emails etc. to a minimum until after the hearing. Sorry if I haven’t replied to everyone lately. You can all amuse yourselves here in the comments. Be patient if your comment doesn’t appear immediately. I will get to them.

AND you can help by forwarding evidence of UM’s inside operations and comms. To the person who found some student notes and said they were going to forward those – please do so thank you very much. Sooner would be better than later if you can manage it. If you want to stay anon, stick them Google Drive or Dropbox and send me the sharing links. Having said that, communications providing me with evidence or info for use in the proceedings are privileged – as in confidential.

Panic censorship – Unpacking UM – update & the comeback

Serge Sermon 52

Still image from Unpacking Universal Medicine series

January 10 I released the first two chapters of my YouTube documentary series, Unpacking Universal Medicine & The Way of the Livingness. UM panicked and pulled their nasty old stunt of using false copyright complaints to get them taken down. It’s not surprising they gave that a go. They, more than anyone else, know how their in house carrying on looks to folk with their feet planted on terra firma. In the 36 hours or so each episode was up, the response from viewers was strong. To say the least.

Yes, the content of the series includes UM conduct that impacts children and other vulnerable people.

I issued counter notices, as I’ve done in the past to get stuff reinstated. It took until late last week for YouTube admin to check my notices and send them off to Planet Serge. His nibs has 10 – 14 business days since he received them to provide evidence to YouTube he has initiated copyright legal action to prevent the films from being reinstated. As I’ve explained in the last blog, there’s no copyright breach. I’m the copyright holder of the Unpacking UM documentaries – they’re my original works. I used some UM footage under the fair dealing exceptions of the Australian Copyright Act. If Team UM goes down the SLAPP route again they’ll hit a wall of media lawyers, and not only certain defeat, but potential rulings of abuse of process and making false legal applications.

Either way the series will be back. In full.

Please be patient. I don’t know how YouTube’s admin works. I don’t know how long it will take them to reinstate the episodes once the copyright hoo-ha is out of the way. Don’t lose your nightdresses.

Empowerment fraud – the Girl to Woman Festival

The thing went ahead at Lennox Head on 21 January. This year UM sunk cash into promoting it. They paid for love-bombing stalls at local markets from the Gold Coast to I dunno how far south, and provided props for selfies, beading activities and face painting. They stuck notices on every website noticeboard that they could, and ran a TV ad in the Northern Rivers. Someone said they got TV news coverage this time. If you know which station please add it in the comments.

G2W 2018 markets promo.png

UM love-bombers hit the local markets with nondisclosure

UM marketed the thing with the usual gimmicks – ’empowerment’, ‘connection’, ‘community’, ‘role models’.

100% bullshit.

Universal Medicine is an insular community, a virtual compound, that seeks to control the information coming in and out. Its management lies, bullies, and punishes people who don’t conform – who choose to think for themselves.

It runs this event yearly. It’s attended by more adults than kids. They stick cosmetics on little girls and have them dance to the Benhayons’ occult line-dancing schtick ‘True Movement’ and sing Esoteric Hymns (all other music is banned). The place is crawling with creepy UM adults with cameras.

UM has parents sign a publicity release before they know what the thing really is, consenting to UM using photos of their kids. I believe that if you bought a ticket and were misled into consenting to UM using your or your child’s photo, you have grounds for a complaint to Fair Trading. A helpful reader shared this link, go to item 4 for further info.

I’m sick of repeating myself. For the fourth year running there was no disclosure the ‘Festival’ was a commercial event pushing the Esoteric Breast Massage corporation Universal Medicine, its spiritually invested financial associates, and its user pays Church of Serge. No disclosure of the occult belief system behind Esoteric Women’s Health products and services. Regular readers must be sick of reading me having a go at the religion’s organizers suggesting time and again that they undertake proper disclosure, like every other business is required to do under Australian Consumer Law.

Sadly, UM’s big new marketing push (and who paid for that Natalie? Did the Benhayons front with the dosh for all that marketing?) roped in unsuspecting families. But one kid at that thing is too many. My blogs log a lot of the Google search terms people use to find my sites. One year, in the hours after the recruitment fest wound up, it was ‘is esoteric womens health a cult?’

Every time UM goes after kids they piss people off. A lot of readers made comments about the latest event on my last blog post if you want to take a look.

I’ll say it again. Parents, the community, have a right to know who is running initiatives targeting kids.

This mother found out the hard way. 18-01-21 G2W Feedback.png

It’s not that mother’s responsibility to have to investigate deep into the internet to find out it was an occult religion that runs an event objectifying little girls. It’s UM’s legal obligation under Australian Consumer Law not to engage in misleading and deceptive conduct. They need to disclose it’s a religion, all the presenters, organizers and 90 volunteers are Universal Medicine religious customers, and that it’s a commercial event, not a community event. It’s a marketing and recruitment tilt that plugs UM businesses and associates. I’m bored with having to repeat this for five years about the whole shoddy firm.

UM are aware of their nondisclosure and how it causes problems. They know, for example, local schools and a number of community organizations, with the glaring exception of PASH, won’t have a bar of them.

UPDATE: Two separate parents have now contacted me to let me know their children were taken to the festival without their permission. Both the UM parents told lies in order to do so.

And UM are planning to run the thing in Melbourne on 29 April 2018, Functions on Chapel, Prahran.

If you’re new to this and not too jaded to look them over – this is a selection of the blogs I’ve posted about the Festival since 2015:

Girl to Woman – commercial grooming festival

Girl to Woman Festival fail

Answering the Girl to Woman Festivals hysterical antagonism – helps the organizers out with corrections to misleading marketing, including their appeals to the public to call the police on anyone who tries to notify anyone or complain.

And to keep the rest of you bitching until my next update, which will probably be after the hearing in Sydney – Eso Women’s Health released some footage of the launch of the Girl to Woman anthem – penned by a bloke, or two, and thrashed out by Girl to Woman poster bride, Miranda Benhayon – the former junior tennis pupil who became Serge’s wife. I haven’t watched that film yet. The ditty is 99c to download.

Don’t all flock to buy it at once.

71 Comments on “Universal Medicine Girl to Woman Festival false empowerment gossip & panic January 2018”

  1. Dress like me, walk, talk and act like me says:

    Gosh, I really thought I could withdraw myself from this blog and the stories of our Slim Shady, but it´s way too interesting. Upcoming video series, N. B. rapping on G2W, court hearing, September… aaaah lost in amusement in the comment section.
    Donation is on the way as you being broke is not part of the entertainment here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Queen of the G2W festival just got more sexy – if that’s even possible. https://twitter.com/NatalieBenhayon/status/942860908640038912/photo/1

    • Updated says:

      Thank you! One aims to please.

      Truly this year is only warming up.

      Now everyone, if you’ve already read the post, I’ve just updated.

      I’m always happy to receive evidence of the inside workings of UM. Not the stuff that’s available online. Someone said they have some student notes from AWT & EDG events. Thanks, yes, I’d like those, please send, and soon if you can. UM can’t get any such communications providing information for use in defending the case. It is protected by legal privilege.

      I also updated the G2W part. Two parents have contacted me so far to tell me their former partners deliberately defied express instructions that they do not give permission for their children to be taken to that thing. The UMers in question lied and took children to it. In one case without telling the partner, and in the other outright lied and said they wouldn’t take them and that they had other plans.

      And UM wonders why people lose patience with them.

      Also G2W is planned for Melbourne in April. There’ll be no disclosure for that either. It’s a given. 👎🏽 ☹️

      • Hurrah! says:

        To the anon who dropped off a package yesterday – thank you very much. Some Glorious stuff in there. Actually, it’s gold and the timing couldn’t have been better.

        I have a couple of questions if you could drop off yes no-ish answers in the contact form

        In misc folder, a file with name starting with SL. Could you explain roughly how you got it, and whether it will expose you if I bring it to daylight? It looks like something sent by email to targets that is fairly widely used. Is that correct?

        I won’t have time to go through all of your goodies right now but may have questions in future. Thank you again.

  2. Girls just wanna have fun says:

    You know UM could learn a lesson from the latest summer McDonalds ads running currently on telly. They are feelgood brilliant with the kids exuding a natural upbringing of freedom and definitely revived some childhood memories for me. Now Im not saying maccas has the best of food (before the food Nazi’s shout me down) but occasional takeaway is ok and given the choice the kids would pick it over a flourless kale cupcake anyday I reckon.
    The ad features an actual extended family of kids, boys and girls exhibiting individual characters and emotions, racing around together climbing trees, spotlighting on the beach, exploring, discovering, playfully competing and none of it bound by feminine stillness, makeup, glitter, worrying about strict diets, entities, if they are pretty enough and their reflection fits the UM mould and all the crazy group rules.
    Maccas is marketing to sell their takeaway food.
    G2W is a marketing cover for a religious group trying to recruit as young as they can. All the nasty stuff comes later. Hell you could even be matched to your future UM husband
    Beware the real beast under the glitter

    • UM is F.U.N. says:

      Girls aren’t allowed to have fun. They are told what fun is. And parents are told what fun is. And then everyone has “fun”. UM fun.

      It’s not fun. It gives kids anxiety. And the parents are already anxious messes.

  3. Melbourne says:

    With the Melbourne G2W event, an educated guess is this (non-government endorsed, non-community based, commercial) Melbourne “youth service”, with an interest in targeting your LGBTI kids, has something to do with it.


    Like Serge comprehends gay and lesbian people so well – didn’t he say “they’re the ones who have sex with both, yeah?” – lol fakt.

  4. "Just tell the truth" SB says:

    What an amazing empowering moment for all women if Debra and Miranda spoke out the real truth.
    Its never too late or is it?

    • Richard says:

      Yes, indeed it would be amazing. The truth of the situation is inversely proportional to the grandiosity of the claims made.

  5. X files - the truth is out there says:

    Does Serge have to personally appear in Sydney court next week?
    Hope so

    • The ONE says:

      I can confirm, I will not be attending court.

      [Nice try duckie, but credible impersonations are not allowed. HENCE your tag was changed. To answer the q. – Serge attended last hearing. It was him seeking orders though. I expect he’ll be there with his FAKTS minders. With atmic love, Esther the many hatted admin]

  6. Food Nazi (ich lach mich tot du Idiot) says:

    Look out for an UM event in Double Bay: https://donotlink.it/Ymqg

    • Idol-ise says:

      Looks like ex-Idol host James M falling under the spell. Interesting how the shot features him without really saying it. Subliminal testimonial tactic.

      • Anonymous says:

        Numbers thinned for those workshops over next months if u scroll down he went to second one but maybe fled before the October one.
        JM worked out how to use Google?

      • Esther says:

        Check that link now. Gone. Image gone. Someone’s in damage control. They’re either keeping him in the closet or he withdrew consent for use of his image. Or they didn’t get a release in the first place… I suspect it’s one of the latter two options.

  7. John Travolta says:

    Fucking hell. It is him. I see what they are doing. Getting a John Travolta involved. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  8. Off tune but no one is allowed to say says:

    Has anyone seen the indoctrination video published by the cult on last Sunday’s recruitment drive? Just check the Girl 2 Serge Bride festival PGs on FB. Truly horrible!

    I’ve shared it with so many friends and the first comment is “What a terrible singer” followed by “is this a church thing”?

    Yes to both.

  9. Australian And Way Too Proud Of It says:

    Just a thought. Has anybody heard, if Serge talked about Esther´s imaginatory previous life(s)? As the words “WW II, Holocaust, it all started with us vs them, Nazis” are popular in describing her activity, I´d go for the Minister for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda
    with better looks.
    Just guessing according to UM´s narcissistic worldview. However, it´d be a defamation²³.

    • Olga Andigor says:

      Based on my experiences, too tempting for him not to talk about it. Either your very good pick from WW II or a Catholic priest slaying Cathars. It´s his old rambling about: most famous good people from the past on our side vs most famous bad people from the past rejecting the whiningness.

    • Pranic Princess says:

      The Rockett is Mistress Maitreya – Ass-ended Madame of the Hierarchy, emissary from the seventh dimension. SHAM-balla. Sent to whoop his ass.

      I feel it to be so, hence it is truth. Fakt!

    • Pranic Princess says:

      An esoteric whooping of his etheric ass delivered in the energy of Santa Kumara’s Divine love, that is.

  10. pranicattack says:

    Lol, lets hope so. And scared he should be!

  11. Popoklatsch says:

    From an esoteric Facebook page sharing the G2W photo album:

    “The glow in the faces and sparkle in the eyes says it all – a beautFULL day for all equally <3.
    Can't wait to hold these in Europe."

    The resistance in Europe can´t wait either.

    • Olga Andigor says:

      Frome? London? Cologne? Somewhere in Switzerland or Bulgaria just like the Rose Retreat? Germany´s got a voyeuristic yellow press…well… not even close to the one in England…

      Sigh, many options, looking forward to resisting all of them.

  12. The Way It Isn't says:

    I noticed thàt the G2W extravaganza at Lennox featured Aboriginal craft workshops as part of the festival line-up. In the past, Serge dismissed the culture and spirituality of indigenous Australians as thoroughly pranic, so unless The Heirarchy have recently done a 180 and declared that “the energy has changed”, I’d say that Serge and UM are desperately (and hypocritically) trying to exploit any angle that will make them look slightly more palatable to potential new recruits.

    • Equal rights for all! says:

      Do you have any quotes you can post to that effect? It would be very useful for me and some research I am putting together on the group to have them. I already have his, cough, teachings on skin color, but anything relating to our indigenous brothers and sisters would be most helpful.

      It also seems rare to see a UM picture that features anyone of colour. In this day and age where we live in a multicultural society it is indeed odd how white UM is. Is everyone really welcome?

      • The Way It Isn't says:

        I was told this word-of-mouth by someone involved in the group, so unfortunately I can’t point you to a specific quote. Literally everything outside of UM is considered ‘pranic’, so I’m sure everyone is welcome as long as long as they can pay, and as long as all previously held beliefs and cultural traditions are abandoned in favour of Serge-approved activities and groupthink.

      • Anonymous says:

        Comments about race, Helena Blavatsky and Serge https://forum.culteducation.com/read.php?12,123088

      • The True-God says:

        This is anecdotal as told to me by a member but it rings true for other things that have been reported by members and friends. I was told that UM had told this member that she had partnered with an aboriginal and suffered an abusive relationship because in a past life she had been a grazier-or similar- who had abused aboriginal people. She mentioned that UM had told her that aboriginal people were original inhabitants (of the earth) or from a different “soul” group (that by inference was not as advanced). I remember feeling pissed off when I was being told because of that inference and also that anyone would be that stupid to believe such a tale. She had a look of total credulity on her face as she told me like she was reporting something that had “actually” happened. She said “it made sense” Ugh.

        My impression at the time was that indigenous folk, according to UM, were somehow lesser in the cosmic scheme of things. They might now be aware that like bagging out disabled people, that’s not a popular position so I am sure it has changed. (although, they do condescend and belittle women while making them believe they are empowered so they might use the same techniques here too) They’ve never had any issues renting space to an Aboriginal service at the UM compound. But that’s money, the true god.

    • But you said........? says:

      You know I also wondered about the indigenous angle too and also noticed a down syndrome girl on stage in the video of the long winded G2W song. I know Serge has had alot to say about mentally challenged people previously relating to past incarnations. I believe that now they are advertising to draw in more of a cross section of the general public to this event they have to include everybody who turns up, as they should, but doesnt fit the “pretty baby” UM image

  13. Piroschka says:

    Just FYI Unimedliving: Olga’s not working a Physio anymore. Started a new one, finished with high grades and works happily ever after.

    Feeling into someone’s energetic state of being and expressing what is needed from the soul is just guess work. Watching clips of The Amazing James Randi debunking some charlatans in the most embarrassing way has done wonders to our naivety regarding Serge’s magic tricks.

    • Esther says:

      Is Unimed Living stepping up the ‘we know where you live’ bullshit with Olga?

      I notice that Eduardo the butt kisser never came back to engage with the real world questions.

      • Olga Andigor says:

        It looks that way. Unqualified practitioners who make people’s problems worse criticizing evidence based. Don´t care though. If they will risk a definite breach of professional discretion by my ex practitioners; I´ll have a lot definite to talk about, too.

        Bec Asquith once tried to engage with the real world questions on the Rick Ross Forum and lost it. One vs many always ends that way. They should organize and start the conversation here with more than one pro UM. Pft, I´m still a daydream believer…

  14. GoEsther says:

    Looking for another Judith McIntyre, me thinks.

    Universal Medicines in my opinion don’t really hide who they are targeting. They make it pretty obvious. With the G2W it was marketed with face painting and slime. As if pubescent girls are interested in that. They went clearly for 10 yo’s and younger and got them.

    • Smells like teen spirit says:

      Yeah. That struck me too. The activities weren’t aimed at girls becoming women at all. Very young audience. So poorly executed if they are trying to look half legitimate. A little bit of effort Nata-lie and Rebecca would go a long way. Instead cheesy songs by grinning buffoons and whiny songstresses overseen by miss bossy boots herself.
      I think the problem is they’re so used to the members kissing their asses when they talk shit they think the general public will do the same. They half getaway with it because of sheer bravado. But it does it take long for your average person to see there is something not right.
      Maybe it’s be ok if they actually provided a service, and they explained openly they are asscoiated with universal medicine and they believed in entities and serge as a messiah.

    • GoEsther says:

      Applying make up to little girls and showing them how to act sexy with their dancing is a vision for what type of person ? One really does have to wonder what type of people are following the G2W festival ???

    • Idol-ise says:

      Don’t you worry, JM is not a one-off. It’s part of the proof of devotion.

  15. 💋👠💄🖤💣 says:

    Whats stopping any bunch of weirdos running a molestival, nothing at all it seems

  16. WHY we fight on...join us says:

    ALL of the above is WHY we ALL fight on!

    Along with and in defense of the warrior GUTSY Princess Esther.

    We live in a very dangerous illusion here in Australia IF we think that the laws and regulatory authorities automatically protect us all.

    They do not.

    PS: Olga stand your ground. It is all so shameful. We feel for you and others. We admire your courage. You can do this.

    BULLIES hate courage & strength.

  17. pranicattack says:

    Have a suspicion that G2W is not strictly about fun days for the kiddies, but more about going for those Judith McIntyre type inheritances. It may also gather recruits for the future whose unsuspecting parents can afford the days out.

    A lot of the older UMers (especially childless,wealthy and with pockets of cash or potential inheritances) love to have the children about – their new families. They may not have children of their own but within the group have many non blood ‘children’. Just as children within the group appear to think they have many ‘sisters’ … This is why UM need the children around for the ‘family’ bonding within the group. Of course unlike Um’ers own families the UM kiddies will not be pranic (in theory) and leaving inheritances to the group as we already know will guarantee a pleasant next incarnation for the donor.
    Its all about getting the money. Of course the all knowing ‘father’ figure and his family will look after it and know best how to use it….

    Unfortunately this leaves the already damaged blood families not only hurt and confused by UM but with potentially damaged businesses too!

  18. Care says:

    If you haven´t already, feel free to have a look, if you´re in “The girl to woman festival ~ feature video 2018” here: https://donotlink.it/xxnO (scroll down a bit) and resist it.

    • The True-God says:

      Slow-mo, soft focus, faux-inspirational Hillsong church style optical propaganda.
      Cheesy tune screeched out with some gusto by someone singing about themselves.
      Old people, some kids strangely tarted up.
      No what they do or reason for existing stated in the vid or on their page.
      No stated association with UM and the occult, but Benhayons and glazed-eyed members abound.

    • The True-God says:

      Okay, I have found their mission statement:

      “To deeply experience the beauty of our daughters for who they truly are..”

      A little makeup on a four-year-old, and presto! who they “truly are.”

      What a helpful community event this is, and not at all bent.

    • Anonymous says:

      02.28 – another woman with huge gums. It must be UM diet related as it seems unnaturally common in publicity pictures they have posted.

      And let’s not even discuss the song (I am loathed to even call it that as it’s so bad) on the video. To say it’s shit is an insult to excrement.

    • GoEsther says:

      One has to ask why is a toddler being featured in their G2W video. Surely she is about a decade too young to be the face of a G2W festival. Pranicattack comments above offered a good insight as to why.

      • GoEsther says:

        They claim “The Girl to Woman Festival celebrates and honours girls and women of all ages.” Then why market it as a G2W Festival ?

  19. I digress says:

    “Dear Students,

    Please find below the program of events for the upcoming weekend:

    UniMed Saturday 3rd February 2018

    Registration commences from 9am.

    True Movement

    TIME :: 10am – 11am (NSW Daylight Saving time) | Registration begins 1hr before start

    Lunch Break

    TIME :: 11am – 12pm (NSW Daylight Saving time)

    The Way ofThe Livingness Presentation

    TIME :: 12pm – 1.30pm (NSW Daylight Saving time)


    UniMed Saturday Presentations

    TIME :: 1:45pm – 4:00pm (NSW Daylight Saving time)
    Investment: $20 incl. GST

    Sunday 4th February –

    This series of workshops are designedto cover topics of interest, further elucidate and deepen those already presented and discuss the expected evolutionary position in relation to the cycles and ongoing Hierarchical dispensations. Many of the teachings will be revisited and expanded. Of course, many advancing insights will be shared to help accelerate and continue to redefine the intricacies that help develop our way and the fit-for-life disposition we need to not only build but constantly adjust and expand to incorporate the fluctuating ebb and flow of our current societal patterns and the stresses they may impose.

    DATE :: Sunday 4th February 2018

    TIME :: 9.45am – 3pm (NSW Daylight Saving time)
    NOTE: Registration is from 9.00am – 9:30am

    INVESTMENT: $95 (incl. GST) | BOOK HERE

    Please bring your own lunch and means of hydration.

    *Please note that carpooling to these events is essential*

    Thank you.

    With Love,
    TheUniversal Medicine Team”

    • The True-God says:

      Say what?!… waffle, waffle, piffle, waffle, repeat…cash preferred.

    • yoda says:

      Multidimensional Living?……………….FFS!

      How many dimensions do these clowns live in.

      Some I’ve seen, seem to be flat out living in 2 dimensions let alone a third, fourth or fifth.

      • SAK says:

        Heading for 3:00pm.

        I think I just heard the space time continuum ripping.

        Extra dimension appearing soon.

        Flux capacitor……………fluxing.

    • The True-God says:

      It’s the “Hierarchical dispensations” that amuse me. What that really means is new stuff they thought up and think “students” should do so they are “fit-for-life” (ie, behaving esoterically)

      What sort of group thinks they have a hotline to information from other realms via one chosen person?

      • PT Barnum says:

        It’s just more selling of the same old crap, repackaged and reworded to entice already cash strapped minions to come along and part with their $. And as the lyrics go:

        “There is a sucker born every minute
        Each time the second hand sweeps to the top
        Like dandelions up they pop,
        Their ears so big, their eyes so wide.
        And though I feed ‘em bonafide baloney
        With no truth in it
        Why you can bet I’ll find some rube to buy my corn.
        ‘Cause there’s a sure-as-shooting sucker born a minute,
        And I’m referrin’ to the minute you were born.

        Each blessed hour brings sixty of ‘em
        Each time the wooden cuckoo shows his face
        Another sucker takes his place,
        And plunks his quarter on the line
        To buy my brand of genuine malarkey.
        God bless and love ‘em!
        But don’t feel sad or hoppin’ mad or cause a scene
        ‘Cause there’s a sure-as-shooting sucker born a minute,
        But Ma’am you mighta been the minute in between.”

    • Carp Ooling says:

      Multiple audis & other associated vehicles on RH Road this morning around 9:20.

      So much for carpooling.

  20. Esther says:

    Hearing is today duckies. We are as prepared as we’re going to be. It will be a very interesting day, no matter what.

    Please be patient as I have a lot of people to talk to when I’m in Sydney. I will update you all as soon as I can.

  21. nomoreUMplease says:

    Still can’t believe how they took Jill McIntyre’s inheritance and have the arrogance to think that is ok. Absolutely disgusting. Call themselves loving and can justify ripping off a family like that. Also still remembering the videos on youtube. Talking about sluts, gang rape etc. The whole thing is very very wrong.

    • The True-God says:

      Judith McIntyre… And as a coterie of members joined in to help encourage Judith to hand over funds before and after her passing, and then sat there in court through the rightful heirs’ claims; there ain’t a lot of hope that logic, facts and decency will sway them back to reality. They are content with the notion that it is okay to be handed million dollar estates for no reason other than some sweet talking and esoteric platitudes. True god = $$$

  22. Smiley Jim says:

    Has anyone heard of Esoteric XS.

    Saw a van the other day with this on it.

    Are they connected.

    • S. Holmes says:

      I´ve done a little research online. Website and Fb pages show no sign of UM or students at all.

      • Low Price Is Low Price says:

        This one definitely is: CJ at Camp Creative 2019

        [Sorry this one landed in the spam bin. If any of your comments don’t appear let me know and I’ll look for them – unless they were making an allegation of some sort of misconduct or criminality about someone…Esther]

      • Smiley Jim says:

        I thought the same.

        However their logo seems to be a have “that” look about it.

        Probably not connected.

        Too much heavy lifting in that sort of business.

        Might raise a sweat.

        • Lebt Denn Der Alte Holzmichl Noch says:

          I´ve heard of two UM men in physically demanding jobs. Bricklayer and a carpenter(?), who lovingly commented, deleted now, on Esther´s Facebook page. However, most look unhealthy thin and unfit. There are pictures of a German follower on Fb I got scared about by how he looks. Too close to anorexic in my humble opinion. I´d love to see results of a blood- and fitness test. Olga´s results regarding that were quite telling.

        • Olga Andigor says:

          They were indeed Mr. Earworm. Sigh, do I have to talk as a Physio again? How can you have physical fitness with gentle movements? Could it be that……… really, could it…..there´s something in between moving gently on the one end and body-crushing exercises American Gladiator style on the other?

          Even if the results were fine in all cases, which I doubt sincerely, there´s a giant brain fart waiting to be removed by psychic reality surgery.

  23. pranicattack says:

    Loving the description of the brain damage. Although a harsh reality for the future it did make me smile 🙂
    Great to see that Esther has got the videos back. Justice does prevail …

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