Relaunch: Unpacking Universal Medicine video series

The bogus copyright kerfuffle is out of the way and the videos are back online…

The series gives an insight into the workings of the Goonellabah based commercial occult religious conglomerate. Watch my blogs and social media for the release of the next episodes.

The Unpacking Universal Medicine video series is now on a YouTube playlist. More episodes are coming soon.

Early 2016 I published audio recordings of some of UM’s controversial teachings on YouTube. The audio taught us a lot about Universal Medicine beliefs, but as the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. Video paints more. Not much of what we see is pretty.

Introduction episode

A preview of the documentary series. Unpacking Universal Medicine and the Way of the Livingness ventures deep into the workings of UM showing the influences at work in the controversial organization and how the group relates to outsiders and each other.

Click here for a copy of the transcript for the Intro episode.

Episode 1 – Mystifying sex – shows some of the confusing occult teachings propagated by the company intent on providing ‘role models’ and sexual education for kids. Universal Medicine is behind the Girl to Woman Festival, Teachers are Gold and other initiatives it persistently attempts to introduce to schools and community organizations.

Click here for a copy of the transcript for Episode 1.

RELAUNCH 6 February 2018: 

Last month in a typical fit of panic censorship UM issued bogus copyright infringement takedown notices to YouTube. These first episodes in the series were removed from viewing within 36 hours of their launch. UM have form for this. As in 2013, I issued counter notices agreeing to accept service of any legal claims, UM did not act on their complaints – they had no legal basis to do so -and the content was restored. 

mona-lisa-popcorn.jpgLook out for Episode 2 on how Universal Medicine’s ‘healing’ beliefs and practices have an uneasy relationship with health.

Episode 1 – Mystifying sex

We’ve known for a long time that UM followers have confused ideas about sex. Episode 1 helps us understand where those ideas come from. It also validates our concerns about Universal Medicine, Esoteric Women’s Health and their promoters’ involvement in initiatives for children.

Esoteric Women’s Health’s disturbing Girl to Woman Festival was held again in Lennox Head on the 21 January, and is planned for Melbourne in April. The festival organizers are not up front about its UM backing. This year UM increased its deceptive and misleading public promotions of the event and annoyed more parents than ever. Feel free to show this video and any in the series to anyone thinking of taking kids to those events.

A health warning

Loved ones of people involved in UM, particularly those with children caught up in it have been appalled by what they’ve seen in the videos.

It may be upsetting to some of you.

It’s good for others to know they’re not alone in their misgivings so please feel free to comment. I’m pretty busy with legal stuff but you can always contact me if you’re having a hard time. I think it’s time we set something up so that you can speak with others who understand what it’s like to deal with UM in your life.

We have readers who are former UM followers and many readers with loved ones involved, so I’d like commenters to remember that when they comment. The majority of UM community members are decent and well intentioned people. Unfortunately they’re ensnared in a large scale and elaborate deception.

The films prove that UM deserves a lot more criticism than it’s had. One of the most confronting things about this mess is that many of UM’s well intentioned members are participating in the organization’s deceptive, exploitative and otherwise lousy conduct. It’s heartbreaking for all involved. It causes massive problems. Please be sensitive that many readers feel a mixture of emotions about this stuff, including grief. It doesn’t help to rub their noses in it. Criticism of UM is deserved but we don’t want to alienate anyone whose been done over or deter readers from commenting either.

Using and sharing

Feel free to share the videos. They are useful for notifying community organizations, schools or other institutions about UM and its promoters.

I daresay a number of you will be able to use this material in dealing with the Family Court. The episodes include some very persuasive material for keeping kids away from this group. Contact me for assistance.

Tips for commenters

It’s helpful to me and other commenters if you identify time signatures within the videos if you want to comment on any particular statement or segment. You’ll see there’s a lot to comment on.

Comments are moderated for legal reasons. Unfortunately what reasonable people call ‘the bleeding obvious’, UM and its invested lawyers call ‘defamation’. The Australian legal system is such that taking a defence of truth to trial takes years, enormous costs, and otherwise the moving of mountains.

Team UM is now also jumping up and down about comments they say could ‘prejudice’ a jury, and threatening to charge commenters who make remarks about the plaintiff’s published comments with contempt of court. Never mind that UM have been publishing genuinely prejudicial and false allegations about the defendant that they can’t prove…

If some of your descriptions get modified, you know why.

167 Comments on “Relaunch: Unpacking Universal Medicine video series”

  1. Oh what a feeling .....🏃‍♂️....Wikipedia says:

    I felt in my innermost to look up Stockholm Syndrome on Wikipedia
    I feel you should too

    • Piroschka says:

      As fitting as the Streisand Effect above. 🙂 Both irrational. I even read latest brain research reports about what´s going on between the ears when feeling excluded or included.

      Don´t know, what else to do to reach out to them, though as long as they FEEL it´s good for them and they are doing good and well.

  2. Feelings says:

    Feelings, nothing more than feelings
    Making me forget my past life and loves
    Feelings, wo oh oh feelings
    I wish Id never met you, Serge
    You clever dumb alien
    Feelings, wo oh oh feelings
    Feeling Ive been smelt before
    Ill never fart again
    Feelings, wo oh oh feelings

  3. Olga Andigor says:

    I´ve listened to and watched “Episode 1 – Mystifying Sex” for two days in a row now writing the transcript. Feels like Christopher Hitchens after trying waterboarding. Had to watch the whole effing Mozart´s The Magical Flute focussing on Papageno to FEEL emotionally stable again. If someone thinks, it´s harmless being a UM follower try consuming that episode as often as you can and multiply it with years of UM propaganda.

  4. PR Liar says:

    Hey, your descriptions here don’t match, what I’ve watched there:

    I’m confused. 😄

  5. Piroschka says:

    Dear German UM members, I stumbled across your comments claiming what we’re on about is the same energy as the holocaust, progrom and Nazi Germany in WWII as you’re experts regarding that subject just because you were born and live here.

    If I EVER have to read more about that, you’re gonna get in serious trouble, you don’t want to see me angry.

    • Esther says:

      UMers are pretty sensitive about people perceiving them as stupid and nasty. They’re yet to give us any reason to think otherwise.

      Lance and I have been labelled anti-semites because some commenters here discussed Alice A. Bailey’s well documented anti-semitism. How’d you manage that conclusion Alison?

      The Nazi comparisons are included in my defence to the Queensland proceedings and will be included in my defence in NSW.

      Exposing a dangerous fraud = the holocaust? Lets see what the juries make of it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Calling Esther & Lance anti-semites. lol. More self projection from UM.

        Their negative and judge laden statements about the astral plane (real world) are mostly self projection.

      • Smiley Jim says:

        I’m begin to wonder about “the boys from brazil”

    • The Way It Isn't says:

      UM openly subscribes to Blavatsky’s interpretation of Aryan racial theories, as evinced by the appropriation of them by UniMed publishing. Once again, the irony levels here are stratospheric.

  6. Piroschka says:

    Still furious, need to calm down a bit. Very good to read, the Nazi comparisons are included in your defece. That, to me, is what defamation and “stratospheric irony levels” are. Who´s the one taken to court again?

    A. A. Bailey´s and Blavatsky´s theories mentioned above have never been subject of UM´s agenda by the way. Again, Serge´s knowledge is as superficial here as when it comes to science.

    • Esther says:

      Personally that stuff doesn’t make me angry. I feel sorry for them at how pathetic and brainless that kind of nonsense is. It’s so offensive it’s pitiful. What annoys me is their persistent deceit – refusing to undertake proper disclosure for their recruitment projects, no matter how often they irritate people and get thrown out of organizations and institutions.

      • Piroschka says:

        Right, the more offensive they are, the more are they proving your point and em-powering your defence. “Proper disclosure” is something, UM will have to look up in the dictionary first, like I just had to…

  7. UM France says:

    France is blessed by Captain Arrogance now, too:

    • pranicattack says:

      Oh no! I didn’t think France liked cults … I think a bit of circulating info is required by anyone with French connections.

      • Dark Lodge President (allegedly) says:

        They have Picard Law- so UM run the risk of coming up on regulators radar. But I guess that would take some time. Looks like UM are hell-bent on becoming the new world religion. Still.

        I think the best they will do is piss off more people and bolster the UM bottom line. There will certainly be more broken families and friendships. Just in French.

        • pranicattack says:

          I’m seeing a doctor friend of mine in France tomorrow so will enlighten her as to the UM goings on and hope she can have a word in some right places …Will look up Picard Law!

  8. The Four Rings says:

    Four UM members spotted today- 4 Audi’s- The 4 rings- Audi means Listen! Fitting.
    A strange vehicle of choice since the master is obsessed with WW2 and the allies overcoming the Germans who were allegedly controlled by the LOF’s…

  9. Gossip girl says:

    A little Duckie told me that we might all be in a treat later today. A hit of true sexiness.

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